Julia Allison’s Greatest Fan Is In Mourning

In the above FB post, Wali might seem like a basement dweller out for a good time, but the extensive posting, in three languages, leads me strongly to believe he’s the real deal.

Ineffable Wali has three other loves:


  1. I was #TeamWali until the Trump thing. But we could talk about Ancient Aliens all day long.

  2. That’s a hell of a lot of fucking work if it’s a troll account. The basement is not unaccustom to work but the woo are, so that certainly rules them out.

  3. He follows Julie on Instagram as well, and has commented a bunch on the more recent photos.

    • Yep, Wali appears to have three FB accounts and at least two instagram accounts, so when you block him, he pops up again!

  4. OT: Ali Shanti does everything for love, y’all!

    “I’m not for everyone, and that’s okay. It’s my fragile ego that wants to be for everyone, and my secure sense of self that knows that my life experience is far better when I let go of that idea and all that comes along with it.

    It’s not always easy to let that which is not a match fall away, but the uplevel in life quality is worth it.

    Ruminating about that this morning as I feel into the spaciousness of having consolidated down to just one core business. And realizing that I held on so long to both because I so wanted to serve everyone (and thought I needed to as well). heart emoticon”

  5. I like this Wali dude. Seems super idealistic and enthused for life.

    Julia, you still suck, some things will never change.

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