Donkey Continues To Lie About RBD

Judy, you did it again this past week! Someone, a new mark perhaps, asked about this website and you went into a rage, telling him those three whopper lies that you’ve been telling people for the past decade.

1. No one who frequents RBD has ever met Julia Allison.

Oh, honey, no. Do you have any idea who some of our tipsters have been over the years?

2. “Nothing” on RBD contains a kernel of truth.

Though speculation can get a little wack in the comments – I won’t name names – the moderators have made every effort to report the truth. The very few times we’ve been in error, we’ve either corrected the original post or noted the error in a later news brief. You’d be amazed, Judy, at what we haven’t posted over the years.

3. Julia Allison never reads RBD.

Judy, shame on you! That’s the biggest lie of all, especially regarding recent posts.

Let’s keep the focus on FAKE NEWS, RBDers, and that includes you, Judy. What are some of your all-time favorite Donkey whoppers?


  1. My top. 3:

    1. Most everything about her and Jack McCain
    2. Why she didn’t get her book published
    3. That her parents don’t pay for her rent, car, and bills

    • I loved, loved, loved the BOOK debacle. We knew from St. Martin’s, another big publisher, and a longtime RBDer who’d engaged in a long conversation with Judy about the fate of BOOK that she didn’t honor her contract and the publisher wanted their advance back. Yet Donk told a whopper lie about BOOK to non-woo Spencer Greenberg, presumably believing that we’d never see her comments on a public post. God only knows what she told the woos.

    • Definitely #s 1 and 2. My #3 might be the fake microphones at NYFW. The audacity, my god. And she dragged Derpin down with her.

      • The fake microphones and the sneaking in were everything. The best pic is someone who grabbed a screen shot of a person with THE REAL NBC mic just behind her.


        • And then when the NY Post wrote about her using the fake mic that wasn’t even plugged in and lying to get into the backstage areas.

          • Just reposting this bit, which I love with a wild and unholy passion:

            “Floundering fame-seeker Julia Allison has been making the rounds at Fashion Week with an NBC microphone that, like her, doesn’t seem to work.
            The failed Bravo reality TV starlet and former target was stomping around the tents with a peacock-branded mic — too bad it wasn’t plugged into anything and there was no camera crew to film her.”

          • Many thanks for the fact check on that one, Albie. Did we ever figure out who wrote that?

  2. I had the incredible displeasure of living near the psycho bitch, she’s every bit vapid self obsessed psychotic vain evil bitch as everyone says she is. She abuses her pet and is about as genuine as a $25 Michael Kors bag. Believe nothing that comes out of that sociopath’s mouth.

    • Oooooh, was it when she lived by the Palace of Yoga Sharts? I always thought she must have become…recognized.

    • My favorite SF moment: Judy does yoga across from Peter Thiel’s house, presumably unaware that he’s gay as a goose.

      • She will literally take any opportunity to be photographed, it’s an absolute spectacle to watch her thrust her ass at a bunch of Chinese tourists doing faux-ga while completely ignoring her accessory dog.

  3. Size 2 or 4 (in vanity-sized labels)
    Voracious reader (of cover blurbs/Amazon reader reviews)
    Pescatarian (w/ an occasional side of chicken water)

    • Cranberry guacamole dandelion tea made by Ma Bogger down at the Assisted Living Facility Homestead. Never forget.

      • That was a good one, especially in light of her display of crusted, smeary cosmetics laid out on a grimy towel she proudly posted to indicate just how much product she used to maintain her glamorous fizog.

  4. One of my faves was that she was going to get an MBA from either Harvard or Stanford — and that it was just a matter of her deciding which school to grace with her presence. She was never going, never even applying. She just wanted to live off the glory of people believing she would, then claim that she had to stay put for her shitty website, TMI show, whatever.

    Another is the long-running fiction that she’s a trust-funder from old money.

    • ha and the lie that people would ask her,”but why are you going to get your MBA at Harvard when you are already a successful entrepreneur?”

      • She also insisted that EVERYONE at Harvard wanted to know if she’d had sex with Harold Ford. Really? Complete strangers asked her if she’d fucked a congressman?

      • Hahaha! I love all of these. How about when she “gave a lecture at MIT” and had those posed at a podium photos?

        • “I spoke at Wharton” = a student group put on a panel discussion at a hotel and I was just one of many people there… I was listed as a blogger, along with the actual business women who provided the actual content… AND there was a typo on the nametag (Julia Allison, Nonsociety.comn) because nobody cared.

          “I was the dating columnist for ELLE” = I was on a cheesy, poorly rated reality showed that was cancelled after 8 episodes, and because I didn’t have a job at the time, they had to invent a job for me, so someone at ELLE let me do a handful of “guest blogs” (their words), for which I re-hashed my Bravo blog posts, and collapsed in tears when they expected me to actually turn in my work on time.

          • Omfg I had completely forgotten the “elle column.”

            Remember when she didn’t meet her deadline so they sent a photog to do a replacement piece on her “designer wardrobe.” And they were like openly grossed out by her tutus and one vintage Lily she likely stole from grandmere?

    • A former colleague of Donkey’s Little Brother said years ago that if they were trust fund brats, nobody bothered to tell the brother. It sounds like he works his

  5. My favorite(s) might be the lies about never owning a television & never owning a scale. Fauxtos she herself posted catch her in her own lies.

    • and yet, “this is what 134 pounds looks like”
      *eyerolling into the distance*

  6. Did anyone ever solve the mystery of the faces of Eve she was doing in the video of the top photo? The incessant blinking, the eyelash sticking, the Zoolander O-face, the Penniwise smiling, it wasn’t just, “That’s got to be drugs.” It was, “What kind of drugs does one have to combine to do such an authentic Tourettes?!”

  7. I also loved the Tour de France when her boyfriend took her on a tour of Europe in order to propose. They did have an incredible (incredibly funny) photo shoot on some stairs in Paris, but he never proposed, her Dad actually paid, I think she bought a ring for herself, they fought the whole time before she hit on her girlfriend’s hubby at a wedding.

    The photos from the wedding were incredible. Actually, every photo op with Derpin was great, because he was so all in on her “fame”.

    • She made him stay up all night editing the stairs photos into a cheesy montage that they then emailed to everyone they knew, asking for feedback on the “art we created.”

      • The dollop of milk foam on goat soap’s substantial nose is one of my favorite images of all time.

    • Sacre Cœur! And all on Dadser’s dime.

      I also dig the final bicoastal birthday installment, New York leg, licked cake, spurned photog loitering around hotel lobbies and surviving on Skittles, after not having been paid as promised and all. That was one hell of a Dickensian tale.

    • That was fucking glorious. Wasn’t that at the same time when she was half-assedly shilling Cheesy Skillets and Tresemmé, in the hope of capitalizing on her Miss Advised “fame”?

      I also love L’Affaire Coobie.

      • “I am the spokesmodel for Coobie” = I lied and told Coobie I was an “influencer,” so they gave me a discount code for my friends to use for their China-made bras, then I hired* a makeup artist, hairstylist, and photographer for a fauxto shoot that I posted on my Facebook… Coobie had no part in this.

        *asked them to work for free because I told them I was an “influencer”

        • Oh, and she professed to be the NATIONAL spokesmodel for Coobie, and wrote a fake press release about it that was published in the Chicago suburban paper just so she could pretend-claim to her parents (and to ILYRAIN, look at the timing) that she was a professional model. Had some poor schlub she likely didn’t pay do a photo shoot of her at the Palace of Fine Arts to accompany the press release, and even comp up a fake ad.

          OK, this goes in the top five for sure.

          • JFA: Love it that someone called Coobie to verify she had the job she said she did, and they said, “Who? No.”

            Self-proclaimed queen of the car wash bralettes.

          • And she still wears the damned coobies every chance she gets, because free, and she can’t afford new ones. It’s too great!

          • The Coobie shitshow was fucking bananas! Why would anyone think the key to big money thucktheth would be to become a national bra spokesmodel? And then spend countless hours dissembling, pretending to be the face of a bra company when one wasn’t even employed by the company? Donk at her most bonkers!

          • I wonder if the videos are still up of her cavorting around in a photo studio pretending to model.

        • Coobie actually was reaching out to bloggers at the time, so they may have included her in the dozens and dozens of people they gave free crappy bras to in exchange for reviews.

          Only A Donkey could spin that into a faux gig as “their national spokesgirl.”

  8. Breaking the law by illegally subletting an airbnb. One she didn’t own without the owners consent or permission causing an eviction.

  9. My favorite Donkey tales are those that make no sense. My parents are perfect but I never felt loved enough, they instilled that Puritan work ethic into me (possibly THE BEST) and now I have trouble focusing on what feels best to ME (yes, that one is the best), they never argued with teachers on my behalf (is that something that most parents regularly do?) except when they did (to get me grounded or whatever), I was a total nerd only interested in BOOKS (but my grades never reflected it) and somehow my boyfriend’s parents had to get a restraining order against me, military tore Jack and me apart even though he’s not even sure he wants to stay in the military….

    Also everything that has to do with numbers (money, duration of relationshits and contracts, clothing sizes, sips).

    • THE SIPS!!!! the counting of individual sips!!!!!

      like, i’m sure she was lying. but if she was being totally honest about counting her sips of wine coolers, i think that’s actually sadder/worse?

      the donkey show is exhausting

  10. How about Mulia Mallison’s lie on the Target gift card giveaway?

    Around the same time that her deadline came & went & she coincidentally announced nary a winner, there she went fauxtographing @LillyDog in a cart full of Target crap for the new stall in Marina yel Bray.

  11. One of my faves was all of the made up “reader” quotes in those awful Time Out columns. I can’t believe her editor let her get away with that.

    • And when she turned her Social Studies syndicated column (published in just three papers) into an advice column using letters that she wrote about whatever axe she had to grind (e.g. being able to post photos from someone else’s wedding all over her social media).

      • Or barely reworded press releases from acquaintances’ businesses. I feel bad for the dude who had to edit that garbage.

  12. The need for assistants (plural!) to support philanthropic efforts and fuck knows what else.

    My god, it’s all flooding back now. So many lies that are just BANANAS.

    • Oh yeah! She and DerpBurp were going to purchase a 4 to 5 bedroom house in San Francisco and needed an assistant for their extensive philanthropic efforts. Yeah, right. What a load of donkey shit.

  13. sony spokesperson, contract canceled when she mentions products from the house that steve built, than her sponsor.

    fake seaworld sponsorship trip.

    “we talked marriage”

    trying to talk her way out of a parking ticket while dressed in a cheerleaders outfit in downtown new york “i was doing a cheer”; telling the traffic enforcement person “see, you can cancel it by pressing that button”

    • The smug was off the fucking charts and she never saw it coming: “Mom, I’ve bought her boxes + tape but she won’t leave!”

      • This is why my favorite Donkey personas are the smug, arrogant Donkey ones. The greater the fall, the more the laughs

  14. it’s so hard to choose.

    i think most of the photos she posts of books are lies— implying she has read books she hasn’t, sticking her hands into photos to point out quotes as though proud of her dreadful manicures. i remember in particular many years ago she was pretending to have read Eating Animals by Jonathan Safran Foer, but still bragging about decidedly animal-sourced clothing and eating chicken and shit, i don’t know why but that one infuriated me a lot.

    every time she posts an implausible conversation transcript.

    the press release about Flapjack McCain is also up there on my list.

  15. Stealing Jordan’s tiara and pretending she didn’t do it.

    Also the whole forced cheer and faux glamor of that Juliar-decreed ski trip to Aspen with Prom King, Jordache and the gang. Right before most of those relationships went up in smoke.

  16. Fuck You Money.
    “Internships” at NonSociety (poor Charlsie).
    Friends with her exes.
    Financially independent.
    That she uses terms like ‘ad hominem’ in real life.
    That she “chose” to end relationships with exes. Hah!
    Tech nerd.
    Friend of CollegeHumor /Vimeo peeps. Didn’t they all used to laugh at her?

    Oh Donks….

  17. I’ll always guffaw at how she had to be told to actually get up in the morning to shoot “her documentary show” and she takes every chance to tell everyone her worst flaw is being a perfectionist


    • Problem is, she’d probably see herself entering at Katie Holmes former level rather than starting out as a lowly novice or whatever they call the sheep they fleece. And call me crazy, but I somehow don’t see that happen.

    • Aspiring scientologists with no big $$ are treated like indentured servants, made to scrub floors, clean the centers, serve the higher ups etc. I’ve read some horror tales of former members that said they were made to work 20 hours per day with little food and no pay. What I am saying is that unless Dad$er is fronting the fee for her to be treated like a VIP, she’d have to WORK. and we know that ain’t happening with this Donkey.

    • She is not rich enough for Scientology.

      Her thing will be more like a modern version of Jim Jones’ cult.

  18. not per se a lie but what happened to the greatest sisterhood that womankind has ever witnessed between her and Brit (and husband, natch) Morin? She used to incessantly suck up to them and then one day… nothing? I wonder what went on there.

    • Yeah – they kept her around after she embarrassingly and obviously hit on Dave at a wedding— so… what happened this time?

      • The last time she posted anything related was when she stood in front of that Brit & Co. trade show display in San Francisco and posed as if she created the damn company herself. That had to be two years ago at least.

  19. This is like picking the best episode of The Simpsons: there are so many so good, that it’s hard to pick one (or three).

    In no particular order:
    1 – The time she claimed she was going to read the Communist Manifesto
    2 – I don’t drink, I had tequila but it was only a few sips
    3 – Her alleged veganism (90% vegan! Almost!)

    • fake celiac disease. and then gets photographed outside a food cart with a burger bun bigger than her head.

  20. I really don’t know why she hates us so much: we have more hits that nonsociety ever had and, now that Gawker is gone for good, we are her only significant Internet presence.

    If this blog went away, the Donkey would disappear in a puff of self-importance & restylane.

  21. Her biggest lie by far is that she is “the happy and emotionally healthy person she is today.”

    Check it out, she flips out on Chad and is in the belly of the abyss and privately sobbing thru arabesques because he didn’t acknowledge her birthday this year six months after he moved out and moved on, and then poses hours later leaping in Bali with helium balloons and in prayerful bliss to show how carefree and happy and spiritually evolved she is.

    Fake Happy Donkey the biggest lie of all.

  22. I hope CDB drops by some time.

    Remember when he wrote here about her scamming him into paying $10K for her birthday party (the same party with the water-charity nonsense and failed step-and-repeat), and she actually got in touch with him to say it was all a misunderstanding and set up a payment plan with him?

    I would be very surprised if he received even one installment.

  23. That she got paid $4/word by anybody.

    That she was really going to lease a $10k/month apartment (remember those video tours she made of apartments she couldn’t afford, dragging real estate agents around the city for total BS)?

  24. That layout in the Chicago Tribune insert mag(?). I think it was announcing her return to Chicago, something, something, and her shirt unbuttoned to an inappropriate level. Good times.

    • WAS it the ChiTri though, or something diff, a pennysaver even, & Donk wrote it up as a ChiTri press release? That’s probably not quite right, but I do remember that it was sketchy as hell & that her superior(s) at the new job were plenty pissed — they even issued clarification, didn’t they?

  25. soooo many good ones in this walk down memory dust lane; to me her most egregious lie was and has always been that she loves her dog RIP LILY

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