Updated: Is Donkey Stall Surfing In Boulder?

Skankatron 3000B posted:

Happy mama morning. He’s skating, I’m riding.

If you’ve got to get to school, this is the way to go.

And now writing, bulletproof and a smoothie at my favorite morning coffee/juice place.

Yoga at noon with Rainbow. An afternoon facial with another Rainbow. (Only in Boulder, right?)

Then a hike.

You know those exercises where you write out your dream day, this is it. Simple pleasures.

It’s all happening.

When is it not all happening? And yeah, yeah, the woos are all called Rainbow, so probably a long shot here. Still, as Shameless Famewhore & Grifty note in the previous post, Ali puts something up about Rainbow and hiking on the same day that Julia Allison asks for advice on hiking boots? Too much of a coincidence? Julia’s BFF Myka McLaughlin is also in Boulder. Hmmmm …

Maybe the brayer and the old raunch got side-by-side facials?! Morrocanwear writes:

That poor person giving her a facial. Can you imagine their horror as they gently pull her matted hair and feathers aside to be faced with what appears to be a leather valise with eyes?

More Shanti news:

So often rawness feels sad to me. Something I need to protect or hide. Shy. Tender.

Today, I am feeling my rawness far differently.

Ecstatically raw. Alive. Grateful.

Feeling it all.

She’s also shilling:

Ladies, it’s time to toss the tampons and use Tjinx instead. Tampons suck for your body and the environment. These don’t.

And, they fit so well sometimes I even wear them when I don’t have my period.

Thanks for that image, Ali.

Here’s one we haven’t seen before: Ali and Cory Tanner Glazier sleazing it up at Lucidity Fest. Yoo hoo, Robin Baugher!

Update: Is that our donkey lower left at a birthday party attended by Skankatron and Stacey Morgenstern?


  1. >But the brayer and the old raunch getting side-by-side facials?!

    You could switch the activities for both Rainbows and it still makes sense.

  2. JFAing to add…

    Ahhh nature…. where a refreshed and revitalized Donkey still can’t kick her addiction to sugar.

  3. They’re trolling. I don’t care where she’s living, misery will follow. She can’t run far or fast enough to escape who and what she is. Concern is only for those new marks around her.

  4. If she is crowdsourcing for hiking boots from Boulder, where there are more sporting goods stores than gas stations, then she is truly the dumbest.

    And if Boulder is the “crazy” place she moved to? I cannot even handle how ridiculous she is. Boulder is a fantastic little city and I am sure she might even meet other people who hula hoop there. There is nothing risky or OMG so brave about moving there.

    I was hoping for North Dakota?

      • Yes, which means if Donk is actually staying with the Old Raunch, the move could hardly have been unexpected as Donk claimed. After all, catladies predicted it months ago and we all know Donk reads here. Hi Donkey *waves*

      • how much rent do you think she is charging and dad$er is paying?enough for curtains? more than the lease? nothing like a grifter grifting a grifter; such a grift

    • But if she moved to Boulder to room with Skankatron because her ex-husband is still doing god knows what in Thailand?! Talk about hitting rock bottom! I can’t even imagine anything more low rent. And if this fantasy scenario is indeed the case – oh, how I hope! – what has Donkey told her parents, or have they finally cut her off?

      • I don’t see that happening, not in a million years, even if Flylashes did promise Donkey a pony. Maybe matched up w/ a friend of, but D0nk would have to have been at rock bottom before she’d get into a scenario where there are expectations to be met, such as workdays & productivity on her part.

      • That does seem like a dreamy scenario…for us! I can’t think of anyone I would less like my teenage daughter hanging around with. Of course I have never taken my teenage daughter to a sex & drug fest in Costa Rica either.

    • I was hoping for a remake of the Nickelodeon show “Hey Dude!” where she would play Lucy, the expired ranch hand lady. It was a stretch, but still.

  5. Folks, i predicted back in DECEMBER that she would end up in Colorado, as soon as she announced that her lease would be up in January. I have also held firm in my prediction at several junctures since December. For real, check the tapes!

    My premise was that a room in the Moneymap world headquarters would be offered in exchange for joining the ‘team’, probably in some marketing/networking, mark-identification-and-recruitment capacity.

    • I always rejected the idea because she seemed to be adamantly against moving somewhere cold and snowy. But, any port in a storm. It is almost spring there now so this might not be an issue until next fall and winter.

      We don’t know if she’s moved into Ali’s house or if she has moved in with friends of Ali’s there who were looking for a roommate. I suspect the latter scenario is more likely. But it would be just like Ali to try to take advantage of the situation by offering Donkey some sort of job in exchange for room and board. If that’s the case then this will be short-lived and followed be a heart wrenching Money Map email about how it all didn’t work out.

      • +eleventy billion!!

        Expecting the Donkey to do work can only end in heartbreak.

      • We’re just guessing here, but dear greg I hope this is true! And if Donk has moved to Boulder and is living with Skankatron or Myka McLaughlin, such a move would certainly explain her reluctance to come clean on Facebook, particularly after she posted about moving to big houses in Novato. Is Petey pissed and holding tightly to the purse strings?

        • If anything, I think this is just a hoof-over, I can’t imagine she’d live anywhere where she couldn’t model her Coobie Boobies outdoor 24/7/365.

      • >or if she has moved in with friends of Ali’s there who were looking for a roommate.

        Well if she moves in with a certain unhinged Boulder resident we can finally get a theme song:

        ♬ Donkey-Swain….. darling Donkey-Swain.
        Save those lies, darling don’t explain….. ♬

      • I guess snowy Boulder is better than slinking back to the OMGDowntown Condo with her tail between her legs.

      • i think your hypothesis is probably very close to what is going on, Grifty

        i can only imagine how the love letter will read about going into partnerships with people, setting clear expectations of both sides going in, etc.

        the ironic twist would be if JA ends up poaching one of sk3b’s men for a quickie, sans asking for permission first

    • prescient, except i think it’s a dad$3r paying more rent than the lease deal, a la classic donkey stylings, but this time in reverse bwa ha ha ha ha

      • Even though buying a house there looks pretty expensive, rents still seem to be quite a bit less than in San Francisco or LA. We know that Donk likes living with roommates. I’m not convinced she’s moved in with Shantitown, but I wouldn’t put it past her to have moved in with any of the other mystic tribe people who live in Boulder, like Myka for instance.

  6. Ali posted some pictures from some Birthday party a few hours ago. Is that Julia sitting on the floor (to the left) in photo #4?

    I really can’t see her actually living with skanky though.

    • Hard to tell. Remember when Shanti commented on Donks moving post “I wish I could help you pack”? Hmmm….

      • Heh — w/ her back to the camera is why I’d say NO. That & healthy-lookin’ hair + what looks like a button-down shirt.

          • If she’d also just gone to a spa for a facial that day with Skanki, then maybe she got her hair did too.

        • Looks raftassesque potential.
          The sly nod to the basement is… Sitting on shag carpet, for the fans (in the …)

        • I don’t think it’s her= hair washed, natural fibers, sitting on the ground (not posed in a costume) and as Bray said, back to the camera.

  7. Oh dear. Julia on Facebook just posted a link about how Kim Kardashian’s nude selfie caused a freak out because of rape culture. She refers to her own personal experience with it.

    • That article is fucking tone deaf. Of course she’s defending an exhibitionist like Kim Kartrashian and pulling the rape card. She’s not winning over any of her “fans” here:

      Daisy Seferoglou Disagree. Should every teenager put up a naked pic of herself up for all to see? That is the message she’s sending as a public figure. Not empowering at all. She’s attention starved and I’m over seeing her naked all over my feed on the daily
      Like · 15 mins

      Clifford J. Young I don’t care!
      No talent sex freaks!
      A freaky family too!
      Like · 1 · 29 mins


      • Of course, Julia experienced the same, because they both focus on the image and offer no substance. I have no problem if women choose to pose naked, I have a problem when people force their preference (religion/posting naked selfies) on others without accepting that others, don’t share that same exact preference. She can post them but it doesn’t mean we should be forced to see them but we are. If that image just stayed on Kim K’s Instagram page, no problem, but we’re assaulted with it at every turn. She knows this and exploits it for her “brand.” Or worse will later then blame others when their choices create a dynamic different than their narrative (donkey’s life story & Kim K in 2 years).

        • people are free to pose naked, show their pepperoni nips or whatevs, and i am free to judge them

      • “$1,700 is a reasonable price for a good raping.”
        ~Tucker Max, on his purchase of Julia Allison

  8. Looking forward to Donk’s hilarious and pithy series “You Know You Live in Boulder When…!”

    You Know You Live in Boulder When… your new basement stall has beach towels for curtains on the only window.

    You Know You Live in Boulder When … you’re looking forward to being the young, cute one at the orgy, until your landlord invites her teenage daughter.

    You Know You Live in Boulder When… instead of feeling “energetically supported in a vortex of feminine wealth attraction” as promised, you find yourself expected to babysit, buy groceries and perform clerical tasks for your landlord’s latest MLM enterprise.

    • You Know You Live in Boulder When … a dinner invitation consists of downing jugs of aya with your hosts and balling them atop the futon in a busted van in the backyard.

        • It is! If Julia Allison really is living with Ali Shanti, our donkey has reached rock bottom.

      • You Know You Live in Boulder When .. Dad$3r is paying the rent for the whole house and the person whose name is on the lease uses the cash to buy drugs

    • You Know You Live in Boulder When . . . your brand of narcissism is amateur, and narcissism is all you’ve ever had.

    • You know you live in Boulder when Ali Shanti fucks your boyfriend before you do.

  9. You Know You Live in Boulder When . . .you haven’t showered in six days and you’re the cleanest person in the room. (applicable to woo’s only).

  10. I don’t know. Ali updated her post to say the birthday party was worth the trip and then posted “Anyone know where I can find bulletproof coffee in San Rafael or Oakland?” someone asked her if she was there and she said yes….

    Maybe Julia moved to Oakland? Sleeping in the RV? 🙂

      • Last time she left them on their own, which she announced to the world via Facebook. #motheroftheyear

    • From what I understand, bulletproof coffee is just coffee with grass fed butter in it. But the guy who came up with it is a woo capitalist who sells it on his website

        • I love butter & I am trying to gain, so I tried it. Just now. Couldn’t taste butter at. all. but I really like it — I guess it cuts some bitterness from the coffee while also making the cream creamier — I’ll drink it this way every chance I get.

      • Why can’t the woos ever make anything themselves? Real hippies would make their own butter coffee, Venus mats, etc. “You’re all just a bunch of consumers; now where can I get a facial and blow-out and butter coffee and lash extensions?”

  11. OT: Jena la Flamme is “thinking” about contacting an attorney re the recent fender bedner, which the woos urge her to do.

    The comedienne:

    My back hurts, but I wonder if it hurts enough to show up on an MRI. I was in a fender bender between 2 cabs on Tuesday and am now facing down to i pursuit the whole insurance path which means engaging a lawyer, or do I just put my time and energy to taking care of the healing and treatments I need and move on from there.

    Not knowing how much damn hassle the insurance path is, taking care of myself out of pocket may be more time/attention/energy/resource efficient, but I’m not sure.

    I sure need some healing hands on me though. Let’s see what the night brings.

    Mia “Botox Lips” Cara responds:

    Get treatment, you may have to pay out of pocket then get reimbursed. I was hit by a car while running two years ago and it’s different in how the case is handled if you are not one of the drivers or one of the insureds. I am a lawyer and handled my own case and they gave me way more money because of it. You May want to engage a lawyer just for peace of mind in handling all the paperwork and settlement. Call me if you want to talk this out. sending you tons of Iove and healing. Wishing you were out here so we could love you up.

    • “Thinking about” is a more subtle crowdsource than our gal Julia’s ever done but this is nothing more than a calculated manipulation to unethically profit from an accident she: 1. walked away from 2. continued on with her evening as though nothing was wrong 3. posted pictures on social media showing she was fine. I hope she does try this and the insurance company countersues her for false claims. He “date” had better not have given her personal information or I’d suspect she’d go after him as well. She is as shameless and worthless as the rest. These people need jobs not attorneys.

          • not enough CWAAs in the world. i predicted this would happen last post when she said she was filing the police report.

            if she thinks this is an easy way to get rich, she has another think coming. the only people who make it rich are the ambulance chasing lawyers.

            and mia “botox lips” cara is a lawyer? it still blows my mind that these people have gone through all this education and have the capacity to open doors to opportunities others would dream of and all they can do is scam / grift others to their own advantage.

          • That’s what angers me (well among other things) but I’m sure you had to jump through hoops injured for four years to pay for the injuries you sustained in a legitimate car accident; and, this moron muses that she might get an attorney because, well…work is hard…and these seems like any easy way to bring in some cash. She was in NY, not CA, right? Too bad. CA takes no prisoners on the kind of fraud she’s proposing.

    • She might want to take down all posts of her dancing over the couple of days since her fender bender before she makes a claim for bodily injury.

      • YES. She is such an idiot. The post that says “dance on, dance on!” Is enough to sink her. I was in an accident between two cabs on the West Side Highway and another cab miraculously turned up to whisk me home no charge before I could even process what happened. If she didn’t get the info she needed at the time and go to a hospital, she has no shot.

      • She appears quite spry and up to her wasteful ways! Is life pleasurable when one is in pain? The most recent photo caption:

        Dancers, musicians and cosmic clowns, we are having a hoot of a time with Stephen Medeiros/Kaminanda & Govinda Music in town. Kai Altair, the singing, shimmying mermaid of my dreams and Katie Bunny, professional of charm and intrigue.
        Dance on, darlings, dance on.


    • Why would she pay out-of-pocket for care, does she not maintain medical covg? All she has to do is sign a letter of subrogation (an agreement to pay health ins carrier back from proceeds of a settlement paid by the auto ins co) — if she was truly hurting, she’d already have seen a doc (whose ofc would have told her that).

      Jena La Flamme, auto carriers can smell a scam a mile away, so be prepared for them to take the full 24 months they are allowed to process your “claim” that is a result of a non-injurious MVA — they’ll out last you retaining an atty for two years — & all they have to do is make you whole again, not elevate you to the next tax bracket.

      What a scummy scambag.

    • jesus christ. this isn’t brain surgery. accident lawyers handle cases on a contingency and take 1/3 of the settelement, if there is one. this is standard practice. you go to the doctor if you are hurt, you pay and your insurance handles it, per usual; if you have a claim for more than a bump or a bruise you get a lawyer.

  12. This just in! Re: Skankatron’s birthday trip, it was a $1,000 “investment.” Certainly more important than curtains! The old raunch prattles on:

    “A 24-hour, $1000 trip and why it’s a way better investment than the stock market
    Feeling more inspired than ever about the possibilities for evolving love, relationships and community after this quick 24-hour trip to San Francisco.

    So worth the travel time and cost.

    Some would say it’s crazy to invest $1000 for a one-day trip, but I can guarantee that the long-term return on being here, with community, learning, growing, evolving and discovering the new paradigm of community and connection will pay far greater returns (in both the short term and long run) than putting that $1000 into my retirement account.

    Are you making old paradigm choices with your resources, investing in false security that won’t actually lead to the life you want?

    We are taught to invest our money in ways that have created lives of disconnection, separation and ultimately end of life loneliness and dis-ease.

    Look at your parents and grandparents and you’ll know what I mean.

    If you want to make a shift, you will need to overcome some deep conditioning and do it with your eyes wide open.

    Let me know if I can help.”

    Contact Ali today and learn how you too can make such uninformed financial decisions that you won’t be able to afford curtains!

    • JFAing myself to add that a sponsored ad for Thinx anti-tampons just popped up in my Facebook FEED, not on the right side. Thanks, Ali!

    • I painstakingly saved about that for my amazing Hawaii trip* (having the best time! Wish you all were here!). So fuck you, Skanks, the money you pissed away on hanging with gross woos for a day is the money I scraped together, Ma Ingalls style, for a longtime dream.

      *Husband bought me the plane tickets as a birthday present because he is best husband.

      ** I know it might sound weird for married people to have separate savings, but I like to save up for my solo travels out of my own unlavish earnings/personal budget because it seems fairer that way.

      • Nope, I totally get the separate savings accounts. Happy you’re having a lovely time in Hawaii, Albie!

        • Separate accounts & bathrooms are life goals for me.

          Glad you’re having fun!

      • Albie, the Hawaii episode was my favorite Little House on the Prairie ever. Remember when Mary found the ancient idol-totem on the beach near their hotel and was struck blind forever by vengeful Pacific gods? And Laura was almost killed surfing gnarly massive waves? I learned a lot from that episode as a kid.
        Never unearth strange magic things.

        (Aloha and happy travels. Sounds lovely. 🙂 )

      • Albie, have you read David Lodge’s Paradise News? It’s the primary source of my (possibly crazy) ideas about Hawaii. I am genuinely literally super envious of your trip.

        Also, I too am more than OK with separate accounts.

        • Yes, I am a Lodge completist (former academic, don’t forget! It is much less neurotic here than Paradise News would suggest 😉

      • not weird. we have separate, and a joint a/c but have access to each others’ accounts if need be.

        glad you’re having a great time albie!

    • “Look at your parents and grandparents and you’ll know what I mean. What I mean is, get them at their most weak and vulnerable, and tap that shit, get their bank routing numbers, snag those checkbooks, copy their credit card numbers (don’t forget the security code on the back!). Be assertive. They’re old and dying, they don’t need the money the way YOU do, to actualize your self into your best enlightened self, yourself. Gotta break some free-range eggs to make an omelette. And let’s face it, your parents’ eggs are expired, so GRAB THEM WHILE YOU CAN.”

    • this is so insulting on so many levels

      my grandparents, probably not unlike many others’, came to this country with next to nothing, worked their buts off their whole life, were able to give their children and grandchildren an education and opportunities that they could only dream of growing up, and led modest yet comfortable retirements

      the assertion that we should hit up and/or shake down our elders for money to invest in some ponzi scheme is flat out disgusting

  13. My parents and grandparents were hard working, saved for retirement, and had a great time, thank you very much. NOT lonely or dis-eased. Whatever the woo fuck that is.

    • Seriously. Where the fuck is she coming from with the presumption that everyone’s parents and grandparents are lonely and “dis-eased” because of their unenlightened financial decisions. My grandparents, who are perfectly secure financially and every year make several trips to spa towns for fun, thank you very much, survived the Holocaust, asshole. I can guarantee they have no time for your “overcoming deep conditioning” bullshit.

      • She just posted more offensive BS about explaining the “new economy” to your idiot parents. Ali even offers to help with the ‘splainin’. Wonder how much that expert advice will cost?

        “Jules Schroeder living the new economy in exact alignment with what I was talking about yesterday re the 24-hour, $1000 trip.

        It’s true, your parents may not totally get it. But remember, you are the evolution and you likely don’t want to build the lives they have created, so you’re going to have to do something different, which may feel and seem uncomfortable.

        Learning how to communicate with your parents about the new economy and the choices you are making is extremely valuable.

        Let me know if you want help with that.”

  14. …..back to topic…. I don’t think Jules is living in Boulder. If she was there would be no need for all the top secret secrecy. Everyone in Boulder documents every fart and posts it somewhere and then charges you $299.99 monthly to look at it and smell it. Also she would not be working for Skanks because there can only be one star in that show and Julie requires top billing at all times. While fun to contemplate, I don’t think it’s happening.

      • Remember when Julia used to have a fresh intern or two every semester? She’d do her routine–post the ad, hold “interviews”, declare the lucky intern, and then abuse the heck out of them for zero money… While threatening not to sign a letter so the intern could obtain course credit.

        What a joke.

    • I think you’re right that Julie is not in Boulder – insert sad emoticon – but if she were, she certainly would want the secrecy. Going from the OMG! marina flat next to the OMG! Palace of Fine Arts to a room in Shanti’s hovel? Or possibly living in the busted out bus out back, complete with STD-ridden futon? Would YOU want anyone to know that?!

      • She might still be living there. I don’t think we know yet. If people like OMG Mika are moving there, Donkey might be interested. It seems to be WooCentral Base Camp #2 for that particular tribe.

      • My thought is they are trolling to cover up where Donkey is living because it’s EVEN MORE horrific than living at Skanky’s. Which, dear god, how bad can that be? Karma is a beautiful thing.

        • I think Flylashes is trolling us, but it’s less about having a laugh on us & more (all) about having us talk about her & her financially insolvent money map scheme, her & her ex-husband MIA, her & her kids being driven by her down the path to totally fucked up lives, etc. — she’s as narcissistic as D0nk, so [1] there’s no such thinkx as bad publicity, & [2] that’s why neither would hitch their wagon to the other.

          Holy run-on sentence, Batman.

    • Yay, and thank you! No one I know has read it.

      I thought it was OK, probably even better than that, but I would have enjoyed it a lot more if not for the reviews I read beforehand (and some afterward) and that seemed all practically beside themselves because OMG a character who kills people is also likeable. Like that has never been done before? Ridiculous. Also, I’ve seen so many reviews / publishers’ blurbs saying: “Finally…. a new Girl Gone.” First, Girl Gone was only slightly better-than-average thriller I(notonly)MO. I don’t know who these masses waiting with “bated breath” for “a new Girl Gone” are. Second, Girl Gone is what, four or five years old? “Finally,” really? Fuck off.

      Anyway, back to YOU: part of what I wasn’t so crazy about was the fact that I thought Beck was unbearable and not special at all, but I don’t really hold that against the author because I understand that the specialness is in the eye of the beholder (Joe in this case). I did think Joe was likeable but really nowhere near as fascinating as many of the reviewers apparently thought. Overall, I would recommend the book as smart, definitely suspenseful with some occasional intentionally funny parts, but not a must read by any means.

      One more thing about the reviews that drive me insane and that I think I already mentioned here: someone on goodreads.com asked for recommendations of similar books and someone said “The Collector by John Fowles”; SO MUCH NOPE. The Collector is a work of genius with so much more going for it than “there’s a crazy stalker in it.”

      • I haven’t read any reviews at all. I totally did not think Joe was likeable at ALL and the part I had trouble believing is that Beck would ever like him or want to have sex with him. He’s constantly freaking out about people laughing at him and has NO CHILL. I think being around him would be excruciating.

        As for Beck, I actually liked that she was so flawed. She did not have her shit together at all and I think that made her more attractive as a character. Like, Joe becomes an unreliable narrator just because he likes her so much when she’s so obviously a huge fuckup.

        I thought it was a medium-good book. I think the spoiled rich prep school boy-man (Benji) is too easy of a target, like, we were supposed to root for him getting his comeuppance and yawwwn I’ve seen that a thousand times.

        I read Gone Girl a couple years ago and it was pretty good but I guess I’m not seeing the GROUNDBREAKING MINDBLOWING aspect to either book. They were both, eh, worth reading on the beach.

        I haven’t read The Collector, maybe I will check that out. 🙂

        • Ugh, yes, it’s Gone Girl, not Girl Gone. I am so fat.

          “Worth reading on the beach” is a perfect summation of both the books if you ask me, while I would give several more points to You.

          Totally agree about Benji, that whole part was not that interesting IMO. I did like that Joe was so nonchalant about the killings. I might also agree that he has no actual chill, but I read all these (excruciating, yes) insecurities as something he’s pretty good at masking, so we only know about them because he tells us, and to the people actually around him he may appear much more confident and relaxed than he is. Might have been wishful thinking on my part though, heh.

          Beck was pretty narcissistic IMO! So self-centred, and I feel quite certain that her stories sucked. 🙂 Also, WTF was that weird shit with her dad? I have some weird lies in my own past too, but not to that extent, and not from my 20s.

          Speaking of age, how old do you think Joe is? I think at some point he says he’s 22, but then there were some memories from 15 years ago or so that didn’t seem to be from the time he was 7 years old. I may be misremembering, but I WILL have to check that again (this feels a bit like the dishtowelgate all over again, but that just seems to happen to me now and then).

          • I don’t remember him being 22, I would have thought he was in his 30s, maybe that’s why Beck likes him, because he’s older.

            I didn’t grow up with my dad so everyone’s relationship with their dad is mysterious to me. So I didn’t question Beck’s story at all, sure, dead not dead, whatever.

            It’s hard to tell how other people see him, all we know is that Peach doesn’t seem to like him, but maybe she’s a bitch anyway. And maybe I spend too much time reading Reddit but Joe just seemed so cringey, like, I cannot imagine him functioning in society in a smooth way at all. Like when he was renting the costume, I’m sure he was so weird seeming to the costume lady. The only reason nobody realizes he’s such a loser is because nobody goes into bookstores, hahah. I used to work at a used bookstore so his socially awkward character seemed really true to me.

            My edition of the book has a teaser chapter for the next part of the story, that looks pretty good, I will probably get the book and see how it plays out with Joe and Amy.

        • Just jumping in here as I LOVE a good psychological thriller and thought YOU was ‘meh’ at best and like Helena I can’t believe any reviewers put the brilliant The Collector and YOU in the same sentence. Gordon Bennett.

          Can I recommend Elizabeth Haynes Into the Darkest Corner. It’s been three years and approximately 200 books since I read it but still remember it as very compelling.

      • I read You specifically on your recommendation, Helena (I hadn’t even heard of it). I agree with you and everyone else here. It rattled along and was a good bath time read. But just middling in terms of quality. Though ***SPOILER*** I did love that he got away with it in the end.

        • Yes, I did like that aspect of it. And how casual he was about Benji. No soul-searching.

  15. OT: We received another wack e-mail from Saharima Roenisch, the iPad channeler and deranged cultural commentator who did the dirty deed with Smellsberg. She goes into a history of facial tattoos belonging to the pre-colonial past and blah, blah, blah. OK. Whatever. The second half of the email is concerned with her alleged distaste for the woos and how she broke away from them in 2008. Excuse me, she was doing the greasy gargoyle in 2014. She closes with the insistence that she’s “just not the right target for our site.” Saharima, honey, we wrote about you twice in 2014 and once this year when you sent us a nutty email claiming “victim” status because people responded negatively to the lunatic videos, photos, rantings, you’d posted ALL OVER THE INTERNET. Once again, today’s lesson is that you can’t control public discourse.

    • There is also a history of women in prison tattooing their faces. What is her point? That it’s a good idea?

      In case she has not noticed, she is not living in pre colonial times. Chick tattooed her damn face in MODERN times. She thought doing that to her eyebrows was a sound idea and, she did a Smellsberg when he was off his meds. Her opinion means naught!

      • You know what? Here’s another thing. One does not tattoo one’s face unless they want to shock and/or call attention to themselves. You cannot then be annoyed when people’s attention are called to it and/or they are shocked by it. Not everyone is going to like your damn face tattoos, just like not everyone is going to like my body tattoos. You don’t think I know people are giving me shit about my tramp stamp behind my back (no pun intended)? Get over it, Saharima!! You wanted people to talk, and now they are.

      • She has done absolutely everything possible to scrub her carbon footprint and now wants us to cater to her wishes too. Tough titty. I’ve had five other requests to remove material and did so immediately, because the requests were pleasant, sincere. But Sami appears intent on blaming us for reacting negatively to what she’d plastered all over the internet in the hopes of getting attention. “Victim,” indeed! How Julia Allison is that?

        • I just fail to see that anything we said about her was wrong. Basically, that she tattooed her face, she did Smellsberg and she associates with woos. She cannot really defend that last one since she was with someone who, if not a woo himself (and I submit he’s just a creepier woo with his assertion that he has witch wives and can teach you how to be a sexy best friend), he is most definitely woo adjacent.

          • I just consulted my Magic 8 Ball. Reponse is as follows: Outlook not so good.

            That’s as woo as we get in my house.

          • Is this the one he shamed on facebook for behaving badly at a party, or some ridiculous shit?

          • Hopkin, I don’t know if it would help your chances with her but you’d be our nation’s newest hero if you did.

    • She’s the PERFECT target for this site. She was tailor-made for us. We just have other fish to blister.

      • Robot, she quotes YOU in the new missive!

        I am not contacting you to for the simplistic purpose of ‘remaining relevant’.

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