Updated, Now With Shocking Video: Julia Allison On BOOK’s Demise, Or, Liar! Liar! Hooves On Fire!

A reader pointed us towards a FB post written by Spencer Greenberg, a mathematician and entrepreneur who has attended Burning Man but isn’t a citizen of Wooville. Greenberg inquires in the post: “What interventions have you heard of people trying (or tried yourself) that seemed to cause the person to be *dramatically* better off in the long term?” Look who popped up in the comments, once again attempting to rewrite history:

Geez Louise, Donkey! Lie much? We know folks at St. Martin’s and are well aware of your inability to meet deadlines and of your ability to turn in some typically half-assed garbage that wasn’t what was agreed upon in your contract: https://rebloggingdonk.com/2016/05/26/st-martins-balks-at-the-new-julia-demands-return-of-book-advance/

In other Donkey news, our burro says hooray to more sips!

Finally, Ali Shanti joins the Landmark “racket,” her word. Acknowledging you’re a grifter is the first step towards overcoming grifterhood, heh, Skankatron?


Update: Look who danced for us at PhuturePhuckPhace’s Denver show! Be sure to enlarge video for maximum impact.

The kids sure ain’t down with Rain & Rainbow. THIS IS SUCCESS?!?!


  1. Taking notes. I’m going to use that for any unfinished projects. I no longer wanted to do it. I just wanted to go in a different direction! I can see it now:

    Huscat: Why didn’t you finish the laundry?

    Me: Doing laundry changed my life so much that I no longer wanted to do it. I just went in a very different direction!

    • This! I went in a different direction too and told my 11 year old that she’d have to get herself to theater camp M-F. That’s what a crucible does!!!

      • When it’s really important use ALL CAPS. GAME CHANGER. ALWAYS.

  2. Wow, is Donkey taking lessons from Trump? That’s a whopper of a lie.

    • I’m stunned, and it’s as if she rethought one comment and added the lie because she didn’t think she’d get caught. However, she’s told lots of folks about fucking up that book contract. Maybe she thought the woo tribe wouldn’t be reading Greenberg’s post?

    • That is breathtaking chutzpah. Also, who has ever finished a book and “not felt like” publishing it? Not felt like it so much that you gave them their money back? Puh-lease, Judy.

      • Exactly, and she’s a pathological manipulator of facts. She’s less creative with her lies which again is the opposite of success. Those idiots don’t need to read her book, they need to pull their heads out of their asses and read here. Much more helpful than any woo-realted self-help book or program.
        Sad how many floundering souls are desperate for someone to fix their problems the easy way.

      • Also, what publisher would be ok with that? “Well, we paid you an advance to write a book and you wrote a book, but if you don’t feel like it then never mind.”

        • St. Martin’s certainly wasn’t OK with Donkey’s inability to honor her contract, and she fell into something of a funk because, once again, she couldn’t follow through on a project.

  3. I like how she totally dodges his “I want to read [Book].” The whole “I changed so much I was no longer one of those people who wants to have books published” thing is pretty priceless, too.

    • She changed her clothes, that’s it.

      • She certainly retained her ability to dissemble. “Yes, I am a completely different human being. Whew!!” Not to be confused with Skankatron’s “Whoa!!”

        • I assumed that she must have been bitch on wheels (literally) to that poor BM volunteer parking attendant and needed to let him know she’s a totally different costume.

          • That’s what I got, too. “Whew! I’m totally not that horrible anymore.”

    • Someone should anonymously send him the laughable book proposal, and maybe that angry embarrassing chapter she wrote and published on Facebook.

  4. Working for Fox changed my life so much I no longer wanted to work there! Writing for TONY changed my life so much I no longer wanted to write for them! Having a TMS column changed my life so much I no longer wanted to do it! Being on a Bravo reality show changed my life so much, I stopped after six episodes!

    As the Walter Becker song says, “there’s a star in the book of liars by your name.”

  5. Is S. Greenberg a target in Donk’s cite / site / sights? In addition to apparently
    liking dogs in costume, he bears a slight resemblance to Little Brother Britt …

    • She’s definitely sucking up to him a la Dave Morin, and I suspect any resemblence to Little Brother would make Donkey giddy.

    • I know him personally, though we’re not close. I wouldn’t be surprised if he were a target — there is family money. He has an amazing long-term girlfriend who has JA beat in every category: successful Ivy League knockout with a heart of gold. He would have zero interest in JA’s peddlings.

      • Greenberg is a friend of a friend, and everything I’ve heard about him is on the up and up. He’s likable and courteous but would never take a clown like Donkey seriously.

  6. “By the time I finished writing the book, I no longer wanted to publish it.”

    Hands down, this is my new favorite Donkey Tall Tale.

    • I’m currently writing my phd dissertation, and I’m using this logic: “I did write it, but I was so moved by the process that I no longer feel the need to turn it in.”

      • Congratulations on finishing your dissertation! You are Donkey Kryptonite: aka a person with real, verifiable accomplishments.

  7. So I’m going to guess “plant medicine of all kinds” = drugs? So a thirty five year old woman has found that not working, doing drugs, and going to festivals is the secret to “happiness”. That sounds like a Dr. Phil episode.

    • I’m really confused by Shanti’s comment that this is a “racket.” Is she actually acknowledging that Landmark is a just a grift?

      • I think she meant that her resistance to getting to the event was a racket. I was confused too.

        • Landmark uses double speak and re-defines terms to twist marks in circles. For instance, “integrity” means that you do not ask for a refund… the biggest re-defined term is probably “racket” or the phrase “running a racket.” In Landmark-speak, you are “running a racket” when you don’t feel you want to participate / buy into the next MLM-type workshop / spend 13-hour days with few bathroom breaks and one meal break listening to someone emotionally abuse vulnerable saps onstage.

          Which is pretty funny / sinister because the folks actually “running a racket” are Landmark. They have just taken the terms folks are most likely to use against them and reclaimed them as their own.

          • Thank you; once I again I though it was my own English-as-a-second-language issue and once again it’s not me who fails to do English good.

            BTW, speaking of emotionally abusing vulnerable saps online: there is some great and OLD writing about that in Kingsley Amis’ Jake’s Thing (1978!). Something recently reminded me of that.

    • I tried. That voice is so off-putting. She should consider some voice training.

  8. I was trying to find that dreadful example of Donkey’s book preface and so far have come up empty, but I thought I’d quote the prescient Sacred Scrapbooks, from December, 2014:

    “I’m not sure she even knows when she’s lying, she’s so manic. If there still is a book deal, my guess is that she’s adamant about writing her imaginary autobiography (the only thing she can write) and that when the publisher says this isn’t what we contracted for, she’s going to hit the wall–I mean become cosmically goddess united with artistic brick congruency.”

  9. She frequently makes the claim that she’s a completely different person. It always seems related to someone she dicked over, or a time when she was called out for behaving like an asshole. There was the Normal, Healthy Julia that I Am Today that was for the benefit of James or perhaps [Redacted]. There was the Greatest Love of All Time with Derpin with which she rebutted Gawker and tried to save face from MissAdvised. I wonder to whom this rebirth tale is targeted? Pancakes? Randi? The scheme weasels are still hard at work, I guarantee it!

    I’d also love to hear her Ideate camp mates’ recollection of a Donkey’s first Burning Man. I’m sure they have some amusing anecdotes of a boorish burro.

    • This right here. She’s no different! I look back to 2009 and all the things that have changed for me and she’s still doing the same old bullshit with the same old bullshit personality. Same old cuntwitch.

      • It’s fucking hilarious, the video and the comments.

        I nominate Gram Coscia for an RBD honorary doctorate.

    • LOL-God’s work. That’s embarrassing on every imaginable level.

    • I dunno, she’s probably the most entertaining part of the presentation. Otherwise, you’re just sitting there watching a bald, shirtless middle aged guy press buttons in broad daylight.

      (Really, though, I hope for her sake she was on drugs. Otherwise …)

    • Thank you so much. It’s like Craymas in June! The dancing! The outfit! The strokeface! The scorn from random festival-goers!

    • That video is gold. All those big gestures, done poorly, no technique. Really shows you how bad a dancer she is. And CL’s comment is the best:

      “My opinion is that she has left a long trail of destruction in her path, she has a hate blog dedicated to her that hundreds of people contribute to and comment on because of her well documented, legitimately diagnosable narcissism and sociopathy, and she’s a dangerous person who will lie and manipulate to no end for her own gain, while wearing the shiniest outfits with the biggest fake smile on all the time, telling you about her $5000 Dates with Destiny with Tony Robbins and how they transformed her into a next level super evolved human being. No.”

    • hahahhahhahahhahahahahahahhahahaha that totally made my day thank you angels…. jeebus’s work you do

  10. She’s dancing among the tech equipment. Reminds me of the midget vs. Stonehenge scene in “Spinal Tap.”

      • I think of Jeanine almost every day on my way to work as I pass the Dolby Corp SF headquarters (which projects these pretty amazing undulating pulsating graphics that I wish I could have access to as a sleep-aid), and say to myself: look, there’s

    • And at the drop… she runs AWAY from the audience into the murk. Like…where the fuck are you going? Or, why the fuck are you coming back.

      • I watched it without sound (IS there sound? I don’t have it on my work computer so I don’t know) while “Hotel California” was playing on my little radio. Highly recommended.

          • Bwa ha ha hah hah! Thanks. In the past two years the dish towel hasn’t bothered me so much because I moved (that is, I WAS moved, and at first I considered it a first grade insult and meant to quit this job immediately over it) to another office in the building so I’m not so close to the kitchenette anymore. Around here we have the saying, “what the heart doesn’t see gives the heart no pain.” I once saw a blind guy wearing that on a t-shirt. Anyway. I don’t see the fucked-up dish towel situation too often but I see OTHER THINGS. Other than that though, this office is much better and has a terrace that is practically my own, so the office is no longer on my list of “reasons to quit” (which I’ve been contemplating sine the day I joined, but ANYWAY). /coolstorybro

          • Sorry! For those of you taking notes (and who wouldn’t be?), the saying goes “what the EYES don’t see gives the heart no pain.” It also rhymes in the original.

          • hehe

            I’m glad you like Dishtowel Crusader Cat. I saved his pic from reddit a little while back.

            The terrace-adjacent office sounds pretty sweet!

  11. I’m with Jenna S: can’t get past the dang costume. Also Tiny&Cute’s like–assume she is approving the comments. Were there any positive comments?

  12. I really wanted Donk to run headlong off the back of that platform …
    It would have been the merciful thing to do.

  13. The comments on the dance post are growing. TinyNCute charbroils her.

    • TnC has every right to be charbroiled, in my book, for what JABA pulled on her. But she should also feel pretty vindicated by the mess that donks made on that stage. Can you imagine being TnC’s friend (I assume many of the commenters are) and being aware of her talents / history with PhuturePhuckPhace and then seeing…that…???

      At 36 years old.

    • Cute And Tiny is a condescending deluded thundercunt too who fails to recognize that mental illness is treatable unlike personality disorders. And what this twat refers to as ‘hate’ the stable people refer to as accountability for unethical and or illegal behavior. She’s equally as deluded about her dancing abilities and I certainly think it’s laughable she’s trying to justify this site’s behavior while simultaneously contradicting it. She’s a lost soul who needs a real job like the rest of the woo. #WakeUpCallLittleGirl
      Celia La’s response to a comment about RBD being a ‘hate’ site.
      ‘this is definitely true. I don’t believe people can be reduced to bad or evil, and ideally we would all recognize bad behavior as mental illness, like narcissism or sociopathy in this case, and treat it accordingly… but yeah, I was so badly treated by her, for so long, in so many twisted ways… I don’t feel bad openly talking about my experiences, because she has been a public figure for a long time… and I think a lot of people on the blog feel similarly justified. A lot of people who comment there have had bad experiences directly. *Most of it is pure vitriolic spew that serves no purpose*… but you also have to consider why people need an outlet to rage against either what she’s done to them personally, or what she represents to them as a public figure.’

  14. She is the most inauthentic person ever. None of her movements or expressions are genuine or unforced. She has the most unrealistic perception of her own abilities and continues to lie to suit her imaginary narrative about herself. She doesn’t care about personal growth. She just goes through all these motions and “daily rituals” so she can impress other people. She lied about her book being cancelled for her own ineptitude and. that she had to pay back her advance. She brags about getting a fluff article published by the NYT when she only got the gig because of friendship with an editor, and then it took her six months and numerous edits before they even could publish it. She brags about living in SF while conveniently neglecting to mention she defrauded her landlord and was evicted and sued. She befriended a woman so she could poach her boyfriend and steal her act, and then hid it from her, including allowing him to listen in on their phone conversation. She hasn’t changed. She is the same deadbeat con artist she ever was.

  15. I wrote a comment about her dancing. It was the funniest comment in the history of RBD, but by the time I finished writing I was a completely different person and no longer wanted to publish it.

    Your loss.

  16. I see she’s been perfecting her “electrode on a dead frog” dance stylings. I’m thinking that her motivation in climbing all over Dwayne was, in fact, to get stage time and flatter her illusion that she’s a dancer.

    • She’s a star in a Bravo documentary, I’ll have you know!

  17. Two OT, but basement-related and (most importantly because isn’t food always most important?) FOOD-related news items:

    1) The other day I met a restaurant owner who put great emphasis on the fact that his place serves “HIGH GLUTEN pizza, the WAY IT SHOULD BE.” I thought of Donk and laughed. Sorry @Albie and others with legit gluten issues, but the guy was obviously triggered by Donkey-types.

    2) I hear that Cheetos (that I don’t think I ever tasted) are coming to the local market soon. I’m a curious fatso in a curious fatso world.

    • 1. So gluten is the new Christianity/guns/white supremacy? This pizza has gluten as GOD INTENDED… okay then.

      2. Use a knife and fork and wear gloves… JUST KIDDING… sit on your couch and pour the bag into your face. Cheetos makes the world great just like USA!

    • Important information: there are two types of Cheetos: puffs and crunchy (called “baked” and “fried” back in the childhoods of us expired ones.) Both have their merits.

      • I am team crunchy.

        Puffy cheetos stick to your palate and do not make any noise when you bite them, it’s a silent, creepy death.

        • Yeah, I know, but it’s kinda fun to press them between your tongue and palate as they slowly deflate .

    • It’s true about the pizza, sadly, alas. Gluten free pizza is not good. The gluten makes it stretchy and delicious. I applaud that man.

  18. I enjoyed the comments on that f’book post SO MUCH.


    “Ryan N….. Ha know, i know a lot of girls that aspire to be like this

    Jenna Sc…..
    Aspire to fuck mid level DJs so they can wear cheap polyester costumes from 1973 on stage while dancing like they’ve had one too many mollies?”.


    • I’m a little confused. Are these people who know CL (tiny’n’cute) or just random people? Is it RBD undercover or someone who saw this shitshow in the wild?

        • I think this is one of the greatest days in RBD history.

        • I was under the impression CuNT (who doesn’t read here and thinks that “most of it (what’s said on the site) is pure vitriolic spew” read about it here and tagged a friend.

      • Yes, I think they are CL’s friends.

        She wrote a comment quite early in the thread tagging someone else (facebook’s way of saying “look at this!”).

  19. I am a completely different human being

    * I am banned from AirBNB; my illegal subletting got more stealth.
    * I am using horses for fauxtoshoot props; RIP @PrincessLillyDog.
    * I am now failing to finish my website; I previously failed at BOOK.

    • Her website is the funniest part. I’ve always said she is like a Hollywood backlot set–all façade and no substance–and that website could not be a better example of that in digital form. There’s no there there.

      • A marvelous analogy, and that website has consisted solely of morning coffee poses for months. Reimagine what, Donkey?

    • I have traded my Carrie Bradshaw costumes for my New Age raver costumes. Both are garish and polyester and involve cheap costume jewelry and lots of meaningless props and fauxto shoots and pretend careers.

      I used to pretend to write; now I pretend to meditate.

      • JFA:

        I used to toss around empty terms like IPO, start-up, best practices, and personal branding to impress people. Now I toss around meaningless terms like goddess, consciousness, embodied, and intention to impress people.

        • But my off-the-charts cameltoe stays the same.

          Seriously, those little shorts, of which she owns about 25 pairs in different colors, are a walking yeast infection.

  20. The kids are still wailing on Dancin’ Donkey:

    Emma Windsor
    Idk who she is but her dancing sucks and someone needs to draw a line at who gets on Fuckin stage

    Jenna Scandone
    Yea I don’t know much of the backstory but am with Emma that there’s a line to performance art and ego stroking. You can be the DJs girlfriend from backstage, you can have your own life separate from your man. Let a talented performer get up there and make your own life.

    Note: this does NOT apply to talented dancers who have joined their loved ones on stage. This is strictly those that are forcing themselves into the spotlight. If you’re talented, the spotlight will find you, especially in the age of the dang Internet.

    PS that outfit looks like she’s about to be Captain Kirk’s conquest on the next episode of Star Trek. Retro, cheap, not chic. For a red rocks performance, with the number of incredible artists and designers in the community, girl could have done WAY better on the presentation.

    Evan Davis
    People honestly think this is anything besides garbage? Not sorry, I don’t go to red rocks to see some woke bitch who gets plowed by a dj, shanti it up on stage.

    James Armer
    I think if y’all didn’t know her backstory and didn’t know who she was then you’d actually like her dancing…. but you guys are so set on hate.

    She isn’t a bad dancer. For the music that is playing, she was actually doing well. Much love xx

    Evan Davis
    I had literally no idea who she was and thought her dancing is complete garbage. That she’s a shitty person just compounds how bad her dancing is. I have no desire to watch an untrained woke Bitch flail her arms on stage at RED ROCKS. I’ve seen security drag people off stage making less of a fool of themselves.

    Gram Coscia

    Leah RayJohn Greenberg
    James I don’t know her back story whatsoever and her being allowed to dance on stage is a slap in the face to all the REAL performers out there who have worked their asses off for years to even be able to DREAM of performing at Red Rocks. This broad fucked the right guy and ended up where she is. There’s something to be said about her courage to go up there and unprofessionally flail like she does, but it took zero hard work, training or dedication on her part to end up in that spot.

    Evan Davis

    • shanti it up

      ^ THERE’s some cultural appropriation I think we can all agree upon.

    • some woke bitch who gets plowed by a dj, shanti it up on stage.

      I guess I can throw away this sunscreen.

      Because there is so much shade here.

      Is “shanti” just a coincidence or is Ali Shanti also a notoriously terrible dancer?

    • I know, right? I’ve watched it about a dozen times already. Absolutely mesmerizing.

      • Laughs galore, and both of these Donkey tales came out of the blue. It feels like 2009 again.

  21. The weirdest part of the video to me is that she dancing among unused equipment. She looks less like a sanctioned performer and more like some rolling chick who ran out on stage during the intermission. I wouldn’t have been surprised if the video ended with a security dude pulling her off the stage.

    • It’s funny how people just walk by paying her no attention whatsoever.

      A riveting performance!

      You could hear a pin drop!


      • Dear Greg, same here. And then the paramedics take over and get her 5150’ed.

        She looks like a fucking mental case, but that’s only because she’s a fucking mental case.

  22. Her contorted left hand at the very last second of the video is hilarious. Tho gratheful. What a freak.

  23. The post that keeps on giving:

    Jean Brodie
    Lei, y’all might wish to inform yourself of the “hate blog” before making overarching conclusions. The blog has existed in some form for the last 10 years and has had several moderators. The site holds Julia Allison acountable for her wretched behavior, as well as the con artists – love experts, money goddesses, dope pushers – with whom she’s acquainted. Readers and commenters have included ex-boyfriends, the mothers of ex-boyfriends, a software giant, a bestselling novelist, an award-winning screenwriter, and the wife of a presidential candidate. What the fuck is wrong with you?

    Lei Labourdette
    Y’all have too much time in your hands. Some people suck. Just let it go and move the fuck on.

    Gram Coscia
    But also after further investigation at one point she won a spot as the 3rd most hated person on the internet. And has actually sold personal information about herself and other people to gossip sites like gawker and even this blog itself In order to boost her online name so …

    Caeli La
    Gram Coscia exactly.

    • JFAing myself to add that Julie never sold stories to RBD. We wouldn’t give one red cent to that busted burro.

      • Which goes to show just how far Donk goes to get people talking about her — like Trump calling papers & using a fake name to leak stories about his presumed prowess, she’d contact mods here to leak her tail / tell / tale — that’s what her impromptu defenders do not know when they assumed they pegged everyone at 1st glance.

    • Wait, we know Cindy McCain walks among us? Or does Heidi Cruz have a secret RBD habit as an escape from her loathsome husband?

  24. Skankatron is walking the walk, doing the Landmark talk:

    Ali Shanti at Landmark Education.
    Yesterday at 11:19 · Atlanta, GA ·

    “Landmark is truly the bomb. It sucks so much. But so does the current reality most (all?) of us have become accepting that we live in.

    In fact, we (I) are so accepting that we (I) keep perpetuating it and cannot even see it.
    I am committed to a new world. I am committed to seeing where I continue to create the old world again and again and again and to calling myself (and you) into a new possibility.

    More soon about where I perpetuate the old world so you can see it (for me and yourself) and we can truly work together to create partnership into something new.”

    Can’t wait to read, Ali. Be sure to include a 50-minute video of just yourself when posting.

  25. THIS makes Donk’s FB absence all worth it. We were patient, and we were rewarded a hundred times over. The clomping around in her polyester insta-costume is ineffably epic. I actually cringe for her. Like, a 36-year-old suburban poser actually thought, “I’m going to order a cheap polyester costume and bring my moves from my 6th-grade jazz dance class and everyone will think I’m a super spiritual hippie goddess!”

    It almost makes me feel sorry for her. Discovering drugs at age 36, woo hoo!

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