Taking Stock: Julia Allison & The Unbreakable 55 Wildwood Lane

What we know for certain:

Julia Allison, PR maven and social media expert, is broke, having worked only sparingly for Ryan Allis in the last two-three years.

Julia Allison, after urging others to move out of the states, is now listing San Francisco as her current residence on FB.

Julia Allison is/was homeless and desperately looking for a roommate(s).

Julia Allison is the only tenant on the current lease for the “villa” at 55 Wildwood Lane in Novato.

Julia Allison has sublet the house on Wildwood Lane to a creepster hipster known only as “Justin,” who is also a property manager and is subletting the house on AirBNB and several other websites. It is unclear if Justin actually lives in the house when it’s not rented out.

The home that Rain and Rainbow shared in Novato has several woo connections, including possibly the offspring of the original owners, as well as a shady history involving drug running.

What’s unclear is if Rain and Rainbow had a roommate at one time, possibly when they first moved in. Also, Rain and Rainbow had a volatile relationship and weren’t always together in their dream villa. Could a goddess have been living with Judy when she and her lov-ah were on the outs? I ask because:

If Tamar Edwards sounds familiar, it’s because she and her twin sister, Flor, were raised in the Children of God religious sect and are the real life inspiration behind HBO’s “The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.”

Edwards is currently living in the Novato area and works as – get this – a masseuse and a yoga instructor.

Bottom 55 Wildwood Lane Video: “Julia, I love what you’ve done with the place. It’s as cold and sparsely furnished as the home your mother and I share on the island of Wilmette!”


  1. Also, that Justin has a punchable face. Actually now that I study it, more of a punched face.

    • That fauxto.
      I’m imagining a sharp intake of breath because his butt plug shifted.

  2. This discovery feels somehow inevitable, fated, like it (what?) is all coming full circle, to a place weirder and worse than even we predicted.

    I’m back in.

    • I am literally dying. This is unbelievable, yet so believable. I am SO back in.

      Great work, Gilly and Rhoda!

      • Thanks, Never! Rhoda discovered the possible roommate connection and was able to confirm that it was THE Tamar Edwards. Our beloved girl reporter also uncovered some very disturbing links about Tamar that I didn’t feel comfortable about posting, but they should turn up in a quick google search if interested.

        • Yes, thank you for continuing your diligent work while I wandered off, distracted by all news becoming as batshit as the news on this site has always been.

  3. So, now we have the answer to the question:
    “Did Mulia Mallison formally change her name?”

    Why no, Miss Baugher in fact did not change her name.
    Nor her spots.
    Just her nose.

  4. ? The judges would have also accepted “the unbankable scammy shit“

  5. The Donkey trying to sing along while doing her happy face is plain disturbing.

    Just sayin’…

    • Who doesn’t know the lyrics to Foreigner’s “I Want to Know What Love Is”? Just how much plant medicine did Julie ingest on this happy occasion?

      • I don’t know those particular lyrics, but I would also avoid that sort of gathering like my life depended on it. If I was forced to attend and perform I would smile and bob my head, click my fingers. I would not mouth crazy lyrics in an attempt to pretend that I knew what was going on.

        • The previous year, she printed and handed out songbooks, and made everybody wear onesies. Guess she slacked this year on the details.

          • But THIS year was THE year: leaping with unbridled (heh!) joy in tourist destination with balloons in pink rayon schmatta.

    • You know when talk shows or live recorded tv shows hire extras to pretend there is an audience and then the camera pans to them and they seem to suddenly “come to life”? it usually looks super fake and staged and this is exactly what Donk’s facial expression while pretending to sing a song she obviously doesn’t know reminds me of.

  6. I picked the right day to check back in. Never change, Donkey. Not that you could if you wanted to.

  7. That looks like the most joyless party ever. Look at the half-hearted crepe paper streamers and clumps of red balloons attempting to liven up the bleak McMansion.

    I love how “55 Wildwood Lane” is taking on the same sinister tone as “10 Rillington Place” or “10050 Cielo Drive.”

  8. Yikes! Dadsers in his preppy worst while they sing that song. Is it possible that I actually feel bad for him?

    • Newp, Dadsers is a creeper. Always was, always has been. He knew what he what he was getting himself into. What 65 year old man goes to a party like that with his emotionally stunted daughter? He is icky AF.

      • What’s really icky is that Dadsers just sat there on the couch while Jen & Bry practically had their heads in his lap and another couple dry humped near his feet. Did Petey call Robin that night and suggest they try polyamory?

      • What 65 year old man goes to a party like that with his emotionally stunted daughter?

        The same one who used to bring bags of Victoria’s Secret underwear to her in college

        • AFF, I say this as non-internet creep as I possibly can: your son is adorable, and it’s time for an updated picture. 🙂

    • No, you may not feel bad for him. He’s allowing this to happen and not doing anything about it.

  9. whoever staged the two sagging, worn pieces of the misadvised sectional in front of the window didn’t leave room for a person to open the door and walk in and out

    • I love (and I mean this sincerely) that-that’s your biggest problem with this place.
      I feel like they moved the Quantico Body Farm to 55 Wildwood Lane.

  10. Cat ladies,
    it’s been a while!
    And wow, how the self proclaimed IT-girl has fallen. In just over a decade nonetheless.
    I joined the basement around the time of cake-licking and bicoastal birthcray insanity. Seems a lifetime ago.

    • You missed the joys of Donkey as “Editor at Large” for Star magazine, with her oddly shaped gourd regularly popping up on cable “news” – mostly Fox (but the others share guilt). It was hilarious watching her swan around and talk about how it was only a matter of time before she got a full-time position at Fox, and the delusion that she was going to somehow marry a wealthy hottie. Good times!

      • One of my favorite Donkey moments: She was scheduled to appear on RED EYE and bailed, feigning illness, and then she was stupid enough to post pictures of herself jetting off in first class. Greg Gutfeld told his audience that he didn’t want to name names, “But Mulia Mallison will never again appear on Fox.”

        • Or the time she gleefully posted details of Shepard Smith puking into a garbage pail in the newsroom (food poisoning) before she was supposed to go on his show for the very first time. That appearance was canceled (bc of his illness) and she never was invited on his show again.
          His show had been something of a launching pad for other entertainment “reporter” nitwits like Courtney Friel and Jill Dobson, so she really blew that chance

          • Because she is SUCH an asshole, of the highest magnitude.

            She used to swan around as if a lucrative Fox contract was just coming to her. Yes, Jill Dobson had the Star mag “editor at large” job before getting that Fox money — but she not only works her ass off (to know what she’s talking about), but is likable.

            If Donks had only been able to embrace the “love to hate” character thing, she might’ve had a career as a reality celeb. But nooooooo, she is delusional enough to believe that she could be an America’s Sweetheart type. In her twisted mind, she’s the girl every guy wants and every girl wants to be her. That’s why she could never play the heel

          • Ooh. That’s really still missing from my donkology archives.

            Lying, being an asshole or just generally unpleasant, all pathological with her.

      • Pretentious is having Jena la Flamme shove a jade egg up your vagina while her skeevy husband pours hot chocolate down your throat and billing it as the Ultimate Self-Love Ceremony. Or is it just gross?

          • She was still begging for moving packing help , what a shallow priviledged facebook dummy

          • Worried that she’ll be seen by her insurance company spies while hauling boxes with her bad shoulder from that horrible accident!

  11. I don’t see the food garden that A Donkey vowed to plant, because she’s so into nature and healthy eating and doing things herself.

    • How would she have tended to a garden when constantly renting out the prefab mausoleum on AirBNB? And she was doing this long before subleasing the joint to Justin.

  12. Top Picture of sad, broken-down sectional with passive-aggressive pillow kind of sums up A Donkey’s life right now. She was riding high when she bought that white sectional for being on the TV in Marina Yell Bray, and now it’s saggy and busted.

  13. am i a sap because I still want her to turn her life around, hunker down, come to terms with where her life is and then maybe, if it seems right, to write a book or blog or whatever about what its like to have high expectations, all these opportunities and then just shit them away because you thought you were paris hilton?

    • At one point I thought she might turn her life around, but I’ve come to accept the inveterate laziness, which Petey will continue to enable. They’ll never be a BOOK. Now she’s just waiting for her inheritance.

    • She has always been told she was wonderful, amazing, smart, etc. Coming to terms with just being an average person would probably break her brain. It won’t ever happen.

      • average would be an enormous step up. average people go to work, pay rent, have mortgages and fulfill basic activities of daily living without being horrible to those around them

        • I’ve always found her below average, particularly in terms of cultural and political awareness. I laughed til tears were rolling down my cheeks when Jess Johnson praised Donkey for her “intellectual acumen.” Sorry, Jaahass, reading 20 self-help books in six months doesn’t turn a semi-literate burro into Ta-Nehisi Coates.

          • Not even reading them. Pointing, posing, for the purpose picture making is all she does.

          • cashier at jewel supermarket would be a step up — those folks show up for work every day

    • I have been watching this shit show for five years now, and I used to think she would mature as she got older. I don’t think so anymore. She has learned nothing, whether interpersonally or job/career-related. She still pulls the same schemes and workarounds, still lies her ass off to try to impress others or to achieve the ends she wants, and is as entitled, ungrateful, lazy, narcissistic, superficial and materialistic as ever. Her only saving grace would be if she manages to find some idiot who will marry her, but we also know that would never last, either unless he is a total doormat. Because I can’t see her ever being able or even willing to support herself.

      • You missed some truly epic tales from the 5-7 years before you started watching the Donkey Shit Show.

        Smug, condescending Donkey is my favorite Donkey. Because the inevitable fall is hilarious

        • you forgot self-righteous. the gawker years were epic.

          i just love how everybody seems to leave her behind. kristin thorne is doing well on ABC7, and most of her previous “interns” – people she though well below her – are married or involved with successful people. she could have had all of that if her sense of entitlement was less and her work ethic greater.

          • Those years were indeed such fun! I became a regular commenter, as well as part of an offline group who had a grand old time dissecting the donkey’s every misdeed.

            I happened to see ol’ Thorney on the news the other day and looked her up on FB. She’s still trying to be a good stepmom and clearly sets realistic goals. Meanwhile, Donk is single, jobless, homeless and still crashing on a friend’s couch. (More soon on this!)

          • Ah yes, the Gawker Years! I remember when Gawker went from mocking her to promoting her, as Nick Denton insisted that she was on the verge of becoming superfamous. (Although some suspect that Petey was paying them to promote her and not mock her.)

            And remember when she was trying to decide if she was going to grace Harvard or Stanford with her cloddish presence at their business schools? Good times

          • One of my favorite gawker moments was when Denton dumped her raft ass because his boyfriend loathed Donkey. She couldn’t get arrested after the website washed its hands of her and NYC became that hateful city.

        • I missed those first years, but very early on, I went through all the RBD archives and her online sites when they were still up. Back then most of her videos were viewable too. So I kind of got to live vicariously through you original posters and all the other backstory, and it was exactly because she was so ridiculous and obnoxious and smug that I kept coming back to see what would happen next. I had to go through the archives because all the code names for exes and nicknames and inside jokes meant nothing without context. There had to be five different Megan/Meaghan/Meagans. I think it took me a whole year before I knew the difference and timelines between Prom King and Eater Guy and Harvard Harley (wasn’t he made up?) Greasy and the two Redacteds. This has been my soap opera, but the catladies were and continue to be the best part of RBD.

          • Yes, Harvard Harley was made up. He “appeared” right around the time she was imitating Jordan’s life as a hipster housewife with an OMGIVY degree.

            But yeah, those archives are a real treasure!

          • “you said you’d marry me in the middle of chapter three – but you were up to your old tricks in chapters four, five, and six…”

            (everyday we write her book)

          • And Total Jing, TL/DR, CBD. The archives helped me make it through a rough pregnancy. Thank Greg!

          • Harvard Harley is real and his name floated around here a couple of times. He’s a hedge fund guy who was in Jordan’s class at Harvard, but I won’t post his name for privacy purposes. Whether Julia actually dated him or just stalked him, on the other hand, is up for debate.

          • Also a big love bomb to CuntBunnies, wherever in the universe she is lighting up lives. What a treasure she was.

    • Yes.

      Because it will never happen. And because she’s an awful person who has screwed over countless people over the years as she fails her way down the ladder.

      She is a bad person who does not deserve good things. I am NOT saying that anything bad should happen to her, just that no good things to come her way. She’s harmed too many people along the way for me to believe she deserves any more breaks than she’s already had. Fuck her

    • It’s her only chance. Will take self awareness, but her ultra white privilege will prevent even that it seems. Such tales are A Dime a dozen in America. She’s just one some real smarties have pointed at here

  14. I won’t go into how uncomfortably close this is veering towards me, least of which because it would take an FBI crime board with headshots and aliases, and I’m all out of flipboards, string and tacks. But, suffice to say this is some seventh level sh*t. And somehow, it kind of all makes sense, my bizarre fascination for her shenanigans and why she would willingly revert from ordinary Americana upbringing, one I always aspired to have, to the ilk I pulled myself out of at my first opportunity before I was even an adult. It dumbfounds me that I have somehow passed her like a ship in the night as she decended into that hippy woo sh*t as I passed out of it, through the country club Thanksgiving (she grew up in and I grew into) and finally into normalcy. It’s got to be some odd obsession with fame and attention (even the worst kind that’s mere audience rubbernecking at the sensational tragedy that is that hippy cult stuff) that draws someone into that while any sane person learns to get as far away as possible the moment what it truly is has been realized. Ah f*ck. I don’t know. I’ve got nothing, except a dire warning from experience gained before I was legally old enough to make my own decisions thar that road is one to hell and misery. That California hippy/woo/celebrity/actor/singer/film industry/advocate/inspirational *insert your own whatever here* gig leads to ruined lives. The two kids, a dog and a volvo in the burbs (even in dreaded obscurity) is a far better life, hell all that in the trailerhood is better. Chasing fame to fix what’s empty = recipe for disaster, and the people peddling and promising this f*cked up fame (even when it’s real and accompanied with all the bells and whistles) are the Pied Piper of charlatans. Just look at Rose McGowan, same background, ended up tangled up with Weinstein and sucked right back into the filth from which she escaped. What is so bad about anonymity? Attention is a two-edged sword but catnip for the emotionally vagrant. Talk about sad rat on the sidewalk.

    • JFAing to say, if I can’t have *that* actual cuddle pillow, I’m going to have to acquire one like it and take a knife to it to work out my growing contempt for it every gregdamn time I see it. It’s not cute. It’s f*cking creepy in a weird NXIVM way. Whoever said donk would end up in a cult called it. It’s really the only ending at this point, followed by her “rescuing” and rehabilitation and book on redemption and speaking tour. Lather. Rinse. Barf.

    • This is so good; thank you!

      I continue to have a sense that there is real danger surrounding this and some form of “bodies in the desert” is going to happen. I hope not, but I can’t shake the feeling.

    • SadRat, great post. “That California hippy/woo/celebrity/actor/singer/film industry/advocate/inspirational *insert your own whatever here* gig leads to ruined lives.” This is so true. The survivors seem to be the ones with actual talent beyond looks, who really work hard at being good at what they do vs. looking for shortcuts with fame and money as the goal. And I think of Edie Sedgwick, probably the original fameball flameout, similar to Donkey’s trajectory but much more prominent, who also ended up settling to pursue the woo in CA, marrying some granola-crunching druggie and overdosing before she got her first wrinkles. This is the trash heap Donkey is in right now. It is the end of the road unless she somehow wises up and starts taking charge of a realistic life of her own.

      • My daughter managed her first move last May (from freshman dorm to her first apartment) with increasingly panicked calls to me (at work 12 hours away) which ended with her crying and her phone running out of power. In the end she somehow got almost everything moved, only missed her flight by a few minutes, and learned a valuable lesson about planning for a move at an appropriate age. How old is our lady of male patterned baldness? Why didn’t she pay a couple of hundred dollars for someone to load a truck for her?

        • Jean Gray is 39 years old. I repeat, Jean Gray is 39 years old, and she is moving to the other side of the country. Sacha appears AWOL. He and some totally deranged woo are running a grift in … wait for it … Iceland and the beautiful one might not even be in the USA.

      • sheesh. even pleas for help are accompanied by a vacuous fauxto.

        her next post:

        friends, i missed my move-out deadline and need funds to stay another few weeks. all our precious cacao is packed, so cannot hold final final goddess moving on ceremonies. here is a link to my gofundme page. please contribute to help me stay in new york for a few more nights before my awol husband and i move our tantric palace / cocoa-base to the west coast.

    • This seems like a really well-planned move. My god. I moved 8 times n my years in NYC and it was always the most stressful event imaginable. The last move was cross country from a luxury high rise, with professional movers and it almost did me in. What the hell?

      • I suppose she and DJ Deadbeat were too busy promoting their latest scams to seriously plan a move to the other side of the country. Didn’t any of her woo goddess sisters show up to help the gold digger box up her pots, pans, and drug paraphernalia? Jean gets more desperate with each entry in this FB string of posts.

      • It speaks volumes about how entitled these assholes are. No one likes to move – it is physically and mentally overwhelming and exhausting even in the best of circumstances. The fact that she and DJ SM completely expected people showing up in droves to help (for free, I am sure) shows how little they give a shit about anyone else.

  15. So I’m guessing that Julia rented this place with the thought that she and Chad could live there in cuddly coupledom and rent out the extra rooms to survive. She must have gotten money from dadsers in order to take on this big lease. Unless woo connections didn’t do a financial check or require a deposit. Now, she’s essentially evicted, right? Is she going to move her shit out of there?

    • I wonder if she’s just biding time using Justin until the lease runs out, and gradually getting her stuff out? Looks from the pics like most of the personal things have been moved to tubs in the garage. Financially, she probably can’t do much but couch surf until the lease runs out, even with Dadsers’ help. I don’t think this short term rental scheme will continue to work for her in the future.

      • I tend to agree with you here. Just how much time is left on that lease? Can you imagine living like this at age 37?

        • Grifting from place to place, moving in with uncommitted boyfriends hoping to turn them into husbands by default (because possession is 9/10 of the law), and living way beyond your means, is no way to go through life unless you want to end up pushing a shopping cart full of your belongings and living under an overpass.

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