Julia “Dumb Donkey” Allison & Her “Intellectual Acumen” Stink Up Boulder, Tarnish Reputation Of Great Poet

The old burro is back in the states, slinking around the communal shithole that Ali Shanti said she bought but really didn’t. VISA run or new resident of Wooville, Colorado? Either way, Rob Schuham must be thrilled.

Did this bish just quote Blake? Oh hell no! Judy isn’t even allowed to dust his books, even if druggy types – oops, I mean those who have benefitted from “plant medicine” – have appropriated the great Romantic poet.

In other news, Donkey and Jaahass might be coming to a theater near you. Filmmaker and Charles Manson family member Ariana Mae Wander (the meat in the sandwich above) writes:

We are so excited, Ariana! Julia is absolutely wonderful on camera:


  1. Oh, Bottom Video. I love you, Bottom Video. Please don’t ever leave me, Bottom Video. Amen.

  2. The Donkey’s bray from street to street
    Shall weave old Boulder’s winding sheet.

    • That bullshit claim annoyed the hell outta me.

      “How can I make myself more desirable for all the boys? Hmmmmm … “

    • Do you suppose she has comfortably ensconced herself in the Boulder abode of her bi-kissual lover (who I believe now lives with nice and perfectly decent boyfriend, even though Donkey saw her first?) That should go over well.

      • I guarantee she’s staying at Electric Barbarella’s digs in that splendid housing complex where Ms. Myka filmed her lipdub. We should place bets as to how long it will take for Rob to get the burro out of Boulder.

        “You take care, dear heart!”

    • I suspect a restraining order might be in a certain someone’s future if they hang their hooves there long enough.

    • When are her ‘friends’ going to tire of picking up after her bad decisions? She keeps waiting for someone else to rescue her.

      • Herein lies the problem. Donkey expects life to be a commercial film narrative and refuses to understand that existence is chaos and that we can only save our own lives.

  3. and enough with the cultural appropriation of the Maori. Tihe mauriora + hongi is a greeting, not all the things you make it out to be.

    E whakama ana au ki a koe.

  4. OT: Caeli La calls out Avocado on his bullshit:

    Caeli La
    Art by: David Miguel but David Miguel is not an artist?

    David Block

    Caeli La
    David Block …? Merriam-Webster defines the word “artist” as “a person engaged in an activity related to creating art, practicing the arts, or demonstrating an art.” Are you trying to make some kind of statement that you can make art without being an artist? Whatever it is that you’re trying to imply, this comes off as extremely pretentious.

    David Block
    Caeli La ❤️

    • Just when I decide she is too annoying to pay attention to, she takes on an important issue like false artists. Hurrah, Caeli La! Not all heroes wear capes, but I believe you might sometimes while dancing around to hippy plink plink music.

  5. I can’t look at top pic without thinking how itchy wearing a rug must be.

    Why is she committing that new sartorial atrocity?

    Is the rug an heirloom from NGMB?

    • The rug is sending a new boyfriend to her! He will be The One!! Rain, Rain, go away! ? ☔️

    • I believe that might the same design as the beach cover-up my mother created for me by sewing together two towels. Mine had Pom Pom trim though. I was stylin at age 10.

  6. Always with the pose on tippy-toes. Donkey, this does not make you look taller and more slender. It makes you look more idiotic and delusional. And that cheesy schmatta is not helping.

  7. If Donkey really is in Boulder now she needs to hook up with the crazy dentist Ryan Swain. They need to be a couple for a while, the LOLS would be great.

  8. OT I tried to Google and failed. Do any of the attorneys on here know if there’s a site that allows you to cross reference the number of disbarred attorneys with law schools? Thanks.

    • If nobody here has leads, you might contact Paul Campos at the University of Colorado Law School. He’s done a lot of research on how law schools are failing to prepare students for life as an attorney, and may have that data or know how to find it. I’d be interested to see the data for sure!

      • Oh thank you Albie. This is out of the scope of my usual research and I’m kinda flying blind on this one. I have a theory that those that attend the predatory acceptance schools produce more attorneys that are disbarred for predatory practices. (And any attorneys please don’t internalize the snark-this is a very targeted study with a very specific goal). Fingers crossed, two more baddies going to jail.

      • Campos is great. He’s also a prof at UC Boulder unless he’s moved schools recently.

        • CU Boulder. UC is the California system. Compelled to correct as a proud alumnus.

      • She clearly has not a single friend in this world. No one who liked her even a little bit would allow her to wear that craziness. I like a little quirky style a lot. Like a lot, lot. But emphasis is on style. She looks like someone’s crazy never married great aunt with gin breath and smeared lipstick.

        • last month, a rapper was robbed in a fort lee nj parking garage while wearing a similar, but different-colored coat. they shook him down and stole his stuff but left the coat.

          TOO UGLY TO STEAL.

        • Look, she’s already two people’s crazy never-married aunt with gin breath and smeared lipstick.

          • And they will forever and always allow her to go out dressed like that because she is their scary, creepy Aunt Rainbow with gin breath and smeared lipstick.

  9. He must be a pretentious artist then. No doubt.

    Also he’s in NYC now? Where is the mail-order bride? Is he as bothered by NYC as Donk, what with The PARQUET FLOORS!

    • Oops! This was supposed to be up there under the Caeli La comment about David Block.

    • He’s absolutely pretentious, yuck. I hate people that respond to questions with “Think about it”… bitch I get paid to think are you going to meet my hourly rate? Then stop wasting my time and just give me my answer.

      • Avocado is desperate for money these days, so maybe that’s why he’s doing the mysterious artiste pose? After he got married, he started a patreon page and another wack conjob where you’d give him a grand and get a photo with him? Rhoda told me about the latter a few months back and I can’t exactly remember the grift. Dead Russian Hooker #4 must be an expensive piece.

        • When one of the top DJs offs himself, I bet it triggers a bit of insecurity downstream on the D list.

        • A lot of them seem to subscribe to the “my life is my art” silliness. I have been to more than my fair share of performance art and experiential art shows, and not once has one of these artists told me that his/her life was his/her art. Plenty of other highly unusual things were their art, but all were intentional and thoughtful.

          • This. I can’t imagine Laurie Anderson or Karen Finley giving asshats such as Avocado and Isabella Konold the time of day. Also, Donkey has posted the “her life is her art” line of crap on many an occasion. Her art is being chronically unemployed, broke as a joke, living off her parents, and getting dumped by a string of men?


          • In a certain sense it’s true, because we are all amazing and miraculous and wonderful creations that combine the earthy and sublime in a way that has never been seen before and will never be seen again.

            Then again, we’re ALL LIKE THAT. So just … not even half-assing, like, quarter-assing, eighth-assing, like Zeno’s paradox-assing your life IS NOT ART BECAUSE WE ARE ALL DOING IT RIGHT NOW.

          • “Her art is being chronically unemployed, broke as a joke, living off her parents, and getting dumped by a string of men?”

            To be fair, Gilly, not all art is good or interesting. Perhaps Donkey’s “art” is just a third-rate impersonation of Thomas Kincade, The Painter of Light TM?

  10. I’m guessing this video was made around the same time Myka filmed her earth-shattering lipdub in front of her apartment complex. She rattles on for 2 1/2 minutes, basically saying nothing. I’m still trying to understand why women specifically need to know what they’re selling.


    • Why did she make a dress out of the altar cloth from an Episcopal church?

    • Sounds like Myka doesn’t know what the fuck she’s talking about and why the fuck would anyone want to buy anything some lip smacking twit sitting around in a Dexter murder scene (hello, tarps and box fans).

      This bitch is USELESS, wtf did I just watch?!!! She’s hardly had any real life experience and she’s trying to ADVISE people, LULZ.

      • Also her tone is super condescending and whiny. LIKE, OMG, YOU WOMEN ARE SOOOOO STUPID.

        • Her demeanor, her speech, the backdrop – at first I thought I was watching a classroom visitor speak to a group of second graders.

          • jesus fucking christ it’s like they put words in a blender and serve what comes out. product development is to sales as egg is to breakfast menu.

  11. Re Avocado ? comments, Rhoda just informed me that Davidiot no longer lists his wife on his profile and when you click on the picture of them, she’s no longer tagged. Indeed, Kristina appears to have untagged her name from all of Davidiot’s fauxtos. Hmmmmm … are they still running the mindful models grift?


    • Dumbass Dave is only good for green cards and dusty donkeyfucking. Nast.

  12. did shillshacklesham one bad clam the shillomatic chronicler of toilet paper and clorox wipes get dumped by her blog shill agent? why else the reflections on the meaning of blogging (sponsored), and how the swag and the c/o used to be better back when she was closer to 20 than to 40

  13. So help me understand poodles Facebook post about endorement of teachers something or other; looks like our poodle put her foot in her mouth once again. Can someone decipher for me please. Something about race and women of color white privilege but not understanding what exactly happened? trying to understand but just a bunch of white ladies who want to teach women of color something,lots of bullshit but no reallness.

    • That post was bizarre and I nearly wrote about it on here. I’m guessing Noodles, as one of the very few women of color among the woo grifters, was feeling guilty about embracing whiteness to the extent that she has – white goddess pals, white marks, white husband, etc., so was investigating women of color who are running internet healer/coach grifts. Some of those sites are no doubt intended to teach other life coaches how to rope in women who aren’t white. Anywoo, the lovely Miss Moodley seems to have forgotten about that urgent appeal to question white privilege and is back to shilling white women “empowerment” horseshit and blithering on and on about how difficult parenting is. No fucking shit, Noodles.


      • Are you sure she’s married? I thought enlightened sex goddesses shed bourgeois concepts like marriage, but I don’t follow her closely.

        • Not understanding this concept of goddesses? What? This emotional for constant praising. Shows such privilege and stupidity, ahh

          • What I meant. Constant emotional need of praising, everyone is a goddess or witch, fairy this need to pretend. Have a lot of time to think up this stupid crap.

          • I grew up with a girl who constantly said she was fat (she was not) in a giggly voice with the expectation that everyone would say “No you’re not! Look at you! You’re so pretty!”, etc. She now uses Facebook as her platform for this praise and it amazes me that her friends still fall for it.

    • Actually, there was a huge blow-up in the spiritual woo communities when Danielle LaPorte launched a new program with racist imagery and then silenced the women of color (and others) who spoke up.

      Danielle ended up canceling the program due to the backlash.

  14. A sampling of Chapman grad-u-ate Ariana Mae Wander’s (or Ariana Victor’s) work – I’m not sure what name she’s actually using these days. Re: the trailer for the change-the-world hippiefest, “Spirit in the Sky”? This fucking track has been used to death in films. I hope Ariana paid for the licensing rights!


    “In the Shitter” is not the title of Ariana’s Bali docuumentary but it is a screeching, nearly unbearable five-minute “comedy about an ex-mobster and his soon to be ex-wife, wake up to find themselves blindfolded, handcuffed, and tied together, trapped in a port-a-potty.” Don’t quit your day job, Ariana!


    • john mccain talks tough and gets on tv but votes the party line. also, keating five. he can fuck right off.

      • You can fuck off too, asshole. My brief comment was about Cindy McCain’s response to a Trump lackey who mocked her husband’s illness. I do love when the alt-left gives the alt-right a reach around. Seriously, fuck off.

        • I’m with you, Gilly. Maybe this Kelly Sadler person who cracked the “joke” has never lost a parent or grandparent or other loved one? I don’t understand people who can be so casually cruel. Doesn’t she feel gross and disgusting and like a terrible person for saying such a thing?

          • Sadler is an asshole and Cindy is preparing to take her husband’s seat-not mutually exclusive ideas.

        • I am always interested in news of Cindy, given that she is an important member of the dramatis personae in the Donkey saga, having adroitly run her out of town on a rail. Take care, dear heart!

          • She is an RBD heroine! And I can’t guarantee it, but I’m fairly certain this blog sent Cindy and her goons to the home she owned on the island of Coronado, with the express purpose of packing up and shipping off a donkey.

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