Updated: Julia Allison Showcases Significant Neurological Abilities

Julia Allison is a Social Justice Warrior and a committed environmentalist! When someone questioned her share about covering much land with solar power plants in an attempt to provide the United States with renewable energy, Donkey displayed the skills that crowned her New Trier’s all-time debate champ:

Ibrahim AlHusseini If we did that the world would end due the mining and energy it would take to produce the batteries that much solar would need. Solar is an intermittent technology and batteries are a very dirty business.

Julia Allison I respect that perspective. Hmm. Let’s go further, then.

Ibrahim AlHusseini We are. I only bring it up because the solar industry, which I’m a big fan of, investor in and grateful for, likes to pretend that Solar is Earth’s Savior and they’re not. They just pretend to be because, money. Realistically, we’re going to need everything. You’d be shocked to hear that a big piece of the puzzle is going to be modern nuclear both fusion and fission. It’s a long discussion and I’m happy to have it with you anytime. Just too lazy to type it out here.

We never heard from Julie again, but so what? This post was hours ago and she’d made her point!

More captivating, our lady of introspection showed her true (and ugly) colors when trumpeting a piece of misogynistic drivel. Fameless Shamewhore writes:

Meanwhile, Jules links to an article about dating techniques for men that she claims is 100% true:

“In fact, it’s the best description of conversational home runs I’ve ever read. This particular questioning pattern was THE ENTIRE REASON I dated (at least) one of my ex-boyfriends. I wish I weren’t serious about that but … Alas. I’m a sucker for men who possess – and publicly utilize! – social awareness.”

The article itself is written by Tyler Willis, “crisis counselor by day, and DJ by night”. He writes that “social awareness is one of the most attractive traits a woman can sense from you” and says that it is “a principle of evolutionary psychology described by Tucker Max and Geoffrey Miller in their book Mate: Become The Man Women Want.”

Here’s some choice advice from the article:

If the conversation is heating up and she’s holding eye contact longer than usual, say “I’m having a hard time focusing on our conversation because I can tell you totally want to make out with me.”


Why do men still rape women, Donkey?

Update: A despairing donkey so disconnected from reality that she couldn’t honor her contract with St. Martin’s asks the big question:

This society is excellent at separating us from connection with our soul.

That is perhaps the most fundamental reason we are – as a people – angry, isolated, and excruciatingly lonely.

We ache for our souls. And when the pain becomes too much, we turn numb.

No more.

Do whatever it takes to connect with your soul. Please. For your sake. For the sake of your family. For the sake of your community. For the sake of this planet.

How will you reconnect with your soul today?

Bottom CONfab Picture! Ali Shanti and her fellow grifters, “the sisters of the mistressmind,” met up in San Francisco, one of Julia Allison’s many former homes, where they debated the long con vs. the short hustle:


  1. She also erased the conversations under the circumcision post. She responded to Dan’s last comment with an “Oh Dan, I love you” then zip the whole thing was gone.

  2. “Alas. I’m a sucker for men who possess – and publicly utilize! – social awareness.”

    Just like you, Mr. Mark, who I’m winky face trying to YOO HOO at! Look at how socially aware I am now! It’s a new me chameleoning myself just for youhoo!

    • Or is she Yoo Hooing the author of this throwaway filler? “Tyler Willis is an Elite Daily contributor, crisis counselor by day, and DJ by night. He holds a master’s degree in behavioral health from Arizona State, and writes about men’s lifestyle and dating at innerconfidence.com”

      You’re a DJ? Oh! I have a yen for a balding musician who plays his laptop!

      • Nooooo not a Sun Devil. Sad in my heart emoticon.

    • I am a sucker for people who know that utilizing the word “utilize” does not make them look smart.

    • Fuck, I totally thought that was a quote from the article. You’re telling me that DONKEY is a sucker for men who “possess and publicly utilize” social awareness? Welp, she already told us years ago that”humor” is essential to her being (hence her difficulties in Ecuador where she couldn’t fully express her humor), and not long ago we heard from her that her mission is to be the embodiment of love, so it’s all like, she’s really sweet and smart, I guess.

    • Um, Tucker, perhaps you should save the lectures on evolutionary psychology until after you find a normal, decent woman who wants to have children with you.

    • I almost barfed when I read that.

      “Notable evolutionary psychologist Tucker Max…”, said no-one ever.

      PS: CWAA

  3. Is Jules at the OMGdowntownCondo ? her basement in the sky?

    Because I was in Chicago last weekend at the Art Institute which is LITERALLY 2 blocks away from her. There is a sea of hip activity in the Loop these days. People are out and about—no, not doing yoga at Anish Kapoor’s Cloud Gate. Just out exploring and enjoying.

    • I wasn’t entirely convinced but if she wasn’t, she would have made clear she wasn’t because we said she was and she “never reads here.”

      You follow?

      • Clever Donkey is trying to throw us off the scent. She posted this two hours ago in reference to some Camp Gronded thing:
        “Come with us! I’ll be going session 1 here in Mendicino …”

      • I follow you and this was exactly my trail of thought. I wasn’t quite convinced she really was in the OMGDC and I also didn’t really care, partly because I knew the “there might be horses” bullshit was guaranteed to be bullshit, whatever it was supposed to convey. But now I think she would have vee-hee-mently denied living in the OMGDC if it was not 100% true.

  4. Ahhh and Ibrahim AlHuesseini on the board of known child rapist Marc Gafni’s Center For Integral Wisdom and friend of Julia Allison and Alexis Neely/Ali Shanti who threaten to sue me for writing the truth about him last year, as he was worried it would hurt his image. Yep, all these people need to move to a place without oxygen.

    • She’s really rolling around in the gutter these days, isn’t she? We’re light years away from crashing OMG! Randi Zuckerberg’s bachelorette party.

        • Yes, she’s always been pathetic, just which Dante-esque level of pathetic is always the query and we’ve hit rock bottom here.

          • Yes, but she used to be pathetic with a higher class of people. (Never thought I’d consider Randi Zuckerberg a “higher class,” but Donkey has managed to find the dregs of society to take up with.)

      • I doubt she reads 1/100th of what she posts and has no idea what either is talking about, so I suspected we’d be disappointed with her lacking mental capabilities.

        Seriously, the best thing these people can do for the environment and their ‘save the world’ BS is to remove themselves from society.

        • This. She likely sees things pop up in her feed, skims the headline, then posts if it seems relevant to her interest/mark/personality of the month.

          • Exactly. She never actually reads what she posts – she lacks both attention span and smarts – unless it’s some stupid filler about dating.

        • Exactly. The best part is, the solar thing she posted wasn’t even an article, it was a 1 minute video lol.. I like how she says “I’m in! Let’s do it.” I’m glad she always does such ample research on the issues before telling the world what to do.

    • He’s a Camp Mystic member too. He’s thrown some shade at Donkey before by correcting a few of her outlandish claims about things.

      • He also participated to some extent in the self-wedding. See old RBD post where she tagged him in the thanks.

      • Yeah! I did see this (and then saw something that contradicted that post) but didn’t have time to look into it yet. I hope it’s true and that Whole Foods is no longer the title sponsor of Success 3.0 Summit in Colorado that PAID Ali Shanti to speak, which is also Gafni’s company.

    • I was reading that last night & dying laughing at this guy — he wants to come off smart, connected, rich … has lots of woo friends … he was paying attn to Donk & offering her adult conversation … Dad$er will like this IRL fan in the ‘stan!

  5. Can’t help myself: did Lemonade move any other cat ladies? Like reach down into your soul and remake you as a woman? Genuinely curious!

    • omg I love it! Watched the whole thing with my 70+ year old mother, 20 yr old daughter and our Syrian refugee friend. We were all of us totally rocking out and getting down!

      The only track I didn’t really like was Sandcastles, which I thought was a bit cheesy. (Plus by that stage I wasn’t really into a soft-focus celebration of Jay Z.)

      But the first three tracks – the moving Pray You Catch Me, then the Pipilotti Rist inspired Hold Up and finally the mind-blowing angry Don’t Hurt Yourself – they are some kind of genius.

      And overall, the visuals, the poetry, the music: I’ve never seen anything quite like it. Highly, highly recommend.

      • Everything you said, @Shameless.

        It all just blew my mind, and I think got me over the breakup that broke me a couple years ago (not even joking).

        • Yeah, I get that. It goes right to the core.

          And Bey has so much to say about the treatment of black women in general. Freedom for example is such a great anthem.

    • I have significant PMS abilities. What’s the likelihood I’ll cry? I’m still not over Prince.

      • I am having a lot of trouble re: Prince. I have cried every day. I cannot listen to Purple Rain, the song, ever again I guess — every time I do I fall apart. The opening lines, the strings at the end …. Jesus Christ, the guy was a smart sly funny musical Einstein.

        Last night I dreamt he was my man. I swear I could feel his wee little body in my arms and his fro against my cheek. I woke up so happy — Prince and me, finally together. And then I woke up and realized no, not Prince and me, and Prince is dead, and I cried.


          • The awesome Prince squawk and the shrieking in almost every song. What a man. God I loved him.

          • No one will ever be able to capture how he made music so personal to so many.
            He was such an amazing man and I love that he often was backed by kick ass women musicians. If you want a treat, watch the video of him performing at the Brit Awards in 2006. Sheila E is on fire playing percussion and it’s just an all around incredible display of musical talent.

        • I am still not over Bowie yet. I can’t even process Prince until I’m finished with that.

          • I had only just recovered. I actually remember thinking: “At least we still have Prince. That dude will live to be 102.”

            And then ….

          • I have one major degree of separation from Prince. I can’t even talk about it though because my friends signed documents. NDA’s or whatever.

            Kevin Smith tells this great story about filming a documentary for Prince. Apparently Prince had an enormous video/music collection. A lot of it has never seen the light of day. I wonder what will happen to it?

        • Plus, I had some amazing, mindblowing sex to Purple Rain. I mean…when I am in my wheelchair at 95 I will remember it. Thank you, Prince.

          • I have a theory on Prince and I need to bounce it off you cat ladies.

            His lyrics and songs were so sex-positive. I am a lusty woman and I really believe listening to his music since I was a teenager helped shape my sexuality. He made sex sound fun and joyous and life-affirming, there was never any slut-shaming, he glorified and exalted sexual women.

            I really think he is a big part of the reason why me and my girlfriends had healthy sex lives and far healthier attitudes about sex than our mothers’ generation.

            Am I wrong?

            “You got the horn so why don’t you blow it
            You are fine
            You’re filthy cute and baby you know it.”

          • Makes sense, Jacy — he exuded so much sex appeal in so many ways, naturally it rubbed off on anyone in his orbit.

          • Yes, yes, a thousand times yes to Jacy’s comments about Prince’s sex-positivity. In fact, I started writing something similar earlier which I didn’t finish.

            He clearly loved sex, he understood it both as a super fun dirty good time but also as a special connect-with-me moment.

            And women as sex partners were utterly and completely equals, able to have a good time with or without his help.

            Compare to the shit that passes as “sexy” in current R&B. Here are some lines from Chris Brown’s new masterpiece (sarcasm turned up way high):

            I know you got work pretty early, I’ll be around by 3:30
            Usually you’re done by one, so, baby, when I wake you up
            Just let me ride, I’mma fuck you back to sleep, girl
            Don’t say a word, no (no), don’t you talk
            Baby, just hold on tight to me, girl
            Fuck you back to sleep, girl, rock you back
            Ain’t sorry that I woke ya, I ain’t sorry ’bout ya job
            Call sick in the morning so I can get a little bit more of your love
            I know you want me, how you feel me ’cause you never disagree
            So when you wake from your sleep, girl
            Just let me ride, fuck you back to sleep, girl

            (Editorial comment: BARF)

        • Jacy, I had some friends over for an all-night Bowie listening party, and it really helped. I couldn’t listen to Lazarus, but we listened to everything else, in chronological order. We ate well, imbibed well, danced, and talked about all of our memories to certain songs. We’ll do the same thing for Prince. A similar idea might be helpful to you–hope so.

    • not my jam, but blows away anything else.

      glad to see rap / hiphop claimed by a woman, without the misogyny that keeps me away from the genre

    • I was very impressed by Lemonade, the visual version. Really striking and absorbing, closer to contemporary art than pop-video making I think. Which sounds really pretentious, and I am not in the Bey-hive or whatever. But it was cool and worthwhile to watch.

    • I have always been meh about Bey, because I am an devout acolyte of St. Madge. But Lemonade finally slayed me.

  6. “I’m having a hard time focusing on our conversation because I can tell you totally want to make out with me.”

    Wait — a guy says this to a woman — on a date?????

    Cue to pick up my bag — “Take care…” and EXIT (unless the guy is George Clooney or his ilk — which I totally doubt — because he was never say anything so absorbed and stupid).

    • Yeah that is totally stupid. Also, I love how smug she is even talking about this.. Yeah, you know exactly what men should and should not be doing. Never a thought about what you may be doing wrong. (hint: everything.)

      • It’s totally a “May I show you” kind of remark. Thanks for the post, Gilly, and Grifty, thanks for linking to the article earlier. Ugh. I am too tired to comment.

        OT: Do any of you basement dwellas know anything about these apparently HUGE jazz icons named McCoy Tyner and Stanley Clarke?* Because I don’t, and someone gave me a CD that is supposed to be “magical,” and now that I’ve listened to two or three tunes on it, my opinion is that, OK, this guy (Tyner, I guess) can play the piano, but I can so easily live without this type of magic.

        *Disclaimer: please forgive me if I sound like Donkey talking to Thierry Henry. I really don’t know anything about jazz, but I promise I would learn some basic facts before I’d go pester a musician and pretend I’m a journalitht interviewing him / her.

          • Ditto. That’s what I call airport lounge jazz — does nothing for me. I like funky, sultry, bluesy jazz.

          • Grifty, I’d love to, but I would feel bad because it was a gift and the guy who gave (“gifted”) it to me made such a big deal out of it too. I’ll send you something else if you want! 🙂

        • They are very influential and much beloved among people who like that style of jazz. Neither is exactly my bag, though.

        • i think part of the “meh” is that what they did was new when they did it but has now become so thoroughly mainstream that you’ve heard it all before … kind of like the perhaps apocryphal remark, “paul mccartney was in a band before wings?”

          • This is bullshit. Stanley Clarke was part of Chick Corea’s Return to Forever. He’s a huge jazz talent. McCoy Tyner performed with Coltrane. This is jazz royalty. You all can go fuck yourselves if you don’t at least appreciate the heritage where this came from regardless of whether you like the music or not. I saw Stanley Clarke in the early 1970s performing with George Duke. It was a fantastic concert.

          • I loved Stanley Clarke back in the day (like, late 70s). Saw him at a tiny theater once with Herbie Hancock and Al DeMeola. God they were amazing. Jazz-Rock Fusion was a new thing then, as Grammarian says, so maybe it wouldn’t have the same effect on me now if I were hearing it for the first time

          • Herbie Hancock funk jazz, that’s what I’m talking ’bout — not even my favorite jazz, but it’s the only style where I like any electronica.

            HUMBLEBRAG: HH’s Headhunters drummer was my neighbor way back when & a niece was named after his mother.

          • @[redacted’s mom] that’s what i’m saying — what was new then has been played to death now

            related: i am obsessed at the moment with all things hamilton; i saw a photo of a descendent at a re-enactment event wearing a brown/gold velvet coat, and for an instant, i tsked tsked at why he was wearing the costume from the play … until i remembered that the play came after the actual historical painting upon which its costume was modeled

            so, yes; visionary, then; old news, now.

            see also, the beatles.

        • Hate to tell you, but Stanley Clarke is a Scientologist. (If he’s out, I will ask for this comment to be deleted.)

    • Do goddesses get “dumped”? Aren’t they more enlightened than others? Isn’t the send off for the polyamorous club more like “I’ll fuck you later” and the women are so enlightened they accept it? Certainly they are above having a meltdown over a man, right? They aren’t mortal like us, they’re goddesses, for Greggette’s sake!

  7. I respect that perspective. Hmm. Let’s go further, then. sounds like it was written by a bot.

  8. Honestly her latest post. Fuck off Donkey. Again with this shit?

    Miserable donkey is miserable and so therefore all the world is miserable and lonely and angry and hateful and heartbroken and suffering and isolated and a gigantic braying 18-wheeler-full of fail?

    I LOVE YOU RAIN clearly dumped her ass, huh? Because that’s usually when she dials the melodrama up to 11.

      • How often to you think she refreshes to Cute n’ Tiny’s FB and insta pages? I’m guessing we’ll see a carpal tunnel post shortly.

          • Would that somebody would write a book giving us experiments to try and break through that disconnection and fill our hearts with…happiness?

        • i love tiny n cute’s insta! girl looks legit happy and non chalant about her beauty. i bet rain is going to want her back (dont do it tiny n cute!)

          also. fuck you julia allison.

          • Tiny n Cute has what seems to be a fairly amazingly adventurous life! Her passion is obvious & not at all forced & contorted like Donkey. There is no comparison however look at TnC’s festival photos compared to Julia’s bitchfaced stoned I don’t know what the F was going on in that video with Rain & her dirty leotard herp derp “dance” photos. It’s crazy embarassing.

          • The scary thing is, the pics barely scratch the surface of her in-person sweetness & cuteness. 😉

        • And Julia will feel that carpal tunnel deeper than other people because, hey do you guys remember that time she posted about how she feels things deeper than other people?

          • I don’t remember it, although I can’t say it sounds surprising. If anyone has a link, I’d be grateful and then, I suspect, cackle a lot.

    • Are you sure “dumped” is the right term? I always figured she was just part of the rotation on his playlist. She’s even farther away from being Taylor Swift than he is from being Calvin Harris.

    • It fits because festival season is ramping up and he’s going on tour. The last thing he needs is a ramora fish like Donkey sucking up all his energy and sex appeal on the road. The poor guy is in his mid 4os and this is maybe the last midlife crisis he has to give before he realizes he’s making a laughingstock out of himself for being a DJ at his age.

      Donkey is an idiot if she considers him anything more than for sportfucking. If she did that and admitted it, I might have a tiny bit of respect for her ability not to be deluded.

    • Shouldn’t she have one before she starts telling people what to do with theirs?

      • Dave Morin’s sister just suggested she come to Montana for another vacation from vacation-itis, and Donkey said she’s already planning a Montana vacation this summer … with Dead Russian Hooker #2. Ariel White and Donkey in a car, discussing their orgasms while hugging their yonis?

      • She assumes everyone else is miserable because she is miserable. One hallmark of Donkey’s personality disorder is her inability to imagine any life experience outside her own.

        • Also an inability to imagine why she feels miserable when she should feel immensely grateful for all the advantages she has been given in this life? Isn’t this the basis of the whole WOO philosophy? Why hadn’t it gelled with her after how many years now?

    • Also, is it just that I’m a moron, or is anyone else completely clueless as to what this “reconnecting with your soul” means? I just kind of…. live my life, as I load my pistol of fine German steel?

  9. For the sake of your community.

    We all remember and salute Donkey’s tremendous commitment to community and tireless volunteer work, despite her hectic schedule of Googling and diddling herself.

    • Funny how she never got around to performing those happiness “experiments” in her proposal that were related to community service and helping the elderly.

    • She cares so much about “community” that she illegally Airbraynbray’ed her apartment to a parade of strangers, in a building with families and children.

  10. Did Donk just slyly give away her location, or maybe give us another misdirect? In her latest post about Camp Grounded, she said she’ll be going to the session “here in Mendicino…” (but it is weird if she misspelled where she lives).

    • It’s not likely that Donk flitted away to somewhere using sugar daddy air miles, because, fauxtos or it didn’t happen, but HERE’S THE THING: Julia Allison is currently boarded as a FT resident at the OMG!DC for the foreseeable future.

    • Why is anyone still going to that exploitative clipjoint after it was revealed how they mistreated their employees? Hell, maybe they’ve gone full Sweeney Todd now.

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