Updated, Now With Love! Woo Slumming: Donkey Yoo Hoos Jairek, Skankatron Goes Mental, And La Fraud Ignites Another Brilliant Career


Jairek Robbins, married son of OMG! Tony, posts non-stop on FB. Yet despite having a big name daddy, Jairek receives 2-3 likes for most of those posts and seldom receives a response. However, Hot Foot Lurch, Jr. did receive a response from Donkey when posting about teaching for Semester at Sea. Ryan Allis couldn’t resist sticking his mug into the mix:

Judy Albertson at the lectern? It won’t turn out well.

Meanwhile, over in Boulder, Ali Shanti went slumming with nutcase Ryan Swain and his equally smelly friends:

P-U! The old raunch’s lastest LIFT hard sell must not be raking in the suckers. Maybe Ryan can sign up at the full price AND buy Shantitown lunch? Why else would ANYONE hang with Mental Dental?

Stop the presses! Insurance scammer Jena la Flamme is now a creatrix:

Hopefully, Jean Gray’s spinning will be more pleasurable than Swiss Mister’s manure.

Update: Rain & Rainbow – hast there ever been a greater love between donkey & third-tier DJ? Michael Ellsberg and I predict they will be together forever, or at least five years.

And I love you, my kittens, and my chair and my laptop and my golden retriever and sugar cookies (poison!) and moldy EDM!

Be sure to check out Rain’s tour schedule and bear witness to our burro’s amateur dance moves when she’s in your fair city: http://www.theuntz.com/artists/phutureprimitive/


  1. Exciting to be first. But will the Volcano explode and cover JABA in Lava?? Saw her at Burning Man, usual revolting self, but in this instance I actually talked to Rainbow. Ick!

    • Tell more!

      P.S.: Pretending everything is awesome is basically the raison d’etre of all these losers. No wonder Donkey was so perfectly adapted to latch on to them, and they to absorb her.

        • “St. Martin’s was begging, B-E-G-G-I-N-G me to publish BOOK, so I finally had to tell them that amateur dancing for Rain should be the extent of any Georgetown alumna’s ambitions. Don’t you agree? Now pass me another cup of that aya.”

        • You tease! What did she say? Then what did you say? More important, was there (amateur, diaper-butt) dancing, and did you get video? Actually, no video necessary, we we have Bottom Video, which can never be surpassed.

    • !!!

      At least it was outdoors so you didn’t have to smell her. L’air du desperation and musty pelts.

  2. We took dance lessons for our wedding at Stepping Out Dance Studios and I cannot fathom any remotely cool or sexy event taking place there. I can most closely compare it to 2 children’s theater rehearsal rooms plus a front desk. Actually it’s probably an upgrade from the typical venues in which La Scam and Not Derek Zoolander perform.

  3. Uh-oh, it looks like Mental Dental has stopped trimming his hair & beard.

    Is that a sign that his mental state has deteriorated even further?

  4. There is a lot of evidence Shantitown is at the bottom of the heap where the woo are concerned, but nothing makes me believe that more than the fact that she has a relationship with Mental Dental. The rest of the cons and grifters are so predictable they’re boring (and they all seem stupid in a uniform way) but he is terrifying.

    • Indeed. Shantitown must be really, really, really, really desperate for dollars if she and her yoni are doing God knows what with these waste cases.

      As for Swainy Todd, he must have ready cash again because several from his former posse of slackers are hanging with Charlie Manson manqué. Elliot’s back, as well as other druggy goofballs. ::shudder::


    • Yup.

      She is bottom feeder.

      Noodles, for example, has a much more professional approach to woo grifting.

  5. I’m pretty sure Jaired was talking about attending as a lifelong learning student and not as an instructor. The age 40+ is the tip-off. And no way would she be qualified to teach anything. I watched the video on demographics: 25% male/75% female, ages range from 17-27. Cost to attend is $34,000-$39,000 depending on which kind of stateroom you pick, and that is shared occupancy. I can’t see Dadsers springing for that. Another Donkey poseur pipe dream.

    • Thanks for doing the research yours truly failed to do! A loyal reader copied the exchange among Lurch, Jr., Donkey, and Pimp Daddy Allis, and sent it to me. I didn’t have time to chack the Semester at Sea website before putting up the post.

      Yep, no way in hell is Dadsers going to fork over $35k for yet another worthless adult learning class. It worked so well those two or three times with Tony. BOOK? Is that you, BOOK?!

      • Semester at Sea was administered by my university when I was a student there, but was Abandoned to another school shortly thereafter because it was considered too lightweight a program. Basically every wealthy dummy who had no intention of graduating did it to explore the world of drugs. A girl I went to high school with did it 3 times.

        Of course a donkey would find it immensely appealing. Perhaps she could be the professor of dance.

  6. The looks on the faces of the natives artfully arranged around Sonny Lurch and his lady give me life.

  7. Ready to take one for team, thank greg not near me. that website has a link to his … myspace… eegads

    • I don’t believe Rain has updated that page in years and yet this was the link he provided! Isn’t he banging a self-proclaimed social media expert?

    • Somehow I thought he was referring to band camp as his website too. Someone is not a very good writer.

  8. What do we think the Judy/Chad relationship status is? Open relationship (I exclude her kissership with Myra from that definition)? Broken up, but still “loving” each other as friends? Still together (and if so, why did he not go to Burning Man with her)?

    • Presenting as “involved” is not good for his brandTM as a “hot, single, shirtless DJ.”

      Okay I nearly choked laughing as I typed that.

      Was he at Burning Man? Maybe she’s excluded from the camp he was invited to stay in?

      • When has an alleged beau ever responded to Donkey’s public kisses? Avocado, Debbie Seltzer, and just about everyone else simply ignored her. Yep, Rain and Rainbow are definitely the real deal. From Jack “we talked marriage” McCain to a balding third-tier DJ ten years older than our burro who was living with his sister when then met? Now that’s karma.

        • Hasn’t there been speculation that she is writing the content on his page? If so, isn’t it possible that she wrote the ILYRain comment to herself?

      • I’m a sexy DJ, you know you wanna flirt!
        I play the same old set with the same old lack of shirt.
        I have a bald head and I keep it fairly clean.
        It’s the solar panel for this aging sex machine!

      • Not to mention the shirtless hoods. That is what really gives him that certain something. That rakish charm. That je n’ais se quoi. Really sets him apart from the other 40 something DJ’s. The other one wears antlers and slings cacao, after all.

    • Knowing Judy like I do, that shout out to Dadsers as “the most important man in my life!” a while ago meant to me that she and Chad were OVAH (while they never seemed that much of an item, right?). And I’m fairly sure I’ve seen Chad respond “I love you too!” or even proclaim “I love you!” as FIRST to multiple feminines in the past year (or more, I don’t even know how long he has been on our radar). So I thought “how fun, back when they were still banging or whatever, he never once acknowledged her online, but of course he can do it now when it means NOTHING.” Just my theory, that I own, and what it is, too.

        • Or it could be that the Donkey posted from his phone while he was sleeping.

          I love me, ME, ME MEEEEEEEEEE!!!!

      • Yes, that was my thought also. The Modesto Strangler did something similar after they had broken up but were Still In Each Other’s Lives As People.

      • I like your theory, Helena, but I honestly think we will know they have broken up when she unleashes again on social media.

  9. The stench of desperation. Ali Shanti just sent me a frantic email in which she offers LIFT once again at the unbelievable sale price of just $497! If I can’t afford to fork over all of the cash right now, the old raunch generously offers a three-month payment plan, only $165 per month. Uh, did Einstein not realize that monthly payment plan is actually less than $497? No wonder she’s slumming it with Mental Dental and his his posse of mental defectives. A girl’s gotta eat, eh, Ali?


      • I loathe everything about this mentally ill scam sister.

        Just posted. Ali as Barney:

        Ali Shanti
        56 mins ·

        “Infinitely grateful that in this time of confusion, chaos, and maybe even hopelessness and helplessness, I know what’s mine to do, I’m doing it and being it, and I get to do and be it with people I freaking LOVE!

        I did not always know what was mine to do. I spent a lot of years chasing the thing. I spent a lot of years wondering where I was on the path. Feeling lost and misunderstood and misguided, often.

        I see now that those were such important parts of the journey. I could not do and be now with such clarity and gratitude without those pieces.

        Keep going friends.
        Your path is right in front of you.
        Connect to your heart.
        Use your head.
        Keep your eyes wide open.
        And be willing to feel the pain of the parts of you that may secretly think you are an awful human being doing the worst job ever.

        Those parts (and the people who bring them up in/for you) are the key to seeing what you may not be seeing right now.

        Welcome the blindside in support of seeing more! It’s all here for you. And, your heart will prevail, if you are able to get vulnerable enough to let in those terrified, ugly, shameful parts!

        I love you. I love me. I love us. Keep going please.”

        Uh, ok. I think you’re the only one still worried about your shameful parts, Skankatron.

        • My money is on anti-social personality disorder not mental illness.

        • And garbed, fittingly, in Barney-purple (well not literally fittingly; nice muumuu, Skankatron.)

  10. bottom pic never gets old!

    it’s very revealing (no pun intended) that she “dances” only for herself. if you were performing for your audience you would never face away, or run to the back wall, kool-aid man-style.

    • JFAing myself to add that Jaahass is still apparently touring the globe with Donkey, Pimp Daddy Allis, and the rest of the girls in the search for “intentional communities” that they then can appropriate. Just who in the hell is paying for all this?

      Jess Johnson Still rumbling and grumbling 😉
      People from the surrounding areas have relocated and there are many beautiful fundraising efforts for supplies and food. There are so many prayers and offerings being made daily to call in balance and it feels very safe where we are.

      • Allis’s dumbass HIVE project is certainly paying. Part tax shelter, part vanity joint, part harem fantasy: there’s nothing HIVE can’t do! Except anything useful, I bet.

      • I’m confused. I know that the Hee Haw road crew is off looking for intentional communities, but why are they doing that in places where community ties are rooted in family or tribal relations, rather than in dirt-festival groupings of people attracted by money, genitalia and delusions of creativity? I’ve read about an intentional community in South Africa that might appeal to them in important ways, being all white and affluent, but unfortunately they’d have to remain clothed.

    • Just past this single honeysuckle branch, even with my eyes crossed, I can see the jungle ahead! Look! A tiger! And also a gentle person of color who will teach me wise things and also give me a hat to wear to show that I have experienced cultural culture.

          • Her patreon page is such horseshit.

            “I am blessed to be positioned within a global community of like-minded leaders who are committed to using their superpowers to help galvanize a positive shift in our world. ”

            When I think game changers, I think Ali Shanti, Jena la Flamme, Bryan Franklin, and Jaahass Magic.

            Also, this is the lone video on the Patreon page. Sweet Jesus.


    • deeper and deeper into the jungle I go
      I am kurtz
      the horror!

      the horror

    • Nothing says wild’n’free jungle earth mama like mascara-clumped eyelashes and a carefully waxed upper lip.

  11. “Mentorship” and “inpsiration” = if these no-talent assclowns can play their laptops at dirt festivals, I can be a DJ, too.

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