Updated: Donkey Does Dublin & Jess Does …

Presented without comment, because I’m speechless:

Update: Why are woos being so mean to beloved mascot Wali Rahman?


  1. I bet that victim of violence is THRILLED to have her assault used as an advertising tactic for the woos. Nothing says support like having a trusted ally splash your horrific experience across facebook.

      • On the one hand, they’re shady enough. On the other hand, you know that community’s chock-full of abusers.

        • You know it. As much as Smellsberg promoted consent, it wasn’t beyond him to drug up and take advantage of a vulnerable and likely disturbed woman and exploit her online in sex videos. He may claim there was consent there, but was she even in a state of mind to give consent? Her Facebook posts indicated otherwise.

      • Every fucking thing these woos write sounds like bad advertising copy (and often is). So enlightened.

      • I wonder if it has something to do with rapey rabbi Marc Gafni? Are they finally holding him accountable or is that too much to ask?

        • Of course they’re not holding Gafni accountable! Jennifer Russell has even defended him on numerous occasion in the last year. This letter is some made up hosrsehit posted in the hope of luring marks to various woo grifts.

  2. I am pretty damn sure that is that cat, not Lilly. Lilly does not have a dark mask (even when its dirty, it’s more rheumy/rusty in color.) Donkey can’t recognize her own dog. What a surprise.

  3. if it was truly (violent and potential for more) then professional help and/or filing a report with police should be considered; no time to play games with being an armchair advice giver at that point

    also i thought you are supposed to keep dogs weight in check during old age so as to avoid arthritis and chronic joint pain, nothing funny about that

    • yeah, this letter would be about as effective as putting nail polish on a trainwreck. It’s basically saying “Silly Rabbit, tricks are for kids!” Y’all need law enforcement.

  4. This encapsulates the woo experience. This is the difference between being spiritual and being woo.

    Woo thinks that confronting violent men on social media is a good idea. Woo thinks it’s OK to make it a promo for their organization. Woo thinks it’s a good idea to let an abusive man know that his personal business is being spread around. Woo thinks that an abusive, violent man would read this and have a positive reaction. Woo thinks it’s totally OK to label someone violent based on Facebook hearsay. Woo is very, very stupid.

    • I’m so confused on what I just read and am in awe that you could piece it all together.

      • I have long suspecred a lot of these poly dudes as being creepy and taking advantage of unsecuee women

        There was a reality show about some dude who was a bankrupt business scammer who had like 3 ‘wives’ and it was sad how u could tell the way he was mentally controlling these women

  5. My cynical nature has me thinking that there might be quite a lot of guys in this circle who might think this post is about them. Fucking woos.

    • They openly invited a known child rapist into their circle and if memory serves children were near or around the camp. Tough to imagine they don’t see anything really wrong with sexual assault, unless of course they can profit from it. Yeah, you’re not cynical you’re logical.

  6. Cool letter, I’ll be sure to send it to my rapist. Actually I could just give it to him since he lives my neighborhood. Thanks, Jaaaaaasssss.

  7. That Jess post is totally made up to promote woo bullshit.

    That Donkey post…whatevs. I go to Ireland 2x a year and it doesn’t look like that but, hey, COLORS GREEN. I’m just glad she got rained on for two weeks.

    • That letter is even less believable than Julia Price’s little boy white knight. Just more woo promotion, this time for Destin Gerek and the cons running COR. These people are garbage.

  8. There seems a curious silence among some people regarding the recent nuptials in NYC

    Are we witnessing an east coast west coast rift in the sistahood?

    Not unlike the gangsta rap rivals of the late 90’s?

    • i remain unconvinced that it was an actual legal marriage and not just woo whatever nonsense of the hour

      • If Swiss Mister really wants a green card, and he’s already describing himself as “NYC based” in his grifter profile, then they’re definitely legally hitched.

          • He can’t get one unless they are legally married. You do know that, right? Why do you not believe they got a license at city hall?

      • I think they’re trying hard to build a case for when they appear in front of INS. The video (which seems very well done), only helps bolster their case.

        • Why would INS want to give some lunatic in antlers a green card, however well edited his pair bonding ceremony?

          • People talk about the migration crisis so much these days. If I made the rules, this would be my first one: You wear antlers in public, NO ENTRY.

          • Helena, I thought you were going to say the opposite: everyone MUST wear antlers. I think that would also be a way to separate the truly committed. Or those who need committing.

      • They made a trip to City Hall in NYC. I assumed that’s actually where they made it legal.

    • The world needs a Woo Equivalent of the ’95 Source Awards.

      “To all you Divine Goddesses and Shamans out there, who don’t wanna be at a festival where the Founder is … all up in the interpretive dance performance, all on the sacred pleasure talk and demo, clit flickin’ …then come to the Garden of Eden in Encinitas!”

  9. • Please note that this is a women’s only retreat. We want to cultivate a space that is safe for sharing and full expression.

    Safe space! Women only! No child-molesting, women-beating men at this fat camp!

    Except for Sacha … who’ll be offering Cacao “medicine” & healing “sound baths”…

    LATEST SCAM: the newlyweds go to Greece https://altaretreats.com/greece/

  10. I too am calling BS on that letter. BUT, if it is true, she probably just wrote that poor woman’s death sentence as abusers do NOT respond well to being outed.

  11. Wali probably took part in the women’s march, unless like Jess Johnson and Jennifer Russell.

    • I am betting the Jess Johnson post is fiction.

      If it is not and she is stupid enough to send it, I will not be surprised when the recipient shows up on her doorstep and sends her teeth on a wonderful voyage of inner discovery.

      • Yes, there is something about it that rings FAKE FAKE FAKE fakity fake.

        I had to read it like six times to see what she was trying to say.

        So, a friend sent her a message, saying another friend, had contacted friend #1, because they had seen she was facebook friends with Bad Man, and wanted to warn her that Bad Man was a very very bad man.

        That way, she is not casting a shadow on *her* facebook friends, since Bad Man is not among them, only the facebook friends of her friend, and we don’t know who she is. That should deflect questions that people would have (if they gave a shit!) about who the Bad Man is.

        Why on earth would she publicly share that? It makes no sense.

        It’s all a shantiesque scheme to sell Noble Man woo training.

        These people are not just annoying, they are despicable too.

        • All these morons create fake content in the hopes it will “go viral,” it’s part of their business model. Imagine that’s your only goal in life is to get a Facebook post to “go viral.” That is truly success.

          • Epic fail on this horseshit going viral; Donkey shared BFF Jess’s scam over a day ago and has received ONE like and no comments. ONE FUCKING LIKE and she has, what, 135,000 followers?

  12. I wonder why SJW Donkey rides Uber? Its CEO Travis Kalanick is a member of Trump’s economic advisory team, called the Strategic and Policy Forum. There was an anti-Trump protest outside its SF office recently.

    • Not only does she use Uber, she was part of the creepy stalking stunt they pulled on a journalist in their very early days.

      Judy has no principles (and no principal).

  13. But wait, has Jess considered the alleged abuser’s side? Br*an F*ankl*n weighs in:
    Hi Jess. This lands for me as a beautiful STEP 2… but without the STEP 1…. What it is missing for me is inquiry. Hearing only one side of the story, you’ve already concluded what happened. I would appreciate (on behalf of all humans who have been involved in multi-faceted misunderstandings) you taking the additional step of finding out what does and doesn’t resonate with this person about the events. Your offer of help precedes any curiosity about what might or might not have happened. This feels a little premature to me. I think you can only gain from taking the extra step to seek to understand first, before reaching a conclusion in your mind about what “this is a result of…” etc. Love you! Thank you for doing this brave work!

  14. You all seem to be overlooking the tremendous alternative-fact that Sasha is now a fully certified Pleasure Coach. !!! This not only makes him hugely qualified to co-facilitate Weight Loss workshops with his beloved, but, more importantly, provides irrefutable qualification for US citizenship. (A two-birds-with-one-stone joke is too easy and obvious here… in view of the woo’s affinity for feathers.) A chef friend of mine is unable to gain legal status here because his type of job can easily be filled “internally.” Obviously this cannot be said for the highly-specialized experience of Mister Feathers LaFlambe. (I just hope all that hot chocolate doesn’t raise a red flag with immigration.)

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