Style Icon Julia Allison Likes To Use The Word “Fuck”


Fashionable matron Julia Allison, pushing 75, supports your sartorial splendor!

What should women wear over 30?

“Whatever the fuck they want!!”

HELL YES to the women who dress like this … and women who dress however they want. Your style is your ART, your expression, and YOUR CHOICE.

Make it WHATEVER you want it to be.



  1. Except that all of the women in this article are dressed WELL, in clothes that fit their bodies. You can wear whatever you want, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to look tasteful or classy.

    • The other ladies pictures on here don’t look like they are wearing costumes to me. Meanwhile, the only picture of Julia I’ve seen that doesn’t look like she’s wearing a costume is that jeans and turtleneck on a hike outfit. Her idea of style is a bra and a tutu.

      • I completely agree with you except who wears a turtleneck and jean on a HIKE? I think even Steve Jobs would wear exercise clothes to exercise.


  3. Gilly, doesn’t your computer autocorrect “work” by now? This is The Donk we’re talking about. 😉

    • Ha ha ha! I’m under tight deadline and won’t get a break til sometime mid-week. Quite the Freudian slip. Thanks for the heads up!

    • Except when she doesn’t. It’s so weird; sometimes she won’t write out “shit,” yet other times she writes out “fuck.” I just don’t understand donkeys.

    • ‘I had my own radio show, called “The She-Thing Show” which only played music made by women (I was a militant feminist).’

      Julia Allison, militant feminist, ya’ll, as evidenced by her derogatory use of slang for female genitalia meant to insult those whom she looks down upon.

      * ‘Waiting at the gate in the San Jose airport … Getting freaked out that my flight will get cancelled due to the eastern storms. ! It’s just SNOW you pussies!!! Arghhhh’

      * ‘I don’t get it.

      Instead of the ball-less, sorry-ass headline the NYT came up with June 12th: Anne Coulter, Word Warrior, why don’t they stop being pussies and say what all rational people think already: ANNE COULTER, EVIL BITCH WHO WILL ROT IN HELL.’


      • I find it far more disturbing that she was hanging out with Sam Levine, though she’d never seen FREAKS & GEEKS.

      • Militant feminist who chooses to use gendered nouns as insults

        Spelling that out not for the lovely intelligent people of this thread, but for Julia Whenever She May Find This

  4. This is rich considering Julia once took a photo of an older woman rocking a tight skirt suit at the airport and posted it with a disparaging remark.

  5. Women over 30???? Since when is 30 old? I’m 28, and when I turn 30, is it time to retire my short shorts and become a graceful, eccentric old lady?

    OT now that I’m in my late twenties, I found it so ridiculous that Julia and Mary were nonchalantly getting Botox in their mid-twenties as if that’s reasonable.

    • On your thirtieth birthday you receive a mysterious package with a coupon for 15% off at Kohls and a t-shirt with a cardinal embroidered on the chest. You also lose your free-will and all sense of style. Resistance is futile.

      • I can’t wait til I turn 40 in a couple weeks. I am looking forward to the “Welcome to the last bit of your life” kit from Chico’s, with a breezy sarong I can wear 40 different ways. Paisley, fingers crossed.

        • I was expecting the AARP card when I turned 50, but the free packet of Depends was a surprising lagniappe.

          • I received a certificate for a private & confidential screening w/ a hearing aid distributor. Also, a pkg to plan my own memorial service.

    • MMBH is so fucked up in the head.

      She used to write on her blog about the dangers of eating gluten while getting all sorts of nasty chemicals injected into her face.

      Oh, and she also got two huge breast implants.

      • yeah, i always think its so weird when people go on cleanses and talk about releasing toxins

        to then but Botox- botulism toxin – right back in their bodies

      • Agreed. I always think it strange that some people are all “gluten free/all-natural/organic” yoga/ exercise conscious/SoulCycle (etc etc) — and then they get giant sacs of plastic (and god knows what else) willingly placed in their body FOREVER!

        • Same thing with all the fundie Christian girls who get boob jobs. Isn’t it both extreme vanity and like, fucking with what God gave you?

  6. UGH she is so basic. “OMG Look at these broads dressing in bold patterns and smiling! Can you believe it? I’m shocked that someone over 30 has a quirky sense of style! More at 11.”

    Julia, The Sartorialist is so 2004. You should know this from your Fashun Weak Dayz.

    • Right? The stupidity. Thank you, Donk, for liberating women over 30 from a mindset that has ceased to be a thing approximately 40 years ago.

      • Next up in Donkey’s groundbreaking discoveries: women can work outside the home AND raise children simultaneously! Oh wait, um err oops.

  7. if you’re going to post photos of julia’s most outrageous outfits, how could you omit the one with the rainbow nipple stickers? you know what i’m talking about. i was positive it would scroll into view at any second. SOBBING THROUGH ARABESQUES

  8. I will not be taking my style cues from late-in-life lesbian mixed media artists thankyouverymuch.

  9. Someone needs to clue in A Donkey that style for anyone over 12 does not involve dressing like a toddler.

  10. How about men?

    Can they dress however THE HELL they FUCKING want?

    What if they want to dress like the Jazzcerciser?

    I am glad we are having this conversation.

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  12. Doesn’t she wear whatever the fuck she wants anyway? Or is someone holding a gun to her head, forcing her to wear kinderwhore easter getups and hunchback of notre dame muppet jackets and rainbow sticker nipple covers? You can wear whatever the fuck you want. Yes. And we can laugh at you.

    • No, she’s talking to all the twenty-something she sees who get all the attention from men that she thinks she deserves in a manic attempt to somehow level the playing field. That, or mommy dearest is all up in her businazz to dress like a normal human being so that she can get a job–rather than looking like a cross between a cosplay stripper and a four-year-old.

    • Excepting the wedding ring she’d like to be wearing but isn’t & maybe never will, yeah, she dresses, w/ no restraint whatsoever, like the lurching toddler she is.

    • You’re late to the party, Wali. We discussed the two shantis at length in the comments section of the the previous post.

      • Vet bills or it didn’t happen.

  13. I’m sure JA will shortly post, “keep that baby in the womb, babe!” on Pancake’s FB page.

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