Dumb Donkey Identifies With Crying Child, Wails Against The Rich

Sweet small sorrow...

Posted by Whocares on Sunday, May 29, 2016

Dear Greg, someone please hold Julia Allison!!

This is exactly how I feel.

What an amazing human being. I wish all humans were as astute.

He’s speaking deep wisdom and truth. I pray he doesn’t lose this beauty to the cynicism and numbness and apathy that has infected our society.

Not sure how I feel about the mom suggesting “making posters” as a viable methodology for fighting evil.

How much evil has been stopped by posters?

(cc Cory Tanner Glazier … I could see your son being this conscious.)

Yoo hoo, Cory! I’m crying over the rich, too, and might accept no more money from my enabler father!

“Middle-out economics rejects the old misconception that an economy is a perfectly efficient, mechanistic system and embraces the much more accurate idea of an economy as a complex ecosystem made up of real people who are dependent on one another.

Which is why the fundamental law of capitalism must be: If workers have more money, businesses have more customers. Which makes middle-class consumers, not rich businesspeople like us, the true job creators. Which means a thriving middle class is the source of American prosperity, not a consequence of it. The middle class creates us rich people, not the other way around.”


Bottom Picture! Self-proclaimed Citizen of the World Jess Johnson at the conference in Mumbai to which she invited herself:

After being rejected from the ashram we decided to place every article of clothing in our suitcases on our bodies JUST to be sure. #whoneedshotyoga? — with Gina Otto and Neeta Bhushan.

Huh? Did Jaaahass try to get out of paying?

“Don’t you know who I am?! Put it on my Patreon account.”


  1. That video disturbs the hell out of me. What exactly did Mom or Dad do to engineer that on camera display?

    • a rich stealth bitch awful person was yelling at her child at the pool today, being v verbally abusive so that only people in the immediate vicinity could overhear; the opposite of poor people smacking their children upside on the head on the subway for misbehaving and then smacking them again for crying — the behavior is more reprehensible for attempting consciously to hide it than for being merely ignorant.

    • This is my first thought, too. What did they say to him to work him up like that with wracking sobs? Children cry like that when they lose their pet or grandmother or are homesick and had a bad dream when mom and dad are away. They don’t do that over global issues. It seems terribly cruel to allow him to get so upset & film it, instead of comforting him.

      It reminds me of the emotional manipulation of my fanatical religious parents. They should us Watership Down, told us the world was ending & would be destroyed in Armageddon. They told us the devil was real & preyed upon the disobedient. They told us the wicked, aka most of humanity, would burn in a lake of fire for eternity. Know what it got me & my 7 siblings? Years of therapy. I slept with a light on until I was 28 & my infant son preferred dark in his nursery at night. I was paralyzed by fear so many nights & had to wake someone up & explain. It was not cute in law school waking up my boyfriend cause I’m terrified since we watched a scary movie. When I was little, I’d wet the bed in fear before getting up in the dark.

      That little boy’s wracking sobs reminds me of my emotionally traumatized self. I cried for 3 days when I saw Battlestar Galactica at a friend’s house & they left Starbuck on that planet alone. I prayed & cried & prayed they’d go back for him & find earth. I was 9. This is kid seems familiar in his emotionally manipulated state. He’s traumatized. I want to grab him from the backseat & hug him & tell that mother off on behalf of all emotionally manipulated kids who become pawns in their parent’s hands to suit whatever fucked up agenda they have. People suck.

      • It was not cute in law school waking up my boyfriend cause I’m terrified since we watched a scary movie.

        Well that’s what you get for living in Sin.

        (Joking, obviously.)

          • They were also angry I decided to get an education cause “girls don’t need more than a seventh grade education to do God’s work.” And law school = Satan
            But since I was going to hell anyway. You’ve ovbiously know the type, though. Scoldy, shouty (with “God’s wrath”), stormcrows.

      • Oh my sweet, this made me cry a bit. I am so sorry. Your parents sound awful. All the snuggles.

        • Thank you, Albie & Gimme. We’re all adults now with children of our own, well, I should say child. Six of us have one child and one has none, personal choice. We’re all very compassionate. I think when you’ve suffered, it makes you more empathetic.

          I didn’t mention my folks also lived communally when we were abroad. Nightmare. It allows so many predilections to go unchecked. So, Donk is wrong on that, too. I was a single mom for 12 years, and I would’ve preferred a hole in the head over communal living. It’s a den of iniquity that allows group-think to override ones own conscience.

          • *Seven of us have one child (I admit. I had to count twice on my fingers saying each name)

      • My husband grew up in a fear-based religion and it did him no favors. There’s a church by my house that has engraved over the door “Suffer the children to come unto me and I will teach them the fear of the Lord.” Yeah, no fucking thanks.

        People use fear to control their children because their toolbox is otherwise empty. It’s very sad to see kids like that compared to a kid who has been shown the wonders of the world.

        • Word. When I became a mom, I had to go to a family therapist & child specialist to learn how to parent. I had no model. Nothing. I only knew how to parent in the opposite, no hitting, no yelling, no emotionally manipulating, no indoctrinating. Everything else, had to learn it.

      • CurlingIrons, you are a real trooper and the basement is a better place for your presence in it.

        • Aww, thank you, Crystal. I feel like a junior commenter around here with all the smart, talented & experienced catpeeps, who can say in three sentences what takes me four paragraphs. But, there’s so much servicy advice & cheetos dusted love. I like it here. Best place I’ve found to learn how not to become an insufferable harpy asshole.

          • Junior commenter club! Learning how to better not-asshole, one comment thread at a time.

        • Agree, Crystal! Glad you are here, CurlingIrons, and that you came out the other side.

    • I’m right there w/ ya — serious manipulation at work behind the scenes to get a small child worked into a crying jag over a conclusion not reached on their own — learned behavior, but why, just for views? Filming the one kid’s distress rather than trying to comfort either crying kid? It’s telling, alright. Awful parenting.

      Also, the word “hate” three times? I can’t even articulate how disturbing I find it when kids are allowed, nevermind encouraged, to spout that word freely.

  2. What kind of a manipulative agenda-promulgating parent would set this up and film it and disperse it? What kind of moron would lap it up and pass it on?

    • Further, what kind of moron would lap it and pass it on AND include a P.S.: Yoo-hoo, DILF!

    • This is so well stated. It’s amazing that so many people (some of whom are sadly parents) think that getting something, anything, to go viral is will solve their problems and manipulate/fabricate scenarios shamelessly and in this case while exploiting one child and neglecting another. This is akin to Julia Price’s fake little boy defending her from a mean man story. And when mainstream media grabs a hold of these abusive stories it perpetuates the cycle where others view it as encouragement to try and replicate with the goal of getting rewarded. I’d put money on these are they type of parents that held a branding focus group to help select their children’s names.
      Child abuse should not be encouraged and that’s exactly what that video demonstrates.

  3. Things like this make me hope la burra is infertile. Her parenting *shudder*

  4. Hypocritical Donkey put up that eat the rich post over three hours ago and has received not a single response, not even a thumbs up from Wali Rahman’s stealth account.

    THIS IS ONLINE SUCCESS, as I’m sure her many clients will tell you!

    • People are fools that spend the holidays with family/ loved ones/ friends instead of checking Facebook like our enlightened Burra with her couch surfing tribe. If only they weren’t such fools* they’d be singing her hosannas.

      * I know we are all hoping for Evangelical Donkey but conspiracy theory/ Alex Jones acolyte could be an entertaining persona. She’d get to type “Wake up sheeple!” after every scold.

      • She’s been posting non-stop since returning from that digital detox, and no one is responding to any of her blithering. She ended up tagging several of the usual suspects in the comments to her struggling moms post, apparently because no one was paying any attention to that hour’s scold. She ended up with five measly responses, including one from new booster Ryan Allis.

    • Wow, those “clients” are likely beating down the door. She’ll have to excuse herself from fake friendship phone calls to take even more fake calls from fake clients.

  5. “How much evil has been stopped by posters?”

    I don’t know, let’s ask the Marina laundry room.

    • Such a smart aleck! Julia Allison stopped evil by allegedly donating gently used fashion magazines to women’s shelters. All hail Humanitarian Donkey!

    • And the kid is, what, five or six-years-old? I mean he really should have a website with a donation steam to solve the world’s problems, slacker. What world problems did Julia’s, now stagnant, website solve? Any dude thinking about sticking it in her wrapped it twice to avoid spawning with a minion of Satan?

    • What’s the difference between a poster and a (Facebook) post?

      What exactly makes Julie think her fb presence is somehow effective?

    • Pfff… everyone knows that only polyester tutus and unwashed onesies stop evil.

  6. Good to see people commenting on the disturbing nature of this video. I’m not the only one thinking it’s awful. Beyond the emotional manipulation & trauma their inflicting, what about their child’s privacy. It’s infuriating to consider Burra using this kid to further her agenda. And it’s just not safe to exploit that kid in such a way. If it goes viral, it could come back to humiliate him by other insensitive kids. Bullying is real. And what about crime? Do you want sickos watching your kid? Strangers? The ones that don’t care about the environment? The ones that like kids? They’re out there. It doesn’t make the kid safer. Makes me so mad because I can feel the exploitative nature of this & it reminds me of my own trauma, being made to sing & perform for strangers, having my voice recorded & sent to the whole family. I thought I sounded like a dying bird. I was so ashamed. A child doesn’t want people to see him crying or upset. It’s humiliating.

    You are not the only one who thinks this Maren Wassenaar, this video really disturbs me, it shows a child in severe distress who has lost faith in the strength and power he has to do good, he is on a path of feeling powerless and becoming very angry which just compounds the very energy that is behind all destruction. It is a very complex issue that needs compassion, innovation and positivity to solve not more aggression and fearfulness, especially in a child who had not yet learnt enough emotional intelligence. This is the same as any other kind of brain washing or abuse. Please build your sons power to love not to hate, that is what will save us. Very concerning :((

    Am I the only one who doesnt get it why his mom is filming his helplessness instead of giving him an enormous hug?! #stopfilming #hug #andthendogreatthings

    Scares me a bit. he is right of course but seems like the boy could really use a hug…..think children this age should somehow be protected for such intense sorrow and even hate feelings….

    • JFAing to say those last three paragraphs were comnents on the original video posting.

    • Seriously. I was a SUPER sensitive kid and had a few of the same worries this poor little guy has. My parents’ response was to buy my sister and I some books on things kids can do to help save the planet, and then not murder us when we announced at 11 that we were going vegetarian. (Nearly twenty-five years later, my mother still says she blames Ranger Rick for us both now being vegan.)

      There’s a way to help sensitive, smart children deal with scary and overwhelming topics, and posting videos of them wrestling with their emotions is not the way to do it. Oh, and neither is then equating yourself with them when you ARE an adult, Julia.

    • You’re right, I would have hugged him, not film him. It’s absolutely awful, and what happened to you and your siblings is worse. Hugs to you for being strong enough and for pursuing your education. You didn’t deserve to be raised in such fear and manipulation.
      Why not suggest the kid in the video plant a vegetable garden and get his school class to do the same? Try to empower him, not let him fear and hate and feel ineffectual. Ugh ugh ugh.

      As for Burra and posters not solving anything, I actually snorted in contempt at her. Not only her pathetic laundry posters, but also those ones with the colors (bright) backgrounds she tried to get to go viral about the journey to love yourself blah blah blah leading up to her BM self wedding.

      Ugh, people. I’ve just fallen for a narcissistic sociopathic bitch myself to whom I stupidly lent money, who has been promising to pay for months and won’t and is now refusing to acknowledge the debt. I’m going to take her to civil court. She’s quoting the wrong legislation, stating things that never happened and I have so many texts and emails from her to show otherwise. She’s too stupid and doesn’t have a good enough memory to be a good liar. Unlikely I will ever recover the money, but I’m going to get judgement against dumb bitch anyway and costs and get my money’s worth, if not the actual money itself. I could do without the aggravation. I guess that’s what I get for being trusting and helping that cow, not just with money. F*ck I hate people.

      • It’s been a hard lesson that I’m not sure I’ve completely learned, but there are sociopaths with no conscience out there, and they will hurt & victimize you if allowed. And my “always stay humble & kind” approach works about as well as an umbrella in a lightning storm. I have to constantly remind myself that standing up to them isn’t becoming what they are it’s preventing them from destroying who you are. Come back & get advice on filing your claim. There’s lots of good legal advice lurking in the basement.

      • walk away and don’t look back and don’t waste the effort to pursue your claim — just run

  7. All this posting about families and tribes and children makes me SERIOUSLY concerned that Donk is trying to convince some guy that she would make a good parent.

    • Donk is trying to convince some guy that she the tribe he finds for her & sets her up in would make a good parent.

      • Oh good (sad) call. All this stuff about tribes is so that she can have a baby and not have to raise it on her own.

    • In la Burra’s mind, “community” and “tribe” mean free babysitting while she pointlessly jets her ass from A to B to spread magic and change the paradigm.

      I shudder at the thought of a parenting Donkey.

  8. I remember when I was about this age I got super worked up and bawled after a Good Friday mass, even talking about how I wanted to be a priest when I grew up. If a parent recorded and uploaded something like that today, people would probably respond that it was exploitative and obviously intended to serve my parent’s ideological agenda rather than benefit the kid. They’d be absolutely correct.

  9. my kid cried nonstop when willy from free willy got taken from his parents. it was the saddest thing and recording it was kind of- not something i had even thought of bc wtf?

    ps am fine. still figuring shit out. taking care of myself as much as i can.

    • Re your second para, i.just.can’t, I am happy to hear that. Please continue to be good to yourself.

    • I’ve been thinking you, I.just.can’t. Not to sound like a woo, but I’ve been sending positive to energy you and your family’s way. The basement is here for you.

    • Thinking about you and wishing you well.

      I cry at the Charlie Brown Christmas Special, because Charlie Brown loves the sad little tree.

    • you got this. Thumbs up. this time next year you’re going to be all “OMG I FEEL AMAZING.”

      • This.
        I.just.can’t I’m sorry you’re having to go through this. Thanks for the update.

        Re crying at free willy, someone up thread commented about Watership Downs. As an adult I cry when I read that, and Black Beauty. Although I love both books, I’ve not re-read them for over a decade because I just can’t put myself through it again! And this coming from someone who worked in debt collection and complaints resolution for years. memememe, sorry.

  10. Children cry like this when they’re hungry and tired and can’t take any more stimulation, and filming it is so wicked I couldn’t watch more than a couple seconds. Awful, awful parenting.

    • I haven’t bothered to watch at all. I go to therapy to weep about my helplessness in the face of climate change and all the animals. I don’t think I could handle some poor kid being crushed under those same anxieties.

      (Ugh. I know. I’ve gone soft.)

  11. OT- can anyone offer up any resources for gardening and landscape? With a toddler and infant at home, I need just some basics. Bonus points for anything that is extra-kid-friendly. My nearly 2 YO loooooooves helping with the trowel.

    • evergreens: green all year

      flowers: green and colorful in spring and summer.

      perennials — come back

      annuals — don’t come back

      look at your property and think about where you’re okay if it’s bare in the cold months, and where you want it to be green year round. then think about your budget.

      • great advice — and once you plant things (plants, borders, flowers, etc) water them in the beginning, so they take root and flourish.

        You can also look up lots of info on the www (how to plant certain things, etc)

        You can get fairly well priced plants at garden shops, supermarket, etc. make sure you loosen roots before planting. Maybe tear pics out of mags that you like, to get a sense of what would work on your property. (I love gardening — very relaxing.) Keep us posted!

        Finally, I don’t know where you live — but (obv) certain flowers, plants work better in certain parts of country than others. Look at what your neighbors are planting to get ideas… Many towns have garden clubs you can join — they might help you and give you ideas.

    • Your amazing human beings are going to cultivate a conscious food garden?
      snarkface emoticon Srsly though, I love it! I truly believe you do a world of good by getting kids interested in food this way, & the earlier, the better. You can cheap out on it too; teaching moments every step of the way.

      Save eggs shells, egg cartons, seeds from produce you consume, sliced sections of produce that can be rooted in dirt or water, etc. Gather anything that can be used for container gardening (my recommendation, unless you already have a tilled plot — [1] the separate containers help the littles keep straight early on which seedlings went where, & [2] you don’t have ’em walking in dirt & mud).

      As evenly as you can, halve your eggshells when cracking ’em open for cooking; place halves in egg carton (bonus points if you can get corrugated cartons) — when ready to use, you’ll spoon potting soil in & tamp seeds down in ’em — you can place cartons on a low window sill while germination is taking place & that way your littles can water & check progress daily. For watering, upcycle an old sriracha sauce bottle or similar, the kind that has a nipple spout, so that a drop of water at a time can be dispersed — makes it very easy to avoid over-watering & little hands can handle it well. When it’s time to transplant, the eggshell of sprouted growth goes right into the container you’ve selected (this is where the corrugated is handy, cuz you can cut a section off if the eggshell is too brittle).

      One of those plastic cat litter bins w/ the lid that partially folds back makes for an excellent compost bin starter that the littles can put refuse in, stir w/ sticks, water to “get hot” (break down), etc.

      Instrx per individual plants? Easy peasy — if you buy it, you obvs like it — start there & google how-to’s — there’s no shortage of simplified info. Here’s a good video on starting from scraps: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n6QnKAyBKu4

      A spiral notebook dedicated to the project can be useful for you to log notes on, & fun for them to write, draw & color in however the creative process strikes them or as you wish for them to document what is learned as ya go. Have fun!

    • Roses are almost impossible to kill, and morning glories will do all the work for you, but will take over everything.

    • MINT is also terrific — very hardy and easy to grow — but grow in pot — otherwise, takes over entire garden. Tough and hardy, lots of sun. Kids might enjoy this.

  12. Holy merde. Donkey posted her middle-class rant over NINE hours ago and she’s received a single response, a heart emoticon from Wali Rahman’s stealth account. I almost feel sorry for her … and then I remember what a lying, lazy, smug, stupid, hypocritical asshole she is. Did I leave anything out?

  13. Maybe this is what Donk is trying to horn in on:

    Shane Metcalf · May 26 at 11:14am

    Hey folks, who’s interested in joining the Wildcat Village with us up in East Richmond Heights? We’ve got like 7 houses now and amazing peeps and want all our friends to live there.

    I’ve created a facebook group where I post any housing opps I come across, so let me know if you’d like to be added.

    He’s a friend of ilyRain, Bryan Franklin, Mulia Mallison …

      • ::shrug::

        MY GUESS: mini braycay w/ Phuckphace over before Groundhog Camp; now she’s in the OMG!DC, not holding space w/ her “tribe” of birth.

        I don’t see it happening, not if they’re already up to seven houses & she hasn’t wrangled an invite yet.

        • Brayella, she’s not in Chicago, but good sleuthing. Donkey and Shane are tight and even Bryan Franklin is salivating over the new moonie compound. Interesting.

          Speaking of Shane, is he, like, 13 years old? “We’ve got like 7 houses now and amazing peeps and want all our friends to live there.”

          • I’m on record as being of the opinion all her crap is parked in the OMG!DC, independent of where her raftass is currently parked at any given moment — have sugar daddy air miles, will couch surf!

            I know, difference of opinion, but not being privvy to tipster info you’ve alluded to, what’s a girl to do? 😉

          • “Speaking of Shane, is he, like, 13 years old? “We’ve got like 7 houses now and amazing peeps and want all our friends to live there.”

            And our friends are all on board
            Many more live next door
            And the donk begins to bray

    • Uh-oh, but that is NOT in upscale Marin but… gasp…. on the *other* side of the Bay.

      Could it be that la Burra has been lying to us again?

  14. OT — an offbeat Netflix Original streaming recommendation: ATELIER
    (translation = ‘underwear’, I think)

    Centered around, of all things, the fashion merchandising of high-end Japanese lingerie, this is a really sweet coming-of-age storyline w/ no violence, nudity nor strong language.

    It has subtitles (maybe a plus for commuters of long transit?) Personally, I love it.

    Anyone else see anything over the weekend worth recommending?

    • Thanks for the recommendation and (I think) ATELIER is more about the construction of the garment (less mass-produced items but not quite couture).

      I’ve really enjoyed AMC’s TURN (season three is current but one & two are on Amazon).

    • I love that show!

      I watched Jen Kirkman’s stand up over the weekend. At first I thought it was 2edgy4me but I got into it and I thought it was funny and brave. My only note would be that she’d be funnier if she could make facial expressions but that’s my peeve and I can get beyond it.

      • JK opened for Chelsea Handler @ Madison Sq Garden (Uganda be Kidding me tour), and she kept bitching in a bad way about married people who, of course, were a large percentage of the audience.

        Not funny……

        • It seemed to me that the people she was bitching most about were all secretly herself… but I didn’t see the particular act you saw… but on the piece that streams on Netflix she was basically tearing herself a new one for being such an asshole married person.

      • @Stalker — I think I may be getting on a Japanese tv kick — I am now watching TERRACE HOUSE, a reality show where three guys & three girls are tossed in a beautiful house for 18 weeks — almost a culture shock to me, the people are all so cordial & gracious, not to mention industrious (they just drained the pool & scrubbed it by hand).

        Anyway, throwing that at ya as a “maybe” rec (too soon to be sure) & ask if you have other Japanese shows to rec (Netflix or Amazon).

    • Atelier means “workshop” – that sounds cool!

      I was laid up over the weekend and watched Lady Dynamite (highly recommend), Broad City seasons 1-2, and season 2 of Kimmy Schmidt. I was on Percocet but they all made me laugh really hard.

      • You are right — I’d looked up pronunciation & read (but promptly forgot) definition.

        I gave Lady Dynamite two tries, thinking I’d like it, but no. I will look into the others mentioned here & above.

        • (just wanted to make sure you knew I didn’t mean that correction snarkily – just wanted a chance to use my Fronsh!)

          Sorry you didn’t like Lady Dynamite – I found it hilarious and poignant at times. Did you like Arrested Development?

          All this cringy stuff has finally given me the stones to watch Curb Your Enthusiasm, which I could never take before. AFTER I go through s3 of Broad City, which is killing me with the lolz.

          • Loved AD. Loved TUKS. Loved CYE.

            Never even heard of Broad City – trying it next.

    • In fashion, “atelier” is where the couture/high end clothing is actually produced… the actual room/place. Which is why they are always talking about the Chanel atelier, YSL atelier, etc.

      My 2 cents…

  15. Cory Tanner Glazier, whose FB coverage of his child borders on the exploitative, responds to Donkey’s tag and makes it all about himself:

    “That’s how I’ve felt most of my life. Trying to get as wise as I can about response. I cry often.

    Thank you for the share.

    When I was a kid I used to say ‘I just can’t wait till I have my own company so I can get things done’. My mom, joy Joy Tanner Glazier can vouch for that.

    I really don’t think we should be destroying our environments or end lacing and murdering animals either.”

    • The funny (tragic) thing is that the kid is sitting in a large car, maybe an SUV or a van, surrounded by plastic (car, car seat, clothing, phone etc), but all the nasty things that happened to extract all the oil to make their lifestyle happen (animals killed, forests cleared, rivers polluted, human rights violated) does not seem to register with the mother.

      Yeah, go make some posters, that will do it.

      • all the THIS’s. That’s what I was thinking, and his plastic green dinosaur, and the smartphone the mom is using etc. I am so over people atm. Sorry for the negativity, I just want to crawl up into a cave with my furbaby and never come out.

        That poor kid and his sibling/s. Exploitative, hypocritical parents.

  16. Sorta OT: Are catladies watching Chelsea on Netflix?

    I am a big fan of hers, but I know she is “controversial” (some people think she is just a drunken talentless ho).

    Anyway… the other night she had Ashton how-can-we-help Kutcher and Cindy take-care-dear-heart McCain talking about human trafficking. Cindy looked like she put on a few pounds (or maybe it was just fillers in her face) and had some trouble walking (she was wearing flats but needed help climbing the steps to the stage).

    Oh, Burra, if you had played your cards right, YOU could have been in that chair with Ashton!

    • Which one is that? I thought I’d seen ’em all, but nope, not that one.

      Lot’s of good comedian follows on Netflix — I especially like the podcast guy Marc, & also the Indian guy from P&R — both are very Louie (Louis CK) in format.

        • I see there’s three now:
          * Chelsea Does
          * Chelsea: Uganda Be Kidding
          * Chelsea

          Mystery solved; 1st one I’ve seen; last one in the queue!

          • “Chelsea” is her thrice-weekly show.

            The episodes are released after midnight, on Wednesday, Thursday & Friday.

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