A Curious Burro In A Curious World Wants To Know …

Who writes for the Huffington Post still? Anyone on here? Curious about your experience. Do you feel it benefits you through bringing people closer to your work? Do you get a good response? PM me! (I used to write for them back in the day … )

Keep tiptoeing around actually doing SOMETHING, ANYTHING, Donkey! We’re still eagerly awaiting BOOK, podcast, and the promised Davos report. If only you weren’t such a lazy asshole living off your father perfectionist!

Bottom Picture Hall of Shame: The 11 Fans in the ‘Stans who liked Donkey’s vacation from vacation-itis post.

6) Woo grifter Ishita Gupta, who was allegedly heading to medical school when she realized life would be much more rewarding if she could con strangers out of their hard earned dollars! Let “Magical Life Coach” Ishita help you “conquer self-doubt and magnetize your goals!” Having doubts? Ishita has a webpage filled with endless endorsements from fellow cons – I didn’t recognize one name, other than that of Amber Rae, founder of The Bold Academy and nearly Donkey & Debbie’s roomie.

An added incentive: Ishita has included the sort of pertinent information that would lead one to engage her dubious services:

I’m a twin (not identical)
and always make sure to give props to other twins.
My real twin hates that.

I’ve never held a “real” 9-to-5 job.
I’m A-OK with that.

I secretly want to be a hip-hop dancer
and make it a point to dance every day.

I enjoy living in New York City
but get stir-crazy if I’m here too long.

My eyes disappear when I smile.


  1. The Christmas colored cheap beaded necklace turned headband and those earrings, just no. Because, for fucks sake.

  2. OT: Yesterday marked one year of complete sobriety for me. Thank you all for your support and positive thoughts. I feel a little sheepish making any kind of big deal about it; truth be told I feel like it was pretty easy. Once you get past about two months and you have a solid run, you begin enjoying the stability and you are comfortable just being you. For a long time I thought I’d never be comfortable in a social situation if I was sober. I thought I had a lot of anxiety. Turns out regular exercise, eating well, and getting enough sleep is all you need to do to start living like a normal human bean. I wish I had known this in my 20s!

    Maybe some of you are in a similar place and you want to know how I did it. First and foremost, I made myself accountable. I told my partner and my boss that I knew I had been screwing up and I wanted to get sober. This really made a difference because previously there was no penalty for failure. I was now on the hook. I also deleted certain phone numbers and removed any thing from my house related to booze or droogs, even certain drinking glasses. Second, I started getting out of the house. At first I went to one AA meeting a week. It’s not really my thing, but the secret sauce here is to just get out and be with people. After awhile, I started cruising meetup.com and found some computer -related tings was interested in and went to those instead. Basically, you need to replace that energy you were using for dumb shit with something positive and rewarding. Once you do that, the rewards for being sober make the whole enterprise self-sustaining! My only problem now is finding people in their 30s to do things with! If you need to talk, I’m available. kraken@fea.st *hugs*

    • Congratulations on your one year anniversary, KS! I’ve so much enjoyed your presence and commentary on here, from taking one for the team and trying to locate Festival Donkey to your helpful tips re: malware to your straight from the heart on sobriety. If we had a cat peep Hall of Fame …

      • I agree — he’s our comrade through and through.

        I’m so happy for you, ks, and I appreciate the advice. I stopped drinking in mid-November because of a new medication (seizure control) and to try to lose weight, and I realized I’d been drinking socially for twenty straight years. My circle of friends is all writers (creative and journalists) and visual artists and academics, and god above, they are a hard drinking crew. Alcohol is at the center of my social life, and it’s been veeeeery interesting to be sober for the first time. I’d like to continue not drinking — regardless of which medication I’m on — and I’m grateful for everything you’ve said here.

        • It’s a tough adjustment, no joke, but I think in the long run you will be glad you did it… ? I feel like a Hallmark card right now. But, yay 🙂 I’m happy for you. I hope the medication works great.

          ALSO WHAT WEIGHT??????????? skinny thing.

          • I’d tubbed right up, sister! I seriously had no clothes that fit me anymore, and for someone who would do anything other than shop, it was a crisis. Like I’m going to spend $150 on a new pair of blue jeans when I’ve got these four pairs I’ve had since 1993!

    • Thank you for this really inspiring post. I always love reading your contributions. Congratulations!

    • Wow, congratulations!

      I am going through a really rough patch (unrelated to substance issues) and this was exactly what I needed to read tonight. Thank you so much for sharing and reminding me how much change is possible.

    • Congrats! The first year is a tough one that feels so good to get through.

      (FYI, I’ve heard good things about SMART Recovery meetings. Haven’t been to one yet but growing dissatisfaction with my current program is causing me to consider it.)

      • I was introduced to LifeRing.org during a rehab stint. It was just what I wanted at the time as an alternative because it is secular. There also isn’t a huge shameful ordeal made out of relapse like with AA. It is just people working towards their own goals of sobriety. At my first meeting, the dude organizing it introduced himself as “I’m so and so, and I’m sober.” (vs AA style…) That made a huge impact on me. It also comes with a fat workbook, so if you are into lots of self-examination, check it out.

        • I would dispute the idea that relapse is shamed by the AA program. Perhaps some jerks in AA meetings do this, but it’s not something I have witnessed in almost a decade of AA participation. The AA literature also does not denigrate relapse.

    • Much love to you Kraken! I am so so happy you are still with us (even though you are a FREAK sometimes, weirdo!!!). I am really proud of you for turning your course toward life instead of death. Death is tempting and life is hard.

      Someone really close to me recently celebrated their one year soberversary as well. It was fucking terrifying to watch them with basically one foot in the grave but they’ve pulled it out and are standing on two good feet and it’s such a fucking relief and really the best present they could have ever given me, way beyond any jewel.

      You are a good man, Kraken. You’re facing the world with clear eyes and standing tall and I am so proud of you.

      • I have a friend who’s just begun out-patient rehab, but first had to spend three days in the hospital for medically managed withdrawal. I’ve spent the last two years believing he could die at any moment, as did his husband. When someone reaches that point, all anyone can hope for is life, as you say. I’ve never judged him and don’t judge him now; I only want him to live.

        • it’s the WORST ugh. I mean I’m a little suicidal myself sometimes but I’m more like YO DEATH OVER HERE, not, LIFE IS GREAT LET ME HAVE ANOTHER GALLON OF WHISKEY.

          I don’t know. I have complicated and stupid feelings BUT I want people to LIVE!!!!!!

          • You are great.
            Recently I found myself fully prepared to charge alone at night into the desert totally sober because I thought an acquaintance had charged into the desert alone at night totally wasted, and one of the perks of knowing me is knowing you never have to die alone. Fortunately he was sober-er than I thought and both of us lived.
            All I want is a friend who would do the same: not necessarily for me, just for someone.

          • Crystal, because you are that friend, I hope you have that friend. You make the world a better place.

          • It’s a cruel and confusing world, so thank you, Handbag.

            “Stalker, you not alone in ethics and all decent people can recognize those qualities in a friend” is what that was trying to convey. It ended up coming out a little sad.

          • Crystal Enemas, haha yeah that sounds like something I would do. Thank you for your comment & story 🙂

            I think there are lots of people with ethics like that though. I don’t know.

    • As a 30 something with a now sober partner, you are doing a great job, it can be hard out there while most of your friends have kids and stuff or they’re single and want to get wasted. *hugs* You’re in Norcal, right?

    • Congrats! I really like your idea of substituting meetings (which a lot of people find fault with and then crash off the wagon) with other productive activities, instead of just not-attending meetings. Though 12-step meetings can be a way to find activity partners in their thirties, though. They’re not all Big Book thumpers.

      Good luck and congratulations. This is big.

    • KS, congratulations and I’m so happy for you. It’s inspirational when people take steps to make their lives better in a real way (and not a fake way like woo flimflammery and Donkey’s endless vacations). Really cool thing, and thanks for telling us about it. Wonderful.

      • Yes, this is wonderful news, KS. I’m with Norse horse! it’s something real that came from hard personal work and is pretty awesome. An ex-partner of mine from several years ago is an alcoholic and it was so sad to see him slip further into it and not fight it.

  3. Her cargo-cult career strikes again. There are two reasons to write for HuffPo, seeing as they’re idiots and they don’t pay: a) to build clips so you can get paying gigs; b) to promote other stuff that you’re selling.

    Julie has clips already, and she doesn’t have anything to sell.

    • I’m just bemused by the whole non-sequitur of the question. What’s it like writing for the Huffington Post? I used to write for the Huffington Post.
      So why are you asking? And yeah, everyone knows HuffPo doesn’t pay shit.

      It’s like some weird Norma Desmond moment. What’s happening in talkies now? I used to be BIG in motion pictures, you know. For Donks, it’s still 2006. Glory days. What a strange pointless question. She seems a bit cracked and bored and crazy there.

    • She is probably trying to place that so-called comedic story she brayed about needing an editor for. Scraping the barrel after being rejected by other pubs.

    • Wait…third reason is to show Momsers and Dadsers she can still get published in a medium with a name they recognize. They probably don’t know HuffPo is currently about equivalent to being published in a Reddit thread.

        • That was in 2011, so he may be uninformed enough to think it still has some caché. I bet he thought he was hot shit to get published there. Donkey learned her famewhoring from him, which is why I think he gives her a pass on much of what she does for attention. Momsers on the other hand…

  4. Monday February 8, 2015 3:05 am:
    Hi (editor of Elle)!!!
    Great news!!! I am now available to start writing my new column, Guinea Pig of Happiness!! Since I am now an author at book deal my new rate is $6/word. (book will be out in 2017!!!).Please let me know what the budget will be for my photo shoots, ( with hair, makeup and wardrobe) and when you will be announcing my return;)
    Julia Allison”

    Wednesday, February 10, 2015 1:44 am

    Thursday, February 11, 2015 8:31 pm
    “Who writes for the Huffington Post still? Anyone….”

    • DDS, you read her like a BOOK!
      (A yet-to-be-written / never-to-be-published BOOK, mind you, but still.)

  5. Shanti has a post up that is a combination of a happy birthday to her dead dad and how much she likes sex. Not kidding.

    • Her shit has been more insane than usual. My current favorite is that her son’s vision quest/manhood entry ritual ended up being building her a new deck. I literally LOLd.

        • Joy on my back porch.
          Boys growing into men via mentorship and embodied brotherhood. Thank you for bringing it Rainbow Michael Haynes.
          Plus, I think I may just end up with the coolest back deck structure ever.
          And, the sunset = icing on the cake.
          Ali Shanti’s photo.
          Ali Shanti’s photo.
          51 people like this.
          Rien Havens
          Rien Havens Good influence!!!
          Like · Reply · 1 · 10 February at 20:39
          Ali Shanti
          Ali Shanti I’m a lucky mama.
          Like · Reply · Yesterday at 01:3

          Write a reply…

          Choose File
          Frank Rim
          Frank Rim these are hardworking students synergizing their technical ability together to work out something. i am really impressed about it shanti

          • Jesus christ. Why can’t these people just say, “That’s some really great deck building/slave labor, Alli!”

            The language pains me. They sound like my high school students who cannot figure out how nouns and verbs work and just jam new vocabulary into a sentence. “I correlate with my boyfriend because he sometimes impact me, but I appeal him not to because consequence.”

      • The recent stuff is nuts and she’s apparently non-stop bawling her eyes out, even more so than did Jess Johnson when getting a haircut. The LOLyer confesses:

        “Daily crying, good for the soul. Let it flow. So grateful for the women in my life who are available and willing to hold me through it. I hope you have the same sort of support in your own life.”

        Sorry, Ali. I work for a living, usually six days a week, and really don’t have the time to bawl my eyes out on a daily basis and beg burners to hold me.

      • At least she didn’t send him alone into the brush to hallucinate from exposure/malnourishment/dehydration while some other dudes did various fucked-up sexual things to him … or did that also happen?

        • I feel equally sorry for her daughter, what with Shanti hoping that the kid quits high school, all while making the poor girl sell dream catchers and attend Ali’s money map masters seminar so that she might do Mamma’s dirty work while Mamma is out getting laid.

  6. It is mind-boggling that anyone with such little talent and a nearly nonexistent work ethic, who clearly has to be forced to write because she does not love the craft but instead loves the bragging rights, is so intent on re-entering a disappearing, poorly paid industry, believing this to be a path to success.

    • Donkey treats the act and craft and work of actual writing like my dog would treat the realization she had been brought to the vet’s. Active resistance to the idea, immense coaxing and eventually firm but gentle but firm going in for my dog to get her check-up and shots. She hated it, but it was for the best.

      Julia honestly seems to hate and avoid actual writing like my dog hated going to the vet’s. Had to be pulled on a leash. Bizarre that someone who calls themself* a writer seem to hate writing so much, not to mention fucking up a major BOOK deal. Oh, and every other media deal she ever had for a column. I guess she thought it sounded like a good excuse for being a wastrel layabout. “I’m a writer!”. A writer who mangles and murders English and can’t b bothered to actually write. Which is probably for the best, she’s horrible at it.

      *(Never really thought about the difference in usage between “themself” which is out of favor, and “themselves”. It seems odd to refer to a singular person with a multiple like “themselves”. Anyway, looked it up, it’s interesting the vagaries of language. I left in “themself” as a novelty. )


      • I really like “themself” … if we’re accepting “they/their” as third-person gender neutral then themself seems to be the way to go. Let’s break new grammatical ground!

  7. It’s WAY creepy that Skanki-tron3000 links her dead dad’s birthday to her awakening sexuality, but a narcissist has to make everything about her. If you find yourself with 3 or 4 hours, here’s the post:

    Ali Shanti
    7 hrs ·

    Death, sex, self love and my daddy’s birthday

    My dad would have been 70 yesterday.

    His death, in 2004, precipitated my first major awakening.

    Life is simply too short to live from a place of obligation.

    It’s a bit of a leap without the full story behind it, but the short version is that with that realIzation, I decided I was done having sex with my husband.

    I was 30, married, two kids, brand new law practice I was building.

    I didn’t need to have sex anymore.

    I was good. My life was set. Kind of depressing in some ways, but fine enough.

    I was resigned to it.

    My thought was that if I couldn’t have a connection like my dad had with his wife in the last five years of his life – pure devotion – I would just close down that part of my life.

    Channel my energy into my kids and business. My husband and I could live platonically.

    Somehow, it seemed like a good plan.

    And it was because it was what was true and if I had kept having sex with my husband out of obligation, I would never have discovered the Woman that was dying to come through me.

    Literally dying.

    It took me a few months and a big wake up call in the form of a full body orgasm in a level one yoga class while in tree pose (a story for another day) to discover her.

    She spoke to me and said “if you ever swear off sex again, wake up.”

    I had no idea what that meant at the time, but I do now.

    I am a sexual being.

    This Life thrives on the power and grace of my sexual energy.

    Cultivating and nurturing this energy is of paramount importance to my well-being.

    My Woman requires it.

    And as I’ve grown into this Woman, I am really just now discovering how to know what She really wants.

    It’s really only been ten years since I began to fully turn this part of myself back on and sometimes I still feel so awkward with it.

    From marriage to serial monogamy to “not fully open” open relationships, up until now I haven’t had/given myself the true freedom to fully explore my relationship and desire for and with sex.

    I entered into relationships, one after another, in which I could outsource my choices to my partner.

    Knowing what I really wanted and claiming it was simply beyond my capacity.

    And, I’m finally in a place in my life where I am emotionally available and mature enough to really discover what’s true for me and stop projecting my insecurities around sex or my sexual choices on my partners.

    I often think of a book I read years ago by a woman who was dying of ALS. She wrote that her one regret was that she hadn’t had more sex.

    I get it.

    And for a long time that led me to think I “should” want a lot of sex with many different people.

    But now that I have the true freedom to have it, I’m discovering that’s not really what I desire.

    I also feel clear I don’t desire traditional monogamy.

    So I sit in the inquiry.

    And I am grateful for the men and women in my life I am deeply intimate with (which sometimes does, but often doesn’t mean sex) who hold me with so much love and offer me the space to discover what’s really true, be a little messy now and then and clean it up.

    Happy birthday dad.

    Thank you for leaving me with the gift of discovering my path to true self love.

    • Exactly as with Jaba, not a word about giving other people what they want, or experiencing love through service.

    • “…the Woman that was dying to come through me. Literally dying.”

      This, in a post that also is about her dad – literally- dying.

    • Oh for fuck’s sake, she had a full body orgasm in TREE POSE? I thought there would at the very minimum be butt plugs involved. Tree pose is just fucking standing there. These people really think that their every fart is evidence of gravitational waves.

      • That is where I stopped reading. Was this a regular ol’ yoga class? Her poor classmates!

        • she says it was a “level one yoga class” whatever the fuck that means. I’ve been doing yoga off and on for yearrrrsssss and I’ve never heard a class described that way. Maybe it’s a special woo yoga track where you level up in an extremely competitive way cos that’s what yoga’s all about!

          • At most studios I’ve gone to over the years the levels are Beginner, Open, and sometimes, Advanced.

            It’s Ali, who was first in her law class, so expect future parental-death-masturbation essays to share the important truth on how she rose from Level 1 to black-belt Level 9 and won yoga.

          • I just looked up my gym and they’ve got “Yoga”, “Power Yoga” and “Vinyasa Flow”… oh and “Silver Sneakers Yoga” which class I plan to #WIN when I turn 55.

    • Who is it that suspects that Ali can’t orgasm? I’m beginning to think there’s a lot to that theory.

      Actually, I think a lot of these folks have some kind of sexual dysfunction, leading them to seek fulfillment through sexual hedonism. Not that ALL hedonists are in this boat, but these folks sure are. What’s that line about whoever talks about it the most ain’t getting any? Yeah.

        • Agree, she feels nothing, ever, including sexually which is why I think she has sex so often and indiscriminately. Ali, the call is coming from inside the house.

        • And now moi as well. Look forward to the big announcement, “I thought I had experienced the world’s greatest orgasms but only NOW do I realize that nothing compares to THIS orgasm, that I am giving myself right now, as I write this newsletter. You’re welcome, business-only subscribers who have begged me to leave the personal stuff out. I KNEW you’d want me to share this moment – my very first TRUE orgasm. And for a limited time I am offering you a space at a discount. Hold me, via live feed, as I tearfully and repeatedly congratulate myself for masturbating.”

          • “I finally had an orgasm, and my doctor said it was the wrong kind.”
            “You had the wrong kind? I’ve never had the wrong kind, ever. My worst one was right on the money.


        • An old friend from high school years later wasn’t in a good place and got into some bondage freak things; he got on medicine and got better and is now just embarrassed about that phase

    • Life is simply too short to live from a place of obligation.

      Said every irresponsible sociopath ever.

      Her dad must be so proud in the Great Beyond. Using his death as a jumping off point for her talking yet again about getting her SEXUAL WOMAN rocks off without any responsibility, neither to her kids or partners or our tender basement-dwelling spinster ears. Such a heroine. Dead dad, promiscuous humping, it’s all the same really, right? Pretty bizarre segueway and swerve there.

  8. Unpopular opinion: I think we should really stop harassing people who liked Donkey’s post. They’re pretty much innocent bystanders, no need to fuck with their google results.

    • My understanding is that the ones featured here are either paid fans in the stans,or woo-grifters…?

    • Excuse me? Ishita Gupta is an “innocent bystander”? That cheap con? Are you including previous Hall of Shame recipient Mia Cara, who’s closely aligned with Donkey and Shantitown and running an anti-aging grift, among those whose goggle results you’re personally worried about? Should we stop covering Ali Shanti, too? She often comments on Julia’s BS, and we wouldn’t want anyone to miss out on the Money Map.

      • Personally I feel uncomfortable outing seemingly innocent merely silly, uninformed, less in the loop people (like the girl above ) aren’t trying to make living off some scam or live off self publicizing fumes. I know one might say she is trying to run a scam wanting to be a coach, but I don’t think she is on the level of JA and Ali Shanti, Tim Ferris, M. Ellsberg, who actively and aggressively pursue publicity and try to make a living off of being their personae. IMHOP the lady who was hawking the skin cleanse the other day is in a grey area. I guess I feel if they are public figures in any way, like they put it it out there for marketing, then they are fair game. If they are just garden variety NPD weirdos, Im not so enthusiastic about outing them. (I know other’s mileage may vary, woos are such a slippery slope! ha )

          • JFAing myself to add that this is a SNARK blog, and I’m always trying to put fun, interesting content onto the page while working in a limited time frame. Mentioning the folks who gave a thumbs up to Donkey’s most heinous post in years does make for lively content. These folks are not “innocent bystanders” but have been commenting or giving thumbs up to Donkey for some time now. I would find anyone morally bankrupt who believes Julia Allison is worthy of such approbation.

            Also, mentioning Gupta isn’t the same as harassing her. Everyone has had something written about them online that they probably don’t like. That’s the way we live now. And mentioning Gupta once is not going to have enormous consequences re: her griftery existence. It’s not like we were reporting on Justine Sacco.

          • Yeah I kind of think she is exactly “trying to make living off some scam or live off self publicizing fumes.”

            And no, I do not think the fans in stans are real people.

            Any woo coach who likes Julia’s evil nonsense is just doing it because they believe Julia’s “WIRED cover girl” and “NYT journalist” schtick and are hoping the association will pay off for their own “business.” I would feel bad if Gilly was like doxing their spouses or calling them fat, but she’s just featuring someone who boosted Julia’s rotten bullshit.

            With softness, though.

          • I hear you, Mrs. Gilly Blake. Thinking about this I realize that your and others’ hard work makes this site seem effortless, so its been easy – too easy – for me to take it for granted.

            I truly do appreciate all the incredible work you do FOR FREE to run a fun, smart, hilarious, interesting and constantly updated site with very fast turnaround times, and manage a vibrant community of strong willed commenters , all in often adverse conditions. Really, thank you.

            As far as IDing these folks yeah personally I am OK with quantifying levels of woo, but it’s definitely arguable that that is patently absurd hair splitting on a snark site. I have no judgement and would have no right to stand judgement on the decisions you guys make or the great work you do that I have enjoyed for free for YEARS. Its not my site to run. and personally I’m not equating ID’ng people with harassing them. Phew.

            I agreed with what people said about IDing people because I happen to agree. But that is just my opinion, and yeah no one has to agree with me. For sure its damn annoying when you bust your ass on something great for a long time and people don’t ever say thank you, instead they just complain.
            Not everyone has to agree on every little thing here. OK I have no fancy ending to this. Just sayin’.

          • Sorry if I overreacted. It was a long, grueling week and my husband is out of town. Note: I have no problem outing cons like Mia Cara and Nishita Gupta, and if someone comes here and decides not to purchase their BS services, good on us! Note, too, I’ve received three requests over the years to take down material and I honored two of those requests immediately. The third, from Michael Ellsberg’s iPad channeling ex, was so bizarre and offensive that I reported it in here and have no qualms about doing so.

            In the future I may lay off a bit on Donkey’s fan base, but we’re definitely counting down all 11 folks who gave the vacation from vacation-itis “perfectionist” post a thumbs up.

          • Sorry, but I thought most of these people are part of some paid for “likes” scam? Correct me if I’m wrong, but if you sign up for getting $1 (or whatever) to like any which post a scammer posts then you signed up for a snark sight outing you. Just my $.02.

            Also, I hope everyone on the East Coast is staying warm. Keep hearing mind blowing stories of how cold it is for that area.

      • wait you guys think the fans in the stans are real people? those are bot accounts. probably made with stolen pictures. how did you think that whole thing works?

        even if they were real I fail to see the harm in simply posting a publicly available picture with no commentary.

  9. OT: If you have not yet seen the Academy Award-nominated Amy Winehouse documentary “Amy” yet, see it. It’s very good. And very sad. Amazon Prime.

    • I keep almost watching this and definitely will, but don’t quite feel up to crying my eyes out!

    • Yes, it’s excellent and the decision not to show talking heads in the present but to have that commentary running as voiceover over archival materials kept the focus on Winehouse.

      • Agreed. It was well done, I think, and the older footage was interesting and, in retrospect, so sad knowing what would happen to her n just a few years.

        I have to wonder if she’d moved to NY like Bowie and Lennon whether her life might have been much better. It seems to be a better place than London to go semi-incognito and not be hounded by the press. She was never a famewhore, she just loved music, and was damn good at it. I can only imagine what kinds of music she could have created had she lived and been allowed to do her own thing, living like a female Bowie.

        • That movie was SAD and brilliant . Yes a move to NYC would maybe get the press off her back, but I think it would be hard for her to be a female Bowie , that for me is more of a Patti Smith or Grace Jones situation… It was clear to me from the doc that Amy was so fragile emotionally and had so many issues with men and drugs that I don’t know if the venue change would have helped.

          • I think it would have helped. I think she was an introvert and needed time alone to recharge and develop new ideas. She felt pressured to come up with something that was as sequel to Back in Black, but unlike Bowie, she didn’t feel that she could maybe fail commercially a bit in order to achieve her own artistic vision and emerge from that. Bowie found that commercial success wasn’t the right path for him to go, he shut it down. I just wish she had had the same insight, but he was older and luckier and had gone through more, and was older. I feel so much for her, she had so much to offer. The pressure had to be horrendous.

        • I can’t even type on a normal keyboard…Yeah I agree with you, and I feel sorry for Amy also, it was just a perfect storm of events – inner and outer – that overtook such a hugely talented and lovely young woman.

  10. Am I totally mistaken or didn’t Dadsers write a couple articles on HuffPo?

    Maybe about anonymity or something? Any cats remember/feel like digging around?

        • Congrats!!! You are officially close to where if the baby had to be born this minute no worries, just a little early and maybe with some monkey fur … That’s a great place to be

          • I’m forwarding your comment in its entirety to my little friend who’s officially at 38 weeks today & so very ready to shed her 2nd bambino.

  11. So she was in Mexico for a week, leaving last Sunday? That means she’s still there. Isn’t she supposed to be on vacation, having fun, playing games, doing nothing, not making to-do lists for the future, and she is musing about, of all things, writing for HuffPo?

    She is mental.

      • I’m thinking yes. Increasingly unhinged as her move-out date approaches. Frantically casting about and all over the map.

        She probably will get some stupid piece published in HuffPo. Maybe Smellsberg can also get her into Forbes now that it has also become a repository for shitty writers.

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