Welcome To The House Of Woo van Vomit

Crackpot exhibitionists Jena la Fraud & DJ Deadbeat Dad have a new set of cosplay fauxtos up. PROCEED AT YOUR OWN RISK!


Bottom Video: The pleasure never ends! Who has time for parental responsibilities?


  1. Do these people work? If not, how is Jenna going to show she has the requisite amount of income to sponsor Swiss Mister for a greencard?

  2. Am I weird for going hiking on my honeymoon instead of having an endless series of nekkid photoshoots? Is that what the cool kids are doing these days?

    I have to say that Flimme-Flamme looks very trim in those photos. If she ever wanted to go back to being a weight-loss guru, she would be much better positioned than previously IMO.

  3. Stunned silence, drops phone that there’s someone more thirsty than a Donkey to have a pointless, “look at me” fauxto shoot.

  4. “Michealangelo?” Is that dumbass Jena “the wedding of he and I” LaPhlegm’s misspelling or “Michealangelo’s”?

    • Omg this is plain stupid. Honestly a big crowd of bunch of phonies who dance like they are constipated bye Felicia . Take some fiber girl, the paint crap girl your body looks awful, your face is old and washed up and your man looks like he needs a bath dumb ass deadbeat dad.
      You’ve been read.

  5. Is he the new Monika de Myer? Can he equal photographer Monika de Myer in her aristry? I don’t know. But I just love to say her name: Monika de Myer!

  6. Where does someone shop for hideous and culturally inappropriate headdresses? Asking for a friend.

  7. Even if a penlight is sufficient, she should have pulled out something a bit larger to flatter her newlywed husband.

  8. Julia Allison
    2 hrs · Palo Alto, CA ·
    Okay, Ivanka – you’re Jewish, supposedly. You should understand the ramifications of a BAN ON AN ENTIRE RELIGION. Ready to denounce your psychotic dad yet??
    And editors: f–king STOP the SOFT AND FLATTERING LIFESTYLE PROFILES OF HER. She and her husband are an accomplice to bigotry and hatred on an unprecedented scale and I’m so freaking sick of the pass she’s been given.
    She’s moved to Washington – her husband is an advisor. SHE IS PART OF THIS INSANITY.
    Damn right I’m mad – look at the most recent cover of US Weekly – headline: “daughter in chief” with airbrushed photos and a gushing story about how her father listens to her more than anyone else (oh REALLY??) … meanwhile, innocent people who LIVE here are not allowed to come home.
    FUCK. This.

    Did she JUST call someone out for *supposedly* being Jewish? Isn’t she a part-time practitioner of the faith herself. (like only trotted out to win an argument) *At least* Ivanka had the conviction to actually follow-through on something (converting) oh two things and getting married.
    And apparently Ivanka and her husband are an accomplice (singular). Hmmm is donkeee all of a sudden aware of the accomplice/victim relationship?

    There is so much wrong with this post, and I don’t want to take all the fun out of it before everyone else gets a chance to comment but I’ll add she clearly hasn’t read about the federal order blocking Trump’s Muslim ban yet. #KeepUpCreamPuff

    I suspect if she has any self-respect left at all, this post will be down by morning.

    • Nope, still there, which amazes me. I put it up before reading your comment.

      Donkey is far more interested in the first daughter’s alleged misdeeds than that of her revolting father. Does she feel as though her ego ideal let her down, or is she trying to prove to her woo buddies and to Chaod that she actually gives a shit about something other than herself?

      • This is some serious daddy rage. How dare he not make her first daughter. Because you know she’d use her powers for good.

        • If only Peter Baugher hadn’t stifled her creativity by sending her to one of the best public schools in the country …

  9. ‘Scuse me, Jena, but Christina Aguilera wants her wig from the Lady Marmalade video shoot back, post haste! Preferably without any of the little critters your SoulHubby looks like he’s hosting en masse.

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