Updated: A Preggers Nisha Moodley Made The Trek To Dusty, Smelly, Thumping, Smoke-Filled Camp Septic

Noodles is on the Playa! Like ShesJustStupid, I assumed the fauxto of the pregnant woman in Ali Shanti’s BM gallery couldn’t possibly be our expectant mother. For one thing, Noodles has been posting non-stop to her Freedom Adventure grift on FB, complete with old video after old video of the telegenic woo, while Skankatron and Jena La Phlegm have been silent. Did Noodles come to check up on No Vowels Noah? That would be a far cry from her usual assertiveness – following at least 10 steps behind the masculine. Yoo hoo, Tim Ferritt!

Noodles posted an update 15 minutes after this RBD post went up. She never reads here (unless she’s reading about herself).

Update, from a delusional Skankatron:

Excuse me? I’m not familiar with Cueball, but Jess Johnson wants us to fund her lifestyle to the tune of 8k/mo yet can’t manage more than $210/mo in donations, while “entrepreneur” Cory Tanner Glazier’s MediMeals project was a medi bust. Please explain yourself, Shantitown. Do these “raging successes” have curtains in the master bedroom?

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    • Apparently so. Noodles posted a BM update 15 minutes after this RBD post went up. I added it above.

      • The question I have is did “Papa” want to go to BM and she decided to meet him there or go because he wanted to or was it really what she wanted? I can see a young father to be wanting to have a last trip in the desert. Less so a heavily pregnant mom.

        Any woo, this year’s BM is amusing for the class warfare stuff that’s coming out. Just admit it’s just a big party in the desert and stop trying to claim you’re changing the world. Lord.

      • Even though I always think she’s pretty (not necessarily smart or sincere, but at least she has that to bring to the table [faint phrase]), I was feeling all judgey that she would expose her baby to such a dusty cacophony for the sake of a few Burning Mama glamour shots. Then I remembered that I attended a Suicidal Tendencies and a Clash concert, both extremely loud, when pregnant and my kid turned out fine. There was no toxic dust, though.

          • JFAing myself to say I am an expired genx ex punk rocker with MAD tinnitus ! Probably 1984ish am I right ? Sandinista tour?

          • I saw them in 1984 and I think it was the Cut the Crap tour. I also saw them twice in 1982 (first time, the English Beat opened; second time, they opened for the Who.) Greg those were good shows.

          • Hah! Yes, he was born in 1984, and despite all odds, his hearing is perfect. And he and his wife just left my house after our big annual Labor Day BBQ. Rockin’ the Casbah, rockin’ the Casbah…

          • She is still a gross fame whore who is using her pregnancy to get clicks. I am old too. I have no problem about her being pregnant at a festival. It is that she is pregnant and working it.

  1. Hmm, Mama Guilt is probably just nature’s way of letting you know you’ve introduced baby to too many teratogens.

      • The white outfit shots are stunning. On the other hand, while I do believe that a pregnant female body is a glorious sight, I find that shot of her in the gold lame bikini absolutely hideous. (Not trying to body snark here, just marveling at the level of narcissism necessary to convince herself that this was a beautiful picture worth sharing with the world.)

    • Part of this narcissistic generation is needing to acknowledge that procreation may have negative consequences upon one’s previously pristine body. Suck it up and learn to embrace aging, you idiots. Life is just starting to happen to you.

    • I was pregnant at the same time as Courtney Love. The Vanity Fair article about her taking heroin and “going out for cigarettes” while pregnant was really offensive. The “going out for cigarettes” is in quotes because it happened. Noodles looks healthy to me.

  2. I don’t know. I see nothing wrong with being pregs and hanging out in the desert. This coming from a cat lady who thinks burning man is gross and totally not my thing. The baby is in a cocoon, floating around, no care in the world. Mama is eating healthy, getting great prenatal care and not doing drugs I’m sure. I think she looks pretty and fun and I’m sure the kid will get a kick out of one day seeing pics of his mama at BM. I love the pics of my hippie parents, especially the ones that include my wee self. I cherish the pics of them getting high LOL. But I’ll warn NM like I warned, Ali… it skips a generation. I’m fairly straight so I’m betting my kids (especially the girl kitten) will be our wild ones ?☮. Have seen that in other families too!

    • Well, it’s not just hanging out in the desert.

      It is being hours away from running water, working toilets, air-conditioning, heating, medical care etc etc etc and surrounded by 70,000 people ready to paaaaar-tay, i.e. get really fucked on drugs, have tons of sex, stay awake all night.

      Sorry but if we, as a society, frown upon on a pregnant woman having a glass of wine or smoking a cigarette, BM is eleventy billion times worse, even if she doesn’t personally take any drugs (I hope she doesn’t, but who knows… her “mama guilt” needs some serious re-calibration).

      • She’s not exposing her child to people having sex or doing drugs. I’m sure she’s not staying up all night and even if she doesn’t get her usual sleep, she is not harming the baby. I’m certain she is peeing and pooping wherever who cares. And if she’s a little hot or cold? Not perfectly temp controlled? No harm done. I’m sorry but BM does not seem like “radical self reliance” at all to me. She sounds like a thoughtful mom-to-be trying to have a great time before embarking on the unknown. I say good for her. I was exposed to a ton of things as a child that people might find questionable, but it was just my childhood. My parents were cool, they loved me and they were “alternative,” whatever that really means. I turned out a-okay. And now I’m a helicopter mom to two small kiddos. I wish they could have met my dad who passed 13 years ago but they adore my mom and stepdad (also ex-hippie guy.) I respect your opinion but I would only judge if she were truly putting that baby in harm’s way. I know it’s sport here to make fun of the woos, but I just don’t see the problem in this case.

        • I wish I could have your certainty about that unborn baby being safe.

          It’s a fact that you could catch a lot of diseases by sharing a portapotty with hundreds of strangers and when you are pregnant some diseases that would otherwise be just a nuisance can have devastating effects for the baby.

          I have nothing against hippie culture, or taking drugs, or enjoying life in general, but an unborn baby at BM is a HUGE no-no in my book.

          • I hear you, I do. I’m not just trying to be contrary. I was a nutcase through both my pregnancies. Refused to fly at all (after having an early miscarriage all the way across the ocean. Nightmare.) I held my breath every time I passed someone smoking or sneezing. I still find myself doing that, out of habit haha – as if I can protect my kids by holding my breath. I worry about everything. The mommy brain works in weird ways. But the truth of the matter (to me, anyhow) is that BM does not seem to be a breeding ground for disease or a place that people are coming home sick from. I’d be more worried hanging out down in Miami with the zika mosquitos! And despite my own general neuroses, I never, ever judge other parents unless they are actually harming their children. To each his own. But obviously if your perspective is that she IS harming her unborn child, or could be, that is valid. I never would have risked it either (bebe or no bebe)…but still I believe there’s a 99% chance that everything is fine.

        • Asthma related to dust spores or Valley Fever

        • I’m pretty sure if you told your OB you wanted to go to a concert they’d say “no problem” (unless you had issues, were too far along, etc). I’d also be willing to bet any OB being told their patient wants to go to BM, with all of the famous “playa dust”, would be giving you a swift “hell no”.
          There’s sowing your oats and then there’s just being a self centered brat who wants to do what they want to do (g’dammit). That’s just my opinion.

      • this this this


        • Yeah, I mean I think she’s probably fine doing whatever, but as a grumpy expired resident of twee millenial Brooklyn I am 100% over the ‘I’m a young white middle class person the rules don’t apply to me” attitude in general.

      • She isn’t ill. She’s pregnant. It’s normal, it’s not a medical condition.

        I would not want to go camping anywhere while pregnant (or not), but I don’t think it’s dangerous. Could be off base, but I don’t think one has to be within 50 miles of a hospital if having an uncomplicated pregnancy.

        • I agree with this. It’s nothing I would do personally but mainly because it’s not my thing anyway. Plus, it’s not like she can’t ask her super rich friend Ali Shanti for a ride on the golden tech scion pj in case of an emergency.

        • There is nothing “normal” about being pregnant.

          Just the weight you have to carry around, at all times, when doing anything, from sitting on the toilet to getting on the car, to climbing 3 flights of stairs, makes life anything but normal.

          And then there are like a million potential health issues, about things you shouldn’t take or be exposed to, and the possible effects it could have on the fetus. Even a stupid x-ray is a big no-no if you are pregnant!

          Like it has been said a million times here, if you publish pictures of yourself semi-naked prancing around a 70,000-people drug-fuck-fest in the middle of the Nevada desert you are gonna attract a lot of attention and not all of it is gonna be positive.

          Some people, like me, are gonna judge you. It is not all gonna be “oh, you are so empowering, Nisha”, praise-the-goddess bullshit.

        • Yup! I went camping in Iceland, pretty farfrom medical care when I was 7 months pregnant and kept up my cycling class addiction, hitting a class 2 weeks before I gave birth. Being pregnant can certainly slow you down with the extra weight but for the love of Greg, it’s not a disability. I have a friend who I all but sisterectomied because of her constant pecking at me during my pregnancy – she literally wouldn’t let me carry a plate of food from the kitchen to the dining room. It was suffocating. Not to put myself out there for judgement but I also drank the occasional glass of wine, ate sushi and lunch meat, drank coffee and took the dirty, smelly subway to my job, in which I manage a team + experience a considerable amount of stress, every damn day. My little one came out perfectly healthy – and is the most mellow + well behaved babe I’ve ever encountered..

          Burning Man sounds like my personal version of hell, pregnant or not but IMO everyone should lay off a little. Women have been having babies for thousands of years under squalid conditions.

          Caveat: I had a perfectly normal/healthy pregnancy and the doctor assured me that I could keep up with my normal activities throughout – I also cleared my trips with her, etc. If Noodles has any medical concerns when being out there is foolhardy but let’s hope that she cleared the trip with the appropriate parties..

          • That’s another issue I see: the woos tend to frown upon on science-based medical advice, which they denigrate by calling “Western medicine”, as if medicine had a nationality.

            She probably consulted with some woo-witch, who also goes to BM every year, that told her that, as long as she carries a bag of crystals ($499 cash only) that she just happens to sell, everything was gonna be hunky dory.

          • This this thissy this. Seriously, two or three days in the desert isn’t going to turn her baby into a thalidomide victim.

    • I agree. It seems a little pearl-clutchy to me to judge her for this. I mean, I sure as hell wouldn’t do it, but that’s cause I’m fussy and want my comfortable bed when I’m pregnant. Not cause it’s in any way bad for a baby. Pregnant ladies don’t have to live in a goddamn plastic bubble.

      • If she’s camping with Camp Mystic (or a place similar) there are def coolers, RVs, shade, plenty of water, veggies, healthy food, toilets and showers. She’s not in the deep playa with just a tent, some cliff bars and a camel pack. Most of these big camps are highly organized the people in them pay dues in the $1,000-$5,000 range depending on the camp to show up without having to really rough it. It’s basically against much of what Burning Man is about (which is why Julia’s love of Burning Man annoys the hell out of me, but that’s another topic) but not any more crazy or unsafe than going camping for a couple days anywhere else.

  3. Oh just ignore the mama guilt and blame the baby when it’s born with health conditions related to dust spores in its lungs.

    • that’s just it- sometimes you will never know for sure what might cause something later down the road- so why even take the chance in the first place?

      • Also, it is not your health you are taking chances with, it is your baby’s, why risk it? It is only nine months and then you can go right back to raw oysters and smelly hippy orgies with port-a-potties.

        When something goes wrong with a pregnancy or birth you go over every little thing that happened and assess the risk you took with your baby’s life. I don’t know if I ever would have recovered if I had done something that was clearly not in the best interest of my baby.

        • Exactly. Because even when you do everything right and pre-plan and prepare things can go wrong. Unfortunately, I know this personally and I still wonder what I could have done differently.
          Not to mention an uncomplicated pregnancy is totally great right up until the moment it’s complicated. Isn’t she due fairly soon? Personally, I’d be nervous to be too far away from civilization at that point.

          • i feel the same way about home births. yay nature mama, great, give birth in your bathtub; it’s all fun and games until you need an actual hospital

        • exactly. i was an older mom and i had some issues; it all turned out well, but nothing but side-eye from me for this insanity, and for the hipster moms who whine about, WHY CAN’T I HAVE JUST EVEN A LITTLE WINE … jesus fucking christ it’s another life you’re talking about, you seriously can’t wait just a while?

  4. OT- is there a lack of masculine partners posting from BM this year?

    did the women keep them home so that they would not be vulnerable to an ‘unclear no’ situation?

  5. Ya know I think she is an elitist with no really talent or abilities but is making a living off the stupidity of others. However I won’t judge her for going to BM I think the realization of being an adult with a child is coming over her and this is her last before baby arrives. I don’t think she is comfortable but hey that is my opinion lack of a comfortable bed and running water and assholes drunk and on drugs doesn’t seem fun but whatever. I did see her pic with baby daddy and yeah he seemed distant and just not happy. But who the hell am I to judge.

    • Selflessness is something none of this people understand, like putting your unborn child’s needs above your own. I suspect her attendance had much more to do with being insecure about someone else (Shanti & other predators) riding Noah’s Arc understandably heightened by her pregnancy hormones as to why she felt compelled to attend. Making sure the father-to-be had fun, but not too much fun.

  6. I won’t judge her for going to Burning Man (except I probably will, but behind her back, because I am polite like that). I will judge the hell out of her for the treacly use of the word “mama” over and over while writing about it.

      • “making this not the first and probably not the last time people borrow from black and Latino cultures in order to make their lives feel edgier and therefore more relevant.”
        Ha that was a good read about white women and ‘mama’ but the above was a little hatey and simplistic for me . I also HATED Nisha’s overuse of ‘mama’, cuz it was so smelly hippy NPD.
        That said I am an expired honky turkey spinster and I call my girlfriends mami and mamacita all the time. Half of it is that many of them are Latina and they call me that- its the cutest , most comforting term of endearment between pals and lovers and once you get used to it, its hard to shake. Half half is that we are all single with no kids -and hence perfuming mothering duties for each other. Hell my Columbian pal’s cat’s name was even “Mamacita’. My mom was the JIML so I have had to learn how to mother myself over decades from scratch and its been very challenging. I find it deeply comforting to evoke ‘mami’ when we don’t have much nurturing from the culture, or men, or even know how to nature myself so well. As far as the above quote, if new words come from long time community bonds, I think they can be called called cultural crossover not cultural appropriation, and speak to love not edginess. But that is speaking as a 40 something, not a 20 something. However if anyone said MAMA around me IRL as many times as Nisha did in that post? I’d be very annoyed.

    • Thank you. I was thinking the exact same thing. Now we have only to wait for baby to crown before we will be hearing it referred to constantly as her “mini” and “little”. Ugh.

    • I will judge the hell out out of “I am teaching him … the dance of self-honoring.” Really? In the womb? These greg damn goddess grifters could use a break from all of the hosannas for simply existing.

      • Babies are resilient. Just look at how even Alexis Neely was able to be such an amazing mom while making millions and enjoying the rarefied air that only the 1%ers enjoy. Then it came crashing down because of someone else’s fault, she went bankrupt, had to change her name to Ali Shanti, physically aged 20 years in 6 months, had perma-feathers in her hair, and became the biggest scammer outside of an episode of American Greed. (Or, she was always Ali Shanti)

        • Since Grifty unearthed evidence that she was doing the Money Map scam BEFORE filing for bankruptcy after the Vegas blowout, I’d say the old raunch has always been scammy Ali Shanti one way or another.

  7. The other thing about this, as Gilly pointed out, is that she’s been working her grift by posting old videos while she’s out posing around on the playa. What a job.

      • Saw “treacly” twice in this thread, no clue, so I GTS. Expect everyone from Julia to Shit-Show Shanti to include treacly in post BM post.

  8. Meh. With NoVowels’ Summit connections I’d wager they had comfier digs than most, including their own bathroom facilities in a RV. Good for them for blowing off steam the last time they’ll be able to for a while. Their lives are going to change soon big time.

    I’d be worried more about the kid’s mental health after it is born, being surrounded by con artists and pyramid-schemers. But maybe she and NoVowels will craft a different kind of life for themselves. He seems more normal, more intelligent and less woo-like than most of her “tribe.” With a little perspective, maybe she’ll wise up and distance herself from the radically self-absorbed.

    • exactly

      demi moor started this crap years ago (late 1990’s?) when she posed nude on cover of magazine (vanity fair?) while pregnant, ever since then every narcissistic celebrity wannabe mamma-to-be feels compelled to do similar

      • I’m an old so take this with a grain of salt. And Vanity Fair used to be my bible. But that cover photo of Demi Moore was really fab.

        • I should have finished my comment by saying ‘for its time’. Especially in a backwater like NZ. It was big news here. Like nude & pregnant? Wow! Never happened before. That’s what 1986 or whatever was like here.

  9. Eh, Nisha wanted to take a victory lap with the big belly and the hot hunk. Personally I find it incredibly distasteful, but I’m not on board with all the mama guilt bs. I took a road trip to a remote national park when I was 7 months pregnant. I was absolutely miserable the whole time, but I’m sure baby was just fine. If she had a wonderful time in the desert, then good for her. I highly doubt she did, though. Her post reads like she is desperately trying to find the bright side and joyful takeaway from a bad situation.

  10. Shanti posted a bunch of photos and mentioned the White Ocean camp that got vandalized. She said she didn’t mind them because she appreciates “the powerful masculine.” You just know Donkey was trying to get in there to wallet hunt.

      • “This was the White Ocean camp, which you may have heard was vandalized. It’s hard to imagine with our limited perspectives how big this actually is, but when you see it in other pictures relative to the size of our camp theater (we were next door neighbors) you begin to get a sense. Definitely the biggest penis on the playa.

        Personally, I enjoyed having them next door, as I was not impacted negatively by the sound and I loved dancing to their bass. And I enjoy experiencing the powerful masculine.”

        • “And I’m happy to suck up to anyone whose father is a thug billionaire. Did you know my daddy was a con artist?”

        • “Biggest penis on the playa”? This is how she describes them?

          “I enjoy experiencing the powerful masculine?” Bitch, they’re not pitching a tent for Michael Phelps. When the dudes who finance these things get mad, pillows punch them. “Powerful masculine”, my ass. I’ve had soggy bowls of corn flakes that were more macho.

    • When I read about the White Ocean vandalism I wished, for the first time ever, this I could have been there to point and laugh.

          • I hear the word “camp” and immediately think of being 14. I never, ever, want to be 14 again. Probably because I’m a grown ass adult who likes being… a grown ass adult. And that, IMO, is the major difference between most of us and most of them.

          • I read that they put the ones with music on the outer edges. These were both on the same row (2:00).

            Wonder if ILYRAIN or Avocado got to confab with Oakenfold or if they were drowned out.

          • Puh-leeze.

            Oakenfold’s assistant wouldn’t give Avocado or Rain the time of the day.

          • I know, I was being sarcastic. I can imagine the Wednesday night party at Septic being drowned out by bass from next door.

      • Wow, from The Guardian…apparently one Camp Cystic member known to us was not pleased with White Ocean camp.

        “A second top-rated reply, while it criticised the raid, attacked White Ocean for its “privilege”.

        “YOU were ESPECIALLY chosen for this elaborate performance and – news blast – these things don’t happen to random people – only those who are WORTHY of such acts are picked. You just didn’t realise it was coming because you haven’t been paying attention,” wrote Philippe Lewis.

        “And I’m not too worried about you. You likely hired a helicopter to get everything that went missing or that was broken from Reno and resumed activities a few hours later.”

        • Bahaha. The BM honeymoon is totally over. So much for peace, love, and all humanity coming together as one. What’s the plan now, Playa?

  11. I have very nice photos of my mother when she was pregnant with me. She is fully dressed, at a place where the rocky earth meets the ocean, smiling. It looks as if the sea air is refreshing. My father must have taken the photos. I can not imagine what it would be like to have a mother who went to BM while pregnant with me…. and posed like that. I say this with complete honesty…. I think I would have become a republican.

    • I’m sorry that lady’s ex-boyfriend had brain problems and died, but she’s an idiot who can’t write or spell and he didn’t make any goddamned sense (probably because of the brain problems).

    • He should date Donkey and maybe they can karmically un-“wedding fluffer” one another.

    • I can’t be around anyone who acts like Robin Williams for more than 30 seconds. They don’t stop talking, jumping from one tangent to another, hold a conversation as if it is a two way street, or genuinely give a shit about the other person’s perspective. If the world is your audience, be prepared because they often will get up and leave you alone on stage. Many homeless suffer from this disease. It’s a disease. Not an enlightened person with brain lesions. Good god – wake up.

  12. This is an interesting article about other 1%ers at Burning Man, and how the Burning Man board now has some new members who seem antithetical to the event’s original

      • The law of the land is dictated by continued discourse. That’s ethics. Ethics change through discussion. Hopefully the courts make decisions which consider every aspect of a case. This is how we continue to have liberty, privacy, and our basic American principles, which we hold dear. They don’t always get it right, but a slander or libel suit isn’t shutting down free speech. Just as shuttering Gawker didn’t destroy our rights to be anonymous on this forum. You are deluded.

        • Okay – maybe not deluded, but a lawsuit over a sex tape made public is quite different than a slander suit. It is a different caliber of journalism as well. They are miles apart and the merits of the case will dictate the outcome. As with Gawker. I just think you should reconsider the various differences. Of course rich people through lawsuits at things. That’s how it works.

  13. I know a few people on the edge of woo who attended BM this year. They all work in “creative” fields with job titles that I as a LOLyer would laugh at. But I’ve seen them actually produce goods and services for people and businesses, so kudos to that. However, unlike these grifters they went for a few days, burned it up and headed back to their clients and creative fields, etc. I don’t know anyone who isn’t a trust fund baby or woo with no real job that can stay for the whole freaking shebang. I don’t understand how these people think stewing in their own sex funk and BO for 9 days/8 nights is SUCCETH! They are hanging out with the same grifters. getting the same pats on the head, doing the same people. Not that BM is for networking, but I also don’t see how it’s feeding their “creative souls” or whatever B.S. they spew. Hell, just have a backyard camp out, fuck each other, and enable each other’s choices without doing it in the dust.

  14. OT and a call for halp, OK?? Does any obese hater have any experience with cooking octopus???? I have no interest in eating it (I don’t mean to offend any seafood lovers but it is a major EW by my wuss standards) but I stupidly agreed to make one for dinner tomorrow. It was pretty much a dare. I am also not a great cook in general. Any simple ideas for dummies, please and thank you?

    • Cut the head off the octopus and cut the tentacles into smaller pieces. Put them in a pot and cover with water. Bring to a boil and then reduce to medium-low and simmer for 2 to 3 hours. After that, sautee them in olive oil and garlic and serve. That’s the simplest recipe, I think. Season as you think appropriate.

      • Thank you for such a quick and useful reply! So the head cannot / shouldn’t be cooked and eaten at all?

        • Nah. It’s pretty gross. And while most places will have cleaned the octopus for you, the head is usually left on because it keeps the tentacles intact. But yeah, throw that sucker away (no pun intended).

      • Special thanks to you, because the ruberiness is my main fear here (well, aside from having to touch an octopus that is), and this sounds wonderful. 🙂

      • Guilty as charged, wink emoticon.

        Pancakes! almost made me suspect a catperson was involved, but it’s likely a coincidence.

        • Yeah, I think “Pancakes” is just a coincidence, though we do have some very creative folk on here.

          Several of the woos have posted this video, including Skankatron.

          • I figured as much, it was just funny to speculate! the video must be viral, because my (baby) brother who just got back from OMGBurningMan sent it to me late last night.

  15. Why do these pregnant woo fucks always refer to themselves as a “mama.” Never “mother” or “parent” or “adult.” Always ‘mama.”

    • Because everything else in their lives is not taken seriously and only serves as a feather in their caps (or disgusting rat’s nest attached to their scalp, a la Alexis Neely). Only drugs and orgies are sacred in the mind of a woo.

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