Updated: Sensational Snippets: Rainbows, Tramps, & Thieves

Our very own Jean Brodie weighed in on Ali Shanti’s attempt to get others to pay the vet bill for a dog who was injured when in her care. A hula hoop responded:


I note this Rainbow – still with the old raunch?! – didn’t respond re: Ali’s finances.

In other news, a dear cat peep pointed me to this cat’s outrageous video. As it turns out, even total waste cases can meet their BOOK deadline:

Fuck your “many” clients and your convenient depression, Donkey! You’ll never be as savvy as Jena la Flamme, who’s enlisting her ex-husband’s mamma in her latest grift:

She is my greatest role model and spiritual teacher, my mother-in-love, Patricia Ellsberg.

We’re revving up to co-create and co-teach our first online program so stay tuned for that.

This may create a little sibling rivalry between Michael Ellsberg and I, but hopefully all in jest. ;P

#motherlove #findingmotherlovewithin #pleasurableliving #pleasurableloving

My opinion of Daniel Ellsberg gets lower and lower whenever his son or his son’s ex-wife post on Fecebook.

Here are a few more shots of the gutter goddesses genuflecting at the alter of Kitty Kittay. Folks have noted that Jena doesn’t ever tag Donkey – could Donkey have requested that she not? But Donkey is the only person who liked every single one of these gregdamn fauxtos:

Our girl TJ Kelly adores the goddesses in their “ethnic chic”:


Update: Natural Donkey is posting fauxtos of herself amongst the flora & fauna of Sebastopol:

With multiorgasmic Dead Russian Hooker #2:



  1. Oh man, Cat Marnell. Bless her heart. Watch that video. It’s a woman, wearing pastel fluff, talking about how she loves drugs, drains the lifeblood of everyone she knows, and when hire, wandered out of work to shop. A fameball to be sure. So… a lot like Julia Allison. And Cat finished her book! Good for her.

    Watch the video and realize this human – in that state – has succeeded where Julia fails.

    Also, I really hope she lives through her addiction.

    • holy crap cat marnell.

      did she really get half a million for the book?

      • She probably ran through it already.

        That video is only one minute long, but I felt as though I contracted a social disease AND became a drug addict in those 60 seconds.

        • at least she says she is a drain on everyone she knows, cant hold down a job and love her some drugs. This was really eye opening when you are high you just don’t give a damn.

    • Oh Greg. She used to date (maybe still does?) Gawker’s ex editor in chief Daulerio. It was at the peak of his trainwreck condition which, in an elliptical way came to a crash during the Gawker trial in the sense that his state of mind back then was exposed through the chat logs presented as evidence. When he was questioned in court about the work he was doing then, he kinda sealed the fate of the company with his snarky response about posting pedophile videos. He was drugged out of his mind when he was dating her and these days he is, at the very least, an unhinged loser with no sense of real life consequences. That all of these people have jobs in powerful media organizations is beyond my basic peasant understanding.

      • What sealed the fate of Gawker Media was that some self-hating closeted homo with too many billions went on a decade-long vendetta against them for outing him.

        If it wasn’t the Hulk Hogan case, it could have been any of the other cases that sad nasty fucker was / is still bankrolling.

        • Publishing what Gawker published goes against my sense of privacy and our American ideology, which allows even you and I to remain anonymous on this very site. It disgusted me to know them personally.

          • Fine. Don’t read it then.

            I don’t ever remember appointing Peter Thiel as the Internet’s censor in chief.

          • Peter Thiel is a sissyboy cunt.

            “Who do you think you are, Mrs. Blake?! RBD will be hearing from Mr. Thiel’s attorney lackeys immediately!”

          • You really think publishing video of some college freshman having sex at a sports bar bathroom was what the founding fathers had in mind regarding freedom of the press? Tormenting private citizens in order to line your pockets with internet hits? What wonderful people at Gawker! This is IMPORTANT journalistic work! The people need to know! Hahahaha!

          • Gawker disgusts me and I haven’t looked at the site since they outed that poor accountant for no other reason than to get back at a rival publisher. Peter Thiel also disgusts me. He and Nick Denton should get outta court and get a room.

          • All those things you said are absolutely beside the point.

            Lots of things get published every day that I disapprove of, some may even offend me, but I never think “I wish a billionaire would shut those f-ers down by abusing the courts!!!”

    • I had a brief Cat Marnell fascination before I found the basement. Then j totally forgot about her. She was such a delightful teainwreck.

  2. I loathe Cat Marnell and I loathe her play-doh coat and everything she says and her stupid asshole face, and I wish no success upon her. But writing a book really is gross and she gets that message across so mazel or whatever, asshole.

    I’ve never, ever commented on Jena’s hairline, but that photo made me flinch and I sincerely hope she sees an endocrinologist, because she isn’t going to land Papa Chevalier 2: Electric Spookaloo with what’s happening there. Namaste.


      I LOVE YOU HA!!

      • I’d like to finish a book entirely NOT in the way CM has accomplished (or how donkey has not, same diff). Oof.

      • I just watched the documentary “Amy” last night. Would that someone as talented as Amy Winehouse were back in this world rather than being left with Catsick Marnell.

    • Jena’s hairline is really super alarming. I would be so sad and self conscious if that happened to me. I might find it so upsetting I couldn’t engage in hashtag pleasurable living. I would definitely invest in some hats.

    • not snarking, and not suggesting that she is, but isn’t extreme hair loss associated with bulimia?

      thinking about normal physiology, new hair growth requires nutrition the body would divert from elsewhere if diet and nutrition was lacking. if she is vegetarian / vegan and not balancing out her diet, hair thinning or loss can result.

      ironic also that based on one of the conversation threads in the last post, excessive vit b supplement use can result in loss of hair.

      perhaps it’s being caused by “pleasurable weight loss”.

      • Hair loss in women is (or can be) very mysterious. I suffered from it, and still do, to some extent, and it took years of doctor’s visits to even begin to fix the problem. I saw my GP first, then an endocrinologist, a dermatologist, an ob/gyn, and a hematologist. I began with such thick hair no one was aware of what I was going through, but I was traumatized. It’s possible Jena has done everything she can, which is one outcome many women experience. If that’s the case and she’s decided to rock it, more power to her.

  3. I sadly think of DE like Ali, very much past his prime and people just propping him up in his weakened mental state taking advantage of a good name. Ali’s family did the same and trotted that poor, drooling on himself, man out to every jewelry store opening etc. in the Phoenix area.

    • okay, so i read this twice thinking you meant ali shanti and I was so confused. Got it now though.

  4. I cannot get over JA in white at the wedding. Ask anyone who doesn’t know these fuckers who the bride is. “Center frame, white dress, psychotic expression – that one. It’s got to be that one, right?”

    This is Julia in her element; she’d fucking shank a bitch for the spotlight while gushing “mmm, sister, love you MOST.”

    • you are right! if I didnt know better, I’d think the woman in the middle, in white with the crown of flowers is the bride.

      maybe that will be her new thing, going to weddings dressed as a bride.

      • Chet! Man, that real transformation he made, I’m loving it. Did you catch the “Catch Up” episode? Amazon offers it; no idea what the Lifetime Channel did there. I thought it was really well done– if someone just can not catch Season I for whatever reason, it’s a must-see.

        • I loved Season 1 of Unreal. I’m an Aussie cat, so don’t gave access to Season 2 yet, unless I can overcome my techno-gumbiness and block geo cache etc etc.

          So jelly you are already watching it. I’m thinking I might even wait until the whole season is available so I can binge-watch all in one go. It’s a great show; highly recommend.

          • I see that Amazon is now available in Australia, but it doesn’t look like they’re up & running on video — if / when that happens, maybe, once all episodes have aired, you can catch ’em thru a free trial (you’d probably still have to buy eps thru a season pass, I bet).

            Being Aussie, you’re getting the newest season of Wentworth that Americans are stuck waiting for, so there’s that consolation. 🙁

        • Ooh! Didn’t know about the catch up. I am cautiously optimistic about season 2 and tackling racial issues because I loved season 1 and how they’ve made people complex and how they dealt with feminist issues. Sad but likey true to like how easily Chet (as MRA – ha!) can grab back power and try to ruin the money dicks power super alliance between R&Q

  5. these people love to display themselves up ethnic chic I am sure noodles was the trophy color girl who said this is just wonderful cultural appropriation away because you know she speaks for all of the color girls. Noodles get some help get away from these people noodles would be tolerable but she loves the bullshit of these people.

  6. Is posing with your hands like claws a thing? Where did it come from? It’s neither funny nor cute.

  7. You know, I tried & I just f’ing can’t. It’s all just too damn weird. I cringe looking at those wedding photos. What are they going for? I just don’t have a clue.

    And for fucks sake, did they really put that poor dog down?! F’ing A. What the hell is wrong with Shady Shanti? Greg help us. This is what post-modernism brought us? No thank you.

    You know, even at my poorest as a law school student, I could afford vet care, even for a legal aid client’s dogs. You can always find a sliding scale vet, especially for hurt dog charity cases. This woman. F’ing Shanti. She is literally the worst. If ever I say I feel sorry for one of these carnies, just slap me. I’m clearly drunk or crazy.

    • Rebecca Jean, posing with A Donkey in Not Sebastopol, is advertising for a copywriter for her healthy food catering business on her FB page. Now, wouldn’t any rational person in difficult financial straits realize this might be time to buckle down and go for a real job that combines a personal interest with a job history, and that is in a place nearby run by people you know and who inexplicably like you? No? OK then, resume circling the bowl waiting for a man to rescue you.

      • Rebecca Jean, not to be confused with my favorite Aussie coffee company, Gloria Jean, posted fauxtos of profeshunal bidness meetings in which she’s dressed like a hooker. I was embarrassed for her.

        Is it just me or do all the woo women look alike?

        • AW, w/ her perpetual sneer, looks like a blow-up doll modeled on a cross between a stroke victim & a stepford wife.

        • She seems to be gainfully employed in a successful company. I am not really feeling the snark on this one, other than she has that annoying woo habit of calling herself by her first and middle names.

          • True that. But she probably has only seen fake first impression Donkey. It takes a while for them to know what a big phony she is.

    • Donkey is continuing to WOO HOO by tagging the lead designer at Alice + Olivia on these newly posted photos, and still trying to insist that maxi dress is a gown. I guess she’s trying to grift more free swag. Sometimes a girl needs more than a Yandy whore costume.

      • Is she allergic to tailoring? That dress needed the straps taken up, and at least an inch hemmed up at the bottom.

        • Seriously. That “gown” probably retailed for upwards of 400 dollars, but the way Donkey’s wearing it, it looks like another one of her polyester Chinese wholesaler schmattes

        • i think it would have fit properly and not dragged on the ground if she had worn it so as not to show off her bewbs.

  8. It’s weird how much Jena and her ex mother-in-law look alike. Like, EXACTLY ALIKE.

    And it’s weird how people will pretend to like Julia Allison. HOW SWAY?

  9. A friend of mine who is woo-ey posted photos of Katiyana and Bear’s wedding, lauding the “ethnic chic” theme. Sad, because she should know better given her profession (can’t reveal too much, but she primarily works with people of color).

    Now a Donkey is hate-posting about Donald Trump being unable to admit his racism, which is hilariously ironic. Kind of funny that this supposedly politically inclined, Bern-feeling former Washingtonian didn’t post a goddamned thing about voting yesterday, as it was the California primary. Is this digital nomad even registered to vote anywhere?

    She is also posting about rape from some Instagram acct called Guerrilla Feminism (because she is TOO a militant feminist, RBD!). Guaranteed she has no idea why that post has gotten a lot of traction lately (hint, Julia: Stanford rapist).

    Finally? A look into the mind of a social climber. She sees this United State of Women video on Facebook and her immediate thought is, “What person has the kind of pull to net Oprah, Tina Fey, and Michelle Obama?” (By the way, basement dwellers, the video was advertising a summit which already happened.) I easily found the answer to Julia’s question with a quick hit of the old Google: the United States Department of Labor and the Aspen Institute. That’s who has the pull, Julia. Good luck trying to cozy up to them. Those are the people who put on real summits. You know, the kind which require professional dress and which birth measurable impact on a global scale.

    • Why can’t Trump admit to his racism?

      Why can’t Native Americans admit they have a drinking problem?

      Tho many quethionth….

      • Thankfully, my old friend Mark Kirk took a stand against Trump. I was in his wedding! Also, I slept with Harold Ford Jr. And a McCain! I am not random!

        • But, but, but she didn’t sleep with Harold Ford, Jr., or so she told students at Harvard Bidness School. One of Donkey’ strangest posts evah was about checking out the MBA program at the school. She penned that bit of self-love as though Harvard students were thrilled to have the famous Mulia Mallison in their presence. The first thing they wanted to know was if she had balled Ford. HUH? Complete strangers would give two shits about who was visiting her clam dungeon? Donkey demurely told them no, she had never fucked Ford. Bizarre.

          • I can’t stand women who only attend (or in Julia’s case, try to attend) graduate programs to husband-hunt. I’ve known a few of these in my life. Let someone more deserving have that spot in the cohort, honey.

  10. Fuck those assholes. The dog was “in the care of the entire community” meaning, it was no one’s fucking responsibility to watch it, which meant no one did. Fuck all of them.

    • I know, right? It conjurs for me the image of a stoned cuddle-puddle oblivious as the dog dashes out the front door into oncoming traffic. It takes a village to kill a dog.

      • Recently my friend lost her doxie when someone left the door open and it fell in the pool.

        She’s still in major mourning and knows it was an accident, but still is having trouble being around the person in question.

        I can’t even, dude.

    • Amen to that. My oldie dog died recently. She collapsed while we were having a cookout and everyone was on it in two seconds.

      Of course, we weren’t high as f*ck on aya and having an orgy in the bedroom so maybe that’s why people were paying attention and responded.

    • I think it’s the little dackel held by Kittykat Kittay in some of the wedding pix. Guess Lily wasn’t on the guest list. Haven’t seen hide nor hair of her for some time. Perhaps Rainbow dumped her off the Rainbow Bridge.

    • I think that’s the Kittays’ dachshund, pictured in a Balinese ritual headdress in the photobooth photos from the wedding because FUCK HAVING RESPECT FOR OTHER CULTURES, AMIRITE?

  11. OT.. What device to get, to play music on? Like, starting from scratch. I have a years-dead ipod that, along with a suicidal computer, brought all my music to the grave with it a couple years ago. (A lot of it was from limewire and shit, so I guess it had it’s run..) I kind of rebelled against mp3s and have been listening to radio and cds and youtube for a while. But I need portable music. Are we still doing ipods? Are we going back to cassettes? I know the kids these days are using their phones but I don’t really want to use my phone to house my music library. Okay thanks.

    • I use cheapo MP3 players that last years for podcasts and audiobooks (Coby Smart), but for music I either listen on CD or vinyl, so I am not best suited to comment on the sound quality of my MP3 devices. The Coby Smart really is indestructible, though.

    • Ive been happy with my cheapo sanDisk mp3 player (under $40), you can spend a bit more to get a bigass memory card and then you’re set. The only downside is you have to hook it up to your computer to load it.

      Alternatively, I also use Google Play and Amazon to stream on my phone. You uploaded your music to Google and as long as you have service/wifi, you can listen.

      I also have an Android phone so can stick a memory card in there.

      • For SanDisk you can use aux cable but not Bluetooth. The phone options can be Bluetoothed!

    • I adore Spotify on my iPhone. My only complaint is some things aren’t available, but the weekly playlist generated on what I listen to is awesome. I pay the subscription fee, but it more than pays for itself. I don’t use any storage on my phone, and I can save things to listen to even when I don’t have an Internet connection. There’s other music streaming sources out there, but I prefer Spotify.

      • Also, I can use it on a multitude of devices, and can listen to pretty much whatever I want at a moments whim without having to download, store, etc…

      • I second Spotify and its personalized playlists. I like Google Play for when I want to listen to music for a specific activity (e.g., road tripping to the beach) and I want to get in the mood; I feel like their playlists are better curated for occasions, somehow.

        FYI though that streaming music will def run up a LOT of data, so this may not be a good option for you either unless your cell phone plan is the bomb.

        • I usually use it when I’m connected to wifi, although I just got back from a road trip and there was a substantial about of data used.
          I keep forgetting about Google play! My boyfriend uses it, but with an iPhone I’m clueless as to how to use it. I totally agree, their playlists are better curated for occasions.

    • I listen to music podcasts on my phone, mostly, but I am not a music connisssewer. A cheap mp3 player on which you could load mp3s would work. My car does not have an aux port so I listen to the radio there or stream through my phone. I avoid Apple products like the fucking plague especially iTunes.

    • I love my iPod touch 5th gen (refurbs go for about $200).

      It’s not cheap, but you can use it to play your own music, stream from services (if you are connected to wi-fi), listen to podcasts and also check your facebook or email or whatever it is that you do on the Internet (banking etc).

      Oh, and it has a half-decent camera too.

  12. was reminded of the dumbfuck shantitown and her woo friends while walking my dog through some trails today. ran into an unleashed german who kinda shoved me down and could have very well done some serious damage/ death to my maltese. the owner was ‘meh, my dog is friendly!!’ ?

    shanti the untrained dog, was left by himself in a house with open windows. how stupid are these people?

    ps- doing ok. in lots of therapy, shits expensive. good days and bad, but feeling weirdly brave and resilient (i guess when youre a mama you just get unbelievable strength from your children idk)

    • one thing that is bugggging me very much is insomnia. i dont do well with sleeping pills/ anxiety meds so ive been trying to avoid. might have to cave though. i used to sleep SO well too argh

      • look into valerian, or kava kava. Also, mindfulness and meditation to stop your brain from spinning. When I lie down for bed is when all my worries come down on me, so I do relaxation and breathing and all that shit.

        Glad you’re doing therapy, well done you!

        • Seconding the breathing technique rec — for me, it’s a combo of distraction & relaxation that undoes tension — doesn’t make ya sleepy, per se, but comes in handy for situations where calming is desired / required.

          Chamomile tea w/ frufru creamer knocks me clean out, but ymmv wrt sweet stuff.

      • I swear by Natural Calm powder — get it on Amazon it’s 1/2 price from Whole Foods. Takes about 45 min to work, in that time try and be off computer TV. My sleep is terrible and this is a Greg-send.

        Thinking of you.

      • Have you tried magnesium for sleeping? I used to take it ~20 minutes before bed and I do think it helps.

        • This. Weed is so good for sleeping, if you get an appropriately sleepy strain (hybrids are great for this, especially crosses between something like Kush and a high CBD strain).

          • The fiends!

            Well, L-Theanine (amino acid supplement) helps me, especially with almond-milky chamomile tea.

            Thinking of you and sending all my best wishes your way.

  13. Y’all, what is the sunscreen of the moment? I need something that is non-gross and works. I have oily skin I think. Greasy lotions give me the heebie-jeebies. Is it Biore? What to buy?

    • I love the spray sunscreens, you just apply them once and they last all day, even if you swim. They smell like glue a bit for a few minutes (then it goes away) and your skin looks shiny for a while, but they are not oily at all.

      All brands have them, even store brands. Anything with SPF 15 or over should be fine.

      • yes – spray sunscreen – light, non-greasy and easy to apply. costco usually has the neutrogena multi-pack campaigned this time of year. the generic retailer (cvs, walgreens, etc.) stuff is a similar or the same formulation so if you’re price conscious go for these.

        • I have wicked pale skin and lots of very colorful tattoos I keep covered, and spray on Aveeno is my jam.

    • Buy nothing. There are chemicals in sunscreen! Have you considered celebrating your relationship with the sun at a transformational festival?

  14. Good grief. I went to Mrs. Kittay’s fb page and she actually had her hands henna’d for her wedding. Also, there is some kind of teepee in the background. How many cultures did they co-opt for these weddings?

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