Où Est La Donkey?

Julia Allison has been hush-hush about her current stall locale – no LOLyer transparency here – since being evicted from the flat that she and Nehi used to share and AirBNB near the OMG! Palace of Fine Arts. Though Donkey coyly told “friends” not to reveal her whereabouts, fauxtos seem to indicate our girl is in Chicago. But last night she posted about Camp Grounded and invited her thousands of fans in the ‘stans to join her “here in Mendicino.” Can Donkey not spell the name of the city in which she currently might be clomping and braying, perhaps temporarily?

In the last 12 hours, Donkey’s Camp Grounded Digital Detox post has received three likes – one from Wali Rahman’s stealth account – and one two-word comment. Is no one interested in doing time in Mendocino with “the exuberant embodiment of love”?


  1. The fuck does she need to detox from?! According to her she “runs every day, hoola hoops, does yoga” and Facebook is the only reason she’d be on the computer.

    Still trying to find a husdonkey via adultbaby camps…good thing she’s already married to herself!

      • Didn’t she once jog through NYC’s financial district in her coobie and wonder why no one else was jogging and why everyone was staring at her? A) Most people work for a living. B) It was late autumn and the sight of a deranged, scantily clad exhibitionist gave even jaded Manhattanites pause.

    • Clearly? She writes “Come with us!” but also “I’ll be going to session 1.” Maybe she’s hoping to cut some sort of deal a la Coobie? Bwa ha ha!

      • Well, “working” is a loosely defined term.

        She probably pretends to be a “brand ambassador” or some such BS in exchange for room & board and a few tickets she can resell on eBay.

        When Scamti goes to Envision or any of those orgy-in-the-woods type of event, she is always offering “last-minute tickets” or “spare tickets” on her facebook feed.

        Donka may have taken a page from Scamti’s Beginner’s Manual for the Woo Grifter.

        • Is that like a “Grifting for Dummies”? I might actually be interested in reading something like that.

          • It’s Woo Grifting for Dummies, i.e. praying on marks that seek spiritual enlightenment (as opposed to financial gain).

            Of course, at the end of the transaction, Scamti has the $$$ and the marks have nothing.

        • Would that she’d take a page from the old raunch’s FB overshares. Skankatron just wrote a 50-page essay on changing her name. She surely would have finished Donk’s OMG! book for St. Martin’s on time.

          The grifter as Sybil:

          “Today is the 5 year anniversary of the public evolution of my name and being.

          I remember how terrifying it was to embrace the reality that I have many parts living inside of me and two of them (Alexis Neely and Ali Shanti) want to be recognized and live fully as expressions outside of me.

          I had no idea how I would or could make it work. I only knew it’s what needed to happen. I would live in the world, fully, transparently, with two distinct names and personalities.”

          And on and on and on.

      • I dunno… “Sorry I missed our 10:00 am activity; I was asleep. Um, err, oops? OK, our next activity will be watching me hula hoop, since I only brought enough hula hoops for one person. Then we’ll make wish boxes– did anybody happen to bring construction paper and 20 pairs of scissors? No? OK, we can’t do that one. How about a vegan snack? Take this bottle of Blue Print Cleanse, have a sip, and pass it on.”

    • I’m sure they pitied her and gave her use of a mildew-y tent until the fall in exchange for k.p. and bathroom cleaning duty.

      Camp Unemployed & No Boyfriend.

  2. The “Ah, love” shared memory is yet another not-so-subtle cry for attention from DJ PhreePhurniture. Just give it up, Dawnks. Try something else. How about entrapping a forty-something Chicago attorney into some kind of relationship? Go back to the critter-print crowd just in time for boating season.

  3. Deep Thought: Donk took down that comment from Dave Morin’s sister in record time. Twas an invite to Montana and Donk said she was planning on heading there this summer with Ariel White. Could the yoni hugger and Donk be roomies? If so, does this turn Julie into “Dead Russian Hooker #1”?

    CWAW: Christ, What A Weirdo!


  4. I’m not sure I fully understand why she’s so resistant to admitting she lives in Chicago. I would LOVE to have a condo in a major city where I didn’t have to pay rent? That sounds like a sweetass, undeserved deal.

    • I honestly think she doesn’t want us haters to know because we know that that means she is a total failure. Even though we know that already, it’s total proof that she can’t hack it and has moved back in with her parents at 35.

  5. Donk likely finagled her way in for free by claiming credentials she doesn’t have & flew in for free using sugar daddy air miles, but whose party is she going to crash? She wouldn’t have packed in provisions (tent, food, water) — is Davidiot or Phuckphace there to cover her unwanted raft ass?


  6. Is Camp Grounded a legit event or another woo thing? I looked at the website. It looks kind of fun. But it also looks expensive for things you could do yourself or with a few friends of your choice.

    • Truth be told, I know some people who LOVE it. The founder (the one who is suffering from brain cancer) seems to be a truly big-hearted (albeit weird) guy and people whom I really respect were sharing his GoFundMe campaign when he announced he was ill. A lot of these people seem to have met him through Summit Series, whose attendees are largely legit as opposed to woo bullshit.

      There’s also Camp No Counselors, which is less “digital detox” and more Wet Hot American Frat Party. My impression is that Camp Grounded has more of a woo bent in comparison, but certainly has a following from non-horrible people as well.

    • My understanding is that it’s supposed to be for us adults who adult (work hard, and/or raise children, worry about money and don’t have our parents supporting us at 35, etc.,). I believe the mission is to allow adults (not Julias) to detach and just go and have fun and act like kids at camp again. The problem is that Julia does none of that aforementioned work and acts like a child 24x7x365 a year. So I really don’t get the point of her going. I’d think she would be really bad publicity for them given her lack of employment at 34.

    • I have friends who go to Camp Camp (for LGBTQ folks) and have a great time. I can imagine that Camp Grounded is fun for people who like hanging out with strangers and doing goofy games and crafts.

    • From what I know it’s a little woo (like a lot of the Burning Man crowd) mixed with tech start up people (Julie is husband hunting) with a lot of rich kids pretending to be entrepreneurs.

      So plenty of other 35 year olds still living off their parents while pretending to have jobs like Julia. But some legit people too.

  7. A braying mad 15-year-old donkey just posted:

    “I hate snapchat so much it literally hurts.”

    Literally, people! Julia Allison is in pain! Did something not disappear?

    • Snapchat should be banned along with sugar.

      • I love that she’s never understood the unethical financial goal attributed to buying fake followers, she truly did and does it to seem important. Which makes her both, sad and dumb.

    • I hate pudding. So I don’t eat it. Julie is not so much with the Occam’s Razor.

      Prediction: Next week, a scold that Snapchat needs to be outlawed! Like sugar! And circumcision! And steak!

      • Can’t say I don’t sympathize with Ol’ Donk here. I have LONG hated Green Day (and one other band that no one here has ever heard of) so much it literally hurts. It’s a kind of running joke between Mr Silypaws and me, except it’s no joke at all. But I also like to think I’m pretty good at simply not paying attention to Green Day and the other band and not trying to issue a fatwa against them (although I SO would).

  8. what happened to all of the fan girls, I see from the previous posts. I mean you had 38 looking 48 old women huffing and puffing about the age requirements, what happened?

  9. OT. Long time reader, first time commenter. Like some of you, I was the victim of narcissistic abuse and have found healing in this community. The JIML has gone from cult (I’m using the term loosely) to cult (from PUA to Al Anon to Transcendental Meditation — at least the content of the group’s beliefs is improving) and I wondered if anyone had explored the connection between narcissistic personality and cult membership in an academic paper. Lo and behold, I found an interesting read (though it has a fair amount of psychological jargon). Definitely recognized shades of Mulia and Shanti. Title is Cult Membership as a Source of Social Cohesion. Here is a link:

    • Welcome! I am glad you got healing from the JIYL here ! Thank you for the link, that is both useful and interesting ! (-:

    • Welcome! I’m a very occasional commenter but very loyal readler. Excited to read this. I, too, found solace in this site after dealing with a JIML.

    • Yes yes yes I used to be fooled by NPD but I can see it in the dark and smell it at a distance now, thnx in great part to our little world here

  10. I have to confess, I’m not 100% sure why she doesn’t at least TRY therapy – it’s literally forcing someone to sit there and listen to you talking about yourself. I mean, I know it would have the pesky side effect of potentially effecting some kind of change/growth, but you think it would be worth it for the talking-about-herself benefit.

      • i was going to write this. the two jiml are i. serious need of therapy but both believe nothing is wrong with them, and that they’re always right.

      • This.

        It seems like talk therapy actually makes sociopaths more effective, so let’s hope Julia resists it.

        On the other hand, what could help her? Medication? A job paired with appropriate responsibilities and a realistic lifestyle?

        • Honestly, and this is said as a person with NPD mom, who ( finds myself dating ) NPD dudes? Who cares why they have it or how to get rid it ? Not . My Problem. Thank God.

          • Took me more years than I am wiling to admit to understand and live by this. “Boy, bye.”

          • Agreed! Instead, those of us involved with these NPD men and women need to ask what is wrong with me that I allow this sort of person in my life?

    • Therapy only works when the person is willing to admit fault for problems they created as a means to learn from those mistakes. She and Shit-Show-Shanti love to blame without taking accountability and why (among other theories) therapy will never work for either of them.

    • Didn’t she see a therapist when she was in NYC? But in the “oh, so my THERAPIST said…” Carrie Bradshaw anecdotes-over-brunch sense.

      • Yes, briefly. She found the experience very upsetting, probably because the therapist called her out on her shit. I believe Baugher wrote about the therapist back in the day.

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