Updated: Bullets, Burros & AirBNB: Couple Rents Donkey’s “Bland, Sparse” Novato Shithole, While Donk’s Woo Acquaintance Gets Busted Big Time

Oh, the mail that arrives in our inbox! Remember when Donk was evicted for renting out the home she shared with Grape Nehi? She apparently didn’t learn her lesson as our burro went on to rent out the Novato house on a fairly regular basis. We heard from a woman who rented Donk’s digs some time ago when she and her husband needed to be in the Marin area. Donk allegedly told the woman that only she and her fiancé lived there! Though the woman took no photos of the “bland, sparse furnishings,” she did note Judy’s mug leering out from the framed WIRED cover, as well as that tacky red painting of our burro that was first glimpsed by the AirBNBer renting the OMG! Marina apartment. I forgot to ask if Judy’s celebrity scrapbooks were still sitting on the coffee table.

That same tipster, along with a loyal reader, alerted us to this big time AirBNB scam – it’s what led the tipster to googling Julia in the first place – “I remembered the house and her as being odd” – and finding us. The appalling violation of San Francisco housing regulations below was perpetrated by a woo grifter and her husband. Donkey is at least acquainted with this Bali expat:

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — San Francisco officials are suing a couple for allegedly turning their Bernal Heights home into an illegal hotel where a party was held by guests last year that ended in a wild shootout.

City Attorney Dennis Herrera announced the lawsuit on Wednesday, revealing that during a short term rental in October 2017 a party was held in the residence that ended with a massive early Sunday morning shootout that “sent dozens of partygoers fleeing through the neighborhood, running from rooftop to rooftop and trespassing through residents’ backyards.”

Acting to the suit filed against Erik M. Rogers and his wife, Anshu Singh, Herrera said that police recovered more than 100 bullets and shell casings from the gunfight littered throughout the home and neighborhood.

Bullets pierced neighbors’ homes, damaging windows, doors and, in one house, the living room. Eighteen parked cars were damaged by gunfire.

Fortunately, only one person suffered a non-life threatening injury in the shootout. However, a neighbor was also injured weeks later when they found a discarded firearm in his backyard and accidentally discharged it, suffering a hand wound.

A City Attorney’s Office investigation found that between June 2016 and October 2017, Rogers and Singh had unlawfully rented out 212 Banks St. as a short-term rental on online sites Airbnb and HomeAway/VRBO for at least 319 nights, charging nightly rates sometimes topping $800, while they lived in Bali, Indonesia.

“This is exactly why San Francisco has common-sense regulations on short-term rentals,” Herrera said in a press release. “In the middle of a housing crisis you have a couple who aren’t even living in the country turning a house into an illegal hotel for tourists and partiers. This could have been a home that kept one more family in San Francisco. Instead, it brought a deluge of gunfire to a quiet neighborhood. We are changing that.”

Herrera is seeking a court order requiring the property to be brought into compliance with the law and imposing stiff restrictions to ensure it’s not used as an illegal hotel.

The lawsuit also seeks hundreds of thousands of dollars in monetary penalties to deter future violations.

My, my! Here’s hoping Bali deports Anshu Singh and Erik M. Rogers to stand trial in the states. Singh, who has a very shady history, runs an online grift called The Pleasure Revolution that sounds like the love child of Ali Shanti and Jena la Flamme. She was also part of the Bali Spirit Fest.

Update: I’m deluged with responsibilities, bunnies, and intel is coming in very quickly. A big thanks to Winchester for locating the zillow listing and Donkey’s fauxtos. It’s my understanding that only our burro and Rain lived in the Novato house. He was off touring much of the time, sometimes with Donk, and the house was rented out on a fairly regular basis.

Donk is apparently now subletting the “furnished” house, if furnished consists of several cuddle pillows. I don’t know if Rain is also on the lease and I don’t know when the lease ends. I’m very curious about this foreclosure.

I know we had some other snaps of the house – the upstairs hallway, with the framed WIRE cover on the wall – but I can’t find them in my RBD fauxtos and am too busy to search through the blog right now. ss; sf. Stay tuned!

Bottom Picture: Reimagine Homelessness!


  1. Early morning shoot out? 100 bullets and casings? Guests fleeing through the rooftops?

    The worst thing I have ever done in an airBNB was to turn over a cushion to hide a coffee stain.

    I live a very sheltered life.

    • I’m guessing grifters Singh and Rogers’s fines run into the millions, which got me wondering about Donkey’s legal case …

  2. Wait, I’m confused…how did the tipster find Julia through the link to that Airbnb scam?Or had the tipster recently stayed in Novato, read about the Airbnb scam, recalled Julia mention that she was living in Bali, and Googled her to see if there was some connection?

    Also, fiancé! Lol!

    • Sorry, Sad Rat, I had to be out the door when writing this post and I know it shows. The tipster and her husband stayed at the Novato place a year, year and a half ago. She read about the AirBNB scandal in Bernal Heights and googled Donk because she remembered the Novato AirBNB rental and found it “odd.” The tipster found RBD on the first page and ended up reading about Donk getting evicted in SF.

    • The same way Derpin was her ‘fiancé’ in the book proposal. What do you bet every poor sap she ever dated for more than two weeks she lied about to others as her fiancé?

      • Her parents STILL believe that she and Pancakes were going to tie the knot.


      • I miss the days of the Happiness RV!

        So many failures, it’s hard to keep up sometimes.


    • I am so confused. That’s obviously her furniture and the writing style is definitely hers. But who owns it? Zillow says it was last purchased in 2007, and we know it can’t be Julia who purchased it. So who is letting her act as their “leasing agent” for this gorgeous “artist’s retreat”?

      And, sadly, no sign at all of a dog livinh in the house. No bowls or dog bed or leash or toys or anything. I guess that’s pretty good confirmation that Lilly has crossed the rainbow bridge. Poor pup. You deserved better than the bitch you got stuck with. I hope she treated you better when the cameras weren’t on, and I hope that, wherever you are, you get plenty of baths and good scritches and treats.

      • She rented it and then AirBNB’d it out if I understood what I read above.

        • Yep, and is now subletting the place and is still basically homeless.

          THIS IS SUCCESS!!

      • Hmm the property in foreclosure, and there was an auction on it in October. My questions about who actually owned the place and let her live there still stand, but her disappearance only to pop up in Bali does seem like it was late last year, which goes with the foreclosure timing.

        Oh and that master bedroom view is insane and I hate that a do-nothing-donkey got to have that view every morning for like a year. Always failing upwards.

        • Who is Carina Campo? I just came across her name as the owner. Also, on one of those weird biographical information aggregating sites, Carina’s “neighbors” are Chad M. McNally and Kathryn Rogers.

          • I think she’s the real estate /leasing agent.

          • The second person is a dog trainer who definitely lived at that address at one time (was perhaps the erstwhile housemate?) and now lives elsewhere in California.

          • Carina Campo and Luis A. Torres are listed on several sites as the owners. Both are also realtors. Torres owns a couple of other properties; Campo doesn’t have much of an Internet presence.

            Kathryn Rogers also goes by “Ka Amorastreya” and this brilliant organization was incorporated at the Novato address in 2011. She also bills herself as “a ritual dancer” so maybe she knows OMGRAIN? I am traveling and am not up to my usual Nancy Drew tricks on sloooow hotel Internet, so.

          • Kathryn/Ka now lives in Asheville, NC, so we could conceivably get a boots-on-the-ground report from a fellow angry, sort of sad adult 😉

        • Oooh this is interesting!
          “The Reimagine Factory is a California Domestic Corporation filed on January 3, 2017 . The company’s filing status is listed as Dissolved and its File Number is C3977569.

          The Registered Agent on file for this company is Corpnet, Incorporated and is located at 340 N Westlake Blvd Ste 210, Westlake Village, CA 91362. The company’s mailing address is 55 Wildwood Lane, Novato, CA 94947.

          The company has 1 principal on record. The principal is Julia Allison from Novato CA.”

          • Dissolved, of course. It was all a sham to convince Choad that she was a therioth buthinethperthon.

          • nice sleuthing

            “if you love nature and Marin, but don’t want to be more than an hour from the airport, this place is it.” yeah no more than an hour from the airport is my main priority out there-eye roll

          • Do we know if she legally changed her last name to “Allison”?

            We know she’s using it as a legally assumed name, but I would have thought for company registration purposes, you need to use the person’s technically true (i.e.: birth) name.

            Given her logic, I could tomorrow register “the marionette company LLC” and have “melting marionette” as the principal?

      • Yes, I thought the same. Grody old bathrobes and towels, hung just-so throughout the bathroom. And she specifically calls out her “beautiful linens and towels” in the Zillow listing. Lololol no. Your pilly, dingy Costco beach towels do not “beautiful linens” make.

  3. Wait, so just the two of them rented a 4000 square foot house, and he was gone most of the time? Who needs a 4000 square foot house?

    • The AirBNBer insists Judy told her that only two people lived there and the woman wrote that it seemed to be the case. “It was unlived in, plastic, cold, something out of the late 20th century.” So they furnished it like the Lakeside Assisted Living Facility?

    • There was definitely a housemate at least at first. She had a white cat and Judy borrowed a black dress with white polka-dots on it from her. Judy discussed the cat when someone thought it was Li(l)ly, and someone complimented her on the dress and she said she had borrowed it from the housemate.

  4. Imagine being so amused by a pillow with the inscription “We Should Probably Cuddle Right Now” that you place one in multiple rooms.

    • Imagine thinking that passes as style.

    • Ha! Notice that the one on the bed is position for maximum exposure, much like a donkey’s ginormous noggin when there’s a camera in the vicinity & she needs to position her wink wink nod nod better side?

    • That fucking pillow and the color-coded books just scream “I have no taste, creativity, or intellect.”

      You know what is weird, she brags that she spends $1200 a month on massages yet paid to have that tacky furniture and truckload of self help books moved from LA to SF to Marin when she could have foregone all that expense, hit up flea markets, buy some paint and fix up that house in a much more interesting way. Artist’s retreat my ass. It looks more like a suburban middle school teenager’s idea of style.

    • My grandmother had a needlepoint pillow on her bed that said, “Sometimes I wake up Grouchy. Sometimes I let him sleep.” I recently found it amongst my possessions for some reason, so I tossed it. It wasn’t cheaply screen printed, and it was funnier than Julia’s pillow, but it was still too stupid to keep.

  5. hi catladies. long time no posty. i just wanted to let you know I’m not dead or anything. i just moved on i guess. i fumbled my sobriety after three years out of boredom, but I’m moderately back on track with a new job and a new home in napa, probably rolling by donks house every day. arg.

    i miss you all, your sexiness, oxford commas, and the social, familial feel i got from this place which has never been replaced. now all is feel is the strange semi-emptiness of a childfree man in middle age who isn’t a workaholic. i can’t promise I’ll be back but hey why not. if you need to get a hold of me the mods have my email somewhere. *hugs*

    • I’ve wondered about you many a time. Glad to know that you are still amongst us. Don’t be a stranger, come back and make us laugh as you always did before.

    • I was thinking about you recently, wondering where you went. I’m glad to hear you are getting back on track after your fumble, and I hope things continue moving in the right direction. Be well, but come release the kraken here every now and again!

    • was reading back in the archives, saw your name and wondered how you were. hope you visit again soon!

    • It is so good to hear from you! Glad things are getting back on track. Miss you!

    • I was wondering about you recently – welcome back! I feel you on the strange semi-emptiness of a childfree person. Be well.

  6. Holy crap, did anyone else notice the painting over the fireplace? Zoom in. It’s a woman who looks vaguely like she’s orgasming, with a white…tiger? coming out of her chest. It’s an epic painting, right up there next to the famous “wolves baying at the moon” motif so prevalent on t-shirts and vans in the 80s. Definitely solidifies the “artists retreat” thing. Any artist who entered the home obviously beat a hasty retreat immediately after.

    • The reviews are priceless.

      Apparently, the 5 bedrooms are actually 3, plus a bed in the laundry room and a bed in a “reading nook”, whatever that is.

      Kitchen counter is cracked and there is no toaster or microwave.

      Many guests complain of burnt out lightbulbs and stained carpet. Also, cockroaches.

      Oh, Donkey, never change!

      • Welcome to The Margarine Factory. Relax! Have a mug of algae on our BACH DECK. Enjoy this DJ-stained pillow that reeks of desperation and failure. A visionary artist’s retreat where you can truly not finish a book. Or have a job. THIS IS SUCCESS

        • My favorite bit is: “Per the previous reviews it could use a deep clean but really didn’t deter from our stay. Only inconvenience was that one of the owners stopped by while our wedding party was getting ready”.

          I can’t even imagine the horror of having the Donkey clomping around the place, desperate for attention, making weird faces and inappropriate comments, while her cackling laughter echoes on the cathedral ceilings, on YOUR WEDDING DAY.

          You just know that it wasn’t a seamless, I’ll-grab-this-suitcase-and-show-myself-out type of visit, or the guests (victims) would’t have bothered to mention it in the comments.

          The horror. The horror.

          • Lol Why do I feel the need to watch Apocalypse Now all of a sudden

  7. Sooooo…..what is this place? i’ve not been able to figure it out, but it’s bizarrely awesome. I got here a while back trying to ‘research’ whether “Alexis Neely”‘s lawyer stuff is a (i assume) scam. And i was just refreshing my memory…

    • From the disclaimer:

      Reblogging Donk is a non-commercial entertainment and social commentary website for legitimate critique of public Internet personalities, most notably the public Internet personality known as Julia “Donkey” Allison (nee Baugher).

      Alexis Neely, aka Ali Shanti, aka Skankatron, is one of the woo grifters associated with Allison, and we have profiled Neely’s misdeeds on this site many a time. She is an oversexed con artist, an inveterate liar, the world’s worst parent, and a narcissistic nutbag who even tried to steal her mother’s life savings. We could go on and on and on …

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