Updated, Now With Judy’s Red Hair! Weird Wednesday: Science Fiction Triple Feature

A dear cat peep sent me to a recent reddit post about Milo Yiannopoulos, everybody’s favorite humanitarian, and our burro. I’d completely forgotten he’d written about Julia’s fans in the ‘stans back in the day. Unfortunately, I can’t locate Yiannopoulos’s article online, but here’s the reddit discussion: https://www.reddit.com/r/blogsnark/comments/4tr1fm/milo_yiannopoulos_cat_lady/?st=ir54lhrm&sh=b8cea1c9

Sorry to post about Skankatron 3000B after yesterday’s sleaze update, but Wildly Inappropriate GREG found something wildly inappropriate in the old raunch’s NYC fauxto album. Ali apparently felt no hesitation in photographing and judging a homeless man:


There but for the grace of God go I, eh, Shanti?

Update: As if this Wednesday weren’t strange enough, Judy Albertson is reminiscing about her ginger days!





Such a saucy middle-aged lady! Maybe St. Martin’s would be interested in a memoir about Judy’s wild redhead days in NYC? Surely it would be more interesting than Experiments in Crappiness.


  1. What about BRC & “no judgement” & gift commerce & carrying forth that philosophy from every Burning Man you attend, Ali? But no, you judge him for being below you & you “gift” him by ridiculing w/ your contempt & derision in front of the entire world.

    • Apparently there is no judgement in Black Rock City but anyplace else is fair game.

  2. SK3B is a cunt. God forbid a homeless person have anything but gruel. A MetroCard is hardly a luxury if you need it to get around. And of course the minute you become homeless they should repossess your iPhone and tattoo.

    I mean, maybe this particular dude really is a scam artist, but in that case game should recognize game instead of pearl-clutching like a Daughter of the American Revolution.

    • I foolishly think she can’t possibly sink any lower, but this? This is rock bottom.

        • I feel like many of these faux-hippie BRC burners have that same mentality. I’m perplexed by just how flagrantly they show their own asses though. Judy fits right in.

          • Can’t we ship the homeless people off to less desirable parts of the Bay Area, like Vallejo, so we don’t have to look at their gross poorness in the city?

      • I’ll bet you a personal coaching session (retail value $1,999.99) that she can and will go lower. Her ick is bottomless.

    • He may have even received the phone through the VA or some group that works to get phones to the homeless because phones are necessary to get jobs. Regardless, I’m thinking she tried to sell him a Money Map, he refused, so she got all pissy.

      • A family member might pay for it in order to keep him at some level of connection. She’s evil.

        • Exactly. A dear friend who’s a dept. chair at one the best universities in the country has a schizophrenic sister who’s homeless much of the time, and the family desperately tries to stay in contact with her – they’ve bought innumerable cell phones over the last ten years.

    • I wonder how many people who scammed credit card companies and banks out of nearly a million dollars and came out unscathed feel they deserve the right to afford eyelash extensions, Mendocino commune dues, and pointless trips to expensive dirt festivals.

      Judge not lest ye be judged, Shantitown.

  3. Can I just say how fucking sick I am of people judging the homeless for having smartphones?

    Having GPS and mobile internet access makes SO MUCH SENSE if you’re homeless. Try to imagine figuring out how to access government/non-profit assistance without Google. Try to imagine navigating NYC without your map app, the cost of finding yourself unable to do that being missing your benefits appointments or having to sleep on the street in near-zero temperatures because you couldn’t find a shelter with a bed for you. Try to imagine finding work without email access. Try to imagine having half of your shit pinched because you had to use a public computer at a library to do all this stuff, and you couldn’t take everything in with you.

    Does your aya-drenched brain still have the computing power to run thought experiments, Ali? Because I think maybe you should have done the math on this one before you tried to call out a HOMELESS MAN.

    • Ugh, it’s just giving me the stabbies right now, out of all the twisted shit they do. If he is making $150K a year, do you really think he would be living in a cardboard box? You know in the woo crowd it would be considered more acceptable for him to start a GoFundMe for an aya journey or circle dancing certification. These people are such a useless bag of dicks.

      • Maybe Jess Johnson would let David piggyback on her gimme-8k-per-month-for-my-topless-kegger-soirees patreon page? I mean, she is changing the course of history, right? Why not change David’s?

        • Seriously. What makes useless dipstick Jaaahhhhs Johnson more worthy of other people’s free handouts than this dude?

    • This is so, so true.

      A woman once emailed a charity I work for and said she was desperate, asking for food and utility assistance for herself and her daughters. At the bottom it said “Sent from my Ipad.”

      Some people were shocked by this, but I was like, we are going to do what we can to help this family. She probably really needs that ipad, and it could be years old. Who knows?

      We don’t know the paths that people have walked. We don’t know about abusive relationships, addiction, mental illness, sudden loss of work or benefits….. people are dealing with a lot of shit out there. Hell, I remember from my rock bottom days – asking for help is no fucking picnic.

      Oh, and Ali is a shitbag.

      • Sort of like this Pizza Hut waitress I’d talk w/ during my lunch hrs at the buffet — she rode the city bus, in her long ranch mink or w/e it was, to a less-than-minimum wage job — former socialite whose husband had done w/e to or w/ the $; one day she woke up flat ass broke & life as she knew it was over. You just never know.

    • The homeless are human beings. I chatted with a homeless man and his cute dog earlier this year. He had a smartphone or as he called it, his “Obama phone.” He told me how much he valued his phone and how terrible it was when it was stolen. He had been homeless for over 25 years. He may not have had a home, but he had a dog, friends (on the streets and who lived in homes) and of course personal items. He also had dignity. It’s disgusting that people seem to think once you lose a home, you naturally have to lose everything else, too. Also, there are lots of people in this country who may not be technically homeless but are living at or below the poverty and in dire need of assistance with food, utilities, clothing or other basic necessities of modern life, including a phone. To me, posts like Ali’s evidence a lack of compassion.

      • It’s not like he cried bankruptcy when he was sanctioned with a legal judgment or anything.

      • Great comments, Veruca and Winchester.

        I probably don’t pay enough attention to Shanti, but this strikes me as more aggravating than anything I can remember about her. What a fucking POS.

        Also, standard response to this fucked-up line of thought: if you believe it’s so easy to make 150,000 a year by panhandling, stop being a jealous hater of the homeless and go live on the street yourself. Oh wait, you have your numerous multi-million businesses to take care of. Right.

    • Why do so many poor people have phones? Because they get them for free. Reagan introduced the program (its why we all pay huge telecommunications taxes) and Obama extended it to smart phones.

    • I had totally forgotten about Milo’s visit. Feldman and Yiannopoulos? I feel so dirty.

      • They’re two out of a hilarious trio of wacky roommates (counting Beauchamp) starring in the new Fox comedy this autumn, In The Very First Episode They All Die in a Fucking Fire!

  4. Totally OT, can I just ask for some good vibes? My husband and I relocated our newly expanded family and I have a career opportunity that may, in addition to providing short-term work while my daughter is an infant, turn into a long-term partnership opportunity. I’m excited and nervous because I don’t want to sabotage myself or allow imposter syndrome take over.

    Until having kids, I never realized how focused women have to be in order to stay in charge of their own careers. My hats off to all the moms and women here who have done it, and their partners who support it. If anyone has any tips or experiences to share, I’d love to hear it.

    • Unless that work is with anyone with feathers in her hair, a loud donkey-like laugh, or as a club dj with hippy leanings, you can have all the good vibes I have to offer. If it is any of those other things, though, all I can offer is therapy.

    • Sending you good vibes — imposter syndrome is a bitch. It’s totally normal but don’t let it get a foothold in your brain. For a while I worked with an education company that did computer science skills training for women, and that experience convinced me that smart, capable women are absolutely RIDDLED with imposter syndrome.

    • Every time I question whether I am ready for a new challenge, I ask myself, “What would a man do in this situation?” The question would never have even come up. Just go fucking do it. It is how almost half the world lives, and it feels fucking amazing.

    • I just got a promotion (extra desk errands!) and I’m constantly feeling like, “WTF are they thinking, I can’t possibly do this stuff at any level of competency.” butttt my grandboss is giving me these projects for a reason, they must think I can handle it. And we had our first delivery yesterday, so yay!

      So basically my point is, go ahead and feel like an imposter, but you got the gig for a reason and you don’t have to be certain you are competent in order to be competent.

      High fives to you and it’s hardest now, when you have an infant. It gets easier the older the kids get. Hang in there, one foot in front of the other, it will all work out.

  5. I would also like to note that millions of people manage to fully ignore the homeless as they go about their lives. If you don’t want to give them money, don’t give them money!

    It’s super super weird to take time out of your day to photograph a homeless person just so you can deride him on Facebook.

    • “It’s super super weird to take time out of your day to photograph a homeless person just so you can deride him on Facebook.”

      Per the clever response Donk loves to use, she must be a fan of the homeless man! She’s probably obsessed with him and thinks of nothing but him 24/7 even though she should be paying some old bills instead. Um err oops.

  6. Why do I feel like shitshow shanti exploited a homeless man as an instructional video for her kids.

  7. Donkey is such an awful tryhard writer. “Inculcate?” Has no one ever told her about writing conversationally?

    • She’s “risk-adverse” though. Hey, Cunterella, horking up a partially digested thesaurus onto the page like a lexical hairball does not make you a writer any more than dyeing your hair tangerine and parading around town in a sad flasher outfit makes you a rebel.

      • Horking up a partially digested thesaurus onto the page like a lexical hairball…

        I die.

      • Also she hyphenated 28 years old but not yellow-cabbed it.

        Such a journalist. She’s never once glanced at a style manual, probably doesn’t even know they exist.

      • No idea but I’ve appropriated another element from Judy’s written diarrhea for my new user name. I feel just like Jena la Flamme!

      • “I recently had my own sliding doors moment … ” Oh, Donkey, even your delusional daddy didn’t believe that shit.

  8. Why does she talk about 28 like it is some impossibly young and naive age? Sure, you’re generally less mature and knowledgeable about the world then than you will be later, but no one accepts, “I was only 28!” as an excuse for bad behavior… That ends after the young 20’s, and most of it ends after your teens.

      • The intimation of you surreptitiously dying our cats got to me, I lol’d hard, then I re-read & saw that you did *not* say: ‘your cats …’

    • This. Isn’t it pretty normal for 28-year-olds to be fully responsible for the lives and wellbeing of other human beings, their children, for example? I never heard anyone express amazement that someone at the age of 28 behaves like a fully functional adult.

      But we know why she wants to sell that age as the new 16, of course. It’s so she can pretend that 35 is the new 23. (Spoiler alert: it’s not.)

    • She has this weird internal timeline in which “28 years old” (NOT “28-years-old,” you moron) is more like 17 for the rest of us; it’s perfectly fine to be jobless and directionless and non-self-supporting at age 35; college is the time for pearls and Lilly Pulitzer but your 30s is the time to discover drugs and rock music; “the summer of 2009” is as momentous as “Poland, 1939” or “September 11;” and coloring your hair is considered wild and rebellious 40 years after the punks did it.

      Also, the pointless lies. She never gave up towering, clunky platforms for flats. She still wears Lilly-esque toddler frocks. She has never smoked or owned “combat boots” or (I’m guessing) ridden a motorcycle. (Dear greg, the tired images she invokes to symbolize “rebellion.”)

      Hell’s Kitchen…. like that makes her edgy and gritty and struggling. I hope that Chino and Bernardo and all the other Porta Riccans didn’t bug her too much.I can’t.

      • She never did any of those things. Her life is so much about costuming that she considers herself having lived a lifestyle because she simply THOUGHT about combat boots. We watched the whole thing unfold, and all she did was pretend to smoke for ONE vanity project.

        p.s. I might be wrong about this, but I believe Harvard Harley owned a motorcycle (hence the nickname). She took a photo of it outside a restaurant once. It’s possible she rode on it that one time.

        • She is NYC’s least “edgy” transplant ever. Tho wild to imagine being on the back of a motorcycle in Tribeca! No 17-year-old prom queen in Duluth would think so outside this 28-year-old’s box.

          I was a club kid when I was 15 years old. By the time I had turned 20 those days were all behind me and I was looking towards a productive future. But if Donkey wants wild anecdotes, I’ve actually got stories far more interesting than getting fingerbanged at Balthazar.

        • I don’t think she even got the timeline right. Summer of 2009? I found RBNS in the fall of ’09 & I’m certain that the red hair & edgy, unlit cigarette came later — wasn’t it speculated at the time that all that was for TK’s benefit? Didn’t all that unfold the next spring?

          No matter. Just wondering how good or bad my mem is.

        • skinny and [faux] Latino, just my style…. and a snappy dresser, and a good dancer…. um, er, wait a minute

  9. You dyed your hair an unfortunate color in your 20s (and filmed it?? what). How can you possibly think at 35 that this was a pivotal moment in your life? So wild woman, such fierce.


    • Also, dear Lord. “My colorist.” Of course. Did you meet your colorist in between several meetings with your team of your editors, after your intern made an appointment for you with your colorist, by chance?

  10. “…the joys of flats…”

    Tires? Apartments? Western American terrain? Miss Velcro wedge sneakers, platform hooker pumps and outdated espadrilles can’t possibly be talking about flat shoes.

  11. Somebody stop me. She wants to get on the back of a motorcycle with a cliché of a bad boy. Not with a bad boy himself, mind you, but with a cliché of one.

    Perhaps you meant you wanted to live the cliché of strapping yourself behind a bad boy on a motorcycle. Except stop using quotation marks. Stop overusing ellipses. And a 28-year-old man (see what I did there?) is a man, not a boy.

    Mayne it’s time for a remedial writing class instead of NLP.

    • I think it’s pretty telling that all of the people she imagined or actually had in her life at that time are just props in her story of IDENTITY TRANSFORMATION.

    • I would like to meet this comment behind a cliché of “bleachers,” if you know what I mean.

  12. Judy Albertson is a disturbing person, but Ali Shanti/Alexis Neely is BAD. She’s a bad, dark-hearted, wicked human being.

    • Yes. People who are jerks about the poor and homeless work my very last nerve. When they are themselves shady, it’s beyond the pale.

      I want only good things to happen for the young Neely children, because they didn’t ask for any of this, but any ills that befall their mother are likely to be the result of her own corrupt and self-serving behaviors, and if so I won’t shed a tear.

      This is a hard time in history to be open-hearted and practice lovingkindness, but I am trying my best. When it comes to Shantitown, I got nothing left. Nothing.

      • My children and I call it Staying on the Love Train, and I’m working hard at it myself.

        Shanti gives me the creeps more than any of the woos, because she’s the embodiment of the 7 deadly sins–something she’s aware of, I think–but she tries to hide all that darkness behind her creepy baby voice and faux sweetness and on again/off again pretense of being maternal. She’s like a Stephen King character.

      • I can’t imagine being a teen or tween, and waking up to filthy, skeevy, manchild Rainbow Michael Haynes in your kitchen, scratching his crotch and eating your Cheerios.

          • Excuse me, I believe it was you (or one of your pals) who posted the fauxto of Rainbow Doug Henning frolicking in a stream, tackle out. I am blind now and typing this through voice recognition software.

          • tackle out! scratching his crotch in his 70s authentic B.O. wear! Seriously, Tingolayo, you’re killing me, Smalls.

      • Jesusf-ingchrist, she is a cunt through and through.

        She doesn’t know how that guy got his phone or who is paying for it (maybe a family member is paying for it because they want to stay in touch) and even if he bought it, and he is paying the $30 / month or whatever, WTF is her to tell him that he doesn’t deserve it?

        I bet this greedy cunt (in more ways than one), never thinks “Geeee… I wonder if that dude gets a tax break for his private jet” (hint: they all do) or “The gross Papa Johns CEO doesn’t want to pay for his employees’ health insurance but lives in a $7m mansion and flies private”.

        Oh, and she honestly believes that you can “live” on a sidewalk in Manhattan for 5 years without ever been kicked out by the lovely boys of the NYPD?

        Really. What a cunt.

  13. Now Judy brags about her fake leather jacket as if it was because she was vegan. She wasn’t vegan, she was just cheap and tacky as fuck.

  14. Ali easily looks like she’s 60 here. A hard 60. And she’s younger than me. Jesus Christ. The sun does terrible, terrible things to skin.

  15. OMG poor Harvard Harley. Didn’t want to settle down? She went nuts that summer because he wasn’t into her, and also posted fairly regularly about her desire for a serious relationship. This was also the summer she claimed to have fallen in love and been banging someone secretly who was either married or engaged, which I always suspected was bullshit and an attempt to make Harvard Harley jealous. The games she was playing were off the charts.

    No one does Revisionist History as expertly as this lunatic donkey.

    Also: She is really still so enthralled by herself. For no reason at all.

    • Was that someone whom she referred to as “Booty Call?” It’s hazy but I seem to remember thinking that B.C. was in a relationship when she was banging him.

      Of course, it’s equally likely that she was making it up in an attempt to let H.H. know she was desired by another, so desired in fact, that she had tempted a man away from his significant other!

      • Yes, that’s right, Booty Call. Who suddenly became a thing when Harvard Harley fled for the hills.

      • This was the summer of Jewish comedy writer and Tim Ferris, right? Nisha just posted her own flashback to her years in NYC, when she fell in love with the Ferrett. I suspect Julia is hinting at the overlap and just being a general all around cunt.

        • I just looked — Noodles was posted on the 23rd & Donk’s was posted nine hours ago — you’re bound to be right.

          • I do think she posted it because noodles did her own memory thing. The Ferris connection is a stretch. Neither of them spent enough time in NYC to warrant these reflections, in my opinion. Donkey’s “half decade” description proves that she knows this too. So embellished. So stupid.

  16. Oh giveth me a break, Judy. She is so high on her own fumes.

    “Fueled by Starbucks,” hmmm? Weren’t those the days when you claimed you only rarely indulged in coffee and once announced that would would be blogging every “sip” of coffee?

    And Hey Amber Rae, if you find that “Between the Avenues” line so compelling, perhaps you would enjoy the album “Stories Between the Avenues” by one Julia Price.

    Oh Julesie, you certainly have lived a wilder life than most women! Coloring your hair? Wild! A 2008 study confirms that a mere 75% of women in this country are wild enough to do that!

    As for the ol’ lingerie-and-trench cliche, Donkey please. I suffer second hand embarrassment for you; you run on cliches and cliches only. Showing up in the trench in a TV trope, a suggestion that Cosmo got bored of decades ago. Now, that’s not to say I haven’t done it. But it is not an indicator of an unusually wild wild side. And to reminisce about it as such, publicly, all, “Awwwwwwww, me!” is not flattering.

    Who’s the new mark Judy?

    • Yeah, right, the definition of edginess is dying your hair.

      Hardly surprising coming from the Donkey, who regularly feels the need to point out that she has lived in Chicago, LA, SF and NYC.

      What a sad sad Donkey she is.

    • I don’t understand how’s she not embarrassed to be saying thee things in front of her family. My parents and singling would die if canklehausen if I gleefully reminicised about showing up in a trench and lingerie at the home of some guy I we banging. Note: she didn’t even say it was a boyfriend at the time—just some guy she was blowing. Second date blow jobs, people. Second date blow jobs.

    • Wait, Bad Julia plagiarized Bald Julia???
      Good Greg amighty, what a lazy fkn hack.

      • No. Amber Rae suggested a book title for Judy (as if) that had already been used in a similar form by Toilet Julia.

        • As if any publisher would ever contract with Donkey again.

          Speaking of Donkey’s asshole friends, Myka McLaughlin responded to this redhead drivel with “You dazzle me every time.” Jesus, Barbarella, do you not read much?

        • Yabut …

          Flusher Price: Stories Between the Avenues – EP

          Mulia Mallison: “Sometimes I wonder if I’ll ever tell the stories that happened between the avenues that summer …”

  17. Alexander Marquardt just gave Julie a thumbs up on her “wilder past” post. Wonder if he misses those bestiality booty calls? On a more disturbing note, I just discovered AM and I share a friend, a journalist I’ve known for 10 years and admire a great deal.

  18. 4 AM was her magic hour? Wha?! I didn’t know one could reach a point of culmination at being a lazy sack of shit. I stand corrected.

  19. Can’t believe nobody has commented on Nick Noyes’s comment. When I think of Julia Allison, the first thing that comes to mind is not “more candid than most other people.”

  20. Hey Ali why don’t you try panhandling to survive in NYC and see how much money you make you fucking scam artist cunt.

    • This. I’m surprised Alexis Martin Neely Ali Shanti didn’t knock over a box and try and take a selfie with that homeless person. How disrespectful. From legal commentator on Fox News to making fun of the homeless on Facebook. Honey, what goes around, come around.

    • Yeah, I said on the other thread, panhandling is actual work. It’s a lot of rejection that you have to take to your face (as opposed to sitting behind a keyboard begging for marks). You have to sustain it several hours a day while dodging johnny law. You have to be freezing cold, or wet, or boiling hot. It’s not something anyone would do IF THEY HAD ANY OTHER OPTION.

      • This. In my city there aren’t nearly enough social services for the homeless. Recently they have been subject to several attacks, including four men set on fire. Being on the streets is a life lived in constant danger and NO ONE is making 150k/yr. Disseminating such misinformation leads to the loss of much needed social services.

        • I haven’t paid that much attention but of all the things Skankatron3k has said, pushing rumors that homeless people are making 150,000/year seems like it tops the despicable list.

          But then I’m sure hers is a very long list.

  21. The thought of Julia Baugher showing up in a trench coat and then disrobing to reveal her weird little dumpy lumpy hairless mole skin-tagged body in some kind of godawful Sears catalogue lingerie makes my peen want to retreat inside of my body forever.

  22. Also she say she’ll reveal “what happened between the avenues” when she is a “very old woman.”

    So in about 3 years?

    • That phrase doesn’t even make sense. Plenty of thins happen on “avenues” in NYC. Such a dumb distinction. She really knew nothing about New York.

  23. Amber Bray, Kristin Thorney, and Electric Barbarella weren’t the only ones “dazzled” by Judy’s clunky prose. Dead Russian Hooker #2 has an offer no out of work donkey could refuse:

    Ariel White “can’t wait to read… and publish these stories”

    Wow. Just wow. From St. Martin’s Press to a couple of blog posts on Amant. Wonder if they’ll get more hits than Jess Johnson did when getting her hair cut.



  24. It’s not just that details in Julia’s post don’t add up as usual – that the dates don’t work, that she was happy to wear leather back then, that she claimed to never drink coffee and here she talks about living on coffee etc etc.

    What I find most interesting about her post is how that it fundamentally ignores the fact that at the time she was claiming to live her life openly online. *That* was her USP: day by day, night by night, sharing her whole life with the world.

    So when she writes, “Sometimes I wonder if I’ll ever tell the stories that happened between the avenues that summer …”, coyly implying there are a ton of interesting experiences that were private, that no-one knows about, it makes my head hurt.

    Julia, I thought at the time you *were* telling the stories that happened, in real time. I thought that was the whole point of you. That was your thing: here’s me and I am OVERsharing everything and some people hate that and some people think that’s cool. I will even liveblog my relationship with REDACTED. I will even set up a weekly video spot with my girlfriends. No holds barred – here’s me and everything that happens to me.

    It’s idiotic that this is the part I mind.

    • This was the era when Julia posted a winky face every time she was getting laid. And I’m sure every winky face has its own sordid story, just dying to be told.

  25. Oh, FUCK YOU, ALEXIS NEELY ALI SHANTI, you’re a fucking horrible bitch of a human. At least that homeless man is working to support himself, which is more than I can say for your lazy, grifting ass. He probably smells the same, though.

    I’m so tired of faux progressives like Ali and Julia, who take up expensive real estate doing jack shit for the greater good but still feel entitled to live in some of the pricier, most desirable ZIP codes in the US. People who want to flaunt the liberal label but don’t want to live up to its values, because it inconveniences THEM. Let’s just ship the homeless to Angel Island! I don’t need to pay back my loans!

    Meanwhile, friends of mine who do good, thankless work – social work, public health, education, urban planning, environmental science, public defense, community organizing, etc. – continue to get priced out of the very communities they serve. How is that fair? These fucking parasites don’t deserve to live where they do.

    There is so much ugliness in Ali Shanti’s posts up there. She is a bad, selfish, ugly person.

  26. So Julia screwed a bunch of dudes without being in a committed relationship with any of them. Scandalous.
    Seems like she can only exist when she has an “opposite” that she is playing against – Woo Julia versus Sex and the City Julia. Sex and the City Julia versus Preppie Julia.

    I am curious, where does Julia actually live at the moment?

  27. At the risk of sounding like a woo rebuffing the haters with love and light, after watching an interview with that Milo character, I feel like he’s really hurting. I taught middle school boys for years and I had at least one of those every year — the ones who feel so devoid of value that they figure negative attention is their only chance at getting any attention at all, and it seems that hypothesis has been backed up by the media furor that surrounds his desperate attempts to offer the world anything of value, even if it is just titillation.

    I’m not suggesting his appalling behavior be overlooked, but there is a ring of self-hatred about it all. I have a feeling a deep, black pit opens up in his chest on the occasional night when sleep won’t come and he’s alone in the dark.

    I can’t say the same for Shanti. She just seems like an out-and-out irredeemable, conscienceless piece of shit.

    • Yeah, I agree Dean, I get students like that too. However ( and not to tell you your business, ) I feel they fall into two loose categories, the abuse survivor and the NPD/ sociopath. 1.The first category is the wounded, defensive, often very intelligent student who comes in with a chip on their shoulder and acts negative and confrontational. These students are often abuse survivors with NPD parents, and they respond very well to empathy and positive attention. Once they feel safe they are able to build a trusting bond. A lot of these students make amazing progress very quickly and I find it very moving, since I used to be just like them. It’s like dealing with an abused animal. Patience and kindness works wonders.
      2. The second category of student who comes in with a chip on their shoulder, acts negative, demands special help and attention – but never changes. They are an endless vortex of need, and constantly demand attention. They tend to lie, destroy the class environment, and create dramas with little change or remorse. I have far fewer of hose, but when I get them my goal becomes to to manage them with strict boundaries and get them out the door with as little impact as possible on the other students.

      As a teacher, not a shrink, category 2 stuff way beyond my pay grade, but at first meeting its hard for me to tell the difference between the two, so the only way for me to find out is to invest a little time and energy to see which type they are. I feel a lot of JA’s pals went through this cycle with her- before they left. Category 1’s are crying out for help. . Category 2s are predators, whether they realize it or not .

      • Exactly right. There’s just something desperate and panicked that oozes out from behind this Milo guy’s bravado when you watch him speaking that makes me think he knows, somewhere deep down, that he’s being a shit stain, but the momentum of his persona is carrying him along now and he doesn’t know how to stop. Part of it is that he does seem to actually be quite bright. He seems to be aware that he’s performing verbal gymnastics as opposed to just speaking his (putrid) opinions or spouting pure nonsense like the woos.

        Judy and especially Shanti are category 2. Not an ounce of self-awareness, let alone remorse.

  28. After reading all the comments on this post, I’ve come to the same conclusion I come to quite often about RBD: Judy and her ilk don’t deserve this audience. They don’t deserve for people like you all to pay attention to them. (I’m glad you do, though.)

    • We really are a smart, fun, compassionate bunch. A pal who’s a professor of computational neuroscience stops in occasionally because he marvels at the community we’ve built. “You all help one another with job interviews, book recommendations, travel destinations, etc., and all because of the behavior of one very bad donkey.”

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