Yoo Hoo, Taylor Greason! “World-Class Journalist” Julia Allison Interviews Her Woo Buddies At Jess Johnson’s Aya Fest

Sir Lurks alerted me re: audio of Donkey’s recent Encinitas appearance. Jess introduces Judy as a “world-class journalist, public speaker, rock star, and media mogul. She’s an expert at getting avatars who are living the stories of our time onto some of the most well-known media platforms and is one of the best interviewers I’ve ever seen.” Whoa, Jaahhss! Maybe cut down on the aya?

I haven’t yet heard Judy’s world-class interviews of Ryan Allis and BDSM cam girl Roxanne DePalma’s husband, but I did fast forward a few minutes in and heard Ryan say, “You’re looking at me with those eyes, Julia.” I LOVE YOU … RAIN? OBO, Donkey, OBO.


The world-class journalist has been FB posting non-stop for days, yet barely anyone responds. Her latest crowdsourcing BS seems intended to remind the woos that Daddy went to OMG! Princeton. Donkey received one like – from Wali Rahman’s stealth account – and she provided the single response – a shout out to Taylor Greason. Ol’ Greasy? He’s going to comment on this dusty woo’s page? It is to laugh!


  1. I listened and typed so many responses. Short: these people are such a waste of life.

    Ryan Allis – Dude, check your wallet. It’s probably empty or gone.

    • Now we know who all her recent posturing is for. She knows when she has a live one on the line.

      • She’s really working the Ryan connection, though the lone thumbs up that she received for yesterday’s Hive share was from Wali Rahman. Not a peep from Ryan or anyone associated with Hive or any of her woo BFFs.

        A world-class journalist with 134k FB followers, people!

  2. I just can’t listen to this. Thought I might skip around at random, but then I immediately landed on JA’s unfortunate laugh. Just nope.

  3. Julia Allison, interviewed in 2009:

    Q: What is Julia Allison going to be doing in five years?

    Julia: “Well, I will hopefully be engaged or married…[laughs] eventually I will have a boyfriend at some point. I will hopefully have a television show, and then I’m hoping to become the next Oprah. It’s a really dangerous thing to say “I think,” so I wanna become a mini-Oprah.”

    • I’m really curious (genuinely curious, one might even bray, how Taylor extricated himself so thoroughly.

      • Not thoroughly enough, if she’s yoo-hooing him years later!

        But my guess is that his Tiny-N-Cute girlfriend was not in the mood to be SWF’d and put the kibosh on their friendship.

        • Also, Taylor was not in need of a publicist/stylist, so JA had nothing to offer him aside from the rebound sex.

        • She yoo hoos everyone years later, because she’s friends with all her ex’s. Hadn’t you heard?! Not that Greasy is an ex, more like a casual hookup who was prepping Donkey (in the Smellsbergian manner) for her one true love, Pancakes McCain. They talked marriage!

  4. Revisionist History? I mean…Julia is just leaving all the doors open for any cat lady to walk right into, at this point.

  5. O hai, let’s have a pretentious stoned jargon-filled conversation about utopia and act like no one’s ever thought of it before.

    Hey Ryan Allis, you might want to polish up your elevator speech about Hive. Just saying.

      • Exactly, or else she would have depicted Petey as the white nit coming to OMG! Princeton’s rescue.

      • All accomplices eventually become victims, even the ones that hold the purse strings.

        And can someone please tell me what the fuck a Change Activist is? Not a job donkey. Not a job.

  6. Her dad has a grad degree as well as a JD? How can someone so booksmart be so lifestupid WAIT WHAT AM I SAYING I USED TO WORK IN HIGHER EDUCATION

    • In fairness, her dad might be quite intelligent and successful, he’s just not good at raising female children.

      • He may be successful, but any LOLyer who uses Firm letterhead to send baseless threat letters on behalf of a non-client-daughter is not very intelligent.

        • Please note that Daddy Baugher has been sending threatening notes on Judy’s behalf for years and years, at least since high school.

      • Oh, I didn’t realize the Woodrow Wilson School of Unexamined Privilege gave undergrad degrees but I see that it does. My silly.

        • Woody Woo is the only undergrad major that requires an application and is very selective. You apply soph spring. Basically attracts the worst people possible, ppl who gunned through hs and college, then join every extracurricular and take a bizarre mix of competitive prereqs and easy classes to boost their GPAs.

  7. Also, that photo grosses me out. The masculine are sitting on a couch, while the feminine are sitting below like handmaidens to facilitate the masculine’s genius.

    This is the most fucking revanchist group of scalawags. Almost all white, almost all straight, all caught up in gross gender essentialism, completely obsessed with money and status and “connections”. Hose them down and fit them out in Brooks Brothers and they would fit right in on a polo afternoon at the Myopia Hunt Club.

    • In the interview Ryan notes how the men are being privileged because they’re the only ones speaking about the brave new woo world. He goes on and on about how important the feminine are in his life, including his mother. I’m not making this up.

    • As a proud member of the Myopia Hunt Club I take great offense to that remark. I’ll have you know we once thought about hiring a black person, but it turned out Idris Elba is very busy and can’t MC this year’s key party.

  8. A shredded, peeling pleather couch always looks so nice outdoors, especially with several idiots perched on it.

  9. Let’s see how long it takes World Class Journalist Oprah Baugher to realize she’s preachily linked the wrong episode of the podcast in her post. (Episode 8 deals with Toyota.)

    • That must be why no one has responded … 11 hours later. Because they’re responding non-stop to her other posts! BWA HA HA!

      • But who even wants to listen to some one-hour podcast about some subject they have no interest in? This was just an opportunity for her to brag about her father’s pedigree and pretend she spends time listening to scholarly podcasts.

        • Like her underlined self-help books, I don’t think she even reads (or listens to) most of her FB shares. Erudite Donkey is aiming these posts at various marks, which is woefully transparent. Such a smart lady!!

  10. So I listened to this as I was tidying up this morning. It sounds like time shares, which figures because they’re a money making scam. The difference is, instead of Boca, they are building/purchasing along the Millennials’ Silk Road; you buy into the community and get to stay in Seoul, Jakarta, Bali. If this ever gets off the ground, it’ll be because of greed, not some utopian ideal of intentional living. And those in attendance are either saps or scammers themselves.

    • Somehow I’m… disappointed? A California commune for trust-fund woos would be terrifying, but at least more interesting than a woo-branded chain of retreat centers.

      • The international retreat center time share idea is funny because Donkey will have to hit up Dadsers for more money to join. I can just imagine that conversation.

        • Hence the angling for a gig as bangable secretary/co-founder with Ryan Allis. Pop might have Stockholm syndrome, but JA’s jet-setting has traditionally been funded by other men and I doubt she wants to take the risk that daddy might learn the word “no.”

  11. “For the sake of his privacy I won’t tell you how the old racist fuck feels, but…”

    If you are concerned with his privacy do not mention the conversation.

    • She best tread lightly, this close to Burning Man. She wouldn’t want her “funding” revoked, would she?

    • “But I’ll give you a hint! Like my dear dead grandmama, Dadsers is completely against multiculturalism AND anyone else but our family having access to the OMG! great lake that abuts our mausoleum.”

      • Possibly he’s all for the name change and that opinion could ruffle feathers with professional contacts. Who the fuck knows? Either way it’s not her business to share.

        Me, I’m of the mind that if the donor’s money was good enough then, it’s good enough now and call it the Wilson Building of Gee Shucks We Were all a Bunch of Minority-Bashing Assholes Back Then.

      • It’s funny she’s commenting on revisionism history, when it’s really a past-time of hers.

    • Bingo. Ah, but the urge to publicize that her dad went to OMGPrinceton and that she has intellectual conversations with dear old Dadsers was too strong.

        • The sad thing is that she’s trying to prove she’s a peer of all of these people who have gone to OMGIVY business schools just because her father has degrees from Princeton.

          It would be funny if it wasn’t so pathetic.

          • it’s been discussed before that being the dumb child in an achieving family is difficult at best, but all sympathy evaporates in the face of lying bitch stunts that never ever end

    • I don’t know her dad BUT I am not sure I think that wanting to keep the name the same is necessarily synonymous with being a racist. There are a lot places in the US named after racists.

      John F Kennedy was a known sexist, are we going to take his name off things too?

      My middle school was named after the Governor that basically said he would rather lock Virginia schools than see them integrated.

      Knowing that people in history had negative aspects to their character doesn’t necessarily mean renaming places.

      • I agree w/ all that you say — let’s don’t whitewash the past — especially the statues; I feel strongly about leaving those alone, maybe even somewhat just for the sake of art itself, I dunno.

        Now, the confederate flag, appropriated by current day racists as their calling card? Fuck that shit being on gov’t bldgs; take ’em down.

        There’s a suburb NW of here called White Settlement — 11 yrs ago when a name change was on the ballot, 90% of its citizens voted to leave it alone (these are the same people who refer to it as “the” settlement if / when you ask ’em where they live) — a yr later, it became home to a rather lg civil war museum. No1curr

        • Agreed. The fact is that racism is a dark part of this country’s history and wiping all historical signs of it is an injustice to everyone. It should be there to serve as a reminder.

          I also agree with you on the confederate flag . I have an issue with it because of current day racists but I also have an issue with it because our country already has flag that represents everyone.

          Recently when Michelle Obama gave her DNC speech about the White House being constructed by slaves…there were people who had an issue with her saying that. I don’t know why because what she said is completely accurate. We cannot forgot the aspects of our country’s history that are negative.

          • Yeah, the people who react to everything she does really grasped to be indignant about THAT stmt.

    • She’s still learning the definition of work, so it may be a while before she gets to three syllable words.

  12. For someone’s “best friend” she sure is condescending towards Jess in thanking her for the introduction. “Wow, you talk really good Jess! I’m impressed!” I.e. “I’m the cleverer woman here, boys.”

    • That had to sting a little, given that Jaaahhss’ closer started:

      “Anyways, without further ado, I’ll let them, their answers speak for themselves, I’ll let Julia’s questions speak for herselves…”

      Julia must enjoy one-upping Jess on the regular. Jess is dumb, but probably not a terrible person, so it’s actually a little sad that she’s decided to serve as JA’s toadie.

          • She DID, loud and clear. But the muffled highlight is “I’ll let Julia’s answers speak for HERSELVES.”

          • She is SO dumb, Gilly. Which makes me feel a little bad, honestly, because I’ll bet she won’t have the smarts for any recourse when JA screws her six ways to Sunday.

          • I don’t think her livelihood depends on Donkey, so if Donkey abandons her it likely won’t have much of an impact. She’ll have to figure out some way to earn a living, though. Open mics don’t pay anything.

          • The Caterwauler’s monthly patreon take is down to $210, and I doubt she’s clearing that much at the door during the monthly aya fest in Encinitas. Maybe Roxanne DePalma can get her some work stripping in San Diego?


    • I listened to 30 seconds past the intro where she’s bossing people who don’t want to sit, into sitting. She’s not being hospitable she’s being obnoxious. And who is the masculine with the feminine voice who answers every question by sounding like he’s asking a question? He’s very unsure of himself. I love when unsure people try to tell others how to live.

      • That reminds me of the time she crashed someone else’s panel at SXSW (on camera, of course).

      • Later on, I enjoyed listening to someone tuning a violin while she was speaking.

        This was such a boring and pointless discussion. I can’t imagine it will go over very well at the sex camp session.

        • Yeah it’s boring, repetitive , self congratualtory wanky and content free. (I listened to it to unwind after a long week. )
          They sound like stoned high school students. They rely on a lot of unexamined assumptions like ” we think in language “, “we learn aesthetics from others” and really old school ideas from Hum 101, like ‘ thesis antithesis synthesis’ and Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, ( I teach both those concepts, but I interrogate them for the 21st century, know what I mean? ) sprinkled in with crazy buzzphrases like ‘deep synchronicity’, “prototyping within a macro context”, and calling neighborhoods
          ‘acceptance structures’, saying that ‘individual geniuses are just the bud of the plant that is the genius of the community”… (Mmmm speaking as an artist uh – no. I do my work, thanks anyway ). I also enjoyed hearing JA mention “the role community plays in humans” ,(sic) and how she classes herself and HER woos as people who live in the “new awakened world”. They are really living in a fantasy of the past, informed by..um… fantasy… AND they snap when they like things. UGH.

          • JFAing so say that Im not stung Im a a genius, just my creative artistic work is NOT the product of my community, it is the product of my work. I may NEED community to execute it it, and I’ll take input, but the goal and vision is between myself and my creative source.

          • She’s moved her delusions of grandeur to a new state with a new vocabulary, but she’s exactly the same now as “fuck you money” and “pilot” Judy.

      • The guy answering with the up voice has a net worth of $150 million. He founded and sold Asana.

  13. So the next hot thing is selling timeshares in Seoul? No way. Nobody would want to live in Seoul unless they were getting paid big money.

    • I lived in Seoul and loved it. It’s interesting even though it’s not 5 star touristy. I’d go back again in a heartbeat.

  14. 36 hours and no response from TayTay.

    48 hours on her Ryan Allis shout out and only one response from her #1 Fan in the Stan.

    48 hours on her Nisha Moodley tag and no response from her sister.

    Julia, I think it’s time for you to pull the plug on social media. Even if you had a “brand,” which you don’t anymore, these crickets are undermining it daily. Even Wali has fled the Donkey stall. At least you still have W.R. Khan.

    • My dear, it’s even more pathetic: W.R. Khan IS Wali. If you block Rahman because of the odd comments, Wali friends you under this name and refrains from commenting.

      Yoo hoo, Greasy! (never mind)

  15. Guyzzzzz! My friend’s band is playing a show with phuturePhuckface tonight! I can’t decide if I want to give that turd any money though, and I know for sure I don’t want to hear him, so I’m torn. Anyone know if Donk is stalking him around the country right now? Cause if I can see her interpretive dance, I’d be all in….

  16. She has shared SO much, yoohooed SO much on FB, and yet her posts have seen SO LITTLE ACTIVITY, even by Julia standards.

    Y’all know I love to put my tin hat on. I’m wondering if Julia pissed someone in the woo set off hardcore, and I wonder if that person is Bryan Franklin. She posted something snide about a certain studio in LA being a “REAL production company” and tagged a woman who is friends with Bryan. I’m wondering if this event might have spurred the identity change we are witnessing: she’s finally exhausted her entire woo network, and is aware she needs to get a new grift going with Allis.

    • She could also be doing her usual thing, which is to suck up and pay more attention to the ones with real fuck-you money. Meaning Ryan and Justin. I’m hoping they’re smart enough not to fall for her “let’s go out and promote it now!” ridiculousness before they even have an idea what they are doing. And that is IF they even want to do something together. This is a huge pipe dream and Donkey seems focused on the fantasy rather than the nuts and bolts reality of where things like this have and do break down. Bottom line is that if she meets someone tomorrow who proposes to her and who doesn’t buy into it, she’ll drop the idea like a rock.

      • Yeah, I think the shift is more likely indicative of JA getting half a hoof into Allis than a falling-out. Her modus operandi is to work the wallet before worrying about anything else.

    • Nah.nshes still in Camp Cystic, right? This latest stuff is aimed at someone.m don’t think she cares about the response.

    • Bryan & Mesh shirt appeared to have cooled since trying to hawk their version of money map with dismal results in the real world. That’s the problem (well one of many) with the woo-crew, they always blame without taking accountability. When they work together they only have the other person to blame. For as much as these people look in the mirror they never really seem themselves.

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