Hypocritical Donkey With Bad Memory


I find it strange that Donk is on FB praising Alicia Keys for confiscating smartphones at her concerts.

“Brilliant solution,” a donkey brays. “I could see this happening for weddings / conferences / etc.”

Oh honey. Does anyone remember this made-up question that was a thinly veiled screed against Dan’s wife for banning phones at their wedding when she briefly had the Social Studies column that she completely fucked up?

And someone called her on it on her blog.


    • For someone so determined to get off the grid, she really loves using corporate-speak buzzwords.

  1. Old Julia is the social media expert dragging cranky bridezillas into the modern era. New Julia is all about nature and Tribe, down with screens! But all incarnations share a deeply smug certainty about how things should be. You do you, as long as you’re doing it Julia’s way.

  2. O/T shoutout to Trainwreckspotting, you mentioned a couple of threads back about being tired and feeling blah. Hope you’re having a better day.

    And thanks to the catpeeps for suggesting anaemia-induced pica re my addiction to chewing ice. I’ve been reading about it and it’s very interesting. I highly suspect I’m anaemic given my diet and prior history and I’m going to the GP in a couple of weeks, so will get referral for blood test. Thanks again. The basement is always so servicey.

    • If it does turn out to be anemia and the doctor prescribes an iron supplement, please consider this. I have been anemic since my first period, and used to take iron pills that would make me nauseous and I couldn’t eat. If I did, I would throw up. I happened to find a liquid supplement that is so much more effective because the iron is water soluble and easily absorbed, eliminating the side effects from taking a massive amount of iron in the hopes that you will absorb a fraction of it. It literally has changed my life. It’s called purabsorb. Tastes like apple juice and pennies, and it’s best taken on an empty stomach. Avoid coffee, wine and grapes for two hours after taking.
      Also, buy some cast iron cookware, it helps more than you would think. Avoid spinach, but brocolli and peanuts and other foods can help you get the iron you need. Best of luck!

        • Have you done the penny test? Clean off a penny and run the edge down your face, if it leaves a mark you’re likely anemic.

          • Never heard of that one, but there is such a thing as a coin test, used to diagnose punctured lungs.

      • I swigged liquid Geritol for the same reason, to avoid that gut burn from iron pills. It’s an acquired taste, at best, & you might have to hold your nose, but it works better than pills.

      • wow, that is some great advice. I have had bouts of anemia (probably nothing as serious as either of you… but very helpful advice.

        Now could you go finish Julia’s book for her?

    • I missed this earlier post from you, but I’ve battled anemia for years, and have resorted to having a 7-hour iron infusion. That took care of the problem for four years but I need to do it again, and one of my main symptoms is eating ice and celery. I also became obsessed with these wickedly hard little popsicles called Meeny Minies or Mighty Meenies or Mighty Minis, something like that. AT ANY RATE, if you’re anemic (and they’ll be able to look at your blood work immediately) take action. You’ll feel so much better.

      • Isn’t it crazy how quickly you start to shut down without even realizing? All of a sudden everything is exhausting and terrible, you’re freezing cold all the time and cranky. I take PurAbsorb twice a day and it makes a huge difference. I follow the same pattern as others on daily meds, you take it until you feel better then stop, so I have to be super aware that I take it religiously. It’s terrible taking it and waiting to feel normal again.

        • i never feel all that bad. I just end up passing out and scaring my poor husband to death. The last time was at a bar waiting for Dengue Fever to play and the bar employees assumed I was drunk but called an ambulance and I made my husband run for it with me because if you pass out and go to a hospital they keep you forever while they do a million tests just to be sure.

          I love Dengue Fever but my husband seems to think they cause anemia, because every time they come to town now he says, “nope”.

    • Thank you. That was such a sweet note to find here! I am feeling better – it comes and goes and likely has a lot to do with my new job and weird romantic sitch. But the man friend and I cried in each other’s arms on Wednesday which helped, though there are still issues. AND, more importantly, I’m going to therapy for the first time in my life. I’m weirdly excited to maybe finally address my lifetime of anxiety?

      Oh Greg, do I love this basement. 🙂

  3. let me guess, soon we will hear of a suggestion that people not bring their cell phones to burning man, because its against the principles of living in the desert etc.

    but that rule won’t apply to people who are important and noteworthy and changing paradigm shifters

  4. speaking of paradigm shifters

    i am not much into the conspiracy theory of alien shape shifters, but…

    i convinced that, right around 5:25 during this video, what you are seeing is a very brief shape shifting into cooking celebrity Rachael Ray, voice included


    (this is the same video that was embedded in the RBD post from June 18)

  5. Holy shit! I wasn’t around in the days of Social Studies and this is the first time I’ve read that article. What a cuntwich! She is so aggressive and downright rude.

    My jaw dropped when I read the part :

    “..it’s up to you to let your guests know – in a noncondescending way, please…..”
    Wow, just wow. How condescending is that! Shame she couldn’t take her own advice and NOT be condescending.

    I can’t for the life of me understand why her ‘column’ wasn’t picked up by more papers, or why TMS fired her, ahem, didn’t renew her contract. She’s such a delightful writer!

    I’ve previously read many of the archives, but I hadn’t read the post linked to above when RBD first discussed this. Loving how the catladies were pointing out that by her saying it was written as “fun” and not to be taken seriously that she sinks herself because it’s the opposite of what an advice column is meant to be. Such a social media exthpert.

    I’ve tried unsuccessfully in the past to find the column she wrote about it being ok to snoop through your boyfriend’s phone/email. Does anyone have a link to that?

    • Oh my god. If true, this would explain the recent talk about babies.

      This looks like hell on earth. Bodies in the commune!

    • She’s possibly visited and crashed and tripped balls there, and maybe it’s fueled the Tribe mania. But no way she’s set up shop there.

      It’s still under construction, and even when it’s completed there will be [gasp] shared bathrooms and kitchens. I doubt they’ve got internet access. Skimming the website, you get the sense that during this stage of development there’s hardly anyone on site who isn’t actually building stuff. Manual labor. They do some events for “members,” but right now it’s just a few fixer-upper structures sitting in a field.

      I do not for one second think Julia intends to “rough it” for any extended period of time, nor do I think she has any interest in sharing basic amenities with a bunch of dirty hippies. And for all the nature talk, she’s never going to plan an isolated life in Mendocino; she still has appearances to make!

      Which explains why she’s trying to permanently attach herself to a very wealthy man who’s after land in Marin or the Berkeley Hills. Ultimately, what Julia wants is to live in a very nice house in a very sought-after area where the only neighbors she can even see are those she’s handpicked. This is New Julia’s way of getting what Old Julia wanted, now that her looks are unlikely to hook her a nine-figure Prince Charming.

      • I agree with you, but I do think she was invited to stay there temporarily as a result of her eviction. She definitely has fantasy delusions of a high-end version of this where she won’t have to lift a finger and wants to get in on that ground floor.

        • I would bet she has parked, or is planning to park, her raft ass and the RV of Happiness there (hence her Pinterest board of trailers all fixed up cute.)

          • Besides Donkey’s cute-d up mobile homes Pinterest board (“Love on Wheels”), other recent additions bear further scrutiny: several new Portrait Ideas and a whole new Photoshoot! board (both rife with rainbows, girls with/on horses, girls posing with/carrying/reading books [RIP BOOK] and Brit Moron with rainbows and books, but not horses) along with, oddly, a brand new addition to the long-moribund Engagement Photos board. Her brain works in mysterious (I mean stupid, obvious) ways.

          • I don’t think she has an RV anymore, Derpin wanted to sell it. She is probably squatting in someone else’s.

        • Haha…it is already set up so you can just pay someone else $33/hour to do all the icky work for you. Also, they have “toilettes” there. Julia would fit right in with her frock.

        • She is the turd in every punchbowl, even as turdy a punchbowl as this promises to be.

          Of course the whole ranch may sink into the ground under the weight of these clowns’ collective self-importance.

        • That sounds dead-on. And it could be an interesting place for a soft landing if you were anyone other than the Plastic Princess.

    • the member list is a who’s who of woos

      i would have to think that many acres in northern california cannot be cheap

      who/how did they come up with money to pay for it?

      • No idea and stepping in on this… but my guess would be contract for deed. They probably were able to get enough dough for a down payment.

        I live in an area with a lot of farmland and I’ve noticed this has been happening a lot to the young, idealistic set of people who are hoping to start their own farms/businesses and live off the land. They find someone who will do a contract for deed, set up the farm and then default before they can really get their operation profitable. Then they have to scramble to find a place to stay because they’ve spent all their money on a down payment, setting up their operation and, in some cases, they’ve even built permanent structures for living quarters.

    • Thanks, For Fuck’s Sake, for finding this mess that causes my brain to fizzle out. Repeatedly. It has to be a lot of money to buy in to this mess, but the rewards are pretty sparse. It can’t be Donkey’s dream commune, because, at best, you only get a few weeks a year of residency. It is an overpriced timeshare with no amenities or activities, beyond hard labor. I would love a second home, but not there, with them, and with shared bathroom.

      It is like Staten Island. I can’t afford to live there, but I don’t want to.

      • You guys, did you look at the photos on that site? This is worrisome. There are many photos of children (including at least one of a child wielding an axe and children as young or younger than 5 standing by awaiting “their turn”), which are positively creepy. There’s a photo of the women sitting around drinking tea, captioned ‘estrogen’ and ‘gossip,’ and photos of men lifting weights and other heavy objects, one captioned ‘testosterone.’

  6. Smartphones are GREAT at conferences bc you can snap photos/take video of key presentations, partake in REAL discourse via Twitter, easily exchange contact info for networking, immediately look up info to fact check speakers, and get in touch with long-distance colleagues who are at the event as well.

    Of course, I only attend boring old conferences at places like the DC convention center and with real thought leaders like Gloria Steinem, so what do I know.

  7. Looks like Ryan has a bunch of leads. He wants to spend 2-4 million. It is so clear Donkey has discovered a new deep pocket to latch on to. And that trip home for Father’s Day had to be to beg Dadsers for investment $.

    • So funny people who are serious about this sort of thing don’t post it all over Facebook. Fuckin’ Posers.

  8. I just arrived at the Denver airport (spending a couple days in Denver for work) and I ran smack into a pregnant Shanti lookalike in the ladies room. Given the proximity to Boulder, I was frightened. Please have room service send up some flaming hot Cheetos and Franzia to calm my nerves.

  9. Ruh roh! Ya’ll remember when Donk claimed to have walked the coals?

    DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM)Dozens of people were burned Thursday night after walking over hot coals at a Tony Robbins motivational seminar in Dallas, officials said.

    Ambulances lined the outside of the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center to take the most seriously injured to Parkland Hospital in Dallas.

    Dallas Fire-Rescue also asked for a DART bus to help transport the less seriously hurt.

    Robbins’ website advertised the seminar as an “unleash the power within” event.

    “Storm across a bed of hot coals,” the website says. ” Once you start doing what you thought was impossible, you’ll conquer the other fires of your life with ease.”

    The coal-walking venue was set up on a parking lot to the north side of the convention center.

    The injured could be seen limping back to the convention center to seek treatment, according to people on the scene.

    This is a developing story. Stay with CBS 11 News and CBSDFW.com for the latest updates.

    (©2016 CBS Local Media, a division of CBS Radio Inc.

    • somebody gonna be so jelly that they were not there for this one

      no doubt there will be multiple lawsuits against every entity even remotely associated with this event, and probably some decent sized settlements to make it go away

      opportunity missed

    • Doesn’t it seem like Donk’s life has been getting progressively worse since she began attending Tony Robbins seminars? It may have emboldened her stupidity. I’m not putting it all on TR but it hasn’t seemed to help her.

      • Love this comment I just saw on a news site:

        “If you ever find yourself at a Tony Robbins seminar, understand that your life has already spiraled so far out of control that you have almost no chance of ever becoming a useful, productive member of society again. Surrendering to the hot coals is probably one of the best decisions remaining for you to make.”

      • This is a great observation…but when did she start going to TR seminars? Had to be after Pancakes right?

      • Plus, our girl Julia would never go by something as common as just JULIA… she’s JULIA ALLISON… or you can call her Rainbow.

    • I also have the sadz. Our PM does too, but when he says here

      that it’s not the end of the world (which, now that I type the words, reminds me of Donk’s news of her “celiac disease” – hah! That’s a cheer up for you right there 🙂 ) and definitely not the end of the EU, I would add it’s not the end of the UK or even of further coexistence and cooperation between the EU and the UK, either. It (the process of Brexit) will take a long time and who knows how it turns out. I may be an idiot, but I don’t necessarily see this as something fatal and permanent. WE ARE NEVER BREAKING UP! God, I crack myself up.

      Also, seriously, the Czech-Slovak divorce in 1992/3 was not even the result of a referendum (as it was pretty clear that the majority of voters would have rejected it), and still it was very peaceful, friendly, and the relations between the nations are now probably better than ever. I know the situation is not quite the same, but, you know.

      • i read that referendums aren’t binding — that parliament still has to vote so maybe it’s not done?

        • Oh no, unfortunately it is very done. The people have spoken – actually, mostly older, less educated people – and no party will oppose this in parliament.

      • thanks for this perspective. I wish all y’all forreners luck & peace.

      • We will all feel the reverberations of this exit.

        Jack McCain has left the condo! Let the history rewrites begin!

      • Thanks, Helena, for these encouraging words. But it’s gloomsville here in the Fameless house.

        What is so terribly disheartening is that the Brexit argument boiled down to one thing: the worst kind of racist nationalism. It was all “about” immigration. So this result simply shows what any thinking person knows already, but what I don’t like to face: that at any given moment at least half of the citizenship is open and susceptible to demagoguery and populism. “Make Britain great again!” What does that even actually mean? In terms of jobs, trade, hospitals and schools? Nothing, nothing, nothing. But that Polish cleaning lady, that Rumanian builder will have to leave the country – so hooray!

        I always thought of my homeland as particularly multi-cultural, open-minded and tolerant. I was wrong.

        Very sad.

    • You’re not a Donkey who is lazy, dependent on her parents, friendless, a liar and manipulator, lacking in self awareness and, most importantly, who can’t dance. Your life choices have been infinitely better than hers. You have a community of people who genuinely like you (us). You have wit and insight. You’re tops!! Feeling better?

      • Well, you say that but that is the idiot who took a gamble on my children’s future in order to satisfy his own right-wing. The fact that he can give a good speech after having damaged Britain’s future for decades which will almost certainly lead to the break up of the Union (Scotland voted overwhelmingly to stay in the EU and Nicola Sturgeon has already said today she wants another referendum on Scottish independence which she will easily win this time) and which has given encouragement to racist right-wing parties all over Europe…well, colour me unimpressed.

        • Sorry — pitfall of not knowing WTF I was talking about re: a key player slash asshole who still comes across way better than who gets play in our society.

          But sorry more for what this means to ya’ll, which I’m slowly getting a grasp of as comments unfold. 🙁

          • Oh please don’t apologise! I am just ranting because I am so upset. It is just very, very shocking.

            I live in Germany with my family. Yesterday I was just another EU citizen living and working and raising my family in Berlin. My passport was irrelevant. But when I woke up today, at one stroke, I had become an immigrant with no right to stay in this country, other than through my huscat. If he leaves me, or something happens to him God forbid – I have no right to stay here. It is just so strange.

            Above all, though, as I have said above and below, this vote reflects a level of short-sightedness and bigotry on the part of more than half of the electorate that makes me sad and worried for the future. Me no likee. 🙁

    • These two young people sum it up for me (from the Guardian):

      “I’m so angry,” wrote one Twitter user. “A generation given everything: free education, golden pensions, social mobility, have voted to strip my generation’s future.”

      Another statement, from a commenter on the Financial Times website that has been widely shared, summed up the sense of furious betrayal among the young: “The younger generation has lost the right to live and work in 27 other countries. We will never know the full extent of lost opportunities, friendships, marriages and experiences we will be denied. Freedom of movement was taken away by our parents, uncles and grandparents in a parting blow to a generation that was already drowning in the debts of its predecessors.”

      • This really makes it clearer for me. I’m so sorry. We may be joining you in circling the drain if they swear in President Trump in January. >.<

        • Don’t want to worry anyone – but just a few weeks ago I really truly thought there was NO WAY Brexit could win. So please please please work hard to stop Trump!

          • I’m doing what I can (cash, advocacy etc). I live in a blue city in a red state so there’s a shared sense of doomed futility among my acquaintances.

            I’ve been terrified of Trump since he showed up, following the repub primary very closely. They didn’t have a star candidate and he sort of stepped orangely into the vacuum. I am heartened by the unprecedented ranks-breaking among republican intellectuals (such as they are) but it’s still really dicey. Especially since Bernie Bros are very willing to vote Trump since Hillary is somehow physically less palatable.

          • I just can’t believe he’s come this far. Why didn’t they put up someone like, say, OMG McCain? Ted Cruz? Really?

            ORANGELY. Dead.

          • When he called Mexicans rapists and his poll numbers went UP, it was all over from there. The other front runners were too “soft” on immigration (Jeb’s got Colomba; Rubio was part of the Gang of 8;Carson is, well, black, you know; Cruz is Canadian; and Paul couldn’t hang). There was no grownup to stop him. And people LOVED how raw he was. The Anti-PC crowd is the pro-racism crowd and he played to them like a maestro.

          • Trump was swept into nom by the mental and emotional equivalent of Juggalos.

            I have accepted that we are watching farce play out. Things have just gotten… weird.

            I have also accepted that there are people who thought the same thing when a black man became US President, or women permitted to vote.

            History fights change, I guess.

      • from tumblr user: trait

        BREXIT: what the heck does it all mean?

        A lot of people have no clue why Europe is currently in a state of uproar and the only word people seem to be saying is “Brexit” so here’s a not-so-quick and easy-breezy explanation on the past 24 hours of CHAOS that has ensued:

        The European Union (EU): an organisation of European countries that follows similar laws, allows for freedom of movement/labour, easy travelling (@people who planned on doing Eurotrips, not sure if you can count the UK in that anymore!) and trade with each other. The EU is important because before it was formed, the European continent was ravaged by 2 world wars, and a division because of the Cold War. This organisation has provided all the stability we’ve seen in the past 20-odd years.

        So what the heck is a “Brexit”? Basically, the UK has just voted to leave the EU. 52/48 majority. Now this doesn’t seem like a TERRIBLE thing, but there are some serious political and economic consequences.

        Economic implications:

        – The British pound crashed from 1.5 to 1.3 in 6 hours, the lowest value in 30 years, which in turn affected the US dollar which affects all other global currencies. I wish I was joking but I’m not: South Africa, Poland, Norway, Mexico. Hungary, Australia, Switzerland all saw their currencies plummet. Countries that don’t rely on exports as their means of production cannot have a devalued currency. IT’s not good. The Japanese Yen which has been strengthening reached an all-time high which is terrible because Japan is trying to reverse its deflationary state. The Bank of Japan is now out of options and Japan literally STOPPED TRADING IN BRITISH STOCKS/INVESTMENTS.

        – A devalued GBP means that the Bank of England is going to have to hike interest rates to prevent inflation (domestic prices going up even further) whicH WILL CAUSE A RECESSION. SOUND FAMILIAR ANYONE? YEAH. FINANCIAL CRISES.

        – The UK leaving the EU means its market has gone down a LOT in size making them a less attractive destination for trade partners/investors. They’re going to have to draw up new trade agreements with basically the whole world since all their trade was previously tied to the EU. This will be tricky because countries liked having a market with a population of ~500 million compared to the UK’s size of ~50 million.

        – GDP will go down. Retirement income will go down. The British economy is in a state of panic. The global economy is basically, fucked. For now at least.

        The thing is, given the precarious nature of the economy right now with markets out of control and stagnant growth practically everywhere, it was a really really bad time to have this referendum – a lot of countries have been banking on a “Bremain” before making their next move when it comes to monetary/fiscal policy. The IMF has predicted that 2016/2017 will see the worst years for growth, but we might see upward growth trends from 2018 onwards.

        So how does it still get worse?

        – Scotland showed an overwhelming majority of votes to remain in the EU. It’s likely that they’re going to call for a referendum (again) to leave the UK.

        – Northern Ireland also wanted to stay in the EU.

        – Wales voted Leave but with a slim majority.

        – David Cameron has just announced that he will be resigning in 3 months which means that extreme conservatives who managed to sway the vote in favour of Leave could come to power. That’s right. We’ll be stuck to suffer with the likes of Johnson.

        – Brexit triggered a lot of nationalist/extreme right-wing movements in the rest of Europe. Some leaders already calling for “Frexit” (France), “Itexit” (Italy) and..”Nexit” (Netherlands)? We may see more in the next few days.. A disintegration of Europe is risky business because Europe has not been able to remain stable until the EU was formed. This could give way for an assertive Russia too, who is, as most countries would be, looking to gain more power over weak/vulnerable European states. This will trigger US skepticism and we all know how that goes.


        Basically David Cameron came up with the idea for the referendum because he was desperate to gain support from anti-EU parties like UKIP during the general elections last year. Except now he’s resigning. So.

        During the campaign, Michael Gove, Boris Johnson (conservatives) and Nigel Farage (UKIP) stressed on immigration laws if the UK leaves the EU because “immigration/refugees have been a big problem for the UK as its reducing jobs being given to UK locals/residents” and they think the UK is becoming “overcrowded” so the Leave campaign was like WE WILL TIGHTEN OUR BORDERS! YEAH! Except now they’ve displaced millions of UK citizens living/working in the rest of the EU. Let’s see how they figure that one out.

        Additionally, they talked about the economic benefits because if the UK were to leave, they would be able to allot the money that goes to the EU to other things like the NHS (national healthcare) etc. The Leave campaign went on about how the UK spends 350 million pounds a week on the EU but actually it spends less than half of that, so really, their campaign was built on scaremongering and lies. EDIT: Farage has announced the 350mil will NOT be spent on the NHS.

        EDIT: more Brexit arguments included EU regulations/fees/etc that they believed were restricting Britain and weren’t allowing Britain to flourish independently

        EDIT: People have mentioned the fact that unstable EU economies were relying on capital inflow the “Big 3″ (UK, France, Germany). This is true and this was being used as an argument – however, leaving is a Pyrrhic Victory! the UK will most likely have to spend MORE rebuilding its independent economy. However, once markets stabilise, we will see.

        Article 50, aka the means of exiting will be triggered in 3 months when the new Prime Minister is announced (most likely one of the extreme conservatives who are riding high on their “Independence Day” fuckery which is even more proof of xenophobic, colonialist bullshit) after which the UK will have 2 years to complete its official withdrawal so hopefully that will provide short-term stability.

        But the world is in a dark place right now and everything is terrible

        this is important brexit is gonna go into our history books!

        updateeee here’s a quick summary of brexit consequences published by TIME magazine – again don’t take it at face value http://time.com/4381275/brexit-vote-biggest-impacts-referendum/?xid=time_socialflow_facebook

    • I join you in the “Unfuckingbelievable.” My area of London voted strongly Remain (and I saw only two Leave signs in the five block area around my flat) so people seem largely stunned. I don’t know what to say except that England has its Alabama, and that Alabama has spoken.

    • Prediction: Nobody will remember or care about Brexit in a few months. After dining with several EU officials, I can totally understand why the vote went the way it did. The organization is a technocratic nightmare. Reduced work opportunities for some in the UK will be about the only long term ramification. Even then, that might not be much of an issue.

      • 100% disagree. Particularly when Scotland removes itself from the UK and then NI considers the same.

      • I’m with winnetkasnot. I want you AWO to be right, but I happen to think you are 100% wrong. Let’s think this through:

        As winnetkasnot says, and I mentioned above, the SNP (Scottish National Party) will now push for a new referendum on Scottish independence. This has been announced already. They almost won last time – they will surely win this time. So that is the birth of a new nation – and the end of the United Kingdom as we have known it for hundreds of years. That is by any stretch of the imagination a HUGE deal.

        As winnetkasnot also mentions, Northern Ireland is the next problem. On the whole, Catholics voted to Remain, Protestants to Leave – so right there, the whole sectarian divide that many good people worked really hard over the last 20 years to bridge is opened up again. Irish Catholics will need passports to visit family across the border. This does not bode well and will almost certainly lead to unpleasant tensions between the two communities that have a violent history.

        Already billions in value has been wiped away. I know personally of American banks looking to expand their offices in Frankfurt and get out of their lease in London. The money flight is very real. Money doesn’t mess around, it wants global connectivity, not Little England.

        Finally, this has set a precedent that puts the whole European model at risk. Fine – don’t love the EU – the bureaucracy – etc. I happen to think that the weaknesses have been exaggerated, but whatever. Fact is: what would replace it is much, much worse. It is Front Nationale, it is the fascists in Austria, the far right in Holland. It is parties who have little respect for democracy and less for human rights. It is groups who make ugly nationalism and racism their main strategy. This is very very scary stuff.

        If you think Trump is scary, you should be frightened about what is happening in Europe. No, not everywhere, not everyone. But there is a movement here and it is nasty.

        Finally, you know the one person who was celebrating today? Putin. He is a really evil guy and he wants a weakened Europe and a weakened NATO for his own authoritarian purposes. All this dickheads who voted for “a greater Britain” (vom in the shower) have really voted for “a greater – and more repressive – Russia”. Well done.

        • Yeah, just watched a televised news break re: the Dow Jones dropping 610.25 today, in light of Brexit.

        • There are two narratives here:

          (1) Some “idiots” in the UK yanked the country out of the EU and now it is Armageddon.

          (2) EU policies have not produced the kind of economic growth and opportunities expected, especially in the face of rising immigration, so now it is disintegrating.

          I’m going to go with the latter. Are things bad? Yes. Would an intact EU be better? Doubtful. There is an understanding within the technocracy that things must change; however, they either cannot or won’t affect the necessary changes.

          On an anecdotal level, when I was there the technocrats were obsessed with US tech companies and how to develop high-tech industries around existing assets, like forest biomass. All I could think of was how Jeff Bezos is surrounded by forests and yet I doubt he has spent a single day thinking about trees.

          • I think if you’ve been living among this for months, that explanation doesn’t ring true.

            There’s been a gradual dismantling of public services in the UK, with the NHS and affordable housing particularly hard hit.

            Some look at the problem and blame immigrants; others blame austerity and a lack of investment. The anti-immigrant rhetoric took over the Leave campaign and, for whatever reason, was particularly enticing to areas with historically low immigration. Crazy rumor-mongering included one lady interviewed by a newspaper who swore that her local school had “Immigrant students preferred” noted at the top of application forms (which, of course, she couldn’t actually produce).

          • I’m not sure what your point is, AWO.

            My narrative is that I don’t like racists and nationalists. I don’t like slogans such as “Making Britain great again” or “It’s independence day” that don’t actually make a coherent argument but appeal to people’s baser emotions.

            We can argue all day and all night about the successes and failures of the EU. We can no doubt agree about some of that, too.

            But the fact is that there is a growing wave of aggressive radical right-wing parties whose strategies and goals I will NEVER agree with. I think they are dangerous. I think they appeal to the worst in people. I think they won yesterday in Britain and I am frightened about their future success all over Europe.

            Nigel Farage and Michael Gove are bad guys in my book. Just bad bad bad guys.

            In a sense, I am a cynic. Racism and scapegoating and blaming those who look different from you – that will always be part of human nature. We have to fight the parties that would exploit that for their own ends.

          • Speaking of cynicism: I must admit I thought for sure that the murder of Jo Cox made Brexit impossible.

    • Just to draw a final comparison between the movement that gave Brexit its victory and the danger that Trump represents, here is the end of something I quoted earlier:

      “…We now live in a post-factual democracy. When the facts met the myths they were as useless as bullets bouncing off the bodies of aliens in a HG Wells novel. When Michael Gove said, ‘The British people are sick of experts,’ he was right. But can anybody tell me the last time a prevailing culture of anti-intellectualism has led to anything other than bigotry?”

      (Quote in full here: http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/entry/ft-reader-comment-eu-referndum-brexit-sums-um_uk_576d0185e4b0d25711496124?j1lcjtt9)

    • It seems a shame you-know-yoo-hoo wasn’t there to see the failure of the trick, though I’m sure she would rationalize it away.
      I hope all those people will be all right (and that Tony Robbins will pay their medical bills without complaint).

    • It’s happened before. It’s a parlor trick. He banked on his hired people to pull it off, but they screwed up.

  10. Good lord…Noodles is knocked up by Noah No Vowels after spending approx five weeks with him. She calls it a surprise. How, in this day and age, does someone her age get pregnant by accident. This is the donkey playbook come to life.

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