1. “Creative projects”– hanging construction paper signs that say “Create!” in marker pen, around her apartment the place she’s crashing? Underlining New Age self-help books in purple glitter pen? Getting her makeup done for photos of herself that have no purpose? Stomping around on stage like an angry Yeti, while her DJ friend plays the computer? Pretending to work on the “book” that her “publisher” dropped like a hot turd?

  2. She’s still going to pay the ~140K followers even though they’re not doing any work?

    Smart business strategy.

  3. So Donkey is pretending to be offline while she tries to figure out how to explain her homelessness/move to Chicago/increasing expiration sans man? Yeah, I guess it is about that time of year.

    • Gotta scrub the whole obscure poly DJ fucking / drug addled Rainbow layabout persona.

      “You know you don’t live in San Francisco when….” your dad stops paying your rent

      • She’s already been scrubbing cleaning up her SEO. Guessing illegally subletting doesn’t say much for how she treats people in business relationships. Anyone know more about those types of services?

        • How do you tell? I seem to recall someone else (AFF?) saying that at another time & it later made sense (it came out right afterwards that she was flapping Jack).

          • Google search (incognito window) her name from RBD was off the first page the other day (back on now but lower ranked that before). I started to figure it out through my site and tracking the changes as part of a segment on unethical companies/brands manipulating negative truthful seo.
            Seems reasonable a SEO hazmat team would tell her to kill her social media for a few months so they can rework everything.
            Such an exercise in futility as soon as its clean the same thing will happen again.


          • Thanks for explaining, appreciate that.

            I don’t see D0nk doing repu cleanup for a job tho’ — maybe she’s just getting serious about bagging a wallet in 2016? I don’t see her having a necessary discipline to keep it clean tho’, unless she already has a mark in her clutches, & again, all doubtful.

            Good sleuthing on your part!

          • A wallet, or if she was going to start some coaching business of her own (as if, but she may think she is going to try this) and didn’t want people going down the RBD rabbit hole.

    • Figuring out how to spin moving back to Chicago with her tail between her legs after slagging the Mid-West for the past five years will take a lot of creativity. Donkey needs some time off to get her story straight.

      • This. She won’t be back until she can concoct a really good lie/spin. I will guess she might bury it under an announcement of some new project or launch and then say the best place to do it was in the Midwest, and why not just go now, since she lost the lease on her SF apartment.

        It is not going to be an easy thing to spin, and everyone will see right through it anyway.

        Of course she starts this all by staging a photoshoot. This is like a product launch group printing up T-shirts before they have even done a feasibility study.

        • The book is dead so any creathive project will have to do with insight gleaned at Tony Robbins Part Trois. Something about Julia inspiring others because she’s the embodiment of exuberance. A new grift: Julia Allison, Hollywood Talent Scout and a future Sue Mengers! Because, like Sue, Donkey will be willing to WORK for her clients ’round the clock.

        • “This is like a product launch group printing up T-shirts before they have even done a feasibility study.”

          I’m currently reading a rather fascinating book on this man
          who (at least in the book, which is a fictionalised take on his life) had his business cards and royal seal made long before he set foot in the territory of the “kingdom” he decided to make his own, and long before he even met anyone from that part of the world.

          • Believe it or not, Phillipe de Montebello, one time Director of the Metropolitan Museum of Art did the exact same thing. At the age of 18, I believe.

          • Ah, le beau Philippe, who graced us with his presence here in Houston for some years. A perfect setting for him, since Houston society of that era was bewitched by titles real or imagined. Still is, to a certain extent.

          • Um, YO! Phillipe HATED every minute of his time in Houston….to the day & minute. They
            returned favor, and have not forgotten.
            TRUE STORY.

            PS- which ones do you want to know about!?

          • I lived there for nine years and hated every minute of it too. All except the food. The food was awesome.

          • @Dyspeptic (and anyone else who feels like chiming in — the Channel 2? newscaster — Dominick Sashta! (see how I did that)? xo

            I have been to Houston and liked it — great, great food and everyone seemed so happy! Gave lecture at River Oaks… the women were beautifully dressed — and all the men looked like Jim Baker. Also loved the DeMenil — Cy Twombley… but wow — LOTSA plastic surgery!

          • I was there in the Marvin Zindler/Maxine Mesinger era. Late ’70s to mid 80s, after which I moved to San Francisco. Was there for the big economic crash and sub-prime housing meltdown.

            I have to say that the arts scene there was terrific. Great theater, symphony, ballet, opera. Excellent museums and galleries. And a lot of nice people.

          • @RRR: so Philippe de Montebello declared himself the King of Patagonia, or some other place? Sorry if I’m too fat to get something here.

        • >This is like a product launch group
          >printing up T-shirts before they have
          >even done a feasibility study.

          well, she did design a book cover before she wrote the book.

        • “She won’t be back until she can concoct a really good lie/spin.”

          So, gone forever, then?

  4. This isn’t the worst I’ve seen her look.

    Which, in relative terms, isn’t saying very much.

    • Hair looks beautiful, nails look normal, no weird photochopping of the body. But the face. Face is ruined.

        • Well, someone else has to do my hair before it looks like anything other than Chewbacca’s pubes.

          Teh Dippity-Doo Fairy I has it not.

        • Thank Greg some of you like her hair, too. I saw it and thought hmmm, I wouldn’t mind styling mine similar to that, but then I checked myself because I thought I must be crazy; if a donkey is wearing it like that, I started to seriously worry what was wrong with me!
          It needs a little more height at the crown, but the harsh makeup and lipstick aren’t pretty. Neither is the fake smile and dead eyes.

          At least the dress is passable…OK, I quite like it. If it was a bit longer and covered her behind appropriately it would be ok. It’s definitely the nicest thing she has worn in quite some time, not that that’s a high bar to pass.

          My punctuation and grammar are so bad I could ghostwrite for donkey. Maybe I could write…BOOK!

      • While I don’t think I’ve seen it before, I’m not convinced this is a new pic, either. She recently posted an old NYE photo in that silver dress, and Greg knows she has an arsenal of fauxto shoot pics to choose from. I just don’t know when she would have recently staged a new shoot and not brayed about it . . .

        • JFAing to say I think she was posting old pics to bury her $38 Yandy dress photos.

          $38 Yandy NYE party dress.

          I may change my user name.

        • The funny thing in the silver dress photo is that she was wearing the pink ring Derpin bought her in Italy. I think that’s the last time we saw her wearing it.

        • I think it’s recent (because we haven’t seen her wear that dress 27 X in a row) but just old enough that watermark has been remove after retouches & fauxto-chopping was completed (Dad$er may have just authorized payment).

        • I noticed ’em in that recent fauxto of her on the dock looking skyward, but her pelts mostly obscure ’em.

      • Old picture, old nozzles, old “hair,” old Joker lips…ugh.

        • The joker lips look like another pic of hers taken a few years ago. I’m not convinced this is new.

        • They’re injected and overlined for sure, to give her a defined vermilion border and red next to those chicklet teeth aren’t doing her any favors. We know where Jared Leto found his lip muse.

  5. I just can’t with the skirt so short it exposes her cervix to the seat of that old-ass chair. WHYYYYY GREG WHY

  6. Can someone make a timeline of noses/procedures so that we can properly date the photographs she uploads?

  7. What would you call the above look?
    Maybe: “Midwest Morning Show Lifestyle Correspondent at Large Hopeful”?

  8. Interesting post on I LOVE YOU RAIN’s fb. A quote about when it’s over, nothing defines us except our freedom or something like that. Maybe donkey get set free?

  9. all fingernails appear to be clear

    perhaps a symbol of new beginnings, a clean slate, etc.

  10. I don’t know… The headshot and the Internet scrub smell of a new gig/con. Maybe back in Chicago and she’s conned daddy into financing her “hack the media” online webinar/coaching con?

    • I just don’t believe she’s headed back to Chicago. She has some minimal resources to keep her hanging on. I don’t know where these come from, but I don’t think she’s ever going back there. Not enough spin in the world.

  11. A quick google search reveals she signed her book deal in September 2013. I signed mine the following month. My book came out last July. I write fast, but not THAT fast. I mention this because my book was available to pre-order on Amazon about twelve months before it came out, even before the cover art was done. I just searched her on Amazon and couldn’t find anything. Publishers like to alert Amazon so far in advance for obvious reasons. I doubt her book is released in 2016. I actually kind of doubt it is ever published. Don’t know what kind of advance she got but she will have to give it back.

    What a mess.

    • When does a publisher usually demand the return of the advance? Meaning…at what point does the publisher say you failed to pony up the book (or in this case, donkey up the book) so now pony up (donkey up) the advance?

    • LetItExplode: same here. Identical timeline. I discovered on the day that I submitted my manuscript that there was already an Amazon pre-order page. (I found this pretty hilarious, as at that very moment, the book existed only as a word doc email attachment.).At a minimum, even if she hasn’t turned in a draft, if the book was still happening I’d expect some kind of evidence of the St. Martin’s site or in relevant databases/Amazoj.

      • Wow, she must have spent at least five minutes setting up that Twitter account. That’s probably the most work she’s done since her OMG syndicated column was yanked three years ago.

      • I’m pretty sure this was mentioned in her book proposal — part of the Experiments in Happiness “branding”. More putting the cart before the donkey.

        • Heh. Didn’t Julia Allison’s book proposal also promise a youtube channel w/ celebrity interviews? It is to laugh.

          • She is just so unlikeable, unfunny, and unaware. Granted, I couldn’t finish the entire thing because of the annoying, twee font and the terrible writing.

            The things that she thinks are “experiments,” such as going to Burning Man… that’s not an experiment. It’s not something she tries to see whether it’ll make her happy; it’s something she already likes to do. Creating a poster that goes viral isn’t an experiment. And the “BOYFRIEND! I hope my boyfriend doesn’t dump me!” schtick is just so weak and unrelatable.

            Her “writing” is so wordy and manic and unfunny and cringe-worthy that I was starting to get a headache after 5 pages. Not only don’t I want to read this “book,” I don’t want to read the proposal, I don’t want to know the author, and I pray I never get seated next to this boring buffoon on a plane.

            Also: not a journalist. Not an entrepreneur. Not a spiritual guide. Not a columnist. Not a relationship expert. Not anyone special on social media.

          • *Snort!* On page 15 she lists future experiments under Minor, Medium and Crazy.

            The only “experiments” that are hypothetically directed towards doing good for the sake of others are listed in the MINOR category. Needless to say, she’s never mentioned them since, which is weird, given her recent revelation that she exists to spread love and joy. Well done, Julsie.

            So MINOR experiments will include:
            “Compose hand written letters to everyone who has inspired me.”
            “Nursing home volunteer / adopt an awesome senior.”
            “Attend hospice grief training.”

            By her own classification system, she considers it bigger/more important (“MEDIUM”) to:
            “Try out a total immersion sensory depravation flotation tank.” and “Feng Shui my house.”

          • Ting: Right?! Donkey keeps claiming that she’s doing “experiments.” Really, Donk? What’s your thesis? Who is your control? That word doesn’t mean what you think it means, Bitch.

          • Holy sh*t. I never read that proposal before and let’s just say that I didn’t today because I couldn’t get past page two. Who was the idiot at St. Martin’s that actually signed this crap?

          • I never noticed that re her “Minor” etc. “experiments” designations. What a c-word. Yes, Donks, rearranging your furniture is certainly more significant task than helping, oh, anyone really. CWAA

      • How many abandoned accounts does she have? I don’t remember seeing this one before. And her account for her dog? She’s not clever enough at projected observational humor to pull that one off, is she? https://twitter.com/julia

    • It’s not on Edelweiss for Spring 2016. I’m not sure when the Fall 2016 catalogues will go up, but I don’t expect to see it there.

      I think BOOK sleeps with the fishes.

        • Imagine your biggest goal in life was simply to get a book deal, not to actually write and publish the book. What a tool.

          • And think of all the grift that she managed to generate based on tossing out that she had a ‘deal’ with a major publisher.

            The book deal that launched a thousand photoshoots. I seriously believe she thought this would be a coffee table picture book of her attempting her various vanity ‘experiments.’

          • It’s like in that onetime chick-lit sensation Bergdorf Blondes, where the ditzy best friend admits she doesn’t really want a husband, just a fiancé.

          • She had a deal and she blew it! No amount of “woo-age self-love” could allow me to forgive myself for that missed opportunity.

            Publishers talk, right? Will any publishing house ever take her seriously again?

          • A book about Julia Allison will see the light of day long before a book by Julia Allison ever will — petulant D0nkey is petulant; damned if she’ll ever do what’s expected of her.

          • Someone really should do an unauthorized bio. Even if it is fictional based on fact it would be great. She has supplied so much fodder.

          • I know of at least two people in media circles who at one point were planning to write novels in which a major character was based on Julia, and not in a flattering way. I doubt these will see the light of day, but I’m sure they got closer to publication than BOOK ever will.

          • I have one almost finished that’s inspired by A Donkey, but I will probably self-publish under a pseudonym because it is silly. It’s about a wedding!

      • Post-launch meetings are happening this week or next, so the catalog will be up by the end of the month, I would think. Interested to see if BOOK is on there. (I doubt it will be.)

  12. OT:
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  13. I’m sorry. I am really not witty enough to comment on this site, but I don’t understand why she has to leave facebook for months at a time to be creative.

    Why can’t she just log on less often and for shorter periods of time?

    Why is it so black and white? Has she no self control?

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