Updated, Now With Yoni Love! Donkey Is SO PROUD of PhuturePhuckPhace’s New Drug-Fueled Ditty


Chad McNally speaks:

I came across an absolutely incredible piece of art titled “Cielo Cielo” by Hans Walor, and was so deeply moved I promptly contacted the artist and purchased a large print. While admiring it the idea came to me: “If this image made sound … if the feeling I get from looking at it was a song, what would it sound like?”  Boundless is the answer to that question.

Shortly after, I had a cathartic and deeply healing journey with 5-MeO-DMT, led by a Shaman, in which I made the choice to fully trust and surrender to whatever the medicine and my spirit brought to me.  That piece of art was the first thing I saw when I opened my eyes, as a massively impacted and profoundly changed man. This song is also influenced by my journey out of and into myself that day.

I shivered with anticipation when reading of Chad’s creative process … and then I heard “Boundless”: http://www.theuntz.com/news/phutureprimitive-debuts-boundless-from-new-album-flow/

Oh dear. But what do I know? The most important bisexual girl in the world liked it and Rain left her a heart! OMG, OMG, OMG!!

Update: Donkey has posted publicly on Instagram for the first time since she and Petey took in some art in San Francisco. She and Ariel White’s yoni went to Bali, yet another vacation from vacation-itis:


    • Sure sounds like her writing.

      I hope that toad licking brings Electric Grandpa all the adverbs he could want.

      • Thought it sounded like her writing too. She’s having a conversation with herself on Facebook under two different names?
        Christ and it’s so condescending to tell someone you’re “proud” of them. You can be inspired by someone but unless you’re their mom fuck off with the proud shit, you twat.

        • I hate the proud shit. There is a Harvard Business School grad on my FB feed who is constantly “proud” of his friends for publishing articles. You should know better, dick.

        • “A massively impacted and profoundly changed man”? Only our Judy knows how to overuse adverbs like that. As for Rain, he doesn’t seem particularly well read or well rounded, and his “writing” tends to be clipped, brief, usually mentioning an upcoming concert.

          I’m sure both of these asshats were fawning over the faux Heavy Metal “art,” i.e., blacklight poster. Judy’s appreciation of aesthetics has always been lowest common denominator and Rain was tripping balls, so he would have found an old Margaret Keane painting profound.

  1. Couple of years ago I came across a very funny Onion article that made fun of how the How I Met Your Mother show was not funny at all (YMMV, with softness). Mr Silkypaws and I both love the Onion and occasionally send each other links to articles so I sent him this one, but I also wondered whether he did not actually LIKE HIMYM after all because that subject had never come up; I found that unlikely because we tend to like the same kind of stuff as far as TV entertainment goes but I just wasn’t sure. So to play it safe I sent him the Onion link with some lame precaution along the lines of “not sure we agree on the relative merits of HIMYM, I’ve only seen several episodes and thought they were kinda meh, but it might also be because they’ve tried to market the show here as the Next Big Thing and I just don’t see that, blah blah blah with softness.” He loved the Onion article and as for the relative merits of HIMYM, he responded: “As an American, it makes me very sad to learn that such stuff is being translated and broadcast in other countries.”

    I feel something similar to that when I look at the “absolutely incredible piece of art” up there.

    Tl;dr: I KANNOT.

    • Don’t exactly know, even though I grew up in Santa Cruz, CA, an epicenter of such essences (and somehow thankfully managed to avoid same; my mom probably deemed them too expensive), but according to an RBD commenter within the last few posts, you don’t want to let those things get to close to your tender parts.

    • If you ask the Young Living Oils reps, who are basking in that MLM oily life, essential oils will cure everything from grumpy babies to head colds to cleaning your kitchen.

        • Look at this cocksucker right here. That’s a good fucking kitty. – Bubbles

          I love when 2 crazy things I love intersect here! PS All Dressed Ruffles are now available in US!

      • Ok but which ones are essential and which ones aren’t? And why does Nisha Moodley need them for her retreat in Tulum?

        • I don’t think they’re “essential” as in “most important;” the term refers to the concentration of the (I think) aromatic plant compounds in the oil. So you can have lavender essential oil and also just plain old boring lavender oil that is not essential. Or that’s how I understand it anyhow.

  2. He was so deeply moved he contacted the OMG! artist! and OMG! purchased! an OMG! print! (of a really trite OMG! original! “work” of “art.” [Sorry for all the punctuations here, folks; just trying to wrangle my huge contempt into a compact format. So here are some brackets for y’all.]) He is like a 13-year-old boy in the 70s buying a blacklight poster at a headshop. He bought a PRINT, and he’s bragging about it like he’s some kind of big-time Art World Player. It’s just like when Judy bought that incredibly stupid “edgy” photo of the topless faux-ballerina in green tutu and combat boots and bragged and bragged about it all out of proportion. In fact that convinces me more than ever that she is behind this purchase and Chad’s post.

  3. This should trigger Judy
    Monica · Winter Park, Florida
    See you in the 28th in Orlando. I’ll have to binge your new album prior to the show. Thank you Rain for all the beautiful music you create. Oh btw my ex sister in law used to date you lol
    Like · Reply · Sep 21, 2017 3:58pm

      • Imagine the amount of interrogation that goes on if any woman approaches him after the shows. #Exhausting

          • It occurs to me, because of your comment: maybe Donk trotted out that imaginary relationship w/ Myka as a way (a three-way, to be precise) to get Phuckphace in her clovenly clutches again.

          • Highly possible. The “bisexual” confession was surely directed at Rain and all the boys, especially since Myra disavowed Donkey’s claims and sorority sistahs making out is a far cry from full-blown carpet munching.

          • Makes sense that Judy would stir the pot of what happened at Burning Crotch since Chad didn’t attend this year.

  4. Yeah, I’ve made purchases on Amazon after a night of drinking too. #omgirememberthinkingihavetoHAVEthisNOW, #thefuck?

  5. Wait, I may be a musical proverbial knee-high, but to me Chad’s new creation is virtually indistinguishable from the music in the famous Donkey Arm-dance Video. No wonder the rave kids pointed out that he has proffered the same old shtick for the past several years.

    • It’s elevator music with a touch of edm. It’s like what they would play at an apocalyptic massage parlor.

      • I initially read that as elevator music with a touch of edema’ <– that's his music & Donkey's seizurely dancing all rolled up in one, eh?

  6. It’s so odd that Days of Phuture Past and I are on the same profound and healing journey, because at two this morning, unable to defeat insomnia, I spent a couple hours trying to decide — *for real this time* — if I have a favorite Caravaggio painting.

    • I saw a Caravaggio Magdalene in a private collection that I will think about every day for the rest of my life. To my knowledge, it’s unpublished or I’d IG it to you.

  7. Ali Shanti repeatedly indicated she was not going to Burning Man because she had to write a book. HOWEVER, the old raunch has gone batshit insane pushing her LIFT program via her very littered FB wall and listserv. There have been several scare tactics posts and video after video of a bespectacled, bedraggled Skankatron trying to get you to fork over some cash. I’ve received up to four emails a day from this nutjob. Here’s one of the most desperate:

    It’s time Gilly. [Learn how to use a comma in a direct address, you moron!]

    The last hours to get LIFT in your business (with my help) for as little as $497. Super inexpensive with a huge payoff.

    Now, I want to tell you exactly what’s going to happen next.

    Our standard investment for LIFT is $1,497 for our digital version. We have NEVER offered LIFT for just $497.

    At midnight, PST, this opportunity will go away forever. Remember, that you will not only receive LIFT in it’s current form, but you will receive free access to the 2018 edition as soon as it’s ready (no extra investment) … AND my support in the private member’s forum between now and then as I gear up for the big upgrade, so it’s really everything we’ve got to support you.

    After midnight tonight, the investment in LIFT is going to increase by $500. We will then be offering our $1,497 program for $997. That offer will be good throughTuesday, September 26th.

    After that time, LIFT will revert to it’s standard full investment of $1,497.

    So… if you feel like you are ready for an upgrade… if you want the education, the template agreements, the LIFT implementation maps, the direct access to me to help you implement the LIFT system, a matching process to connect you to a lawyer that’s a pre-vetted right fit for you AND receive a free strategy session with that lawyer around the matters most pressing for you now… then simply click over to our LIFT page and complete your transaction right now.

    If you don’t make this investment today, you WILL have the chance to get the program for $997 next week. And after the 26th, you’ll be able to get it for $1,497. Even if you buy it at $1,497 it will be worth every penny and pay for itself over and over again.

    But if it feels like something you could benefit from, and that you are ready to LIFT your life, your business, your family, your team and mission, then take advantage of this insane savings now.

    That’s it for this week. I love you.

    To your eyes (and heart) wide open life and income.


    • I have never, ever, ever, nor will I ever, ever, end a business email with “I love you.” Like most, she’s her own worst enemy.

      • She’s the least professional businessperson I have ever encountered. Who would trust this straggly asshat for financial advice?

        • Begging and blaming is not a business plan, despite her best efforts.

          • She also manages to write all of that without ever once even alluding what “LIFT” is. Except that you get to listen to her voice on the phone, which I’m sure some people would pay not to have to do.

          • To quote Donk, YES! THIS! That’s the question I keep coming back to: what is it that these assholes actually DO? For WHAT are they actually charging the low low prices? It’s really incredible that they go on and on like this for years. When you offer a real product or service that you are *so proud* of, don’t you WANT to be able to describe and explain it in a few simple sentences, preferably without having to include “I love you”? I do, but I probably just need to decalcify my pineal gland and activate my YOLO chakra.

    • She has so much to *teach* this toe in the water is like a gateway drug for her. She’ll be back shortly.

    • “Change Activist. Social Alchemist. Journalist. Speaker. Seeker. Lover. Dancer. Rebel. Friend. Human.”

      Please explain to me how she is any of these things.

    • Okay, so this photo made me go to Carrie White’s Instagram and I noticed a “live naked Russian hooker on the rocks” portrait. She actually looked great in it and I thought to myself “if I took a photo that great of myself nude, I’d need never take another photo of myself ever again.” Then I blew up the photo for a closer look and may have discovered what might very well be the largest areola on record.

      I feel no shame in being Gladys Kravitz of this Pervyhood. I looked, I saw, I shared. Abnerrrrrrrr!

      • Her parent/s must have been alcoholics, has the look of scammy’s brood too, very sad

  8. Recommended soundtrack for the bottom gif (bottom before the sister love update): the Klipspringer organ charleston in the 2013 Gatsby movie, the first 30 seconds here:

    It’s mesmerizing. I’ll have to try it with Bottom Video as well.

    • Favorite line in a Baz Luhrman movie: my secret boyfriend Ewan McGregor saying “Love is like Oxygen!”

      I can’t say I hate Lana Del Ray’s song in Gatsby, although she did a biatch move at Austin City Limits when I saw her. “Turn up the fucking tweeters!”

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