Passive Aggressive Donkey Is Still Passive Aggressive, And Yes, Still A Donkey

"Yoo hoo, Alexander Marquardt! Wanna bang my green skin tags on a friend's couch for old time's sake?"

Any suggestions for Judy? Is Houston’s still open?

She tagged Krystal Kahler, AKA Danish Mary, and OMG! Randi? Kahler loathes Donkey, so much so that Meghan Asha and Mary Rambin were invited to her wedding a few years back but she certainly didn’t invite Mulia Mallison. And we know what Broadway superstar Randi’s husband thinks of the conniving burro. Maybe Noah No Vowels will help Judy navigate the much-loathed New York City. Surely Noodles wouldn’t mind?

Also, Rain posted this lengthy “healing” mess on his fan page. It sure sounds like Judy, but if it’s not our burro’s batty prose and Chad indeed wrote this drivel, then those two narcissists deserve each other.

Some thoughts on why people hurt people, and what might be done.

* Nearly everyone has experienced trauma or wounding in their lives. Left unhealed, this can lead to all kinds of behavior, choices, actions, emotional states, unconscious survival patterns and illnesses that end up lowering the quality of our lives and negatively impacting those around us.

* Every person on this planet has a different threshold for, and response to, traumatic events. What is traumatic for one person may go unnoticed by another. If it landed as traumatic to the person in question, then it was traumatic for them. Likewise, what can trigger this unhealed wounding is also different for each person. The fact that it may or may not make sense to you is irrelevant to the fact that, for them, they may be reliving unhealed wounding and may not even be aware of it.

* Sadly we all live in different brackets, classes, and levels of convenience, privilege, and wealth. Despite this vast and tragic landscape of man-made scarcity and abundance, trauma can happen to anyone. To draw the conclusion that someone is immune to the effects of trauma or are not allowed to speak to their suffering simply because they have more privilege or advantage is neither helpful or accurate in a healing context. The diversity of privilege and poverty we have is horrifying. The range and severity of suffering on this planet is vast and clearly, some are in much more immediate need than others. I’m saying I believe the origin of this imbalance and suffering stems largely from unhealed wounding/trauma. And that healing this imbalance can be massively accelerated by each of us taking responsibility for addressing what is unhealed within us. I’m making the point that trauma does not discriminate. And just as hurt people hurt people… Healed people heal people.

* When a person experiences a traumatic event, the emotional and mental parts of them that were most impacted often cease to develop (until the trauma is healed). Meaning, despite their current age, if an adult suddenly begins to behave in an immature or childish manner in response to a stressful event (such as an argument with a spouse or partner), unhealed wounding or trauma has likely just been triggered, and they are now behaving at the emotional, mental and or even physical maturity level of the age at which the initial trauma occurred. Far more effective than blaming or judging someone for behaving this way, is to see them compassionately, and view them as a child, at roughly whatever age their trauma occurred (do this internally and do not accuse them of being childish or talk down to them). If a child became emotionally distraught because they were afraid, whether or not that fear was real or imagined, an appropriate response would be one of compassion and love… a response designed to help them feel safe and understood, without judging them or making them wrong. Try that.

* Once trauma has occurred, coping mechanisms are usually created to help survive the event. Often our coping mechanisms are blind to us, meaning we don’t realize they exist or see them when they are happening. No two peoples coping mechanisms are exactly the same, but here are some common “go-to’s”: Regularly externalizing (projecting) the source of one’s discontent or suffering. Regularly blaming or shaming others. Displaying regular patterns of avoidance or anxiousness. Displaying a pattern of inflexible attachment to outcome. Having an externally derived sense of value. A regular pattern of being self-absorbed. An inability or unwillingness to take responsibility for one’s emotional state or actions. Consistently seeking the attention of others. A regular pattern of victim, hero or perpetrator (Karpman drama triangle). A pattern of fear. A pattern of fear of intimacy. A pattern of uninformed righteous condemnation of others. A pattern of depression. A pattern of “drama”. Patterns of co-dependence. (I’ve derived these from my own observations, healing, and books I’ve read. It is not meant to be exhaustive. Just because one of these shows up does not mean unhealed trauma is present, but in my opinion, providence considerable evidence for it.

* The unconscious mind works hard to maintain the coping mechanisms and states of trauma. Here is the survival based “logic” behind it: “Even though these conditions may be painful, they have kept us alive, therefore we’ll keep doing them to stay alive.” This is one reason why healing from trauma can be so challenging. It goes against the will of the unconscious mind.

* A common response to unhealed trauma is to blame another person for it. (Yes, sometimes this is true. Quite often it is not). An innocent person may inadvertently trigger someone else’s unhealed trauma/wounding. The triggered person will then emotionally react as if the original source of their trauma has just happened and project much or all of their suffering from that original event onto the other person who just triggered them. This often leads the triggered person to react in an exaggerated or inappropriate manner. While they are actually responding in large part to the original unhealed trauma from their past, they are often blind to that. They will likely assume their exaggerated emotional response to the immediate event is totally appropriate and justified. Sometimes, the lengths to which a person triggered by unhealed wounding/trauma will go to is considerable, such as vehemently denying the true source of their suffering and instead targeting someone who has more recently triggered them as the source, causing damage, pain, and trauma in others, thus continuing the cycle of trauma. This is often because it is easier to project the cause of our deeply held pain onto others than to face the original event which caused it. It is also a core reason why it is so important for each of us to heal that which is unhealed within us, to break the cycle.

* Another common response to unhealed wounding is holding the presupposition that the person who triggered them was intentionally attempting to cause harm, act with malice, attack them or is mean, bad, or evil. They will often invent motives and claim them as fact, exaggerate events or emit context in order to justify their pain, while often blind to the fact that the core of their suffering is actually from their unhealed past and far less about what has triggered them in the moment. This often leads to inappropriate, defamatory, false or righteous condemnation of the person who triggered them and even others who simply hold some resemblance in appearance or action to their original perpetrator. They may do so on social media causing further harm and damage, in an attempt to recruit the support of others in their “story” of victimhood, all to help justify a wound who’s source is too unbearable to confront.

* Usually, the initial event which created the wounding/trauma stems from the actions of another person, often our parents and often in our childhood. It may have been intentional, or unintentional. In either case, I believe it is usually the result of unhealed trauma/wounding leaking out or lashing out and causing trauma/wounding in another. This is where the notion that “hurt people hurt people” comes from.

* Taking responsibility for our own wounding and resulting behavior; for our own emotions and coping mechanisms does not mean the person who initially caused that trauma has no responsibility. Nor is it about denying we were at one point the participant of an event that caused pain, fear, trauma or wounding. It’s about making a choice: “Now that it’s happened, it’s up to me to decide what I do about it. It’s up to me to decide what meaning to give the experience, and how to heal. Do I identify as a victim? Do I identify as a person who can turn this experience into a strength and help others? Do I want my life to be better or worse as a result of this happening? Are my resulting actions possibly based on unhealed wounding from my past or are they coming from a genuine place of love and healing? Am I condemning someone without being truly open to what their motives were? Am I creating conditions for deeper understanding and healing?” It was Viktor Frankl (a survivor of the Nazi concentration camps) who said “Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.”

* Everyone has their own model of the world and their own wounds they carry. Because someone else responds to a situation differently does not instantly make them wrong or mean they were attempting to hurt you. It’s possible they are acting from a place of unhealed wounding or trauma. It’s also possible they simply have a different model for what is appropriate or normal in that moment and it happens to trigger unhealed trauma or wounding in you. Try replacing your judgment with curiosity about the other person’s model of the world. Be open to simply seeing it as a different way of living, instead of being wrong.

* Unhealed emotional and mental wounding often ends up mirroring itself in the body, leading to a variety of physical illnesses, pain, and suffering. I believe it’s usually not a question of if this will happen, but when.

* None of this is said to condemn, judge, belittle or make wrong anyone who has unhealed wounding/trauma or acts out on its behalf. It is a noticing of the ways in which unhealed trauma impacts and influences those who have it, those who are exposed to it and how frequently it is the source of our suffering. Clearly, my suggestions are not relevant in every situation. (If for example, a triggered person becomes abusive or violent, a different approach may be necessary).

* I believe that if everyone assumed they have a level of unhealed wounding or trauma in their past and made it a priority to address even just some of it, the positive impact that would have on the quality of life on this planet, for everyone, would be profound. Healed people heal people.

* A recent journal entry: As a result of the healing work I’ve been doing over the past year, experiences which used to triggered a strong negative emotional response or a bound up sense of resistance, are now arriving more like newborn seeds landing on the fertile soil of a freshly scorched landscape, making way for growth, opportunity, potential, boundless expression, and new life. The way I see and interact with challenges is radically changing. I witness their nature rather with less attachment and resistance. Gratitude is becoming a default, and not dependent on things feeling “good” for it to show up. I have greater depths of compassion for others, and myself, even when they are acting out of unhealed wounding or trauma. I take things less personally. I spend more time in states of love and possibility and less time in states of fear. I see others and myself more clearly, with less unhealed wounding clouding my view. Far less of my mind is hijacked, unconsciously scanning for potential threat (a leftover coping mechanism that had been running since childhood), leaving far more mental capacity for being present. I am more consistently resourced. I contribute more. I listen more. And the more I heal, the more I want to help others do the same.

Some of the healing modalities I’ve done in the last year:
– Somatic Experiencing
– Yoga Nidra
– Holotropic Breathwork
– Neurofeedback Therapy
– Shaman led 5meo DMT Journeys
– Transformational Chairwork
– Reparenting
– Boundaries Exercise
– Date with Destiny (Tony Robbins)
– PTSD and trauma release counseling
– EMDR (have not yet tried, but plan to)

Some of the books recently read:
– “Codependent No More” by Melody Beattie,
– “Attached” by Amir Levine and Rachel Heller,
– “Facing Codependence” by Pia Mellody
– “Attached” by Walter Dixon and Amir Levine
– “The Body Keeps the Score” by Bessel van der Kolk
– “Mans Search for Meaning” by Viktor Frankl
– “Getting the Love You Want” by Harville Hendrix
– “The Six Pillars of Self Esteem” by Nathaniel Brandon
– “Conscious Loving” by Gay and Kathlyn Hendricks
– “The Truth” by Neil Strauss
– “Radical Acceptance” by Tara Brach
– “The Surrender Experiment” by Michael Singer
– “Learning to Love Yourself” by Gay Hendricks
– “Loving Yourself Advanced Program” by Gay Hendricks
– “Awaken the Giant Within” by Tony Robbins
– “Creating Lasting Change” by Tony Robbin

Bottom Pictures! Judy attends Tony Robbins’s “Date with Destiny” for a second or third time and is healed (but she still couldn’t get off her raft ass to finish BOOK):


      • Yeah, I figured that out when I tried to read it a second time but still couldn’t make it past the third instance of navel gazing. Who the fuck has time for all this self-indulgence?

      • Yabut, what says she didn’t copy & paste?

        Sure sounds like what she’d come up w/ to justify a tantrum …

  1. I couldn’t read that. Sounds like a high school essay on how to heal the world or something.

    • I suspect Rain and Rainbow will be running a healing grift in the near future, presumably modeled on Jennifer Russell (she’s all over Chad in the comments) and Bryan “Chester the Molester” Franklin’s weekend shitshows. For only $1499 …

  2. LOL at Julia Allison calling herself a “hippie.” Donk, you live in a suburban McMansion and are supported by your parents and wear polyester “hippie” costumes from Yandy and take luxury vacations where you pose like a tourist in front of “spiritual” props.

    It’s 2017. The hippies were FIFTY years ago. You’re a soccer mom, with your yoga and your green juice and your boyfriend who generates music from a $1500 laptop and your handful of Burning Man trips in a luxury RV. You’re not a bohemian; you’re a poseur.

    “Moved west”. . . LOL. New York wouldn’t hire you anymore. You went to California for a cheesy, d-list reality show, not for a big spiritual quest.

    Imagine having so few interests and so little imagination that you can’t figure out what to do in New York City. There’s literally nothing she wants to see, except someone else’s idea of a “hip” hotel.

  3. I think it’s his writing. If it was hers it would have far more parentheses, hashtags, jokey asides, adverbs, humblebrags, etc. This prose isn’t simpering or overwrought, it’s just dull. Though admittedly I only got through 1.5 paragraphs.

  4. If the Merry Pranksters had known that eventually someone like Julia would call herself a “hippie” because she lived in Northern California and called herself Rainbow after a cheesy doll, they probably would have asked Neal Cassady to drive Furthur off the fuckin’ Golden Gate Bridge.

  5. Donkey, buy the freaking New Yorker and New York magazine for a few weeks and find out what’s going on. Jesus Freaking Christ. She’s such an infant.

  6. The return of her long-lost manager Amazeballs! (Did she list Grossman but not tag him?) So maybe there will be big news! Well, fat chance of that, but hey, it’s a conversation starter that Judy hopes will land her a free place to crash in NYC (also, tell her about all the hip restaurants you’ll be inviting her to!).

    And hippie? She must have mistyped unemployed new age grandstander.

  7. I made it as far as I could through that nonsense. Which wasn’t very far. A lot of it feels like it’s aimed at Tiny n Cute and her recent post about him.

    “An innocent person may inadvertently trigger someone else’s unhealed trauma/wounding.”

    It wasn’t his fault! She was triggered, so that’s on her!

  8. Donkey is like the rest of the woos a faker, scammer and shitface looking bitch just like magic less and poodles. So obvious, superficial and depthless.

    • I really hope you aren’t offended by this request, but I would sincerely love it if you would punctuate your posts and use complete sentences. It is very hard to follow you otherwise. With softness.

      • Hope you are not offended but if you are unable to understand fake, shitface scammer. I do not believe punctuating would do you any good. With softness.

          • Fake, shitface scammer, which of the depthless, woos are you? Hurting you I am writing truth because that’s what you/they embody. Judge me on my writing but, I am not a scammer idiot that embodies stupidly on a daily basis. Smile I certainly am??

  9. Thoughts on the ChaDonkey booklist:
    — “Codependent No More” by Melody Beattie
    * useful self-help, not particularly intellectually challenging

    – “Attached” by Amir Levine and Rachel Heller
    * I have not read

    – “Facing Codependence” by Pia Mellody
    * useful self-help, not intellectually challenging, author is charmingly self-disclosing

    – “Attached” by Walter Dixon and Amir Levine
    * have not read

    – “The Body Keeps the Score” by Bessel van der Kolk
    * really intriguing book though on the woo side for my taste

    – “Man’s Search for Meaning” by Viktor Frankl
    * neither Chad nor Judy should have Frankl’s name in their stupid woo mouths

    – “Getting the Love You Want” by Harville Hendrix
    * useful self-help from a decidedly white Christian suburban perspective

    – “The Six Pillars of Self Esteem” by Nathaniel Brandon
    * ha ha Ayn Rand’s boy toy

    – “Conscious Loving” by Gay and Kathlyn Hendricks
    * unfamiliar with this, but Judy and Hood are semi-conscious at best

    – “The Truth” by Neil Strauss
    * fuck off, gross pickup artist loser

    – “Radical Acceptance” by Tara Brach
    * have not read

    – “The Surrender Experiment” by Michael Singer
    * have not read, title does not appeal

    – “Learning to Love Yourself” by Gay Hendricks
    – “Loving Yourself Advanced Program” by Gay Hendricks
    * oh good, two books about wanking, perfect for these wankers

    – “Awaken the Giant Within” by Tony Robbins
    – “Creating Lasting Change” by Tony Robbins
    * to paraphrase Dr. Johnson, what is good in Robbins’s work is not original; what is original is not good

    Thank Greg she did not write BOOK! if this is her idea of a bibliography.

    • My mother once got creepily propositioned by Bessel van der Kolk, in a hot tub at some therapy convention. That’s all I really have to contribute to this part of the conversation.

      I took my username in honour of someone’s (Helena’s?) statement that reading some of the woo shot makes her feel like Ignatius Reilly at the movies, which literally made me laugh at odd moments for months.

      I haven’t talked to Julia Allison in years, but I know her of old. Really old, like back in the Christmas Barbie years. It has been both horrifying and hilarious to see what she’s turned into.

      • So honoured! I was happy to see your username even before I read what inspired you. I think I remember that, and at any rate I get that Ignatius at the movies feeling SO OFTEN reading the woo drivel.

        2nded as far as ancient Donkey tales go.

        • I will try to think of some stories that won’t totally give away my identity. But for the moment, here’s my summation: Peter is a massive pushover with both Robin and Julia, Robin is pretty significantly emotionally invested in her family’s status and money, and Britt is a great guy despite everything.

          I always really liked Marilyn (NGMB); she was more than a little, shall I say, unreconstructed when it came to her views on diversity and the roles of women. But she could be pretty fun and she also tried very hard to give Britt the love and attention that was too often focused away from him.

          Julia was always coddled in that family, and stories like the Christmas Barbie and the birthday party she threw herself are only the tip of the iceberg. There were never any consequences (that I saw, anyway) for her, and instead there was this almost pathological effort to keep her from being upset in any way.

          In some ways I feel sorry for Julia: her extended family placed a lot of value on a woman’s worth being tied to her looks and the kind of man she could ‘catch’. Like I said, social status and maintaining appearances were also of utmost importance. But then again, as you can probably imagine given our childhood proximity, I grew up in a similar sort of family and I’ve made very different choices. I can sympathize with how difficult it is to break out of that kind of thinking, but it doesn’t excuse being an asshole. Or that’s my humble opinion, for what it’s worth.

          • +1 the Christmas Barbie story is the equivalent to the basement’s Tiny Tim.
            She’s been away from her parents long enough to not feel the pressure of finding the right man. And when he’s not available she steal someone else’s just like the Barbie.

          • Rain and Avocado are proof that she is rebelling against those pressures. Successfully, or just a stage en route to a status guy? Time will tell.

          • It seems so strange, the difference between how she and her brother were brought up. And look where they’re now. Worlds apart, indeed; I am, of course, referring to the fact that Donk is a refined free-spirited cosmopolitan who has lived in seven cities while Lil Britt is a boring bumpkin who has only lived in four, one of which was Hong Kong.

          • Was Britt expecting another? Has it been born yet? Or am I making up a wonderful home life for baby brother Britt who hasn’t moved (ahem…been evicted from) 12 different cities in 12 years like the Donk. Baby Britt is so provincial and Donk is so costhmopolitanth.

          • Thanks so much for the insight! Please feel free to comment on other events that you can remember if it won’t out you.

            I want to say in response to Not!Random! that I am not sure JA is rebelling against her parents’ expectations as much as she is going someplace where she isn’t rejected and gets that ‘unconditional love’ thing she craves, likely because at home she was coddled and never allowed to be upset or criticized. She’s sabotaging herself by picking men for the wrong reasons and believing she can change them. It’s a bad time of life to do that and it only gets worse with age as there are fewer decent marriage prospects vs. a lot more damaged people out there.

  10. Donkey, you FAILED NYC!
    (Any Carrie Bradshaw impersonator knows better than to put down the Big Apple.)

  11. Transformational chairwork???


    He really said “transformational chairwork”?????

  12. Wait, didn’t Davidiot move to NYC & doesn’t Mulia Mallison talk to all of her exes on the regular? Maybe the life of all the parties could ask that chucklebunny what’s a girl to do? Or howzabout Flusher Price & all the other fake friends who came out of the woodwork to play dinner guests for an episode of Mass Despised? Or, that cancer-fakin’ Kari chick who was the only one willing to spend Donk’s last hours in NYC w/ her?

    So many frenemies, so few fucks to give …

    P.S. DONKEY!

  13. As if she could get into any of the hip restaurants and as far as “happening shows” are concerned, if no one comps her tickets, she isn’t going. Remember this is the chick who supposedly loved ballet so much yet only went when someone else paid. Same with every other show or theatrical event she ever attended.

    • I believe she only attended one Broadway musical during her entire Manhattan tenure and it was the revival of HAIR, which left Donkey outraged because there was nudity on stage! Just think, she’d be wearing Al Pacino’s assless chaps and cavorting on stage before a crowd of high schoolers and college kids just a few years later.

      • Not to mention one museum, to impress long-suffering Momsers (aka Robin Bogger, Artist), and posted selfies (bulky legs and all) to affirm that the real work of art was that National Treasure, A Donkey.

      • Way back in her Time Out day she did a list of which Broadway shows were good to go see with a date, needless to say it was overly gendered with her believing that no real straight man wants to watch any musical but she did have decent knowledge of more than a few shows. I think it was because back then she had guys willing to shell out for tickets. As she expired, those tickets dried up. I believe she saw Spring Awakening, Wicked, Mamma Mia, Jersey Boys….basically everything a tourist would have seen from 2006-2008 She had zero knowledge about any plays or any of the cool, small theaters that are all over NYC that are showing incredible work.

  14. I recommend the ferry trip to Staten island only 30$, naked cowboy in times square and top of Empire State Building when she gets back from Bali

      • NXVIM is something I wouldn’t wish on any of the woos, not even Julia. It’s managed to stay sort of under the radar because Scientology has famous people and Leah Remini going all pitbull on it but if NXVIM is in the Times I wonder if it’s finally going to come crashing down. It’s a nasty piece of work run by a dumpster fire of a “leader”.

  15. Easier to jump from one psycho-trend to another then to sit in boring therapy and actualyy do the hard, often tedious work.

  16. WRT ppl in NYC who cock their head & say: Julia who?, I’m now reminded of Brant’s Beard, AKA Katrina Szish — Gary Vaynerchuk is launching namesake “GaryVee 001 & 002” K-Swiss sneakers (longtime readers will be pleased to know they’re offered in a lightweight knit of Black & Watercress Green, BTW) — I’m guessing Donk steers clear of anyone even remotely related to NYFW, once she was outed for the fake interviews & purloined NBC mic?

  17. I still don’t understand Donkey logic. “New York is such a horrible place. I’m so glad I left. So I’m going back. But I don’t know why I’m going. I hate NYC but I want to go there. So tell me what to do there because I have no interest in anything there.”

  18. what the drivel…….

    Also, doesn’t the sasha dude and his curly haired fuck toy have an extra room in NYC??

    • oh yeah, now I remember why I stopped commenting here. No one ever responds. The group gets smaller and smaller and more cliquish.

        • Um, obviously I meant to ME, which your comment just bolsters. So yeah Gilly, thanks for the welcome love. With softness.

          • Yes, I know what you meant. Your comment about Scoble in the most recent post isn’t particularly relevant to the subject of R & R’s breakup, so that’s probably why no one responded. I don’t always get responses to my comments.

          • well to me it was, because she was immersed in that world for a very long time, knows Scoble very well, and he’s embroiled in yet another a sexual harassment deal right now. So my point was that I was wondering why she hadn’t commented or posted about it uet, and thus (eg because of “The Breakup”) had my answer.

            But it’s not the first time – it’s pretty much every time I bother to post, which is a moot point since fading away again anyway…. peace out

          • Wow, this seems like a very unnecessary case of butthurt. There is no clique other than that there is a group of regular commenters who engage more than others and so they could be considered the core of RBD, I suppose. But, I never see anyone being iced out and often see new people welcomed. I comment rarely, some of my comments are responded to, some not.

          • I’m not “new” @Licked Randi’s cake (and obviously neither are you with that name).

            Missing the wit and banter of Jacy and jp, but “whatever”. The commenters are the best part of this blog.

      • I think it’s just because the new post went up. Don’t think people aren’t responding to you specifically. We all have posts people don’t respond to from time to time. Also people change their user names here a lot so we really don’t know if a person is new some of the time. So tl:dr, nobody is picking on you.

  19. Donks on Noodles post about judging people…or something.

    Julia Allison This is SUCH a beautiful and important reminder, Miss M. And something that Rain really taught me! Well, Rain and The Four Agreements.

    Let’s all keep reminding each other!!!

    • The “integrity filled” Divine Miss M.’s original post:

      “No matter how intelligent or intuitive we are, we must be careful in making assumptions about other people’s intentions, and assertions about their motives.

      We must be careful about the way we construct narratives out of the dots we connect.


      Without going to someone and rolling our sleeves up to get truly CURIOUS, our assertions and assumptions should be owned as that: OUR assertions and assumptions.

      Beyond that, our intuition might give us a clear “yes” or “no”, and that’s great! It’s important to honor that. But then drawing an entire narrative out of a gut hit is where things get dicey.

      I am a relentless optimist when it comes to human relating and so many times when I experience conflict within myself, with others, or between others, I think: Keep going. Get curious. We can do better.”

      I’m curious, Noodles., Did you attend the Ali Shanti School for Kids Who Can’t Write Good? Not that I’m making assumptions, of course.

      • I thought the whole concept of “a clear yes…or no” originated in Skankatron’s ethical slut stance on why she has the right to sex all the mens all the time in the absence of “a clear no.” Who knew the woos apply it across the board to any moral questionings that arise.
        P.S.: “Gut hit,” really? Appropriate in reference to Deerhunter or Apocalypse Now or Vietnam in general, but in a Woo scammer’s shill?

    • Embarassing. Yes, laphlegm who scammed mesh not offering a space in the ellsberg gentrifying pad

    • RAIN AND THE FOUR AGREEMENTS will be at Doo-Wop Fest in Bartlesburg on November 13! Catch RAIN AND THE FOUR AGREEMENTS on Tony Jones’s Fabulous Fifties show on Blogtalk Radio!

      rain and the four agreements are available for class reunions, weddings, and b’nai mitzvot

    • It is indeed. I was wondering why she hasn’t yet said anything denouncing Lockhart Steele, who was the epitome of the men she tried to suck up to in her Gawker days.

      • Was a result of a search I did on Lockhart Steele, whom I’d never heard of before. I went down some rabbit hole reading about a different woman who he’d assaulted. When I did the search, that image showed up in the GIS and when I clicked on it, turns out it was from The American Stinker. I hate that freaking site. I would never have bothered clicking on it if the Donkey pic hadn’t popped up.

        • The site design looks like something out of 1997, but it’s hilarious that they chose to run a fauxto of Judy cozying up to a fug sexual predator.

          • I know, I think it’s a riot. We should do a gallery post of her cozying up with predatory creeps like Steele, Arrington, Smellsberg, Tucker Max.

      • Somebody indeed grabbed the domain name but what exactly is this site? No one is credited with writing the odd hodgepodge of articles and the “about” link lists no actual person. C’est bizarre!

      • It’s been quite awhile now, years-ish, that someone here pointed out the takeover. Pretty sure there was no FU$ involved, that it was just a matter of Donk letting it go by the wayside, much like BOOK & every other opportunity she got her grubby hooves on.

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