Donkey Will Be Having A BM This Year

Hmmm … so which of you am I going to wrangle into Burning Man this year??

The benevolent but mostly unyielding (yet self-aware!) peer pressure begins. wink emoticon

Isn’t Donk inviting Dadsers? After all, Peter Baugher is the one who pays for his beast of burden to attend these smelly, druggy circle jerks, while she spends three years pretending to work on BOOK and make the booger family proud.


  1. Please can someone explain to me how she can afford this? Please!

    Can it really be the case that her parents are funding their daughter – their 35-year old daughter – to go to Burning Man? To go to Burning Man *again*? It just makes no sense whatsoever. Especially in light of the AirBnB debacle, which must have cost them something.

    • I actually understand up to a certain point a situation in which parents might choose to support an adult child, even while outside observers look askance. For example, making an apartment available, or providing a monthly stipend for your kid to “get back on his/her feet”.

      But Burning Man? Seriously????

      • Right? I’ve seen some situations where parents justify helping with monthly bills, pay insurance or paying a credit card bill off once in a while, but full living expenses, plus travel and a year 5k blow out at Burning Man? All I can think is that Donkey points to the two piddly articles she’s written about BM and insists she needs to go for work.

      • Talk about not learning your lesson. And she repeats and repeats and repeats. It’s a self-destructive loop!

        Just watched “August: Osage County” — filled with dysfunctional people who had so many life lessons (bad & sad) granted them and they NEVER learned from it. Never stopped the cycle of bad behavior. In fact, they repeated it, defended it, nurtured it in themselves and enticed it in others.

        Forgive me, I’m still traumatized by that movie.

    • Didn’t she say she already had a ticket? So Bogger already paid for that. She’ll probably just try to wrangle tentspace out of whichever mark takes her up on it.

      • The ticket isn’t the only cost associated though. I suspect she brings very little outside her ticket, and why no one is “inviting” her to BM and she’s inviting herself and a guest (tagging them on Facebook opposed to emailing or calling them). She is anything but self-aware which is hilarious that she thinks if she writes it she must know what those words really mean. #Fail

  2. Fingers crossed I’ll have a BM this morning.
    And I’m confused. Does she have a ticket and she’s trying to dangle it in front of someone in hopes of scoring a septic spot or is she trying to score a ticket? Wink emoticon.

    • She’d claimed not long ago to have bought her ticket, even though she wasn’t sure she’d be going. Sounds like she’s confident now that Dad$er’s wallet is going to bail her out of her “serious debt”, so life as layabout slug is back on.

      • She’s probably been wearing him down for weeks re: BM and he finally gave in, sort of like Shantitown’s poor mother did after the old raunch had worked her non-stop for a year.

      • When is it again? How sad this is what she has to look forward to and nothing in between.

        • I believe late August. She’ll surely be taking several vacations from vacation-itis over the summer.

          • Yup. It’s the last few days of August, first week of September. This really stuck out to me last year because so many of these assholes posted pictures of their kids going back to school and then the next day they were half naked running around Burning Man. Maybe I’m an old, but I can’t imagine skipping out of town to do drugs during my kids *first* week of school.


          • One reason I stopped going was that it conflicted with the start of school. Taking a bunch of days the second week of the school year is just not ideal.

            Didn’t stop this super awesome old lady I worked with. She and her husband go every year, and have since long before me, and before Julia even knew there was such a thing. She and I never really talked about it. She was pretty quiet about the whole thing. I am convinced she has to be one of those people who is naked the whole time. She’s retired now, and probably still going. /old people are dope ramblings

          • If the whole endeavor was even slightly closer to my comfort zone, and that wasn’t the most impossible to get away week of my year, I would heartily endorse a camp donkey. We could totally sparkle donkey the experience, with multiple generators for each ginormous RV, and everyone could dress in a wedding dress or a stupid cheap onesie every day.

  3. Is she afraid that she has lost touch with/interest of the woo crowd and this is her attempt to “network” with them in order to gain their favor once again?

    • If so, she’s failing miserably. Despite tagging a host of friends, no one has commented and the 25 likes are from fans in the ‘stans: Jonatan Prado Alexander Elvira, Adi Guna, Khang Tran, MB Mehdi, Yudistira Indra Pratama, Nizar Morcos, and beloved رجل الظل.

      • JFAing myself to agree with you, Delicious Wali, though it’s not that she’s lost touch or interest, but they have. The folks she tagged actually do work for a living, even if only part-time, and they’re probably sick of Donkey’s promises to get her own grift up and running. Any cachet she once held went out the window when she couldn’t even finish her silly self-help book in three years.

  4. So, if I understand this correctly, she espouses now without benefit of a writing or speaking gig.

    These wise words and deep feelings are not for the general public. Certainly there must be a mark if not a paycheck.

    • Yeah, she’s waiting for a “Come with us!” invitation from some Hive or Camp Grounded people who barely know her and have no idea what they’d be getting into.

  5. This is the first comment I’ve posted in maybe a year because while I love you cat ladies I’m mostly bored of Miss Havisham… But I need to know.. DOES SHE ACTUALLY TYPE OUT *WINK EMOTICON* ?!?!

    Jesus M Christ.

  6. Semi serious question. When was the last time Donkey was actually *dating* someone. Not just going out every so often, but legitimately in a relationship/going out/etc etc? Devin?

    • Does Avocado count? His mother, Julie Hagerty, seemed to think he’d found his soulmate with the dumb burro.

      • I don’t know the whole world, but it’s hard to imagine she’s anybody’s soulmate. The only possibility is someone with a weird and specific pathology of his own, and how would she find such a person when her circle is so prescribed?

      • I didn’t think that one was super serious, especially not when he was touring (hence her need to fly out to surprise him, ha). Beyond Devin, I think [REDACTED] might have been the last serious relationship that she had. I don’t think Pancakes was anything more than just going out on the occasional thing, right?

      • No, I don’t think Avocado counts, regardless of what Momvocado may have written on facebook.

        A couple of porkings when you happen to be passing by the same city a relationship does not make.

        PS: Remember the bizarre stalking episode @ the coffee shop in New Orleans? That’s gotta be one of the least “self-aware” things the Donkey has ever done.

          • So hard to believe that was two whole years ago. Beginning of the end for her guacamole-fest.

          • It’s really crazy reading these old posts when someone links them! And by crazy I mean like taking a time machine to the past to observe behavioral studies as a means of learning to predict, and possibly sidestep, future pitfalls in interpersonal relations.

          • Also felt it worthy to note that someone’s CA bar status was reactivated 2 days after it was mentioned in the post linked above that she was no longer legally able to practice. Just a coincidence, I’m sure, though.

          • Woah, the post Albie linked to above is, for lack of a better word, epic.

            Not only does it contain the dinosaur-stalker in the coffee-shop story about Avocado, but so much more:

            The instant Julia began SWFing Tiny ‘n’ Cute!

            Plus OMGPearshank, JFA and I all opened up at length (and depth) about our heartbreaking experiences dating narcissists.

        • Newbies may not know this, but Julia Allison cut out early on family festivities for her little bro’s big Ph.D graduation so that she could sneak up on the balding carnie she had been banging for a short while.

          Julia Allison also skipped her grandfather’s memorial svc so that she could parade around at ComiCon in a Wonder Woman outfit while art-directing a fauxtog she’d hired to follow her around. She was trying to accidentally-on-purpose run into [REDACTED].

          Dudes should know the lengths Julia Allison goes to when dumped or about-to-be dumped. Might scare ya.

          TWO QUESTIONS: [1] Which ditching-family-over-a-guy incident is worse, as you see it, & [2] Do you think she-who-ditche-her-aged-&-infirm dog is also the type to ditch a kid for a guy who has no use for kids?

          • 1. The upside down Wonder Woman crown breaks that tie for me.
            2. She’d ditch a kid for far less cause than a wallet.

  7. Look at her in that idiotic Georgetown cheerleading/dance squad outfit with her pom poms. Who DOES that at age (at the time) 34? How is this in any way Burning Man attire? How long was she on that stupid squad, anyway? I wouldn’t be surprised if she stole the outfit and made the whole thing up or was kicked off for never showing up on time.

    I swear, she gets more Baby Jane every single damn year.

    • I don’t believe the “cheerleading squad” was any officially sanctioned Georgetown extracurricular group but rather something she put together with a four or five of her idiot friends.

      • how many of these outfits does she own? iirc, the “doing a cheer while receiving a parking ticket in downtown nyc” outfit was a different color.

      • If I recall correctly, she claimed to be a cheerleader but someone looked up the photos and she wasn’t in any of them, leading someone to speculate that she had been kicked off early in the year and kept the uniform. Also, it was a dance squad and not the actual cheerleading squad? I hate that I know this.

  8. “which of you am I going to wrangle into Burning Man this year??”

    TOTALLY means she’s trying to get an invitation to a camp. Camp Mystic must have given her the boot.

      • Or Peter Baughler doesn’t want to pay the dues for his Donkey to stay there.

        • Right. Always to me, ‘doesn’t want to’ = ‘can’t, because no Dad$er Warbucks funds available.’

      • Remember the year she went with J*stine M*sk, and Julie was on the vegan caterer’s list as not having paid long after Burning Man was over?

        I mean, maybe she paid and they just didn’t update, but it was funny and typical.

          • Ali never burns any bridge, especially if she thinks that bridge might be able to get their hands on Momser and Dadser’s dough.

        • Every group has one of these alligator/ T-Rex arm friends, right? A friend from college would see the bill come and wait and wait and wait and never reach for her wallet (alligator/T-Rex arms) or the bill, ever. Locally, or on trips, it never failed. This went on for 15+ years. She expected everyone else to pick up the bill. For many years I really didn’t mind because I was a few years older and making more money but there was an eventual event that caused a very clear break of her T-Rex arms, where her entitlement overreached my consistent generosity. The woo are always looking to do as little as possible and take from others. They need at least one generous person in their “tribe,” and I think they thought Julia came from the kind of money that supports others and when they found out it didn’t she’s now persona non grata.

          • T-Rex as getting married and our mutual/ her best friend (whom I met through her) was pregnant with twins. Twins shower was supposed to be the first priority but T-Rex managed two showers (one of which twins & I split the bill for a grand) and the second shower she had the audacity to comment that she thought I bought friends La Perla when they got married, (I’d just gotten her a gift card to Nordstrom for $50) since I just spent $500 on a shower. I told her, in front of all her guests, that I “normally” got friends La Perla for their wedding (something they wouldn’t normally buy themselves & every other friend appreciated it) BUT since I’d already spent an additional $500 on her FIRST shower that the gift card would have to suffice. After that shower later that evening it turned into her bachelorette party which she and her friends walked out on leaving behind a $750 tab, which I paid (because the owner was a friend I suspect it was actually double that). When twins and I contacted her later for payment she said she was under the impression it was a gift and didn’t feel comfortable asking her other friends for payment after the fact (we tried to get payment before but birds of a feather). So in her wedding card I put the receipt from her bachelorette party marked PAID IN FULL. I’ve seen her twice since and never paid for another thing.
            Our mutual friend with the twins never got the shower from T-Rex, I ended up throwing one for her third child, where T-Rex showed up at the end because she didn’t want to pay her $36 for tea at a local resort. I’d use T’Rex’s full name because I have no problem shaming the unaccountable but out of respect for twins, I won’t at this time.

          • Yikes, JFA’ing T-Rex managed two showers for “her” wedding.

          • You’re a good friend.

            I can say that I don’t think I have any friends like this. The worst I have to deal with is people who don’t believe in tipping. The ultimate worst on that one is having a friend/acquaintance who does that whole ‘I will take the cash and put it on my card,’ then pockets the extra and leaves a shitty tip. That one makes my blood boil, but I don’t think I remember the last time it happened.

          • Also, I’ve had the friend who says the tip is too much, take the money back and pocket it. Not in a loooong time, though.

          • Maybe I’m misinformed because I own a penis, but aren’t baby showers meant to be given for the first baby and not for every baby?

          • Sorry Dawn, it may not have been clear, but you are correct baby showers supposed to only be for the first to friend with babies never got one (she had the babies BEFORE T-Rex’s wedding events, she was just too focused on herself. I felt badly she never got to experience a baby shower so threw (along with her mom) one for her third child .

    • Transbraytion:

      I have no friends, imaginary or otherwise, that would want to go to BM with me.

      Please, please, please, come to BM with me and find me spot in Camp Cystic, but don’t expect me to do any real work of any kind, since I am a perpetual guest in my own life.

    • Isn’t the cost associated with the camps and basic survival WAY higher than the ticket? Like thousands of dollars?

    • Didn’t T&C say that a bunch of people from Camp Mystic really hated having Donk there? Also, in the videos where she’s being a DJ groupie, nobody engages with her. They speak to Rain only, and turn their backs on The Donkey.

    • Donkey needs to be careful about putting messages out there like this. It makes it more humiliating when/if she doesnt wind up going later.

  9. her writing will always be so bad, so LITERALLY un-writerly.

    It always sounds like she’s practicing the use of her new SAT words.

    • Which she so often misuses trying to sound smart, when all she does is come across as tryhard and smugly pretentious.

  10. Total speculation:

    Donk wanted to bunk with Rain, but he wasn’t able to accommodate her (possible break-up ensued, likely that the rage-beast emerged at the very least).

    Donk and Derpin sold their MoHo, so Donk no longer has a stall. They might have been able to rent out a bunk or two in years past to make some extra cash, but that’s no longer an option.

    Now the best that Donk can hope for is convincing a girlfriend to share a bunk with her in the hope of splitting the cost.

  11. For someone who has a book advance to repay, no job or prospects, who just moved and is facing a lawsuit, this is incredibly irresponsible. Learn something, fuckface. Whether she is paying for this on her own in some way, or her father or some other moron subsidizes this, that money is better put towards climbing out of debt, not climbing all over talentless DJ’s in ill-fitting spandex and nipple pasties. She can’t afford it financially, nor can she afford to waste the time. You’re expired, bitch. Figure out life. This is embarrassing.

    PS: From one of her other posts, the part where she says: “Heart aching, soul shaking, body quaking” reminded me of that speech Sarah Palin gave, a la “Right-winging, bitter-clinging, blah blah blah. Fuck yourself.

  12. “Purging my bookshelves of Richard Dawkins. It feels good.

    I’m not interested in the worldviews he espouses any longer; they haven’t served me in becoming a better (read: kinder, more loving, more altruistic) human being.

    Sometimes it’s really as simple as that.”

    Oh Julie, you free-spirited intellectual. Have *any* of your books made you a better human being? (SPOILER: They have not.)


      Lazy fuckwit ditch pig. Fix your own damn self. CWAA.

      • Yes! This is essentially what she is saying. Dawkins didn’t fix me. Probably a small rebellion against Dadser/Baby Brother too.

        • ILY RAIN was leading her in prayer over non-GMO crunchola at the vegan restaurant, witnessed by a catlady. I’m thinking this could be somehow connected.

    • Dawkins is thrilled to be free from your stall, I can assure you. (AS IF Donk actually read the books.)

      “How to be a lazy, shiftless, unemployed, self-obsessed, tutu-wearing 35-year-old” by Julia Allison Baugher… to be published by St. Martin’s in 2017 2018 never.

    • Wow!

      Dawkins must be devastated that such notable intellectual has publicly dissed him.

      I bet you he is crying himself to sleep tonight.

      PS: CWAA

        • Give Donkey a few days and she’ll be blaming Dawkins for the demise of BOOK. “His worldview clashed with my exuberance and I froze, simply froze, unable to transcend the negativity and locate my significant neurological abilities.”

        • He would thank Greg if he had even the slightest idea. Unless he is a penpal to Wali, he has no way of knowing who Julia is or what she is up to.

      • I feel like this is again an attempt to impress new mark, otherwise get rid of book and shut up about it already. Or use it like a coaster like the rest of the books on color coded shelf

          • He is the head of Hive where she just ‘spoke.’ He seems to just be a fanboy. Friend of another fanboy and sometimes motherboy Max Marmer.

          • I suspect she’s just grateful that someone gave her a speaking gig, even if last minute.

          • If that ‘speaking gig’ had gone well (or happened), she would have been braying and posting photos. So what gives, donkey?

        • There’s a nice-enough-looking dude, married I think, w/a Jewish name (initials MF) who, I am wondering, does she have her wonk eye on, did he rebuff her? I won’t mention name here & now, not fair to him unless / ’til he eventually evers the donkey.

          Correlates w/ her circumcision & snapchat posts …

      • Love how Annie Lalala corrects her about Dawkins and Donkey walks it back in ‘I meant to say that’ mode.

        • Did she kill that exchange? Cannot see it. I wonder why she isn’t embarrassed that even her “friends” find her posts to be annoying? Oh wait ….

        • Yet another example in which Donkey lacks the intellectual chops to have an actual discussion about the subject she posted. Just like that “I 100% agree with you, Dan.”

          • She’s incapable of conversing w/ grown-ups, I am convinced. At best, she can talk AT someone, if & when it’s all “Awe me, meeeeee, ME!” but that’s it.

          • Her depth of understanding on any issue is always so shallow. Black and white thinking, bumper- sticker-length superficial remarks.

        • To Grifty’s comment about Annie Lalalalalala: she’s an idiot, too, though, who specialises in woo bullshit. For those without access to FB, here was her comment (which in itself made me throw up a little bit. Just fuck off):

          Vestigial tribute: He was an important intellectual stepping stone and his brilliance (despite failing to be outweighed by his tenderness) did move culture a step farther away from believing in ideas that offered comfort over true explanatory & predictive power. There’s a pre/trans fallacy around rationality, and the post-trans version (all that trans-woo stuff we believe in now) required his ideas to stand on. R.I.P Mr. Dawkins. Love your commitment to distillation Julia. xoA

    • $5 says the book covers were probably not unique enough, so her Color-matching version of the Dewey Decimal system is not going to be adversely affected.

  13. i wonder if she has earned a reputation as one of those people who mooches off other people’s setup and supplies while contributing nothing to the camp, financially or by doing any cooking, cleaning, chores, etc. ?

      • LOL. Does a bear shit in the woods? Is the pope responsible for the molestation of thousands of young boys?

    • So basically, she’s trying to get a group together to rent RVs and park next to each other instead of joining up with Camp Mystic? Because she’s broke?

  14. So Shantitown posted a diatribe warning people to steer clear of evil lolyers who are financially encentivized and prey upon people’s fears. This is just over the top and ridiculous coming from demons (autocorrect and it is staying in….ha ha) who tries to scam people out of money and provides no actual services in return. As a lolyer, I’m appalled. I agree there are a lot of bad lolyers out there but this woman is just a total grifter and a fraud. She doesn’t even practice law. Hell, she can’t even describe in one or two sentences what she actually does or what her idiotic Money Map actually toss. She should stick to yoni talk.

    • Would that she described herself. It’s so funny how she and Julia both describe something that pegs them perfectly as a way to try and deflect, thinking people won’t notice. Yes, these two are so self-aware.

  15. Ribit! Donkey now has posted a paean to a “tome” on toad-licking.

    Who the fuck is this mark who keeps feeding her this bullshit?

    • Not seeing it. Beginning to wonder if D0nk is intentionally goading us into screen-shotting her every hoof-in-mouth proclamation.

    • Her post:
      “Look around. What percentage of the planet do you believe are leading spiritually fulfilling lives?”

      -Fitzcaraldo Oroc in his tome about 5Meo-DMT, “Tryptamine Palace.”

      The book is about a drug derived from toads, first found due to the practice of toad-licking.

      • Honestly, I can’t imagine how you can be spiritually fulfilled if you’re 35 and living off your retirement ages parents (absent extenuating circumstances like disability or serious illness). Feeling accomplished because you provide for your own physical existence through work and effort goes a long way to leading spiritually fulfilling lives.

        • a high school friend is disabled and back home after living on her own for many years after college; it sort of works

          also: a work friend moved in to help care for her declining parents after her own career bottomed out; she deserves everything she will get from their estate when they pass; her brother helps some, but she does all the coordinating and transporting

          • Yes, I agree and these are extenuating circumstances. Your friends sound like good people in tough circumstance. I had cancer in my mid twenties so I understand what’s it like to be an adult and need your parents’ physical and financial support. But in my case, and it sounds like in the case of your friends, I needed help because of circumstances beyond my control. In JA’s case, she continually choices not to work, not to support herself, and to rely on her parents. She just refuses t grow up, which is not a good look when you’re pushing 40.

        • I know at least a dozen people who have gone through career setbacks or serious illnesses and injuries and have never been able to quite strike back out on their own (for combinations of health and financial reasons). But with one exception where a chronic condition prevents it, I’d say that all of them are still employed, active in their professional and social worlds and in at least two cases they are supporting the parent they live with.

          I’ve lived with parents or at at family-owned properties on and off for many years and given my mental history about ten years ago, thank God I was always able to.

  16. OMG she posted about A Tribe Called Quest. Noo. I will not let her ruin them for me. Go back to Taylor Swift where you belong, bitch.

    • She’s never listened to A Tribe Called Quest. Trust me on this. Rain probably mentioned them to her and she wanted him to know that she was paying attention.

      • yes I am sure she is trying to impress some mark with better musical taste than her own. smart donkey. nothing she posts is without an ulterior motive, we can give her that much.

    • She is just Columbusing all over the place. Not only late to the party, but late to the memorial service (Phife Dawg died far too young in late March).

      Donkey is gross.

      • Sad, and way too young. And yes, I wonder what she will discover next. The Clapper? Seltzer water? How to be a useful member of society?

    • I’m pretending she thinks it’s a camp name at Burning Man, which, let’s be honest, she probably does.

    • She has the “repeat” button on it. Clearly doesn’t bother to listen to anything else of theirs. She’ll be back to Tantric yoga chanting, Disney songs, Taylor Swift and Yanni in about an hour.

  17. Two days ago, she commented on that 2008 photo of her and Randi Z in matching swimsuits, “8 years ago. I’m feeling old.” Sounds like a healthy way to pass the time!

    • For newbies:

      The swimsuit shot was taken during Randi’s bachelorette weekend in Vegas. Which Julia crashed. From what I recall, she hadn’t known Randi long. She dragged one of her NonSociety “business partners” with to Vegas and surprised her, dinosaur style.

      Julia gave Randi the swimsuit as a gift, describing it as “Bridal White.” She wore an identical white swimsuit herself. Then she and Randi posed by the pool. I cannot imagine how appalled Randi’s friends must have been.

  18. For a moment can we discuss Jena La Flamme and what an insufferable twat she is. She reposted this on FB:

    I just got Bible-bashed on the train, the whole carriage did. “You can only have God or sin, not both,” they proclaim. So black and white! Sin is not in my vocabulary.

    For fucks sake bitch you live in NYC. If someone doesn’t shit in the same car as you consider your day a win. If you can’t handle this then leave the city.

    *Sorry this just got me irrationally worked up. This happens to me at least one a week on my commute to my job and she acts like it was a personal assault against her. Also it’s a car not a “carriage”.

  19. OT: Unlike Julia, I wrote two nonfiction books this year for two different publishers while single parenting and working full time as a public school teacher.

    A publishing company (smallish) reached out on Friday asking me to write a travel guide as part of series. I am irritated as they want me to write 4 sample chapters (eventually book will be 100 total chapters or rather entries) and provide half of a TOC.

    I’m annoyed. I really want/need the extra work. How do I put it eloquently that I want to know the advance and royalty info before I put myself to work on sample chapters????

    Yes, this will be my fourth book and I am still completely clueless.

    • “Great, I’m really interested in working on this project. Before I start working on the sample chapters, though, I’d like to be clearer on the timeline. Oh, and I also want to clarify the advance and royalty rates you’re offering. Thanks so much!”

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