The Dead Pool: Place Your Bets As To When Rain Dumps Donkey, If He Hasn’t Already


Such yummy middle-aged deliciouthneth! How much longer will OMG! Rain Phutureprimitive continue to tolerate a lazy, phony, high maintenance donkey? Or has he already sent her out to pasture? Surely there’s a groupie young enough to be Rain’s daughter who’d THRILL to replace Mulia Mallison?

Misha Falzone
February 1 at 10:30pm
Just found out that your NOT going to be at the Flow Fest on the Big Island this weekend… I came all the way from NC mainly to see Phutureprimitive at the festival… super disappointed but hoping that all is well for you and that it was noting bad that kept you from coming. Much love from one of your biggest fans.

Meanwhile, Donkey and her Mess Despised party dress are taking another vacation from vacation-itis, this time visiting big wampum woo Daniel Schmachtenberger and his piece, Roxanne DePalma, stripper/cam girl/poly superstar/scam artist. How’s scraping the bottom of the barrel working out for you, Donkey?


  1. Did Rain ever think their “relationship” was the sort that would require a definite ending? My guess is he’s happy to dong and dash whoever he can, whenever he can, including Princess Donksalot.

  2. “I’ve donated to them before”

    All those job interview outfits, Donkey? For all those jobs you’ve had? We’ve seen what you consider “business” dress– polyester Victoria’s Secret pants and a beat-up OMG Gucci briefcase.

  3. I know this isn’t relevant to the topic at hand, but I fee I need to share. I live in Atlanta, GA, and we have a huge immigrant population. Buford Highway is where a lot of these immigrants live, and home to the best strip of everything foreign, especially restaurants. There are tons of great authentic Mexican, Korean, Vietnamese, Malaysian spots where the food is so amazingly good. Clarkston, GA is one of the most diverse cities in the country with only 14% of the town comprising of white people, with refugees and immigrants from around the world. Last night something frightening and egregious happened, and it is happening all over the US.
    ICE obtained warrants, I-200 and I-205 warrants that only give probable cause to go to a residence and ask questions. They took these warrants and performed a raid of various apartment complexes throughout Buford Highway, bullying their way into people’s homes, people who may not understand English, with no interpreters. The warrants were obtained through an executive order passed by Trump broadening our immigration laws by undoing laws that Obama had put in place, and made it possible for them to issue warrants for people convicted of crimes, or currently have pending in the court system and haven’t been convicted.
    Once they flashed these “fake warrants” and bullied their way into homes, they proceeded to check the documentation and ID’s of everyone in the residence, arresting anyone who couldn’t prove they were here legally, regardless if the issues warrant was for them or not. This is also happening in California, North Carolina, Arizona, and probably other places as well. This is very frustrating, other than finding a document describing immigrants rights in Spanish and photocopying it for my Meican employees (the main source of target – almost everyone arrested was Mexican) to give to their friends and families there’s little I can do, I don’t understand why this isn’t a bigger story in the nation wide news.
    I’ve been instructed on what to do if someone shows up demanding documentation of our employees – play dumb, don’t let anyone near the office, and keep it locked at all times. Explain that the door is locked, no one has a key except the owners, and you’ll have to wait for them to get here (with their lawyers) to do or see anything. It’s very fucking shitty to see tendrils of this monster’s xenophobic laws shooting into my life this quickly. I suppose I though it would take him longer to be this fucked up? I have no answers and I’m worried for my community.

  4. “Tea party hostess,” indeed? She once again displays her sartorial (Donkey SAT-word alert) ignorance by characterizing that foofy, one-shouldered monstrosity as daytime wear in any context.

  5. LOL. Katie Zacarian is a Facebook zillionaire from the Dave Morin – Meagan Marks days. Why on earth is she bothering to reply?

  6. Of course he’s going to sleep around, but why would he dump her in some formal way? She (her dad) likely pays for a lot of their expenses. And he can screw ravers on tour with impunity. It’s part of the deal and if Julia doesn’t realize that, she’s delusional. He probably looks Julia as a friend with benefits more than a gf anyways.

    • He needs a place to crash when he returns to the OMG Area of the Bay between laptop-twiddling gigs. He’s not going to bite Petey Baugher’s hand.

    • It seems from the timing of her whiny post about how you know if someone is THE ONE, she likely had THE TALK with Choad in Costa Rica and didn’t get the answer she was hoping for. At some point he’ll get tired of being harangued. In the meantime, she is wasting time and should move on if she ever hopes to find someone willing to commit.

      • Imagine being 36 (in a few wks) and publicly asking people saccharine crap like how to identify “the one”. Meanwhile the guy is barely interested and would certainly choose casual drug use and frequent travel to festivals full of “hot” young girls over spending real time with Julia.

        The only reason to be with Choad is that it sends a big, loud “fuck you” to her parents.

        • I can’t wait for her 40th. Will she still be in Woo-vile? Or will she get desperate enough for a husband that she’ll finally give up the dirt festival bs and start crashing events with monied men again?

          Mrs. Kittay posted about intentional communities and got an answer from a woman who lives in one in Novato. A group in their 50s and 60s on some suburban street. It’s called Cabro Community. Maybe this is really the end game. Hard to imagine.

          • Valentines is this week and it’s shocking how fall she’s fallen since Prom King. She had a guy with a family yacht, a ski lodge, and a NetJets card taking her around town in a limo and paying for everything… but he “didn’t read enough” despite passing NY Bar exam the 1st time and being a Nassau County prosecutor. Not to mention, his dad makes hers look really mediocre.

            Now she gets Choad — doesn’t bother reading, no stable housing, no real income, f*cks randoms at thinly-veiled drug ‘n’ sex “festivals”. Poetic justice.

            What’s next, Julia?

          • TRANSBRAYTION: “didn’t read enough” = probably won’t be reading my blahhhg, now that he dumped me!

        • Choad is a rock star (ha!) in the eyes of her “tribe.” He gives her status there by association.

    • i wonder if “friends with benefits” includes air tickets to hawaii? according to the flow fest stage schedule, and comments on fb, he canceled and did not show.

  7. Seinfeld’s Beacon Theater residency (2o shows!) seems to be failing and I see desperate ads for the show several times a day on my Facebook feed.

    I wonder if these two events are related, i.e. you give Randi a slot in the show and we give you deeply discounted advertising rates.

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