Yoo Hoo, Tony! Donkey’s Double Suck Up

After dropping in unannounced at The Lakeside Assisted Living Facility, Julia Allison gave Dadsers the male equivalent of EAT BRAY LOVE – of course she did – and paid homage to her meal ticket and to the writer. Yes, he’s THAT Tony Schwartz and she tagged him – Donkey knows an Author at Book!


I gave my dad one of my favorite books, “What Really Matters,” by Tony Schwartz. It’s a classic. If you haven’t yet read it – I can’t recommend it enough.

Here my dad is reading it tonight (wearing the “Run for God” tee shirt I made for him a few years back. LOL.)

And yes, this is the same Tony Schwartz who wrote that New Yorker article disavowing Trump post Art of the Deal (which Schwartz wrote). Tony is one of my heroes.

Immediately following her Petey pic, Donkey posted about sex. Epic sex. Which she has.


Finally, Julie took a stroll down memory lane. Is Republican Housewife Donkey gone forever?

republican housewife

Pearls, Chanel, and auburn hair. The last vestige of my preppiness (??) we’ll see! 😉

In Marina Del Rey, circa 2012.


Bottom Eyebrow Raiser! Somebody (IP address San Diego) really wants us to know about Roxanne De Palma’s lurid past. Roxanne is the BDSM cam performer wife of Daniel Schmachtenberger, who stages the Encinitas blowouts with Jess Johnson and comments on Donkey’s every Facebook fart. Look for Roxy and Danny, D-list poly couple, to star in the sequel to “The Invitation.”




  1. Which god? Mercury, I assume?

    I loved the TSchw article because it made me think of our Albie, who has been a ghostwriter. and because it was JUICY AS HAYEELLLLL

  2. Actually, it was national treasure Jane Mayer who wrote the article, but whatevs. What’s HYSTERICAL is that many of the traits observed in Trump during the ghostwriting process also apply to Donkey!

    Tee hee haw.

  3. “Pearls, Chanel, and auburn hair.”

    Also, if you look closely, Jules, you can just barely see the outline of what appears to be your dog, too.

    • I thought auburn hair was supposed to be ~wild~ ? Also what ultrasuede hell is that suit from?

      If you look closely in the background, there’s a neon sign of her name. Her name in lights!

      • She was in her 30s when she owned and displayed that item. Not in junior high and just using a Spencer’s Gifts gift card someone gave her for her birthday. Think about the mentality of that person.

        • Not just that, but think of all the other idiotic monogrammed shit she had in Marina Del Bray. Who does that?

    • The shoes. I cannot. Is that really what passes for “preppy” in Wilmette, as long as you add freshwater pearls and a shit-eating grin?

      OT: I’m going to see “Captain Fantastic” tomorrow and I remember it was mentioned here in the basement. A reviewer I respect but don’t always agree with gave it 80% and said it was “almost perfect if not for the final 15-20 minutes.” Did you see it, and if so, what did you think? No spoilers plz, with grace.

      • it’s… I mean, I said ultrasuede above but I know it’s boucle, but I mean it’s SERIOUSLY the MOST tacky way possible to style that suit. Clashing whites and a hideous shoe, COME ON.

        • It’s the kind of outfit that I would have thought was sophisticated as a college freshman in the early 2000s, and it would have been purchased almost entirely at Forever 21 and Charlotte Russe with money from my summer temping gig.

        • Let’s not forget the bright pink nails which don’t match the lipstick. I’m glad the lipstick isn’t bright pink, but those nails hardly scream ‘refined’.

      • My internal experience of seeing that photo was a jarring series of close-ups, each accompanied by a screech of Psycho shower music, zooming in closer and closer into the Shoes.

        • I LOVE that she continues to trot out this whore-id fauxto — it’s so completely unflattering on so many levels, but the one that really gets me is that her legs look more than 20+ years older here than her actual age.

      • Yes, I was thinking just that.

        Pearls, Chanel, auburn hair… and stripper shoes!

        Never forget the stripper shoes!

        • Those shoes say, “Please don’t notice that my stumpy legs are stumpy!”

          Also, dirty and scuffed, but whatever.

          • After Shitbag Shanti wrote about the movie, how she bawled her eyes out, how Viggo Mortensen, was really, really, really, REALLY living the life she wanted, and then tying all of this into a shill for the money map, I didn’t want to see Captain Fantastic anymore.

            “Last night I cried and cried as I watched the movie, Captain Fantastic. I grieved for a life I have so longed for, and have not been able to successfully create.

            It’s the life I really, really, really, REALLY want. And it feels too late.

            I had something close to it for a year when I gave everything up and moved to a farm outside of town with my kids.

            But it felt unsustainable without a man like Captain Fantastic by my side. Or maybe he was there and my own lack of true readiness for that life made it so I couldn’t see him.

            And I can see how the life I have once again created makes it currently unlikely I would even meet or connect with a man who could or would want the life of Captain Fantastic.

            And of course it’s a movie so it’s all romanticized.

            But it feels really good (and yes sad too) to once again remember and open to the deeper longing of my heart.

            Now, what to do with this remembering?

            Will write more about it all in today’s Eyes Wide Open Love Letter.

            Sign up here if you want more:

          • I thought the whole plot of the movie was that Mortensen’s character was a selfish, inflexible narcissist who was forcing his children into choices that were wrong for them and


        • And they look exactly like hooves. Like, literally. Scroll down so that all you see is her ankles and the shoes.

    • Nothing classes up a Chanel suit like pairing it with a mismatched polyseter camisole worn as a shirt. Anna Wintour says so.

      • There was a hot minute about a year or two ago where camisoles as outerwear was a thing. A thing that tall, lithe young girls could get away with paired with something grungy, like boyfriend jeans and a flannel.

        To paraphrase Handbag:
        This is not that thing, and she is not that girl.

    • Has she EVER had sex that wasn’t primarily a performance? No, obviously. People who experience real intimacy don’t need to develop a “knowledge of intimacy” or learn “how to move energy,” and they don’t fucking aspire to be an “epic lover” all the time because for fuck’s sake, it’s not about ME ME ME, it’s just about being in the moment with the person you love and forgetting yourself for a goddamn minute.

      • So weird. Like, there are all different types of sex, and all different types of intimacy.

        Doesn’t all need to be an EPIC WIN, just Silicon Valley frat bro speak.

    • I was just thinking that Petey looks haggard. Being around retirement age and having to continue to work long hours at a law firm so you can support your 35 year old spawn will do that to you. He’s aged like a president. Rapidly in a short amount of time. Donkey better give him a bit of a break, cause if he goes, she’s screwed. She may get a chunk of estate, and of course blow that on exotic retreats and group sex, but I’m inclined to think Brit and Momsers would be done funding her 45 year old raft ass.

      There’s a lot of life left to live after that. She’d for sure try to go full on Shanti and convince her mom to give her all the money for Money Map 2.0

    • I don’t know. I live in an area with a lot of people his age and I think he looks better than most his age, given a stressful job he’s continued to take. Most men his age are carrying around tons of extra weight around the middle. He looks trim and fit, and sometimes when you look that way at an older age you can look a little haggard, as you don’t have a ton of body fat. A friend of mine’s husband is younger than Petey and he’s an avid cyclist, cycles hundreds of miles a week, and that man has not one ounce of fat on him. He’s completely gray and gaunt looking.

  4. She really is trotting out her version of Donkey’s Greatest Hits for…somebody. This is not random. There are new personal and professional marks in sight.

    • Absolutely. This wonky face “maybe my preppy days aren’t over” thing. God I hope she goes back to republican housewife.

      • She’s hedging her bets. “Not only am I a dorky hippie wearing onesies, see, I can also be Charlotte from Sex and the City! I can be whatever you want me to be. TeeHeeHAW!”

        • she could just direct him here, look at the background of the page, there’s Blair Waldorf, Amelia Bedelia, 9-11 stripper , Easter Kinder Prostitot, SrsBsns Laydee, Condom Fairy, My Grandma’s Couch, Low Rider Ball Fringe, and Fraulein Himmler, among many many others.

    • Look at the sad transparent points she’s trying to make in each of her posts to convince a man she’s the one for him. You can condense it down to a single sentence per post. She’s trying to give someone a overview of all the aspects of her personality (as she sees them), post by post. It’s basically a dating profile on Facebook.

      It’s clearly a means to counteract all the Google results anyone would find that show her to be a sociopath and lazy ass faker who has been lucky (and privileged and connected and scheming) enough to have things fall in her lap, but has never followed through on anything in ten years to where it could be considered successful. And has shit on plenty of people in the process.

      As with every other time, it seems now she’s trying to use sex to hook whomever this is. Speak to the little head and hope the big one will follow, just like with the last few short-termers. How’s that worked out for you, Donkey? In 3 months they figure you out and dump you.

      • She really should just start going by Julie Baugher, since even her birth name redirects you to her shameful google history.

        • Remember how she talked about FB stalking Jelly Donut after discovering him online? This is her happy hunting grounds.

    • I know I’m going nuts with these speculations, but David Sanford, Managing Director of Hitchwood Capital has now entered the candidate list. She tagged him in a recent comment.

      I don’t know much about him other than what I found on LinkedIn. He seems to keep much of his personal life locked down on social media, AS ONE SHOULD. I once again marvel at how much we know about Donkey’s comings and goings for someone who is NOT a celebrity, NOT notable, and NOT A PERSONAL FRIEND.

      • Good call. Nothing is non-negotiable at this point except BIG $$$. Despite the Dan thing, I think she’s 100% prepared to jump the woo ship for the first 7(+)-figure net worth who might put a ring on it. I agree with Grifty: her FB posts indicate her offerings, not a stable personality she’s attached to. First guy who makes a trip to Tiffany & Co can mix and match.

      • Now is the time she WOO HOOs by tagging after visiting any given event and sidling up to whatever wallet woo she wants to pursue. They then check out her profile (she hopes) and get a Donkey filtered version of reality.

        She wants someone with money who is willing to fall hard and fast and commit quickly before they realize what disaster they’re getting into. She wants a Nisha situation or a Jordan situation so badly.

        Desperate Donkey is desperate. At least she is still able to attend a bunch of events where she’s put in close contact with founder-types and authors she can suck up to and tryhard to impress.

      • I once again marvel at how much we know about Donkey’s comings and goings for someone who is NOT a celebrity, NOT notable, and NOT A PERSONAL FRIEND.

        Piggybacking off the thing up above about how someone could look at the page background and see nine million iterations and this…

        What the fuck. It’s truly staggering how many pictures she has of herself online. Anyone who doesn’t wear a stupid white pointy hat and think transgender rights are an annihilation of man, or isn’t a insulation-haired dildo who constantly talks like he is pinching nipples has no valid reason for that many pictures of themselves.

    • Possibly, or she’s just bored because she has nothing going on. She goes through somewhat frequent bouts of nostalgia. The problem is, instead of reflecting on her life with some degree of self awareness, she is focused only on the superficial.

  5. Out of curiosity, I just opened a book at the angle that Dadser has his as he is “reading.” Nope, couldn’t read without craning my neck sideways.
    “Daddy, pretend you’re reading the book! No, wait! Put this tee shirt on first!”

    • You’re right. Holy shit.

      • Winchester House of Faxutoshoots, Mircophones & Ghosted Book Deals While Speaking English Loudly With Grace

        Fauxtoshoots are genetic? Who knew?

    • Also, what possibly prompted that T-shirt to begin with, and why did she make him wear it here? We know ILYRAIN is religious, maybe her new mark is too.

    • EXACTLY what I was going to say. Donk says it’s hers, alluding to having read it first? Not THAT copy, that’s for sure, cuz the spine’s not at all compromised, & it would be, if anyone did more than peek in at a less-than-panoramic view.

      About that shirt — why a bullshit lie that she made it? “Run for Greg” has been catching on across the nation & “Winged Foot Races” is a thing in Chicagoland — no way there aren’t contemporaries of Pettifogger who have that same shirt, none of which circles back to a lying donkey who lies. She must have her whole family blocked from this post. http://www.runrace.net/findarace.php?id=14365IL1

      And WHERE THE FUCK IS LILLY, Donkey?

      • She didn’t say she gave him her own personal copy of the book. She said she “gave him one of her favorite books.” Which also means she could have bought him a copy and gave it to him. Since when does she get rid of any of her self-help “tomes,” particularly her favorite ones?

        • Every bit of which is implied by:
          “Not THAT copy, that’s for sure”

          Since when does she buy what she can re-gift?
          PLOT TWIST! No, wait … rhetorical question.

          • Sigh. It would be illogical to assume she has never read What Really Matters because the spine of this particular copy is pristine.

            I think she has read it, because it is an authoritative source (in her mind) defending her woo lifestyle, and she wants so badly for daddy to approve so he will give her money for her rich entitled commune.

          • Sorry to choke on your word salad. Maybe a refresher course in writing would help y’all.

        • She can’t get rid of her self-help books because it would ruin her rainbow bookshelves. Also, her books are not read past the first page or two, which are highlighted into submission and smudged with fingerprints from her posed with glitter polish and pointing at a passage hand selfies.

      • It’s not the same as the official Run for God t shirts, so I suppose Julie could have ordered it from Zazzle or something.

        • the official one, after a quick search, seems to have, y’know, a CROSS on it (because Christian Capitalism). This one has old pagan Mercury on it. AM I THE ONLY ONE WHO FINDS THIS STRANGE.

    • Of course it’s posed. Look how his fingers steer completely clear of the title for optimal viewing.

      That said, Pettifogger’s crotchal region makes me…..uncomfortable. It’s very Stretch Armstrong action figure, no? Maybe old dude balls make me sqidgy. Which is unfortunate for my husband, I suppose, since we aren’t exactly spring chickens these days.

    • Nailed it. And that shirt she “made” for him a few years ago looks like it’s never been worn. DADDY, WHERE’S THE SHIRT I GENEROUSLY MADE YOU?!?!

    • A few months ago I found an old book from grad school, covered in highlighting and notations. I tried to snap a ‘funny’ picture of book, quote, and finger all at once… I nearly sprained my fucking hand. It’s hard to hold your iphone in one hand while holding open a book and pointing. I couldn’t keep the camera steady at the angle and it took me several attempts to get a non-blurry picture.

      Maybe I was just born with potatoes for hands. I challenge you guys to give it a quick shot.

      • I have also attempted that maneuver to make friends laugh, complete with glitter nail polish borrowed from my daughter, and it is definitely harder than it looks.

    • Just caught up on the last post & agree that white laminate countertops are quite nice. Marble/granite/quartz look lovely but have a bad habit of chipping stemware and china, and butcher block can be a pain to maintain.

      I also prefer white appliances. Not sure if that makes me old-fashioned or fashion-forward. If they come back in a big way, you heard it here first!

  6. Ha! yeah, I got dragged down the basement stairs by multiple odd crossover (but peripheral) interactions with the SoCal woos. a bit of google searching helped me to steer clear. I actually had forgotten about all the stuff in those links and just reread them before commenting. So freaking crazy. I think Encinitas is located on a hellmouth. We should probably talk about that chiropractor too since he still practices (now in Temecula). BTW, is it actually confirmed that KD and RDP have a pay-to-watch cam bondage channel?

    • “To his credit, Schwartz tackles the sticky subject of ego-tripping and even sexual abuse among some charismatic New Age teachers. But never once is it mentioned that most of their workshops and lectures are luxuries of the affluent, costing what most working folk would think of as a lot of money; nor that the expense of the way New Age thought is marketed confines its influence and benefits to a small enclave.”

      • Holy shit, the last three PARAGRAPHS:

        – pointing out that New Agers vote GOP
        – calling them out on their otherwise apolitical stance
        – mostly being white

        And this is from 20+ years ago. Yikes!

    • What Really Matters to Judy: “How big is my inheritance going to be? And I need some of it NOW!!$!”

  7. Oh Christ, she’s leaving Louise Hay quotes about loving oneself on her wall, praising LSD, and telling us what a “full human being” she is. Yoo hoo, ?

    • “(An accurate assessment of what it’s like to experience yourself through the myopic projection lens of the media …)
      Like him, I am hero nor devil. I am a full human being – light and shadow, heart and soul only partially contained by flesh. I am not a static noun – I am a dynamic experience, ever changing, ever evolving. Who I was yesterday is not who I am today.
      So let us do unto others as we would have done to us. Dance with my humanity, witness my range … Or simply ignore me altogether. But do not assume to know the truth of my soul because there is no way you could – just as there is no way I could know the truth of yours.
      The best we can do is honor and love each other as we walk our winding paths.”

          • “Donkey Cat”

            When I look back boy, I must have been green
            Travelin’ the country, just to be seen
            Searchin’ for a husband, who turned into a spieler,
            Until I went to Burnin’ Man whoa, honey I was blind.

            They said get back donkey cat
            Better get back to the woods
            Well I quit those days and my title says “PAID”
            And oh the change is gonna do me good

            You better get back donkey cat
            Living in the condo ain’t where it’s at
            It’s like trying to give praise when you back-hand swipe
            It’s like trying to quit facebook, when you haven’t got a life

            Well I read some books and I read some magazines
            All were “gently read” so I passed them on in reams
            And all the folks in the basement well, said I was a fool
            They said “oh, believe it sistah, that donkey is a tool”

            They said stay at home girl, you gotta tend the farm
            AirBnBing in the city, is going to do you harm
            But how can you stay, when your plans change every minute
            How can you stop when, th’ story change no matter how you spin it?

      • Oh Greg and she’s going to be “dancing” for a “very special musician” in Colorado this weekend. I am sure there will be turkey feathers in sight as well. I sure hope there is video of her graceful moves and hand posing.

          • You know, of all the moronic lies she tells, I can kinda understand she tries to “sell” that she’s a writer or a tv personality or social media expert. She is neither and she sucks at all of them but at least there are enough bread crumbs from her past gawker days that she can pretend she can do these things. But dancer! fucking dancer?! How does she have the face to advertise that she is dancing in public for a “musician”?! (as if the balding carny was a musician to begin with). Does she think we cannot see videos of her horrendous and uncoordinated moves? Does she not see how terrible no good her “dance” is?! Isn’t she the slightly bit embarrassed?! Of all the posing and fake shit, this is the one I find the most perplexing.

          • Any port(hole) in a storm!

            Guess she’s making an extra effort now so she can be with ILYRAIN again during Burning Man.

          • Yeah, my grandma was convinced I could win a Nobel Prize because I scribbled some awful poetry when I was 10. Maybe it’s time to take a trip to Stockholm and have a talk with the Academy.


        • Unsubstantiated theory time:

          Visiting parents covers the cost of travel on the charge card. I mean ‘covers’ as in is intended to mask the true goal:

          Go to Colorado and dance and do shrooms and fuck a lot.

          “I know I spent extra this month, daddy, but it’s because I took a trip out to see YOU GUYS.”

          Leaves Willmette, goes down to Colorado, goes home.

          Why do I throw this out there? This is exactly what she did when she went to New Orleans to dinosaur Avocado. Surprise trip to parents, tacked on a bunch of other stops.

          • She surprised Davidiot, alright, but I seem to recall that it was a planned visit w/ family in Boston for Little Brother Britt’s Ph.D ceremony. Then she cut & runs for a carnie. LOL. Such a cuntwich.

          • Hmmm, you may be on to something… she charges Dad$er$ credit card for the flights, then re-routes her stopovers on the way home.

          • Such an astute guess. Rain is playing a dirty hippie festival in Loveland, Colorado this Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

          • Listen, I’m starting to get peeved by the use of “carny” as a pejorative for some reason…

          • If true, she’s just sunk from 35-year-old mooching off her parents to 35-year-old scamming her parents. Sad!

          • “she went to New Orleans to dinosaur Avocado”

            This produced an actual fit of mad laughter in an office that I thankfully have for myself only. I don’t even know why the dinosaur stuff kills me so but it absolutely does.

      • She so desperately wants people to believe she’s changed. She hasn’t changed, just the costumes and the cast of characters has. Just like the last time, and the time before that. Reinventing yourself isn’t possible unless you fix the sociopath inside, which ain’t gonna happen.

      • “So let us do unto others as we would have done to us.”

        Attn: TinyNCute, Jordan,girl from whom she stole the Barbie, etc…etc…and so on…


          (Copyright 2016, 2014, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009.

        • Mom in minivan, Redacted’s fiance, REDACTED, Brit Morin, Alex’s wife, Native Americans, anyone who can read.

    • Are you sure she didn’t say “full of shit human being”? I feel certain you must have read it incorrectly.

  8. I haven’t checked in here for at least a couple of years but I’m so happy to see a couple of things haven’t changed

    1) Donkey is still haggard and useless
    2) You basement-dwelling, cat-loving, angry haters are as brilliant as ever

    • Waves!

      Now to hear from Toby, mcd, SS, Frequent Liar Miles, chesca (who I had no idea has a TV show now!), Prof, and a bunch of other people I am forgetting like a dickhead.

  9. those shoes.

    the way her foot-skin wrinkles at the point where her toes are jammed into those shoes.


    also the wonkeye is strong in this one.

    even after all these years I don’t understand why she loves photos of herself that showcase such peculiar flaws. and shares them. with tens of thousands of people.

    • In a way, that’s why I have a hard time believing the college bulimia tale … she just does not seem to have a critical eye when it comes to image(s) of self. On the other hoof though, she definitely makes food out to be the enemy, so it may be that she goes by the numbers on those scales she claims not to own.

  10. I can’t believe she compared herself to a guy who had witten two history books and was featured in a documentary about having no impact on the environment. The only crossover is that they were both scewered by Gawker. Methinks she doesn’t like what s Google search turns up. POOR BABY. Lol

  11. Daddy? Daddy! Put on the shirt!.. Pleeeaaassseee! I spent three hours looking for it in your closet! Who cares about the slightly poofed sleeves, snort, look at your belt, like you’re one to give fashion advice.. Okay let’s move the fancy striped chair into the pillow closet where there’s better light! There. Now- Okay, look like you’re reading the book!.. No, hold on, I can’t see the logo on the shirt! Move the book over! Wait, you’re covering the book title with your hands! Ohhh, the shirt logo is wildly askew!.. Let me yank it down like so.. (shirt pull).. Okay wait, close the book a little more.. Ugh, your glasses are causing a glare, take them off! Smile! But look natural! Hahah.. I’m such a card.. right Daddy? You love that I dropped in on you? Right?!?

  12. Oh and, I was passing through Target today and saw the very “Nap Queen” t-shirt that Donkey was wearing in the last post. Just passing it on, in case anyone was wondering where to find it.

    • It’s perfect. She ought to have loaned it to her father for this picture because that’s clearly what we are looking at.

      • I loved when Homer Simpson wore the “Rich Bitch” t-shirt (if memory serves, he wore it with no pants to boot, and I always love seeing Homer without pants).

        • In Julia’s Burner patwat, that is called shirtcocking or Donald Ducking.

          For some reason shirtcock makes me laugh every time.

    • Oh wow — did not realize Target is a LOCAL, FEMININE OWNED company that eschews outsourcing and only sells products that are made with ORGANIC, VEGAN materials, where employees are HONORED, RESPECTED and make $30.00/HOUR WITH A YEAR OF PAID MATERNITY LEAVE!

    • You’re telling me that in just 4 years, I can turn $20k into an “Outrageous Eros Relationship & Sexuality Practitioner” certificate from a serial sex offender?

      Ready the silkwood shower, and grab a bucket in case you need to vomit en route, because the 1st year curriculum includes:

      * 9 “Total Body Orgasm” sessions, presumably with aforementioned sex offender (it’s mandatory)

      * “Fighting and Fucking”

      * “Prayer Sexing”

      * “Being Fucked Open to God” (?!!!?!!?)

    • ‘Outrageous Eros Relationship & Sexuality Practitioner.” Applicants must send in a completed application form, wth a letter of recommendation, and go through an interview process before being accepted into the program.’

      What, like they’re going to turn anyone’s $$$$$ down? Right.

        • also speaking as someone who doesn’t have to pay for orgasms except in manly socks on my floor.

        • No, something else at play here — the ltr of rec & interview mandate applies at the highest level — more likely, it’s re: an assessment of total worth & how to best extort those $, would be my guess.

          • i mean, duh, of course you have to have money too but the in-person interview is there to weed out people who don’t fit the physical type. It’s not like child rapist Marc Gafni fucks just ANYBODY.

          • Never mind me — the app, etc info in that one paragraph about the two & four-year scams threw me — I initially interpreted the one-year scam as not req’g app, etc.

          • (bacause the latter two are each referred to as a “program” whereas the first part says “sessions” & ‘workshops”.)

    • Can’t wait to hear Tiny’n’Cute’s take on Donkey dancing for Chad. I hope she’s not at the same festival. This is another example of Donkey rubbing her face in it. I wonder if she did this as passive-aggressive retribution for her recent post about Donkey? It would fit the sociopath’s MO to try to get even.

      • Caeli’s got a new, younger, hotter beau. I’m sure if she cares at all about what her ex is up to, she is chortling about how far Chad has fallen. A Donkey for a dancer? What a joke.

        • I know she said at some point that Donkey would dare not dance for him because it would force comparison. Maybe Donkey is hoping people have short memories.

          I wonder how many tantric blowjobs she promised in exchange for being able to dance?

          • Donkey is delusional and lacks the capacity to comprehend that she has no skills…in anything.

          • I bet it’s another ‘stage’ where anyone can sign up to dance for 5-10 mins, like the situation in the psychotic ballerina fauxto above.

  13. i don’t get the airbrushed lines on her arms. they look like someone attacked her with an axe and gangrene has set in.

    on second thoughts, maybe someone did, and this explains the pained expression on her face.

  14. Anyone reading this and thinking, why are we snarking on her for being happy to dance…it is because she thinks she has to be on a stage in order to dance. That she thinks she deserves to dance on stage with a professional musician when she has no talent. Normal people in her position would just dance in the audience or backstage and not insist on making a spectacle of themselves just because they know the band and are an attention whore.

  15. Confidence man Ali Shanti’s recent FB post attempts to scare the reader into signing up for “estate planning” with the old raunch. “I have come to understand that my family heritage is one of theft.” I really, really, really, REALLY believe you, Skankatron!

    “Do not fool yourself into thinking that you can do estate planning simply by putting someone else’s name on your account and making it into a joint account.

    Or by putting yourself on your parents’ accounts.

    You are creating way more work, way more risk, and way more trouble than it’s worth.

    Doing estate planning the right way may seem like it’s expensive from a time and money perspective, but it’s so much less costly to do the right thing when you are living and able and well than it will be for your family to clean up the mess when you
    are no longer able, living or well.

    So many stories to tell on this one.

    I haven’t spoken to my aunt or cousins on my dad’s side since my grandmother died because of how they handled her estate. I have come to understand that my family heritage is one of theft, and wish we could have brought consciousness to the estate planning process to heal this core generational wound once and for all.

    A friend just contacted me because his sister is the trustee of his parent’s trust (with not much in it), and she’s dragging it out, maybe withholding his small inheritance.

    My nephews are making poor choices with their inheritances because of the way it was left to them, repeating generational patterns that could have been shifted had consciousness been brought to the estate planning before their dad died.

    The stories go on and on.

    Estate planning can be a huge opportunity to heal the core generational wounds that are perpetuated, or the way it’s handled can just create more of the same.

    You decide. Please decide consciously and don’t just let bad estate planning happen to you and your family.”

    • “My family heritage is one of theft” LULZ

      I can’t wait for her long con of grifting Judy & her parents to pay off

    • Also, Ali? Pretty sure you got smacked down trying to scam your client’s estate? In California? Like 9 years ago?

      Bitch is the WOOOOOORST

    • If anyone but a thief were making this argument, I’d be interested in what she has to say.

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