Updated: Myka McLaughlin, Julia Allison’s Bestie, Just Changed The Course Of History!

The former Myka Dunkle, thupermodel of the world and Donkey sidekick, has been posting on and on about an upcoming “revolution” that she’s orchestrated. Myka’s top secret project took six years to complete, and she divorced a good man during that time and chose not to have children – the revolution comes first!

W.E. are at a crossroads.

With my economist’s lens and my heart rooted in ancient wisdom traditions, I’ve been studying, feeling, listening for where our economy and culture are both soaring and collapsing. What are we evolving into?

I imagine you are receiving a lot of “information” about the urgency of this moment, too.

Over the next weeks, I’ll share additional posts with you about how:

W.E. – Women Entrepreneurs – are an Economic and Cultural Revolution.

And why the time is now for you to express the revolution birthing through you.

But first, we must break the spell… for what is no longer palatable and deserves a REVOLT.

I’m naming the massive urgency in our human-eco-system not to elicit fear – although there are some seriously scary things going on in our economy – but in order to BREAK THE SPELL that binds us.

This requires listening to far wiser information than our mind’s can speak, and then wielding energy with that wisdom. (An ancient her-art, for modern times.)
One of the biggest patterns I’ve discovered working with hundreds of women entrepreneurs is this:

We All Struggle With The Same Things.

There is nothing wrong with you.

You’re not the only one that wants something soooooooooooooo bad, but resists doing it, being it, feeling it, living it.

We all do this. We’re in the same boat.

Some of the biggest spells that we’re all under:‎

• Staying lodged in vagueness, yearning for the clarity and confidence to go for it, but instead just floating around from one thing to another, and not staying with anything long enough to shape-shift your reality.
• Spinning endless circles of confusion about daily decisions (let alone, your dharma and business), thus wasting precious time and energy on finding the “right” decision, instead of creating it.
• Constantly doubting your beauty, goodness and capacity to wield material energy.
• Running a mile a minute in a kind of hysteria of activity (often to please others) that disconnects you from your birthright, your intuition and the command of your inner Being.

Underneath all of these spells is the the biggest spell of all – plain and simple – not being nice to yourself.

Expecting yourself to do more, do it faster, never make a mistake, be perfect at something the first time you try, and then, beating yourself up on the inside.
This spell gives birth to a ton of vagueness, paralysis, confusion, doubt and running around like a chicken with our heads cut off trying to manage everyone’s perception of our value and worth. Because underneath, we’re not sure of it ourselves.

W.E. must break these spells.

Tomorrow I am releasing a music video (yes, a MUSIC VIDEO!) that is a PRAYER for all of us to break these spells. Hallelujah!!!

W.E. need you awake and receptive, direct and commanding.

It’s time to listen. The ancients’ whispers are louder than ever.

Let’s move some energy.

How many of you are ready to move some energy?

*** In the comments below, let me know – let US know – what kind of energy you’re ready to move in BREAKING THE SPELL that binds you. ***
And if you’re not sure yet, let us know that too.

Because my next post on the Economic Revolution may help you get off the fence. Or, send you further into vagueness, confusion, doubt and hysteria.

There is a massive change already occurring in our economic system, and if we aren’t ready to break the spell, so we can wield it and shape-shift it, we may be in danger of getting run over by it.

With empowered love and listening,

PS – Where is all this is headed for our community?

Yes, I am inviting you into a best-in-class business training Program, so that you can direct your energy and command your livelihood, as an awake and receptive, feminine Being.

But really, I am inviting you into a M-O-V-E-M-E-N-T and a REVOLUTION.

And look for my next post with the MUSIC VIDEO that is a prayer for us all.

To some of my Sisters in this Revolution:
Elizabeth E. Winheld Hayley Starr Nicole Dunas Julia Allison Ashley Hamedi Ali Shanti Jess Johnson Alicia Lynn Diaz Palomi Sheth Heidi Cuppari Carla Johnson Merret Anne Mann Amanda Steinberg Kelly McNelis Senegor Sara Avant Stover Lois Shannon Sofia Diaz.

So, the “revolution” this asshat has been blithering on about is a bidness course for female entrepreneurs? I’d assumed she discovered the cure for cancer. Isn’t this the same crap that Nisha Moodley, Christina Morassi, Ali Shanti, and 986 other woo goddesses have been grifting for years?

As for Rensselear Resch’s “important work” that Myka helped launch into the world, the woman bills herself as “an erotic intelligence and intimacy guide” who also serves as a muse. Yeah. Sure.

Not convinced we’re in the midst of Myka’s cultural revolution? Check this out, comrade!

Oh dear. A Mulia Mallison lip dub, circa 2009? Too many drugs during your Duran Duran days, Electric Barbarella? Hopefully your investment banker/sugar daddy will continue to foot the bills for whatever manic folly comes next.

Bottom Picture! For all the boyz:

Update: Oh no! Someone didn’t cotton to Dunkle Donuts’ plan to change the universe via a lip dub performed in front of her apartment complex:

The troll’s face was covered in gold metal? Does that sound like Swainy Todd or what?!

Really, Ali? You vomit up your life all over the internet, so what amazing revelation about ME ME ME could you possibly have shared with your detractors? How you bang anything with a pulse? How you tried to strong arm your mother out of her retirement savings? How you homeschooled your daughter in modeling and DJing, subjects amazingly not approved by the Colorado Board of Education? How you went on a Vegas blowout before declaring bankruptcy? Etc., etc., etc. We’ve heard it all, O Goddess de la Skank.


  1. in touch with the ground
    i’m on the hunt down i’m after you
    smell like i sound i’m lost in a crowd
    and i’m hungry like the wolf…

    • Now I’ve got a confession
      When I was young I wanted attention
      And I promised myself that I’d do anything
      Anything at all for them to notice me …

  2. I wonder whether that apartment complex is zoned for revolution. Her-art might violate the CC&Rs.

    This is basically just a “lip dub” (gag), right? 00:23 is pure Little Edie. What’s the purple coat ghoul doing?

  3. Why would you name your child/yourself after the Rensselaer family (or the Institute of Technology they endowed) without looking up the correct goddamned spelling?

    • We are standing at a crossroads, under a spell. We may even be standing out in traffic, under a spell. The moment is urgent, massively urgent. You may have received information about this, shipped securely in scare quotes to keep it fresh and tasty. There is a magical being named he-art who says wiser things than we can tell ourselves; this magical being knows all about women entrepreneurs and has delegated Myka to snowboard down the mountain on the sacred tablets. Like all wisdom worth selling, it applies universally. Everybody is the same, everybody has the same experiences, everybody is okey-dokey. But, owing to other spells, maybe not really so okey-dokey. There are dark spells keeping us from the things we want—keeping us from shape-shifting, wielding material energy, knowing our birthright, and other things of interest to people who’ve watched The Lord of the Rings on heavy drugs. Like skiwear, spells come in layers, and the blackest incantation of the Evil One stops us from being telling ourselves to have a nice day. Fortunately, there is a counter-spell that will conjure away the darkness; just as in a fairy tale of childhood, it is a music video. If we don’t believe in this counter-spell, if we don’t pray along with this music video (available soon; please try to remain calm meantime) then, bearing in mind we started out standing in traffic, we may get run over by our karma.

      • Somehow this comment wound up here, but this is where the Universe must want it to be.

        • This is one of the most beautiful things I ever read. Praise KESUS. Snowboarding on the sacred tablets straight to my heart!

  4. Her ‘economic revolution’ is probably just to max out your credit cards and go bankrupt every 7 years like Ali Shitty. Or perhaps how to swindle your parents? Again a la Ali.

    Come to think of it Judy needs to take that course pronto

  5. Considering she has allegedly spent three years working on this, this announcement is remarkably light on details of what this “revolution” will involve. Except music videos, I mean. I guess you have to sign up for the email list and fork over $299.99 to learn that classified information. So revolutionary!

    • Light on detail & edit, heavy on words with no meaning. Woo Handbook 101

      • She’s lodged so far up the Ass of Vagueness, her post reads as if 35 pages were torn from 35 separate Mad Lib books, thrown up in the air, & collated in the order they landed.

        • Yeah, I’m clueless here as to what exactly Myka the Red Guard’s apartment complex revolution entails.

          • JFAing myself to add that Myka has said she coordinated this “revolution” over a six-year period.

  6. At least she can dance (though I did notice a few leftover Electric Barbarella robot moves) better than a car dealership wind-sock man or a certain dumb donkey.

  7. Anyone know what happened to (or curious about what happened to):

    MMBH, Megolantern, Toilet Julia, the tall blonde girl that was supposedly the “CFO” of NonSociety, GULC fiance guy who moved her to Newport Beach (the horror!), the other 2 ladies from Miss Advised (I’ll have to look up the names), Nick Denton (what happened to him post-gawker? I assume fucked for life?), Fatty Kate, DJ Mayonnaise Handz, Michael (“we overlapped”), Ricky van V (seems like still a huge d’bag), Rachel Sklar (“we are jewish gangstaz”), Chef Floor-r-dee Debbie GoatSoap, Dave whatshisface (the one with a “sick whip” and the grandiose marriage proposal that Julia fucked around with at his destination wedding), Greasy, Avocado, Jack “T-Rexx” McC, the little wheezy “artist”/trustfunder she was hanging around (Hunter something?)…

    I wonder if ANY of them keep in touch with Donk.

    Also, imagine if Julia was a normal sincere person and had actually loved the fiance from Georgetown. Just a thought experiment. She was probably always a bit “off” and maybe damaged from a weird upbringing sot hat never had a chance. But I also think she took that life for granted, thinking she could always fall back on *at least* as good of a situation in the future. Like, if all else failed, at least she’d be able to find a lawyer, doctor, dentist, whatever. She thought that was her “worst case scenario” so she might as well try to “do better”. And it’s shocking how wrong she was.

    • Avocado seems to keep in touch with Judy. Of course, he’s one rung below Phuturephiphty on the itinerant DJ ladder, so that might be why.

      • What’s your take on MMBH? Seems super sad if “living [her] dreams” is playing some golf, being obsessed with diet/exercise, and bland materialism. My $.02. If she doesn’t feel the emptiness, I tip my hat to her.

        • Looks like Mary sold her cycle business RYDE4 and is now pushing a dating app. I think she’s figuring out business and how to build and sell brands…and then enjoy the profits. You know, everything F.U. business school would have taught Julia.

          Good for MMBH!

        • That always seemed more or less her speed. Comfortable life, hanging with her mum, buying pretty things. It certainly seems like a happier time than Judy’s having.

        • I don’t think there’s enough going on upstairs for Mary to feel any emptiness, but hey, she was the only one of the Non-Society knuckleheads that I could see having a beer with. All things considered, I rather liked her.

        • I still don’t get the need for LA boobs.

          Still didn’t manage to buckledown a rich guy yet…

          • She’s not going to get a first-time husband without kids. At some point she is going to be a stepmom to some adolescents/teenagers. Nothing wrong with that at all. She will have to “settle” (in her eyes) but she will spin it so hard like she has found her true love/knight in shining armor.

            The “LA Boobz” aren’t bad. The off-putting thing for most guys is, for someone who is incredibly interested in status symbols/materialism/working out/beach vacations, she isn’t as attractive as her competition. (And she’s not exactly young, either.) Her bland/basic tastes don’t help things either.

            Guys who born on “3rd base” like Mary can do a lot “better” and by her age most of them are married (at least once). Guys were work hard and made their own way in life and are now successful are too smart for her and have different values (and can also do “better”).

            I’m going to get some shit for saying this, but it is the truth.

          • I agree— it’s complicated for her because she likes the beach, pools, bikinis, wine, and exercising…. oh, and fashion-y fashion. b-o-r-i-n-g

      • Avacado was obsessed with DJ PhuckPhace if memory serves. None of these people have standards.

    • Just this weekend I watched the documentary about the takedown of Gawker (I already forgot the name; pretty sure it’s on Netflix) — it’s decent, no great shakes, but it crossed my mind more than once that it must razz Mulia Mallison’s berries that she didn’t even merit a mention.

      • Based on the trailer, I’ll probably skip it. I find Denton so unlikeable I’d rather not watch it anyway. We can only imagine what the jury in FL thought of him.

        • I’d say it would primarily appeal moreso to whoever likes documentaries in general rather than Denton’s fans or foes in particular since it has an overall feel of conveying what oppositional media is up against these days. IMO, anyway.

  8. I was sure we were in for nip slip during the ‘orgasmic dancing in front of an office building’ section.
    She does have nice teeth.

  9. There’s an actual real revolution going on right now. This country is literally under attack from a foreign power. The people are rising up and resisting. THIS IS ACTUALLY HAPPENING… and not one word out of these wastes of space. They’re as shallow as a sheet of tinfoil.

    • Isn’t pushing hemp in a MLM scam and lip synching in front of your apartment building more important than caring about geopolitical threats? What is wrong with you?!

      • Ali’s selling CBD oil for $1000 an ounce or whatever while Sessions decides it’s time to crack down on the dirty pot smokers and ramps up civil forfeiture. Sounds like a flawless plan and I will take my seat.

        Ready to applaud the lip dub! Everything is fine and great!

  10. McLaughlin received 10 comments, at least one of them not legit, and 27 likes on yesterday’s video. Around the same time Nee Dunkle uploaded her craptastic lip dub, I posted a photo of my kid being silly – nothing even close to approximating a revolution – and received over 50 likes. However, McLaughlin just reposted the video. Maybe this time she’ll set the world on fire? HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA

    • JFAing myself to add that no one has yet posted their own stupid lip dub video in response to Dunkle Donut, which is what she has strongly urged, begged, her asshat followers to do. How do you say economic bust?

      • OMG you guys, I would love for each of us to dress as a different embodied goddess one of Donk’s identities and post parody videos. Myka would probably be all, “Deep bow, beloved goddess! I resonate with your vibrations!”

        • I’d like to dress up like Ali Shanti and take some fauxtos, but I’d first have to find and kill a turkey.

        • I have a recent pic of myself appropriating Indian / Pakistani culture, as in it “captures” me standing in front of an Indian-looking background (scarf) and holding a sign in Urdu. I’m also wearing a pair of huge earrings that sadly, cannot be really seen in the pic. That would be my contribution. HTH.

        • As is what to me is the crown jewel of Donkey personae (thus far): Amateur Dancer in Al-Pacino-in-Cruising teal Mylar chaps. Would claim it, but I fear I don’t have the body type, or dance skills (“lest I not be good enough”), to do it justice. Not that that that impeded Donkey.

    • After which she called the cops and reported some lunatic on drugs bouncing up and down, deep in the throes of a psychotic break.

  11. Looks like Baby Ewok was fired from another job; still has enough sense not to get sucked into any Woo Pyramid Schemes.

    • Bree Hoffman CcHt What was the reason?
      Like · Reply · 17 July at 21:07

      Michael Jacobs
      Michael Jacobs Long story…pretty much just being myself.
      Like · Reply · 3 · 17 July at 21:49

      • Another Skankatron ex(?) with serious substance abuse issues responded to Fozzie:

        Rainbow Michael Haynes That’s the best. Back to art g sauce
        Like · Reply · 3 · 17 July at 14:06

        • Don’t forget: Best Selling Author of a pamphlet promoting air travel scams! This savant shouldn’t have to work for a living. Surely his parents agree?

  12. Doc Swain added a new video to Ali Shanti’s Timeline.
    1 hr · Boulder, CO ·


    Why does the old raunch leave this batshit insanity up? It’s not as if Doc Swain is covertly pushing her hemp MLM scam.

      • Fair-warning (or genuine cry for help), methinks.
        This doesn’t bode well for those around him …

        Is that woo mama keeping the kids safely away?

        • No. The kids visit him. He’s with them today. Don’t know if they have to have a supervisor there. Bizarre.

      • If someone local left this on my FB wall, I’d be calling the cops. Mental Dental has also been obsessing over another woman who clearly wants nothing to do with him. Creepy, Creepy, Creepy.

  13. It is possible to dance aggressively, yet with grace, all available evidence notwithstanding.

    • They are changing the world! They are so free and so brave! Such embodied artists! Most people aren’t free-spirited enough to dance around like that, to embrace their inner Feminine (or are guns Masculine? I can’t keep up) and channel the divine through their art! I wish I could be like Jaaahhss Johnson, she is such a role model for strong, empowered women! The Universe has never been so transformed since Donk lip-dubbed on a ski lift! THANK GOD these women are such fierce warriors! Aho!

        • She should , for someone who does not work, does nothing but endless vacay like noodles they look weathered in particular magic less bitch.

    • Are they still on their Thelma and Louise trip? When are they going to get to the part where they drive off a cliff?

      • Soon. I have faith. Would that they have Julia and Myka in the backseat.

  14. Gilly, you are really doing the work of Kesus. I’ve been an RBD-er for so long I can’t imagine it not being here. I hope this place continues to exist, in some form, in perpetuity throughout the universe and so on and so forth.

    • That explains his bizarre questioning during the Comey hearing. It sucks, I feel for him and his family, especially the very talkative Pancakes.

      • Yes. I ragged on him about that. Ugh. I hate being ageist, w/ the one exception being that of elected officials. I hope whatever’s in store for him is kind & gentle.

      • That was my first thought as well. I’m no McCain fan, but I wouldn’t wish what he’s got on most people.

      • Thank you all for your kind thoughts. This was devastating news for us. We will try to keep his legacy alive. Of course Jack will never be president (we love his wife dearly but we all know that shit won’t fly in Topeka) but there’s always Meghan. Who knows where the road will lead us from here. Now I have to make sure his life insurance beneficiaries don’t accidentally have his first wife’s name on them somewhere. Also I need to count our houses so she doesn’t accidentally get one. So much to do!

        • Thanks Cindy. If someone tries to ingratiate herself into your family during this health crisis, remember that you know where the airport is.

    • The man who was heroically flying thousands of feet above the earth to drop bombs from the sky on Vietnamese people, men, women and children, interesting

      • .. and he wasn’t even good at it. That being said, I still feel for anyone with brain cancer. Or any cancer.

        He’s no Eisenhower, but the media is going to lionize him disproportionately for all his remaining time as if he was really good for the country or something. The media loves neocons – McCain, Lindsay Graham, Hillary, etc. etc. etc.

        • These’s a quote I can’t remember exactly but it’s something like all dead men are heroes and living sinners.

      • Yes, he decided to do that all on his own on his way home from the grocery store one night.

      • Well, isn’t it one thing to be critical of someone’s politics or previous actions and another to have some empathy for a diagnosis like this?

        • Bet I know which one you’re talking about, cuz I saw one that made me do a double-take (a B&W, in uniform, in front of aircraft?) — definitely had it going on at one point.

          • Close — it’s one taken after he was rescued from the POW camp. He’s in a hospital bed, and looks like a movie star.

          • I saw that one too and thought he was very nice looking when he was younger.

    • Obvs most of Camp Septic is Stardust Vagabonds with (based on the presence of fluorescent polyester tutus and plastic hooker platform boots — Hi, Donkey!) random sprinklings of Sparkle Ponies thrown in. But Swiss Mister definitely rode in on the Flummoxed European wave.

    • I prefer to call #5 the Crystal-sucking Pinheads.

      Donkey and crew are def a combo between 1 and 5.

    • You KNOW she’s privately FB posted about the home they used to share on the island of Coronado and how close she was to Jack’s father. “He was furious when his wife and her goons escorted me to the tarmac!”

    • It’s her excuse to stalk down FlapJack & add to his misery by reminding him he once porked a donkey offer her condolences.

    • Sorry should have read all the way down before posting similar below.

    • Doesn’t Christina Morassi charge a similar price to discover your turn-on? What sort of idiot falls for these scams?

  15. Over/Under that Donkey did a post about her “almost one time father-in-law”? She’s never one to miss the opportunity to make someone else’s cancer about her.

    • Behind the scenes, Donkey’s probably trying to set him up with the Make A Wish foundation to grant his wish for nuclear war with Russia/Iran.

    • “We MUST find a cure for brain cancer!!!!! HOW can our society allow this to happen????? I am TAKING A STAND!!!”

      Never lifts a finger; never mentions it again.

      • She already went this route with the Levi Felix Camp Grounded dude. And then never mentioned him again.

        This gives her an opportunity to drop both names and feign great personal distress.

        • “I’m going to miss Levi so much!!! Camp Grounded transformed my life! I am so blessed to have known him! Does anyone know when his memorial service will be?”

          “It was last week.”

    • Is it possible this seminar was attended by fewer people than her seminar this past winter (where she whore chaps)? The sadness of these photos give me “Kirk Cameron and his Subway Sandwich Birthday Party” vibes.

    • Are you referring to Michael Acton Smith or to one of the sheep?

  16. I had seen the troll comment Myka was referencing. Sadly for her, the profile picture was of a statue, not a person painted in gold. Does Myka go around life scared of all the statues that she thinks are painted people standing really still?

  17. OT: I feel kind of stupid saying this but two of my close family members (dad, grandpa) are currently hospitalized, and my desk-erranding place is CRAZY and getting ready to explode soon (idiots have take over), so I can’t focus on the important things as much as I would like right now. I would be grateful for some good thoughts from the basement. TIA, xoxox, psycho emoticon. Much love to all!

    • Thinking of your and your family ((hugs))

    • OMG! 🙁 Best of luck to your imaginary family! And i hope your imaginary job settles down and, further, that craziness in your job is not a harbinger for the rest of the world losing its goddam mind, again, some more.

    • Huggles. All of the huggles.

      If you’ve never read Wake Up, Sir! by Jonathan Ames, it is delightful and ridiculous. Could be a pleasant distraction.

  18. In other news, Doc Swain has never been the only white person at a house party, in a subway, or anywhere else ever. It looks like he hasn’t even been to Jamaica which is a relatively small feat for a pothead multi millionaire bob Marley fan from NY State. For fucks sale it’s a 3 hour plane ride. Honestly, his entire net worth is based on servicing and helping white people. I’d be surprised if he ever gazed into a black person’s mouth.

    I feel somewhat bad for casting such shade on him but his entire monologue bothers the fuck out of me. I am a white dude who actually does business with and helps black people. And they don’t need lip service from pieces of shit like you swain.

    • Also, obviously, opening a Dental Mendal clinic in the African American ghetto would actually provide street cred, you selfish and insane rich fascist hippie fuck

      • The woo assholes like Inswain and Ali Scamti who have actual education and training that could help people, choose to squander it all by playing dress up in feathers and fake hippie costumes, while braying about how they’re “serving” society. Being a dentist or a lawyer isn’t “cool” to the 20-something street kids that they want to hang with, so they’ll be con artists instead!

    • Does that mean you want to but can’t avert your eyes because they are forcibly held open by medical clamps?

      Also, I believe that suit is early 90’s Gaultier, the toplessness juxtaposed for purposes of irony with the ladylike Don’t-Fuck-With-Me Pearls (tm, or plagiarized by, Donkey Allison.) Also, the sleeves are a tiny fraction of a smidge too short for Goddess Myka’s gangly arms.

      P.S. Where is Fashion Girl when you need her?

      • Something like that, but more along the lines of a boob version of the Kubrick stare – where the tits actually appear to be glowering sullenly at you of their own accord. I’m thinking of the topless scene in “A Clockwork Orange” and the nude lady in “The Shining” where the boobies in question – while perfectly symmetrical and attached to attractive women – were, shall we say, not inviting.

        Myka’s exposed hooter looks as if it has a surface temperature of about minus 20F, while the covered up one could very well be a boxing glove on a loaded spring.

        • I was thinking of the makeup in Clockwork Orange where he outlines only one eye.

          Can’t remember the Shining because it traumatized me too fucking bad.

  19. https://secureservercdn.net/×600.jpg

    No, no, please stay! That’s what we’re supposed to say, right?

    Michael Jacobs
    7 hrs ·

    Personal Update:

    Well, Boulder…

    In a week or so, my lease ends.

    Although I have yet to make a final decision, I believe I may be moving on from this beautiful land.

    I will be sticking around the Boulder area from the beginning of August until Burning Man time.

    Then after BM, Maybe I’ll head back to Boulder…Maybe Phoenix, AZ…maybe somewhere brand new….

    During or after Burning Man, I will make my final decision of what is next.

    Besides that, thank you Boulder. Whether I leave or I come back, it has been a journey.

    • Ok, I’ll say it again to no avail, but srisly?, leave this Dude alone, bit part on rotten feather

      • When did you ever write this? Oh, and this is a snark blog. Anything associated with Ali Shanti is fair game, especially a stoner with a college degree who’s still living off his parents.

        • It has been three years since he (perhaps) graduated and he is unemployed but looking forward to burning man, unsure where he will live next, and homeless. If I were supporting him, a week of debauchery in the desert would be off the table.

          • That and tattoos. I’ll paraphrase for him words of wisdom my father gave all three of his daughters at one point in our lives: Pull your head out of your ass, forego some extra circulars, and get a job where you can support yourself. No amount of money given to you will buy self-worth.

          • Did you see some of the comments when Fozzie posted about being fired (again)? Lazy enabler, thy name is w-o-o!

            Stephanie Salinas Lmfao story of my life ?? who needs them anyways lol

            Korey Niese nice!

            Mark Helton I quit my job and been “unemployed” since 2005 and love every minute of it.

            Pouya Irani Talab Congrats bro! I got fired so many times I chose to become an entrepreneur and never went back ?

            However, I found this response hopeful:

            Connor Bray Come work with me

            Michael Jacobs I’m still a no on the hippie pyramid scheme.

          • struggling to understand how the woo-side thinks. the individuals in these comments, and their attitude towards getting fired astounds me. they treat it like another daily event, such as getting up and brushing their teeth.

            and the title of “entrepreneur” isn’t granted simply by getting cards printed at vistaprint or staples. it’s earned.

          • I remember when ‘entrepreneur’ was attributed to someone who found a niche mkt AND successfully filled it — friend’s dad who owned a cabinet shop was no entrepreneur but their family friend who invented SkipBo was — anymore, you hear it used for everyone in biz for themselves but fuckwit woos simply take that to mean having no boss when having no income either is the other half of that equation.

          • It’s their new buzzword for self-employed, when that was the old synonym for out of work.

      • Most posts here since his emancipation from Skankatron have been of the ‘unfortunate lost soul, hope he figures things out’ variety. He keeps demonstrating repeated bad decisions, though. Would not be surprised at a psychotic break at some point.

        • You mean *another* psychotic break. He goes to dark places when he’s off his meds. I remember his post (after Skanky break up) about giving the evil eye to a car salesperson at her suggestion that he consider buying a used car. She backed away from the crazy man carefully.

          • Apparently his parents have to pay for tattoos when he’s off his meds, too.

            VIDEO DELETED

          • I’m not a parent but I was someone’s once young adult child and cannot image what my parents would have said at his age, if I got fired, spent money on a tattoo, and expected them to pay for a vacation pending homelessness.

          • I recall a post back in his Skankatron days about him putting on a nice suit to hit up his granny for cash. I’d guess she’s his source for unemployed tat money.

    • I hope he can find a way to get it together. Shantytown really broke Dan Savage’s “campsite rule” imo.

      • Didn’t she basically cuckold him? (I say basically bc they weren’t married so I guess it wouldn’t count.)

      • Indeed. A kid skankatron dragged into the light of this site. More of her great. This fellow is sadz. Is not running a predatory racket like the noodles, lafrauds, etc and is not julia whats her name

        • Oh he tried, he just lacks the skill and motivation. I do sense he could pull it together in the right environment and structure to his day.

          • Didn’t he have a #1 Best Seller, push Jedi Jewelry (which he bought for cheap and jacked up retail high, high, high), and run a “coaching” bidness?

          • Michael Austin Jacobs is a Serial Entrepreneur, #1 Best-Selling Author, Business and Life Coach, and Professional Speaker. He has been featured in Entrepreneur Magazine, Yahoo! Entertainment, and much more. He is also an active contributing writer for Entrepreneur.com.

            Michael has traveled the world and sought out great teachers in order to learn and share a message with greater purpose. Learn more about Michael and his journey here.


          • Good grief, Stalker. I brought Dick Francis up the other day & realized that the reference was entirely too obscure, & then LOL, here you are doing it too.

            Sure wish I still had all those RDCB’s I grew up on.

          • Obscure cultural references are always welcome, but is Dick Francis that obscure? And did his wife really write those books? winky emoticon

          • I don’t think Dick Francis is obscure so much as dated. All the horse girls in my 7th grade class loved his books. I just picked one up at Goodwill and started it last night so he’s on my mind in all his tiny glory.

            Google gives me nothing on RDCB (Remote Desktop Connection Broker?) so you’ve got that going for ya.

          • Obscure only WRT how my reference was framed in that particular convo about wine, of all things.

            RDCB’s = Readers Digest Condensed Books — my parents had probably 15 years worth & a monthly subscription by the time I began reading.

  20. What’s the ballpark figure for a full sleeve tattoo? Is he having it colored in?

    • Depends. Depends on the artist, the detail, how much they charge per hr, etc. A friend paid $450 just for the outline of her fiance’s 3/4 sleeve, & I know that took more than two hrs.

    • what brayella said. if you think that a simple multicolor, non-flash tattoo done by a good artist takes at least an hour to complete; a full sleeve, colored could take 20 – 30 hours to outline and color.

      also: it adds to the cost if the artist does the design work. i did my own and provided the reference material, which the artist said helped immensely during inking.

  21. Oh good Shit-Show-Shanti coming to a family reunion near you to discuss your family’s money. You know what families who haven’t seen each other in years want to do when they get together? Not sit and watch a half dressed, feather-wearing, has been talking about Money Crap.

    Ali Shanti

    3 hrs ·


    Did your family host family reunions when you were a kid?

    If so, how big were they? And, does your family still do them?

    Fill me in! I want to hear, as part of my research into inheritance, lineage and how we pass on our family values.


    • Her fellow scammers are spilling the family secrets and Skankatron then asks them probing questions. What long con is she cooking up?!

      Chrissie Bettencourt
      my family all lived on the same block (the rest were in the US and Portugal) so every weekend in the summer we would all get together at one of the parks/beaches. Sundays were always family day with big picnics/bbqs. a reunion of sorts 🙂

      Ali Shanti
      Can you describe who made up your family and their relationships?

      Chrissie Bettencourt
      Ali Shanti mom, dad, sister, grandmother, aunts, uncles, cousins and second cousins and all the cousins spouses if they had spouses. In some instances third cousins. And it was both sides, my mom’s side and dad’s side. Generally four generations in total.

      • In her next response she all but asks for their social security numbers, bank routing numbers and how much they have in life insurance policies. She’s so gross and transparent. I suspect at one point in her life she’ll eventually be on the end of a probe she won’t like so much, a federal one.

  22. The postscript in Shantitown’s latest listserv email. Something Julia-St. Martin’s fishy is going on:

    PS — one cool thing I will tell you about now from my life is that I’m working with SARK and her business partner, Dr. Scott Mills, on my book. It’s changed a lot from the book that got picked up by a publisher a year ago. And now they aren’t my publisher anymore.

    I’m going in a different direction. One that allows me to say all of what needs to be said. And maybe even with humor if I can figure out how to write what’s in my head, fully.

    SARK and I did a Zoom today and I can see the perfection of all of it. Everything that’s happened up until now ultimately led to this partnering, and now the book that actually represents all of who I am and can offer the greatest gifts I have to give can be written. It’s been a crazy road to get here, and I am grateful for each twist and turn.

  23. With comic con come and gone, is if I must ask myself: do you think Donkey actually saw Wonder Woman?

    • Hell no. HAYULL no. Who’s gonna notice you in a dark theater (as opposed to pretending to meditate in the park)?

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