Updated: Tawdry, Unnerving, Spleen-Busting Weekend Snippets

While we were worrying about the UK and wondering if Donkey is at Spahn Ranch, Noodles “I wandered into RBD to find out what this is about but refuse to look at the posts” Moodley found herself knocked up.


Noodles has devoted an endless blog post to the greatest miracle of our time: http://nishamoodley.com/baby/

Over in Boulder, revolting Ali Shanti, AKA Alexis Neely, is over the moon re: the UK leaving the EU:


Parse away!

To the people of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, from a descendant of Macbeth:

A majority of you voted to leave the failed bureaucratopia that is the European Union. Congratulations. The majority of you made the right choice, and in doing so, you conferred legitimacy upon all the other trapped citizens to get their referenda also.

You might feel a little alone, more vulnerable, facing an uncertain future.

Please know, from a person who knows the darkness at the heart of the people who run the world from the shadows, that today, once again, Great Britain (and Northern Ireland) were really really GREAT again.

You struck a blow for freedom.
You struck a blow for authentic democracy.
You showed courage and self-reliance.
You thought for yourselves.

You rejected the outrageous interference of Barack Obama, who had no more business sticking his ego into your national affairs than David Cameron would telling India how to vote.

You rejected the self-serving advice of brutal soul-less bankers and billionaires, who want your freedoms limited only to being able to buy their products, services, and propaganda. You set back their agenda and showed everyone on earth that it is possible to beat the bankers and billionaires and their favorite puppet Prime Minister.

The reality is that, as in picture of walking to a brighter future, the U.K. faces a brighter future.

Why? Because you just hit the reset button. Two of the coolest smartest most fun people I know have tattoos of reset buttons and they press them to remind themselves of their optimal state.

You just reset yourselves. You get to remember who you were before the Puppetmasters dug their virtual claws into your brains and you were brainwashed, after almost a thousand years of safety by relying on yourself, to give up your sovereignty and to subjugate yourselves to mostly faceless bureaucrats. You forgot who you were, a lion fooled by sheep into thinking he was a vegetarian and a herd animal.

With all the rhetoric, what was the glue that held European countries together?

Anti-Americanism. America saved the UK twice in the 20th century, and this anti-Americanism was thus something you could never really get with the program about. Unlike France and other socialist paradises basked in delusions of grandeur.

The UK is now free to protect its borders from the people who don’t respect its traditions. You don’t have to take in any criminal who evaded the border checkpoints of a continent that has more or less given up pretending to have borders.

The U.K. is now free to create a trade treaty with the US and be closer to to the US.

The U.K. is now free to be the leader of the Anglo-Sphere. Canada, the US, Australia, New Zealand and probably even Singapore and Malaysia are eager to see you succeed.

The U.K. is now free to rebuilt the Commonwealth and be its leader. Wow! How exciting!

And you are now free to return to be the leading social innovator, the country that created the Magna Carta, the works of Shakespeare, modern shipping, banking, trading and insurance, the nation that ended the maritime trade in slavery.

Go be yourselves again.

Go be great again.

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. But why bother even caring about what happens in the UK, or in the USA for that matter? Not when you can set up shop in …


Duckface, also of Spahn Ranch, will sing us out …

Update: Noodles, who apparently does read RBD whenever we post anything about her, responds:

Hi Not! Random! Please show me where on my website I promote motherhood as an area of expertise because if it actually exists (which is news to me) it should be removed. I’m no expert on motherhood. I have a 19 year old step-daughter from my marriage (we met when she was 7), but being a step-mom of a child who doesn’t live with you is not remotely the same thing as being a mother. I think it’s fair to say that I don’t know the first thing about motherhood.

Yes, I read this post and I’ve been looking through all of your comments. No, I’m not the first woman ever to have an unplanned pregnancy and sure as hell won’t be the last. Yes, Noah and I are still together, really happy (albeit somewhat stressed about the usual stuff – money, work, moving), and moving into a new place next week…by ourselves. I hope I don’t end up a single mom, and he’s been very engaged and dedicated so far, so I hope it stays that way. I can only imagine how incredibly difficult single-parenting must be.


        • Sorry – was drunk and delirious when posting this. Was about to type out an infuriated, more detailed post, but was too tongue-tied with rage. And frankly, this gets the point across.

          I specifically meant Shanti, but Noodles and Jess can get fucked right along with them.

          Happy Pride, SF folks!

    • Parsing! Can’t, can’t with whomever the stupid crunt that Ali Shady was quoting or taking guidance from. Amazing to see about forty-five errors dolloped with some veiled racism. This person knows fuck-all about the UK and the situation. I shouldn’t be surprised at these idiots but I always am.

      • Hey, this is from the woman who kept plugging Paris Truther DJ Elijah Ray’s appearance in Boulder when FB was reacting to the horror in Orlando, and then she compared RBD to the Orlando shooter! I expect the absolute worst from Skankatron and she never disappoints.

  1. How is it that as a first-time mom, only three months along, she’s showing already?

    Boy, Donkey wasted no time showing what SHE is all about, as in “it” = $upport.

    • agreed, not that I’m an expert or anything, but that bump looks more like 4-5 months easily

      if I were him, and they met just 3 months ago, I’m calling that phone number they put on the screen at the end of the Maury Povitch show

    • It just looks like she’s pushing the bump out by arching her back. I did it with my first too. Combo of excitement, wanting to make sure the whole world knows you’re pregnant (embarrassing to admit), and having no clue how frigging long 40ish weeks can be. By the time I hit 42 weeks I was laughing at my silliness.

      • Makes complete sense — I’m used to people not starting to show ’til five mo’s.

        I saw a friend when she’d just confirmed pregnancy @ three mo’s & was so convinced she was having multiples, because she looked huge — her pediatric nurse mom said it was because it was her 3rd kid & her body knew the drill by that time. Sure enough, it was another six months before she birthed. I so would have lost $$$ on that bet.

    • Really. That is the most demented thing of hers yet.

      (PS many coherent arguments re the benefits of Brexit to masses of people in and out of the EU. See Greece, Nato meddling, etc etc)

      • PLEASE don’t get me started, Acme. There weren’t many coherent arguments for Brexit. There was one powerful one (sadly): jingoism.

        Saying there were many powerful arguments for Brexit is like saying there are many powerful arguments for building a wall between USA and Mexico.

    • Get what exactly? His wallet? She already has his sperm apparently.

      • What else could it mean? Just demented, but I suppose we shouldn’t have expected anything better from a desperate wallet hunter long past her expiration date.

        • Get a wedding ring, a wedding dress, a wedding, a divorce settlement & child support. AKA “it” in Donkinese.

  2. Skankatron reminds me of Costanza doing everything the opposite to see what happens.

    Is she being contrary to be interesting, or is she this stupid?

    Does she really think Brexit is a good idea, and how the fuck did she get her head out of her own selfie mirror to even register it?

    • A good measure of one’s SUCCESS!: if one finds his or herself agreeing with the nonsensical woo AND with the European extreme right (Wilders, Le Pen, Farage, etc), one’s life and choices might actually be shit. Good greg how I hate these ignorant assholes.

      • Yup.

        It’s always a good reality check to see who else supports something. If you have Donald Trump & Marine LePen on your side, it may be time to take a long hard look around and get the fuck out.

  3. Oh boy. Poor Noodley. She and the stranger dude were just beginning to have the hot sex and now she’s going to be a single mother. Yikes. And this, after surviving five years as the secret not-main-piece of Tim Ferris, right? Oh boy.

    • I just hope she and the kid don’t end up at Spahn Ranch along with Jess, Jena, Ali, and the rest of the creepsters.

      • I know everything Shantitown said was grosser and more disturbing (as always), and she’s an absolute psychopath, but this news from the Moodley is REAL. She’s about to be a single mother with nothing but the grift and a beagle at her back. YIKES.

        • Is she raising the child alone? I didn’t get that impression from her blog entry:

          “Since then, we’ve felt all the feelings that might come with a quick and unexpected pregnancy, and have took the winding road, hand-in-hand, towards a state of absolute gratitude, honor and excitement. So here’s the news: We’re having a baby boy in December!”

          • I’m showing my age here, but unless they’re in a committed relationship, living together at the very least, and he has an economic stake in her life and the baby’s life, she’s a single mother. “Felt all the feelings” and going down a “winding road, hand-in-hand” could mean literally anything. Noah might decide to climb a tree with another pretty stranger, but Nisha is stuck for the next twenty years.

          • yeah I have to throw in with the others here… there are a lot of single moms in my family for various reasons, and all are great parents/have great kids, but dealing with baby father drama SUCKS. not that you can avoid it by being married, because there’s always divorce, but a lot of them had to deal with men insinuating/alluding to doing more for the kid than they actually ended up doing. a lot of promises are made during pregnancy/early infancy that evaporate pretty quickly once the difficulty of kids sets in.

        • I seem to recall that someone here knows “Noah Nvmbr” IRL, so if they feel comfortable giving more background on this then that would be interesting.

          Last I knew he was moving to a trailer in Taos or something, so…

          • Airstream in Utah, but yes.

            Nothing says ‘rebound’ like getting knocked up by someone you have only been dating for a few months.

            If this is real and right, then good for her. But experience teaches that a baby changes and tests even the strongest relationship. They don’t even know each other yet.

          • Hi, that’s me. I don’t know for sure, but I would NOT think that being a dad is in his preferred plans. But who knows…maybe he’s really in love. IDK. And I doubt it.

          • From his Instagrams and other posts, he seems pretty committed to a challenging outdoor lifestyle in the snowy mountains. His job is recreation director for a Summit property at Powder Mountain. He was fixing up an old Airstream with plans to move in. For Noodley’s sake, I hope he is grown up enough to embrace his new family as an alternative. He hasn’t acknowledged anything in public yet and still has pictures of old girlfriends on Instagram. Maybe it hasn’t sunk in yet. But regardless, a challenging start to a new relationship. Good luck to them.

          • We’ll live between SF and Utah, so he can keep his job. Grifty is right – he does love the mountains. Sad Rat is right – it’s wasn’t in his plans to have a baby at this time.

            But we were already in love when we got pregnant, and are still very much in love and committed to doing our best to be great parents, and have a solid partnership.

            Grifty – Aside from me, he’s only had one girlfriend since he started his instagram account, and his last post about her was from when the end of their relationship. Just as my ex-husband is one of my best friends, they’re friends. It wouldn’t even cross my mind to insist he delete his posts of her. Interesting that you’re conveniently leaving out that he’s posted a few images of me (more than I, of him, perhaps) since we’ve been together.

          • He’s a talented photographer, and the three pictures of you are lovely. I hope it all works out for you guys.

          • Noodles must have a google alert on us. Weird.

            His insta pictures of her did remind me that she is by far the most natural and attractive of Juliar’s friends. I don’t mean ‘attractive’ just as hot — she has a much more warm charisma than any of the others. Also, she knows how to eyefuck a camera and make it work, so good on her, I guess. Also, unlike Julia, I suspect she will be a good mom, Noah Nvwels or no.

        • Fuck. Given that her (their?) life is seemingly perpetual vacation, and they’d spent… what, a total of a few weeks together? She does not even know this person who’s going to be her baby’s father. Initial charm and chemistry are never the whole story, EVER.

          I honestly hope her optimism around this scenario is somehow justified, because she has no idea how hard the next few years are going to be.

          And good lord, let this not give JA any ideas.

          • It’s been said for awhile now that she wants a baby, & I’m inclined to think that she has pre-planning going for her *wink emoticon* to pair w/ optimism.

            In a way, kudos to her, if she did facilitate it all w/ a well-thought out plan in place that makes room for baby daddy but does not rely on him.

            If it wasn’t a plan to snag some man, that is, & yes, Donkey, we’re all looking at you, w/ your scheme juices about to boil over.

    • Whoa. I have been keenly aware of Nisha’s baby fever for a few years now. There’s no doubt in my mind that this is not an “oopsie” baby, at least not for one of them. And any man who hooks up with Jena or Julia in the next, say, 10 years, had better watch out.

  4. Holy shit, this dumb bitch thinks leaving the EU is actually a good idea??

    I don’t even know where to begin.

    Also, did she not realize that Northern Ireland and Scotland voted to stay? And that they are salivating at the excuse to separate from the UK? She is basically Trump, yeah?

    In any event, I think I shall start calling it Wee Britain from now on.

    • she has no idea about global economics.

      also – i got the ragies about the “anglo-sphere”. singapore and malaysia – no mention of india, which if i recall correctly was a moderately large british colony back in the day.

  5. Wow!

    I guess we can add “racist”, “stupid”, and “xenophobic” to SK3B’s list of accomplishments.

    Bra-f’ing-vo, Skankatron!

  6. what exactly do these people do for a living that allows them to live in a place like san francisco, and fly around to colorodo, utah, costa rica etc. for all of these retreats throughout the year?

    • They have a willingness to borrow without any intention of repaying. Also, no shame.

    • It’s fairly easy: as the person who books and arranges for 6-12 paying customers to come and spend lots of money at various resorts, they get comped. I know lots of yoga instructors who use destination yoga seminars to get free vacations (just pay the cost of airfare). It’s not rocket science, and you don’t even have to be good at what you do. Just pick a place that people with money would like to visit.

      • Morgana Rae, who was mentor to Ali Shanti, and her husband, go all over the world getting married in front of the press for the umpteenth time. This folly is how they get comped everywhere. The husband also pretends to be a travel writer – more comping – when in reality he’s a card shark. These people have no shame.


  7. The U.K. is now free to be the leader of the Anglo-Sphere.

    I’m gob-smacked.

    • I’m very sorry to any British catladies but the UK is “free” to suck a goddamn cock. I thought Obama made that clear, and neither Trump nor Clinton will do anything to change current US trade priorities. As for Canada counting itself part of “the Anglo-Sphere” – gee, what’s that again in French?

  8. I have to say that was stupid in a way I didn’t expect from Shantitown, and I expect a wide variety of stupid from her. Does she think Cameron and Farage and the rest of that gang have anything but loathing and contempt for her ilk? Sure, they’re fellow charlatans, but not the gross hippie table dildo variety like her.

    • I agree. I’m a little surprised myself. The Obama comment is in the same sentiment as something I hear from the dumb and racist red hicks I live near. Not from some from so called open minded, enlightened goddess.

    • On her website, she’s already promoting “motherhood” as one of her new areas of expertise. As one grift starts to dry up, it’s time to get knocked up!

      • These people are horrible, and no one should ever give Noodles a pass just because she’s the most conventionally pretty. Everything is worthy of a con with these lowlifes, even “accidental” pregnancy.

          • Hi Not! Random! Please show me where on my website I promote motherhood as an area of expertise because if it actually exists (which is news to me) it should be removed. I’m no expert on motherhood. I have a 19 year old step-daughter from my marriage (we met when she was 7), but being a step-mom of a child who doesn’t live with you is not remotely the same thing as being a mother. I think it’s fair to say that I don’t know the first thing about motherhood.

            Yes, I read this post and I’ve been looking through all of your comments. No, I’m not the first woman ever to have an unplanned pregnancy and sure as hell won’t be the last. Yes, Noah and I are still together, really happy (albeit somewhat stressed about the usual stuff – money, work, moving), and moving into a new place next week…by ourselves. I hope I don’t end up a single mom, and he’s been very engaged and dedicated so far, so I hope it stays that way. I can only imagine how incredibly difficult single-parenting must be.

          • Regardless my opinion of your work and your friends, I do wish you a healthy pregnancy and a safe delivery, and hope for all the best for your child.

      • Congratulations, Nisha! I just read your post. Big, good, exciting news for sure.

        Only because you are asking, I will say that I found this bit off-putting. This might be what Not Random referred to, I don’t know.

        “So not only is sharing this news with you incredibly exciting on a personal level, it’s also a relief because I can finally share all the lessons I’ve been integrating about life, love, and leadership…things that are relevant to all of us women in leadership, regardless of whether we’re mothers or not.”

        • Thanks, Dusty!

          Ah, okay. Well, I write a blog about women and leadership – the things I’m pondering and the things I’m learning. That’s what the people reading my blog are interested in.

          I am certainly not trying to say that motherhood is an area of expertise. That would be arrogant, false, and frankly, ridiculous. I’m saying that this experience – being pregnant – has taught me a lot already, not about motherhood, but about leadership, and about myself.

          So for example, when I talk about sharing the lessons I’m learning, I might write something about “what to do when things don’t happen the way you expected them to.” (Short answer: depends on the situation, here’s what I’ve done in this situation, here’s how that might apply in your career or personal life, hope it helps).

          Albie – Thanks, I appreciate it.

          Grifty –
          A) I’m not good at sharing my man.
          B) I’m fairly certain they’re not each other’s type.

          • If he has a penis and is desirable to someone else, believe me, he is her type.

            Don’t risk it.

          • Oh yeah, he is easily the hottest slampiece to come out of Julia’s circle, I think. Even going back to the non-dirt festival days (sorry Momdacted – JLod is a hottie but in a less traditional way!)

            She can’t help herself, she will covet and try to pry away if she can. Does Noodles not know about the Rain Dancer situation? Or just not care?

  9. Wow a little crazy but hey different strokes for different folks. If my parents calculation and with the look of her belly more like October/ November. Happy for her just a little crazy I hope she moves to Utah and just be.
    Ali is a dumb psychopath who has no understanding of politics or the severity and reprecussion this has for the global economy as well the messages this sends to the millions of immigrants across Europe and the world.

    • Nvmbr.

      By the way, his real last name is Rainey. When Donkey steals him, she can be Rainbow Rainey.

      • Maybe she can snag him AND Ryan Allis, hyphenate that shit and become Rainbow Allison Rainey-Allis. Or Rainbow Rainy-Allison Allis!

  10. In a way I want to say good on ya, Noodley, for getting what you so desperately wanted, by hook or crook, and there’s good odds that the bantling will be gorgeous, but better odds it will also turn out to be a conniving huckster woo like its co-creators. Better enter its name on the Urine Therapy Ranch list straightaway.

  11. Ugh even more barf worthy self worship babymama goddess b.s. into the world. Goody.
    Woo basics like Noodles is what powers the tattoo industry all those infinity symbol “breathe” tattoos and vapid hashtag activism to feel self important.

    Nothing quite more empowering than being a single mom, amirite? I mean, that has to be the peak of womanly power status, she can out holier than thou all the other woos after this, cuz you know, like you wouldn’t know until you’ve created a golden life being from your holy and greg blessed cooter.

    Eye roll. Whatever, time for even more embarrassingly self absorbed photoshoots but with more goddess-y theme.

    Also this means Donkey is going to be hiding turkey basters around the house cuz tick tock! Expired! Self married doesn’t mean you can impregnate ya self.

    • And he was Scottish. Scots voted en masse to stay in the EU and if she read any news outside of “The Daily Woo”, she’d know they are already discussing a new referendum to split from the rest of the kingdom.

      • Yes, but fucktard on the contrary celebrates that the UK is “now free to rebuilt the Commonwealth.” I can’t get over the idiocy. I know times are tough, but this is actually making me laugh.

  12. i love me some baby news. (as long as its not ever from julia allison) nothing has brought me more joy than raising a little. good luck to noodles.

  13. That whole Brexit post from Ali is just beyond offensive. But it is also revealing. These are absolutely EXACTLY the arguments that won the debate.

    “The UK is now free to protect its borders from the people who don’t respect its traditions. You don’t have to take in any criminal who evaded the border checkpoints of a continent that has more or less given up pretending to have borders.”

    There. That’s the argument. It’s Trump’s wall. It is pure xenophobia. The rest – “You just reset yourselves”, “once again, Great Britain (and Northern Ireland) were really really GREAT again”, “the U.K. faces a brighter future” – is just meaningless nonsense.

    But “The UK is now free to protect its borders from the people who don’t respect its traditions” – that’s the argument. And the fact that more than half of the electorate fell for it – that’s the depressing part.

    • JFA-ing to point out what we discussed few posts back: it is sociologically fascinating to me that the woos with their hippy bullshit go so far round that they embrace the right-wing loony conspiracy theory crowd. Example: that musician friend of Ali’s (can’t remember his name) who is a Paris truther. I find that so peculiar.

      Would love to have someone explain that to me. Ali is spouting the purest conservative hateful crap here, but she sees herself as a liberal, modern free spirit. I’m so confused.

      • They are racists. I say this as someone who has known many an ayahuasca drinking woo. They love us (folks from places they can appropriate) for as long as they can play the ethnic tourist getting “exotic” shit. But they never see us as equal to their “superior” (in their minds) civilization. They don’t always say it because they know it’s racist but that’s how they think. Notice how their discourse is always peppered with notions of “helping” the countries they appropriate. That, right there, is at the core of their woo-inspired racism.

        • JAF-ing because I forgot another important point: notice how their circles are overwhelmingly white. They might have a friend or two who’s not white but overall, they don’t hang out with people whose cultures they appropriate as equals.

          • Thank you, Toot-Toot. You are 100 % correct.

            Here is some proof, if proof is needed. Ali posted a few days ago about “being yourself” and “not hiding behind the pretty”. This was in support of a Facebook post by a friend that asked others to post a “real” pic of themselves. So what you have here is a round-up of what woo women look like.

            I shouldn’t have been – but I was really shocked that there seemed to be just one person of colour in there. Not a very diverse bunch to say the least.


          • I will never understand how South Asian (or part South Asian) people like Lalla and Noodles and Grape Nehi can deal with the relentless and aggressive whiteness of this crowd. Unless their own backgrounds/families are steeped enough in toxic ideas of caste that they are cool with the white folks they secretly look down upon looking down upon people of other cultures? I have known people like that, but they were usually intensely tweedy Brahmins who went to Oxford or wevs.

        • There’s an aya “church” the next county over from me (I live in a predominantly black/Hispanic city) and you should see where it is and who the members are. Blinding whiteness.

        • No doubt they are racists.

          Also, they feel so superior and they are so desperate to be different, that anything that they perceive as being against-the-grain is embraced without questioning.

          Their feelings of superiority prevent them from even trying to understand anything in depth (only losers need BOOKS, that’s so old paradigm), so they fall for any empty slogan that sounds counter-cultural or edgy, specially if the messenger is white and does not bathe regularly.

          Racism – Brain = Brexit

        • Yes so true all in all skank is a racist all she has to do is just open her mouth. Showing what she truly is.
          Well said.

    • Speaking of “reset yourself”, Ali …

      Michael Jacobs April 17 ·
      When I was REALLY into all this New Age shit, I used to be so against religion, especially Catholicism.

      I didn’t even want to pick up a Bible. I didn’t even want to look at a Bible. Then I got over myself (mostly) and saw a bigger picture.

      I was raised going to church almost every Sunday and by the principles and morals within the Bible. Now I see, denying the basis of my childhood is like denying the basis of how I was raised.

      And I love the way I was raised.

      So now, I sit down at least a few nights a week and read some of the Bible. And WOW, I have a brand new perspective on everything it says. I even keep a bible on my nightstand and move it over to my desk when I’m making music.

      My Mom and Dad definitely did something right bringing me to Church every Sunday, or else I wouldn’t be the awesome individual I am.

      Fair to say The Vajiii is GREAT again, Ali, since his Wexit?

        • That one is more inclined (or predisposed?) than the other to be a leech on society? Harder to quantify, though, if the basis for comparison is time spent on knees.

          I don’t know; I just wanted to rub it in for Skankeron that having returned to his roots, he’s better off w/out her or her way.

        • Yup.

          Still thinking some magical fairy is going to descend from the heavens and fix your life for you, with no effort on your part

          A couple of years ago it was SK3B’s and the travelling drugs-and-dildos polyamorous lifestyle, now it’s Church, The Bible and mom and dad’s supplying free room and board with a side of condescencion and religious nuttery.

          I just kant with the woos…..

        • *Paradigm* shifting the image of religion (moves Bible as if that’s somehow significant-dork). Good on him though for recognizing he hurt his parents & his traditional upbringing when he was fucking the devil.

  14. Is Ali quoting someone else’s idiocy? Is this Alex Lightman a Libertarian? That would explain a lot.

    • I honestly thought she was, but I can’t be arsed to suss it out — either way, stoopid as fuck.

      • She’s quoting someone else, it turns out. So they are both idiots.

        Fortunately some people are calling her out in the comments.

    • That’s how I read it too. These fuckwits, whoever they are, just need to STFU about Brexit and the EU in general.

      “With all the rhetoric, what was the glue that held European countries together? Anti-Americanism.”

      So the EU exists (it continues to exist BTW, thanks; no need for the past tense in “the glue that held,” although I understand that for someone who believes the UK is now “free to rebuilt [sic] the Commonwealth,” past tense may not mean what it means to most people) for one reason only: anti-Americanism. OK. Bless your heart, guy / girl.

      • Also, I’m sorry, but coming from an American, that’s not narcissistic at all. “Their sole reason for existence is that they hate me, and they hate me because they are jealous.” He (it is a masculine, yes?) probably also believes that the EU is obese, lives in its stepdad’s basement, and posts snarky comments about the US on a website 24/7. Haters gonna hate, indeed.

        • It’s completely ridiculous. There is a certain kind of US self-loathing that is every bit as narcissistic as US jingoism. Hawthorne got it right in The Scarlet Letter with Dimmesdale’s “Here am I, the one sinner of Christendom.” Dude, you’re not that important outside your own head. The EU isn’t about anti-Americanism or pro-Americanism, because the world doesn’t revolve around the US!

  15. The first part of that Nisha blog almost read like a Penthouse Forum letter. I halfway expected her to start describing this guy railing her in that treehouse/”human nest.”

    • 8 January 1982

      Dear Penthouse Forum:

      In early January of this year, after spending several months healing from the end of my 5 year, on/off relationship with my college squeeze, I packed my bags to head to Utah for a weekend of skiing and adventure with with my bros, to an event designed for a few hundred innovative, white entrepreneurial types. As soon as I arrived I met two sisters, both blonde …

      • please, if I may provide some free advice

        it is mandatory to begin every penthouse letter with the phrase “you’re not going to believe this, but….” or “I can’t believe this actually happened to me” somewhere within the first 3 sentences

        i’ll be giving a lecture on the subject during my mini-course on the subject at burning man 2016

  16. “You rejected the outrageous interference of Barack Obama.”

    Barrack Obama did not interfere with jack shit. He pointed out, correctly, that it was not and is not in US interest to scrap the long-standing trade partnership with the EU and immediately favor the UK as a separate entity. And he only said as much because the buffoons trumpeting Brexit were making this idea part of their marketing package.

    Yes, UK, we have a special relationship with you.

    We have long thought you were a bit “special”.

    • TBH this is the first time I hear that Obama (or any other American official) said anything on the matter. Granted, I’m not in the UK, nor have I followed the whole thing that closely, but I doubt anything Obama said was that big of a factor for a significant part of the British electorate. But that isn’t meant to disprove your point, more like reiterating what I said above.

    • That’s exactly right. Obama was simply setting the record straight, because part of the lying campaign of the lying Brexit liars who lied was to promise loads cash from America who are our besties and will shower us with money as soon as we leave the mean old EU.

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