Papa Chevalier Is NYC’s Polyamorous Perle Mesta

Per today’s Guardian:

When 57-year-old Michel Madie arrived in New York in the 1980s, he quickly became one of the biggest names in real estate.

Ever since he has also been part of a growing polyamorous community, hosting open sexuality and swingers party inside one of his most prestigious properties.

The mogul tied the knot with Swedish civil engineering student Rasmus Foyer, 27, in December 2015 at the $12million converted church in Harlem, that has been dubbed the ‘Taj Marharlem’.

According to Narrative, one in five guests were current or former lovers of either groom.

After they said ‘I do’, the party went for another 24 hours, starting with a traditional Algerian dinner, and followed by belly and flamenco dancers, acrobats and a rotation of five gifted DJ’s spinning deep house, down-tempo and funk.

Since moving in to the enormous home, Madie has received countless complaints from neighbors who say it is really an unlicensed club. But Madie hasn’t let the the issues get in the way of his swanky shindigs.

The Guardian published several pictures of Madie/Chevalier and his child groom’s escapades. Here’s a sampling. Recognize anyone? The captions belong to the newspaper.

urple haze: Michel shares an intimate moment with one of his lovers as they dance in a purple light at his home.
Michel’s lover Rasmus, a Swedish man, is sitting between two Polyamorous ladies during a dinner at their Harlem, New York, home.
So, do you come here often? Two guests wearing animal costumes speak to each other as they toast to Michel and Rasmus’ wedding.
One of the lovers dances during a private dinner at the house. Since Madie moved into the house, he has had complaints from neighbors who say it is really an unlicensed nightclub.
Michel shows off an extravagant item of clothing during one of his many parties in October 2015.

The place looks like a brothel. Would you want this man near your children or grandchildren? I’m asking you, Julie Albertson! Who’s that diving between your legs?

Julia Eats Fire from Julia Allison on Vimeo.


  1. Gilly, you tease, BOOK, where is BOOK?

    • Geez, this coverage is hilarious!! Book is coming tomorrow … unless a cat peep sends me another great news story. #davosreport

      • I’m sorry and don’t mean to be ungrateful, I just find Jena a bore.

        • I don’t find Papa Chevalier boring – I think he’s one of Burning Man’s funniest institutions – and this story ties back to Julia, Ali, Jena, that whole crowd.

          • Oh I def see the link, I’m just being a book brat, sorry. I will show myself out.

  2. jEnema sure did pack on the pudge, eh? Maybe she could read a book about taking it off & keeping it off, eh? Oh, wait …

    Is gramps 57 *now*, or more than 81+ … what? The way the article is worded …

    I remember reading about these parties a long time ago.

  3. Why would a person devoted to polyamory get legally married? Am I missing something?

    • That stumped me as well. But Papa’s heart wants what Papa’s heart wants.

      Why am I suddenly thinking of Daddy Long Legs, with Fred Astaire and Leslie Caron?

    • Spousal Privilege = the guy can’t testify against him.

      That’s all I got …

    • I think marriage means something different to this set than it does to me. Julia’s marriage to herself makes absolutely no sense to me.

      • Yes, was this a legal marriage or a woo ‘marriage’?
        Maybe boy toy was pushing for it to get hands on the $$$, although I’m sure Papa had a pre-nup. Still, keep one eye open when you sleep, Papa…life insurance, inheritance?! (Joking. I’m sure it’s tWoo love)

      • The self-marriage thing, in a general sense, is just about as dumb as dumb can be. But if you view the concept in the much narrower, and far shallower, context of “Julia Allison,” you’ll see it makes perfect sense.

    • Green card? Health insurance? To escape pressure from Jena to marry him?

    • You can be polyamorous and marry your primary partner, committing to building a life with them. That doesn’t mean you’re committing to being monogamous, as in only ever in a romantic relationship with them. It’s romantic, but not romantically or sexually exclusive. There are all kinds of relationships and depths, but having a primary life partner is not unheard of in the world of polyamory for those who aren’t actually just swinging and non-committing.

      • Perle Mesta STDs! I love that you invoked that stuffy DC hostess. I know of her from reading about what a bitch she was when she ruled DC social life, Eisenhower era. She called Jackie a “beatnik” for not wearing stockings, and Jackie never forgot or forgave, Perle was never invited to the Kennedy White House. Her social rule was wiped away by the New Frontier youthquake. Social history is fun and fascinating!

        Don’t get me started on Elsie deWolfe/Lady Mendl. Now, there’s quite a life for a society doyenne, so long ago! I love reading about these crazily deluxe lives, mad extravagance.

          • Perle’s autobiog, Perle: My Story, is fun but understandably self-promoting. A good look at a slightly later power set (Pamela Harriman, et al.) is C. David Heymann’s The Georgetown Ladies’ Social Club.

            Elsie de Wolfe’s Paris: Frivolity Before the Storm, by Charlie Schieps, is much more fun than its title suggests. Meryle Seacrest’s bio of designer Elsa Schiaparelli covers a lot of the same “café society” set.

        • I recently saw the film version of “Call Me Madam” for the first time, so I had Mesta on my mind when reading of Papa. Gawd, Ethel Merman is terrible on the big screen. She was probably wonderful on Broadway, but CinemaScope amplifies her larger than life qualities to a perverse extent.

        • I read that F. Scott Fitzgerald’s daughter, Scottie Fitzgerald Lanahan, was also kind of snootie to Jackie when she was just married to the lowly Senator…. and SHE was blacklisted from JFK White House, too!

          Ah, Jackie and the paybacks. Jackie’s mom was always sending her notes when she was in the WH — “Why is your hair always such a mess!” “No stockings when you went to Mass in Palm Beach!”

          Loved the Perle Mesta reference, too.

          Someone should tell JA — writing can be fun!

          • Jackie, Tish Baldrige (JKO’s Social Secretary in the WH), Scottie Fitzgerald Lanaham all went to Vassar. Poor FSF was out in Hollywood trying to grind out screenplays so that he could pay the freight at VC. (After he died, I think his agent paid her tuition.)

            I can’t imagine how much the FSF heirs make off his books today. (But good for them…)

          • vanity fair just had a sister issue with a long mean piece on jackie and her sister; neither comes off well

          • @grammarian — read that. Lee is now presenting herself as JKO’s stylist — the one with the eye. Not really true — JKO knew exactly what she wanted and had Lee attend Paris shows and get stuff for her (put Givenchy and Chanel clothing in Ambassador courier to secretly send to White House).

            Lee said NONE of this when JKO was alive (nor did Oleg Cassini who presented himself in same way). From friends, always heard that Lee was wildly jealous of JKO.

            Having said all that — LEE STILL LOOKS AMAZING!

  4. The Taj MAR-Harlem? Wouldn’t “MA-Harlem” be … umm … better, or something? Why am I fixating on THIS, of all things?

  5. My eyes my eyes those pictures make me want to have a double does of vaccines. Jena is disgusting and utterly and completely shady.

    • She is completely horrible. I think she is also just so stupid. Everything she does makes her appear to be incredibly dumb.

      I had a stupid aunt. She was sweet but really not competent to fend for herself. She lived with family her whole life and worked in an office, but never had a ton of responsibility. Poor Jenna could use someone to protect her, or at least edit what she writes for racist ideas and general idiocy.

  6. I am embarrassed for all of these people. I am embarrassed for humanity.

    Seeing this right after finishing a really fine book, Olivia Laing’s The Lonely City, fills me with sorrow and also revulsion.

    • I adore her writing. Went to a reading she did at the LRB and overheard someone a row in front of me whispering “Her hair is exactly the same as her author photo!”

  7. OT: needing ya’ll angry, sort of sad basement dwellers to look w/in your cold black hearts & muster up some well-deserved karmic retribution vibes for one Carter Carol Cervantez who master-minded the brutal death of a friend’s little sister — trial will likely be over in the next day or two & family is sensing a jury sympathetic to the pretty little white girl who looks like an innocent waif compared to her black partner in crime.

    Dude was the brute force & it’s almost a given that he’ll get his, but, this Greg-damned cunt who planned w/ great detail for several weeks in advance, she might get off easy, even though it’s because of her that any of this even happened.

    My friend shared stuff w/ me that wasn’t made public before the trial — no one should ever hear these things about their loved one’s last moments — she’s afraid of what her dad will do if this cunt gets less than life.

    We joke here about the woos being on 48-Hrs, etc — turns out, Dateline has been in court every day — if this turns into an episode, let’s hope her interview is from on death row. Srsly, now is the time to wish hell on someone, & I hope you will. Srsly.

    • I’m so sorry for your friend’s loss. I wish her and her family the most serenity possible in the face of such a cruel tragedy.

      • Thx, Alb.

        This *should* be a slam-dunk case, but, knowing how our DA’s are too often less than effective, I’m feeling their apprehensions & it’s going to make ME crazy for their sake if the jury fucks it up.

    • Brayella, I’m so sorry for you, your friend and her family. I’m horrified at what I just read online about what happened. What evil, despicable monsters. Wishing everyone strength to get through this. I hope the court outcome gives these monsters what they deserve so that your friend’s family can focus on trying to heal as best as possible after such a devastating loss. Hugs and prayers.

    • Oh Brayella, I looked up the story and am so horrified. I am so, so sorry. Hope that evil bitch rots in hell.

    • OMG Bray this story is horrific, I’m so sorry for your loss and the family’s loss. How was it that these two evil people only had bond of $100,000 on capital murder charges? I know not the point to split hairs over but you’d think at least a million given the situation. I hope Dateline does the story and won’t let her speak at all, she lost that right when she took the life of another. Again, very sorry.

        • Thank you I misread. My former ceo (awaiting his white collar) was set at $5 million and vp was at $500K I assumed it was in relation to what they made off the sale of the company; and, I’d just always assumed that murder was at least a $1 million automatic. Sad that a human life isn’t worth $1 millio, in theory, in bond.

          • Sometimes you may see extraordinarily high bail that a defendant could never, ever afford — take note of the victim(s) & don’t be surprised if it’s either a cop or a crime scene that cops are saying is worst they’ve seen in their career. Not sure why that is — maybe because it’s almost guaranteed they’ll run? Our judicial system has way too many variables to make sense on the regular.

    • What terrible evil fucks. I’m so sorry for your friend’s family, and I hope the trial brings some comfort to them at least.

      • Much love to you and your friend’s family, Brayella. I hope these two monsters rot.

    • Aighhh, what a difference a day makes.

      Thanks all for the supportive thoughts & wishes, etc — I like to think every little bit helps & I look forward to telling my friend that a bunch of witty haterz had her back . She just updated me on today’s proceedings & it’s looking like it is going to go the way it should after all.

      Jury was going to begin deliberating today, but the defendant insisted (against counsel’s advice) on taking the stand in her own defense. Friend says she went on for 2.5 hrs & likened it to something that would only hold the attn of a nine-yr-old. By the time it was over, several people had hands over their faces & the jury was visibly pissed.

      Here’s to hoping the jury is swift (holiday weekend) & just (life w/out parole) — there is so much evidence against her / them & nothing is even extenuating or circumstantial, it’s all so very cut & dried.

  8. the goat horns are very baphomet-esque, dude probably thinks he is some kind of godlike entity over his minions, would not be surprised if some weird sacrificial $hit has gone down in that place

    i am curious as to how they determined the 1 in 5 past lover statistic among the “wedding” guests? did the sign-in book have a questionnaire?

    1. how many times have you copulated with the groom in the past 30 years?
    a. 0
    b. 1-10
    c. 10-25
    d. lost count during the final season of Friends

    2. What are the chances that you may have obtained an STD during your last visit?
    a. very likely
    b. somewhat likely
    c. not sure
    d. somewhat unlikely
    e. not likely

    • It is weirdly specific and kind of low. that’s four friends they’ve not tried to bang, or with the good taste to decline. I like the questionnaire idea!

      Also Jena has no grace or beauty besides being skinny and white. That picture of her “dancing” looks like a picture of her giving a powerpoint presentation.

  9. Has all the money, has all the sex. Honestly, I’ve been striving for this for years…and failing. Not gonna throw any stones but I’m not gonna sit on any toilet seats either.

  10. ***********************
    Jena la Flamme
    Yesterday at 12:25pm ·
    Rasmus Leo Foyer, I performed extemporaneously at an intimate birthday party tonight, in honor of Shivani Laura St George, and at the end someone I’d just met said, “This might sound strange, but the way you move, you remind me of a female version of this guy Rasmus.”
    My jaw dropped.
    Michel Madie… How’s that?! Consistency is your middle name.
    Stacey Morgenstern
    Stacey Morgenstern wow! love this.
    Like · Reply · 1 · Yesterday at 12:34am
    Michel Madie
    Michel Madie Besides being both stunning and golden, it must be that cute ham enrolment that they recognized in both of you… as your dancing styles are different besides being … dance hence beautiful, unleashing, inspiring and the most accessibly healing there is.
    Like · Reply · Yesterday at 7:20am
    Michel Madie
    Michel Madie And yes I am consistant… I luvvv stunning inspiring dancing hams with such generous heart that they brave the floor to please like eternal children.
    Consistantly guilty!

    Did he call her a ham AND a child?? Do those have different meanings in woo speak?

    And then just yuck. These people make me want to vomit ten times over.

    • Woo Mad Libs be like

      I [random adjective] [verb involving body parts] the other night at a [place you bitches weren’t invited]. While I was [verb involving exhibitionism], a random [other exotic type] person told me, “[compliment involving comparison to someone else who sucks at what I do]” I was so amazed! Now you all tell me similar things, ready go!

      • HA ha!
        I was pensively rolfing myself the other night at a home birth/ placenta skin care line launch. While I was fluctuating my yoni , a passing snail tamer told me, “Your taint reminds me of Julia Allsion’s singing !” I was so amazed! Now you all tell me similar things, ready go!

    • Dancing DJs vs. Roxette vs. Dancing Hams. I can hear the awesome “Fading Like a Flower” remix already.

    • This is a sad conversation, because JlF is saying, “See, I made up this conversation to show you I’m exactly like the beautiful boy you married,” and Papa Bapthomet says, “Except you don’t dance like him at all and p.s. I married him and not you,” and then feels bad and says, “But yes you are a ham and a child.”

    • Gawd poor Jena is the poor man’s Rasmus, and doesn’t even know it. Someone should really tell her. #PleasurableAwkwardness

      • #pleasurablestupidity (She doesn’t seem very bright when addressing the camera in those numerous videos she’s posted of herself.)

    • “And yes I am consistant… I luvvv stunning inspiring dancing hams with such generous heart that they brave the floor to please like eternal children.
      Consistantly guilty!”

      What the fuck is this? Did a 1980s Japanese T-shirt throw up on his keyboard? Does he shit inspirational refrigerator magnets? Is he dictating Kermit the Frog’s final, fatal epileptic fit? What the fuck?

      • the ‘cute ham enrolment’ is killing me. I read it like 25 times, hoping in vain that maybe papa disgusto was being witty, like one of those “eye mull of mush sheen” word games. nope. he’s just fricking nuts.

  11. Am I crazy, or in the first picture is Papa C. wearing the same feather skirt that Donkey wore at BM with her ass (ha!) hanging out (see above the Y in Donkeywood at top of page)? I believe it covers more of Papa C.’s ass, so I’m gonna say he wore it better.

  12. O/T: my poor cat just threw up on my bed at approx 4am here. At least it’s winter here and I had a blanket on, which stopped it from seeping through to the sheets, so I don’t have to change the bed, but I still had to clean up the blanket before I could put it in the laundry hamper.

    Reminds me of the pissing everywhere, bed-puking cat from hell one of you guys posted about. Do you have time to give an update?

  13. I’m sure that Papa Doc Chevalier and Rasmus B. Dragon have a deep, meaningful commitment that transcends money and looks.

    • I just snort laughed out loud in public-kudos!

  14. I checked out this idiot’s real estate website and have to wonder how much his apparently normal employees like being associated with his grizzled bisexual escapades among the rarely bathed.

    • I mean how successful could he really be if Andy Cohen hasn’t tried to fuck him and reality show him yet?

  15. if this guy is some kind of real estate mogul, why can’t he hook up the homeless woos with some OMG apartments?

  16. just a little update. husband and i had an exhausting talk and it -seems- like he still wants our family intact. although after hearing that infidelity has been involved, im not so sure if im keen on still being together. going to try counseling. i kinda felt like he made it seem like i drove him to do this? def going through the FUCK YOU stage. i dont want my pride to get in the way of possibly fixing things. mustering up some
    courage. marriage and family is about sacrifice right? sigh.

    thanks for all the love and advice and good thoughts. you are all the best.

    • Ooooooooh honey. I didn’t even hear about all this with the hubs, but my thoughts are with you. X

    • Sending you good thoughts.

      Not much to offer by way of advice but please put yourself first – your marriage and family shouldn’t have to come from the sacrifice of your happiness. Carve out time to do some activity that relaxes you and makes you happy – I do silly things like watch time lapse videos of cake decoration and pottery when I’m short on time/energy/money.

      Therapy would be a great forum to hash these things out and figure out how to communicate with each other to (re)build a healthy relationship, if that’s what you decide you’ll want.

      • agreed. Your fault……………? That is some bullshit. He can want all he wants but he broke your family. Now it’s up to you to see what the pieces look like when you put them back together.

        in mathematical terms you can take your divided sphere and reassemble it to make two separate spheres

    • So sorry to hear this. There’s a great forum for people in your position: There are people at all stages in the process and lots of resources for dealing with the emotional cycles you’ll be going through in the coming days, weeks, months. Good luck, whatever you decide.

  17. I do believe people can survive infidelity…but only if the guilty party takes true responsibility for it. It really doesn’t matter what you did or didn’t do. He made the decision to cheat, which is not something he HAD to do. Be wary of someone – even someone you love – who can’t own their shit.

    Also, in my mind, marriage is about compromise, not sacrifice. Save the sacrificing for your kids (and by sacrifice I mean that maybe Mom doesn’t get to buy that diamond bracelet because utilities need to be paid, not the kind of sacrifice where you give up your happiness to stay in a bad relationship).

    Good luck and keep us posted.

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