Updated: Meet Devin Stetler, Riverbank Entrepreneur

My real-life sister, Virginia Still, wrote this lovely profile of our Debbie in The Riverbank News:

Although there has been controversy regarding cannabis dispensaries opening in Riverbank, Flavors has opened its doors for business on Patterson Road. The business opened last month with a ‘soft opening’ for Riverbank City Council members and other community members that wanted to view the business prior to its opening to the public. The business is open seven days a week from 9 a.m. until 9 p.m.

Flavors owner, Devin Stetler, has invited the community to visit the establishment. Customers must be 21 and over for recreational marijuana with a valid ID and for medical use it is 18 years and older.

“I put it on nextdoor.com to let the local community know to come down and meet us whether you support the business or not.” Stetler said. “Come down and see what we are doing, check out the security, have a better piece of mind about all of it.”

There have been several city council meetings in regards to allowing a dispensary to conduct business in Riverbank. The decision was not easy for the council which led them to do research and visit similar businesses in other areas. After the council approval, citizens continued to show their opposition and delivered signatures to the council to overturn their decision. There would need to be 992 valid Riverbank registered voter signatures to overturn the ruling.

“I know there are opposing people,” added Stetler. “In fact a few of them came in that signed the petition and said ‘oh gosh, this is great’ and made a purchase. That is what I was hoping to offset the needless fear and all the projections of what this might be. Look, this is what you want not what you don’t want.”

Flavors is a Cooperative Corporation that has approximately 200 strains of cannabis that customers can purchase as well as some edible items. They have exclusive brands that they carry due to the relationships that they have made.

“We have done this now one, two, three, and this is our fourth,” explained Stetler of the business venture.

Stetler added they learned with time how to better showcase the product and provide site security.

“So this is the latest evolution of our dispensaries,” he said.

Customers enter through the front door and pass a security guard and then approach a window where they check in and must fill out a patient membership agreement. For the medical marijuana customers the process is a bit different since they have medical cards. After the check-in the customers are allowed into the area where the product is. There are about 12 to 15 employees that have knowledge of the product and are available to answer any questions.

The building has several cameras for security purposes and a security office as well as a guard that is behind a one way glass. The additional offices have a multipurpose use and each office is secured and has cameras.

So far there has only been one incident with a patron smoking outside on the premises but she was quickly asked to leave.

“I think the people that are in the cannabis community it is like totally normal to smoke like a cigarette smoker, there is nothing wrong with that,” added Stetler. “But this is a very sensitive area and we have neighbors around here that are not for it so the rule is that nobody smokes around here. Nobody is doing that. So that was an isolated incident so far.”

With 60 cameras on site, three different high def systems, and screens monitoring the entire area, they take security and following all the rules very seriously.

There are several customers from Riverbank, Oakdale, Modesto and other surrounding cities but it was too soon to say where the majority of people are coming from. Stetler noted that they have noticed a shift in clientele from the other stores with Riverbank bringing an older crowd including seniors and retired people.

“I was really delighted to hear some opposing people come in and actually reshape their vision of what this is by seeing it,” expressed Stetler. “That to me was one of the most special moments so far.

“I feel clearly after two weeks that there are a lot more people appreciative and get it than the ones that don’t. All who come in a good way are welcome.”

Well, I am impressed! Even your dotty aunt Gilly may have to indulge in some flavors. You sure blew it (again), Donkey!

Bottom Video! You’d think these boys had smoked all of aisle 2:

Update: We’re hearing rumors that Devin has tied the knot. Has another one dumped the fluffer wife and found true happiness? No confirmation as of yet but Rhoda is on the case!

Bottom Picture! Happy Mother’s Day to Robin Baugher. She must be SO PROUD to have such an accomplished daughter. Chronic unemployment, endless “goddess” retreats, and a 10k/yr massage bill that Robin & Peter pay – THIS IS SUCCESSFUL PARENTING!!


  1. If only Donk had played her cards right, she could have been the Skylar White of Modesto. Shame.

  2. Good for him, I hope he does well ans may he never a donkey ever again.

    • Me too! I hope he opens store after store after store, turning into the Joe Kennedy of Modesto.

      • Who’s fronting the money for all of this? He’s the face and runs the day to day for a % but I can’t imagine he had the money to front this operation.
        Also see: TomTom Lisa Vanderpump

          • Well, God only knows what happened in the hour after Papa shot that video.

        • cartel 😉 same owners of pcf. all prices are dirty cheap . Money laundering comes in mind

      • So far he has learned to count one, two, three, four stores! If he can learn to count one, two, three, four, five stores, then he can open another store. You can do it goat soap! Or should I call you cannabis brownies now?

    • “Devin, this is Virginia from the Riverbank News. It’s just come to our attention that you once dated a donkey and I know our readers would be very interested to learn the particulars. Heck, I’m interested because my story on Dorothy the Goat received the paper’s most hits in the last three years … Hello? Hello?”

  3. The Gummy Gatsby has hit it big selling that jazz cabbage. I hope he does well.

    Put that in your pipe and smoke it, Judy!

    • He and [Redacted] are my favorite of her exes. [Redacted] because his mom is awesome. And Devin really seems to be getting his hustle on and I respeck that.

      • Gotta love Pancakes, if only for how she was so insufferably smug when she thought she was going to marry into a famous family. Then he promptly married his next girlfriend.

        • The “Planet Jack and I” era (TM Jacy) was truly great. I missed lots of glorious things from the Donkey past but I hopped on the bus just in time to live through this and appreciate it.

      • He’s come a long way since the NBC microphone and pink bowtie days, that’s for sure.

  4. Hey maybe Donkey is working there:

    Good Weed, front desk girls unwelcoming
    4 hours ago
    Girls in the front desk always acting rude or snobby every time I come in there which is annoying but the bud quality is really good, they carry connected cannabis which no one else around here does especially for that price, few of the young girls in the back are always nice to me and always really helpful at finding me top shelf strains of wax the and weed im looking for.. overall solid club yet stuck up front desk and asshole security guard make me want to go somewhere else..

      • Haha true. Sounds like ole Devin is doing the super upcharge to offer a 50% *discount*-which is crap marketing. Young, rude, staff (one person commented they were uncomfortable because they thought the budtender was underage) & mold & spider mites(?) were mentioned. I don’t smoke, so I really don’t know if those last two things are a problem or not.
        It takes more to run a business than hiring a cute girl and putting product on the shelf.

        • He clearly has a type: rude, snobbish, unprofessional. If Judy does decide that she wants a job, we’ll know where to find her.

    • If it was Julia, no one would describe her as a girl, implying youthfulness. They’d say something like “that cranky older lady.”

      • “If you enjoyed looking at our very good looking selves, please leave a tip in the California or Bust jar!”

      • Seriously, it’s like having a scrambled egg ceremony or a peanut butter sandwich ceremony.

    • “our US base” hahahahahahhahahahahah

    • What is that circular thing in front of the Very Good-looking One? A wee parasol that will be employed in the Caca Ceremony? A spandex frisbee? A magnified view of his harem p-jams? So confused.

        • bahhhahahaha LULZ.

          I was going to go for a “even more vacuous than Flava Flav” joke but … eh. yours is way better

  5. WRT Derpin’s pic up top, I momentarily thought he’d pissed himself.
    NOTE TO SELF: scroll slowly. #scrowly

    His store is nice & big! How in the world is Donkey going to #ReflectedGlory THAT?

    • It does look like he peed his pants.

      That’s some very unfortunate lighting!

      Or maybe he peed his pants.

    • “SO PROUD of my former partner, Devin Stetler! I remember almost five and a half years ago, we were naked in our master bed and Devin asked me for advice on becoming an entrepreneur (yes, I was once a technology entrepreneur… seems like another lifetime!!! God, I’m so glad I walked away from that exhausting career! A bit different from my current radical hippie lifestyle of conscious jet travel and bohemian plastic clothing, INDEED!) I told him he MUST become a plant medicine healer!!!!! The kid has done EPIC work!!!! I am SO HAPPY and DEEPLY HUMBLED to be responsible for his success! Devin, don’t forget to give a shout out to your Rainbow! *winky face*”

      • You should become a Facebook consultant Tingo! That is some brilliant work.

      • If it hadn’t been for Rainblow, Devin would still be a base model. He can never repay all she did for him.

        “Jules, you were nothing but fantastic and great to me!”

      • So brilliant it’s scary. I can’t decide if I like “we were naked in our master bed” or “the kid” or “SO PROUD” the best.

  6. If you want to end up successful, just date or befriend Donk for a limited time, then dump her raft ass. In no time you’ll be a mogul, happily married, or both!

    • ruh roh. she mentions “ups and downs” since she sponsored the deadbeat dad’s green card, he might get half of her real estate holdings in the end!

  7. Wow, the Modesto Strangler is doing it like a real business. Poor Fozzy only got as far as growing that one scraggly plant in his bedroom that kinda resembled the Christmas tree in that Charlie Brown special. Not bad.

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