Updated, Now With Nudity: Happy New Year, Mud Face!

Flashback: The conversation sparkles! Sistahs forevah!

Forever Donkey & Mary & Meghan!

My relationships with them have been the most precious gifts I have ever received, and I could not imagine my life without them….To watch something like this turn into reality? I can’t describe the joy I feel; it’s limitless.

Limitless, people!

From: Mary Rambin
Sent: Thursday, January 01, 2009 11:31 PM
To: Julia Allison
Subject: please

Don’t actively call for my resolutions when I already posted what mine is along with the fact that I’m not blogging for another day.

Thanks for being a good blogger.

Julia replies:

huh? That was your resolution? Stop snapping at people?

Mary replies:

I think I made it pretty clear I don’t like resolutions on any particular day.

Night night

Julia replies:

wow. mary, you’re on the most beautiful, amazing vacation I’ve ever seen, and you still manage to be a cranky bitch. Truly impressive, my dear.

It makes me especially mad, because I just wrote you a really sweet Christmas card.

Happy New Years to you, too.

NYE these days? Our donkey attends sex parties in Oakland firetraps, and/or pines away for indifferent middle-aged DJs.

What’s in store for our burro in 2017? A baby? Marriage … to someone other than herself? S-Corp incorporation? The mind baughles.

Update: Recently betrothed Jena la Flamme has been posting more eternal vacay picks of her intended, Sacha Nielsen, AKA DJ Deadbeat Dad. I just threw up in my mouth:

Sistahs forevah:


  1. Pilot and I recently replayed this conversation on FB, but I love her and couldn’t bring myself to call her a bitch. #rbdproblems

    • Related: I love it when Insta threads descend into Donkey-referencing madness. People’s IRL friends must baughle at the cite/site/sight. (Hi, MMBH and Afghani!)

      • I love it, too. It’s sort of remarkable how much we actually like each other and remain in one another’s lives as people.

      • I miss the days of the sideways blog and TMI weakly [sic]. The MMBH shout out reminds me of what things were like back then and how much I miss it.

      • I have several people on my IG who I know are catladies, but I have no idea which name they use/d.

        Also, I have to let you all that Yimmy and I are like basically bffz now because he follows me on twitter and we have had lengthy exchanges about some pretty lame shit. I feel guilty that I know him from here, and he has no idea.

  2. Whats in store: continued deterioration.

    How did we get to this place? She’s literally rolling around in dirt with a bunch of delusional mental cases.

    • I look at those old pictures (when, at the time, I thought she looked fucking ridonkulous), and she looks so drugged out and washed up today by comparison (no, not just older—most of the women I know look the BEST between 35 & 50, when they are full of self-confidence and courage and have gained traction in the world while also having learned not to give a fuck what anyone else thinks).

      I mean, did anyone here really think in 2009 that we’d look back and say, hmmm, she didn’t look half bad back then (in comparison)? I think we all knew she was heading on a collision course, but I don’t think any of us could have predicted this; it would’ve been more likely for her to die in the OR getting discount plastic surgery in Tijuana trying to keep up with the young “actresses” in LA while desperately pitching another show to Bravo.

      Speaking of which… it’s been a very long time since she’s mentioned her agent. (Betcha she will now, though. Should we start a 2017 Donkey Bingo game?)

      • One of her former agents knocked up an RBD commenter. He fathered a child with one of us haterz.

        One of the most amazing and hilarious things to come out of the whole donkey saga.

      • Ding. Ding. Ding.
        Me too – Julia of 2009 would be so mortified of herself. If they were two separate people at the same party you know 2016 Julia would be glomming on to 2008 Julia who’d be crying in a bathroom or in an argument or whatever.

  3. She’s just posted some kind of mud covered joy jumping shots from Costa Rica, so I guess what we’re in for is…more of the same. See also: previous post.

  4. I am kind of in awe about how she can just decide she looks fantastic in pictures and post them with self-delight, whether or not anyone else would agree.

    Happy New Year, angry sort of sad adults! 2016 sandbagged me one last time; my usual New Year’s companions of pretty much the last 20 years all came down with one bug or another, so it was just me and the husband in PJs raising a glass to 2017.

    Wishing everyone here peace and hope and joy and all the Coobies your perfectly symmetrical hearts desire.

  5. Happy New Year everyone!

    WHY does she a) always post stupid jumping pics and b) always buy the same thing in multiple colors? God she’s so basic.

  6. That 2009 convo with Mary was a plus Non Society shit. Mary was brattily telling off people who were trying to point out how crass her yacht (on Old Bob’s dime) vacation posts looked to those in the midst of the recession and her response was something along the lines of “Leave us alone!”. Good times!

    • Mary is a spinning instructor now. Julia is unemployed. Meghan is living on her father’s dime. None of them are married. Happy 2017!!!!

      • I think Mary owns that spinning studio (not the building, just the business, which I’m sure her father bought for her-equipment and such, so I guess that negates the fact that she actually owns it.)

        • I’m sure Daddy paid for it, but I have to hand it to Mary, she lives it.

          She hasn’t had a personality shift like Julia. “Now I’m into this and now I’m this type of person and now I’m following this career.” Even as far back as that 2009 recording, Mary made exercise/gym her priority and didn’t need no stinkin’ resolutions.

          • Yeah, in my humble opinion Mary got hers in the best way for her. She seems happy – and running a real business is no walk in the park.

      • Just checked out her insta for the first time in years. My take away:

        We get it, you got boobs. They are on display in a disproportionate amount of photos. And they are disproportionate to her body. She went too big and they look fake and cheap.

        Her fashions are still boring.

        Did her teeth get bigger?

        LOL she’s a spin instructor for a living?

        • Meh, I think the boobs would be a good size if she wasn’t hyper-fit. But I def agree everything about her is boring and screams relationship roadblocks. No normal, successful guy is going to want to take over funding her hobbies and shopping and travel and won’t have the time to do them with her. Even if she can land a guy to bankroll her, she’ll never appreciate him fully bc she wasn’t with him on the way up and besides she has dad’s money as a backup anyway. It goes without saying that a guy with a nice house and 1M or less in the bank wouldn’t even be taken seriously by MMBH. Which is, of course, hilarious.

          And guys born into money can get younger/prettier/less demanding, esp in LA. We’d be kidding ourselves to deny that reality of the world.

          Her best case is that she truly enjoys being single or ends up with a guy in his late 40s whose kids are already grown and who still has some money post divorce.

          • Still better than a crusty topless DJ who refuses to acknowledge you.

            It’s amazing how Judy can keep scraping the bottom of the barrel. Then break through the bottom, into the mud. And here we are.

          • Yeah better than Julia, but MMBH and pointy still have issues. Not judging then, don’t know them. We all have issues. We don’t all claim to be expert lifestyle bloggers or strong bidness laydees though (hai, MMBH).

  7. Obligatory jumping in air pic. Fake ecstatic looking up pic. At least she’s ditched the pelts and bobby pin mullet. Still a poseur attention whore.

  8. Whatever could the Year of Foundation mean? Does it have something to do with founding an S-Corp? Or acquiring more Coobies (the flimsiest foundation garments made)?

  9. Happy New Year to all.
    While I’ve dropped off of posting much, I still read hear woo-ligiously and in this year of suck (personal, professional and worldly), I’d like to thank this site’s maitre d’s for keeping this great community alive and posting and all of you who post, share, advise, pun and educate. You’ve made this last year slightly less of a ruh-row for me so scooby snacks to you all
    Safe and happy 2017. May you all realize your inner BOOK (published of course)

  10. I went over to MMBH’s blog, from which she has taken a hiatus (with an announcement and everything, unlike some Donkeys of our acquaintance) and thence to her Instagram, and I have to say she is looking good (and looking well) these days. Fit but not gaunt, hair looking healthy, lots of real smiles in photos with family and friends. The contrast with Judy is astonishing.

    • And I don’t know what Pointy is up to in her personal life, but her seemingly completely dimwitted Foundermade project is attracting some real names. Why? I have no idea, but Judy must be so envious.

      It is still o_O to me that none of the three are or have ever been married, given that it was an often-stated goal of theirs on TMI Weakly. When I think of my core group of same-age lady friends, all of us scruffy academic types rather than self-anointed “It Girls,” and how relatively not-complicated it was for us to find interesting, kind, and attractive spouses by Judy’s age, I have so many many questions.

      • SF, LA and NYC have to be three of the toughest places to find a mate is the best of circumstances. At 38? Odds are very low. That’s just the facts.

        • Yeah, they all seem to want more from a guy than they bring to the table. They all seem like they’d be bad in any relationship without massive resources and a partner who will constantly indulge them. On top of this, they are all fairly dim, to put it nicely.

          • Six or seven years later, I still remember a post which mentioned Megs was MIA after a long weekend fruitlessly trying to free the girl trapped in the mirror.

  11. My favorite moment from checking in on the scammers’s New Year’s posts and photos is Jenna la Flimme-Flamme, Scammie-Scamme’s Facebook profile pic of her deadbeat-dad-for-a-boyfriend grabbing her breast while peacefully dreaming of things other than his fatherly duties.

  12. the dress with the silver bodice and light yellow fluffy skirt, that was returned after being worn to nordstrom, if iirc

  13. I understand that there are a number of cases of leptospirosis contracted from muddy areas in Costa Rica.

  14. Just occurred to me we’re less than 2 months from celebrating Julie’s 36th lap around the sun.. She’ll be officially closer to 40 than 30, still a spinster, and still unemployable. I wonder if she’ll be ramping up the cray for us as the joyous date approaches?

  15. Re: the rainbow photo–she’s really incapable of taking a photo with her feet flat on the ground if she’s not in heels.

  16. I did not want to see the Cacao King naked. Bring back the French farmers instead!

    And I know Flimme-Flamme hates it when we talk about her hairline, but it’s practically in Omaha at this point. Copper peptide lotion and Nioxin if you don’t want to see a dermatologist, Flimmy! They really helped me.

  17. Good thing she was able to rest up in Hawaii a month ago before going on vacation in Costa Rica. It must be exhausting to splash around mud puddles and pose for the camera.

    Her life over the last 10 years seems like one long series of fauxtoshoots and nothing else.

    • Notice she never shows the shit holes she’s staying in on these “vacations.” We all know if they were anything remotely close to decent she’d show them but the fact that she doesn’t says.it.all.

  18. “It puts the lotion on its skin,” so Flim Flam Sell Another Scam is having a theme wedding?

  19. I know all these people are old enough to remember the times when posting a pic after a pic after a pic after a pic OF YOURSELF online was not a thing. How did they live back then? And would they survive without this option to spend their lives now or anytime in the future? Any old bills to pay?

    Signed, someone who sent a total of three pictures of herself to friends / family members in email and posted zero such pictures anywhere public or semi-public throughout 2016 (because she is fat and jealous)

    • I think this all the time. Why do they think people will be remotely interested in another unflattering photo of them? And naked photos of the Swiss Mister are repulsive.

      • A dedicated reader sent me that photo of DJ Deadbeat when I was at the supermarket. I nearly lost my lunch before grabbing several chocolate bars, squatting, and wolfing down those bars in the middle of the aisle.

    • The locals took to Facebook last year to complain and shame Americans (Julie & Shit-Show Shanti were there) for stealing and having sex in the street.

    • In the immortal words of Eric Cartman, Costa Rica “smells like ass”.

      Specially after Ali Shanti decamps.

  20. hey, do you guys want to do an update on loren feldman? he just got banned from twitter, and split from mike cernovich over “creative differences.” (uh huh.) they made one film together, had plans for others, now i guess they’re cancelled.

    if you did an entry, perhaps little birdies would show up in the comments with details.

    • Like you, Loren? Actually, I’m doing an update tomorrow on a former co-star of The Donkey Show … but we’ll see …

    • Here’s what Cernovich had to say recently; I suspected that Loren was the bord with the broken wing:

      Yes, there are people who deserve second chances. Maybe 1 in 10 people should get one. This means you’re going to be ripped off or conned 90% of the time.

      Playing exceptions to the rule is a form of self-destruction by ego. You know better! The rules don’t apply to you. Yes, the rules apply to you.

      And the above paragraph was less about you than me. In college I helped a “down on his luck” guy out by opening a bank account for him. He couldn’t open one because of brad credit. Turns out he was a crack head who overdrew the account and wrote bad checks.

      Recently someone completely back stabbed me and tried destroying a project I had worked on. The specifics aren’t important. I helped this person as he had a bird-with-a-broken-wing vibe about him. I bet against my own rules.

      Here I am, at 39, still making mistakes.

      • yep, that sounds like the loren feldman i have come to know and love. and this is the kind of comment i was hoping to see.

        i like watching julia mess up as much as the next basement dweller, but she’s got nothing on feldman. he is so angry that steam is constantly shooting out of his ears. he was living with his sister until he found another sugar mamma to support him. i know there must be so, so much dirt out there on him that i haven’t heard.

          • So Feldman’s got an alt-right shtick going? No surprises there. I just read a piece in Tablet about Feldman and Cernovich, and looked at trailers for Feldman’s D’Souza-esque, bottom of the barrel documentaries. “Only $3.99!” No. Zzzzzz …

          • Did Loren delete is twitter account? I can’t find much about this on twitter now. Curious what was the final straw that broke this bromance? Other than two egos that can eclipse the sun without any actual talent.

          • Seriously. Please update into eternity and I will forever be, Who?

            There might be someplace that actually cares. Not here.

          • His puppets used to be a source of delight round these parts. The Julia/Scoble smooch was especially charming. But that’s probably before your time in the basement.

          • We all know about the fucking puppets, including Moroccanwear and Hot Foot Lurch. No one cares about this alt-right sicko creep.

          • I like the update. Always interesting to see if people grow or change over time. There shouldn’t be some ideological purity test to post here or be posted about here. Loren being a trainwreck goes way beyond his politics.

            I sometimes wonder what certain people I’ve worked or associated with are up to these days. This is especially true if they had strong personalities or scandals. Remember when it was revealed on rbd that Loren’s ex wife was cucking him with some west coast VC? I feel bad for saying this, but it was hilarious.

          • A commenter who’s never appeared in here before asked me to post an update and I declined, not out of ideological purity but because Loren Feldman is revolting and I don’t give a fuck. If I give a fuck, then I’ll post something. That’s the sole criterion. But feel free to discuss whatever in the comments, Afghani.

          • I get it, Gilly

            You do a great job entertaining us RBD commenter ppl. Thanks for that and happy new year BTW.

      • That had disaster written all over it from the start. All accomplices become victims. The only upside to a situation like this is that they both deserve each other and it was only a matter of time *when* one did something to the other. It’s a societal karmic wash.

    • Loren Fucking Feldman can suck a goddam cock.

      And he probably is as we speak.

      Milo’s, to be precise.

      By dint of the jaw-droppingly misogynistic letter he sent to Petey he is the biggest piece of shit to be associated with this site, bar none.

      I wouldn’t piss on his fucking skull if it were my assigned job in hell.

      I hate him and I want him dead.

      He’s also stupid, fat, bald and ugly and has a very small penis.

      Hi, Loren.

      • Feldman would suck Trump’s cock if he thought it would bring him 15 minutes of non-stop mainstream media attention.

  21. She’s got an Instagram story up, along with the mud photo posted on her stream. Alexander Marquardt liked it, which gave me a giggle.

    • Must be killing her not to post pictures of the people she’s with, most especially DJ Bald who made it to CR but hasn’t allowed a single picture of them posted. The same guy who didn’t think enough of her to travel home for the holidays with her but, just like Debbie, there for the free daddy sponsored trips? That’s a special *relationship*. Can’t imagine being that desperate that being used is better than being alone.

  22. Is it just me or is Donkey trying to SWF noodles? She’s potentially found a mark in stealing baby daddy? Noodles beware!! Can’t keep the blow job ho bag man poacher off for too long.

  23. The last picture with her by a Costa Rica waterfall – She can’t even enjoy a moment such as THAT?! I wonder what guys think of her who are unaware of her internet shadow.

  24. This is a bit of a humble brag but I recently got published in a major national news outlet. I pitched it, they asked for revisions, I resubmitted it, it was sent to copy editors and published all within 4 days. I then thought of dear Jules and her 7 drafts, months long endeavor to write something for the NYT about Burning Man and giggled. She brags about the most inane things – not just the NYT piece (which, let’s be real, is a big thing), but that it took her so long and so many drafts to do so

  25. i physically started back from my screen at that picture of jena, the forgotten child of the corn.

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