Updated: 10 Year Old In Denial Over Neglected Pet’s Death, Indulges In Ludicrous Wedding Fantasies


dead dog

Not to worry, that dead dog was quickly forgotten as our little princess posted, once again, about every girl’s most special day!

omg wedding

Yo, that was awesome! They had childhoods and married each other!

RAINBOW LOVES RAIN – that’s how it’s DONE!!

Update: Rainbow reads. Nothing approaching literature, of course, but that stack of slop is Tony Robbins approved!


No, no, Judy. We didn’t take it personally. Denial is your middle name:



    • JFA’ing to say OMFG, that video! I just Kant.
      Donkey must be getting off on the idea of doing that.
      Ugh, what is wrong with people? Why do they feel the need to be such attention whores, instead of focusing on the actual marriage and not just the wedding day? I mean, sure, do you or whatever, but do you really need to film it like this?
      “Look at us, we ‘re so goofy!” smh

      • Yo, Nosferatu-tu! That video is bloated, overproduced, and edited with a blender. Also, it had to cost a shitload of money to film all that crap. Fucking skydiving? Really? No shots of the masculine and the feminine scaling Mt. Everest?

        • Yeah, the editing makes little sense and builds to nothing. It’s a totally stroke-fest. The woman is lucky she didn’t snap her neck – that vail could have gotten caught in the back wheel of the motorcycle.

          • and of course would then sue the motorcycle manufacturer and store that sold her the veil for millions for not warning her that was is unsafe to do so, cuz it was so reasonably foreseeable, ya know

          • Yep, rip that head right off her shoulders! still remember my woodwork teacher reminding us every class to tie our hair up. Get that caught in a lathe you’re going to scalp yourself.

        • “Edited with a blender” might be my new favorite thing.
          That thing was unwatchable.

      • Thank you—I thought it was just me being a sad single, basement lady, but that level of navel-gazing narcissism is total shower vom.

        Makes me think there’s some truth to the theory that people who attention-whore their love life over social media are compensating for something.

        • was thinking the same thing

          a wedding used to actually mean something- a real change in your life, a lifetime commitment, an assumption of responsibility to put your children’s needs ahead of yours

          now it is just another prop in endlessly self-indulgent behavior

          • Well said. I’m an old, so I’m not going to many weddings lately, but my younger brother is at the age where he has several weddings a year. He says that the narcissism is off the charts. Sickening.

        • Those that focus on the wedding tend to forget to focus on the marriage. (Image v Substance). No wonder a Donkey loved this.

      • it seems that the toxic mix of you tube, social media, epidemic narcissism at younger ages, and reality tv make everyone think that they can be/should be/actually are celebrities of some sort

        • It’s gotta be a generational thing? I’m GenX and I can’t imagine participating in this vanity. And I would cease all contact with someone that did. Get over yourselves and STFU.

  1. OT has anyone else here become self conscious about their use of adverbs?

    after reading some of the threads about using them too often and wildly inappropriately, i am now second guessing myself every time i use one

    curse you people! 🙂

  2. The sign doesn’t even make sense. It’s not funny or clever. At the very least, the princess parking sign attempted a cute pun.

    Do normal people buy wedding videos like this? My husband and I had a fairly awesome wedding in a beautiful place but we thought the photos would be sufficient to memorialize it. (They are). Who is the audience? The couple? The family? Guests? Lonely 40 year olds taking a break from googling themselves?

      • This. I couldn’t sit through the whole thing because it’s just so gaudy, over the top, ludicrous, as though the couple were trying to out-asshole Bear and Kitty Kittay. Were their friends also forced to give them their homes for their year-long marriage celebration, as well as buy them cutlery in Japan?

        • i have heard anecdotes from actual wedding planners, photographers, caterers etc. that the new normal is for a bride-to-be to inundate them with social media photos videos etc. from other people’s weddings and being told how they want theirs to be just as good or one more notch over the top

          • I’ve been in catering for 12 years and I concur. I’m getting out of it, and this is one reason. People seem to entertain now just so they can post on their Social Media. Pinterest is my nemesis.

    • I was guessing she had it made, which is why it’s both unfunny and doesn’t make sense. Perhaps Yandy is branching out into even less useful and tacky plastic. Who knew that was even possible?

  3. You have to wonder if Donkey didn’t go all Casey Anthony on poor Lilly and is keeping the corpse in the deep freeze to trot out for photo ops when she’s at home.

    • Not to get all into another fascination of mine but there’s been a thread in that Reddit sub that gives compelling reasons why what happened to Caylee was quite possibly an accidental drowning and Caseys lack of affect stems from family dysfunction

      • That theory was floated years ago, I think it is BS. It is more likely that “Zanny the nanny” was Xanax, she drugged her kid and shoved her in the trunk as she usually did before going out to party, only to find her asphyxiated either from a too-hot car or misplaced duct tape.

        • This always seemed more plausible. She thought she was clever but she was just your typical sociopath, who would have killed for a reality show.
          Also see: Taylor RHOBH

  4. I watched this entire video and feel unspeakably irritated that I did so.

    1. Agree with 35 going on 28 that this was about making the BEST VIDEO EVAR, not about the wedding. DEFINITELY it wasn’t about the marriage because A WEDDING DAY IS THE MOST IMPORTANT DAY OF ANYONE’S LIFE EVER NO MATTER WHAT.

    2. You did not elope. Getting married in front of family and friends isn’t eloping, even if it’s a small group.

    3. They “just wanted to do what would make *them* happy,” because CLEARLY these are some rich white people with a dearth of personal happiness opportunities.

    It just makes me HAPPY to do cliffside yoga while wearing false eyelashes and being filmed by a professional filming crew.

    It just makes me HAPPY tying poles together, slapping some feathers and tulle up there and having a voice over laud my “building” abilities.

    It just makes us HAPPY forcing our loved ones to watch as we frolick carefreely around the Utah desert while everyone sweats in formalwear and spectates upon our adorableness.

    4. No wonder Judy Albertson likes this.

    4. The only way I could find this less irritating is if it’s not a real couple/wedding and these people are just models for the videographers skills. But I don’t have that much faith in humanity. People really are this vapid and self-congratulatory.

    5. EVERYBODY LOOK! We are so UNIQUE and UNUSUAL and QUIRKY and SPECIAL! See how special we are!!!!!?????

    Sorry for rant. Feel slightly better having vented my spleen.

  5. Hi Julia, We’ve met. You were a dickwad to my face because you didn’t think I had any value to you. It was actually psychopathic to witness firsthand. You have failed repeatedly because you have treated people like this repeatedly. You are the very definition of a cunt.

    • If anyone falls for the claim that she’s changed, one has only to talk to Caeli La about Rain and Donkey.

      Donkey picks her friends by how much she can use them for fame, financial gain and prestige, and discards those whom she feels no longer have any use to her. She hasn’t changed anything except her outfits and the cast of characters.

      • So what is she getting out of a low-rent skank like Ali Shanti? Not that I’m defending Judy!

        • I think she has distanced herself somewhat and doesn’t actively seek her out like she used to.

          • JFAIng to clarify, the only times I’ve seen them together this year is when they happen to show up at the same event. Shanti is part of that sisterhood thing so she has to keep being cordial, but I don’t think she is in the inner donkey corral any more.

          • Plus notice she’s not asking her to participate in those intentional community discussions despite her having quite a few years of direct and indirect experience (and 100% more than Donkey). One wonders why she isn’t included as part of the panel at Burning Man, hmm? Aren’t they looking to “honor the feminine”? What a bunch of burroshit lip service.

    • Yep, same. It’s astonishing to witness how cunty she is in person. She just looked directly *through* me once at a social event because I wasn’t someone she deemed useful. Later, I attended a different event as the guest of someone whose approval (and connections) she wanted, and suddenly she was over-the-top nice to me. She is too stupid to know how transparent she is.

    • People who have seen her live in action all come to the same conclusion that she’s fucking insane and has tunnel vision. Complete self absorbed psychopath.

  6. So Judy wants to get OMGmarried. Will I Love You Rain put a hemp ring on it? I HAVE TO SEE THIS WEDDING. CHAD MAKE IT HAPPEN!

    Anyone want to predict what now to 36th (going on 57th) birthday will look like?

  7. Dear People Determined to Spend a Shitload of Money on Getting Married.

    Invest in the open bar.

    No one cares about whether or not you “live goofy”.

    I don’t personally give a hair off a housefly’s snatch if you live donald duck.


    My glass is suffering from emptiness, s’il vous plait.

    • Word. I’ve been to weddings where they CLOSED the goddamned bar so we could sit thru an hour plus of narcissistic speeches. Weddings are the worst. The only saving grace is the open bar.

      • Those people are devils and I hope you snatched your gift back from the presentation table on the way out!

  8. Fuck this shit, I want to see Way Out Divorce, where they take a luxury trip to some six-star resort and battle to blood-drenched death on a cliff.

    • I’d get this couple his & her divorce attorneys as a wedding present. I offered that to one of my friends at their first wedding who was offended by my joke until their second wedding, when they realized, it wasn’t a joke. Same person offended I couldn’t make the second wedding, to which I responded, don’t worry I’ll catch the next one.

  9. I love how someone taught the generation of people getting married right now that weddings “should reflect who we really are,” and “marriage is the greatest adventure of our lives.” A) No one gives the slightest crap about who you really are, and no one goes to a wedding in order to watch people performing themselves. They go to weddings because it’s expected, and for the cake and open bar. B) Marriage is not a great adventure. It’s often a slog, and over time consists of a kind of intimacy you can’t imagine until it happens to you. Ask Mr. H about the time I got food poisoning and threw up five times in the night, including once ON HIM, and how he stayed up all night cleaning the rug next to my side of the bed, doing laundry, helping me into the shower. That’s marriage.

    • I’d physically get up and leave a wedding if someone showed a video like that. There are however two reasons I’ll never attend a wedding like that, I have few friends, by choice, and most are married, or married then divorced; and,to your point Handbag, understand that marriage is not all puppy dogs and cotton candy where rainbows shoot out the other’s ass. Sometimes it’s about cleaning up explosive fireworks.

    • I could possibly support the over the top wedding if it were intended as a rite of passage, a sign that the couple is getting all of that thrill and adventure out of their system, so that they can prepare to do the hard work of loving through ups and downs, parenting imperfect children, and just simply enduring the static periods of life when your dreams seem to be drifting further out of reach and you don’t have the first idea how to get them back.

      But personally, I’d rather stagger the adventure through the relationship and spend a lot less money and energy on the wedding part. (Open bar is a must, though. Otherwise, why bother?)

  10. I’d respect her a lot more if there were a single instance when she reflected on her past behavior and admitted that she was a shitty person and that she did shitty things. Instead, it’s just “I’ve changed! I have new values!” without any specifics whatsoever. That’s not reflection.

    The only “mistakes” she seems to reflect on are the sliding door moments of supposed opportunities that she didn’t even try to pursue, like being a speech writer for Obama or doing the Oprah reality show. That’s not reflection, either.

  11. btw how is it that people who have no experience or knowledge of a given profession have the audacity to lecture the people who actually do it for a living how it is supposed to be done?

  12. I’m picturing Julie refreshing RBD this afternoon and feeling a brief moment of panic wondering if lilly actually died. Calling nice julia or momsers and asking to put lilly on the phone.

    • Hope her tetANUS shots are up to date. Judging from her lack of posts on healthcare or selfies from the doctor’s office, guessing she never signed up for healthcare.

  13. “How Proust Can Change Your Life”? Seriously? Could she be any more pretentious?

    And again we hear about how she “concurrently” reads multiple books. Last time or two she said it was a dozen.

    • From the reviews, “Again another recommendation from the Tim Ferriss podcast. It’s an interesting read and provokes a massive amount of introspection. It was refreshing as it’s philosophy based, so of course nothing’s cut and dry.”

      Tim Ferriss again.

      • Holy merde. I hadn’t seen the Proust as self-help book. It is to laugh. She may have read all of the “important books” in high school, but I guarantee this rank burro has never read Proust and probably won’t even crack this tacky, feret-endorsed hackwork.

    • It is funny how she’s bragging about reading concurrently but retains nothing of which she’s read. Image v. Substance

    • I went through a Proust phase, including reading bios (Carter) and participating in a Proust Day marathon. I couldn’t get through How Proust Can Change Your Life. Pretension, thy name is Judy.

  14. Amazing thing about that wedding video is that all that time, effort, and expense for something that has about as much interest to non-family and friends as any other wedding video; i.e., none.

  15. How Proust Can Change Your Life If You’re Too Stupid Or Too Lazy To Actually Read Proust. Sounds like it’s right up her alley, or at least it would be if someone did a Cliff Notes version.

    (NB: I personally am too stupid *and* too lazy to read Proust. But at least don’t pretend to be otherwise, even when I attend highly curated dinner parties. Which I do, frequently. Because I’m all, like, erudite and shit.)

    • JFA’ing to note that Amazon says this book is only 210 pages, so maybe she has actually read parts of it (or at least drawn in it with a highlighter).

  16. Donkey’s “dickwad” post has been up for over 10 hours and she’s received no comments and two likes, one from a fan in the ‘stan.

    As always, THIS IS SUCCESS!!

  17. I read How Proust Can Change Your Life when it first came out, and enjoyed it. But a few months later the author and I were at the same event and he was dickish to me, and I’ve never read any of his other books. That’ll teach him.

    • Oh – I am so pleased you wrote this! Some years ago, I had a circle of friends in London that included de Botton. He was awful. Completely “up his own arse”, as we would say. This was shortly after the publication of “Proust” and he was so in love with himself. And yet – never had anything interesting to say and never interested in other people.

      The direction his career has gone has not surprised me. All about the TV appearances and the gimmicky idea.

  18. As proof that Donkey doesn’t read, she reposted from Charles Duhigg a NYT column which I believe she already shared a year ago when it first ran, albeit with a different Facebook headline.

    Hey Donkey – maybe you want to read Charles’ book on building habits, since you need some.

  19. OT: (1) Michael Jacobs is back in Boulder. (2) Someone dog napped Ali Shantis dog (but brought it back a day later after giving it a bath). Are these two events related????

  20. This is not cute or celever, spoiled thirty something year olds assholes. Awful, gaudy and tacky.

  21. That bedside table needs to go. Where the hell is she living? I’m getting lead poisoning just looking at it, imagine how it’s affecting her crazy ass.

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