Rainbow & Electric Barbarella: Lesbian Love In Bali!

Did “bisexual” Donkey finally get to second base with her non-lesbian lover? And is our burro ever returning to the states? Surely somebody is getting tired of paying for her louche lifestyle?

In Donkey connections, Cory Tanner Glazier, or “Christopher Life” if you’re one of his investors trying to get back your money, displays Judy’s fashion sense. This clown is about to turn 40 years old.

Also WINNING is PhuturePhuckPhace’s latest FB post. I find it hard to believe a heterosexual man would quote Elizabeth Gilbert. Is Donkey writing his posts? They are, of course, still in each other’s lives as friends.


  1. I can only imagine the thoughts going through the minds of the locals they’re posing with.

      • I’d also like to know what “what a bunch of f*cking assholes” is in Balinese? Because I doubt it was just the two of them.

        • Of course they’re not the first. Far from it. These lackwits follow whatever was the latest basic craze…a good 5 years ago

    • Bali is beautiful and Indonesians don’t like to talk about money, you can bet your ass Donkey is being a cheap fuck and these people want her the fuck GONE.

    • I think the locals are used to it in this instance. It looks like some sort of planned Namaste Disneyland for deluded woo travelers like Donks. It might be attached to a Sandals resort for all we know. This is the equivalent of your kid posing with Goofy in Orlando, the smiling locals will go backstage to have a cigarette and a laugh at what a dumbass sucker Julia is, and make fun of her braying.

      • Lots of places around the world like – Potemkin Villages for crass, nouveau tourists who want their Facebook friends to envy how sophisticated they are. I have a FB “friend” like that (the only reason I haven’t deleted her is the lulz), and I thoroughly enjoy looking for the side eye they get in every one of these “look at us slumming with the natives!” pics she posts.

  2. McLaughlin’s beau seems like a genuinely nice guy. One wonders his thoughts re: Donkey Allison.

  3. I’ve heard Bali is pretty inexpensive place to live once you’re there. Is that true?

    • Bisexual Bicontinental Birthcray Bash in Bali & Berlin, baby! But will OMG! Randi find time out from her busy Broadway schedule to attend?

      • I know what I’m going to wear. A Rainbow top that covers my collarbone and nothing lower. I’ll just tuck my nipples into my spanky pants and be on my way.

  4. I bet she’s trying to resurrect BOOK.

    I wonder if she inherited a small bag of Nutty Granny Bucks, or she’s just continuing her Experiments in Draining Dadser’s Bank Account.

    • TBH, we recently changed our financial plan so that our single offspring (the astrophysicist for social justice, LADIES!) gets nada (if we croak) until he’s 30 for this very reason.

      We don’t in general believe in saving for his inheritance, anyway. If, Mithras willing,, we live to spend it, so we shall.

    • I think she’s tapping into deep wallet Ryan Allis’ gullibility and has conned him into a ‘consulting’ gig. Donkey will stop at nothing to make the masculine pay. I would also suspect the Novato stall is no longer her home. She was crowdsourcing for a rental house in Bali a while back.

      • I think you’re probably correct. She’s done a few other “consulting” gigs that I haven’t posted, mostly playing cheerleader while some asshat put together a scamsite. She possesses no real set of skills.

      • Jesus. That gummy smirk is frightening. If someone like that mentioned the words “hand job” near me, I would kick him in the baws and make like Usain.

    • What a crock of shit!
      Just for future reference for any of the men reading this, if a woman says, “Will a hand job do?” She’s not having an awesome, sexy time. She’s hoping that if she gets you off you will leave her alone. If you have a hard time understanding this you should probably not be around women, or you know, people in general.

      • Frankly, I’m gobsmacked that the offer was ever on the table & the fact that she negotiated w/ the horndog is a major letdown.

        • “I will stroke your penis until you ejaculate” sounds like consent to me, and a huge mixed message, but what do I know. (Seriously– if I’m being insensitive, I apologize.)

          • If you’ve never been a woman being BEGGED (FOR LITERAL HOURS SOMETIMES) for sex, maybe that won’t ring a bell. What it’s like is the guy tries to convince you to have sex. If you won’t fuck him he starts bargaining down. “Well how about you give me some head.” “Well just touch it.” to maybe “Well just come over here and we can cuddle.”

            If you’re a woman in a car with a man who is relentlessly pressing you for sex, you might feel like there’s no way you can escape safely unless he gets off. And at that point a handjob becomes your least worst option.

            She (the hypothetical semi-stranger in your hypothetical car as you hypothetically beg her for some kind of orgasm) is not touching your dong because it’s the best dong and she loves the way it feels. She’s touching it because it’s the way to get you to shut up and for her to have the best chance of escaping without other bad things happening.

            Sure it’s consent, in the same way throwing your decoy wallet and running in the opposite direction is consenting to be mugged.

            See also http://theweek.com/articles/749978/female-price-male-pleasure (which is not really related but somewhat)

          • Bargaining with an abuser is not consent. I don’t know enough to know the exact situation here, but I have been in a situation where I chose the least invasive option just to get out of there safely.

          • I find it hard to imagine begging for sex or bargaining down. Even in college, I thought being accused of sexual assault or harassment would’ve been the worst thing in the world. And I’m far from PC.

            The only guys I know well who were accused or charged with harassment/ sexual assault presented themselves as “allies”, male feminists, or were generally very vocal and publicly liberal. I wonder if the public persona in these cases is used to conceal their true intentions.

          • Many men used to make their boners my problem… “but what will I do with it when you leave?” when we weren’t romantically involved.
            After I gave them no signs of interest or intent and trusted them as a friend. Sometimes I could get away quickly, most times the least worst option was my only option and I had to keep dealing with them after until I could get a new job or completely move to a new area. Those nest cams are the worst, a boss installed one aimed at my desk which I later found out he was using to watch me and jerk off.

          • Fell off the Rainbow Raft, I’m so sorry for what you endured. It made me cringe to read that, having gone through similar shit years ago.

            I just wanted to tell you this line is pure brilliance. “Many men used to make their boners my problem.” I’m going to use it, and I hope others in the same situation will too

          • She could have gotten out of her car and taken the keys, yes, if she felt in danger. I’ve walked out my own door before. It sounds like she was more annoyed than threatened, but who knows, I wasn’t there. She didn’t say whether she ordered him out of her car.

            She worked with him later on, of her own choosing, on a “hand sex workshop” and “a porn,” so *I guess* she didn’t think he violated her personal or professional boundaries. Later she decided he was a creep and didn’t want to work with him anymore.

            My take on the article was that she was pointing out his hypocrisy as a (self-appointed) sex expert who claimed he was big on consent. And that he was creepy, because he IS creepy. She gave the handjob out of annoyance, not survival, is my take. It didn’t sound like duress to me; the mugger/wallet analogy is not pertinent at all. Alton Busey’s reply is way too long and rambling and full of woo speak so I didn’t read it all.

            I don’t want to be A Donkey “inside,” but I’ve been begged, and more, as have many of my friends. I got away with a bump on my head (I hit my head; he didn’t hit me over the head) but it was worth getting away. For me, in my situation. YMMV.

          • ” It felt like he was coming up with workshop ideas just so he could have sex.”

            Then, she offers him a handjob.
            Later, does a workshop w/ him.

            She was large & in charge, right up until
            she capitulated, but, was she a “victim”?

            I’m not seeing it.

  5. Re Rain’s unexpected love for Elizabeth Gilbert, I think the Donkey must have taken hostage his Facebook account and won’t give him the password.


    (I still hate commas though).

    • She’s been selling herself as a “creative director” (see above), and I could easily see Chad giving her control of his “fan” page just to shut her the fuck up.

    • I wish I’d seen whoever it was “paint” that live on stage. He was on stage, you see, being all darkness and light and in relationship with tunes, and he painted it at the same time.

  6. I’m pregnant and when I’m not throwing up all the foods look like infinite opportunities for growth and expansion.

  7. I don’t know what you did, Gilly, but the site is loading like a million times faster than before.

    Yes, I am the sort of person who notices (and appreciates!) those things.

  8. Remember Jordache and the Pelts? There’s a great new band on the horizon. Introducing … Shanti & The Shysters!


    Ali Shanti
    19 hrs ·

    “Once upon a time, I questioned (beseeched God for answers, even) why oh why did I go to law school?!? Why was I called to serve lawyers? Was I wasting my life?!?
    It has all become so clear. The resistance cleared years ago, but there was still a bit of wonder about it. And now, a new level of depth of knowing why.

    We must shift our culture if we are going to survive (and thrive) on this planet. We must shift from the win/lose to the win/win and from constant conflict to true peace.
    We must grow up.

    Lawyers can lead that culture shift by reconnecting to their own hearts, learning to be with themselves and their clients in a new way, and having income models that align with the truth of who we really are.

    THAT is what we do. As Law Business Mentors, we guide lawyers back to their true purpose as trusted advisors and culture shifters. And give them a new law business model within which to do it.

    And this weekend, we take it one level deeper by introducing our first group of 12 lawyers to the authentic relating trainings developed and taught by Decker Cunov Josh Levin Jess Nichol Robert MacNaughton Melody Indigo Markel Josh Zemel Michael Porcelli Lorena Palazzo Amber Widom Olivia Broughton Stefania Mesoraca Jason W Digges Ryel Kestano and many others here in Boulder.

    It is the perfect meshing and integration of worlds to allow me to feel the ultimate satisfaction of purpose and fulfillment. A true meeting of all my parts.

    And I am beyond the beyond the beyond grateful to serve lawyers (and their clients) in this way.

    My heart is open and my mind is satisfied.”

    More lawyering will lead us into the promised land, heh, Shantitown? Did you finally get Mamma to turn over her life savings to you and your good judgment?

    • I’m always shocked to see a black person in any photo on this cite/sight/site. Run away, sir! Before she gets you into The Sunken Place!

      • As a lawyer myself, I cringe to hear this sort of bullshit spewing from her mouth. Law school isn’t easy but it’s certainly enjoyed a certain level of privilege and most graduates don’t have to spend their lives doing physically uncomfortable work for low wages. She’s been given much and is hellbent on squandering it.

    • I’d imagine the law community has her number at this point, no matter how many ways she packages this bs.

      • Do you think the old raunch attends GU Law School reunions? Covered in rhinestones, turkey feathers, and Grimm’s fairy tale cape? I’m guessing they don’t ask her to speak with potential applicants.

        • And the stench!

          I mean, those pelts haven’t been washed or combed in the last decade or so.

          The stench must be unbearable.

      • This. She would spin it that the (mainstream) law community is so unevolved that she doesn’t want to hold space with them, ever. But she actually realizes that they would be onto her grift.

  9. “I find it hard to believe a heterosexual man would quote Elizabeth Gilbert.”

    He’s fishing for a very specific fish in a very specific pond.

    • see also, ramshackle miscarriage blogpost and sponsored post on facebook, because a miscarriage is a business opportunity and a branding opportunity

        • I’d forgotten she existed until just now. In her Instagram photos it’s clear which photos were taken shortly after she got her lips done and which were after they’d recovered a bit. Speaking of, I’d never met anyone who’d gotten lip fillers until Thanksgiving, when a guest at my daughter’s house admitted she does it. She described the process (I’d had it so wrong in my head) and it made my stomach flip over.

          p.s. Is it me, or is there no way to scroll back to earlier posts on Jordacted’s blog?

          • I’d completely forgotten about her, too. Still pimping out the kid and even more pathetic than the last time I checked in. I assume she had a miscarriage because she’s anorexic. I’m sorry Ms. Reid feels embarrassed and ashamed about such sadness, but is there any aspect of her life that she’s not willing to pimp out for attention?

          • Can someone please explain the public bathroom selfie to me?

          • Her house and her husband also look like sh*t.

            So much for not being judgmental. But you can tell Kenny is paying the price for Jordacted having a “fake job”.

          • Jordan feigned surprise at her pregnancy and claimed it was an “immaculate conception.” Does that mean what I think it means? Poor Kenny.

          • Ectopic pregnancy, so nothing to do with her body mass or any of her other weirdnesses. That must be a terrifying thing to go through!

          • She actually completed two books, so she’ll always be better than Donkey in that respect. They’re crap books and didn’t sell well, but still.

        • She seems smart (enough) – how can she not see how tacky that is? And also a 5-minute video of herself crying? Maybe don’t think to video that, or if you insist, keep that personal?

          • I honestly think she’s simply lost all sense of perspective. She’s been on the lifestyle blog hustle for so long she probably has no idea what’s normal anymore.

        • I’m really sorry she went through all that. Even if she didn’t miscarry, she had to experience the grief associated with it, and then on top of that go through the pain and trauma of an ectopic. It is major surgery and she’ll be in the hospital for several days and on bed rest for several weeks.

          Her claim that it didn’t have to happen seems weird, though… ectopics, they happen. Nothing about her misdiagnosis would have prevented her from losing part of her fallopian tube, that’s the normal surgery for an ectopic. I get her PSA about it, it’s valuable to have that info out there, but there’s really no way to prevent one (no birth control is 100% effective).

          • Her dull husband could have gotten a vasectomy, though even that isn’t 100%. Sponsored vasectomy? With a frozen peas tie-in?

          • I know the frozen peas are for pain relief, but it still sounds funny. And sort of a diss at his family jewels

          • Oh man, frozen peas. She would go there, wouldn’t she? Brought to you by Birdseye Steamfresh Selects!

            I wonder if she’s setting up for some sort of lawsuit by trying to pin blame on someone because the “didn’t have to happen” makes no sense at all. Or maybe she’s just making videos/posting in a pain-med-induced fog.

          • She took down the posts.

            In any case, it must be f-ed up to be in pain and bleeding for days while the doctors ignore your pleas and then it turns out there WAS something.

            Hardly surprising, though, considering medical errors are the #3 cause of death (after cancer & heart disease).

          • She took down the posts.

            Hi, Jordan!!! Maybe run it by us before you post a big emotional thing next time?

          • Ah, that’s for the best. If making videos is her therapy, fine, but it’s probably a good idea to keep them private until her head is clear and maybe make a PSA at a later time when she’s feeling more herself. It seemed like she had her information jumbled and as much as I empathize with her situation, it wasn’t a good look.

          • The part that “didn’t have to happen” was bleeding to death in excruciating pain while being ignored by people who should know better.

            I can’t believe I have to clarify this.

          • Ah, sorry! I see what you’re saying. I was misunderstanding what she meant by didn’t have to happen, as in she lost a section of her fallopian tube and it didn’t have to happen. That part had to happen if it was ectopic.

            I had a very similar experience, they started with the least invasive treatment and worked up to the most invasive.

            I bled mid-cycle, went to the regular Dr., +pregnancy test, got sent to a gyn/surgeon, he thought it was probably a miscarriage, had d/c, still had symptoms. The whole time at the gyn they kept drawing blood every day or two to see if my hormones were going up (still pregnant) or falling. Kept going up. They did instruct me that if I developed a fever or other symptoms that I was to notify them immediately.

            Since my hormone #s kept going up, the gyn ordered a laproscopy, with the idea that he’d go ahead with the surgery if it was ectopic. Woke up afterward and yes, was ectopic. It suuucked 🙁

            Anyway, I guess I misinterpreted what she said, that the scarring on her other tube and the ectopic were somehow avoidable.

            I think miscarriages are very common and ectopics are less so, so they don’t advise surgery until they have a pretty good idea that it’s ectopic.

            That doesn’t mean there aren’t many many medical fuck-ups, all the time. A good friend of mine experienced a horrendous breast cancer medical fuck-up. She’s doing ok today, under the circumstances, thankfully. Had her doctor listened to her earlier she would have been spared so much trauma. She sued and won several million. Although it doesn’t make up for losing a breast and having metastatic cancer, at least the doctor is no longer practicing.

            So yeah, I get that. I’m sorry I misunderstood the “avoidable” part.

          • BTW, the posts were NOT removed like I thought.

            They are under the “Diary” (whatever) tab now.

  10. I dunno mang, I look at that top picture.. with Julie all in white and doing that thing with her hands, and I think.. that bitch has EVOLVED dammit. Whatever the next level is, she’s THERE. Don’t hate now, we can’t ALL be evolved (unless we pay the required $4,995).. But we can HOPE can’t we???? Dammit!!

  11. The other day I was thinking this whole descent into woo-dom could probably be attributed to Redacted telling her that her life had no meaning and she’s been trying for 10 years to heal that psychic wound.

    • Or that her “market value” has plummeted in recent years. Guys she turned her nose(s) up a few years ago wouldn’t give her the time of day now.

      She’s not marrying a handsome, charismatic, wealthy tech founder. Not that she ever was, but now the thought is hilarious. She couldn’t even get a fat, balding, 50+ suburban accountant or dentist

      • I’ve had more meaningful farts than Julia has had a “transformative experience”.


        x infinity

        • Funny how she can never transform into a person who does not need pointless vanity fauxtoshoots.

    • Not proud of this, but I’m in a bit of a transitional phase in my life. I, just for shits and giggles went to an astrologer and an energy healer a few weeks ago. Just to see if maybe there is something to all this woo; maybe you come out with some nuggets to think about, or maybe someone you don’t know can perceive you differently and maybe more objectively than your friends and family. Also the zodiac is kinda fun to think about. I dunno. What the hell, you know?

      I was told to “travel to find myself” “let go of perfection,” “study something with wellness, maybe spirituality, whatever that means to you” and I have the “heart of a fighter.” All things you could say to anyone who has shelled out for an astrology reading and is looking for something to do.

      After about 10 mins all I could think of was Julia. Her “tribe” and various expensive friends she pays for in some way or another for telling her to become the goddess she is, asking her where her heart leads her and to go there, don’t worry about the job, the money will come! Poor thing has been on this vision quest for the better part of 10 years.

      I walked away feeling like you’d have to be pretty dense and self involved to find any of this stuff meaningful in any way.

      • Somehow they never find enlightenment by volunteering, serving others, helping others, organizing voters, registering voters, working at a soup kitchen, helping english as a second language adults to read, planting, nothing but eternal navel gazing forever and ever and ever

  12. I LOVE how Skankatron equates polyamory and prison life with LOLawyering. Tho authentic! Tho awake & alert!

    Ali Shanti
    21 hrs ·

    “I LOVE seeing all of the reports of authentic relating and conscious communication events that happened this past week in different areas of life.

    Sara Katelyn Yeater leading in the Austin Poly community. Robert MacNaughton and Ryel Kestano in the Boulder County Jail. And, me, Josh Levin, Michael Porcelli and Melody Indigo Markel with lawyers.

    What an amazing example of how this work can (and is!) impacting so many diverse groups of people. I think this work is likely the most critical work we can do as we shift into becoming the new humanity necessary to thriving on the planet.

    Why can’t we just get along? Because we have not really learned (yet!) how to communicate. But, we are.”

    How very Rodney King of the old raunch!

  13. Nisha Moodley
    5 hrs ·

    One of my favorite things is to be on a Birth Cheerleading Squad – a group text thread of the closest sisters to a mama-to-be.
    I’m on my 3rd of 2018 and we are SO EXCITED!
    Feeling grateful for technology.

    One of this asshat’s favorite things is to be in a text group? BFD

    Amazing use of technology, Noodles.

    • stupid and entitled children of parents with money who are angry at the world because they feel left behind by the smart people but are determined to prove they are better than the smart people

      • Noodles doesn’t strike me as being from money, but rather of picking partners for money.

        But, my detector could be off.

        By contrast, for example, Mmbh and Meg o lantern immediately struck me as being from money the very first time I saw them on TMI and read the sideways blog.

          • A few years ago, I saw Pointy at my synagogue on one of the High Holidays. She was only there for a little while, managed to take out her phone and text in the sanctuary, and was waving to some guy in the men’s section. Seats for the HHs are expensive, and I got the impression that she was because she was trying to marry a religious Jewish wallet. One or two of the other women seemed to know her from before

    • Everything doesn’t have to have a name or a hashtag. It can just be friends talking, like they always have.

  14. Christina Morassi, serial sexual harasser and sex addict, needs your input:

    Christina Morassi
    29 January at 12:37 ·

    “Transform Your Business into an Erogenous Zone”

    What do you think?

    I’m working on updating my PleasureCEO Priestess website for the next round starting in March… And I thought I would play around with some scintillating thesaurus words.

    This one made me giggle… But I must also admit it turned me on. 🙂

    Writing copy is one of my least favorite things to do, so you gotta make it fun somehow, right?


  15. Was this discussed from Pinterest?
    Julia Allison
    Lover of Beauty, Art & Truth.
    Mmmmm how did her fingers not catch fire when she typed that last word?

      • Under “Gorgeous Portraits” she’s pinned a few pics of none other than Julia Allison, including her spaz in a tutu dance stylings.

        • I don’t spend much time n Pinterest except t store instant pot recipes (j’adore!), but what a vapid gallery. Gag.

        • It appears she just recently merged her Engagement Photo Ideas board (or whatever it was called) with and into her Awesome Couple Portraits board (or whatever IT is called.) Telling, perhaps (i.e., she comprehends she’s a little long in the tooth for such She-Said-Yes giddiness. Though that’s probably giving her too much credit; the disproportionately huge Wedding Madness board, or whatever it’s called, remains–as psychotic as ever. Meanwhile the Pups board holds steady at just two or three pins. I guess we can assume at this point that Lily has passed over the rainbow(!) bridge to a far, far better place.)

  16. I’m so bored of this. Is it time for her bi-continent birthcray, yet. She’ll be 37 this year. So expired. I can only hope all of her eggs have run out (unlikely) and future generations are spared Julia Jr. Although I have no doubt she’s got a stockpile in a freezer somewhere. Who’s vegan, non-dairy cake willl she be licking this year?

    • Unless Julia is an exception to normal aging processes, she’d have to have frozen her eggs a few years ago to have a high % chance of having her own child at this point. Before everyone runs to this post to wag their fingers and remind me of all the 40+ yr olds having healthy kids using natural methods*, I’m not denying that it’s possible, merely saying it’s not a common scenario. Which in Julia’s case is excellent because she’d be a horrible parent.

      * Obviously donor eggs, ivf, fertility drugs, and surrogates aren’t factored in to this.

      • The “common knowledge” on fertility is all skewed.

        To have a baby, you need to get pregnant + carry the pregnancy to term. As you age, the chances of getting pregnant decrease, and the changes of having a miscarriage increase, so the total chances of having a baby keep dropping. After 35, they take a plunge. If you want to have a baby, do it before 35.

        IVF is no walk in the park either. The success rate of IVF is 15%, i.e. it fails 6 out of 7 times.

        Yes, I do know a miraculous pregnancy story. My friend T was married in her 20s, could never conceive, tried everything, was declared “barren” by medical science. At 43, she met this guy and, as usual, she did not use contraception because she KNEW she could never get pregnant and one day boom!. “I must be menopausal”, she thought. Well, her menopause graduated from college last year.

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