This Person Does Not Like “Bro” Culture


“[T]he “Bro Code” of collegiate male etiquette … the survival kit of many middle-class, white male students: online pornography, binge drinking, a brotherhood in which respect is proportional to the disrespect heaped onto young women during hookups, and finally, the most ubiquitous affirmation of their tenuous power, video games.”

(Shudder) can we please step up and do something about this imminent (current?) societal disaster??


  1. She’s always railing against a straw man which is “her before.” I.e., she hates herself.

  2. “(Shudder) can we please step up and do something about this imminent (current?) societal disaster??”

    And do exactly what, Einstein?

    • She always asks for change … but wants other people to make it happen. She never lifts a finger herself or thinks up a way to make any changes. As usual, lazy donkey expects everyone else to do the heavy lifting while she just whines and points.

      • And doesn’t grasp that it is idiots like her who laugh at rape jokes and devote their lives to being sex-ay for all the “boys” is part of the problem.

        • a wiser person or a more decent person might have the humility to say, well, when i was younger and more attractive, the gross, rude, loud, bottom feeding men were strategically useful to me and i mistook their attention for something of value but i am older and wiser now and sorry for them and myself and wish to tell others to stay away

          nah, never happen

  3. Bro code rule #47: Bring your creepiness into alignment with both your divine feminine AND divine masculine by changing your name to Rainbow. If that doesn’t work, Sleeveless shirts! Phuturistic phractal art! Phuckfacetastic!

  4. T]he “Bro Code” of Burning Man male etiquette … the survival kit of many middle-class, white male privileged trustafarians: group sex, psychedelics, a brotherhood in which respect is proportional to the disrespect heaped onto women during polyamorous encounters, and finally, the most ubiquitous affirmation of their tenuous power: EDM DJing.

    • “a brotherhood in which respect is proportional to the disrespect heaped onto women during polyamorous encounters”

      Would you mind expanding on this? Is there express disrespect heaped on women during Burning Man orgy time, or do you just think the whole group sex thing is implicitly disrespectful?

      • Oh, I see. It’s a riff on her stupid-assed post, which I hadn’t even bothered to read because I’ve already heard this BS from her a hundred times.

        • I was posting this just to show it’s the same shit, different day in her world. She’s in the midst of the same culture, just with different drugs and different outfits. For all the talk about goddesses and feminine strength, it’s still very much a horny boy’s world in that camp, with a harem at their disposal. And if you don’t want to participate, you must be repressed. Let us give you lectures about why you should want to fuck us in public.

          • Was there a specific post/article talking about such lecturing? It would have been before my time here so I missed it, if so.

          • In some form they are always on the Camp Mystic schedule every year at Burning Man. Also there are a number of sex coaches in that tribe. They also have private parties on New Years Eve where people are encouraged to carry on publicly. A number of the members engage in orgasmic Meditation, which takes place in an open room.

      • I’m guessing it’s something to do with women who are not into it being called prudes or accused of ‘shaming’ by not participating. (See: CL.)

  5. In a few yrs, she went from:

    smug cuckservative-Kirk-supporting McCain housewife-wannabe…

    to boy-crazy/stalking/public BJ-announcing reality “star” …

    to boyfriend-stealing-yet-preachy SJW.

    She discards personalities like an average person trades in a leased car.

      • She wanted to be NGMB. She grew up thinking that would be her future. It would be all pearls and Lilly Pulitzer and country club Christmases, and children you could dress up in cute outfits.

        • yes, exactly — partly the parents and ngmb are to blame, partly pathological narcissism. not a good combo.

    • LOL lease. She is 35 and cannot lease a car or apartment without fucking it up. And that’s with Dad$ers giving her the money. Annnnnd having to cosign everything because she has no paycheck or job.

      “How do YOU make an income?”

  6. Was that post a coherent thought or am I somehow the stupid one. (White, booo!) guys in their 20s like fucking and playing video games? What do black guys do? Or Mexican guys? Fuck off you racist.

    And what’s the problem? Men shouldn’t be bros now? Yes Julia, we should all be good little beta cuck manlets like your heroes Smelly, Ferry, and Beary Pussy.

    • Not racist at all. The rich and poor white 20-somethings don’t do any of that. In fact, 97% of all rapes are committed by middle class white men, and 100% of all rapes involving post-coital video game playing are committed by them. You probably didn’t know that.

    • I don’t know, man. I’m pretty stoked to find out that my Alienware X51 gives me a big dick. Such power. Much extension.

  7. One of her new posts implies she’s both engaged & dating. Awful writer, awful person if that she could be both.

  8. She tagged the Miss Advised exec producer and co-producer in one of her posts featuring some semi-comedic preacher talking about what you should ask people you get romantically involved with.

    She seems to be on the manic upswing.

      • CREFLO DOLLAR!!!

        If I hadn’t opened his wiki pg that you link to, & if someone asked me who he is, I’d lose $$ betting that he’s a character on KING OF THE HILL. This may be my favorite hootenanny name ever! And his wife is “Taffi”.

        So, this happened: DONKIPEDIA
        Now I’ll not-so-secretly be wishing that someone is throwing us a crumb, hinting that dog-neglector Donkey is going to “work” taking care of Creflo’s already-abused horses* (READ: “star on” an evangelical reality show).


        • LOL! Pity the person who shares her name.
          “business professional” — hahahahahaha as if
          “metal worker” — there’s that pesky term “work” again
          “occasional writer” — very very very occasional
          “badass” — you mean raftass
          “genderqueer”– thinks it’s totally radical to pretend to kiss a girl in order to turn on all the boys

        • Well, well, well, could this be part of a (half-ass) transformation into evangelical housewife? I can’t recall who, but some wise cat peep has been saying forever that JA’s final transformation will be into evangelical housewife.

          • A hybrid between republican housewife and dirt hippie would be prosperity gospel acolyte. I think it’s the logical next step if she doesn’t want to work and be catered to the rest of her life.

        • Pastor Dollar recently became famous for asking his flock to donate to buy him a brand new $65 million Gulfstream G650 jet to spread the good news.

          I wonder if this means we’ll be seeing born again pentecostal Christian Julia in the near future? This could provide us with a consistent stream of lulz for quite a while, especially if she managed to bag one of those “properity preachers” like Mr. Dollar’s ilk. 🙂

      • He makes Ali Shanti seem ethical. Does Social Justice Warrior Donkey ever vet her sources?

        “Dollar is known for his controversial teachings regarding prosperity theology, or the gospel of wealth. He has long been criticized for living a lavish lifestyle; he owns two Rolls-Royces, a private jet, and real estate such as a million-dollar home in Atlanta, a $2.5 million home in Demarest, New Jersey, and a $2.5 million home in Manhattan, which he sold for $3.75 million in 2012. Dollar has refused to disclose his salary. Creflo Dollar Ministries received a grade of “F” (failing) for financial transparency by the organization Ministry Watch.

        On November 6, 2007, United States Senator Chuck Grassley of Iowa, as ranking member of the Senate Finance Committee, began an investigation of several ministries, including Dollar’s. Grassley asked for financial information to determine whether Dollar made any personal profit from financial donations and requested that Dollar’s ministry make the information available by December 6, 2007. The investigation also asked for information from five other televangelists: Benny Hinn, Kenneth Copeland, Eddie L. Long, Joyce Meyer, and Paula White. Dollar contested the probe, arguing that the proper governmental entity to examine religious groups is the IRS, not the Committee on Finance.

        On November 24, 2014, Dollar’s private Gulfstream III jet, N103CD ran off the runway at Biggin Hill Airport, United Kingdom. There were no serious injuries. To replace the old jet, Dollar launched a fundraising campaign to get his followers to pay approximately $60,000,000 for a new Gulfstream G650 jet. He suggested his followers each commit to giving “$300 or more.” The jet he wanted was the “fastest plane ever built in civilian aviation” at that time. After receiving immediate backlash, Dollar ended his fundraising campaign. The project was kept as an option on the donation page of the ministry’s website. Several months later, the board of World Changers Church International announced that they were ready to acquire a Gulfstream G650.

        • I was driving home early Sunday morning through Bakersfield
          Listening to gospel music on the colored radio station
          And the preacher said, “You know you always have the Lord by your side”
          And I was so pleased to be informed of this that I ran
          Twenty red lights in his honor
          Thank you Jesus, thank you Lord

    • I was just coming to say this. I hope it’s indicative of just how desperate Donk is to get out from under Mom$er & Dad$er’s close scrutiny these days while holed up in the OMG!DC — if she’ll offer herself up for rebound sex (how does that sit w/ anti-bro code, btw?) to the likes of Davidiot’s & Phuckphace’s, imagine what low-level shitshow she’ll throw herself in front of now.

      How much a manic fool she’s likely to be could get interesting …

    • Esther Frank, also a segment producer for The Real Gilligan’s Island, just commented on Donkey’s stall that she “would do it all over again!!” Esther must be a minority of one. That shitty series was in the Nielsen ratings toilet and the crew loathed Julia Allison. We even had crew tipsters reporting on having to get Mess Despised ‘s raft ass out of bed at two in the afternoon.

      • I read that as meaning she would date and/or otherwise get into a relationship all over again if she had heard that guy’s advice.

  9. And let’s dispel once and for all with this fiction that Julia Alison doesn’t know what she’s doing. She knows exactly what she’s doing

    • Pfft. She knows exactly what she is trying to do. Same as it ever was. But Focus groups find you unlikeable over and over. Eventually. They stop asking for callbacks.

  10. See also: photos of her drinking from a keg at an OMG Georgetown reunion; photos of her wearing too-small pink prom dresses while she blows kisses at men in business suits and pretends that she is somehow involved in the tech world/business world/employed world; her promotion of Miss Pennystock; etc.

        • Not to mention Georgetown cheer-dancer routine (complete with Mylar pom-pons) recycled for the OMG GROUNDBREAKING Stereotype to Archetype PERFORMANCE PIECE masterminded by those crazy Camp Septic kids.

          • Yes! Cheer-dancer. Not even cheerleading, which is a legit difficult enterprise with acrobatics and precision. I need to remember that Julie wasn’t an actual cheerleader; those people work hard and can do some impressive stuff.

    • and endless fauxtos of licking things; most heinously, the chocolate fountain [img][/img]

      and most memorably, randy’s cake

  11. I have to say that I never expected to see Donkey quoting Creflo Dollar. Osho, sure, but not Creflo Dollar.

    • Setting aside that the guy is another fraudster grifter, no one would ever marry Donkey if they asked her the questions Creflo suggests. Do you own a home? No. Do you have a job? No. Can I see your credit score? I don’t have any credit. Do you have health insurance? Just got that! How much money do you make? Dad? If you died today, could you pay for your funeral? Momser? Is that your real hair? Pelts.

      She’s got to be trolling us with shit like that video. Unless she watched it and her brain interpreted it as only applying to men – i.e. the feminine should ask all of these questions of the masculine but not the other way around. Which, such feminist.

      • #2Lazy2Troll #SignificantNeurologicalAbilities #MeasurableIdiocy

        Srsly, I doubt she has the attn span to sit thru the whole thing.

      • She wants him along on her first dates…can you imagine that level of interrogation on a first date?

        Actually, I can…it happened to me circa 1982 and I was appalled. Some guy wanted to know what my dad did, what he earned, and where he went to college.

      • Psycho, you are so right. Here are the questions he suggests people ask each other with what I believe would be the honest answers:

        What’s your name? Julia Allison.
        Is that your real name? No.
        Do you have your Daddy’s name? No.
        Are your parents still together? YES!
        How do you act when you get mad? Hosebeat.
        Do you throw things? Yes.
        Do you cuss around? Yes.
        Do you beat up on people? Yes.
        Do you have a job? No.
        Where do you work at? Nowhere.
        How much money do you make? Zero.
        How long you been working there? Not applicable, see above.
        Do you have a bank account? Yes.
        How is your credit? Terrible.
        Can I see your credit score? No.
        Do you have a house? No.
        Or are you living in an apartment? Couch surfing – does that count?
        Do you pay for the gas in your car? Not applicable, do not own a car.
        Do you live with your mama? Probably, or at least, any minute now.
        What do you like to eat? No sugar, no gluten, no processed food, no meat. Amy’s vegetarian chilli in a can.
        You plan on being fine like that all your life? Yes, by any means possible.
        Or you plan on getting big? No.
        How many children do you want to have? (???)
        Will you get upset if we don’t have no kids? (???)
        You plan on having an inheritance? YES!
        Do you have insurance? Health insurance, paid for by Daystar, probably nothing else.
        Can you pay for your funeral if you were to die today? No.
        How do you look without your makeup? Cry face.
        Your hair, is it yours or did you purchase it? Pelts, purchased.
        If you purchased it, is it paid for or are you in debt? Owe Dadster for it.
        When you blink your eyes, are those your eyelashes or did you buy those from somewhere? Bought them.
        Do you believe in taking showers at night or in the morning? Neither.
        Do you believe in taking three days off and then a shower? Exactly.
        How is your relationship with soap and water? Not great.

        • “Do you have your daddy’s name?” should be a YES.

          IMO, he’s asking if your biological father claimed you at birth or is that a blank space on your birth certificate?

        • “Do you have your daddy’s name?” smacks uncomfortably of the “respectability politics” shit many people (including friends of mine) in the black community are unhappy with. Because only people born to married parents can be good at relationships, see!

          Of course it fits right in with Julie’s old “parents must still be married” checklist nonsense.

          • Not just black families either, I indicated above tha a dinner date of mine seemed obsessed with what my father did…ignoring what I’d accomplished on my own without my father’s help or money.

          • Yes, definitely.

            I still can’t get over Julie quoting Creflo Dollar. She usually just ignores black people entirely!

  12. So she really doesn’t see that Woo Culture is just Bro Culture with a “spiritual” spin put on it?
    Both expect women to the thin, gorgeous and half naked while guys just need to show up. Both have social activities that completely center around getting obliterated and having casual sex with horrible music playing in the background. Both look down on people who want to do the responsible thing in life.
    At least Bros shower once in a while and usually have jobs.

    • Yes! I think I read somewhere that there is a lot of crossover between the pick-up-artist biz & woo culture. It’s the same thing, with even the same people.

  13. why is it that the very woo women who go out of their way to brag about how ’empowered’ they are, etc. are the same ones who end up with creepy men that use them and treat them like a doormat???

    • and dress for men’s attention. i am a feminist; i believe that women who dress half naked and say they do it for themselves are lying; they do it for the male gaze.

  14. I had a million different things to say, but CWAA.

    Burning Man has more rapey shit going on than most college dorms. They just pack all their rapey into a suitcase, with costumes, and do it over the course of a week every year.

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