Julia Allison Evicted From SF Flat, Fights With Cancer-Free Dan & Wife

Not only did we get confirmation that Donkey’s book at St. Martin’s is dead and she’ll have to repay her advance, we’ve seen proof that Donkey and Nehi were evicted from the condo next to the OMG! Palace of Fine Arts. The poor roomie didn’t even want to AirBNB her home and found herself scrambling to find a place. Not unlike poor Mary Rambin when Donkey assured her Bravo would be getting them a place in New York. But the network passed on (Sh)It Girls and Mare Mare Beach Hair found herself homeless. Nothing has changed.

You’d think Donkey would regroup, get her shit together and stop posting humblebrags and SJW nonsense, especially since even Rain has seen the cracks in the facade, but no, time to argue about circumcision from the crackpot’s perspective with your high school boyfriend and his lovely wife.

A recap of the SJW’s latest crusade, even more ridiculous than anti-vaxxing:

A few years back scientists using a plastibell and a sterilized obsidian blade performed a circumcision in an MRI machine to monitor the baby’s brain. They took several readings prior to establish a baseline. The procedure caused immense pain, so much it made PERMANENT changes to his brain. Subsequent scans over the next days, weeks, months and even a year, the brain never returned to the baseline.

Circumcision trauma in infancy or early childhood might carry an increased risk of serious neurodevelopmental and psychological consequences and some studies also claim the practice doubles the risk of autism; it’s due time we ban this barbaric practice. We have evidence it’s so painful it not only rewires the brain but kills babies more often than car accidents or SIDS.

Circumcision…get the facts.

Old Boyfriend: There is no fucking way circumcision causes autism.

Julia Allison: Not the point. The point is that it is socially accepted GENITAL MUTILATION, and I can’t believe we still do it. So f–ked up.

Old Boyfriend: It is, in fact, what the post you shared says. Right there, in the text. And that is so fucking obviously false (and said with a nonsense numerical tag to seize a false claim to scientific validity) that it casts all its other pseudo-scientific claims (made without any cites, identifying information, or footnotes) into doubt. They are also implausible – like the claim that a real study with n=1 was done without anesthetizing a kid, without a control, and with an obsidian blade of all fucking things (what is this, a Meso-American human sacrifice)? Who would consent to such a thing?

Shall we take this as official renunciation of your claim to Jew-hood? Because the reason circumcision is legal – aside from the fact that there is no significant evidence that it causes harm and a towering pile of evidence that it reduces numerous health risks – is that it is the way Jews sanctify their covenant with God (for 6,800 years), and banning it without a compelling state interest would be a violation of the 1st Amendment.

Old Boyfriend’s Wife: Circumcision doesn’t cause autism but it can help reduce the spread of AIDS.

Julia Allison: I don’t believe that is a great argument for genital mutiliation.

Old Boyfriend’s Wife: Then post a compelling argument that it’s genital mutilation rather to some whack a loon who says circumcision causes autism and kills more babies than car accidents.

Also I do think a 60% reduction in Hiv risk (particularly in high risk countries) is a compelling, nay great, argument for circumcision. I’m not saying it should be mandatory, but it’s certainly a compelling reason to make this choice. Whatever pain it causes or minimal loss of sexual stimulation (and I’m guessing we disagree about the extent of either of those), I’m willing to put my money on having AIDS (particularly if you’re not rich with great access to health care) is way, way worse.

No response, Donkey?  Forget all those years at New Trier honing your debate skills? Not even “I 100% agree with you” because you lack the intellectual chops to defend your position?

Words of advice: I wouldn’t alienate any more friends, especially those with actual jobs and I.Q.’s over 50. Folks in Chicago are keeping their distance. Hell, even the woos are bored with your antics, and you’ve been scraping the bottom of the barrel for some time.


  1. I hadn’t seen the whole circumcision kerfuffle, but it’s great, and it serves to remind that JA has that (sadly, not rare) combination of complete confidence and aggressive stupidity.

    • p.s. Very few people in the culture I live in have circumcised their boy babies — other than Jewish friends — for at least twenty years. It’s just not done here. Remarkably, I’ve also never heard anyone criticize people who do.

      • That’s the rub. The my way or the highway, holier than thou attitude, which is particularly galling coming from someone who never does their homework.

          • Ma’am, you’re going to need to de-board the plane. Your language is making other flyers nervous.

          • Oh, sorry, I meant TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP! does that make you feel better?

        • It’s always support her preference or choice while shaming any differing preference or choice, or selective tolerance, which is abusive behavior. A pathological history of abusive behavior is why I’ll never feel any sympathy for her.
          PS Ding Dong the book is dead!

    • Also, it seems to me that this is shifting her outrage at her bro and his wife. I wonder if they’re expecting again? Or if he Had a come to Jesus talk with the donkey?
      I dunno, before I was a parent, I idly considered issues like this, but I wouldn’t declare what was a societal right or wrong Bc I never personally made that decision. Walk a mile in those shoes, whatever, ya know?

      She is the dumb.

      • She left a comment on a Facebook page that has several thousand fake followers/fans so I think we’re OK.

      • I will always revere her for picking out Donkey’s groomswoman dress AND enforcing a social media ban on wedding pix.

  2. BOOK is dead, evicted, taken to court, broke, de-friended…all bridges burnt…wow.

    This is why you NEVER mess with Cindy McCain lulz! Take care, dear heart!

  3. When you don’t even know the subject of which you are discussing…right there in the first sentence…how can you call yourself a writer?

    BOOK has left the building.

  4. Any cat lady watches Lucifer? I sometimes think that if one of the “goddesses” these woos worship came to earth they would have a similar reaction to Lucifer when he meets Satanists. “An Obsidian blade as part of the scientific method?! Who told you I would be in favor of that?!”.

  5. I love that Dan’s profile pic is a cat. 🙂

    Dan and lovely wife, thank you both for addressing this idiotic post by Julia and for showing her information to try to get her to see sense and try to educate her about these topics she posts. You seem to be a good friend, not just a ‘yes’ person like those she seems to surround herself with.

    As another commenter posted, I also hope that one day she recognises and values your friendship. I hope she faces some difficult truths about herself and her life and makes radical changes before she drives you even further away, though Greg knows how you’ve managed to stick around this long. Everyone would understand if you freed yourself completely from her if she continues down this path.

    Much as I love to laugh at and am morbidly curious about this train wreck, I do wish she’d change and get her life sorted out. Even if for no better reason than she stops wreaking havoc on other peoples lives.

    • Something tells me they probably sit on their hands a lot rather than respond & engage Donk’s stupidity, but that her latest post was so offensive to Dan (no idea if his wife is Jewish) that in itself, it was somewhat friendship-threatening — if she didn’t arbitrarily claim Jewishness to get on J-Date or whatever, he may have gone easier on her.

      • Well said and I agree about it being so egregiously offensive that he felt the need to point out her stupidity.

      • Wife of Dan is also Jewish. She is also a law professor and a legendary debater and debate coach at the university level.

      • When I casually followed Donk’s antics back in the Gawker days, I seem to remember a pic of her and another wanna be internet celebrity weirdo throwing up fake gang signs with the caption “do not fuck with Jewish gangstas.” And I remember thinking she was the WASPiest Jewish chick I’d ever seen.

        I don’t know if The Tribe would be interested at this point.

    • Remember the time Julia told the internet she would be taking the summer off to care for Dan while he went through treatments? He seems so ungrateful.

        • One of her most appalling performances, far worse than the Me Me Me & lots of Bach histrionics accompanying her grandmother’s death.

  6. God help me for this, but I’m sort of/halfway on Julia’s side on this one. I can think of circumstances under which I’d circumcise a child (e.g. living in an area with an unusually high HIV prevalence, phimosis) but as a general rule I think it’s not really justifiable to perform surgery on children for the reasons most (US) parents say they have it done.

    (Also, Dan rubbed me the wrong way with his comment on obsidian blades; they’re not commonly used in surgery, but in some instances they’re the best option because they can have a much finer edge than steel scalpels and consequently leave less scarring. But he’s right that a single case study is close to useless for inferring anything about circumcision and the whole thing is dumb.)

    All that said, circumcision is remarkably safe for a surgical procedure performed on babies (claiming it kills more kids than auto accidents or SIDS isn’t just misleading, it’s 100% false), and there are pros as well as cons, so it’s a very silly thing to go all Crusader For Justice on.

    But if for whatever reason you decide that ending routine circumcision is your thing, at least do your homework and don’t post stupid case studies and fake statistics.

    • I guessed they used that because of the MRI. Couldn’t use metal was my thought. I read through the original post’s comments though & finally decided it was a bit hysterical. But, wondered why can’t they just use anesthetic?

      • I wonder how they even got something like that past a review board. Your patient can’t directly consent or anticipate the pain, and surgery on your genitals is obviously going to be excruciatingly painful if you’re not doing anything to manage the pain.

        Wait… whoa. Out of curiosity, I googled around and found a 1998 study on PubMed that found (using questionnaires mailed to physicians) that only 45% of the respondents who perform circumcisions use anesthesia. Like, any anesthesia AT ALL. I hope that doesn’t reflect current practice, because that seems REALLY unethical.

        • My boy was born in 2001 in a small Southern town. Did they use anesthesia or a local? Does the trauma still affect him if not? These articles start one down a road to hysteriaville.

          • Apparently there a big variations based on who’s performing it (or at least there were in 1998): pediatricians use anesthesia of some form 71% of he time, family practitioners 56%, obstetricians 25%.

            I think that if there were massive differences in later outcomes based on a single event of horrible pain in infancy, we’d have figured that out by now. Does it change pain tolerance or something to some minor degree? Who knows. I don’t think anybody should be performing surgery on babies without pain relief unless that’s 100% necessary, but I’d be surprised if it were bad for any other reason than it being super painful at the time.

          • You are doing everything right. Don’t you worry about that. Your instincts are there for a reason, so follow them. Your son knows that you cherish him and he loves you, too. I feel for you and I will think of you. Lots of love.

          • Oh, Curling Irons! So sorry to hear of your little one’s health issues. Sending you BOTH all best wishes for health, happiness and internet medical information blinders.

        • Y’all are talking as though it truly happened … why would you even believe that? The link provided w/in the link led to a bullshit story of a nurse w/ a newborn offering up her kid like a fucking lab rat, & “okays” to use equip negotiated during hallway consults or some such, & then the kid was not even sedated but he miraculously held still enough for clear & concise radiologic images to be obtained? Please.

          • Damn liars that lie. You’re right. I totally read it assuming the truth of it, but it’s 100% fabricated. The details are to make it believable.
            The assumption of other’s real trauma kind of enrages me. There is real suffering going on & lying about yours or appropriating it or distracting with some bullshit thing takes from those who are actually barely hanging on.
            What the hell? I am such a sucker. I’m always the last to figure out the long con. She’s basically calling all us parents who opt for circumcision because we listen to our doctors, genital mutilators.
            God damn it. I was literally going to bring this up to the attending on my kid’s unit & ask if it’s possible that he’s traumatized by it. I’d look like some hippie fool. Dear lord she is awful throwing that nonsense up. What a dangerous asshole. I spotted the fake news articles linking autism to vaccines in the comments of the original post, as well as the fake death statistics, but it did not occur to me that the whole post was concocted & she’s posting it out of scorn or spite directed at someone she knows who is the parent of a boy.
            This makes me question my whole belief that people are essentially good. You think suffering made me a more compassionate person & it must do the same for others. But not her. It’s made her meaner. In the midst of all this stuff happening to her, she is not spending a moment reflecting or reaching out to others. She’s hatefully posting nonsense junk science, no not even that, just lies about other folks, accusing them of mutilating their sons.
            F’ing A. That’s really evil. And I even fell for it.
            My little boy is in the hospital, the third hospitalization in 9 months & I’m beating myself up thinking I added to his pain by having him circumcised when he was born. I’m barely hanging on blaming myself for giving him toxic genes & not protecting him & then, having him circumcised on top of it all.
            You’re right. She’s dangerous because if you don’t know what she is, you’d never see her coming.

          • So sorry about your little boy! Greg, yeah, horrible timing that you read that article. Thinking of your little one, hoping it all gets better …

          • I’m sorry your little boy isn’t well. 🙁 Whatever anyone’s views on circumcision, there definitely isn’t ANY solid evidence ANYWHERE that it’s physically or mentally harmful in the long run.

            You’ve got to remember that the woos are true believers in their pseudo-Freudian “childhood trauma causes ALL the things” dogma. It’s a means of avoiding responsibility for becoming the useless people they are, nothing more.

          • @curlingironsatdawn, I read your comments on this page and the previous post, and you sound like a very kind-hearted person–certainly more kindhearted than me. I am so sorry this is happening with your little boy, and please keep us updated on how he does.

          • @CurlingIrons please do not waste one moment berating your parenting based on ANYTHING Julia Allison ever, ever, ever, writes, thinks or reposts. I hope your little one gets to go home very soon.

          • CurlingIrons, all god thoughts and love to your son and you and your family for better days ahead.

            My lovely former doctor (as played by a cross between a garden gnome and Danny DeVito) said of medical misinformation on the Internet, “It’s like children around a campfire telling ghost stories. They feel powerful if they can scare other people with the things they made up, or the things they heard second-hand.”

      • You are very kind, comparing your pain to hers. She is not a victim. She is a lazy entitled shady asshole whose myriad misdeeds and sloth have caught up to her.

        • + 1,000 with a side of ‘would you like fries with tha?”

        • We should not be arbiters of the circumcision issue, and mostly Julia Allison should not be. Dammit.

    • I don’t have any (fore) skin in this game, but will say oblation is common in surgery and often a better option. That said, the anatomy is usually there for a reason. I also don’t fault parents who opt for removal any more than I would for non-removal. Again, it’s a person preference.

    • Both mine are snipped and they don’t seem to have any ill effects, I can ask the older one what he thinks if y’all are interested. Shit that went down AFTERWARD would have been wayyyyyyyyyyy more traumatizing than that little procedure.

      Heck, my younger one came out the canal all bruised and banged up, I don’t think the circ was any more traumatizing than just being born.

      I also had a lover from actual Africa who was circ’d in a ritual when he was 7, no anesthetic, no hospital. He seemed fine.

      It’s just hysteria food for people who need to freak out about SOMETHING.

    • OMG. I was just listening a couple of days ago on TMZ about his plane making the unscheduled stop at an airport close to home, cuz he was supposedly sick — it turned into a nothing, news-wise, & all was supposedly well. He just had the flu, they said.

      Read your comment & googled his name & expected this news, but it’s still a big shocker to me. He was so unique & this makes me really sad.

      • I genuinely loved him. Cried in the car when I heard the news on NPR. The boyfriend and I played all of the records of his that we own and drank champagne last night.

        If there’s an afterlife, he and Bowie are tearin’ it up at that kick ass party in the sky.

    • Honestly. I am not someone who routinely sobs through arabesques but I burst into tears at work re: that one just as I did about Bowie a few months ago.

      Who else is next on my favourite celebrity list??!??!

      Fucking Ewan McGregor??? Mark Ruffalo????? Make it stop!!!!!!!!!

      • Why would you pick on my two biggest screen-crushes? I’m taking this personally!

          • I just cannot believe it’s true. Fifty-seven. And still putting on crazy shows and super-fit. How???

          • Ugh. I suppose it’s possible. We’ve come so far; it’s not the death sentence it once was. At least, it doesn’t have to be, not anymore.

            1st thing I thought of was suicide. Why? Cuz of that statement: ‘Wait a few days before you waste any prayers’ — when I’d heard that the other day, I didn’t take it the way they were saying (that he was assuring people he was fine) but it was not until today that I felt like maybe I knew what he meant (that many people think of suicide as a sin might have been where he was coming from?)

          • That was a weird line. I read that today. What did it mean?? It seems he knew the end was coming. Might he have been terminally ill and just refusing to give in to something?

          • Well, it sounds less (to me) that he was ‘sensing fate’ & basically that he was intent on self-fulfilling a prophecy.

          • That sounds so convoluted. Let me re-try.

            The cryptic mssg seems to me, after hearing he’d passed, that he had an agenda. Now, HIV or who knows what that may have been going on, if there was a devastatingly prolonged death coming at him, who could blame him? I wouldn’t.

            I wonder now if he was trying to OD while in-flight, to bypass life-saving measures. Or, if today, was being in the elevator intentional, to make it harder to get to him?

            Millions of questions come to mind.

          • From what I read he was doing well on medication (HIV/AIDS) since the 90’s then some religious grifter-woos convinced him he was cured by God and didn’t need the meds anymore. He quit two years ago, his health failed quickly and by the time he wanted to get back on it was too late. It’s so stupid/sad because, if this is true, he had access to the best drugs & didn’t have to die yet. Unlike Charlie Sheen or Steve Jobs (cancer) this didn’t seem like ego as much as it did misguided manipulation by preying on someone’s hope.

      • Replying here for thread’s sake. Listen, a lot more people than we realize die of flu pneumonia.

        Also, if it’s “drugs,” I think that some stars have to keep impossible schedules and therefore take meds in order to sleep on command and wake up on command, and even super-fit Prince may just have succumbed to a combination of flu/respiratory supresssion if he was also taking something to sleep. I hope he didn’t die sadly or badly. What a Star.

        I read “Trouble Boys” about the Replacements, and I recommend it. Prince features in a few chapters, and he sounds like a really nice guy.

        • i thought about the pneumonia dx as well. it killed douglas adams and jim henson – rest in peace, all.

        • I have a bad feeling the AIDS rumor might be true, and that he was convinced to stop his meds a while back and the symptoms returned.

          One of the ways people die from AIDS is pneumonia. Without treatment, 85% of AIDS patients develop pneumocystis pneumonia.

          He may have known he was going to die from this sooner rather than later and therefore the speech on Saturday about waiting to pray for a few more days.

    • That’s been under wraps. Best pic I’ve ever seen of her.

      Did she piss ’em off & they wouldn’t release this on her demands?

      • Nevermind. I thought the 1t pic was the only pic & after that would be the playboy claim. Where is that?

    • Joker mouth duck face terrible hair skirt so short there’s bare ass on the chair and a cheap looking computer

    • $50,000 or less, based on the Publishers Marketplace deal code. So she would have gotten $16,666, max, as the first installment. Less 15% for her literary agent and maybe an additional percentage for her television agent.

      • I wrote the wrong book, man! I got a month’s worth of grocery bills and then they forgot me. (Kaplan)

      • I hope she can’t make the agents give back monies PAID,
        but that she does have to pay back the entire enchilada.

        • The agents keep what they earned when authors have to return advances. So the author has to give back more than they got.

          • That makes sense. The agents did their work, such as it is, and it’s not their responsibility if their client is a lazy douche-nozzle. Although, in this case, since they took on the lazy douche-nozzle, whose laziness and douche-nozzleaiety is well-documented, these agents should probably pay up.

  7. So, do y’all bet FOR or AGAINST this year costing
    Pettifogger MORE than the Europe fauxto-shoot?

      • Heh. I bet she pawns that tic.

        I’m definitely leaning towards FOR, mostly in hopes that he gets her into intense therapy very soon & for a very long time, but the legal stuff is sure to add up as is.

      • Oh I bet she’s (camp) grounded and burning man banned from the funder this year.

    • semi-relevant: my wonderful parents set aside money for my wedding, except we’re shy so we eloped, no wedding, no honeymoon.

      3 years later, my parents want to send us to Europe for a very belated honeymoon. Mancat FREAKED when I told him. Said he felt really uncomfortable taking money from my parents, since he hadn’t earned it.

      He had to be repeatedly persuaded that the money had been earmarked, and his unwillingness to take advantage of my parents (though they are relatively well off) was really reassuring.

      I’ve been kind of giving Derpin a pass since he dropped the Donkey like a hot potato, but in retrospect it’s still super gross for him to go on that trip after dating her for, what, a few months? Just another greasy grifter


    gratuitous blurbs
    “Allison is clearly a woman with a very open heart.”
    – The Wall Street Journal

    “Allison, in fact, is a genius.”
    – Joel Stein, LA Times

    “No one knows how to make waves like Julia Allison. She’s the perfect female ambassador for the self-as-guinea pig genre, a younger Gretchen Rubin meets a lazier me. Or perhaps the humor of AJ Jacobs meets the PR wizardry of PT Barnum? Julia is hard to capture in words, which is precisely what makes this book so exciting. It might just inspire millions to break the rules and pursue happiness.”
    – Tim Ferriss, NYT bestselling author of The 4 Hour Workweek

    “Julia Allison brought sex, glamour & celebrity to the tech industry – and is one of the most talented, entertaining writers I’ve had the privilege of knowing. This book will be huge.”
    – Randi Zuckerberg, author of Dot Complicated

    “Julia Allison has balls.”
    – Diablo Cody, Oscar winning screenwriter

    “Probably the single greatest quality a person can have is fearlessness. And Julia Allison is, in her willingness to experiment and report back on her successes and failures in the quest for true happiness, absolutely fearless.”
    – John Romaniello, NYT Bestselling author of Man 2.0

    “You will sell a million copies of this book. I want a cut.”
    – Alec Shankman, Julia’s TV Agent

    “Aristotle for the digital generation.”
    – Imaginary Super Nice Well-Educated Famous Person

    • The thing is, the proposal (no, I didn’t read the entire thing) seems like a completely plausible one for that section of the bookstore, and with her, uh, talent(?) for self-promotion, it probably could have been pretty successful.

      • Perhaps, but the laziness and her habit of self-sabotage doomed this one from the start.

      • her ‘book’ could have been part memoir, self-help, coloring book, paper doll cut-out with interchangeable outfits like the condom fairy dress, easter kinderwhore etc and it would have sold.

        if you ever get another book proposal, market it this way– ‘over privileged asshole learns to be a decent human being’ i would buy that. now go get a job and get some non woo therapy. you’re welcome.

        • > ‘over privileged asshole learns to be a decent human being’


          She might have well had a hit on her hands with that. Lord knows there are enough OPA’s in the world that could benefit from reading how to kick their inner idiot / inner asshole out of the driver’s seat.

      • Julia is a poser and nothing more. In EVERYTHING even apartment renting. Her motto is: “Don’t do the work, just take the credit.”

        She’s tripped herself up several times and has never learned from the lesson. Editors at publishing houses talk (and we love that here at RBD)

    • My belief is NOT that she was a Web2.0 innovator who unfortunately messed up her business; nor that she was a marketing genius who only failed because people tired of her antics; nor that she was a social media guru who became irrelevant when everyone else caught up to her; nor that she was brilliant at personal branding until people realized she was a jerk.

      My opinion is that she NEVER WAS “a genius,” never “had balls,” never was brilliant at self-promotion. Looking back, she was doing it all wrong. She got her photo circulated. Gladys Glover did it in 1954 and Angelyne did it in 1984. Look at the photos on the margins of this page– THAT was what she was trying to build a career on. THAT embodies all her “hard work.” That was what she sowed; and now we see what she’s reaping.

      She didn’t even do Web2.0 right. Collaborative and user-generated? She made a silly vanity blog that didn’t allow comments/interaction. Marketing? She didn’t market anything. She asked for free stuff from “sponsors.” Personal branding, the thing she was “known” for? She never defined her brand, never built her brand.

      Yesterday I mentioned some examples of regular ol’ everyday folks who turned their hobby blogs into a career. (Note: They’re just examples; I’m not necessarily a fan/expert.) Dooce: her brand is “sarcastic, hilarious person you wish were your friend”. Pioneer Woman: What’s it like to live on a ranch? What should I cook for dinner? Ree can help! Michelle Phan: talented, relatable person who can show you how to do your makeup. Millions of YouTube followers. They did it right; Donk just floundered around, wanting to be famous.

      What was Donk’s brand? You might say “herself.” But in one of her brayings, she pontificated that your brand should be 5 words that describe you. Hers were like funny, relatable, trusted, or something like that… yet she never did anything to embody those traits. She wanted her personal to have something to do with technology/Silicon Valley, but she NEVER worked in that field. She wasn’t even innovative in her use of consumer electronics. Did you ever learn anything about the iPhone from her?

      TL;DR: the emperor never had any clothes.

      • Oh, Tingo I don’t think ANYONE here (or anywhere) thinks she was a genius or ever contributed anything of value. She was a pushy, lucky, shameless attention-seeking missile with every advantage.

        • Preach! She fooled very few for a very short amount of time. She peaked, wasn’t smart or talented enough to turn it into anything real and why she’s floundered ever since. Someone pulling strings for a job she’ll surely think is beneath her is her only chance of employment (which will last less than a year) due to all the reasons above.

        • She gave good first impression, used sex and her appearance to her advantage, went immediately to the highest ranking men in the room, made sure to drop names and tell an inflated story. And then once she got the response she wanted, never followed through 100% on anything. To her it seems always about the chase: could she get tht deal, get that access, get that invitation, get that gig, get that first date, get that pilot…but when it came time to follow through, she was already looking at pursuing that next rung of the ladder instead of working hard at what she’d just been handed.

          She was right in saying her whole identity was focused around presentation and perception. What she never learned is that you can’t just exploit people and not give anything back and expect to succeed in the long run. You can’t live life like it’s a series of high pressure used car sales and expect to have much of value at the other end.

  9. Fighting with one of the few friends she has left? argh! No! The learn button, Donkey. Press the *learn button* not the self-destruct button!!

  10. There are some anti-circumcision signs around Austin. At the super popular 10K a few weeks ago (something like 20,000 people ran it), there was a man protesting circumcision. He was wearing all white with a lot of red paint on his crotch, holding up a sign proclaiming his cause.

    Maybe Julia can hook up with him.

  11. This and this and THIS is why I will never stay away from RBD for 24 hours again, people! Gilly, am I to undrestand from a previous update post that more details on eviction are TK TK? You are doing excellent work!

      • The court docs are private, but public information indicates GAETANI REAL ESTATE INC filed suit against Donkey & Nehi on November 11, 2015, which might have been around the time Julia started posting “I love my roomie” accolades.

        • Thanks, Aunt Gilly! You always come through for a kitten! Happy Friday! Also, didn’t age cancel an Air bnb res around that time?

        • Gaetani managed an apartment I rented in SF. They were actually one of the nicer rental firms I experienced, I wonder how many complaints they had to get about the violations at her place to actually do something?

      • My firm librarian is working on figuring out why they aren’t available publicly. Even our subscription/PAID resources can’t get around the privacy, but he has a call in to the clerk.

          • or case completed / closed possibly?

            on violation of terms of their lease (e.g.: illegal subletting), legal process would have been started to evict them; viz., an eviction lawsuit is the only legal way a landlord can remove a tenant from a rental property.

            california has a law that prevents eviction lawsuits from becoming public record for 60 days after the lawsuit starts. we’re hazy to when notice was actually served (JA’s move out date seemed to fluctuate some what.

            google “california code of civil procedure section 1161.2.”

            i am running desk-errands today (distracted), and did not look closely but did not find anything in here on records being permanently sealed. it’s my understanding that only in the face of tenants winning an eviction action is permanent sealing of records possible.

            although the eviction lawsuit has all of the elements of a civil case, it appears they are completed much faster than other cases; trials or hearing dates are usually set pretty quickly after a landlord files, and the judge usually makes a decision at the time of the trial or hearing.

          • I’m hoping the ‘serious debt’ she claims to be in includes treble damages over the AirBNB fiasco.

  12. Team Dan , Donkey is a joke to all but in reality is it very sad to be that mentally ill. Truly needs a 51/50 and get the help she desperately needs.

  13. So wait a minute. Despite all of this she’s still pretending to have a book? How could robin let her miss so meany deadlines ?!

    • no disrespect intended, but you make the assumption that her parents hold her accountable for her actions, when in fact they enable them.

      • I think the joke here is that Momsers does all of her writing, so Momsers must have dropped the ball on BOOK.

        Or maybe she doesn’t have the first clue about happiness either.

        • Or maybe Brother Britt convinced her and Dad$ers that it was about time she learned to stand on her own two feet. Don’t forget, there was a discussion the first July after this was accepted when she was home “working” on this about why anyone would care about woo festivals, she knew that momser hated photoshoots, etc. And I don’t think her mother would have been comfortable writing about psychedelics. My bet is that her mother took a pass on helping her for the first time ever.

    • I recall her posting about some HI-LARIOUS conversation she had with Momsers trying to explain some woo thing or another to her. My guess is that Momser was on board to write BOOK, but then Donkey went full woo and wanted it to be all about OMing and Ayahuasca and she checked out.

  14. Just like I don’t feel sorry for Jules in this shitstorm, I also don’t feel sorry Grape. You’d have to be an illiterate blob to not smell this bullshit from lightyears away.

    • Neha did NOT do her homework on a housemate. YOU MOVED IN WITH SOMEONE YOU DIDN’T EVEN GOOGLE? Isn’t she like a lawyer or something? How she got tangled in Donkey’s fucking stupid life is telling of the kind of people Julia collects, spineless beta types she strong arm or manipulates.

      • “Spineless beta types” is right on but a little uncharitable. She’s relentless when she smells blood in the water, and a lot of people aren’t socially inoculated against her kind of crazy. She wouldn’t get away with half of what she does if people felt comfortable telling her to fuck off. She will always, always defect in social prisoner’s dilemmas when she senses her friend/sister/victim is a chronic cooperator. And so she gets away with it for a while, and then the little birds go tweet with or without a formal sisterectomy.

        I feel bad for Neha because I don’t think she views everything from the transactional perspective Julia has; I think she’s just trying to be a good friend/roommate and believes that Julia is doing the same, (a) because Julia tells her that and (b) because she never learned to be on the lookout for NPD and sociopathy.

        • there was a relatively bright one with exactly those characteristics in my office for a difficult year or so. gone now.

        • All which would have been avoided had she done like 5 mins of reading online.

        • I forget all of us catladies and gents have had to deal with real life situations and not getting what we want all the time. It probably wasn’t a good idea to move into an expensive house in the most expensive city in the country with someone who is not employed full time. Most normal people would find the rich dad/writer money thing very weird and wonder if she’s so well off, why does she need a roommate, or if Daddy and Book Deals are paying her rent, why doesn’t she move into a 1 bedroom where, again, she doesn’t need a roommate? Does not compute.

          • I still think she deserves a break – SF is such a weird place to be young right now, and it’s easy to get caught up in its weirdness and forget how to reality-check. There are start-ups here valued at the better part of a billion bucks that have yet to show any profit, dudes driving teslas VCs paid for in return for something that’s going to flop in 4 mos. Tech companies whose offices look like daycare centers. Park woos, hippie hangers-on, weirdos. Everybody here knows someone who has seemingly no way of making rent and yet keeps showing up to stuff. And nobody can explain the marina girls – do they get paid to go to Soul Cycle?

            When I met Julia, she seemed nice enough. Definitely hopped up on ritalin or something, a little off the deep-end, but nice. I googled her and was honestly put off by RBD – I think I came in on a day that was heavy on the body-snarking, and that’s not my jam, so I didn’t stay long. Her Wikipedia page looked legit. I’ll admit that I can be a trusting dumbass, but sometimes it takes a while to catch on with her.

          • First of all fuck off with the Marina girl comment. As a Marina resident, the “girls” work real fucking hard and they’re easily out numbered by young families and seniors. Fuck off with your uninformed bullshit opinion based on nothing.

        • Even without Googling, once your over the age of 20, you don’t move in with someone without scoping out their financial situation. Donkey is a 35-year-old, unemployed “personality”. What about her situation made Grape think she could hold up her end of household expenses? She just blindly put her name down on a lease with a stranger with no financial guarantee? Susie Orman would shit a brick.

  15. Because I’ve got nothing better to do, I read more of the proposal.

    I’ve only been coming to RBD since later 2015, so I’m still foggy on the timeline.

    The book proposal, posted here almost exactly 2 years ago, was in 2013. Since then (late 2013 / early 2014) she hasn’t updated her own site, and everything seems to have taken a downward turn. Is this when she started hanging out with the woo/BurningMan crowd? I know there’s some overlap between where she seemed to be and where she ended up (Tim Ferrrisss appears to straddle both worlds), but Ali Shanti and Jess Johnson don’t seem like the types to read articles in Elle about dating.

    Did the woo scene help do this to her, or was it just her expiration date as all these gigs started to wise up or dry up? She seemed to be on a steady upward (or “falling upward”) trajectory until right after the proposal was accepted.

    • I’m hazy on it all, but wasn’t Justine Musk her introduction to Burning Man? When JA was still all about landing a man in tech to be her husband.

      And while Ali Shanti may not seem like she’s reading Elle, what about Alexis Neely? [img]https://i.ytimg.com/vi/wWexScKHWFI/mqdefault.jpg[/img]

      • I think you are right, Justine Musk and Ali were her ‘gateway drugs’ into the woo world and to her first Burning Man in 2011.

    • She’d already been to Burning Man 2011-2103 and on the Ayahuasca trip to Peru with some of the Woos when the proposal was submitted and subsequently approved. It’s likely that Smellsberg helped her finish up the proposal, which she claimed to have been working on for years. He was advertising a service at the time to help people with their book proposals, and he was photographed at Donkey’s a few times working on a laptop.

      But yeah, she was trying to straddle both worlds, and there were in fact some people she’d associated with in the past who had developed some woo tendencies. Over time she gained more of the extreme woos (the Camp Mystic types) and drifted away from some of the old school ‘friends’ of hers who weren’t into all that.

      • @Meh I’ve been around for-ev-er. Her trajectory has always been more like a bumpy, broken rollercoaster. Yes she has “fallen up” an astounding number of times. But she regularly self-destructs in public and shameful ways. For example, she “fell up” into the Bravo show and accompanying Elle.com gig. But as you can see, on camera, she then failed to even write any drivel. Of course this was all after she “failed up” into a relationship with a solid guy from a prominent, wealthy family and then self-destructed by bragging about it incessantly, trying to force moving in together, and then breaking into his email and contacting his exes.

        I do think she is at a new low right now, but I do not see what came before as a smooth upward fall until two years ago, not at all.

        • What do you think her next steps are? In the past she had other lifelines she could grab. Doesn’t seem to be anything like that left out there for her now. She only got rescued from Chicago last time because she started dating Pancakes. I don’t see her getting a wealthy high profile boyfriend anytime again, unless it is some prosperity gospel evangelical type who is half nuts himself. She could try working the Reality Show circuit again, I found her recent posts to the co-producers sort of interesting from a timing standpoint.

          I don’t know I’ve only been here since Miss Advised, but I don’t really see a lot of options for her anymore.

          • Change that to: “She only got rescued from Chicago last time because she started dating Pancakes and then the Bravo show was greenlit.”

            That took her to L.A. for a couple of years until she could convince Dadsers to pay for San Francisco until something else panned out.

      • When she first started spending a lot of time in San Francisco, she was trying to hang out with a very yuppie, Ivy League set – the Taylor Greason crowd. The super high end Sean Parker founder billionaire crowd had already snubbed her (minus the Morins, i guess). She tried to hang onto those connections for a long time, but as she started to get more and more in with the woos, she got weirder and weirder and couldn’t even put on a facade for the “normals” any more.

  16. if this were someone else, I would feel bad.

    in both these situations, however, Donk is in trouble because she lied and took advantage of people who put trust in her–namely, her editor and landlord.

  17. Related — I used to be anorexic then i didn’t get a tv job then i wasn’t anymore also quit smoking

    • I just read that, too. (Ramshackleglam, y’all). I am of two minds about it. I was bulimic for about a year in HS/college and it also just… went away. Though somewhat disordered eating is something I can still fall into when stressed.

      So I don’t want to be snarky about Jordacted, who could not be more different from JA in terms of accomplishment, etc. (2 healthy kids! fulfilled book deals! profitable sponsorships!) But my two cents is that she does not seem out of the woods as far as body stuff goes.

      • i was anorexic because i hated myself but i got boob implant surgety because i love myself

        girl needs help

  18. i’ve never written a book so i don’t really know what the process is like. i’m sure it’s difficult, time/life consuming. julia had such an advantage with smellsburg helping her, no real job, no children/household to care for. lots of bloggers have written books and continue getting book deals. donkey is such a fucking waste. she is in a position of such privilege. many of us here have mortgages and student loans to pay off, kids we have to painfully send to daycare so we could go to work and pay bills. julia is what, 35-36? with no fucking thing to worry about. i mean obvs she is worried about things such as outlawing sugar, circumcision, and why everyone is not vegan (it is soo easy didnt you know?!). fuck, julia. and i don’t buy that she is ‘mentally ill.’ the woman is just a plain asshole.

    • A lazy asshole. One of my dearest friends was teaching full time, writing her diss., and caring for an infant when her husband walked out on her and his child. My friend finished that diss., and sure, we watched that kid on many an occasion though her mother never asked. Julia Allison had no responsibilities other than to finish some stupid self-help book. I will never feel sorry for this jerk.

    • Most writers at book deal that I know finished the books while holding down full-time jobs and or parenting. Not me, but I did manage to finish and turn the thing in on time. I hope to have another contract to fulfill soon.

    • Once Devin exited the scene, she had to rethink her whole narrative, which was going to be “I tried all of these wacky ‘disparate’ (favorite Donkey word) things and look at me, I’m now living happily ever after!” She’d already compiled all these stories she was going to use, like the one about NGMB sending her Derpin from republican heaven.

      Then she started hanging closer with these woos and felt the need to get all heavy duty philosophical about it, and went down a ton of ratholes trying to thound tho very profound. She got caught up in her own head, started the self-doubt cycle because she knew she was faking it. St. Martin’s gave her an extension so she could use her self-wedding as the ultimate happy ever after ending, and even then she couldn’t pull it together enough to finish.

      I’ve written a book and it is very hard work. She’s never been one to adhere to deadlines and I don’t think she realized that being a special snowflake wasn’t enough to grant her an unlimited amount of time to get this book ‘perfect’ in her eyes.

    • i’ve written and co-authored many many “how-to” type tomes; you set a schedule and you produce something every goddamned day

    • these two things — i don’t buy that she is ‘mentally ill.’ the woman is just a plain asshole — can occur simultaneously

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