The Poofy Years: Stop Blushing, Donkey, You’re An Inthpirathon!

Thank you to talented young designer @AllisonParris for loaning me this gorgeous emerald frock today!

Remember when Julia Allison wore designer frocks from bargain basement Allison Parris? Those poofy prom dresses that only mental defectives would wear?

Unfortunately for Judy, the interwebs never forget!

Allison Parris apparently can’t forget Judy, either.  Viola!  The “Blush Julia” frock:

An RBDer just saw an ad for this dress online and I started combing the archives. Pardon me if we’ve discussed this before, but I’ve been having a good laugh:

Did Donkey ever find a taker for that smelly old Parris creation she was trying to give away?


  1. First!

    I miss this version of Julia. She was funnier when her favorite self-descriptor was “muse.”

    • If they were going to airbrush the hell out of that photo, why did they leave it looking like her left boob is making a run for her navel?

  2. You just know she tried to eBay that sh-t and failed miserably.

    Oh, well, some desperate drag queen may take it.

  3. green dress photo looks like she photoshopped herself onto the techcrunch conference floor. edges are very sharp, as if she just learned how to use a photoshop mask.

    also: way to stand out like a sore thumb. everyone else is wearing casual, comfy clothing and there she is in her poufy lime-green skirt-pull monstrosity.

  4. I guarantee she’s looking at every photo and saying, “Oh my god, I thought I was fat then!” And repeat.

    • Umm, that’s not very sensitive: I am shocked anew and find myself saying this all. the. time. when revisiting old pics. I thought I was hideous then , but I was adorable (comparatively.) Also wondering at the same time: OMG, where are those adorable forest-green punk-rock flat-heeled winkle-picker boots from the 80’s; I could totally rock them now in my dotage.

      • No, that’s exactly what I mean. We all do it. I’ve never thought she was even slightly overweight — not then, and not now, and have never made a comment suggesting I did.

      • For me it’s usually the opposite. I thought I looked horrible when the picture was taken, but years later looking back I’m like, “I was so cute then. Why don’t I look like that now?”

    • I hope she’s saying my gawd I never owned a single garment that fit properly.

      • And never owned an iron or steamer. Look at that mess. Every dress has a wrinkled skirt, and the hot pink one has a turned up scalloped hem at the bottom which makes it look like some rag she threw on from the bottom of her closet.

        • I’ve always envisioned a closet so filthy and frightening, it could pass for one of Dante’s circles of hell.

        • A steamer and Downy Wrinkle Release are a girl’s wardrobe’s best friend.

  5. I found a pair of nearly new poofy Betsey Johnson heels at the thrift store and had to get them. It was like finding Coobies at the car wash.

  6. No money AND no taste. Even Mr.Boogers couldn’t buy class with his lawyerin money but boy he sure threw a lot of good money after bad tryin.

    • Christine is “a goal digger and a spiritual gangster.” You just know this asshat has crossed paths with Skankatron.

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