Judy & Ivanka: The Honeymoon Is Over & The Hooves Are Up

Donkey was too busy recovering from her vacation from vacation-itis to attend the extraordinary Women’s March, but this committed feminist has a few choice words for “HOT” Ivanka Trump:

Did Ivanka refuse another one of Judy’s late night manic phone calls?

Bottom Video: Dead Russian Hooker #2 sings (and it’s honestly much better than Jess Johnson’s caterwauling).


    • Taoist detachment and silver-tipped sausages were so yesterday. Today, she is a feierce warrior for women who has certainly never said she had an expiration date, voted for racist old Mark Kirk, or worn a “Property of the Penile System” jumpsuit.

      Why, she’s practically Angela Davis!

      • I watched this whole vid. Woos man. All well and good to know yourself first, what you like, how to DIY it.
        But to say that you should let go of the goal of having an orgasm when sexing with someone else…erm, what am I here for then?

        • Have you learned nothing from Donkey? The point of sex is to weep hysterically while your dog barks incessantly and/or shits on the rug. Bonus points if you’re in someone else’s apartment and your Real Doll is Alex Marquardt.

  1. She should bring up those nightmares with her therapist–oh was that just for show for ILYR, who has taught her so much?

    People would need to respect her opinion before they’d respect anything she posts, think she gets that yet? I image even in the woo circle she’s not respected.

  2. An eerie, a dement, and a pleasurableheadwrap sat in a yard someone else paid for…
    they look wrong

    • His posture is so poor. I know that is not even close to the worst thing about him (abandoning children?) but it is really unattractive.

      That Jena has really bagged a gem this time! I wonder who her fourth husband will be?

      • Surely she’ll come out of the closet for the hundredth time and find herself another batty girlfriend before she marries the fourth man?

        Sincerity becomes you, Jena.

    • I must say Jena’s self-regard is remarkable. And Dead Russian Hooker’s voice is indeed nicer than Jahhhhhhhhhss’s (not saying much).

      • At least she seems genuine and isn’t some overemoting narcissistic poseur tryhard like Jahsss is, pretending she’s changing the world with her shitty singing and playing.

        • Oh, I don’t think she is genuine at all. Jena is ALL about the grift!

          She’s been married *literally* a week and a half, to a guy she hooked up with at Burning Man just a few months back, and she’s already marketing herself as an expert on relationships.

          She and SwissMister can’t just have a few friends round to chill; they have to sell those evenings.

          Her latest FB post is all about a new workshop in which she can teach you “Unshakeable Body Confidence”.

          Nothing about Jena is real or true. Everything has an angle and that angle is money.

          • No probs. Also,to clarify, I meant genuine in her delivery of the song. Otherwise I think she is an airhead extraordinaire who drops her Gs when she pronounces words ending in -ing.

    • But she underlined something from someone spiritual in a book, that’s *surely* a sign of intelligence.

  3. I don’t recall Ivanka ever once criticizing her father publicly over women’s issues. She complimented him for apologizing for the “grab them by the pussy” comment and then said “the greatest comfort I have is the fact that I know my father.” She ran interference on women’s issues for the campaign, that’s it. She’s never been a Patti Davis, and anyone who thought she would be a ‘moderating influence’ or counterweight was letting Bannon blow smoke up their ass.

    • How do Kushner and Bannon even manage to speak to each other? That’s where I see the potential rift inside the camp happening, because how can you deal with “I love you, son-in-law and trusted advisor, but I also love this other dude who thinks you’re not actually human”?

      I guess the cognitive dissonance is being pumped in through the HVAC or something.

      • They’re both in over their heads, and maybe for the time being each one looks like a pool ring to the other.

          • I mean, the pro-Israeli government stance of these “white supremacist” people is “let’s you and him fight,” not any acknowledgment of Jewish people’s equality as humans.

            An Israeli friend of mine describes it as “They want Israel as a dog to get rid of the rats they think Muslims are, but not a house dog.”

          • Hmm… I think the white vs. brown prevails, i.e. white Christians & white Jews, united against “brown” Muslims.

          • Maybe I can’t be objective about this because my favorite husband is Jewish, but it is a central point of Nazi and neo-Nazi and all white supremacist rhetoric that Jews aren’t white. Good enough for a barn dog to kill the even “worse” Muslims, not good enough for in the house.

            I would say to read some of the bigoted garbage Steve Bannon has written, but nobody should have to read that toxic bullshit for any reason.

          • Brayella, what writings are you referring to?

            We know SB said in 2007 that he didn’t want his child to attend a Jewish school full of whiny bratty kids, or something like that.

            Is there anything else? Or are you referring to stuff published on Breitbart but not necessarily written by him?

          • Wolf, Hemmingway and Khaat whores, might I ask which Brayella are you referring to?

        • there is an insane strain of rightwing christian belief wherein they defend israel because all the jews have to go there and then be destroyed before their BFF jesus can return

          • Yes. It is surprising how little actual Jews, Israeli or not, appreciate being used as props in this scenario.

            On the other hand, AIPAC and its ilk are happy to profit from this nonsense, which infuriates so many people I know including the very husband I spoke of before.

    • Julia is so dumb it hurts. Ivanka has “no excuse”? Why not? Because she’s a young, white woman who went to college? That makes her a superior person who should “know better” in Donkey’s eyes.

      She’s a spoiled rich kid, and now her dad’s the president. Pro tip, Donkey: When Ivanka says she’s going to work for women, she doesn’t really mean it. Just like you lie about your plans to be a Bis Sister, volunteer for old people, crusade against bullying, etc.

  4. She thought Ivanka and Jared would stand up to Daddy Warbucks?
    As someone who herself sucks at the teat of Mom n Dad surely she didn’t imagine they would do anything except go along to get along.
    Trump would work the rest of his life to annihilate an immediate family member who spoke out against him is my guess.
    If anyone goes rogue it will be Melania though. She looks like a woman who is on the verge of DONE.

    • Yes, THIS.

      That’s our Donkey! Still desperate to be the pretty tall blonde girl in the sequined dress.

    • He’s a low-level con man that, if it wasn’t for the $500m he inherited, would be sweeping floors in prison.

      • If there were a ‘like’ button I would like and then unlike just for the pleasure of liking this statement again

      • I agree with you that he’s a con artist but he’s smart enough to play the long con. Got some attention for his birther bullshit and rode the vomitous wave of racism all the way to the white house. Jeb! and the rest of them weren’t racist enough, that was their problem.

        • I think he never expected to win.

          On election night at 8 PM Eastern, the ineffable Kellyanne was still running through the list of excuses why he was going to lose (Hillary is the wife of a very popular ex-President, that campaigned with her, Mr Trump has no party structure, blah blah blah).

          It was a combination of luck (those 78,000 votes in PA, WI & MI), plus all the voter-suppression efforts, that just gave him that super-narrow victory.

          And now we are stuck with him, and all the wave of religious nutters & neo-Nazis that he rode, for at least 4 years.

          • I agree with you to an extent but remember he said Mexicans were rapists and his poll numbers went up and he just went from there. Even if he hadn’t won he would be the most popular election loser (or voter fraud victim, choose your framing) in history and he was going to monetize the shit out of that.

            The things he says are not accidents or slips of the tongue. He means what he says because he wants to attract what I consider the scumsuckers of society and that is working for him.

            I’m not saying he’s sophisticated or is going to reconcile Einstein’s theory of relativity with the recently observed too-high expansion speed of the universe. I’m saying he knows what he’s doing, he knows what the effect of his words and policies are and he has a purpose. He’s not just making up tweets by throwing darts at a thesaurus like Julia is.

          • On the morning after the nomination I was watching CNN (in the gym..,I would not have looked for a second that morning if I wasn’t a captive audience) and there was some sad sack dumbass eating his brekky at a diner wining about he was the “forgotten white male minority”. I almost fainted from rage.

            I am currently at Whole Foods and I parked next to a car with a Make America Great Again bumper sticker and I actually started rifling through my purse for a sharpie to change the word Great to racist before I remembered that I am a law abiding human.

        • I still think he did the birther thing at Hillary’s camp’s request. If you read any of the podesta emails she was a scheming schemer who stated her strategy was to “discredit” competitors.
          Shorter: both disgusting and unfit to run this country.

          • omg Winchester, give it a rest! No, no, no, they were not the same.

            I admire your writing so I simply refuse to believe that you cannot see that the dangers threatening American values *right now* are far, far greater than anything Hillary would have done.

          • Hillary would admittedly been more discreet/deceptive as polished life-long politician unlike Trump who lacks the intelligence or the self-control not to expose what he’s doing immediately. He’s like a child that has to tell you what he’s doing while he’s doing it. (Also see insecure). There was never an upside to either candidate from my perspective and as I said before the election I would remain disappointed either way, and that has not changed.

            And talk about giving it a rest, my choice not to vote was my *preference.* I don’t tell anyone how to vote, don’t judge anyone on who they date, or their choice to have children or terminate a pregnancy, what God anyone can pray to but, the continued selective tolerance where one choice is the only choice is exactly what the left accuses the right of all. the. time. Again, you don’t have to like my choice but you do have to respect it.

    • He’s dangerously stupid. For example, he thinks that foreign countries pay tariffs, instead of domestic consumers. He thinks that everything has a simple solution, that everything is black and white, he generalizes like a moron and acts like the loudmouth barfly that everyone hopes will go home. He’s stupidly delusional. He thinks that the US, like himself, is infinitely rich and powerful, and can’t be touched no matter what it is does (what Sir Arthur Harris, whose air forces demolished one German city after another, called the childish delusion of the Nazis that they would bomb everyone else, and no one would bomb them). His brand of stupidity and grandiosity plays great with the angry low-IQ set, not because he knows how to manipulate them, but because he’s one of them.

      • If a tariff is high enough, it may result in a shift in production. That’s the payback he’s looking for from Mexico: Your money (now) or your jobs (later). NAFTA is a difficult compromise since it is free trade but not free movement of workers. At some point, something has to give. He’s about as intelligent as the policymakers who came before him.

      • Demoliting cities = killing thousands of children and families, FYI, not heroic no matter who does it, from London to Afghanistan. -Signed German Antinazi family

  5. My youngest is having a friend here for a sleepover tonight another tomorrow night, and Mr. H and I are having a dinner party. I figure if I charge the adults *and* the children for hot chocolate, I can straight up turn a profit by Sunday.

    • Why don’t you combine the events into a some sort of sacred initiation ceremony for the children? Make them sleep in the snow, or chop down trees to build the dinner table for the adults? Then film the whole thing, and charge people to view the webinar.

    • Quick, a turban, some harem pants for you and a set of antlers for your mister! I think your child should wear threadbare used clothing and a look of resignation.

      • Have you seen Mr. Handbag? I would totally <3 an Insta of a be-antlered Mr. Handbag. Mr. Pelts would understand.

          • I hope that came off as the joke I meant it to be, Darling Dearest Handbag Goddess of Non Woo. Mr. H is adorable, but I also have my own literate and awesome dude at home.

    • Well and charge 20% extra if your hot chocolate is Hershey’s for example because it’s made Mexico.

      I actually read a pretty funny tweet that Trump should sell advertising on the wall. Hell he met with two people who should be in jail Mary Barra (GM) and Alex Gorsky (JNJ), he really should have pitched them. They clearly must buy their way out of jail now, why not be transparent and see what a human life is really worth to these executives.

  6. Judy posted a video of John McCain denouncing Trump’s defense of waterboarding. Did you know he was nearly her father-in-law? She and Jack McCain once discussed marriage in the home they shared for three weeks on the island of Coronado.

    • I’m sure that man cringes every time he sees his name linked to hers.

    • They looked at rings! Which may or may not have also been lollipops! She couldn’t accept because sugar should be outlawed!

  7. Pretty sure Donkey looks at Ivanka with seething rage, wondering, “Why isn’t that MEEEEEEEEEE?”

  8. Finally, since Julia Baugher has weighed in on this, I know what to think. Very persuasive, Julia. Well done.

  9. This has to be Julia projecting somewhat about her own family, right?

    What she really means to say, deep down:

    “I am genuinely not intelligent enough to understand the consequences of my actions — but Peter and Robin had ABSOLUTELY NO EXCUSE for not standing up to my poor life decisions. Honest, f–k them. I’m so sick of hearing Dadster’s smug, self satisfied “I’m looking out for you, Julia” bullsh-t. Excuse my language but I LITERALLY ALWAYS have nightmares about my mean-spirited and cold-hearted family. I’ve gotten plenty of KARMA — look at my life — but when will my parents suffer alongside me???”

    See how this works, Julia?

    • I took it as she’s mad her daddy isn’t as successful as Trump and in turn employ her for a lifetime. She does realize being supported is easier than actually working, right?

      • I thought it was about pancakes, and how ‘close’ she came to being in Ivanka’s shoes right now, if only her parents weren’t to blame for ruining her childhood and therefore being the root cause of everything unhappy in her life.

      • She never minded privilege when she had access to it (lawyer fiance, billionaire James, prom king, Davos, pancakes). Now she has a sad life and a succession of loser bf’s so she’s seething. She has to “share” holidays with Allie who is more accomplished, better looking, and a mom. Sad! There’s your karma, Julia, eat up.

    • Afghani! This should go down as one of your best comments ever, an expensive caulk of comments, as it were.

      • I wrote a long response but then you made me think of this song, and it helped me forget about DT for a second, so I backspaced my woe and I’ll just leave this here. Excuse the corniness but I love me some Charlotte’s Web, and I wanted to post before he Fahrenheit 451’s the entire internet:

        Chin up, chin up
        Everybody loves a happy face
        Wear it, share it
        It’ll brighten up the darkest place
        Twinkle, sparkle
        Let a little sunshine in
        You’ll be on the right side
        Looking at the bright side
        Up with your chinny chin chin,

        (GB Debbie Reynolds.)

    • 52 weeks per year times 4 years is 208 weeks.

      So… 1 week down, 207 weeks to go.

      If this doesn’t cheer you up, nothing will!

      Also, I find comfort in the fact that all the predictions about popular vote-loser Donald Trump have been dead wrong, so, basically anything can happen.

      Maybe one of these days the same mysterious winds that propelled him to power will stop blowing and his “charm” will wear out, and he will be impeached, or will resign, or maybe the Mexican-pre-owned plan he flies will crash (seriously, his plane used to belong to a low-cost Mexican airline), or a sex-tape with an underage girl will find its way to TMZ.

      Who knows… a girl can dream.

      • Here is my one and only conspiracy theory…the reason Jared K. pushed so hard for Pence as VP is that Pence may be the only person on the planet more loathesome than Trump, making Trump unimpeachable.

      • Thank greg I suck at math; I was counting the days not the weeks! lol yes, it seems a slight bit more bearable now.

        I also do not see him finishing the four years. Something is going to happen, I am damn near certain of it. But Pence is no prize, either, soo. Eh.

  10. Would love to hear them belt out folk song from revenge of the nerds when they are trying to fill time during party with omega moos

    “So ya say you gotta be freeeee….”

    “So ya say you gotta be meeeee….”

  11. Gosh, Judy! If only people had thought to organize some kind of event where millions of people could come together to protest the Trump Administration’s policies on women’s rights. Thank Source you were right there to post a photo of you looking 65 in an ugly romper, though. Your sacrifice for your sisters will not go unnoticed.

  12. I can’t even. This is thinly veiled “I know Ivanka,I know Jared.”
    Disgusting. Now is THE TIME to stand up. Go to a damn march lady .
    Write letters, call, whatever. Karma won’t save anyone.

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