Birdies Keep Chirping: Former Roomie Is Dumb Bunny & Weirdo

Into our inbox flew more intel about Donk and money- and status-obsessed Grape Nehi.

Nehi and Donkey were equal participants in the AirBNB scheme, supposedly because they both were traveling all the time and didn’t want to be stuck with paying rent when they weren’t often in their luxury flat near the OMG! Palace of Fine Arts. Nehi and Donkey did look for a new place together but couldn’t find one within their price range.

The former roomie is no victim of Donks but rather a kindred spirit, a “moron” with a “demeanor that is off, a little strange … She kept covering her mouth and biting on her finger. Her eyes lit up – I couldn’t possibly describe the look – similar to a child getting an award.”

I wish I could share a couple of the tipster’s tales here but to do so would reveal the source. Such a tease! But I can reveal: Nehi is telling everyone that Lilly is her dog! Nehi has allegedly “owned Lillydog for 10 years, moved with her from Boston … Lily is a little boring and never wants to play … and is currently staying with a friend.”

Our source insists that, like Donkey, much of what spews from the mouth of the former roomie is suspect. Birds of a feather and all that.


  1. What are the odds of Donkey finding someone as odious as herself to room with?

    That Lily story is bizarre. First of all, Lily is 13, and didn’t we just see her home in Chicago with Donkey at Easter? Is Donkey just pretending to still own her?

    • Your guess is as good as mine, Grifty! What are the odds that Lilly is staying with Robin in Wilmette?

      • I’ve gotten the impression that @LillyDog isn’t as well-behaved as Langdon & that Mom$er isn’t too keen on having her in the asst’d living center. Much like a furniture-climbing donkey.

        • I remember long ago some suggestion that Momsers refused to take Lilly off Donk’s hands because she believed the dog would teach her idiot daughter a sense of responsibility. That worked out well.

          • People on here always disagree with this, but Momser and dadster are clearly both assholes.

            Hey Robin, no “power moms with fantastic sons” want your donkey having their grandchildren.

    • JFAing because I’m incredulous…why would anyone lie to a stranger about owning a dog and why make up a story about moving her to CA from Boston? Did she fall and hit her head on those rocks?

      • That Lily story is just the tip of the iceberg, er, tutu.

        “Stop being such a greg damn tease, Gilly!”

      • Pathological liars lie simply because it gives them a sense of control. Like they can just say something and have others believe it.

          • Is she pathological, like Donk? Pathological liars seem incapable of simply saying: “I don’t know” — they always volunteer something, inevitably a lie.

        • Yes, it’s the control thing I think.
          A friend said her ex was a pathological liar. She said he would lie about even the most insignificant things, like whether he had ham or chicken on his sandwich. I think it’s the internal satisfaction they get of thinking they fooled you, therefore they are superior. Weird.

      • Theory: Tipster was a guy who went on a few dates with her. She probably made up the “I have a dog” thing to look cuter and more desirable (and more responsible?)

  2. Damn! I really wish the landgreg had taken these two on the Judge Judy show …

      • No, there’s a dollar limit, like small claims court. And I’ll bet donks owes a ton over the limit. She’s going to Big Girl Court.

        • I wonder if the landlord can sue them for their AirBnB proceeds? They did subpoena the records, so they know how much they made (at least from there, they could also have advertised elsewhere.)

          • Absent some clause in the LL / Tenant contract, I think the LL would have a more difficult time establishing that Donkey’s Airbnbing caused the LL damages. The easier route would be suing for violation of the CA short-term rental laws, for which violation the LL would be responsible, as I understand CA short-term rental laws.* LL could far more easily and cheaply recoup any fines issued to LL as a result of Donkey’s illegal subletting.

            *But I do not really know much about CA short-term rental laws other than what has been posted here, so please consider me a lolyer rather than a lawyer on the subject.

          • ETA – this should have read, “I think the LL would have a more difficult time establishing that Donkey’s Airbnbing PROFITS caused the LL damages.

  3. So basically Nehi Single White Femaled JA who is basically the queen of Single White Femaling?

      • This is starting to sound like Wet Hot American Summer, but with an overflowing septic tank and murder.

    • I wondered what kind of person could ever find A Donkey tolerable to live with for that long. The ‘moron’ description explains a lot.

    • AK Kitty me, I didn’t see you already wrote the same thing.

  4. I only now realize that I thought the previous post that said “she” is an”Ivy league fan girl” and “bad listener” referred to Nehi. I thought tipsters were Nehi’s friends and their words were about Julia. Now, it all makes sense.

  5. I know it is unlikely,esp at this time of day, but I’m stopping by the chatroom,in hopes that someone may share more…

  6. Mentally unstable single white females, single white femaling each other? Glad to hear Grape was a willing accomplice. No more intel needed on my end, Grape is even less interesting than a donkey. If someone lies about stupid things, they’ll lie about everything.

    • OMG! That’s the sequel!

      Nehi moves in with Julia and, over time, we see Nehi attempt to assume Julia’s life and appearance. When the change is complete, we soon discover that Julia had a plan of her own. As Julia removes her wig and colored contacts, we learn that she knew Nehi was a SWF, and thus changed her own appearance and personality into the person she wanted Nehi to become. See, Julia had always been a shy, tiny and cute blonde with blue eyes the color of arctic ice. And she’d always wanted a fun, loud, brunette BFF. The day she met Nehi, Julia knew she’d found her mark…

      • Can two divorced womyn share an apartment together without driving each other crazy?

        da da da da da daaaaa da da daaaa da da daaa da

  7. So if both Grape and Donkey were gone all the time, where was the goddamn elderly dog? Left behind to be cared for by Airbnbers? I seem to recall hearing tales from guests that instructions for the dog’s care were left at the place, but I almost can’t believe that is what actually happened. Who does that? Who takes on the care of an elderly dog along with a freaking short term stay in a guest house?? Baughling.

    • The real question who leaves their pet in the care of a stranger who isn’t actually a pet sitter? I would never, ever rent my place out and leave my pets alone with strangers. It gives me a panic just to even think about it.

      • She really did leave her elderly dog in the care of AirBNB strangers, didn’t she? Unfuckingbelievable.

        • Something lost in transbraytion, I do believe. Not long ago, I’d mentioned one review, a very favorable review, which said the dog was a surprise — pretty sure the roomie was there, though, or no way would it have been favorable.

        • I remember one of the Airbnb guests making a comment about how it would have been nice to know they were expected to take care of an elderly dog or something along those lines. I would have been livid as an Airbnb’er. Imagine having to plan your events of a trip around someone else’s dog.

          • I remember it as saying “I wish they would have disclosed in advance they had a little dog.” I assumed this was a shared rental with one or both of them at home, and not that they left the dog in the care of the guest.

          • Thinking that would have resulted in an RBD post all its own & not one we’d forget anytime soon …

          • Two for two on this thread, I Brian Williams misremembered.

          • I would have been delighted with the surprise dog. No joke- that’s what a crazy dog lady I am. But I also would have called animal welfare and/or taken the dog with me when I left.

          • I’m dreadfully embarrassed there was no post, especially with those appalling opening sentences. Just what Oakie from Muskogee was renting the chocolate dream bedroom?

            ‘Julia’s room is nice and arty. She has a good taste for the style. “

    • I just looked at the reviews, Jesus she rented it out a lot!

      I can see how she’s broke now, I bet that this was her primary source of income, other than cashing daddy’s cheques.

  8. Well don’t I feel silly for giving Julia Lite the benefit of the doubt.

    I guess a normal human would be bloodying their fingers clawing their way out of that rental agreement within the first month or two.

  9. Was Nehi trying to SWF Julia’s life? Way to reach for the…mold growing under the slime of a slug.

    Does she have any ambition?

    • Oops! Discussed above.

      I dunno, sounds like the story Nehi scrambled to give when airbnber’s or landlord inquired about the dirty, neglected dog

      • That actually makes sense — caught w/ the dog & made up a story on the fly? That non-rambunctious @LillyDog was just visiting, & she usually stays over at so-&-so’s house? Not sure though, why’d she say that unless whoever she was answering to already knew Donk was out of town & she had to justify being the one in charge of the illegal dog?

        Dunno — chica sounds all kinds of weird.

  10. Grrrrr, Lily is not a puppy, and I hate how JA (and one of her airbnb reviewers) refers to her that way. Puppyhood IS AN ACTUAL DEVELOPMENTAL STATE, and Lily hasn’t been there for nigh on thirteen years. Good god.

    • Maybe I say this every time I read the word “puppy,” I don’t know. I can’t keep up with all of my irritations.

      • Love you handbag but this does not bode well for the eventual RBD meetup of my fantasies. I would bring my dog because you guys would all love my dog. But I call that dog “Puppy” approx. 9 dozen times a day. In between all the times I am calling him Baby, Doggie and the names of an ark’s worth of other creatures. Plus, occasionally, his actual name. All dogs are puppies always & forever. Sorry not sorry.

          • jfa / envoi: (bowie)

            “His name was always buddy
            And he’d shrug and ask to stay
            She’d sigh like twig the wonder kid
            And turn her face away

            She’s uncertain if she likes him
            But she knows she really loves him
            It’s a crash course for the ravers
            It’s a drive-in Saturday”

          • Sniff, sniff. I can sing every song on that album, though I’d be bawling long before we got to “Lady Grinning Soul.”

      • Certain dogs, I pretty often refer to as Pup. Just ’cause; kinda like calling a friend’s grown-ass kid w/ kids of his or her own Kid — no matter how big they are, kid or dog, they’re still a youngun to moi.

    • Hahaha I alternately call my dog “puppy” and “old lady.” The puppy thing is relatively new, and it’s gotta be magical thinking. If I say it enough times, she’ll be young again and won’t die on me.

      Well, that’s depressing.

      But unlike Julie, I’m determined to make every day the best day of my dog’s life.

  11. Okay, this is the strangest thing I’ve ever posted on here, ’cause I just saw the damnedest thing ever. Remember that pic Alana Joy posted years ago & since re-posted here by me, of Donk’s weird boobage flap?

    Saw it on Christina Aguilera on THE VOICE a few minutes ago. The camera zoomed in on her ample cleavage right about the time she apparently flexed something, & her boob made that same flap fold, whatever you want to call it.

    It was weird! Anyone else see that?

    • I don’t even have to click the link and I know what you’re talking about and I might even remember the dress Donk was wearing and my name is Tingolayo and I’m a donkaholic.

      • My friend was over here to p/u something & she was behind me at my desk, sorting the paperwork, but watching too — ’bout the time my maw gaped, she said: “WHAT’S UNDER HER KNOCKERS?”

        It was ugly.

  12. “local dog leads police to discovery of 2 live russian hookers stranded on seashore boulders, coming up on action news 5”

  13. It’s literally hysterical to re-read RBD from when we found out that Donk got her OMG book deal way back in 2013. (TWO THOUSAND THIRTEEN.)

    Many catladies were cursing Donk’s undeserved good luck; some wondered how any publisher could be so stupid as to hitch their wagon to a donkey; while some were thanking greg for the fantastic messterpiece that would be coming our way. Others wondered about the technical details, such as how much advance she’d get paid [hahahahahaha]; whether Bravo would get a cut of Donk’s earnings [hohohohohoho]; and how we could obtain a copy of this epic tome without actually paying money to DONK and/or her publisher.

    A white nit calling itself Brian B. popped in to bray “Ha ha , I told you so!” Of course, plenty of catladies doubted that the book would ever see the light of day, but @Leaning Tower of Canklehausen made the most accurate prediction:

    My guess is that she’ll keep putting her manuscript off, keep putting it off, keep putting it off until they eventually decide to just cancel the book. Or they’ll get the manuscript, see how awful it is, and cancel the book.

    • Even Leaning Tower thought she might at least turn in something. Who could have predicted that layabout Donkey would have absolutely nothing to show for three years of being employed at Writer @ BOOK? That is just beyond.

    • “Congratulations, Donks. And thank you. Because this isn’t going to end well.”


    • I just want to say — as someone who has written (and by that I mean, had them published by major publishers) five books — I NEVER THOUGHT HER BOOK WOULD SEE THE LIGHT OF DAY. EVER.

      There are lots of people in my camp, so I am not claiming genius.

    • i just wanted to mention that your use of the bracketed ha-ha’s and ho-ho’s in this post is absolutely brilliant- well done!

  14. Gilly, check out dude offering to discuss fusion & fission w/ physicist Julia Allison.

  15. Meanwhile, Jules links to an article about dating techniques for men that she claims is 100% true:

    “In fact, it’s the best description of conversational home runs I’ve ever read. This particular questioning pattern was THE ENTIRE REASON I dated (at least) one of my ex-boyfriends. I wish I weren’t serious about that but … Alas. I’m a sucker for men who possess – and publicly utilize! – social awareness.”

    The article itself is written by Tyler Willis, “crisis counselor by day, and DJ by night”. He writes that “social awareness is one of the most attractive traits a woman can sense from you” and says that it is “a principle of evolutionary psychology described by Tucker Max and Geoffrey Miller in their book Mate: Become The Man Women Want.”

    Here’s some choice advice from the article:

    If the conversation is heating up and she’s holding eye contact longer than usual, say “I’m having a hard time focusing on our conversation because I can tell you totally want to make out with me.”

    • Is this a book aimed at creepy 13 year-olds? That quote could easily have come from the smelly, yet oddly over-confident kid in 8th grade band. He played the trombone and reeked of forgotten sack lunch.

    • Oh so sorry, so fat…I only just saw that this was already discussed in the last post. I’ll see myself out.

      • No, no, this is awesome, and as a not haver of FB, I would love to read more. Not to be an entitled bitch or anything, but it sounds like something worthy of a separate post.

        Also, is that quote something meant to attract women? Because Greg help whoever thought of that if it is.

      • I agree that this warrants further discussion. I think this book and those quoted and associated are just more of the pathetic and misogynistic PUA culture who view women as prey, no different then fishermen discussing which artificial lures work best.

        • Grifty,

          Clearly you’re into this kind of talk. Else, why would you go out of your way to find a link to the original article? It is interesting, though, isn’t it? And, I do think it warrants further discussion. However, I doubt that’s possible as your insights are so distracting that all I want to do now is place my hand on the small of your back, brush your windswept hair out of your eyes, and gently kiss you on the lips.

          Yours truly,

          • The original article was linked in Donkey’s post, dear heart, and provided to Helena because she doesn’t have access to Facebook.

            And the reason I know about PUA culture is because there’s a history of it with Donkey’s friends, including Eben Pagan and Smellsberg, and I find it particularly abhorrent.

            With softness.

      • Yeah, this reeks of PUA, under a different name. So now it’s called social awareness, eh? How about just being yourself, guys, and find someone who likes you for you?

  16. OT, need cat advice:

    About five years ago we took in an eight year old cat that my coworker decided she just didn’t want anymore. The plan was to try and find her a nice home. Instead we discovered that contrary to being ‘perfectly sweet and no bother at all’ — as descried by then-coworker — she had a vicious skin allergy, chronic sinusitis, a pressing desire to pee just about anywhere other than the box, and a persistent desire to be touched AT ALL TIMES. She is the neediest animal I have ever meet in my life.

    We never even wanted this fucking cat.

    For the past five years we have spent $60 every six weeks just to treat the sinusitis — otherwise she spends all of her days hacking and blowing enormous gooey snot rockets at everything. Usually my face. That shit has lit-TRALLY taken paint off my walls.

    She has destroyed clothes and hardwood floors with her need to pee anywhere she can plant her fuzzy ass. We gave her a second bin — she peed in the bathtub. We gave her another bin, she peed in the laundry basket. When we got back from vacation she had peed all over a vintage NES console and games I had left for a friend to pick up.
    When she isn’t peeing on things she is dragging her dirty asshole across the floor. For years we couldn’t figure out what the dog was so happy to lap up in the bathroom. Now we know.

    Lately she has been throwing up constantly — bile if we don’t feed her right when she wants food, food once she eats. Her appetite hasn’t been what it used to be. We tried lower protein foods and she is still a yak monster. She keeps me up because she pukes four times a night — always on me or my bed. I have to get up and clean up after her so dudebrah doesn’t see it because if he does HE will yak.

    This morning I noticed a smell by the front door.

    She had peed all over the little crate I keep my shoes in. ALL MY FUCKING SHOES. And the bookshelf next to it — sopping wet with an enormous puddle. I’m calm now but until I started typing I was crying so hard in frustration that I thought I would lather myself into a panic attack if I didn’t vent.


    Five years on I can’t say that we ‘like’ her. That’s way overstating the Stockholm Syndrome that has occurred with us being lukewarmly tolerant of this fat fucking terrorist. She is part of the family, even if it is the part that we wish would die already.
    Anyone remember that classic Tales of Terror comic ‘Jenifer’? I feel like that. She looks at me with those wet, weepy eyes…

    Seriously, though, can I put her down now? I am sure there is something we could spend a lot of money on to make her not puke all the time — liver treatment or something. I just don’t want to invest that in her. At the same time I feel guilty because she probably has an okay quality of life, and nice people would probably treat the stupid cat.

    I can’t deal with her anymore, and I suspect she is probably miserable part of the time. At the same time I can’t bring myself to really cut the cord.

    What do I do?

    • First thought: can you find a no-kill animal shelter near you and chat with them about whether the cat would do well there?

      Honestly, I’m an animal person to the point that I took out my first credit card to pay for cat cancer treatment when I was a grad school student living on $12k a year…but I think there are some animals that aren’t suited to being house pets. Also, you’d be a real asshole if you tried to pawn this cat off on another unsuspecting person (as appears to be what happened to you).

      So I’d say: look into no-kill animal shelters. And if that doesn’t work out, chat with your vet about the options.

      But don’t feel like you are a jerk because you can’t live with an animal that isn’t suitable as a house pet. Five years of vomiting, pee and vet bills is four years and six months more than most people would do.

    • I trialed a corn-based cat litter; my butterball went into aggressive grooming mode so bad, I had to put a felt collar on her because she licked bare patches.

      Learned that it’s common for cats to have a corn allergy — corn is a major filler in commercial pet food. I learned which foods closely represent their natural prey, mice, wrt to ratios of water content, protein & carbs — then I priced that shit (ugh) & went for the best I could afford, which is Merrick’s Before Grain.

      Fat, itchy cat quit licking fur off, eased up on yakking by probably 85%, & lost weight too. Skinny pisser cat eased up on yakking same as other, & gained the weight she needed to. For two 10-yr-olds, that 11 lb bag lasts three weeks, & it isn’t even doled out, they free-feed from a dispenser. When I have the wet food, same brand, the tiny can that they each get a qtr of 1x a wk (it’s really dense; they fill up in a minute) completely does away w/ little one’s dandruff.

      Sorry, way TL;DR, but I was glad to learn more than ya ever want to know about cat digestion — they’re really only meant to throw up feathers & fur.

      Dr. Elsey’s Cat Attract Cat Litter — red bag — everything they claim is true. My problem child, the formerly skinny one, did everything yours has done & then some — this got her back to the boxes. Nothing short of amazing.

      Hairballs lessen when itching stops & grooming lessens — as much as yours is already throwing up, you can get by w/ an abrupt chg of food w/ a once daily sm dab of vaseline on the nose. Bonus points if you start her off w/ a good brush-out too. I’ll send you a bag of litter or a bag of food, your choice, if you can give her a chance to feel better. Anything to keep her out of a shelter.

        • Easier said than done if not born w/ CWAA chromosome.

          Srsly, there was a time I might have parted mine out. Did not want to be that person. Remedies were found.

          • You’re not alone in this throw-away society. You are, however, answering a question I didn’t ask.

          • Oh don’t be so snotty. Five years is enough suffering. I put down all three of my mothers cats because she had dementia and my brother is mentally handicapped and incapable of taking care of them. They had 18 years of a better life than most humans. Also put down the cutest rescue dog because he bit every day for two years no matter what I tried. My husband has stage 4 colon cancer and I’ve told him he’s next.

          • When you take a break from killing everything in sight / site / cite, try re-directing to mcakez.

    • Everyone will kill me for saying this, but — wow, you are a saint. I would have put the cat down after the first month or so. (Before everyone piles on — I love animals, grew up with cats, dogs, horses, etc etc…) But there is just too much wrong with this animal (as you list). It kind of seems as if it just a bad seed, or something.

      I wonder why your co-worker “just decided” she didn’t want the cat?

    • *exhales* this is certainly a very tricky situation.

      Senior cat owner here. Can you figure out why she peed on your shoes? Does the vet agree that this is a deterioration in the her life quality? I haven’t been in this situation, but it seems like a balance between the invasiveness of the diagnosis/treatment versus whether it’s worth it to do that to the cat.

      I’m not sure a no-kill shelter would take her, because of her myriad medical issues.

      I found a mixture of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide has been really good at cleaning cat pee. Works on nylon pet carriers, don’t know if it’s work on leather.

    • Aw, mcakez, maybe you should post this whole rant on Craigslist. Perhaps you will find a saint willing to take the cat off your hands? It couldn’t hurt.

    • I like Brayella’s suggestion to change her food. The skin problem/itchy butthole/sinusitis/barfing sounds like it could be allergy-related. Maybe the peeing is a side result of all the stress. Besides trying the food that Bray suggested, you could try an elimination diet– try one food to see whether she tolerates it, then add another, etc. I had a friend whose cat ate only yogurt and fruit.

      There’s also such a thing as “piggy eating,” where they eat so much so fast that it comes right back up.

      Has the vet ever suggested anti-anxiety meds? My friend’s dog took something like that. Another friend’s cat wore a small dog’s thunder coat to help her to relax and stop biting herself.

      Also, I would stop giving her the full run of the house until she uses the litterbox consistently.

      • I have a cat that has a flea allergy, and while he was suffering he was incredibly needy. I think if you can solve the allergy problem he will be less needy. He’s just looking for you to help him.

        Brayella has the right idea regarding diet. I am also someone who looked up nutrition for my two old cats and also after all that pet food mishegoss that happened a few years ago, and interestingly enough, also decided on the Merrick food, not due to Mercola (who, I’m sorry, I think is mostly a quack) but on the recommendation of an online vet who did extensive research into the compositions of all kinds of food. I feed my last remaining cat the canned “pate” diets Merrick offers, excluding the seafood selections, so: chicken, turkey, duck, beef.

        I would not give up. I think a lot of the acting out is because the cat is miserable. Change diet, see if that helps. So often it does. For my cat, I had to find a way to get rid of the fleas which my other cats were harboring unsymptomatically. Now that they are both gone, the flea situation is under control. Know it takes a couple of months for behavior to change. If all doesn’t work out, then look for a no-kill shelter.

        • Merrick food is available online from a number of different places. I get mine from Petco when they have sales, gets delivered free and it’s about 25% less than in the store if you shop the sales right.

        • Haven’t been on that Mercola site before today & that Dr Becker isn’t who I was looking for, but her info is good. Check out comments on that link for a laugh — so woo!

          The vet I was vaguely remembering says that nutrition really isn’t addressed in vet school & that most vets just parrot what the pet food sales reps tell ’em, is why you always hear that it’s normal for cats to yak. Growing up, cats I had weren’t yakkers, so I’m hard-pressed to accept it as “normal”. Common nowadays, yeah; normal, no.

          Took in a rescue cat once who had worms from eating fleas — she wasn’t dragging ass, but I’ve seen dogs do that & heard that it’s due to partially expelled worms being an irritant — I think the vet dipped her & was wondering, isn’t that something chain pet stores offer regularly on the cheap?

          Earlier I said vaseline but there’s a product cats really love that I think is called petromalt, full of supplements.

          • Yes, I’ve used that hairball in a tube thing too, Petromalt is one, there’s also another that they seem to like. You can squirt some of it on the top of their front paw and they’ll lick it off.

            It’s likely Mercola cribbed that info from somewhere else. It’s good advice but he’s really someone I’d stay clear of whenever possible. Google ‘Mercola quack’ and you’ll find a lot of citations.

          • JFAing to say, I found the vet online that had ranked all the pet food after I’d looked for sources for recipes for homemade cat food. I bought a grinder and did raw food for a while until one of the cats got sick from it (which was awful for me, I thought I’d done it right) and then I just started grinding up cooked food, which worked better.

            This is the vet who evaluated the various forms of commercial cat food. This is a link about making your own, but she also offers great info about all the different commercial brands if you look into it.


          • Not sure it’s the same stuff I’ve used in the past, but be careful with that hairball gel stuff. If you put slightly too much on the cat to lick off, their poo will be the consistency of soft-serve ice cream, which will only add to your nightmare., especially if they have medium-long fur and a fuzzy butt….

            I am blessed that my boy is a fur angel and a beautiful soul, but he was born with cat flu and is a ‘chronic snuffler’ which means snot and sneezes. He also has food affection issues, which means neediness and desperately wanting me to pat him while he eats and drinks. Also hair balls every few weeks and puking up food; the last time was on my bed in the middle of the night. Thank god, not nearly as frequently as your cat. And this is a cat I love, not one palmed off on me!

            I don’t know how you’ve lasted this long. Check with the vet, try the diet thing suggested above and different litter, but if the cat is sick all the time, it’s not just a matter of your quality of life, it’s also about theirs and don’t beat yourself up if you decide to take that next step. Sounds like kitty has been very lucky the last 5 years. He’s now 13 and that’s a decent age and health is likely to decline further from here. Hugs to you.

    • Yikes that’s stressful. Can you ask the vet everything you stated here?
      We have a few cats and one of them constantly peed/pooped everywhere except any of the three litter boxes we had. One day I brought home a ginormous litter box. I swear it is the size of a child’s swimming pool with higher sides. I kind of sort of bought it as a joke because I was at my wit’s end. Surprisingly, that seemed to do the trick. I guess the cat wanted some moving room.
      Cat urine is the worst though. I use this stuff called SCOE and I order it online. It’s expensive but worth every penny. It doesn’t mask odor, it eliminates it completely if you can cover all the soiled areas.
      I don’t envy the spot you’re in.

  17. The Genderful Village thing from Camp Grounded that Donkey just posted seems like a horribly misguided idea. So they’re going to segregate all the trans people in their own village? Is that supposed to promote equality?

    • Also it seems they don’t have the stones to just cancel the NC event. They’d have another good reason to also since their leader Levi Felix is going through brain cancer treatments.

    • Right? The whole point is to not deny one from how one identifies, & these assholes are rounding them up & sequestering them. I hope these dipshits jumped the shark when they tried to jump on the bandwagon.

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