Nisha Moodley Fears Hurting A Mysterious Someone, Sends “Rainbow” To Her Heart


Dear Goddess, what has happened to Noodles? Is Noah Nvmbr tiring of Wooville? Is Judy trying to guilt trip her? Whatever went down, we are all concerned when the path to self-love is blocked. I am happy that Nisha has asked two billion people for help!

Rain has never responded to Julie’s posts or to her Yoo Hoos on his posts, but he’s Johnny-on-the-spot when Noodles has the sadz. Are you processing this, Donkey? We are. And where are you, Not Carrie Bradshaw 2.0? Why has Nisha’s “dear friend” been strangely silent?

Hope everyone is humaning today!


  1. Ha. Maybe the person she hurt is Donks. I wouldn’t put it past Judy to ask if she could live with Noodles and No Vowels.

      • Her closest friend at this point is probably…Jess Magic? Where does she live? I’m sure she’d take the burro in.

        • I believe Jahass lives in Encinitas, down near San Diego. It might actually do Donk some good to be away from San Francisco.

          Yoo hoo, Magic!

        • Doesn’t Ducklips have Avocado (and presumably his wife) as a housemate, though? That could be awkward.

          • Jaahass is living with Mr. & Mrs. Avocado? I missed that, but who hasn’t Magic Johnson lived with at this point?

            Yoo hoo, Grifty, I hear J. Mathias Bennett needs a ticket home from Iceland!

          • Hahaha! Maybe he and Donkey should hook up. He seems primed for emasculation.

      • Was Nisha on that mass email Julia sent out?
        We know Rain was so….
        It sounds like the woo crew has broken a Rainbow.
        Huh, I guess their *community* does occasionally come together and do something productive-making a Rainbow cry the salty tears of accountability.
        They will all be sure to update word salad bios to include *saved the environment from toxic waste.*

        • Rain hardly ever comments on friends’ posts. Interesting that he commented here, heh?

          • And the funniest, most satisfying thing is that you know the Donkey is seething with rage, plotting her revenge in the basement of the Lakeside ALF, curled up in a ball of hate, next to the second fridge.

          • The most satisfying thing for me is knowing that The NYT, Slate, Vanity Fair, and even the tabloid press like the NY Post and Daily Fail thinks she’s completely full of shit.

            No use in keeping up the Potemkin Village anymore, Donks. Time to face reality.

    • Or, feigning guilt because she got caught gossiping about a donkey?

      PROTIP TO DONK: She’s hardly the only one — maybe you don’t give your only “friend” shit for calling you out on your hose beastiness — maybe, instead, you cease & desist being such a cunty, stalky hose beast?

      (I know — I literally laughed for two minutes two. Carrie on!)

      • Or just telling her she crossed the line. The setting of boundaries make Donk go into victim-mode.

        • yeah, you gotta figure Nisha was on the cc list for Julia’s blackmail-y email to Chad and his parents and circle. Is there a wee tell in the “sending a rainbow of love” turn of phrase?

    • “Sending a massive rainbow of love to their heart” is a pretty big clue it was Donkey.

      She probably told Donkey she didn’t want to take sides in her junior high drama. Or at last I hope she did. Everyone needs to tell her to fix her own mess since she created it in the first place. It is called BREAKING UP AND MOVING ON. All the grownups do it, Donkey. Stop trying to ruin others’ lives because you have no life of your own. Go get a freaking hobby, or oh, maybe a real JOB for once.

      • Oh and P.S. Precipitation Man, stupid move responding where Donkey can see it. This will just set her off.

        • I love how, even when she’s raging, she calls him Rain instead of Chad. It’s like when Nancy Spungen was angry with Sid Vicious and she called him Sidney, which wasn’t even his real name (or his real fake name.)

          • We hear that when Judy’s feeling lovable towards Chad, she calls him “Rainy.” HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

      • I should have caught this but am frazzled and the post went up quickly. I’m 99% convinced you are right re: post geared towards Donkey, who was probably guilt tripping Noodles. It’s what our burro does best.

        Reworking headline and post.

  2. So is Noodles saying, in a round about way, that she threw down with someone else.. and her man found out? I know all these people are “polyamorous” until their partner actually does it. Then the shinola hits the fan and the heated growth opportunities break out.. hmm. Only speculation though, I’m sure Noodles is a good girl.

  3. Ugh, noudles, the most insufferable of the bunch. Got knocked up just before 40 her only accomplishment. Predator of “sisters “, yuck

    • She is also the finest, most self-aware mother ever to grace the earth. I believe she won a Smuggie Award for her parenting skills.

  4. Nisha’s been pretty open that she and no vowels last name have been in counseling. So maybe there’s something there.

    More likely it’s Donk, but talk about narcissism .. turning to self-love and loving myself fiercely and asking how do you love yourself … She cares less about who she hurt and more about the guilt. Pfft, with “friends” like these …

    In general, I’ve always found Nisha odd. I know we’ve talked about her a lot here and the general woo business model, but I don’t regularly engage here, although I’ve been around since the Gawk days … Does she really make a living off her woo retreats? Or is having a baby with a rich guy her new business model?

    • I could see it being both. Donkey running to Noodles after bald DJ #2 breakup and trying to one up everything Noodles might be going through. Donkey trying to compare the Airbnb they shared to someone going through relationship problems brought on by having a kid with someone they just met. Yep-there’s no comparison.
      I could also see Donkey trying to exploit Noodle’s problems: if baby’s daddy moved out or Donk pushing for baby daddy to move out so Donk could move in and being denied.
      Could you imagine how that pitch might have gone? “I can help with baby Crow. I’ll order up some matching plastic outfits from Yandy and set up the photoshoot STAT.”

      • “I’ll even take a five-minute break from mounting world summits to help you, Noodles!”

    • I don’t think her guy is rich, but he has a good and interesting job. Noodles has always come across to me as naive and dim, the combo some men tend to brand as ‘sweet.’ Meaning sometimes malleable and doormattish.

      She confessed to having a shopping addiction at one time, and I don’t think she’s lost that part of her that loves to indulge in luxurious goods or surroundings when she can. She’s built a business that lets her do this. I don’t think it is any great intellectual exercise, more hedonistic than anything else.

      • Fromww hat I can see, she dresses out of the Pier 1 clearance rack or flea market. Doesn’t look too luxurious to me. I’m surprised to hear she was a shopper.

        • At Barney’s, not so much, but you should see her at the strip malls of Sedona.

          • Yup. She was broadcasting a sale on hats on her FB just yesterday. They looked interesting, except you can find ones just like that at any Target for a fraction of the sale price, and no shipping from Ojai. How many hats do you think she owns?

        • It was in some bio piece she wrote. I read it was years ago when she was first on our radar. She said she spent way beyond her means.

          The Ferrett years with the humblebragging and her fondness for holding sisterhood retreats in far-away exotic places reinforce the still-loving luxury angle.

          • I’ve always found her a wannabe limousine liberal. She’d fit right in in Malibu.

    • Noodles wasn’t referring to Noah, at least that’s what she’s claiming on Instagram:

      nishamoodley@rollacosta Not about my partner 🙂 Thanks for sharing, love.

      nishamoodley@goddessoutloud Oh yes, that’s a tricky one! The guilt for what we maybe-possibly did wrong (but we’re not sure). That one generally seems connected to a familiar childhood pattern of wanting to please. Does that resonate for you, love?

      My money’s on Donk.

      • Is that partner message directed to RBD? Does she read here with the same frequency as Mulia?

        • It doesn’t appear to have been directed towards us.

          I doubt that Nisha reads here with the frequency that Mulia does, though Donk tells everyone that she never reads here – HA HA HA! – that no one who comments on RBD has ever met her, and that everything here is a lie.

          D) None of the above.

        • I’d say it’s a safe bet she has read here because of this latest Donkey meltdown.

          Hell, I’d be surprised if she didn’t post here again, begging us to go easy on our poor little burro for being a psycho ex-girlfriend nine months and a long Bali retreat after the fact.

      • Does she really call everyone love or is that just coincidence there, love?

  5. All these people seem so isnanely exhausting with the endless public navel gazing and self-examination that always leads to the conclusion that they must love themselves more.

  6. Sooooo. What’s next for Julie? Since the woo community days are numbered.

    Thank goodness – this particular persona far outstayed its welcome. Possibly the longest-wearing of all her costumes so far – five years?

    Is this the last we hear from her for a while?

    Will she try on a new personality? MLM bossbabe? Tradwife blogger? Conservative pundit a la Tomi Lahren?

    • I’d guess MLM. It would be her quickest way to look like an overnight success and Mr Baugher would probably buy into it. Sounds like she’s already back home, so she will relaunch soon.

    • I’m not sure Donk is ready to leave Wooville. As Jacy noted a few posts back, she stays with these druggie, delusional idiots because they refuse to call her out on her bullshit. Presumably, Donk is mad at Nisha for associating with Rain, so what does Noodles do? She apologizes publicly to a busted burro yet refuses to go into details, sparing Donk any embarrassment. Basically a woo just enabled our burro once again.

    • I noticed for Donkey’s upcoming HIVE event in August (you know, the place where she advises world leaders), she is part of a panel instead of being given a solo slot. I googled the other people on the panel. I’m still trying to figure out the theme that these four will be covering at the session. I don’t see any common thread, except this is where there are four miscellaneous people who didn’t merit a solo presentation, and who didn’t quite fit anywhere else.


  7. Noodles told Jules to lay off Rain, is my guess.

    Rainbow: With Softness – He’s Just Not That Into You.

    Julia’s primal rage scream probably gave Noodles pause, hence the apology.

  8. Normal people: Shit, I might have hurt someone’s feelings. Let me reflect on that in private. Maybe I was a bit harsh. Could I have been more supportive? I should call them, maybe plan to go over with a bottle, clear the air.

    Selfish, ridiculous Woos: Someone is strangely upset by something I said, which was only for their own good and I’m totally in the right. But they might be talking smack about me to all the people who think I can do no wrong. Let me make a public announcement that will remind everyone how awesome I am, while subtly embarrassing the person in question.

    Also, it’s no surprise that these Woo relationships are always so short-lived, with all the couch surfers and roommates hanging around. A month’s rent on the West Coast is probably more than I earn in half a year, I get that, and they all live way beyond their means because the appearance of “success” is paramount. But they’re all over 30, don’t they want privacy to bicker about housework or the TV remote without public awkwardness? Let alone parade around naked or make loud abandoned love outside the bedroom (which I know they do in public anyway, eeugh). Just get a smaller apartment in a less desirable area of town already, and get comfortable with each other on your own, sheesh.

    • and, but, like, …. if you hurt someone you SHOULD feel shame (usually. If a regular person hurts a regular person I mean). How is it enlightened to sit with yourself and talk yourself out of… feeling bad for doing something bad?


  9. Julia Allison Baugher is 37 years old (except a FB friend of a friend who worked with her at Time Out and HATES her thinks she is lying about her age). This is where she is in her life? Possibly 40? Rejected from various crowds? No job? No boyfriend (except the fake reasonable one)? Broke as a joke? Living with her parents?

    What happened to the Julia who used to boast and post her media calendar on her blog? “I am on CNN at 2!!!”

    She is currently unemployed and lives with her parents.

    Tldr; She’s 40.

    • I do believe she’s 37 years old, but interesting about TIME OUT. The big rumor during Julie’s Georgetown days was that she older than the 23 years she claimed during senior year. Some folks insisted she was in her late 20s. I tend to think these rumors started because she often looked haggard and in ill health, mostly because of lack of sleep and poor hygiene.

    • i dont know what well off parents in wilmette did with undisciplined and inappropriate behaving children when it’s time to start kindergarten but in other places they hold them back a year. there is almost a two-year age range in my daughter’s grade. so it’s possible that the birth year is a year off from the grade.

  10. Myka Mclaughlin’s new FB profile fauxto. Jumping for joy because bikissable lov-ah Julie finally left? Aren’t the titties in violation of FB protocols?


    • Maybe she is wearing a semi-sheer top and that is the shadow from a charm on her necklace and not a nipple?

      • If it were anyone but a woo, I’d entertain this as a possibility. winky emoticon

      • Flesh-colored shirt; medallion of other necklace flung off-center; hell yeah she’s happy to be rid of the barnyard animule.

      • I was going with Steven Tyler, circa 1994. Either way, she definitely resembles a masculine.

    • Donk: Sister, you should totally leap in the air for your next Facebook profile fauxto! Wear all your bracelets! [Is now a media strategist who advised a visionary world leader in making the planet a better place]

      • Donk: Be omni-considerate and post this visionary photo on both social and mainstream media!

    • Weird, both her public profile and Rob’s public profile are now Tinder ready. I could have sworn they had more couple pictures on display. I woudln’t be surprised if Julia’s extended visit has pushed them apart. Why would Rob invite that kind of drama into his life?

  11. I’m not at all convinced this has anything to do with Julia. Despite Donk’s best efforts she has not managed ownership of the word “rainbow.” Aside for ruining it for me.

    I think in Wooville, “sending a rainbow” to someone’s heart is as generic a statement as “feel better soon.”

    • Yep, but we know what’s been going on behind the scenes. Take into consideration WHO commented on Nisha’s cry post.

      • I agree, and that Wired cover pose, whether consciously or unconsciously chosen, adds credence to this conclusion.

      • The next logical step for the cray caused by her batshit email getting fwd:fwd:fwd all over wooville and beyond would be for Donkey to start looking for people to take up her side. Besides Jahsss, who else more forgiving of any heinous behavior would there be but Nisha, den mother of sisterhood? And how else would our Donkey bray response for anything but 100% allegiance to her side except with how this all is a huge sisterhood betrayal, throwing a guilt trip on to Nisha? It’s pretty clear she is friends with both of them and was trying to stay that way.

        Donkey and Donald Trump, both demanding loyalty out of insecurity and paranoia, and a pathological need for control.

        • Yes. This is a thing Cluster B folk do. Triangulation. I’ve been the triangulatee and the triangulated against. Guaranteed this is exactly what went down.

        • And by friends with donk you mean wants to maintain access to $i$terhood retreat fund$

          • When has she ever paid Nisha, or Annie Lalla, or laPhlegm, or Tony Robbins, or the woo photographers and stylists she bartered for appearance in the book she never finished?

            Who exactly has she ever paid?

          • I think she may have had to pay for Robbins, at least for the first retreat. But she sucked up to his daughter-in-law, so perhaps the next transformational weekend was on the house.

        • DCPG: I was thinking along these very lines.

          I’m guessing Donk has reached out to many a woo & met w/resistance, however Neisha is definitely one that she can exploit, so of course she’s lays a big ass guilt trip on her. Doesn’t hurt at all when Noodles is such a pushover, that lazy dog has already had half the work done for her.

          Way to be strong Nisha!

          • Perhaps I’m being generous, but I think the Noodles is a little more shrewd than this post would let on (esp. if the photo pose and “rainbow” clue are intentional).

            When you are dealing with someone like this, you can shut them down/block them entirely from your life. A riskier strategy is to play dumb and love bomb them right back. This confuses the Julia, who is likely looking for a reason to mount a smear campaign against the person who didn’t give her what she wants. I suspect this is what Devin, Avocado, and to an extent, some of her own family members have learned to do.

          • OK, I was just about to opine on dusty documentaries reply that maybe noodles is more shred then we’re giving her credit for. The rest of what you say didn’t occur to me, but in thinking about it, I’m fairly inclined to agree with you.

  12. Donks, who likes every post Noodles throws up, practically, hasn’t liked one since May 30 and didn’t publically acknowledge Noodles’ birthday.

    • Well, this convinced me. I should know by know. Every single time I think a theory has gone too far, it turns out to be true and then some.

      • But I still don’t believe the pose is a reference to the Wired cover. Just a pose she finds herself cute in.

          • the cover shot was posted here recently, reminded noudles of it, no way that is not planned. mho

          • I don’t recollect recently posting the Wired cover here. Amazing how you know what’s going on in Nisha’s mind 24/7.

        • Same. It’s a pretty common “consciously trying to take a flattering picture” pose—crossed legs make them look longer, leaning forward to twist the waist so it looks smaller and cover up any tummy. If Noodles wanted to hint that she was talking about Julia, she could have just taken one while unhinging her jaw.

  13. Sorta OT: I am LMAO because the actual Baryshnikov just presented an awards at the Tonys.

    Not sure about Debbie’s whereabouts, though.

    • Are you absolutely sure it wasn’t Derpin? They have so much in common that they are often mistaken for each other.

      • Yeah Misha tells me all the time people are coming up to him like, ‘Don’t you have a weed store in Modesto?”

  14. I wonder if Noodles called the DonkParents because she was concerned about Jules’ mental health?

    • That’s what a true friend would do. Too bad Julia doesn’t have any true friends anymore (if she ever did).

    • Doubtful. Seems like the woo way of dealing with “tribespeople” whom even they deem insufferable, is evasion rather than doing something about it. Otherwise neither Ali the Crook nor Scammer LaFlamme would still be in business.

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