Donkey Allison Weeps Over Struggling Moms & Other Poor Unfortunate Souls Whose Life Choices Don’t Match Her Own

Once again, our burro is wringing her hands on Fecebook:

I think about this nearly every day.

In my research, the lack of LIVING IN villages (tribes) is the root cause of a PROFOUND isolation, overwhelm and deep sadness that we then attempte to ameloriate with alcohol, workaholism, perfectionism, prescription drugs, overeating and any other host of addictions designed to numb out deep pain.

We are social animals – and I don’t mean a scheduled visit 3-4 times a week. We were designed to LIVE in larger groups of caring people who share the burdens and joys of life – not alone, in couples or even the much vaunted nuclear families – and until we get back to this place, we will continue to feel empty, lost, stressed – and fundamentally incomplete.

She was examining the plight of struggling single mothers for her “research”? For the book that she couldn’t bother to finish? Did she send those women some gently used fashion magazines? I’d laugh if it weren’t so obscene.

Just how many woos are shacking up with Rain & Rainbow in their forest-y habitat?


  1. Yes because every communal living project has ended well and the village structure of less advanced countries is great for the elder male members and pretty much sucks for anyone but the chief. So enlightened our burro is.

    • This. The amount of domestic and sexual abuse in communal living situations is extraordinarily high, particularly for minors.

      • Ha, yes. or how about PEYTON PLACE. Where everyone knows everything, all up in each others’ business, gossip wrecks lives. Small towns and villages can be smothering and stultifying places for people who don’t fit in, historically. Divorced single moms, gay people, mixed-race couples, kooky artists? Classically most people with spark can’t wait to get away from small towns and villages, because people there can be petty and small-minded and awful, making for a repressive place.

        So of course Donkey is in favor of that. Because she’s too stupid to think it through. She should move to some small town community in Kentucky or something, she’d be the local scarlet woman and laughing-stock within a week. STFU, Julia.

    • I want to sit all the woos down and have them watch Danny Boyle’s “The Beach”.

  2. Yet she publicly bashes her brother and sister-in-law for moving back to the Chicago area? Where their son will be close to both sets of grandparents? She is such a hypocrite.

    • Oh but you see its different because she has lived in over 12+ cities and he hasn’t

    • Donkey wants a tribe NOT a family. They are clearly VERY different. Because a tribe wouldn’t have known her long enough to hate her.

  3. Will someone tell La Donk that anthropological research typically involves slightly more than reading the headlines of TED talks and articles on Spirit Science and Mind Unleashed while scrolling through your Facebook newsfeed from The Couch You Surfed in northern California

  4. I’m sure there are descendants of the original Manson family living in geographic proximity to Donks who could help her set this gig up.

  5. “…a PROFOUND isolation, overwhelm and deep sadness …”

    What is an “overwhelm”? I do not think that is a noun.

    • Falls into woo/cult language along with “lovership” and “in relationship” and so many others.

      Or she’s too dumb to catch her own typos.

  6. First off, what a whiny, self-serving article — if you need a village to raise your kid & wipe your ass for you while they’re at it, but don’t have an actual village, don’t get knocked up.

    Next, if you’re a donkey who can’t stand being alone w/ herself, maybe don’t yoni-ectomy ALL THE GIRLS *snap* all *snap* the *snap* time & find a dude not in the circus.

    Last … “research”? You mean where you look for something, anything, in print to justify your preferred lifestyle to Dad$er?

    • This. Her “research” was merely describing & justifying her own life choices under the guise of writing about others. This actually seems quite consistent with someone who routinely fabricates people & interactions in her life. Frat boy & homeless guy would make better book characters if she could only give anyone or anything any depth.

      But, you can’t give anything any depth if you have none. In fact, you can’t write about anyone or anything if you can’t see past yourself. I’m willing to bet her entire 80 page double spaced 14 font tome was nothing more than an angry justification for her own life written for her parent’s benefit. That would explain why momser didn’t rescue her burrito. She likely couldn’t read the pouty, foot stomping draft soaked in pity. And the editor couldn’t give depth & perspective to inch deep navel-gazing. I’m telling you Donald Trump’s publicist was a better attempt at creating one’s own third party praise than that “manuscript”.

      Poor Book. Poor, poor Book. I hear Su-Chin from Juno chanting, “All babies want to get born!” Book, too, just wanted to be born. Nobody believed it would happen. We heard of Book and rumors of Book. We heard Book had been born, but according to reports he had “teeth and a spinalcord.” “That’s right. It was [her] twin.” Badly deformed, yet resembling Burra, he died at birth and everyone present has taken an oath never to speak of what they witnessed. Was it blood magic? Construction paper and stick glue? We’ll never know because Book never had a fighting chance. He lost the maternal lottery & got not the mother of dragons, but the mother of circus scolds. He was literally a Son of the Harpy.

      Remember when she told the nonsociety slow bus girls all they needed was to pick a topic as their brand & voila, you’re an expert? All it took was showing up at the industry celebrations & awards & being photographed in order to be an “expert”.

      “Julia Allison – actress”
      “Julia Allison – dating columnist”
      “Julia Allison – Washington Post journalist”
      “Julia Allison – NBC correspondent”
      “Julia Allison – tv commentator”
      “Julia Allison – syndicated columnist”
      “Julia Allison – relationship expert”
      “Julia Allison – documentary star”
      “Julia Allison – author”

      When all else failed & she had been run out of every industry, she resorted to “happiness” expert & went on the festival circuit. She might as well joined the circus, but even that takes talent to be the “star”.

      • It’s amazing to consider what a disastrous flaming wreck of suck she was at all those “jobs” you listed. Her failures are truly something to behold, put together. What a wastrel.

        No idea what she does all day. Sleep till noon, google herself, stalk exes inline,watch trash tv, eat bon-bons? If she cares so much why doesn’t she do some volunteer work with her copious free time? I would honestly give her some credit for that, and it would give her something real to write about. But no, she’s lazy and doesn’t give a fuck about other people. Useless donkey.

        • Duh, she is busy with all her myriad consulting clients that we would be shocked to learn the identities of.

  7. Tribal people living in villages don’t suffer from depression? A few minutes with Google and I found loads of studies that contradict this. Like this study of villages in rural Bangladesh:

    “…This article reports the results of a qualitative study conducted in two villages of Matlab to explore the cultural dimensions of depression…in the present study, the villagers and informal healthcare providers perceived ‘depression’ with a ‘psychosocial’ explanatory model. They believed that, having too many chinta (worries) could lead to chinta rog (worry illness) that resembled the typical description of a depressive episode…

    …Most participants described somatic complaints, e.g. multiple aches and pains, sleeplessness, burning sensations, weakness, etc. and associated these with terms, such as chinta rog, or tension rog, the most commonly-cited terms that matched description in the vignette. The participants drew body-maps that clearly showed that they recognized, and emphasized on, the association of physical problems with chinta rog. This predominance of somatic complaints in depression is consistent with the results of other quantitative (2) and qualitative (10) studies that investigated the symptom profile of depression and psychological suffering among the urban population. It may well be that physical complaints are culturally more acceptable than emotional symptoms, as often seen by the professional medical doctors in this study…

    ..Tablets seemed to be their preferred choice of treatment once the illness had progressed. It was only because they could not afford it and, as such, they did not take medication. The author had the opportunity to talk to a woman who had been suffering from depression for many years. She complained that she had no money to buy tablets. Nothing seems to have worked in these past years. So, she was keeping her hopes high on the tablets to cure her debilitating condition for many years…

    ..The effect on relationships and marriage was discussed a lot. The participants mentioned that there would be no peace in the family, and marriages would be affected. For men, the question was about their capacities as men to provide support to the family. Women felt that they would get beaten if chinta rog had made them incapable of carrying out household chores…”

    TL;DR – people living in villages get depressed, too.

    • Oh, honey, she’s not talking about really tribes and villages. She’s talking about imaginary woo tribes and villages.

      • the “occupy new york” tribe of a-holes that kept us awake all night with their incessant drum circles.

  8. Julie is so desperately unhappy. All. The. Time.

    Living with a bunch of annoying people isn’t going to fix your problem.

    Taking your Meds, talk therapy, maybe a legitimate 360 degree evaluation by sane people to clarify how you are perceived might actually help.

    Until then, scoldy mcScolder’ing isn’t doing anything to help anyone.

    • So much of this! She’s unhappy, rather miserable and all the manic/panic posting to the contrary doesn’t change the facts. Happy people don’t post like this and certainly she should never give advice to anyone on anything. People who are genuinely happy seldom know it because it’s how they’re hard wired, and it’s not about scolding or shaming the masses to feel superior, which she is always her only goal.

  9. Translation: Mom and Dad, if you keep questioning my way of life, you will be responsible for me becoming an alcoholic drug addict with profound sadness (look it up in the DSM!) I live in tribal village now! And don’t try to question me on this if it makers no sense to you, because profound sadness. And alcohol. And pills And that pesky perfectionism you gave me.

  10. This is another time I feel sad for her, because if she thinks for a moment the people she associates with would ever treat her as if she were a part of a “tribe,” which p.s. is the stupidest use of that word I’ve ever heard, she’s in for a rude awakening. Imagine if she relied on any of them as a single mother. Imagine relying on them for ANYTHING. They’re exhibitionists and narcissists, and about half of them seem to be straight up sociopaths.

    • She shits on family and yet, family are the only ones who consistently support her. She’s such an ungrateful asshole. Dad$er is good enough to pay all her bills but not to be “tribe”.

      • She could solve her tribe (friend) problem by having a job or spending time in otherwise productive ways. When you are consistently meeting new people through work or volunteerism or art, it is less tempting to surround yourself with people who want to sell you stuff.

  11. That’s it. I’ve seen the error of my ways. I’m gonna pack my shit and move to a commune tomorrow.

  12. Dave Morin, Brit Morin, Randi Zuckerberg, Ricki Van Even please stop pretending you’re as happy as mememememememememme with your millions b/c YOU’RE NOT!!!!!!


    • Why must everyone insist on using proper punctuation when writing that final sentence? Julia Allison, a writerly writer who writes and who once had a book deal with St. Martin’s, certainly did not.


    • Just follow Julie’s life advice and you too could be pushing 40 and childless with no prospects for marriage, a “career” in shambles, an endless stream of broken friend/”sister”/love relationships, more burnt bridges than France in WWII, and dependent on your parents for your most basic living expenses. #ThisIsSuccess

    • p.s. living with a shit ton of people sounds like a fucking nightmare to me but I’m a weirdo I guess

      • Word. I don’t like people around me all the time. Unless they’re other anonymous city dwellers. I don’t want a tribe. I want a few folk I can hang out with who also dislike people who are up in their business.

        • As much as I hate to envision it, maybe she does need a husband a couple kids.. Boom, you’re living in a tribe with no personal space ever again. Bliss! Bitch doesn’t even know. She thinks she wants a life where people sit around in a tee-pee, coddling her and keeping her company, weaving clothes and shit, with no recompense. But, with WiFi access, of course.

          • She’ll never be happy and it has to do with her not her environment or the people around her.

          • Donkey is one of those people who would bray: “Let’s everybody all ___ !!!”

            For instance, in a house w/ three other people & four tv’s, nothing preventing her from watching what she wants to see, she’d insist on everyone watching w/ her. “C’mon, it’ll be soooo much fun! Put on this onesie! Guys! It’ll be hysterical! Dibs on this seat!”

            She’d be totally incapable of quietly watching one thing & leaving others alone to do as they please. She needs companionship & constant validation 24/7.

    • Oh! Of course you’re right. I consistently miss the obvious.

      • ha, I have no idea, I’m just thinking of the time avocado moved in with jahass, etc.. there’s probably an opening somewhere that she is trying to get in on.

  13. Wow, so buying Devon a trip to Europe, selling him the Platinum Fame Package including “Book Deal” where he was supposed to propose to her & wed her around the globe, wasn’t enough of a lesson on how get a man to do the opposite of her desire goals? So she decided to go for broke on this one, huh? I’d laugh if RAIN told her he agreed with her post and that she should move back with her family if she wanted a sense of tribe.

    • That was “Old Julia.” And ages ago. Why are you keeping such close track of A Donkey? It’s troubling.

    • BOOK proposal was before my time…so I ask, did she actually include Devim in the proposal?

      • I don’t think she named him by his full name, Debbert von Seltzer, but she certainly included her “fiancé, um err oops he’s just a boyfriend but it sounds better if I call him my fiancé!” in some part(s) of the manic blathering. If you want to kill some brain cells by reading the proposal, I’ll be happy to cast the bread upon the waters or however that quote goes and send you the file that I got from a kind basement-dwella years ago. If you’re interested, hit me up at beowulf dot grendel at post dot cz!

  14. I have toddler twins and a wife. I love them dearly but some time alone seems like paradise.

    • Seriously. If she does ever manage to get married and have a child, she’ll understand overwhelm.

  15. Another entitled dumb broad who thinks she will save us all because of course she knows best. Have you all read lazy bitch Johnson on her FB she is from another time and as accepted she is from Earth from another time. What a load of crap. She is back address less but so happy for all the support she has received from the stupid people who believe in her shit.

    • I indeed saw the 900 pictures that Jess posted of herself while blithering away paragraph after paragraph about how she’s “integrating” so much right now – why are the woos always in crisis mode? – that her FB family has been her greatest source of support. Get ready for Jaahasss to hit us up for more money!

      A sample of the digital nomad’s ramblings. Looks like her fashion model boyfriend dumped her.

      “As I sit on the plane destined to land in California in just a few short hours I am reflecting on how deeply I have come to feel that no one town, city, state or country is “ my home”. At the beginning of this month I celebrated my 1 year anniversary of my Heartist’s Way Tour.

      1 year since I moved out of my gorgeous temple home with the beings who had become my family, Ariel White and Warwick Saint.

      1 year since I decided to fully surrender to the impulse of life and see where it took me, how it took me there, and with whom.

      In many ways this recent journey to the other side of the planet was another rite of passage. Not only is India perhaps the most culturally unfamiliar place I have ever been, but also, as I was boarding the plane I was transitioning out of the romantic relationship that has been a gorgeous source of strength and stability over the last 7 months.”

      Oh dear, wasn’t she hot enough for Fabio?

      • Poor India, having to deal with all these neurotic delusional white women looking to “find themselves” and failing, because there’s nothing to find. Oblivious to their own vapidity and shallowness, but they’ll be boring everyone about their spiritual trip to India for years and years to come.

      • You mean the pretend boyfriend she couldn’t scam to fund her life. I am sure he got the hell out of there talking about hiring directors, screeching her lungs out. I saw his picture he isn’t that hot if it was real.. His family probably was not to keen on a lazy hag with no talent charisma or motivation. It’s like bye. Oh I could not even finish that garbage of her enlightenment as the all knowing now Indian goddess. Next up she will go to somewhere in the Americas and pretend to be a All knowing Latin goddess. Can’t wait for the next chapter of the Queen of the ugly screeching dumb bitch in all the land. Seriously these people are for reals. People like this exist what a sad world we live in. India a country where they are having massive protest due to the rape, slavery, sex trade and human rights violation she goes out and sings and takes pictures of the Indian kids with her fake smiles yes her presence alone fixes Indians issues,seriously wanna slap this bitch back to reality. How dare she this is her contribution? Her parents should be ashamed for birthing such a selfish entitled self righteous spoiled hag.

      • It is kind of sad that her crowdsourced plea for funding came right as her relationship with Baby Warbuck$ was ending.

        Note to Jess (and Jena, and the other entitled woo women), if you want to maintain the lifestyle to which you’ve grown accustomed, best to hunt a 50-something divorced, balding wallet — and do it sooner, rather than later. If that’s what you are after, you’re never going to be as pretty enough to score a Bear Kittay, and you don’t have many good years left to score anyone with two shekels to rub together.

        Just look at Julia. Learn now, or you too may end up with nothing but balding couchsurfing DJs.

  16. I am just waiting for her to get pregnant. I feel it’s inevitable at this point – it would keep parental support coming and give her an excuse not to work (in her mind). poor future kiddo. 🙁

    • It’s hard to get “accidentally” pregnant at her age, and I don’t think ILOVEYOURAIN is a father type.

    • And what would ILoveYouRain pay child support with? Seashells and feathers?

      • She probably thinks a pregnancy would cause him to straighten up and get a real job like Shillshackle Sham’s man did. He ditched his band, got an MBA, so now Jordan is able to buy new boobs and take selfies 24/7. I just don’t see Rain being able (or willing) to pull that off.

    • JFAing to say, Blue Steel while wearing the ugliest dress in the world, cut up past her yoni.

      • I don;t get what Julia is doing int heat photo. The rest of them are trying and failing to look sexy, but what the hell is Julia doing? Screaming “Sorry, what? I can’t hear you through this hat I made out of Grimace’s scrotum!”?

        • Is she squawking at the T&C girl who looks better
          wearing the white thing Donk wore at her 1st BM?

        • wasn’t she “angst” or something from their thexy deadly sins dance? also: potato knees.

        • I’d like to think Jena is yanking on her hair in the photo. She looks exhausted by the donkey’s antics.

  17. and here we go again with yet another potty squat shot, only this time screaming with hand on head for no apparent reason

    other than perhaps drugs or shameless attention grab or both

  18. btw somebody please remind them that the surge protector taped to the stripper pole is a potential electrical hazard

    safety first

  19. OT: wasn’t Jahaaasssss the one with the BF who was so good-looking (according to her) that life was hard?

    “In many ways this recent journey to the other side of the planet was another rite of passage. Not only is India perhaps the most culturally unfamiliar place I have ever been, but also, as I was boarding the plane I was transitioning out of the romantic relationship that has been a gorgeous source of strength and stability over the last 7 months.”

  20. Stupid whores love appropriatin’ dem cultures.

    Why is reality so terrible and their own vanity not enough that they’re always living in costumes and fantasy identities.

    These third eye wearing white basics need to calm down and get real with themselves pretty hard.

    • Also

      Hey raft ass, writing in caps doesn’t make your preachy little rant any more important, it just makes you sound preachy and cunty.

  21. What she’s talking about is literally the default for a lot of younger people in the bay area who live within their means. You rent a room, ideally with people you won’t want to kill by next month. And ideally with a lot of them, because it’s cheaper that way. Wasn’t this the Novato plan?

    What, no takers?

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