“I am not going to be IGNORED, Rain!”


OMG the raging cuntwitch we all knew was alive and well in Wooville has really outdone herself this time.

Get a load of this classic portion of one of the many psychotic dispatches Donk has sent Rain, this one a year after they split up:

I loved you. I gave you everything I had for two and a half years.  And you cut me off – HOURS before my birthday – without even the dignity of a conversation.

Fuck that, Rain.

You were too afraid and ashamed to speak about our relationship publicly for years. But trust me – I will not be silenced any longer.

HOURS BEFORE HER BIRTHDAY, Rain!!! How could you!??!??!? Didn’t you know she’s an emotional 12-year-old?!? Did you also forget to bake a cake for her?? With candles?!?

And, huh, I wonder why he was too ashamed to speak publicly of The Greatest Love The World Has Ever Known, V. 2,408, 295

Here’s why Donkey infiltrated the Woos. Because she knew these drug-addled dumbasses wouldn’t call her out on her bullshit. Everything she does, she does FOR LOVE! She is just being true to LOVE!! She is finding a path to LOVE!! She is dancing her way TO LOVE!!! Everyone is allowed to be psychotic at times! They’re just acting out of LOVE!!!

It was all a huge fucking fraud. She is a huge fucking fraud. And, as always, certifiably insane.

Is this rock bottom? No. This is who she is and always will be.

Will Petey and Robin step in? No. They never have, never will, and it’s a lot easier to send checks than have to deal with this braying, demented almost-40-year-old disrupting their peaceful lives.

There is no “reasonable” boyfriend. There is just a sad angry crazy self-obsessed lunatic, raging once again because yet another dude doesn’t find her as fabulous as she finds herself.

She’ll be doing this til she’s 85. Wonder if the New York Post would be interested in a followup to the steaming pile of bullshit she fed them.

As for the “it’s all Sex and the City’s fault!!!” bullshit, Vanity Fair makes mention of the idiot here.

And Vogue tees off nicely:

The 20th anniversary of Sex and the City’s premiere this week has occasioned similar reminiscences, one of them a particularly bitter takedown that recently made the rounds on Twitter by erstwhile sex columnist Julia Allison, who blames the show for leading her into a life of fame-seeking, dating very bad men, living beyond her means, and ruining her reputation. “Truth be told,” she writes, “I wish I had never heard of SATC. I’m sure there are worse role models, but, for me, it did permanent and measurable damage to my psyche that I’m still cleaning up.” (Novelist Jami Attenberg perhaps summed it up best in a tweet: “Oh, my God, could you imagine blaming all your bad life choices on a TV show?”)


  1. So what is she threatening here? Just to take the harassment public?

    Just remember Donks, the jury won’t like braying and tears of self pity.

    • I’m still not sure. They had a polyamorous relationship from the get go. The email seems like a calculated move to hurt his parents. She’s genuinely horrible.

  2. Greg Almighty, has anyone seen Brayela’s new website: https://www.xojulia.com/

    Spoiler: It features that rainbow dress that screams “Social Media Expert” and this endless series of random buzzwords:

    “As an activist and strategic advisor, Allison teaches how to harness the power of both mainstream and social media to create a more conscious planet by raising awareness for transformational experiences, collective human potential, collaborative innovation, omni-considerate thought leadership and regenerative community building. She advises visionaries, artists, scientists, entrepreneurs and philanthropists to reimagine our world such that it is free, loving, healthy and joyous for all beings.”

    My brain exploded from trying to understand.

    • I am no relationship expert but she doesn’t sound very free, loving, healthy, or joyous to me at all.
      And holy shit…what world is this that I actually feel bad for her?? The Vogue article?? Vanity Fair??? Jaysus.

    • Of course she’s included NO RESUME, which the woo grifters always insist tells nothing about a potential hire. As I noted in the last post, she doesn’t really do anything but markets herself be a conduit of inspiration for creatives and entrepreneurs, because everyone benefits from spending time with a selfish, narcissistic, lazy, raging hosebeast.

      • Ummm, Gilly? Resumes generally include jobs and work experience. What would hers even look like?

        • Work experience during the past three years:

          Cocktail hour speaker at HIVE entrepreneur meetup

          Co-emcee at Bali Dirtfest Festival

          Organized photo shoot for social media personality

    • Ha ha ha, toilet-paper doll looks at colorful platitudes. There’s a brand identity.

      The best thing about this is that she left her old Debbois-designed website (last updated in 2014) up right through, and well after, her HIVE talk about being a social media wizard, or whatever the fuck she rambled about. That cover page is a picture of her at the HIVE shitfest.

      She’s always late to every party. Whatta Donkey!

      • That photo was from a SFMOMA exhibit she attended with Dadsers when he was here for Birthcray 2017. She wore the same thing at the Hive event.

        • Thank you! That was very McCarthy of me, having “evidence” that wasn’t.

          • I only remember because I wondered why SFMOMA would mount such a pedestrian exhibit, and we mocked the crooked picture on RBD as well as Donkey’s outfit. This was the visit when Dadsers was looking uncomfortable at the Marin house birthcray party.

        • Was that the trip where she also took him to the Stanford campus, and then to HanaHaus, this big public workspace/coffee place where OMG Silly Valley types meet and attend events such as “How Blockchain Can Help Address Global Challenges,” with speaker Michael Arrington? I think they have an Android Jones painting in the back.

          Imagine that’s how you spend time with your father.

    • “a more conscious planet”


      also, there is sadness at a relationship ending, and there is madness

      i am doubting that they will remain in each other’s lives as people

        • way past borderline

          i have a wealthy friend who is honest about “living on her earnings,” with vast sums in the bank and endless depths of parental support to fall back on, and she understands as much as she can that it is nothing like being young, poor, and frightened, with no resources of any kind to fall back on.

          that someone with so much privilege can have so much untreated mental illness is beyond my comprehension

        • It’s appalling unprofessional. I can imagine her laughing off her father’s realistic concerns. “Oh, Dadsers! A resume? You’re so old fashioned. This webpage accents my unique self and is how EVERYBODY successfully brands these days.”

          • i mean, he let her write his biography for his new lawyerin’ gig so, professional judgement he has none.

      • Unless they are parties in a lawsuit [redacted] and/or a restraining order. That will keep them in each other lives.

    • She took *change* off before the activist since she got blasted for it on Twitter.
      What kind of activism has she ever been involved in?

      • Not a gregdamn thing. She’s blithered on about designing communities in developing nations where trustafarians and wannabe trustafarians can live high on the hog while exploiting the indigenous peoples. That’s about it.

    • Another “career” for Dadsers to support.

      It seems anytime the sh!t hits the fan and Julia’s grifting ways come under scrutiny, she recreates herself in some new venture so that Daddy will feel like he is an “inve$tor” not just a wallet paying for her self-indulgent lifestyle.

    • good greg she couldn’t even be bothered to straighten the photo?! the angle gives me motion sickness (and makes me twitch). This is a basic competence you’d expect she’d have.

  3. I never dreamed the drama would be reignited like this. If you told me it would, I would have instinctively known she did it to herself.

    People used to get all upset here about “armchair psychological diagnoses,” but the jury is in and this bitch is a sick fuck.

  4. Holy. Shit. I mean I knew she was off the rails, but this is just beyond canklehausen. Like I’d be contacting authorities over this level of psychosis. As much as it makes me cringe to say this, I’m def concerned for Rain.

    But it feels good to have something to come out of lurk mode for! Hi catladies!

  5. One of these days, one of these dudes unafraid to stick his dick in crazy is also going to be the kind of dude who’s not gonna back down from her incessant, psychotic braying, but when he tells-all, no one save Mom$er & Dad$er will be shocked.

    I wonder if Derp,& Davidiot have reached out to PhuckPhace yet.

    I wonder how long & hard Tiny & Cute has been laughing.

    Keep doing you, Donk! We’ll be right here.

    • I love that moment when you know that every guy she’s ever dated says to themselves, “Ahhh, I get it now,”about this site.

      Also, I don’t understand what she has on a 40-something DJ that anyone would really care to know. We know he’s a cheater and a ghoster, so what… he cheats on his taxes? Fuck, I’d be impressed if he made enough to pay taxes.

      RAIN can’t give her this kind of power. Call her bluff AND play her game (call Mommy & Daddy) it’s the only thing that will make her go away for good.

      • “Fuck, I’d be impressed if he made enough to pay taxes.”

        LOL. 🙂

        Oh to see Donkey’s tax returns… do you think she has ever even filed? Since say… 2009-present?

        • Oh don’t forget that she’s an *investor* in Brit Morin’s
          brit + co. I’m sure responsible Julia filed for the years and years of *profits* from the that lucrative investment.

          PS-DOJ is now looking into VC firms that *invest* millions into companies that were never meant to turn a profit; but, instead used as a shell to re-funnel money to look like a loss (tax write-off). Lots of abusive white millionaires & eventually billionaires in Silicon Valley will trade in their big houses for THE big house.

      • Rain and his girlfriend should file restraining orders. It certainly wouldn’t be the first time. And someone should contact Donkey’s parents so that they might stage an intervention rather than just pay her bills.

        • If Rain wants Julia to go away all he has to do is call her Mom and, or threaten to do an AMA RBD addition about their relationship. She’ll resort to thinly veiled, passive aggressive comments publicly but she’ll quit stalking him.
          You’re welcome Mr. McNally-please make a charitable donation (to a real charity) in lieu payment.

  6. I left this comment in the prior post but am reposting. Ali Shanti and Mental Dental are hosting a onesie party in Boulder. Where Donkey is. Yes, I’m serious.

    Ali Shanti is with Swain Bailey Peacock and 10 others.

    It’s #onesietuesday here in Boulder y’all. Show starts now in front of the courthouse on Pearl, between 13th and 14th. Get yer Onesie on and come down.



    • Ali just has to show her crazy ass whenever A Donkey’s getting attention, doesn’t she? Condolences to the good people of Boulder.

      Speaking of which, I wonder how Dunkle felt about being characterized as having been “in a relationship” with Donkey?

      • I’m more bikiss-curious as to how Rob feels about Donk’s whopper lie, particularly since she’s been staying with him and Electric Barbarella.

        • I’m reminded of an offensive comment Brandi Glanville made about being an “above the waist lesbian”, as it likely applies to Donkey in this particular situation.

    • From Moroccanwear:

      “I’ll share my Boulder knowledge and let everyone know that a Pearl St is a downtown pedestrian mall/tourist site with a billion people stomping up and down it, and in front of the courthouse is one of the spots where homeless people and marginal artists perform for change. They were dressing up like children and pounding on packing boxes for change. The more you know.”

      Keep working those million-dollar bidnesses, Shantitown!

  7. I still have no sympathy for Chad after the shit he pulled on Tiny Dancer, but I do feel bad for his family, who seem like nice people. Maybe they can form a support group with the Easter Island Stetlers, Momwick, and CDB?

    • Yes, on the one hand, I’m kind of surprised that he is well liked. On the other, that crowd harbors some awful people so, that probably explains it pretty completely.

    • The fact that he did that to Tiny should have been a red flag that he would ghost Donkey sooner or later. Hours before her birthday, even. But our Donk isn’t known for her smarts.

      She just saw a guy she could rope into being with her, all while increasing her social standing in the woo crowd who respects him. That was all that mattered. She is so transparent and gross.

      • He didn’t ghost her before her birthday! He had broken up with her *nine months* before, and had been in another close relationship already for a few months. Hounding an ex to respond on command and annoying the hell out of them so they back off isn’t ghosting. It’s called sanely moving on.

        And we know that this devastated her so much that she staged a photo shoot braying and leaping and smiling posing with red balloons all over Bali, pretending she was living a life to be envied.

        She is a sad, sick fuck.

        • Yes! He acceded to her demands for constant contact post-breakup for eight months and finally said ENOUGH!

          I have a seven-year-old nephew who doesn’t get as excited about his birthday as 37-year-old Julia Allison gets about hers.

    • First order of business: Group Restraining Order
      Class taught by Cindy McC

      • I think Cindy will send in one of her assistants to do the actual teaching, of course,

  8. So, does this mean he broke up with her the day before her birthday? Or were they already broken up, and that was when he finally ghosted her?

    Either way, I’m amazed he used the nuclear option–he had to know cutting her off right before her OMGBIRTHDAY would have her losing her mind. Well-played, hooded dude, well-played.

    • I read it as many months later, he ghosted her mid-psychotic hectoring, HOURS BEFORE HER BIRTHDAY.

      Cuckoo …. cuckoo ….. cuckoo …………………..

    • What is it with this woman and her birthdays? Seriously, I’ve seen 10-year-old kids main-lining sugar less excited about their birthdays.
      It’s kinda funny cause you know she had something scheme-full planned and he no-showed. Hilarious.

      • I’m convinced the birthday obsession is a sign of a personality disorder. I had a few friends, all obsessed with their birthdays, all had obvious PDs, and they’d obsess over their birthdays and get in peoples faces about it every single year. It’s always intrigued me…

        • That is kind of interesting. I have a friend like this. She throws herself a giant birthday party every year, and it is always some pain-in-the-ass thing like a progressive dinner we all have to organize or a cookie party where we all have to bring a dozen homemade cookies (lord help you if you bring store-bought). She also puts out a gift table where we are all supposed to put our gifts for her. It is very Julia-Allison-esque. I was sort of subtly trolling her and trying to convince her that this year for her birthday we should all go to the humane shelter and walk the dogs.

          • I eventually ghosted a “friend” that did the same thing. I always wondered, do you not look around the room and realize not ONE other person here has had a birthday party in the last 20 years?

        • the woman i knew who when her marriage was already pretty much over threw an enormous temper tantrum over the jewelry she did not get for her birthday, same

          • When she was in BALI? So she threw a fit because he didn’t return her calls when she was halfway around the world? Psycho.

  9. She needs a place to stay, she wants to dance at festivals, [REDACTED].

    It must be love!

  10. Rain probably wishes he had sprung the extra dollars for the hood AND torso now. It’s easier to hide that way.

  11. Somehow I don’t get the feeling Rain will be up for “leaving the door open” on this one.

    Poor bastard needs to get a restraining order pronto.

  12. Homeless face puncher
    Frat boy
    Reasonable man
    They all have so much in common as they are all figments designed for manipulation.

    • We could actually do a list of the people/things she’s clearly made up.

      Remember Booty Call, an attempt to make Harvard Harley jealous?

  13. Well, isn’t the masculine supposed to pay for everything? No wonder she didn’t pony up her portion of the rent.

    • When DJ Hoodie & Donkula end up on Judge Judy, how is La Burra going to cry poor mouth convincingly when she just got through trying to convince us that she pays $1200 a month for massages?

      Maybe she can sell some autographed Wired mag covers & earn enough money to pay him back? (Heh. Better luck revving up a 900# endeavor, Donk!)

  14. Cut her off before her birthday? Does she mean this year?
    I am imagining a scenario where he tolerated her constant calls/texts under the guise of her wanting to “stay friends” but the new GF put her foot down.

    Quick comment to say that the site was having some real issues in Google Chrome. I kept getting a 500: Internal Server error message.
    First thought – Daddy Warbucks had the site pulled for Julia! But not yet it seems.
    Had to get onto Firefox for the site to load properly.

    • I live on the other side of the world, so I am often on in what is the middle of the night in prime Donkey country, and it’s always fine then, but when I try to access it for morning coffee (mid-late afternoon, stateside), I always get the error, so I’m guessing it’s just a traffic overload from the slack-jawed gawking brought on by a burro’s recent return to the spotlight.

    • We’ve had incredible traffic and the site has been crashing for the last three days. I’m hoping to get two minutes today to go into c-panel and tidy up.

  15. REUNION! Frango mints for all!
    And what a glorious one it is!
    This shit just never stops, on and on, different costume – astonishing.
    Memory Lane stroll: I was Charlsie with the £

  16. Over/under predictions on the woos who will feel sorry for her and stick by her?
    Jahsss, naturally, because dimwit.
    Noodles, definitely, because no sister can do any wrong in her eyes.
    Neha will pretend to still like her, but hard to say, as she is a big fan of ILYR.
    Shantitown, because immoral.

    Will start putting distance between the two of them:

    Will no longer welcome her:
    Most of the rest of Mystic, esp. the Russels

    • Now, see, I’m going to bet just the opposite of the Russells — he looks exactly like the kind of guy who’ll go out of his way to take advantage of someone who sad & vulnerable.

      I fully expect Mr Myka to pull a Mr OMG Randi! post haste.

      Noodles won’t look a gift whore in the mouth, but I’ll just bet she already has plenty of Tim Ferritt tales to draw on — this won’t be revelatory to her.

      • Well, but don’t forget, though, that Bryan is very tight with ILYR, a fellow wannabe DJ, and sees ILYR as a rockstar member of that tribe. Remember what Caeli said about how the tribe let her down and didn’t support her when the two of them broke up, and she’d not even done anything to threaten or humiliate ILYR. Bryan’s also thrown oblique shade a few times before at Donkey before in FB posts. So I don’t know, I’m going to stand by predicting they’ll start ghosting her.

        • You’re probably right about all that. If I knew that about those guys being close, I forgot it.

        • Yes, I agree that the Russells will keep their distance from Donkula. Jennifer Russell is one of the most liked folks at Camp Septic and in Wooville in general and she will back away from nutjobs. Bryan IDOLIZES Rain, so I can’t see him sticking around to take advantage of a Donkey long past her expiration date.

          • Isn’t Bryan kind of a nut job? And she married him.

            Not that I don’t believe what is being stated about her being liked and staying away from JA. Just that, it seems her definition of nutjob may be completely different than, say, a non woo-er.

    • Can you imagine being Mr. Myka? Judy’s crap all over the house and no leave date?

      Where’s that Allis guy living? Maybe he’ll take her in.

        • Ha. I knew she went back home. Now what? She furiously texts everyone she knows in SF begging for a place to squat?

        • Parents let her come home if she agreed to date their friends’ reasonable divorced dentist son?

          (Also, hi! Been mostly lurking since -07. The basement’s great)

        • omg is she wearing a crystal in the photo on the print version?! also wtf with the cult clothes?! this would be hilarious if it wasn’t so pathetic

  17. Dear Relationship Expert:

    I’m a woman in my late 30s. I dated a guy on and off for about 2 years. From the start, he was upfront that he wanted an open/polyamorous relationship. We broke up a year ago, because we ultimately both wanted different things. We live in different states now.

    Looking back, I feel that he was pretty secretive about our relationship (e.g., not posting our relationship status on Facebook), like he was ashamed of dating me.

    So I’ve been emailing and texting him about this, demanding some answers. Yet he ignores me, as if he’s moved on. I feel this is very rude, don’t you? I mean, I loved him, we had sex… and now he acts like the past is the past.

    Ideally, I’d like to make him love me again. (I was thinking witchcraft might work— I know some witches but I’m not sure they’re real witches.) Barring that, I’d like to get revenge on him for not wanting to marry me. I was thinking of blackmailing him, e.g., threatening to tell his friends and family some of the private things he shared with me back when we were together.

    By the way, I also owe him $2,000… do you think I should pay him back, or would this be a mistake because then he wouldn’t be tied to me anymore? I don’t have a job, so I can’t really afford it.

    In the spirit of integrity and authenticity, I should let you know that he was in a long-term relationship with a friend of mine before he dated me, but I waited until they broke up before I had sex with him. Maybe it’s not important, but I mention it because it was rather polarizing among our tribe of friends… so that’s another reason he needs to tell everyone that I was nothing but fantastic to him and his former girlfriend.

    What’s the most conscious, healthy, evolved way to handle this? Signed,
    Kale Girl

    PS There’s also someone called Tingowhatever on a certain site who really needs to get a life… could you help with that, too?

    • This article has one of my favorite quotes about this debacle, that JA embodied the worst personas of living in NYC and in California.

  18. Y’all, I hang out here because it’s cozy and familiar, days go by when I don’t even really think about Julia and I’m just idly watching the woo show. It’s fun and we’re funny and cool.


    something like this email gets published and I’m super creeped out. This shit’s too real, like, Julia is genuinely scary and dangerous.

    it’s all fun and games until WHAT THE FUCK

  19. “Is this rock bottom? No. This is who she is and always will be.”

    Can’t it be both?

  20. In this email she sent to friends and his family–were the people blind cc’d or was everyone’s email visible? I’m trying to imagine getting a deranged email addressed to my brother, for instance, with 30 people I don’t know in the cc line.

    • Everyone’s name was visible. I’m sure she wanted Rain to directly know that his parents would not only be told just how awful their son is – He didn’t call me on my birthday! – but that he had confided in her regarding their histories. She clearly wanted to damage familial relationships.

      Of course, I looped back to when she told gawker that Redacted had B.O. and suffered from bi-polar disorder, but at least she didn’t drag his parents though the mud. She’s a fucking sociopath.

      • I can only imagine what she said. Probably something along the lines of “Rain, I know it’s only because of your unhealed trauma due to the bad parenting that you told me all about (bullet points to follow) that you couldn’t commit to me. Or call me on MY BIRTHDAY.”

        Good god.

          • “Trauma” is mentioned several times in the email, with Judy going on and on about her unnamed trauma. I’m sure it was traumatic FOR HER when she had to switch birthday presents so that she might get the Barbie.

      • Or when she outed Pancakes as being wishy-washy about his military career. This woman has no qualms about ruining the lives of her exes. I’d feel bad for them, except that her heinous behavior has been a matter of public record for more than a decade. Each ex has progressively clearer information about exactly what they can expect when they get into a relationship with her.

        You know the adage, Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free? Well, with Julia, you knew the free milk was spoiled, so don’t be surprised when it makes you sick.

      • That is some next level cuntitude.
        And you just know she somehow thought in her warped brain that everyone would side with poor little old Julie Albertson and turn against the evil masculine.
        I honestly can’t imagine what the next episode of this sorry saga could be. But I’ve reached that point so many times over the years and so far there’s always been a new twist.

  21. Looking back through the archives… In May 2017, Jules posted on Facebook that she was “In a relationship with Rain Phutureprimitive since May 9, 2015.” Tiny Dancer noted the update because it revealed Julia and Rain had been lying to her for 2 years about the timing of their relationship (there was overlap!!!). She made her own FB post regarding their lie, which she then sent to Julia and Rain. This led to Rain apologizing to Tiny and a scheduled meeting among Tiny, Rain, and a counselor. It’s all here: https://rebloggingdonk.com/2017/05/16/rain-phuturephuckphace-attempts-to-grow-a-pair/

    So did Julia finally making her 2-year (not 2.5 year) relationship with Rain public trigger the breakup? Was it Rain’s counseling session / potential hookup with Tiny? Blowback associated with Tiny’s public outing of Rain and Donkey’s deception? Probably some combo of all of the above.

    Julia posted a year-old fauxtoshoot with some horses shortly after this. I’m guessing she’d just been dumped for good.

      • I could imagine her having the entitled Donkey assholishness to insist on sitting in on that session! I don’t think Tiny ‘n’ Cute ever spilled about what happened there.

    • JFAing to say: just a few weeks later, the blessed Red Rocks BOTTOM VIDEO surfaced on FB along with withering commentary from teenage basement dwellers. This comment on the Red Rocks video RBD post aged well:

      Never Ever Breaking up with slimeball DJs or getting a job says:
      June 7, 2017 at 1:01 am
      Hey Choad Phuturephuckphace,

      Mash your face into the keyboard twice if Donkey is threatening to blackmail you or has promised all sorts of fame and networking bullshit.

    • You know, you’re prolly onto something. I bet that’s what she wants or something akin to it in her addled brain. Tiny and Cute got a meeting with a therapist. She prolly wants a summit cause she’s so much better and entitled. I mean what the hell else does “whatever engenders the most love” mean? I guess that’s the real mystery here. What does the burro f’ing want with this Vaudeville act? I know it’s not going as planned, but it’s so bats–t that I can’t really get what the intent was to begin with by doing that insane article and sending ranting blackmail emails. FFS. I always said crazy is more dangerous than evil because evil won’t hurt you at it’s own expense, whereas crazy will go down with the ship regardless of the consequences. She seems so cray these days that she doesn’t seem capable of distinguishing between actions that might hurt others to get her what she wants but are guaranteed to cause her twice as much harm such that her crazy is outing her evil and taking them both down in the process.

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