How Shocking. Donkey Who Claims She Was Bullied Was Actually a Bully.


So pretty, so happy, so single


From a longtime lurker in our comments:

When we were kids Julia once told me that she felt sorry for me because I wasn’t pretty enough to ‘get’ a good husband. (I have no concerns about mentioning this because I’m sure she said the same thing to a lot of people.) Hearing that totally devastated me at the time. As an adult I can look back at that incident with some equanimity – and on my best days, even some compassion.

But that humiliated girl is not quite dead, I’m afraid, because my first thought when I read this post was: ‘Suck it, Jules; I married a tech founder when I was way younger than you and now I have a family and money and an awesome job, so suck it again’.

Except that I married my husband before he was a tech founder and I did it because I love him and he’s awesome, and we struggled for a long time to get where we are today. And now I feel kind of shitty for being so mean about Julia’s ‘heartbreak’. But not shitty enough to delete this.


  1. Barbie-stealin’ bully, in fact. So not shocking. You have only to look at (her own self-posted) pictures or videos of a 3-year-old and not-particularly-cute Donkey sticking out tongue or directing camera-person while traipsing down runway at a kiddie fashion show rehearsal to know that she was a Bad Seed from the get-go. At least Patty McCormack was (relatively) cute.

  2. Hrosthingy is amazing! I love the glimpse into the past. Which is exactly the same as the present. Does your “”””FOUNDER”””” take you to Burning Man every year? If not then: BZZZZZZZZZZZZ FAIL. Does he dress up in matching Christmas plaid with your entire fambly? BZZZZZZZZZ FAIL. Does he heal you with Brussels sprouts? If not, my dear, sorry to tell you, but your marriage is a SHAM.

    • Please tell me that you own a three to four bedroom home in San Francisco, because then your dominance is complete.

          • That was hilarious. Total hot air. Still not sure why she posted that. It was so clearly never going to happen.

          • My theory about the “philanthropic endeavors” and “angel investing” was that she thought Dadsers would just give her half of the money he got from his mother’s estate as a lump sum, and that she could make a big splash with it.

            Cooler heads apparently prevailed.

          • She and Derwood totally needed that assistant. The maid was far too busy cleaning the (non-parquet) hardwood floors to send off the old bridal magazines for Julie. So much to do, so little time in the day..

      • I do not, sadly. My house is elsewhere, and it only has one single pathetic deck and no basement freezer. We do also have a pied-à-terre in a European country, but since Julia is not really that interested in Europe, I can’t see that I come out on top there, either.

        BTW I love My Three Angles; it is genius and creative and hilarious and all things awesome.

    • Oh, Stalker, I’m afraid my marriage is all kinds of fail. The huscat and I *did* go to Burning Man once, in the mid-to-late 90’s. But we decided not to go again because even then the cool art bits were totally overshadowed by the idiots who thought they had achieved some sort of profound spiritual insight from a few hits of acid (no shade on the drugs themselves; I was a pretty wild thing back in the day).

      My man does not wear matching Christmas plaid (in fact, there *is* no matching Christmas plaid), he does not like having his picture taken, and he has never ever in all our years prepared me healing Brussels sprouts.

      He is not a DJ, and all the hoods he owns have torso-covering garments attached to them.

      Just for funsies I asked him if he would be interested in leading a seminar with me in which we could hold space for others to dive deep into intimacy through our vibrant example. His response: ‘What the hell are you talking about? What kind of stupid shit is that? Oh, you’re reading that site again. Never mind.’

      I shall go off now to hang my head in shame.

      • Hee hee.

        I told my husband about this exciting development in Donkey news, and he said, “Did she send out a press release again?”

      • I know someone else told you this on the last thread, but I love you! This also makes me really think Julia was a bad seed since birth. I’m one of those people that want to give her parents the benefit of the doubt. They just don’t seem like evil people to me, despite constantly covering up, cleaning up, threatening others, and financially supporting Mulia. A parent’s love is a strong thing. I guess what I’m saying is that it seems they didn’t create her awfulness. She was born that way. They just haven’t done anything real about it.

        • Huh?! Peter Baugher is a nasty person. Just ask anyone in administration at Georgetown. The sucking up to anyone with money and/or power is something he and Nutty Granny Money Bags instilled in Donkey, and Petey has enabled her rotten behavior every step of the way.

          • I’m just saying they aren’t evil, imo. Just like Hroswitha said, they are most definitely complicit, though. I do think, despite a parents love there comes a point when tough love is needed and they’ve far surpassed that point, no question.

        • I have to agree with Gilly here. I can’t emphasize enough how invested that family is in maintaining appearances at all costs. Peter and Robin have been cleaning up after Julia for decades, and (in my opinion) it’s for two reasons: because she can be so difficult to deal with it’s just easier to capitulate, but also because changing would mean they’d have to examine their own choices. That’s pretty scary to do, especially if, like Peter, you’ve done some shady shit in service of your family’s image.

          I’m not saying they’re evil people, but they’re complicit. I also just want to make the point again that I’m excluding Britt from all of the above; he really is a kind & intelligent man in spite of it all.

          • I’m just curious how exactly they spin what she does for a living at family events? Do they proudly offer up information or do they shamefully answer only when asked a direct question about her?

          • Winch, Pettifogger proudly whips out the 3rd highest non-selling issue of a Chitown weekly announcing a certain self-proclaimed Coobie Donksperson & regales his audience w/ tales of her latest fauxtoshhot on a remote island while in between lovers. Mostly technically not untrue.

        • As a parent you are constantly given a choice between cleaning up after your kids, covering for your kids and holding your kids responsible for their actions. Children are born how they are born, but adults do have influence on how they turn out. A lot of things that her dad has done over the years do not seem like he is supporting her becoming her best self.

          • There’s more than the germ of a great American novel in all this. I have always wondered if Edith Wharton might not have been intrigued by the Baughers. My own level of interest has kept me interested all these years.

          • and that’s 2 interests in the same sentence, but you get what I mean. I may drift away–lately for weeks or months at a time–but when I return, there are the themes repeating themselves in new ways. It fascinates me.

  3. My brother used to be married to someone that would claim I would never find a husband since I wasn’t consistent with shaving (legs, lady bits). She also said a lot of other very rude and critical bullshit about the way I dressed and my career. We tolerated her because he loved her but eventually he saw the light a year into their marriage and left. Those comments used to sting but fast forward a decade and my husband never complains when I get furry, and she’s a miserable bitch living with her equally miserable bitchy mom.

    • My husband and I met online (in 2001 before it was cool) and when I ventured that I rarely shaved he debonairly replied, “I don’t care… be American, be European!” Underarm hair means nothing to true love.

    • You couldn’t find a husband because you didn’t ‘consistently’ shave? That is some top-shelf crazy right there. Glad your brother is out of there!

    • I love stories like this! Makes me an awful person, but I like seeing terrible people end up in less than ideal situations.

  4. OT: Any catpersons watching “Adam Ruins Everything” on truTV? I find it hilarious and informative.

    In one of the episodes, “Adam ruins spa day”, they use a parody of a spa (with actors), to debunk many of the health myths the woo community lives by: toxins, colonics, crystals, etc.

    Of course, I couldn’t help thinking of the Donkey, SK3B, ISLYR (I still love you, Rain), Jenna Lafraud etc etc etc

    • No but I am late to, and just catching up on, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, and holy shit the first season is disturbingly hilarious. And Donkey-ish if Donkey were intelligent and adorable and crazy and not dumb and mean and crazy.

      • I listened to the Adam Ruins Everything podcast with Rachel Bloom on the train last week. It was my first exposure to both of them and very interesting. Thanks for making me think you are listening in on my headphones.

        • lol. there is even a derwood type in it. it is just so funny; the first season, anyway. second season not blowing me away.

          • I’ve been watching the first season of CRAZY EX-GIRLFRIEND, too. Lead Rebecca’s self-absorption can be annoying and I definitely flashed on Donkey but unlike our burro, Rebecca has moments of self-awareness – “The Villain in My Own Story” number is the best example here – and is actually employed.

  5. I love you, Hroswitha. Thank you for this perspective on a baby Donkey. So megafeminist even then!

    I, too, feel somewhat schadenfreudy about having what she desperately wants (a spouse who adores me and a financially comfortable life). Which shames me a bit, though I know if she and I knew each other personally she would be fuming that I’m too tall, too fat, too loudly feminist, not made up enough, too frumpy, too actually bisexual (not bikissual with an OMGexmodel!), too angry, too everything to deserve such a nice (rich, Ivy League) husband.

    But fuck her. Or don’t fuck her, she’s thelibate.

    • I care a lot that my husband is nice, but Judy would only care about his income and his Ivy degrees. He also has more/better hair than Chad, even at 55.

      On the other hand, our “sick whip” is an elderly Honda Civic.

    • Kind words from Albie Quirky! You’ve made my day. You’re the best and I have long admired you from afar.

      I do feel a little shitty about being gloaty, because I don’t really think of my life as a competition with anyone else’s. But I know Julia does – or I should say, I know that she *did* – and honestly she probably still does. Living like that is horrible. It’s got to hurt like hell to set up every relationship as the best most lovingest truest special world-changing romance and then have them all go to hell.

      I feel really lucky to have the life I have. It’s been (and still is) a lot of hard work, and a lot of that hard work has been to make myself into the kind of person who could *have* this kind of life, if that makes sense. I mean, years of intensive therapy kinds of work, not weekend goddess workshops. But it’s been so worth it. My huscat and I still really like each other, we adore our kittens, we’re in a great shape financially and are involved in a lot of social causes. Sorry, I think I’m kind of sounding like an asshole now, so I’ll stop.

      And our ‘sick whip’ is filled with car seats and cracker crumbs and Playdoh detritus.

      • Wait, what? You did actual work to achieve something you wanted? That is the secret key (it is not actually a secret) that has always eluded Donkey. Life is not a matter of wearing the shortest skirt and the longest pelts and having the most fauxtoshoots until things drop into your lap.

        • The sick thing (not to be confused with sick whip) is that she did actually have a lot of opportunities dropped into her (badly-dressed) lap and made of them exactly zip, zilch, nada.

  6. Avocado got married??!!

    I found my queen.
    Let me be the first to say, I have often been skeptical of a “soul mate” but for those of you who are wondering, “Is this a real thing?” I can tell you first hand, “EPIC LOVE IS REAL”.
    Now, this does not mean it will be easy. Kristina Block, you are my true reflection. You help me see the parts of myself that I want to improve. I am driven more than ever to be the best human being I can, not only for you, but for myself. You set my heart aflame and overflow my cup with inspiration. When I’m working 12 hours in the studio and feeling spent, just seeing your smile is like a glass of cold water on a hot summer day. I am in awe of your courage, commitment to yourself and how you show up in the world. You are a constant unfoldment of awe and wonder and the way you show up as a partner is a testament to EPIC LOVE. You see me for my weirdness and I see you for yours.
    You are my queen and I am deeply humbled and honored to be your king.
    I could write a book about our love (and maybe one day I will) but for now, I will leave with this quote from Dr Suess
    “We are all a little weird and life’s a little weird, and when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall in mutual weirdness and call it love.”

      • I was just going to do a post on David Block’s marriage, complete with pictures. Never mind. Also, Donkey left this:

        Julia Allison
        This! This! This!! Yes to you both. Yes to your love!! David, treat that beautiful Queen right. She’s pure magic. As are you.
        I love you both. Xoxoxox
        Like · Reply · 2 · 2 hrs


      Epic love is real, as long as you remove the Donkey from the equation.

    • I like the passive-aggressive dig “often been skeptical of “soul mate”…” He learned from the best, trash all your previous relationships, just must suck for donkey to be on the receiving end of her own insult this time.

      • Cue Donkey’s inappropriate posting of old fauxtos of herself with Avocado. “I gave you those Superman underpants, babe!”

      • Remember when he came here to tell us how much she’d changed? Those are always the best times.

        • It is always entertaining when someone defends her until they inevitably don’t. I just wish they’d have the balls to come back and tell us the exact moment they realized that negative truthful information isn’t *hate* it’s honest and about accountability.

          • We should a Donkey-ex reunion special!

            “So, David, tell us about that time she showed up at the coffee shop in New Orleans. Was it at that point that you realized she was truly desperate?”

          • Yeah, she surprise-visited him at the New Orleans Jazz fest, I think it was his first time there, performing, meeting and collaborating with people he wanted to see, and she assumed he’d drop everything he’d planned when she showed up. Good for him that he didn’t. She ended up flying back early after making some bitchy comment on Facebook.

    • Kitty kitty was there as his “sister” and Jaba has been liking all the happy couple photos

      • Of course she has. Donkey slobbers more over the Kittays than she does the Morons.

    • What’s with the “king” and “sovereignty” jargon? Did Ali Scamti hold an online summit on this topic recently?

      • yeah, something’s up with that theme for sure. So looking forward to the elaboration of this imagery. I want thrones! Scepters! Crown jewels!!

      • “I was a mess, my life was in shambles, then I found my inner Queen.
        You can too if you attend my Monarchy Workshop & Retreat, this week deeply discounted to $497, not the usual $2499, an absurdly inflated price that no-one has ever paid”.

    • Who is this Suess? Privileged dummies. She took the block head name already? Hope she gets the Hawaiian pad in the end.

      • Isn’t Julie Hagerty leaving the pad to Donkey? She did adore her so and I assumed our burro was working a Jena la Flamme wannabe lover-in-law scam on Avocado’s dear mama.

    • It looks like they flew to Vegas to do the deed. And no sign of Momvocado in the comments. His new wife is pretty, but (I know, meow) she could have at least washed and fixed her hair for the wedding.

    • Day made. Seriously, Avocado getting married is the icing on my “sister’s” birthday cake; the sequins on my one-size-too-small party frock, which I will have my assistant return to the store tomorrow; and the aya in my huasca.

      • You’re the aya in my huasca, bb.

        This is glorious. If the Modesto Strangler gets engaged in the next six months, I really think Judy will lose it entirely.

  7. Sorry, catladies, I’ll stop cluster-bombing here in a sec, but I just went back and read some of the comments I missed on the previous post.

    First of all, thanks to all of you for your kind words; you really are a lovely group of people with fantastic insights, and I mean that totally sincerely.

    ‘I need Likes’, I will totally hit you up for drinks the next time I’m in the Bay Area. And ‘Donkadelphia’, if I’ve got that right: I actually think those calves are real. I was privy to some discussions about Julia’s various surgeries (obviously can’t really give more details than that) but I never heard anything about her having work done there. I don’t know for sure, of course, but I don’t think her calves – which I acknowledge are weird-looking – are after-market work.

    • Boatshoesauthor at gmail
      Send me a note, I went by a bunch of different names here but been around since the beginning.

    • I have always thought the overdeveloped calves were a result of teetering around on too-tall stripper heels for so long in an effort to appear willowy and modelesque.

  8. Someone I follow on twitter retweeted an essay Jack McCain wrote and I fell down rabbit hole catching up with his life- he has a lovely wife and they recently had an adorable baby. Even Yimmy got married. Think they still remain in each other’s lives as friends?

    • Was listening to The View recently. Megatits was talking about her ‘little brother’ as though she only had one, then she named Yimmy & I thought: Uh huh. She really does hate FlapJack; that’s why she fixed him up w/ Donk.

  9. She’s just so incredibly consistent in being such a giant douche of a human being. Brayvo my rafty assclown.

  10. Pure citizenship thing, which I support. Straight from Moscow model spam land. “Epic love”. She suckering him or he made 10 grand
    Get that Hawaii house comrade !!

  11. My kid is watching MONSTERS, INC. and I’m reading a book. A quiet Saturday night at home … until Brit Moron popped up during every goddamn commerical break on Disney’s Freeform channel. She pranced around while talking about witchCRAFT. Is she as brain dead in real life as she appears to be on the teevees?

    • Brit suggested that people use worn-out yoga mats as placemats, and that they wrap presents in used pantyhose. So, yeah, she is exactly that brain dead.

      We were in a store and there was a display of some Brit and Co. shit and co. and I stopped dead in my tracks and squealed to my mr., “Look! That’s the Horrible Woman’s idiot friend!”

    • I thought it was cut up pieces of yoga mats to use as wine-bottle stoppers. Real hygienic, either way. Also hygienic: old pantyhose used used as gift-wrapping.

  12. OT, but woo-related: a friend of mine is in the process of dimissing what Donkey would most likely call a “boyfriend” (we looked at rings together!) but what is really a short-term suitor, and one of the main reasons is that he tried to pull some “Deida” shit on her. When she mentioned that I knew I heard that name somewhere, and then I figured out that it was here and that some of you basement dwellers had very interesting things to say about that Deida character. I just googled him and realized my vague memory to the tune of “ex” was most likely correct, but if any of you feel like sharing your opinions and feels and possibly confirm that it’s all some woo dreck, I’ll be grateful and forward the info on to my friend.

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