BM Visionary Rainbow Allison Promotes “Conscious Housing,” Or, Down With Suburbia And Dadsers & Momsers’ Lakefront Property!

Like Jess Johnson, celebrated architect & urban planner Julia Allison and annoying fucktard Ryan Allis are changing the course of history.

However, Julia Allison Baugher is one of the dumbest people I’ve ever known, so I’m assuming Ryan Allis, who rents space at Harvard for business conferences that have no relation to the university, is behind this fiasco and secured the illustrious speaking gig. Won’t everyone be too aya’ed upped and orgied out to give two craps, other than Ali Shanti?

Is newly single Donkey banging ineffable Ryan? If so, I’m assuming she did an audit on his books before the second date blowjob.


Pucker up & blow, Julie!



    • And she’s getting ready for another fauxtoshoot shoot to commemorate the idea of doing work without actually following through on any of the actual work.
      Image vs Substance.

  1. I am definitely attending that talk! I may not learn anything, but at leastg I will get a sense of what to stay away from (very far away from…)..!

  2. flying off the handle again here:

    what these woos are really talking about with their “communities” are essentially mixed fraternity/sorority houses for adults who never grew up nor want to accept the mundane yet necessarily responsibilities of adult life

    when they bash suburbia, they have no clue as to how the cities of america pre WWII and post WWII were NOT the gentrified adult playgrounds and hipster hangouts of today

    pre WWII they were predominantly working class families with a dad who went to work every day to a physically demanding job and a mom who managed the house and did the bulk of the child raising. work around the house was physical as well, everything done by hand. kids needed to run around and, without your own yard, that meant playing in he street which, as romantic as it sounds, was not without hazards

    by the time dinner was over mom and dad were physically exhausted and wanted some peach and quiet. they did not seek social stimulus and engagement and connections and swapping instagram selfies etc. 24/7

    there was a REASON why families looked to suburbia for their own house on a small piece of grass with a backyard hammock to relax while the kids ran around the yard. this was accelerated post WWII when violent crime began to skyrocket in the cities, and people just wanted out for the safety of their families

    • You’re leaving out (& this def post-WWII for moi) the houseful of kids who all worked & subsisted on the (food) garden out back by working that shit spring & summer, then canning veggies; making jams, etc.

      That’s what she’s braying about, as I gather it: a bunch of people, all under one roof, eating fruit & veggies they raised themselves. Nothing wrong w/ that, but you’ve hardly reinvented the wheel, Donkey, so sit down & stfu already. Take a moment to connect the dots & realize that what you’ve been slamming is the old school equivalent of what you’re promoting now, you dipshit.

      Whatcha gonna do all day, Donkey, while others go to real jobs & pull down real paychecks to tote a very real overhead? YOU are gonna put in more than 40+hrs toiling in the garden, cooking the bounty & cleaning common areas? Yeah, no, that’s never gonna happen, & you know it. This is already going the way of BOOK, & it ends, predictably, w/ you back at the OMG!DC.

      yawn emoticon

      • Oh! Ha ha, pardon the fuck out of me for overlooking this (I’m legally blind, you know, just like Donkey!) — she already has a codified plan to do fuck all. LOL.


        plural noun: matriarchies

        a system of society or government ruled by a woman or women.
        a form of social organization in which descent and relationship are reckoned through the female line.

        the state of being an older, powerful woman in a family or group.
        “she cherished a dream of matriarchy—catered to by grandchildren”

        • oh good god… can you imagine donk as the “matriarch” of a commune? it’s an absurdist comedy at best and a horror movie at worst…

          • When the matriarch of the commune transbraytes to the madame of the brothel, then I will believe.

      • Not to sound like my mother but what is the difference between what they’re promoting and a kibbutz?

    • Lots of the lower-income moms did paid work from home as well, either as seamstresses or laundresses, or doing piecework of one kind or another (china painting, silk flowers), or of course good old caregiving to other people’s children or elderly people.

      And if you had enough space for chickens, eggs could be a good side hustle.

      • And this is the women who had husbands who earned a good paycheck and didn’t drink it up. Lots of other lower-income women, particularly Black women and recent immigrants, worked crazy hours as domestic laborers or unskilled nurses to keep the money coming in.

        • my grandmother wasn’t wealthy but she was more or less white and she had a black housekeeper, because the poverty of black families was so extreme that even lower middle class not-black people could hire help

      • Pre-WWII, when my mom was a kid luckily still in her parents home (back when really poor kids got adopted by the less-poor relatives), she worked as a mortician’s assistant after school — it helped her parents (of nine living kids) take in cousins — & their farmhouse was smaller than their barn.

        Wasteful, fritter-y Donk would never get it, that lifestyle where it doesn’t happen if you don’t put in the work to make it happen — I would love for her to have to spend a week being responsible for acquiring her own water, total consumption, as in literally fetching it, etc.

    • accelerated post WWII when violent crime began to skyrocket in the cities
      because the CIA was bringing drugs in, just saying. Air America!

    • possibly dehydration – salt/water imbalance and indication that the body is trying to retain water. usually manifests in legs due to gravity, but can be prevalent in hands as well

        • i am really sensitive to / hate playing the bulimia card, but it can also present as a sign in recovering pts.

          • interesting. people have also said it’s an after effect of drinking quarts of sugary juice — what some stupid people call “juice cleanses” instead of actually eating a balanced diet and exercising

          • that makes sense – sugar actually ties up available water in the body and has a dehydrating effect – which is why it’s never a good idea to drink soda / pop if you are really thirsty.

            another useless fact: this is exactly how the preservative effect of sugar works to inhibit the growth of bacteria – ties up the available water so that the little critters can’t grow.

  3. “dadsers, i’m giving a talk, please pay my BM ticket / expenses.” wonder who gets to claim on their tax return? him or her?

    reminds me of the people who think a conference or offsite training event is an excuse to party. one of my work colleagues wrote a business plan that won an internal competition to launch a new business line. two years and $1m later they pulled the plug as he couldn’t monetize the idea. i attended a couple of conferences with him and he would come in the next day after “networking” all night, reeking of booze and surviving on less than a couple of hours sleep.

    • “Disrupt”

      “Huffing one’s own fart”

  4. Look at me! I read a book and some web articles and have been homeless for a couple of months and now I’m an expert!

    • I wonder if there’s a section on how to air bnb & get evicted, Now there, she’s an expert.

  5. Love this excerpt from the linked article: “But what exactly is “Hive”? It’s one of those deliciously meaningless TED-meets-Jonestown fantasy camp for wide-eyed nerds with slightly more dollars than ideas.”

    Looks like Donkey may have found her new tribe,mthough she lacks both money and ideas. The comments after the article are priceless.

  6. Looks like Donkey’s found the perfect person to grift to suit her own empty wallet purposes. I can see why she now is sucking up to Dadsers while wearing a pinafore. From her FB page:

    “Ryan Allis
    8 hrs ·
    Facebook Genie–Any land for sale in Marin County, Berkeley Hills, South Bay, or in Big Sur/Esalen area? Looking for 25-100 acres for an important purpose. Please comment or message me.”

    • HA HA HA HA HA

      He should get the same realtor Julie was going to use for her four-bedroom apartment in the Mission. They can schedule the closings together, for the Neverteenth of Nevember.

      • How many millions per acre would land be there? When I last checked, my former little 2/1 on a 50×100 lot in the South Bay was selling for $900K.

      • I called a realtor to ask about undeveloped land on Lake Herrington and they literally laughed and hung up.

    • “Hi, I am looking for a 3 BR / 2BA in the Upper West Side, with park views and outdoor space. I can pay $1200 / $1300 tops. Inbox me!!”

    • These assholes have never heard of actually using the internet for themselves or picking up the phone.

      Fuck off with crowdsourcing what is easily searchable. Pretentious fuck wads.

      • I feel like it’s less about being lazy, and more about snagging the perfect mark; someone whose parents died recently and left them acreage that can easily be impressed by phony credentials and a misguided belief in their cause.

        Always Be Grifting…

    • Boy, if only someone could put together some sort of publication or website with real estate listings, Ryan wouldn’t have to crowdsource the info. Oh well, I guess technology hasn’t come as far as it seems.

    • 25-100 acres in the Berkeley Hills is literally insane. Maybe you could find a spot past Novato or way out of the way between San Jose and Santa Cruz, but if it’s somewhere with power, water, and sewage permits, it’s still going to cost a fortune.

      • Julia thinks Ryan only needs 15 acres. So nice of her to start bossing him around when she has no money and no experience.

        He’s got a girlfriend but maybe Donkey is moving in on that relationship too. 91 million bucks is a motivating factor even when someone is an asshole, per the comments after the ValleyWag article.

        • But of course Mulia Mallison is going to boss the kid around … she is the braytriarch of the tribe, after all.

        • The various “net worth” sites put his at $40 million, which still makes him out of a Donkey’s league since her net worth is 40 tutus.

          I think what he wants from her is entrée to Burning Man circles, just like what he wants from Harvard Business School is gravitas. Flaky though he is, he seems to be very high energy, so Julie would have zero romantic chance with him even if he wasn’t younger.

          • 39 tutus. She gave one away to a small child at a wedding a couple of years ago. So generous!

    • Looked it up on Wiki. I’m such a wimp: there are a couple topics I can’t bear to hear or read about … conjoined twins for one; face transplants for the other.

      Semi-related, entertainment-wise, streaming on Netflix: ROYAL PAINS
      Pretty light fare in the beginning (one critic called it “whimsical”), but I liked it from the get-go, even if the aerial shots & architecture played a big part in that grab. As it goes on, it gets a lot more substantial w/ the storylines, & now I thinks it’s good enough to mention.

  7. OMG, y’all! If she married Ryan Allis they would be Ryan Allis and Julia Allison-Allis and their baby boy would be Julia Allison-Allis’s son! It’s almost as cute as Rain and Rainbow.


    *Buries head in pillow, sobs, kicks feet*

        • I don’t know.

          With the woos it’s hard to tell, because they all present themselves as professionally super-successful (think SK3B’s many multi million dollar businesses), but when you dig a little deeper you usually see that their claims don’t really stand up to scrutiny.

    • At least it looks like he’s showered in the last year, so that might actually count as progress.

  8. She’s such a fucking scam artist. Can you imagine someone asking her what her experiences with communal living have taught her?

    “Well, I had a roommate in the Marina and LOADS of illegal subletters, and that was great! And now I sleep on a couch, and I’ve been gradually replacing their artwork with my inspirational posterboards when they’re out. I think I know a thing or two about woodland compounds.”

    Pre-expiration Julia was going to marry into an estate, with LAND, and what we’re seeing here is post-expiration Julia’s Plan B.

    • What’s hilarious is that I bet none of them have had ANY experience whatsoever working with building departments, regulations and restrictions of any kind (especially Ms. Illegal Sublet). As someone who has relocated and restored a historic home and restored four others, they have no idea how long it will take to cut through the red tape to do what they want to do, and that is IF they even can. And chances are if they find some affordable land, knowing California, it might just be in an area prone to wildfires.

      They really are living in fantasyland.

      And fucking pick a lane, Donkey:
      “I want to help young women become entrepreneurs.”
      “I want to help women counter bullying.”
      “I want to earn fuck you money by starting a company and going public.”
      “I want to be an internationally syndicated writer and social media expert.”
      “I plan to be a happiness expert, coach and author.”
      “My life’s purpose is to be the embodiment of love.”
      “I want to start an intentional community off the grid.”

      What the fuck will it be next?

      • Oh, and JFAing myself to say that the first one in that list should be:
        “I want to live in New York City and be Carrie Bradshaw.”

      • The same thing we do every night, Pinky … wait for mommy and daddy to “pass” and cash out the lakeside rest home.

  9. I never realized her teeth showed in that blowing kisses Bottom Picture. She looks like a vole.

  10. Good Greg, it looks like that man’s eyeballs are about to be squeezed out of their sockets with that over-exaggerated smile. That’s the smile of someone who has frozen body parts in their garage – possibly why they need that much land.

  11. “Down with suburban sprawl! Now give me 100 acres of woodland or coastal land on the outskirts of the Bay Area that my friends can develop into living space!”

    “Down with cities! I can’t stand living without nature! Read this article! Communities should be designed to be walkable; with multi-use zoning such as apartments on top of storefronts; good public transportation; lots of things to see and do.. oops, he’s talking about cities.”

    Never change, hypocritical Donkey.

    • Not cities! She has to have space for her food garden. She will grow kale and veggie burgers.

  12. Did you see her post on the ridiculous overpriced juicer that ONLY uses prepackaged cut vegetables juice packets that you have to buy from the company. I can’t take this disposable world anymore.

    • Well, once Julia Allison grifted the Intentional Living fauxto-shoot, she’s not expected to actually walk the walk, is she? I’m guessing that’s why she deleted her other post …

      Julia Allison 2 hrs ·
      Who is the best makeup artist you know for photoshoots in the Bay area?

      • FYI — also deleted from Ryan Allis’ FB pg — did he make the braytiarch-wannabe take it down? WHY does the Bro Culture still exist?

    • You buy packs of minced fruits and vegetables for $4-10 EACH (minimum 5 per order), then have 6 days to use them before they go bad; apparently the juicer won’t even work if they’re past expiration. You too can be that girl who spends $200/month on juice!

      And no, you don’t have to peel or mince anything to make juice with a decent juicer. But if you’re just lazy enough to feel overwhelmed by the prospect of cutting a few apples in half or rinsing a few plastic trays, this might be for you.

      • It just baughels the mind how stupid she is, like she doesn’t even realize that the sustainable development of community & food gardens she’s pushing for will entail planting, picking, washing & chopping produce before ya juice it or whatever (will she learn to cook before her 40th, or ever?) & juicing, no matter where the produce comes from, will entail washing the juicer components.

        She’s the laziest fuck ever, w/ the biggest carbon hoofprint ever, because she’ll either go out & buy what others manage to do for themselves at home, or [2] she’ll spend three X the $ creating every conceivable shortcut.

        All this frontin’ to fool some dude, who, if & when she landed him, would find out in no time what a fraudulent & lazy fuck she is. And yet, she keeps on keeping on cuz in her calcified brain, she thinks she’s winning by getting out of doing shit.

        I hope she never changes. No sense of accomplishment ever has to be miserable inits own right.

    • I’m the last person that would know anything about vegetables but wasn’t there -something about prepackaged being bad because they were bleached or something? I remember coming across something like that on my way to a Twinkie.

  13. Every time I’ve read, “BM visionary,” I just assumed you meant bowel movement – and now I realize that applies as well!

  14. If she’s all about this whole commune living, why isn’t she yoo-hooing Ms. Morgenstern and Running Springs Ranch the way Ms. Morgenstern yoo-hoos “OMG RAIN!”? Surely, being the embodiment of a hard working woman, they would welcome her with open arms.

    Ali is supposedly involved too, so why has she posted all of this crap with no shout out to what her dear good friends have already done on their own?

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