Updated, Now With Fine China: Savvy, In-Demand Media Consultant Julia Allison Needs Your Help In Saving This Planet!

Profethunal Donkey is crowdsourcing in an attempt to remedy the insidious horror of living in isolation!

Who are the most outspoken advocates/leaders/visionaries YOU know working on INNOVATIVE INTENTIONAL TRIBE LIVING / communal housing / sustainable land projects with multiple family dwellings?

I’m putting together a panel discussion on this topic for Burning Man, as well beginning to co-create a summit for these leaders to talk to one another.

Each of us has a piece of the puzzle to solve this insidious issue of living in resource-heavy isolation.

I’m also looking for:

1) more women who are working / leading this issue … we need strong examples of feminine leadership in the future of how we live.
2) solid articles / books / documentaries / other resources on the topic
3) architects / designers / urban planners who are ready to break out of the archaic status quo “how things are done”

Let’s do this.

Ryan Allis, Dave Morin, Justin Rosenstein, Jordana Grader, Cory Rae Shaw, Matty Dorey, Bear Kittay, Katiyana Kittay, Tom Currier, Eric Neuner, Gregory Kellett, Jennifer Russell, Bryan Franklin, Benjamin Tauber, Zach Bell, Ariel White, Myka McLaughlin, Ali Shanti, Andrew Hewitt, Noah Nvmbr, Bertram Meyer, Ian-Michael Hebert

Yes, let’s do this so that everyone on the globe can engage in communal living, because what Julia Allison and her drugged-out friends want should be what you want too!

Of course, Shitbag Ali Shanti was the first (and so far only) butt buddy to respond to Julia’s myriad of tags:

David Comfort and Stephen Brooks are architecting and building a project in Costa Rica called Rise. It’s already in process and is going to be a tremendous template for micro-communities everywhere.

Architecting? I can’t.

Isn’t Costa Rica where Skankatron and the boy de jour plan on escaping to when the IRS comes calling?

Update: Though not directly related to armchair organizer Mulia Mallison’s call to arms, I thought you kittens might get a kick out of Jena la Flamme’s latest ass lick. Bear & Kitty Kittay have had themselves immortalized in a limited series of sci-fi inspired plates available from The Franklin Mint, and Papa Chevalier’s lover, one of many, is beside herself:

Our brother and sister Bear Kittay & Katiyana Kittay immortalized in this freshly revealed piece of psychedelic art created by a living master, Andrew Jones / Android Jones.

This image fills my heart with faith in True Love.

May all beings be happy and know this nectar.

Jai Shiva Shakti!

“Star Wars, those crazy star whores …” On a fucking plate.


  1. Lol “co-create”


    • Yep. She’s asking everyone else to do all the work, find the books and resources etc and wants all the head pats.

      • That part annoyed me most… If she wants to advocate and play pretend.. Fine, but at least do some research and formulate a thought first.

      • Exactly. As ever — she wants EVERYONE ELSE to do all the damn work.

        Also: “architecting”

        • NOT A WORD, “architecting”. Jeezus, that’s annoying.

          And, who the fuck goes to Burning Man for “panel discussions”? Sounds immensely boring and corporate. People go there to get off their heads on psychedelics. Not judging, I’ve done my share! Have to laugh at prissy missy Julia being all corporate seminar bullshitty. Who has no idea what she’s doing. “Someone please assemble an amazing panel for me that I can take credit for, where we talk at people half-naked and on serious drugs.”

  2. Re: bottom fauxto, Johnny Depp really let himself go after The Lone Ranger. He no longer realizes that being Tonto 24/7 is not a flattering look.

  3. 1) more women who are working / leading this issue … we need strong examples of feminine leadership in the future of how we live.

    More? Gives the misguided, deluded impression she thinks her post qualifies her as one of these so called examples.

    I’m so tired of these people who talk about “change” but do very little action to create the change they’re advocating for…this week.

  4. Tagged Dave but not Brit Morin.

    The use of “feminine leadership” vs. “female leaders” really bugs me. I agree that we need more women in leadership in general, but you know she means it in a woo way and not in a gender equity way.

    I actually think this would be a worthy project for Julia & Co. to pursue if they were to focus on how low- and mixed-income families could benefit from shared resources. But you know it doesn’t occur to any of them that people who aren’t trustafarians exist and have daily obstacles of their own to overcome.

      • Just thinking that a plea for more female leaders was awfully heavy on the Y chromosome tags. Typical.

      • Noodles’ dude works with the Summit at Sea crew in their new mountaintop millionaire ski colony in Utah. Is this Julia’s attempt to weasel her way in without paying by somehow claiming she’s an expert in communal/”tribal” living?

        They had an event two weeks ago in Tulum and I can assure you that Donk was NOT invited.

        • OMG. The beach people I mentioned downthread were talking about Summit at Sea and skiing. Seem to recall someone said the words “it’s the new Aspen on the water”, or something equally viscerally horrifying.

          It’s really hilarious when these individuals are Alex Jonesers or otherwise conspiracy nuts. Who’s the shadowy global cabal that is on its way to hoarding all the planet’s wealth and its most stunning real estate *now*?

    • FYI– the Catholic Worker movement has been doing this since the 1930s. Group housing was a thing when I lived in DC in the 80s. Before that there were communes. Once again the woo think they are inventing stuff that is old news.

    • LOL, woos caring about low/middle income people.

      I carry a full-on hate for the woos, a group which has grown to include most of my generation, because they are such filthy hypocrites. This I know from seeing it up close, living in communal situations with them, even being their fucking P.A./shopgirl/glorified secretary/task rabbit because I have a nerve pain condition but no college education and am therefore sometimes desperate for money. They talk all about supporting their sisters, loving the feminine, but they only like women who look like them and come from similar backgrounds; otherwise it disrupts their comfort level and anything that disrupts the comfort is like, where do you think you even ARE with this, oh my GOD, go take your lingering childhood trauma somewhere else, isn’t there a vacuum somewhere you could be using? but not around me because ENTREPRENEURS get TIRED from WORKING HARD unlike YOU, ugh, and while you’re still here can you get me another mimosa? Namaste, sister, you’re the *best.* They think they are above “the basics” and “the normals”, but they are living for YOLO just like the drunk kids stumbling around Hollywood on a Tuesday night.

      And they are exhausting. Utterly, completely, bone-draining exhausting. Every conversation is a therapy session with you as the therapist, even if the woo already has another actual licensed therapist. Mostly they need reassurance that it was right to pursue an “unconventional” and/or “art” “career” even though Mommy and Daddy are worried about their 401k, and then they want to navel-gaze some more about stock portfolios, fucking (excuse me, “surrendering to, in abject sensuality”) older and/or married men, consuming only expensive all-natural products in conspicuous ways, busybusybusy webseries projects entrepreneur launch startup founder wallet hunting omg so tired all the time they just need a VACATION, forever seeking happiness, and btw they are always always broke. Except for their tidy savings account and trust/s, but, you know. Oh, did you want to say something now? Sorry, I’ve moved on to something more interesting.

      Plus most of them cannot fucking clean and have no idea how to keep their spaces tidy, because they all grew up with in-home housekeeping. Mop the floors? Wipe the counters? Clean rotting food out of the sink? Wash dishes? Take care of your pet and not let it piss or shit on the floor while devouring furniture and howling all day? You must be new here. But hey, they buy all the kinfolkish dish detergent and are usually sometimes mostly conscientious about keeping the toilet paper stocked because it has to be recycled but still a certain softness and nobody else can fucking get it right no matter how many times they passive-aggressively harp about it. This is a *communal* house and THEY pull the weight simply by waking up every day to bring their beautiful vibrations to the house with their song and dance. Oh, you’re still here? Why? I need the living room for my yoga routine, sorry. I’ll probably be done by tonight but maybe not, maybe some of my friends are coming over for a samsungsuma, so maybe you should consider staying out all night. You have a place to go, right? We might need your bed.

      So yeah, I’ll pass on “living communally” with these folks, as well as their ideas about what that even means, and would actively advise everyone else to do the same. Leave them to themselves. People who could actually benefit from pooling their resources should form another line to the side; maybe we can get shit done ourselves, on our own. The woos are never going to help — in fact, I think they are hastening the end, because I fear they have completely destroyed the workforce and altered the economy in really bad ways. I’m worried, at age almost-30, that the rest of my life will be spent as a servant to this type of person and that they are on their way to becoming our new feudal lords. But then again, I was also raised in a manipulative fear-based household and I get anxious about a lot of things.

      This is pretty much the only place I can vent about this, other than at my cognitive behavioralist’s office, because pretty much everyone in my general area is deep on The Secret trip and as such are seemingly unprepared for someone to ask any type of life questions, express skepticism, or feel concern that isn’t about a manufactured talking point. So I’m sorry and thank you for letting me let it unfold.

      • APPLAUSE

        Yes. I’ve seen this, exactly this. These people do daily kindness meditations and elaborate gratitude rituals and yet somehow manage to be among the least kind/grateful people on the planet. It’s unreal.

        • We suffer communally here, eh?

          PS: forgot to mention that for all the woos’ talk about pay equity, needing to be paid what *they* are worth, refusing to take jobs that are beneath them in that respect … … … they do not pay their fucking employees for shit. Not even qualified, hardworking, loyal employees. They act like $10/hour is a huge inconvenience to them and so much more than someone deserves for holding their entire miserable life together. Paperwork, what? Excel? Please, that is SO old-paradigm. Meaning, YOUR job. That paradigm isn’t going to shift itself.

          Sometimes they can’t even extend the basic dignity of calling you to say you’re fired, or not hired any more, or that they hired you but then they hired someone else and you don’t have to come in any more. So you find out when you come in to what you thought was your job, only to find someone with impeccable milkmans’ braids and head to toe cult label designer hipster/eco brands she didn’t have to buy second- or thirdhand, in your place. Oh, and she has utter disdain for you. What do you expect her to do? The boss isn’t even in right now. You should probably just text him or her yourself, you know, since you know each other. Your replacement spent all morning clearing her vibes with the new crystal she *just* recharged on the beach at Malibu and she doesn’t need your shit ruining that when she isn’t even involved in this. Bye. You didn’t leave yet? Bye. *gets back to Instagram*

          The men are the same, but they would also expect you to fuck them. Any of them. All of them. Just as long as you fuck them.

        • Funny, isn’t it: for all their crowing about being so different, so unconventional, they sure are cast from the same mold.

          And there are so many of them. I am genuinely afraid they have already taken over the world and all that’s left for everyone else is either conformity/sucking up or abject misery, forever. All their talking about “justice” and they just figured out a more efficient way to be oppressive takers while gaslighting everyone into thinking their efforts have made us free.

      • privileged assholes are privileged assholes. that’s all you need to know. free your mind. run and don’t look back.

        • Is there anywhere to go? I’m serious. They seem to have taken over everywhere, own all the businesses, even in shitty backwaters like my hometown.

          • “If they would rather die,” said Mr. Scrooge, “then they had better do it, and reduce the surplus population.”

          • We need to architect a solution for this immediately. Why is society still letting this happen to you!? I envision a “facility,” outside city limits, where they could all be housed.

            I suggest you retain the services of visionary consultant Julia Allison, who called upon the bright minds of Silicon Valley to architect a similar solution for San Francisco’s unsightly homeless population.

          • Would if they were! Someone, everyone. THIS, THIS is how to achieve succeth: woo gulag (woolag).

            Though perhaps Ms. Allison’s schedule is much too tightly packed to fit in such a humble, though of course unspeakably important, social project. I hear from fantastic sources that she’s just incredibly in-demand.

        • What you say about becoming their servants because of the new “share” economy they’ve created is a great point. My brother is in tech, but has a fucking conscience, and he worries that Uber and Taskrabbit, etc, have created a servant class the likes of which we haven’t seen since the 19th century.

          • Sometimes it feels like going crazy. Truly, the parable of the naked emperor come to life.

      • haha best comment award right there!

        Also, buying all those tacky clothes made in China pretty much goes against every principle they purport to adhere to

        • I’d read comments from Crystal Enemas all day. (A sentence I never thought I’d write.)

          • Handbag, Gilly, all, I am humbled and will forthwith revise my resume to include participation in this sharing opportunity. (Aww, me.)

            Srsly though, thank you Gilly for tolerating the screen name. It is the best display of contempt for the mystical-consumption lifestyle I could think of without using actual expletives, but does look 2edgy4eva for obvious albeit unintended reasons. There is space held for you in an exotic tropical resort cabin in my heart.

        • After this whole experience, life should be a charm.

          You are top chops, Bunsy.

  5. “Each of us has a piece of the puzzle”

    okay, what’s your piece of the puzzle Julia?

    • Onesie curator? And she can bring the construction paper and markers. That’s enough for a “co-founder” title, right?

      • She wants to be the Embodiment of Love, remember?

        A gig for which she is even less suited than all the previous jobs she’s been fired from.

    • She’s a waste of space. I mean a space holder. I mean a space cowboy. I mean a cowboy junkie. I mean a junky person. I’m so confused…

  6. “Who are the most outspoken advocates/leaders/visionaries …?” […] “… beginning to co-create a summit for these leaders to talk to one another.”

    She was just claiming to be a researcher– ass oon as someone tells her who key players are, she’ll label herself the liaison. Maybe they can all meet up at her favorite restaurant, providing someone tells her which one it is?

    Very desperate measures to get invited to live w/ the cool kids, Desperate Donkey.

  7. UGH ALSO “archaic status quo of how things are done”

    The lack of humility in this drives me bonkers. How does she know that the status quo is “archaic”? How does she know that people need to even break out of the current status quo vs. make incremental tweaks to improve? It’s as if urban planning is a discipline wherein people undergo training in specialized programs!

    I’m an educator. I went to school for it. I hear and read laymen comment all the time, “We need to disrupt current public education!” without even first asking the questions around what’s currently working and not working and how that came to be. It’s that line of thinking which leads to situations like LAUSD spending millions of dollars on iPads when any public school teacher would name things like low pay, lack of student services, lack of appropriate training, etc. as the main frustrations in their work. The irony of it all is that it’s rarely these “disrupters” who want to stick around and do the tough work of actually implementing their crazy ideas – they always peace out after the initial startup and leave others to clean up their shit.

    • “Status quo of how things are done” is a tautology that says the same thing twice.

      • SO many tautologies! I get so tired trying to talk to people who have consumed the Woo. Statements that go around and around, so many words and so little meaning. It seems designed to confuse. You get caught up wondering if the person speaking is confused, or if it’s just you, and it is probably both. Simply that the confused speaker is totally convinced, or at least trying to convince themselves, they are not confused.

    • Six days til I can recharge my chakras and wade in the essence of golden waves of ale. (Plus two dumb in-service days.) How much longer for you?

        • Am I right that you’re in SF, but moving? We gotta get together with KS, if so. With summer on we can do yoga in dogshit pavilion any day of the week!

    • I saw Holy Hell in a theater on Sunday. I’m giving it two RBD thumbs up. I think it’s a must see for the RBD crew. It’s got all the major woo elements: masculine/feminine/divine, creepy rape-y men, lack of boundaries, hallucinations, a constant pursuit of vanity and youth through really bad plastic surgery, sexual promiscuity, sociopathy, narcissism, and even the grift. The basement could have written this story. I hope some other cat peeps see it so we can discuss. And Brayella’s right. That cult leader’s eyes are disturbing. Evil incarnate.

    • Speaking of the Manson family, we watched the first episode of “Aquarius” on Netflix last night, seems promising.

  8. So she wants to put together a conference and maybe get sponsors – WeWork? I would love to find out what the real scam is with all these conferences. Is it a way to get away from your girlfriend/spouse and hop on Tinder in a different city? That has to be it, right? There can’t be genuine demand otherwise for the vast conference industy, woo and otherwise.

    • “A panel discussion at Burning Man”, not even a proper conference and the “summit” she refers to will follow the fate of BOOK.

      And because it bears repeating so that we can laugh some more: “A panel discussion at Burning Man”. She really is dumb.

      • Oh don’t get me started on the “summits”, “talks,” or “forums,” they’re usually ego driven by some “founder” and used to shuffle money from an industry disguised as “advocacy” but really just for the great good of venture capitalists.

        Donkey wants to pretend she’s important by using “summit,” when what she really means is a bunch of drugged out, lazy, lay-abouts, talking to hear themselves talk; and, only thinking about how to add mindless filler to their “consulting” bio.
        Image v Substance

        • Yesterday, I went to the beach and accidentally pitched my blanket near a bunch of people who were Summit groupies. Summit at Sea was apparently, like, whoa: game changing, deep conversations, man, not even like a *regular* summit. From what I overheard before dragging the blanket away because oh my god I couldn’t take a single second more: “Drugged out, lazy, lay-abouts, talking to hear themselves talk; and, only thinking about how to add mindless filler to their … bio” described all of them to a T. Something about it reminds me of endlessly shitting back and forth like in that Miranda July movie. ))((

          • Please excuse the formatting error in the “butts” above.

          • Truly successful founders and VCs do not share what they do…with anyone mainly because all these startups are founded on some element of fraud or manipulating laws (hello Uber and Theranos). If these CEOs or founders attend or host one of these deals it’s about how great they are without saying why they’re great or how the achieved such greatness. With one minor exception, which should serve as a cautionary tale for the rest of these morons, don’t commit fraud and teach about it at Stanford.
            It’s really sad but these summits either prey on the desperate who don’t have what it takes (because if they did they wouldn’t be there) or attended by people looking for prey. (Think a cruise full of Shantis).
            I’m glad you were able to move away from that group.

  9. Look, Tryhardosaurus Regina, it’s not that hard to use the Google yourself. Even with your unwieldy hooves.

    Panel discussion at Burning Man is exactly where I’d expect to find answers to complex social problems. Right up there with Circle K men’s room wall.

  10. You know what would be easier than putting on a “summit” to gather “leaders” to build an entire fucking compound? Renting a house with some friends and making a cooking schedule. You would save a lot of money and maybe even figure out whether the grass is really greener in communal-living-land. Nobody forced you into a pricey 2-bedroom apartment in the Marina.

    She can never just do the normal, healthy, first-step version. It’s always a full-throttle rocket headed straight for the ground.

  11. here is the universal breakdown for any communal organization, whether it be a living compound, cult, communist nation state, whatever size or scale

    5% sociopathic “leaders” who live off of everybody else’s sweat, having sex with everybody else’s spouse, etc. and have convinced the other 95% that it’s for their own good

    15% second-tier, b-list, narcissistic WANNABEES who desperately want to make their way into the top 5% clique, and they will lie, backstab, cheat, blackmail etc. to wrestle their way into the top tier

    60% naive and gullible fools who do all the heavy lifting and earn all the income for the group, and don’t even realize that they are being taken advantage of by the leaders. this may include people who are getting some kind of government subsidy that helps support the rest

    20% sloths who just want to get by doing the absolute minimum amount of work while enjoying maximum partying, drugs, etc.

      • yes, these percentages of the population are everywhere throughout society

        so if you are a part of the 60% of earnest producers, it serves you no good to buy into the communal thing, it only rewards the parasites

        that’s why these communal things never last for any sustainable period of time, and inevitably fall apart, as soon as it becomes apparent who is or is not pulling their weight, and who is having sex with everybody else’s partner, etc.

        the only time it “lasts” is when the thug leaders force your continued participation at the barrel end of a gun.

  12. Funny that she already belongs to a simpatico community at Burning Man (Camp Mystic) who loves espousing this idea of communal living. But how many in this tribe actually live this way? Ali is the only one I can think of who has had a living situation somewhat like this, and it didn’t last.

    • Ali Shanti referenced the “San Pedro House” in her reply and the “feminine model of leadership” that is coming forward. Interestingly enough, the previous communal house that about half of those folks (some of whom are woos often highlighted on this page) inhabited, recently completely fell apart due to their selfish, self-interested polyamorous ways. This fiery demise was painstakingly documented by another former resident for all to read on FB, so you really got to see just how narcissistic and lacking in integrity these people are.

        • It all got taken down (I’m sure there was some urgent PR/ image/ reputation management intervention from the woos in question), and the person’s FB page was not public anyway. But it was sure a juicy read for a few weeks there.

          • I read it too before the man who posted took it down. It seems some of periphery woos are not public posting as much anymore, but untreated crave attention so I am sure that will change again.

  13. she’s so LAZY. basically, hey guys, I’m dedicating myself to this new project but I don’t want to do any of the work of sourcing, researching, contacting and convincing people. please do this for me so I can take the credit. what an asshole.

    • right, like you people do all the work, while i sit on stage and moderate

      i wonder if this is an excuse to meet up with some communal folks to get invited into their ‘tribe’ so as to not have to pay rent in a conventional apartment? then would have a cover story to save face, that her moving into a commune is part of an ongoing “project”, and not out of desperation of no place to live.

      if so, better be careful, there are plenty of predatory men out there who will take advantage of a women in need of a place to stay.

      • Definitely angling for an invite, but, IMO, less about Dad$er’s $$ going to her rent (cuz it still will) & more about a vile donkey being desperate for human contact 24/7/365. No purpose in life & yet, she demands other people make her existence tolerable.

    • Created out of necessity because of abusers like the donkey. Look Donkey, you’re finally succeeded at something.

      • I’d suggest she go into event planning, but she’d just sit on her lard ass and occasionally send an underling an email, expecting him or her to do her job.

      • I know a woo who calls himself a “social alchemist” and also considers himself to be a business guru. I’m pretty sure he’s passing off family money as the spoils of success in order to trick people. The worst.

    Shouting, Donk, doesn’t give your word salad more meaning. Or I should say any meaning. And what the gregdamn is an intentional tribe? As opposed to what? An accidental tribe that just fell together by happenstance? We call those homeless encampments & tent cities.

    I’m guessing the first rule of woo grammar (woovian?) is to toss in as many random words as possible in order to make the reader lose their bread trail back to anything resembling meaning. Then, they just say fuck it & realize any rational debate on whatever point you so inadequately were trying to make is pointless as words do not hold the same meaning in your mind as the rest of the civilized world.

    And the term you’re looking for is community, not tribe, donkass. Stop trying to make tribe happen. It’s very 1997 when local newspapers were all up into covering “urban tribes” which turned out to be nothing more than a bunch of out of work psychology major frat boys crammed into a single family home trying to relive their glory days by chipping in on beer money & cable tv.

    And just like that, I’m depleted before I even get to the rusting winesack & her delusional insistance that architect is a verb. If you follow the “alot is not a word because neither is alittle” test, you realize that to architect is not a thing & sounds as off as asking, “What kind of body do you want to doctor?” Okay, Buffalo Bill, you can fuck right off.

  15. OT/ I’m just gonna leave this right here: Peaky Blinders Season 3

  16. Afghani, GORGEOUS little boy! And so lucky to have you!

    But Ugh. Cat ladies, my doggie died. It was sudden. I’m sad and I can’t imagine how this bitch treats her dog the way she does. I’d give a million dollars for one more minute with my little snuggler. She spends her time posting stupid shit on FB and letting her dog’s eyes deteriorate. She is pure evil.

    • Oh hon. I feel you. My mom’s dog (also a Maltese) just passed after 11 years. We had her since she was a puppy and she was the sweetest dog. My mom is pretty heartbroken. We lost our other dog two years ago after 12 years.

      • Thanks, guys. It’s been like being punched in the gut.

        Not like being punched by a made up homeless guy or some dude that a made up child defends you against. I just hate these assholes and their made up problems so I’m feeling ragey today.

        By the way. Why is JA posting about the need for communal living and it’s nonexistence when her BFF who “I LOVE YOU RAIN”s all the time lives on one and most of her friends are part of it? Why not just donate and live with them?

    • good dog. i am an old expired cynical black hearted cat (formerly dog) lady, with utter disdain for cheap sentiment and memories of a teacher who said, “i don’t care what temperature your heart is,” to illustrate the dumbness of “heartwarming” as an adjective, but that goddamned rainbow bridge poem makes me cry.

    • Ohhh nooo. I am so so so sorry. My doggie and I will dedicate our morning walk in the woods to the memory of your pup. I’ll be thinking of you and trying to cram even more appreciation into every moment I get with my fluff monster.

  17. Sort of on-topic book rec: The Good Terrorist by Doris Lessing. It’s about a group of wannabe political activists in a squat in London. Has anyone else read it? I did, many years ago, and really loved it.

  18. I think this is a ploy to be “I am powerful at this new group living scam, can I stay in your commune for a few months at a time? You can have a panel on my new summit, and I’ll use it to leverage a BOOK deal, TV show, movie, documentary. I’ll mention you.”

  19. LET’S DO THIS says the Georgetown “cheerleader” riding the bike made from Animal’s mangled fuzzy remains. Will this be her outfit for her “panel discussion’ that she is leading”
    Jesus, she is insufferable.

  20. Uhm, er, oops? What’s the plan now, Julia?

    Julia Allison got a shit ton of responses & names of legit people already doing exactly this work — even Phuckphace chimed in w/ the name of a friend who’s “an amazing woman”! So, what’ it going to be — will Julia Allison finish what she started here, or is this project destined for the funeral pyre, right alongside BOOK? #RIPBOOK

    She can couch surf the mofo outta this one! Best of all, there’s a nice-looking guy who is already underway w/ construction in Costa Rica & not only has a Tesla, he also has a baby mama fiancée — so many potential victims; so little time

    Three-month countdown to Burning Man panel starts NOW — will she or won’t she?

    • She’ll try to horn in on whichever of these she feels will best suit her personal agenda. She can’t bear the thought of not being on the Camp Mystic agenda again this year, so if she doesn’t try to facilitate a panel on this, you can be sure it will be about something else she’s Columbused.

  21. OT: I need bra help. I am thin and fit but I’m past my expiration date, so my underarm flab/side boob sags over the sides of my bra. No problem with tshirt but not so attractive in tank top. I like the way the sides look in a fitted sports bra but then my expired boobs (2 babies, long-term nursing) are pancakes. I actually have a couple of coobies: my go-to shitty, comfy bras with almost no support. But I would like a bra that is sports bra on the side, support/push-up in the front. That doesn’t say MADE IN CHINA around the bottom band. Do you cat ladies have any bras you rave about? Thanks in advance.

    • Victoria’s Secret makes a sports bra-the Ultimate-that provides enough support for my expired, DDD three thirsty kids later self. I’m also reasonably fit but my breast tissue is seeking refuge in my armpits. I find this bra comes up high enough on the sides so I can “tuck” it back in. The cups are molded so it provides support, definition and doesn’t give the uniboob. If you’re looking for something less sporty try on some different demi cups, some brands are cut up high enough to secure that border. I have very few tank tops and dresses that fit well because=stay at home mom with three kids under six. But I’m vice-president of our Montessori school board! So, I get away with wearing lots of shawls and scarves and other hippie layers.

    • Daiso has a soft bra that is a tank style v neck that I enjoy, I’m about a 34 B and the band is nice and snug but room for bigger girls in the chest. It also rides higher along the pits so that’s kinda nice.

      Seconding VS sports bras, some heavy duty construction there. They sometimes have like 40% off sales for them, worth full price though imo.

      Have you tried halter neck styles? They tend to go right to the pits.

  22. Mr H and I would be so good in an intentional community, because we both work very hard at domestic life, and he (those of you who know us irl will appreciate the understatement of this) can do or fix *anything.* He, especially, is tireless. I’ve never seen anyone work harder, longer hours than he does. Alas, I hate people, so actually I would suck at being in an intentional community. Abort, abort!

    ‘… attending networking parties and silent discos and massive “cuddle parties” where 20-somethings* flirted over free beer and canoodled with giant teddy bears.’

    How about that? Wired magazine’s top-selling cover girl one year, save those three months she was out-sold, Julia Allison, also a self-proclaimed woman in tech living in SF at the time, wasn’t even consulted for this piece. Doesn’t Laura Malonee know who Julia Allison is?

    *Most definitely NOT 20-something.

    • Or a collection plate (all proceeds from which go to directly fund broke-ass “artists” committed to saving the planet with bad singing and the like, minus basic administrative fees of course.)

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