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Julia the Creatrix is in “artistic recovery”? Would this explain why the writerly writer who writes couldn’t fulfill her contract with St. Martin’s? Would the publisher be willing to resign with Donkey if she promises to read Cameron’s inthpirational volume FIVE more times?

I wasn’t going to post this backyard assault, but when Winchester wrote that Julia looked as though she were shaking down her nephew for milk money, how could I resist?

Update: As Momsers waits on her hand & foot, Donkey posts away on her FB wall of scolds:



Anybody care to help out The Georgetown Plagiarist?


  1. “If you get the message, hang up the phone. For psychedelic drugs are simply instruments, like microscopes, telescopes, and telephones. The biologist does not sit with eye permanently glued to the microscope, he goes away and works on what he has seen…”

    — Alan Watts

    PS. reading a book 6 times isn’t a point of pride, it tells people you’re an idiot that takes 6x amount of effort.

    • As someone who DID read and participate in the Artist’s Way during a bout of unemployment, I want to point out for those people who haven’t read it some of the author’s main points from the book:

      1) you’re supposed to write 3 freehand stream-of-consciousness pages first thing every AM. The content of these pages are not to be shared with others. Donkey, how are you gonna do that?

      2) the author does suggest repeating the process in the book upon occasion (she does it herself every five years). I recall Donkey saying she first discovered this book after college. So she’s re-reading it, what, every other year? The point of the fucking book is to help you get past a creativity block. How do you call yourself a creative person if you’re encountering blocks in creativity so often? You know what helps stymie writer’s block, Julia? Steadily writing.

      3) finally, there are quite a few tasks in the book which involve DOING SHIT. You’re supposed to go on all these “artist’s dates” and actually do all the artist-Y stuff you’ve always told yourself you would do. Julia can’t even take a picture a day of coffee art.

        • I had to look that up. He needs some kind of neck support when being shaken upside down by crazy aunt Julie.

          I can’t see his face, but in general, strangers who barely know your kid grabbing him and flipping him around like this are not cool. Maybe he loves it? I hope it was okay with the poor little guy, but if he felt sick, I hope he threw up on her.

  2. But remember, suburbia, like parquet floors = BAD!

    I’d love to see her share this suburban hell with any of her feminines or masculines for group living.

    • Where is Jean Brodie when you need her to remind JA about the anti-suburbia rant she had just days ago?

    • Didn’t she bring Cory Tanner Glazier to the Lakeside Assisted Living Facility to meet Robin? I’m sure he was on his bestest behavior as he tried to get Momsers to invest in MediMeals, while a few feet away a topless Adele Juliet wandered the beach. Her latest FB post:

      “Life continues to complexity, and yet, I feel simpler than ever before.

      “I’m learning what it feels like to truly be comfortable in my own skin. To love my face without make up, to love my body the way it is now, to love my breasts without a bra; this is liberation.”

        • This is Adelle Juliet nattering on about those fine titays that she likes to parade at Jess Johnson’s goddess strippah keggers.

      • “She feels simpler than before.” She makes our jokes too easy.

        Also, I guess someone lost the Coobie ambassadorship.

      • She celebrates her own body, just as it is, after several surgeries to fix it.

      • “Daddy, look! Look at me, Daddy! Daddy take a picture wait take another picture look at me LOOK AT MEEEEEEE!!!!!!! Are you surprised, am I the bestest surprise ever?!?!? Am I your favorite? How CUTE did I look in the tiger onesie?!!!! I looked cuter than the baby, right Daddy? Didn’t I, Daddy? Look at me!!! Say I’m cuter than the baby. SAY IT”

        • You know how the Electra complex or “daddy issues” usually means that the woman feels she didn’t get enough love / attention from her father and so the “normal” amount of love and attention from men is never enough for her? Perhaps Donk’s own daddy issue is that Dadsers is the ONLY man in her life who ever gave her enough (or something close to what she considers “enough”) love / attention / CHEQUES. It’s not that he did too little; it’s that no one else does much, especially in the past few years.

          Obviously I’m just bullshitting (and procrastinating), but her special brand of daddy issues is so ridiculous and bizarre.

          • Dadsers doesn’t seem very demonstrative with hugs and affection and comes across a little aspergers-y to me. So even though he liked bragging about her celebrity, I suspect he may not have given her the physical contact she needed when she was younger. And she’s alluded to feeling that her mother didn’t really love her the way she wanted to be, either. It is always easy to blame parents, so who knows? She’s clearly been a stubborn demon seed since very early childhood, so maybe they’re not to blame at all.

  3. Shout out to Albie for your killer closing to I’ve Written A Letter To Daddy on the last thread. I made a little snortling sound, then bowed in your direction.

  4. Cleveland has won a pro sports title before JFA has gotten a job. This is further proof that she will never get a job, as if there were any doubts.

    These photos will serve to keep the woos convinced that they can extract money out of Julia and her family for a little bit longer. Alexishanti Neely, however, doesn’t feel the feather tingles that tell her to continue to pursue the con with Julia.

  5. Creativity is always a leap of faith. You’re faced with
    a blank page, blank easel, or an empty stage.

    ~Julia Cameron

    Yo, Donk!
    St. Martin’s Press took “a leap of faith” w/ you …
    & in return, you did exactly what w/ a blank pg?


    • Who do you think you are?! Julie had the sadz because she got dumped again, and she had to consult with her “many” mysterious clients because Dadsers never pays the bills. Who has time to fulfill a book contract?

      • she did fulfill it. three times.

        the first time in her life she actually tries to finish a project and it’s rejected and a refund demanded. might as well be lazy if work doesn’t pay off

  6. Check out JP Sears’ most recent video, “How to be a life coach,” on his Facebook page. (It looks like it’s not up yet on his Youtube page.) It’s the woo playbook verbatim.

      • That’s UNCANNY.

        But is Julie dissing her tribe by posting it? Is she Scoldy Scolderson because she hasn’t been invited to live in some commune? What are Ellsberg and Ali Shanti withholding from her?

      • “A few”? I’d say all of them follow this formula, including her besties Noodley, Shanti, Lalla and LaPhlegm.

        • The video’s hilarious! Sears’s faux hustle reminded me so much of Ali Shanti, especially repeating the hard luck story again and again, and the bait and switch.

          • I like this guy and I find his fake pitches funny, but how does he really sell his coaching, or is that all fake too?

  7. Dunno know about the rest of ya’ll, but I keep thinking of that hideous frock donned by the Donk — I think ’cause it seems so unlikely that she brought it w/ her & more likely that she dug it out of strg — thath thum theriouth devothun to Donk’th daddy ithyouth!

    What do you think drives her strive for pseudo-innocence? Is it so Dad$er will keep $upporting his pwiddy widdle pwincess? So that her lazy raft ass gets out of helping Mom$er? So she can whine that LBBritt’s picking on her if he asks about BOOK?

    I’ve read that people act out behavior from a stage of psycho-sexual development in which they are fixated, & many of us would agree that hers is seemingly HS age, but that dress may as well be something Robin wore to a HS dance in ’69, so it’s especially disturbing (even more so than her wearing dead NGMB’$ lingerie, ever, much less for a greg damn fauxto-shoot).

    • I think you are onto something. There is definitely some aspects of Jules pleasing/seducing Daddy with her appearance and behaviour at home, probably to ensure she keeps getting paid. It definitely strikes me as odd that she has two distinct personas – Woo and Stepford DaughterWife.
      I would say there’s a touch of the old sociopath to Jules. It all seems too calculated.

  8. Forgive me if I missed this being discussed on previous thread, but it is to chortle at the unlikely coincidence of Julia showing up for a surprise visit to her parents’ house so soon after changing her Facebook relationship status to single. Am half expecting something like:

    “After searching for my true tribe and getting lost along the way, I realized the community I sought is right here… in Willamette. I was able to open my parents’ minds to the idea of living in community. Next up, convincing Momsers to till the backyard for a vegetable garden WINK EMOTICON”

  9. Big props to Dances with Hooves for saying “she surprise-dinosaured her dad”´on the previous post. I howled.

    • hahah.. I’m so glad avocado provided that for us. Also I can’t help but picture her squealing “thurppriiiisse!!” flailing her tyrannosaurus claw arms wildly.

      • I do suspect she has t-rex arms when it comes to paying the bill. I’ll bet she’s never treated any of her “friends” to anything *just because* because if she had, we’d never had heard the end about her generosity.

  10. Awww shucks, my quote made the post. Can I now say I was quoted in a major publication on my bio?

  11. don’t mean to fly off the handle, but…

    WHAT exactly qualifies her to wag her finger and be all preachy to the ‘bros’ in silicon valley about the racial makeup of their firms?

    WHO the f$ck in silicon valley is asking for her advice?

    HOW many actual jobs has she held?

    HOW many of those jobs give her expertise in what it takes to operate a successful business in silicon valley?

    HOW many people has she actually employed in her lifetime?

    HOW many ‘clients’ did she turn away because they were too were white?

    the bros are free to associate with whomever they feel like for whatever reason, just as she is free to associate with the 99.9% white folks in her “community”

    • She’s already late on the Silicon Valley backlash. Bubble popped in 2008 and she’s posing like she’s an investor circa 2000.

      • She only knowd how to play a part without ever knowing the motivation. Worst actress ever.

  12. So the woos are 43% trustfunders, 31% s/o to trustfunders, and the rest are grifters and wanna-grifters, because grifting is hard work.

  13. I am behind and still catching up – can I just say how crazy it is to show up at your parents house totally unannounced for a weekend visit when you are in your 30’s? If you live in the area, stopping by in the afternoon is totally normal -but going to stay with someone with no warning is a dick move. Maybe momsers and dadsers had plans to hang out in the evening or whatever after fathers day activities… Now they get to be with donk. She literally thinks of no one but herself. My mom and dad love me and would let me stay with them unannounced, but I would feel bad just springing that on them with no warning or consideration for their lives/plans.

    • Huh. My folks loved it when my sibs surprise visited. Never an imposition.

      • Love my kids. I would think it was weird if they showed up unannounced. My husband and I love our children but we are busy, and I would hate to miss time with them because I had previously planned to go to a work related event or we were headed away for the weekend.

        • Probably because there was a whole slew of us so spread out, age-wise, my folks weren’t getting away much, or on the rare occasion they were, everyone knew when it was happening, so plans didn’t get messed up. Our place is where everyone else ended up.

          • Maybe we are over-communicators? I only have three kids, but we are all close enough that a “surprise” red-eye would be hard to pull off.

            My husband and I both have busy schedules with work and hobbies and friends. We also love weekend getaways, and I imagine they will only increase next fall when our youngest starts college.

            My children are always welcome, and are always pampered within an inch of their lives. I guess it would just never occur to them to surprise us, especially since every visit is such a marvelous treat, even without a surprise.

          • makes sense if there’s have a big family – my parents have just two of us, and for the past few years I’ve been living 1500+ miles away, so there’s odds I showed up unannounced and they went away for the weekend or have to work (both work in service industry).

      • That’s what I figure Donk was implying (who picked her up?) but I don’t doubt Dad$er knew too.

        • No doubt she scared him at 5:00 a.m. in a onesie, when he got up to see why the auxiliary fridge kept kicking on … wink emoticon

    • Usually, “surprise” is spin for “I didn’t want to commit in advance to seeing you on this particular date.” So nothing says “I value my own free time more than I value yours” like a surprise visit.

  14. My sis and I have done the surprise thing – but have always coordinated with the other parent, or each other. I got home first for Thanksgiving one year “she had to work” and made plans to “get coffee with a friend from HS”/retrieve her from the airport that evening … Surprise became much harder to pull off when her flight was delayed past midnight. Surprise foiled but didn’t matter because we actually enjoy being all together.

    You know, I was sad when I logged on tonight – relationship woes and exhaustion from work and general all around meh. But now I feel better — because I’m not Donk. And I appreciate the good things I have.

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