Updated: You Know The World Has Turned Topsy Turvy When You Find Yourself Agreeing With Julia Allison


I want to give her the benefit of the doubt, but I hope Donkey didn’t post this just to get Meghan McCain’s attention.

Update: SJD put up more “GODDAMN F-uck this” posts – such a sterling vocabulary – along with a stomach churning new profile fauxto.

Apparently Donkey has conveniently forgotten she was once in cahoots with Uber. The one (or no) thumbs up is typical for these posts.

Didn’t Ringling Bros. close up shop?


  1. Gilly– OF COURSE SHE DID. This is Donk we’re talking about. It’s all just a lead-up to her inevitable post about how she was THISCLOSE to marrying the son of a Republican senator.

    (Did you know that? She briefly dated A Boy from the McCain family. He begged her to marry him, but she is too much of a free spirit to commit to marriage.)

    • Imagine if Pettifogger had ever run for any elected office. The man has negative charisma.

      • And LeDonk is resenting him for it right now, bigly.

  2. The great thing is Meghan McCain would never answer donkey. And also, from what I’ve seen, she doesn’t agree with Julia’s histrionic outlook on things either.

    • McCain Meghan and Ivanika are so inconsequential that she doesn’t even merit a response.

  3. Donkey trying sooo hard to be relevant. She was raised to be fiscally responsible? On what planet?
    Any word on if ILYR finally dumped a donkey? This plays like she needs a new scheme and why not try and make him jealous getting on tv again as some sort of correspondent? A woman, who has never held a job for longer than what, a year(?), has nothing to add to any story. If it sounds like she’s making sense, remember, she’s just mimicking someone else’s thoughts…poorly.

    • I think she’s kicking herself that she burned all her teevee bridges and doesn’t get to add her enormonoggin to the parade of talking heads that people are actually watching for a change.

      She’d do better to audition for Ice Road Truckers or do a José-Ferrer-as-Toulouse-Lautrec and try to get on that show about ladies with growth syndromes.

      • Julia with pursed lips and blinking 100 times a minute while providing inane “commentary”, that’s whats missing from this current political situation.
        She really does seem to be trying to create some buzz around herself as a person with opinionsth about Trump with all these ranting posts.
        Megan MccCain is a host on the Fox show ‘Outnumbered’, so Jule’s tagging her is rather transparent.

        • “Person with opinions about Trump” would be another great chyron.

          BTW, my mom (who predicted a Trump victory long before the election, no idea how she does it because she never worked as a speechwriter in a Republican White House, LOL indeed) asked me the other day: “Do you think he was named after the duck? I mean, why else would Americans name their kid Donald, right?”

          • Given that his mother came over from Scotland, it was very likely a family name. It’s also not uncommon in the US, though more common among older people.

          • I am an old and I have a few friends with that name, both have Scottish heritage. They pretty universally go by “Don.”

          • JFA fail, a few doesn’t equal two. I meant to say that I know for a fact that two of the several Donald’s I know are of Scottish ancestry, and none of the Donalds I know go by “Donald.” Just Don.

          • Much as I abhor violence, that fucking screech owl would be the exception to my rule, should our path ever cross.

  4. Even the stopped clock is right twice a day. My beloved grandmother was a rock-ribbed Henry Cabot Lodge Republican. Both my parents campaigned for Eisenhower, despite being otherwise enthusiastic Democrats (Adlai did badlai).

    But Judy needs to take several seats. First of all, her attempts to retcon Mark Kirk into a “Rockefeller Republican” are hardly going to fly given his disgraceful behavior in the senatorial debates. Second of all, I’m amazed she can keep her sparkly sausages from typing “I WAS HIS BRIDESMAID!”

    As for Meghan McCain, she needs a few seats herself. Not impressed with Papa Bear’s strategy of falling in line at voting time and then talking smack about Trump to the media. Put your vote where your mouth is, sir.

    • They all do that, and it’s not like he as to worry about re-election like Flake. Why isn’t a single republican offering up a solution to the actual problem? It’s not Muslims, it’s that we have a 20 point checklist to get into this country. I answered more questions at my gynecologist’s office. Just like ACA, they want to repeal (had eight years) and STILL do not have a better alternative or solution. Pointing out problems and taking rash actions is not an actual solution despite the blustering to the contrary.
      Side note: Sally Yates as acting AG hopefully goes full AG (she also just shot down Trump-so it’s not too likely), and that’s a shame.

          • I’m sure it has something to do with her trending 3 times on Twitter and he wasn’t at all. I feel like he’s on a JA equivalent manic phase.

          • Sessions’ confirmation hearing is tomorrow, anyway, so her boxes were already packed. I assume she just wanted to go out in a blaze.

          • Her note also referenced “as long as I’m acting AG” (I love her for daring him to fire her) that it was a pretty good indication, confirmed by your insight into her bags packed, that she wouldn’t remain. She’s really remarkable and wrote the Yates Memo (I know there are attorneys on here but for those who might know or are familiar) she wrote six point call to action for AG’s to kick executives out from civil and criminal corporate investigation and go after individual executives for jail time associated with the corporate false claims cases. She is a (personal) hero.

          • Anyone hired under Obama (commissioner of FDA, etc) would likely have been replaced but they have to get approval. Cutting someone without having another approved is reckless, especially with his own imposed gov’t hiring freeze.

          • @Bray: Haven’t had time to read about Ragsdale, but political appointees (if that’s the case) are always casualties of new administrations. Could be natural course of events. [Or not. I feel like I’m drinking out of a fire hose.]

          • I just noticed that psycho father & son team Flynn are no longer on Twitter. Hmmm … (I won’t be at all surprised if / when it comes out that sonny boy has leaked some info he never should have had & if daddy general is a Russian asset, it won’t be much of surprise either.)

  5. What is with her stupid affectation of typing GODDAMN in all-caps but sh-t and f-cking? God she’s so inconsistent and stupid.

  6. Do you know 35 year olds that brag about their parents and mention college so often? I don’t, and if that drivel showed up on my FB feed, I’d be like WTF. Un-friend.

    Birth-cray month soon!! With V-D too!!

    • It’s what you do when you have nothing else or don’t have any life experiences of your own worth writing about (book deal failure). She really should just stop posting & tagging people who haven’t shown her the time of day in almost a decade.

    • My bet is that she’s feel the need to explain away all those red white and blue Mark Kirk cheerleader photos

  7. 1980? Reagan’s victory marked the end of the dominance of the Rockefeller Republicans and the start of the cracker awakening.

    • Well..I know the crazies really overtook white shoe GOP out in ’80, but to give credit where it is due, Nixon worked the Southern strategy pretty hard in the 60’s. I’m annoyed that JA said she was ‘relatively radical’ to march for choice in 2000, both because marching for choice in 2000 is NOT AT ALL radical in any way – and also because there was not a march for choice in 2000. Maybe she means 2004? Hard to say….
      That said I’m 100% sure miss JA is dominating her time and money to demonstrating and fighting for what is right rather than just swearing all over Facebook. I’m glad to see she marched 1/21 and again this weekend…

      • That’s definitely true that Nixon tootled on the dog whistle (so did Rockefeller), but Reagan also brought the Christian Right and all of its little ways, an explicit States Rights doctrine, guns, baby!, and of course the greatest modern military achievement of the US, the conquest of Grenada.

        And yeah, I suppose attending one of the largest gatherings in US history could be construed, in some suburbs, as relatively radical. But I do think she’s truly pissed, like a lot of people, about the turn this country is taking.

      • I was at a huge march for choice, but I think it was in 1992? 93? Somewhere around there.

      • Nixon played to the people he called the silent majority — the grandparents of the alt right, as did Reagan, as did bush, as did bush Jr. Republicans have been the party of no blacks and no Browns for a long time. They tried to have Hispanics by telling them that they could be white if they disliked blacks, but that didn’t quite take

  8. OT Nisha still an entitled asshole. Who takes a newborn baby (with headphones-so responsible) to a movie theater? A professional victim of course. Oh I can’t wait for her fake conversation “we should all be having” about sisterhood around this one. Her general lack of self-awareness and selfishness persists with motherhood. While I’m happy she thought of her kids ears she thought nothing of the other patrons who paid to hear a movie not her kid.


    • This is not cool in my book. I would feel uncomfortable that a tiny baby was in such an adult environment(bright lights, huge screens, lots of people etc) let alone the anxiety every audience member must have had about when the baby was going to start screaming. This insistence on being the cool parents who don’t let their infant slow em down is so weird to me:

      Nisha Moodley Yep, noise-canceling earmuffs 🙂 I gave them to Noah for Father’s Day, to symbolize the fact that we can still have a life (go to concerts, etc) with kids.

      • Translation: I gave them to the reluctant father of an oopsie baby in the desperate hope that he’d stick around and not leave me a single mom

        • She’s clearly more worried about keeping the man happy than the welfare of her child. My original thoughts about this woo remain unchanged.

          • Im with u on noodles, too many basement dwellers give her to much credit for some reason

            Watching a totally bright screen in a dark room puts a lot of stress on your eyes, makes them want to open up and squint at same time

            But then This is same crowd who makes toddlers breath talcum dust on the playa to show how cool they are, so no surprise there

      • I mean, nothing says paradigm-shifting cool kid like going to the movies! REBELLLLLLLLLLLLLLL

    • I’m not ok with this either. That poor little tiny baby – he looks disgruntled already.

    • She seems to think a baby is like a backpack, that you can just carry with you everywhere you go.

      As much as I dislike popular vote loser Cheeto Supremo, I think it’s just insane to take a newborn to a demonstration that could easily turn violent, and don’t even get me started about taking a newborn to Burning Man.

      In general, huge gatherings of people, where access to restrooms, or seats, or quiet areas are not guaranteed, are a big no-no for babies.

      And now a movie theater? Really, Noodles? You just can’t wait for the movie to be on Netflix? Or your local library? Or bit torrent?

      Please, Noodles, don’t let a measly baby prevent you from seeing all the current movies in time for Oscar night!

      What. A. Tool.

      • Sorry, I have to completely disagree with equating taking a baby/ small child to a rally with taking them to BM or a movie. The rallies are appropriate bc Policies directly influence their lives, the latter is about parental selfishness

        • Protests are dangerous events.

          They may go without a hitch, or you may end up arrested, or crushed by a crowd, or beaten up by the cops, or just stuck in a corner without access to bathrooms or water for hours.

          Even if you have altruistic intentions, it’s just too risky for a baby.

          You can make the point that the issue is important for your child in other ways that do not involve bringing said child to the rally.

          • I think it depends on where the protest is. In the People’s Republic of NewYorkistan it might be different but here in Kaintuck it’s no more dangerous than a brisk walk.

          • Wolf, u r spot on with this one

            Too many people these days use babies as props for social media pics

        • You just never know–most protests are peaceful, but there are many examples of cops pepper-spraying or corralling people violently. If you happened to be in a spot where some shit went down, the baby wouldn’t be safe.

    • There are some movie theaters that offer a “bring your baby” showing of adult themed movies. I mistakenly ended up in one. The lights in the theater stay up a bit and the sound is turned way down. I don’t think that’s what these two were attending (because if they did they wouldn’t have to change the baby in the hall, they could do it in the lit movie theater).

      • One of the first comments on her post was someone saying “I hate it when people bring babies to movies.”

      • I used to go to these with my new-parent friends all the time. They weren’t terrible as a social event; as a movie, they weren’t very good.

    • Just suck it up and limit your movie theater attendance for a couple years. In the age of VOD it’s barely even a minor inconvenience. Stop infringing on adult spaces, you parental fascist.

    • Meh – can she just get a chance to figure it out for herself? Parenting is tough, and one place where I feel like if the kid is not being HARMED, to each their own.

      • If it is going to annoy other people, then think about others beside yourself and knock it off. See also fake service animals.

        • Come to think of it, an infant is probably the quintessential fake service animal. Domestic fake service animals are simply surrogates for those with empty nests.

  9. 1. I wish she’d STOP with the capitalization for emphasis.
    2. Meghan McCain showed her ass a few times recently, mostly when going after Meryl Streep for her Golden Globe comments. She got pilloried on Twitter for it.
    3. I guess Donk’s missed the fact that her OMG ALMOST FATHER-IN-LAW OMG OMG is actually among the few Republicans who has been in Trump’s face for months, both publicly and behind the scenes. I think he’s Deep Throat on Russia.

    • I would love to see celebs boycott the Oscars in protest (Iranian Director nominated is boycotting) but will never happen (and selfishly I’ve wished these shows would go away already).
      I think you’re right about Deep throat of Russia, which is why he’s been vocal since it fell on deaf ears

      • We’ll get a lot of political speeches in which winners pat themselves and Hollywood on the back again and again and again.


    • A good & succinct read, with which I totally agree. I am basically convinced that Trump will be out of the public eye in a couple of years due to diminished mental status, but hey, impeachment works too. Meanwhile, I fear war w/ China.

      Semi-related: that URL above expands to indicate the reader came from RBD, & in what I can only assume is a direct tribute to La Donk, there was an ad for “pee proof underwear” — moi LITERALLY teeheehawed.

    • “The recent executive orders were drafted and signed without any normal agency review or even semicoherent legal advice, filled with elemental errors that any nursery school student would have caught.”

      For example, the use of the word “elemental” to mean “elementary”?

      And I don’t think nursery school students have a detailed understanding of vocabulary, narrative unity and grammar.

      Otherwise, spot on.

  10. Semi OT: I was watching a re-run of What Not to Wear this morning, not really paying attention, when I heard Clinton say something like, “If you want to be taken seriously as a journalist, you can’t be wearing a prom dress!” I looked up to see him sorting through a young woman’s closet, tossing out things like a ruffled mini skirt and a polyester sweater with owls on it. Stacy grabbed a pink polyester sweater with pandas on it and exclaimed, “How do you even where this in humidity?” Clinton explained that, when you’re interviewing someone, you need to look like you know what you’re doing and “It’s time to get over your teenage rebellion.”

    However, this woman was 22, not 35, and was still in college.

  11. Funny that she’s reblogging something Gavin Newsom posted – he’s the former SF mayor who thanked his campaign manager for his years of devoted service by fucking his wife, leading to their divorce. On second thought, maybe the JFA connection does make sense.


    “Gavin was basically seen as a jerk who betrayed Alex, who everyone feels is a really great guy.” Wealthy, handsome, coastal, selfish asshole…my only question is, why hasn’t he been nominated for the Presidency yet?

        • Rationalization. She’s projecting her insecurities about her past and trying to rationalize them away so that her new “tribe” doesn’t see her as the opportunistic chameleon Zelig-like creature that she is. Whatever tribe she so desperately wants to belong to, she campaigns to convince them she is one of them by overdoing, overstating, staging hyperbolic photo evidence of her allegiance. The sad thing is that she’s doing this now with the woo tribe because she’s been rejected by the others she tried and failed to be part of. The woo tribe cult is almost the last resort (absent Scientologists, hardcore conspiracy theorists, and Jesus cults), it is hard to be rejected by these grifters, airheads, magical thinkers and loons. She’s found her people but cognitive dissonance seems to be creeping into her psyche.

          • I would agree with that with the small exception of tagging a certain Mc and I don’t mean Donalds. And you give her far more credit that I do regarding any conscience, self-awareness or cognitive dissonance.
            I think that once that ILYR officially ends she will exit stage woo (finally). She’s not only pathetic at this point, it’s painfully boring.
            She has a better chance of getting tech bros (easily manipulated-why do you think VCs do so well?) to think she matters than even the woos-who are so similar, they are wise to her.
            TV tech bro Julia is on the rise, or crawling at a sloth’s pace is my prediction.

          • She is tagging the Mc and dropping various drumpf names and references just so she is perceived as a peer of the rich and powerful. Her cognitive dissonance comes from her wish to be among the rich and powerful but realizes she’s a loser who has no street cred and not enough family money/influence to matter to anyone in that crowd. I’m sure she is still seething that Ivanka wasn’t impressed enough with her to even acknowledge her presence other than that of an annoying wannabe gnat.

    • It was super white but they did have at least as many Official Black and Latino Friends as the current batch. Also some really legit Black politicians like Senator Edward Brooke.

    • They were just as racist but were polite about excluding Jews and blacks from their country clubs and from their neighborhoods with the religion and race covenants on their property deeds until the 1960s; this property shall on,y be sold to those of the white race, no blacks, no Jews. So, yeah, fuck you, Rockefeller republicans.

      • Wasn’t so long ago (1990) Lake Forest, Il* (a North Shore locale very near where La Donk was sired & boarded) had exclusionary covenants to keep out “undesirables” — it (not unlike Wilmette) was known as a “sundown town” — an excerpt RE: Wilmette, by an author of BOOK:

        All-White suburb.
        “Along the exclusive North Shore, in suburban Wilmette, a committee requested any families unable to domicile their maids, servants, gardeners, and handymen on their own premises to dismiss ‘all Negroes’ in their employ. The committee recommended the firing of black janitors who lived in the basements of apartment buildings as well. The presence of unsupervised blacks, the committee felt, had ‘depressed real estate values’ in the village. There was no machinery to enforce the edict; still, it accomplished its purpose. Few blacks who did not have quarters in their white employers’ homes remained in Wilmette. Other domestics had to commute to their jobs from the small ghetto in the adjoining suburb, Evanston, or all the way from Chicago. In 1970, sixty years after the ‘anti-Negro committee’ made its decree, there were only 81 blacks among the 32,134 villagers of Wilmette: 59 were females, primarily domestic servants.”

        -The Slum and the Ghetto, Thomas L. Philpott

        *where TK lived before the parents died & the bro uprooted him (& a future RO was dodged).

  12. Does anyone follow the chick from Yoga Sophisticate on FB? I am loath to write her name because I think she has her Google Alert set to “extremely sensitive” and she will never stop hounding you if you cross her (became aware of her during the GOMI days and she used to hound PP). She doesn’t work and has nothing but time to comment back to anyone who criticizes her.

    Anyway, she’s a recovering Bulimic who now throws her energy into yoga…all day…and has quite the yoga body now and can be extremely bendy…but wondering if she’s gone off the deep end again. Recently shaved her hair completely off…right down to a stubble.

    • These people are like Beetlejuice. Is she going through a divorce or child custody hearing where drug use might come into play (a la Britney Spears)?

      • No, she’s just plumb nuts and loves attention. “Faking cancer” is a far more likely explanation for her (since she is quite gaunt as well) but we shall see.

        I would politely disagree with BeepBoop’s description of her as a recovering bulimic, because IMO she has switched to a combo of food restriction and over exercising as her disorder of choice.

        On the other hand, maybe she just got sick of her hair. I have big fuzzy hair, as does she, and would love to shave my head, but I worry people would think I had cancer or was faking cancer. That wouldn’t faze this lady.

    • The one who has a pug and a love affair with Cheeto Benito? Who “exists as a” leech on society, despite her worship of Ayn Rand? “As did Bacall” girl?

      When was she ever out of the deep end?

      • For a while, she seemed focused, quiet, inwardly reflective, and somewhat content with yoga, but the buzz-cut makes me think the crazy is leaking out again.

        I wish I could do nothing but yoga all day.

      • Yeah, I don’t want to ever turn this place into GOMI because Judy gives us so much to parse. Just wondering if there’d be a 51/50 call in Pittsburgh.

        • The mandate to turn off ad blockers turns me off.
          Among other things, but that’s the gist of it.

  13. Why doesn’t someone suggest to Donkey that she get off her raft ass and run for office, if all of this is bothering her so much? It’s not as if she is doing anything all day long.

    • She probably doesn’t even know the name of her mayor.

      List of volunteer work that Donkey has done:

      Never mind.

          • Remember how she snotted that one of the poors had a Mercedes in the driveway?

            News flash, Donkey: sometimes people who drive Mercedes actually have no money, because LOOK IN THE MIRROR.

  14. La Balm just posted that she and Swiss mister are hosting a how-to-get-love-like-ours-workshop tonight.

    • Oh, please…

      “So you’ve been witnessing the blooming love relationship of Sacha and I, and you may be wondering, “what are their secrets? How do they look so happy and like they are having so much fun?”

  15. Been obsessively listening to the Cabaret soundtrack this week in light of our political climate. Jena La Flamme is a low-rent, untalented, unfun Sally Bowles.

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