Updated: Wikipedia Finally Comes Clean About Julia “Donkey” Allison

Donkey’s Wikipedia page has undergone a few significant changes in the last 48 hours:

Julia Allison (born February 28, 1981) is not an American journalist, television commentator, public speaker and former BRAVO star.[1]

She has appeared as a guest commentator on television networks such as CNN, MSNBC, Fox, Fox News, NBC, Headline News, ABC[2] and MTV, and co-hosted NBC’s New York Nonstop lifestyle show TMI Weekly. She co-starred on the Bravo reality show Miss Advised.

Upon graduating from college, she moved to New York and began working as a ho for amNewYork, after which she became editor-at-large for Star magazine. In 2007, she went on to join Time Out New York as a columnist, a position held until Summer 2009. She then became a nationally syndicated technology columnist with Tribune Media Services[3] and had a series of columns on ELLE.[4] Her writing has been featured in newspapers and magazines including The New York Times,[5] New York Magazine, The Guardian UK[3] and Cosmopolitan.

She appeared on the July 2008 cover of WIRED magazine and the February 2008 cover of Time Out New York. Her work includes speaking engagements on new media and marketing, as well as assisting various companies such as Sony as brand spokesperson.

As a television pundit, Allison has made occasional appearances on Fox Business’s Happy Hour and Fox News’ Red Eye show, regular appearances as a commentator on Fox News segments, CNN’s Reliable Sources, and Headline News’ Showbiz Tonight and Glenn Beck news-commentary show.[17][18] Other appearances include E!, MSNBC’s Scarborough Country; Montel Williams, NY Residential, and the Wendy Williams show, MTV’s It’s On with Alexa Chung.[19][20][21][22] Locally, media appearances include New York City’s Fox 5, and Sirius radio. She co-hosted NBC New York Nonstop’s TMI Weekly, which is jointly owned by Next New Networks.[12][23][24] Allison was also pictured by renowned photographer Platon on Wired magazine’s cover in August 2008.[25] According to CBS News, Julia through the use of attorneys, has been quite effective at rewriting her history and rebranding herself by having websites removed or taken down.[26]

As soon as Judy or one of her minions reads this, you better look out, Yimmy Wales! It won’t matter if you have a yen for idiot brunettes. Donkey is going to read you the riot act and you best remove these changes pronto or else Peter Baugher will send you a cease and desist!

Thanks for the alert, Psycho Shiller.

Re: Donkey having unfavorable content taken down, she’s moved from crying in her pelts to CBS – they hate her – and Tumblr to intimidating dirt fest kids in an attempt to remove an “amateur” dancing video taken during a stage show that they paid for? Could she sink any lower? ONCE MORE, WITH FEELING:

Update: Social media expert Donk is definitely writing the garbage on Rain’s “fan” page. I guarantee he has no idea who the fuck Caroline Myss is.

Yo, Judy, is this your life? Writing inspirational crap for your aging DJ boyfriend and amateur dancing at his dirt fest gigs? How do you pay the rent? Eat? Clothe yourself in frocks found in shoppes?


    • I’m ashamed of how many times I’ve watched this video, but not as ashamed as she should be that it exists.

  1. Whomever edited that Wikipedia page could have done much better. With citations, too. This is just egg-throwing.

    • agree. using “not” and calling her a ho is pretty weak sauce.

      we all know what would really infuriate her- exposing her real name (RIP Baugher blogger, you were a hero), exposing her many personal and professional grifts, failures, breakups, firings, and evident lies. oh and drawing more attention here. most of the people here could write a more cutting and accurate bio for her in a heartbeat.

      • I know I keep mentioning it, but the Fuck You Money video is probably the singular thing in my opinion that says everything you need to know about this fraud. I don’t know why something like this couldn’t be linked from the Wikipedia page. Also that she got a book contract but never delivered a manuscript. Links to the book proposal.

        • The FYM video is awesome. It’s just hard for me–someone who had never heard of Donkia Allison until Mess Despised, and even then was still confused as to who she was and what she did– to watch the video through the eyes of someone from back in the day, when she was a “journalist” and “personal branding expert.” Nothing she has ever done and will ever do, will NOT look mental and delusional to me.

      • I think this was just someone having a little fun, not meant to inform the world on the Donkey Phenomenon.

        Or, as some catladies speculate below, a Donkey-sanctioned attempt at Kesus (<3 also see below) knows what.

    • I’m still mad at Derpin for dropping the ball (and chain). I mean, a Donk/Choad OMG wedding would still be hilarious, but the Derpin touch would have sent it over the edge. Imagine multiple matching costume changes, the entire Easter Island Stetler clan, Derpin reciting vows that were written by Donk…

        • Donk: Can anyone suggest a VERY spiritual place to have a wedding?
          Papa Stetler: Um, a church?

          • Tears are flowing down my face from these three comments. My husband is asking why I’m laughing so hard, but I can’t catch my breath long enough to explain.

    • If she gets married I just know she will go full on humble brag crazy teen bridezilla with a credit card and Pinterest. I hope she will post every aspect of it, including passive-aggressive exchanges with cousins, on Facebook.

      Because she is now a professional dancer, I am hoping for one of those YouTube videos titled “This Groom was Surprised by His Bride’s Sexy Dance Routine at the Reception” with her aggressively choreographed to his bad music and Katie Perry. And a booty shaking dance down the aisle with her pops.

      • I hope she has three weddings a la Bear & Kitty AND has a gift registry in which she asks to stay in our homes.


    That fucking video is the gift that keeps on giving. Bless you rave children for being such JOURNALITHTs.

    • OMG, remember when Pointy Megan was all about citizen journalism? It’s Citizen Journalism, Donkey! They’re reporting the story as it happens!

  3. Latest revision as of 03:55, 6 July 2017

    The data for this tracing history reads that the connection to this host has an assigned origination point in Chicago, Illinois, United States.

    Go, DaD$er! Go, Dad$er!

    Or is Donkey currently stalled in the OMG!DC?

    • Damn, that thing is specific too! Ahem.

      The timezone of the address of this host is America/Chicago. The last user of this IP address that connected to the website was using a computer running iOS 9.3.2 with Safari 4.0.5 browser.

    • Why would she or her father be negatively editing her Wikipedia page? Completely illogical.

      • I *just* realized my error — saw that # in the right column re: the latest change but didn’t catch that it was saying it was an undo of that #’s change on the 3rd.

        Oh well. Damn. Was fun for a hot minute.

        LOL though if Britt or Allie office over there in Lincoln Park …

      • To build a case that people are harassing a “private person” who inconsistently has a Wikipedia page? I do love that this page is full of Nancy Drews through. That IP information is crazy. I wonder why that information is made available?

        • yes,given the simplicity of it and the harkening to dadsers efforts, all the more reason to solicit hi$ effort even more, sympathy vote seeking? makes more sense when you donk of it

          • Like getting punched in the face by an imaginary homeless dude, so that Dad$er will put up some very real sawbucks for moving expenses to a new stall?

            There is no low she won’t stoop to, this we know.

        • You can pretty easily Google about how Wikipedia vets its community content and providers, and checks for reference citations. Any hijinks are dealt with pretty quickly. Yes it is community sourced but there are a lot of folks checking content and documenting changes.

    • I expected as much when Psycho Shiller posted about the changes in here. I wonder if Nisha Moodley alerted Donk. Noodles is, after all, our most loyal reader.

      • JFAing myself to add that the CBS sentence about shutting down websites is still up. Is that a threat, Donk?

      • Darn, I’m following the wrong bird head, thought Ali was the winner winner chicken extensions dinner there

    • I don’t get it, can anyone change a Wikipedia page? Can anyone create a Wikipedia page? So any fraud can write a total work of fiction?

  4. I wish mental dental had a wiki page. “Stole idea and maximized capacity for money, went nuts, found Kesus (again), bored his followers with emoticons, fucked a few women but nothing really epic.”

  5. OT but not totally OT:

    You guys, girls, and cat ladies! I was at lunch a few days ago and a friend of mine went on a rant about all men named Chad and I said: “the one Chad in my world is a DJ who re-named himself Rain Phutureprimitive (WITH A PH).” I then tell the story about how Chad was a terrible person, about the dancing girlfriend, how she netted said Chad, and how even though I call her Donkey her real name is Julia Allison. And then the most amazing thing happened.

    The third person at lunch with me got a weird look on her face and she said: “I went to high school with Julia Allison.”

    Praise Greg.

    That video will never get old.

      • She asked for the link, I obliged. I will see her for a dog walk this weekend.

        I know she is still tight with high school friends, I am hoping she is using her time wisely and dishing with them. I mean, between her desk errands at a super well known search engine that rhymes with Doogle.

    • Totally OT but feel compelled to mention: the only Chad I know is one of my college roommates. He got an MD/PhD, is a psychiatrist, and works with mentally ill homeless people because he finds it fulfilling, despite it being about the lowest paid (and most dangerous) job an MD/PhD could get. And he doesn’t have rich parents, either – Dad was a fireman, Mom a secretary. #NotAllChads

      • At lunch I was saying that I didn’t know that the Chad thing was a thing. Then I remembered that the only Chad calls himself Rain Phutureprimitive and my argument fell apart. I am glad there is a Chad that is not a Chad.

        • Men’s Rights Activists and The Red Pill men and Involuntary Celibates (“incels”) have a thing about Chad. They think every other guy but themselves is out having lots of no-strings-attached sex with hot chicks named Stacey. Chads are the genetic lottery winners who don’t have to work4pussy (incel motto: “It’s so unfair we can’t just rape women and get the sex we deserve!”) and consequently don’t appreciate how lucky they are to be able to engage in copulation. All the neckbeards hate all the Chads.

  6. OT & pulling a donkey
    Anyone have experience with the production side of a documentary and willing to answer a few questions?

  7. That “art” from Chad Phuturephiphty’s page looks like the side of an arcade video game circa 1983.

  8. So Judy has Dwayne’s passwords, the better to monitor him. And he thinks she has marketing juice, which is too funny (Her many friends in journalism will help! They’ll get a reality show! He’ll do music at Fashion Week! She’s knows people who attended Coachella! Maybe even do an album with Whandi!). He’ll be in the same place until music fads change, then they can move to a trailer in Mojave. She can put on her pearls to wash dishes at the diner. She’s zeroed out.

    • I wonder if he gave her his password or just made her admin of his DJ page. If it’s the former, how many women do you think she’s messaged as him telling them to never speak to him again?

    • And 20 years from now, she’ll inherit half of the remainder of Momsers and Dadsers’ estate. Not a bad bet for a middle-aged DJ with no savings.

      • They may deduct whatever support she’s been receiving from them from her portion of the estate, out of fairness to her “baby brother.”

        • That would be perfect. I can imagine her face when she gets a check for $19.95.

      • I really hope her parents live as long as their oldest parent did. That would put Juju well into her 60s before she inherited anything.

    • Btw – and no-one cares – but Ali’s got a new boyfriend!

      “I’m in love. Not talking more about it because it’s tender. And private. And while I want everyone to know, it still feels too sacred to share beyond the in-person connections we have.”

      • Kesus wept. Here’s an idea: if it’s so tender and private and sacred, STFU about it. It’s OK when people , incuding the “in-person connections,” don’t hear anything about your love life at all. I promise everyone will survive without that information.

        • I just hope he’s of legal age.


          • If she’s keeping it a secret it’s because she’s banging someone’s husband. #trust

      • Imagine being one of her kids with her dragging these clowns around the house, stinking of weed, BO and patchouli.

  9. OT: If anyone is interested, Ryan Swain, AKA Mental Dental, is apparently way off his meds and leaving messages on Ali Shanti’s FB wall.

    • He also posted an image with the RBD headline “Good Luck in Family Court Crazy Swain!” He’s been nuts for a while now. Unfriended most of his family on FB, etc.

      • Thanks for the info. I’m adding Swainy to the next post, which goes against RBD policy but I felt we should return the favor.

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