Updated: What Up, Donkey?

Crickets for two days? After that barrage of tacky fauxtos? Did Nehi finally put her foot down and refuse to snap anymore posed candids? Did Peter and Robin pull a 5150 prior to Donkey deplaning, and security had to escort a crazy middle-aged woman bellowing “White Christmas” at the top of her lungs into a waiting police vehicle?

Whatever went down, let’s enjoy a few fauxtos of Lakeside Christmases past, originally posted by The Embodiment of Love.

Careful, Little Brother, Damien is planning on sucking all your breath!


Christmas, 1990, and Poor Petey has no idea that he’ll still be carrying his little burro financially 25 years later:


The stockings were hung by the chimney with care … long after Donkey and Little Brother were adults:


Julia The Creative prepares to dazzle Robin and the world with her glitter mastery!


And right now, as I finish this post, we all know where Donkey is. MERRY CHRISTMAS, CAT PEEPS!

donkeytotally insane

Of course, two minutes after this went up, Christmas Donkey put in an appearance on Instagram:


Update: Donkey’s new cover fauxto. The Boogers do the hokey pokey while Ally snaps away.

hokey pokey


  1. I suspect the family finally put their collective foot down & requested (withholding money until after the trip) that they not pose for a 1970’s Sears Catalog fauxtoshoot, or that she parade that cute baby around like a prop. Sooo odd (not really) that she never gushes about how cute he is (sans fauxto), how much he’s changed, how excited she is to see him, etc. especially since she see him so rarely. (PS Donkey that’s what normal humans do in case you’d like to mimic those actions)

  2. What in the Flintstones fuck is that GD eyesore of a fireplace? With the tiled floors you see in McDonalds? Ugh. She looks like the ghost of Ebeneezer Derp. The frantic basement gif remains eternally great, though. Thanks, and Merry Christmas, catpeeps!

  3. Would that be a “Portrait of a Young Donkey” above the gaudy fireplace? I don’t know why that painting creeps me out anyway.

    • It’s disturbing. It seems so out of place. Like the whole house is vanilla upper middle class blandness and then there’s this 1970’s shag rug appropriate piece of kitsch.

    • It looks like a parent, probably Petey, is hugging her and she is squirming to get away. Why anyone would have this image made into a painting is beyond me. It is creepy, and a super creepy choice for over the hearth.

      • Good. It’s not just me who wonders if the Boogers commissioned Jared Fogle to paint the masterpiece above the Monkey Ward hearth.

        • Yes, he threw in a five dollar foot long with purchase of the painting.

    • I mean, jesus. I don’t like to go around calling kids assholes, but that second photo says everything about who she is today: an entitled brat who wants to be hoisted up by a man long after she’s grown out of such a thing.

  4. OMG University Club! OMG tartan skirts, complete with skirt pull! OMG matching sweaters! OMG PANCAKES WITH A SIDE OF PANCAKES AT THE PANCAKE HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!! Merry Craymas to All!

  5. There’s a forced quality to her smile that says “Just take the damn picture already…” through clenched teeth.

  6. painting above fireplace is disturbing- seems like little girl is pouting and perhaps trying to push away the adult male holding onto her- that just aint right

    i hate to think that this may be indicative of something that might explain a lot and actually make me fell sorry for her, at least in a certain way

    • I said exactly the same thing upthread. Which makes it even more baffling why you’d want to commemorate an awkward moment like this in a painting.

      • Everything about Donkey is awkward. Meanwhile, what about baby brother? Maybe we’re looking at a Starling/Merlin situation.

    • if i hear what you’re not saying, that’s tragic and all the more reason for therapy, lots and lots of therapy, for all of them.

  7. If I didn’t already feel sorry for Britt for having to deal with a narcissistic sister who sucks all the air and every last bit of possible resources out of the room, I would now.

    Her parents had two children, yet a painting of only one of those children is the one that gets placed over the fireplace? And even if Robin did paint that one (like the “Julia in a field of sunflowers” or whateverthefuck paining Julia had, I believe, over her bed in MDR), I’m sure there are still other paintings she painted that could be placed over the mental (typo and it stays) instead, one that doesn’t put one child in the ‘pride position.’ That speaks volumes about the dynamic in that household, though I guess it’s not anything we couldn’t have already guessed.

    Today, at my suggestion, my mother took down the 30 year old studio photo of me and my brother as small children, because it was the perfect wall spot for a new canvas photo of my three-year-old niece. I’m sure if that painting was replaced with a photo of Britt’s baby boy, Julia would be ‘accidentally’ dropping it into the fire quicker than she could…than she could… Okay, I’m stumped, cause there’s nothing in life that Julia ever does quickly. Oh well. She would just be setting that shit on fire ASAP, trust.

    Merry Christmas, catladies (and gents)!

    • …quicker than she could flirt with a new acquaintance’s husband.

      …quicker than she can find the only camera in the room.

      …quicker than she can scare a new boyfriend off.

  8. “I’m home! Hi mom! Daddy! Omg baby… How’s everyone? Wait… TAKE A PICTURE!! Wait… I HAVE TO CHANGE FIRST!!”

    • They are NOT breaking up. Unless they already did ages ago or he never viewed it as a relationship in the first place. I’ll take what’s behind door number two.

      • Co-sign. The tour was an extremely convenient way for him to ghost her. All of her ‘I love you Rain in all caps’ shout-outs were a sign that he was putting more than just physical distance between them. It seems he took her up on the rebound sex offer and that was it.

        • Grifty and WP, you seem to have forgotten how they are not breaking up. They must still be such a cute and happy couple.

        • …which, if he really did only ever intend for it to be rebound sex, makes him look that much worse for the shit he did to tiny & cute, the woman he spent, what, four years with? Listening in to her conversation with Julia on a second line when Julia called to ‘console’ her, then allowing Julia to act like she could be T&C’s shoulder to cry on, and allowing Julia to say all the other ridiculous shit, while never saying anything himself. What a cruel, unimaginable bastard with a heart of stone.

          • Eh, we only heard one side of the story on the end of that great love affair. Tiny N Cute is still friends with Ali after all the shit that went down, so I’m less confident that’s the only side. I think she was angry when she came here, wanted to lash out, exaggerated for effect, and then returned to her woo den feeling sated and self-satisfied.

          • Bingo! It doesn’t get any wooier than CL, who indicated that groupie Pamela Des Barres is her Jesus. That’s all I needed to know.

  9. A very interesting article from one of Donkey’s favorite magazines, The Atlantic. I wonder if she will read this? A few select quotes:

    “Most importantly from a social perspective, the pursuit of happiness is associated with selfish behavior — being, as mentioned, a “taker” rather than a “giver.””


    “Happiness without meaning characterizes a relatively shallow, self-absorbed or even selfish life, in which things go well, needs and desire are easily satisfied, and difficult or taxing entanglements are avoided,” the authors write.”


    Um, err…oops?

  10. Poor Baby Brother Britt looks like he is saying:

    “I have a doctorate from MIT. I know secrets about the composition of the world and could have a conversation with Einstein, but I have to put up with my moron sister.”

    • Scrolling all the way to the bottom jumps to Christmas 2010. Her full feed has the Pancakes Era (party at “my place in Chicago”), the Greasy era, etc.

      Kind of fascinating to see it all right there, in a chronological sequence.

  11. Donkey put the new Christmas Eve next to the Monkey Ward hearth fauxto up on FB and received 300+ likes, including a thumbs up from Dave Moron, and one comment. However, her new hokey pokey cover fauxto, posted just two hours earlier, has received only one like. Do fans in the ‘stans not get an alert when their benefactors update their cover fauxto?

    I’m amazed that this social media expert and embodiment of love posts all these fauxtos and NEVER receives more than three comments on anything! Usually just one. Didn’t she make any friends when going to see Tony for a life changing third time? THIS IS MAGICAL SUCCESS!

    • How does that conversation go with SIL (donk & mom say “family only”) or does SIL offer to take the picture to disassociate with the family Grimm?
      Mr. MIT, I bet, could set up a camera, yet doesn’t. Seems like too subtle of a dig for donkey to get, but he wins by letting her think she wins.

      • Wouldn’t you love to hear the conversation in the car on the way over? “We will only stay for 45 minutes and then you remember that we have to meet your parents.” “I don’t have to wear pajamas, right?” “Absolutely no pajamas and we will put the baby down to nap as soon as we get there so he doesn’t have to be on her damned Facebook again.”

        • I have something of a crazy family as well, and I guarantee that their conversations go exactly like this.

  12. Meanwhile, Jena is once again sending her message to the universe that she wants a baby. And, of course, a baby daddy. Dear lord, when has the “I desperately need to be a mom” angle ever worked for any woman?

    • sad cause besides the grift she seems like she could be nice if she laid off the caked makeup and seven turbans, roped in meshshirt and got the $ettlement, adopt or just don’t reproduce, it is o.k.

    • She’s posting a lot of nonsense, everything from middle school love poetry to a yearning for cunnilingus.

      Folk song that offers an affectionate yet sensible promise:
      “I’ll be in love with you
      When you’re with me,
      Because I’m in love
      With love.”

      The brilliant [why are they always “brilliant”?] Adina Rivers says, “Giving oral sex is good for health. And because it stimulates your facial muscles, it prevents wrinkles and keeps you looking young. Also it makes your lips fuller, your gums healthier, and your breathing deeper.”

      An elixir of youth, I knew it. May we all indulge in this healthy pleasure often.

      • I truly hate myself for asking this, but is she talking fellatio or cunnilingus? I feel like one of those likely ‘stimulates your facial muscles’ more than the other.

    • And what about the husband she ditched quickly after their marriage so that she could be with a woman she met at Burning Man? Did he want a baby?

      Look, I get that the heart wants what it wants, etc. and people shouldn’t shackle themselves into marriages where they are unhappy just to protect the “sanctity of marriage.” That said, I have a problem with people who leapfrog from relationship to relationship, usually out of some self-centered quest for a soulmate who completes them, rarely ever considering their impact on the people they leave behind or taking time to reflect on why the relationship didn’t work and what they can learn before jumping into another. It’s not cute to be a hopeless love junkie – it’s indicative of immaturity, like someone who aimlessly job hops or pulls a geographic.

      I’ve known many people in real life like this, but Julia (less so now, but in her youth), Ali Shanti, and Jena all seem to fall in this category of human. So it’s sort of sweet, sweet karma to see how spectacularly it’s NOT worked out for them: Julia, friendless and homeless; Shanti, professional failure and Internet joke; Jena, growing more and more neurotic with each tick of her biological clock.

  13. Totally OT, but as the catladies often request suggestions for Netflix viewing, I must HIGHLY recommend Netflix documentary special Making a Murderer. It is an unbelievable, and unbelievably good, true crime 10-ep series that I’m currently halfway through and I can’t pull myself away. If you are into true crime at all, do yourself a favor and watch it. Better than The Jinx IMHO and possibly better than Serial as well.

    • That’s good to know. I was really excited to see it, started it, and just couldn’t get into for some reason. More than likely my mood at the time and not the content. I will try it again.

    • Seconded! I finished last night after a two day run at it. I don’t want to give anything away so I’ll just say, watch it!

      • I just finished it and MY GREG IT WAS SO GOOD!! Slash SO BAD and I cannot believe the fuckery going on in Wisconsin.

    • I am watching it in very small doses. I can’t handle it otherwise. It makes me too angry.

      • What they did to the learning disabled nephew was unconscionable. Interestingly, that Len Kachinsky fuckhead of a lolyer’s profile was recently (within the past few days) removed from his firm’s website. I hope he got canned. Seriously, fuck him and his shady as hell investigator.

        I can’t decide who is the worst person in the whole debacle, but I lean toward the unethical dickbag sexting pill-popper of a prosecutor, the Len shithead lolyer and his investigator as my top three. The cops are also clearly terrible, but I give them something more of a pass than, say, the fucking lawyer whose job it was to represent the poor kid, because at least one figures the cops in that shit town are a bit dim and corrupt.

    • I’ve recently gotten stuck in the rabbit hole that is Serial and Reddit – especially with the case files released to the public. The way that SK and Undisclosed has portrayed the case and trial of AS for killing HML – especially Undisclosed – is truly ridiculous. See: reddit’s serialpodcastorigins for some of the released documents and read them yourself if you are interested.

      • That’s the crazy reddit group where they were writing songs about HML’s death! Those people purport to be the ones who care about her life and her justice. I get that the other group (there is some adamant pro-innocence guilt that I didn’t bother looking up) is super nutty, but both sides come off as completely unglued.

        Again, I had to laugh that this is what we look like to any White Gnat that comes along.

  14. She isn’t stepping out. What a rebel. Also, leaning across momsers to make sure she is front and center. Lovely. So much said in such a casual picture.

    • How is it that everyone is in time, except for the ‘professional dancer’?


  15. Look at Robin’s mouth. Now we know where Donkey got it from. Or, could Robin just no longer hold the screams in?

    • Do Robin’s eyes also look squinty, meaning perhaps the camera caught her mid-laugh (or, as you said, scream)? I somehow think that the parents’ WASPiness would not lend itself to gaping maw as a standard photography pose.

  16. the son is way taller than the two ostensible parents by the way, and smarter, and, well, is there a milkman around or postman or…

        • auntie gilly, i share your (and jacy’s) philosophy of letting everyone having their say / avoiding the block, however with open discussion of woos, and how widespread their network is, we’re bound to attract more and more trolls. hopefully blocking will not become commonplace as a result of this wider reach and exposure. i really like the “calling out” and self-policing that occurs, keeping our uhealthy obsession, healthy.

          RBD should be a fun place to come and discuss whatever we want to, whenever we want to. we’re a community that has been bought together by a central figure / theme and has grown to be something a lot bigger than i would have though when i started following, long before mess advised. greg knoweth how many new books, recipes and movies i’ve had the joy to discover had i not stuck around after reading her antics during the gawker days.

          anyway, tl;dr. hats off to mom, dad and auntie for keeping the basement open and the lights on. RBD is a bit of a monster that could be into a full-time moderator’s nightmare if we were not careful.

          i’m sure i echo the sentiments of many catpeeps when i say “thanks” for your efforts, and putting the time you do into what has probably become a second unpaid job for you.

          cheers, and happy new years! mm.

          • Thanks my little marionette. I want the site to continue to be fun, but I also don’t want to be Partypants and censor, rewrite history. That said, I probably should have cut Rachel the Undeddy – what the fuck does that name even mean? – loose long before I did.

          • I agree that the self-policing works well and that Gilly and Jacy have a hard job keeping a lid on things when they go a little nuts without coming across as heavy-handed.

            I think there are certain things thrown out here sometimes that give the trolls ammunition against this site in general. To me it’s when some weird out-there speculation is presented as fact, instead of just speculation. And then reinforced over and over again as if it’s fact. Stuff like her father molesting her, the calf implants, or her wearing adult diapers. This kind of stuff just encourages her defenders to come in here and try to make us look bad. I mean, yeah make fun of her for stuff she actually does and says, but sometimes this hypothetical shit is just over the line when it is presented as fact.

          • Everything on this Gregdam site is speculation. Everything spoken on this site is just commentary and has no (or little) basis in fact. And I am okay with this.

          • Possibly unrelated, but I’ve noticed “Grifty Shades of Bray” jumping on Brayella somewhat frequently.. it just seems weird to me. Brayella is an old timer and Grifty is kinda new..

          • I don’t want to get into the Grifty vs Brayella or vice versa thing, but saying Grifty is still considered as kinda new? I’ve only been here since a bit later than Grifty.
            I know some of us haven’t been around since the Gawker days or before and only came here since Mass Despised, but I realised the other day it’s been 3(?) years since “They call me Donkey…”.
            I was kinda hoping this meant I’d earned my Cheetos-dusted stripes! winky face

        • There’s a difference when someone comes here and defends or disagrees they’re entitled to their opinion (plus it’s wildly entertaining), but joking (poorly) about things like rape or trying failing to emulate the style of snark, are abusive towards the community created. Some may (incorrectly) argue this site is abusive to Julia, but she’s proven that she’s pathologically abusive, most recent, legally.

    • Britt looks like Dad$ers in some photos, so I can’t buy into this theory at all. And one kid can be an imbecile while the other is really smart, it happens sometimes..

    • Yes, the level of discourse plunges whenever you show up, and I’m having difficulty believing you’re an actual adult.

        • I don’t want to ignore some of R.U.’s comments because they’re so gross and creepy, and I don’t want casual readers to think the rest of us think or talk that way. The particular comment above, for instance, is so gross and unnecessary.

        • I’ve only blocked two people before, and I know Jacy tries to avoid doing such. However, I keep getting complaints via email from well-respected cat peeps and I’m a little creeped out. Gilly the Censor steps in.

  17. Thanks for the update picture: Notice how only Donks gets to wear the Santa hat. I would like to think the Baughlers were humoring Julia for at least the 33rd year, but I’m not so sure anymore. Except for their deeply developmentally damaged beastly burden of a daughter, I thought they were reasonably intelligent, well-educated adults. Just, when they do this matchy Christmas dress-up shit and guffaw at the lark of it all I guess I shouldn’t judge. It’s so cringeworthy though, so show-offy, no one I knew growing up ever went for such exhibitionist malarkey at Christmas, and these people have seemingly been at it since their idol Reagan was a boy. I’m sure Julia’s like a shrieking toddler enforcing this tradition, but maybe they’re just as weirdly narcissistic as she is. It’s so lame and uncreative though, I wonder who the picture is for, really. Themselves, us? It’s like, “Portrait of Dysfunction” or “Ordinary People”, where the adult mentally ill child might act out at any moment.

    • Maybe they see themselves as quirky Royal Tenenbaums but, instead to onlookers, they come across as Grey Gardens. It is cringe worthy indeed.

        • I just did a quick review of RU’s comments here on RBD and they strangely vacillate between defending Julia and the woos (for example, defending that “sex expert”), making creepy comments directed at Julia (here today), and other strange comments leading me to believe that she ir he is in fact a woo amongst us. In fact, I think RU is someone we have probably discussed on here. In November, Julia put up that photo of her attempting yoga with a woo on the beach at the Seaorg cruise, and RU commented that the only thing the picture was missing was “me.” Yes, a woo among us….

        • Forgot to add, RU criticizes the cat peeps much too frequently. Sure, the basement sees its occasional cat fight but RU is just trying to instigate.

        • I think she believes she is trolling us by leaving comments in the style she thinks we use ourselves. Your theory makes sense because if she is a woo, her perception of the basement would be very negative which in turn translates in these awful comments she leaves thinking she is mimicking us. In reality, nobody here (outside other sporadic trolls) has used words like “putrid” to refer to Burra or her cohort.

          tl;dr obvious troll thinks she is clever but just shows her ass.

        • I thought the woos were all about love and light and banishing negative, toxic energy from their lives!

        • Do you think there are a lot of woos attending Kennesaw State University, where the mascot is an owl because the founder of Hooters donated a boatload of money? I initially found RTU’s comments odd and slightly amusing, but the stupidity kept rearing its ugly head and it was time to say goodbye. However, she’ll probably show up here again when school is back in session.

        • Rachel is attempting parody of some of the more unhinged comments. After seeing that bizarre reddit group, I get what she is doing. The execution could be better, that’s all.

        • For the record, I am well aware I had made some pretty ‘unhinged’ comments myself in the past. Or at least off-color ones. I’m massaging my learn button, y’all. I promise.

  18. Look at her face in pic of her sitting in Petey’s lap. It’s chilling. She’s rotten to the core and has been like this since birth. I didn’t think I could ever feel okay calling a 7 year old girl a cunt, but if the shoe fits….

      • Right because we never throw words around like that here ever, or make fun of Little Kid Julia, or imply that her father is a homosexual, etc.

        • Oh it’s you. One of two people I blocked prior to today. You and Beauchamp. You’re in great company, fratboy.

          • I’m the originator of the “Debbie Seltzer” name and was around here long before you were, substitute teacher.

          • So did you just block me again just now for using the c word or making fun of little Julia? That not allowed anymore, or is it just pointing out your schoolmarm hipocracy that gets you banned?

            For the record I coined both the “Raul” and Debbie Seltzer” memes and was around this place long before you showed up. God I miss Jacy and Daddy.

          • Do you want your rattle? Do you want your rattle? Aw, he’s a cute little fella!

            I’ve been with The Donkey Show since 2008 and have known Jacy since then, when we had a small group who would converse about TMI.

            I’m sure Jacy and particularly JP would love you tossing around the F word and referring to seven year olds as c&#$). Please stick to reddit, fratboy.

          • No I’m not Loren.

            So the word cunt is banned now?

            And implying Julia was an evil demon child and posting photos of her and using the picture of her shaking her ass for your “bottom picture” every third post is ok?

            Some would say your consistent body snarking is worse than the word cunt. Also are you familiar with the stolen doll birthday story? Julia was always a cunt.

          • Of course using that term when referring to seven year olds is unacceptable. Are you learning disabled? Do you think Jacy would let that go? She wouldn’t.

            Are you running around every coffee shop in Manhattan and posting? I’d ask if you were at your girlfriend’s but the last I heard, she was at the battered women’s shelter.

          • And implying that I beat women is ok? Christ you are a piece of work. That is an apalling comment. Ban yourself.

            And yes we said that and worse about little Julia when Jacy ran the show. Look for yourself.

            And I believe Daddy refers to himself as an “unrepentant wetback beaner faggot” for the record.

            You’re just mad I knocked you for trying to turn this place into a less funny GOMI knockoff for the woos.

          • Yo, Einstein! JP used that word when referring to himself in a humorous, self-deprecating manner, which is a helluva lot different than some straight(?) jerk coming in here and tossing the F word around with malice. When I asked you nicely not to do so, indicating I would do same if you were calling people k*kes or n*ggers, you went after me.

            As for the battered women’s shelter remark, your anger is palpable. It always has been, and long before I chimed in about your language.

            As for this site being GOMI Lite, I kept the content coming when Julia left for months at a time. Prior, we covered Mary and Meghanaisse and Jordan and Lalla and all sorts of folks surrounding Julia because the company one keeps says something about one’s character. Frankly, one couldn’t make up folks like Ali Shanti and cat peeps asked me for more coverage.

            I hope you have a lovely day!

          • First, they came for they came for JFA, and I didn’t speak up because I never have to comment on my comments; And then they came for Beauchamp, and I didn’t speak up because I’m not a backward turkey farmer; And then they came for Rachel the Undeaddy, and I didn’t speak up because I’m not a woo; And then …

  19. In a moment of love and lightness, Ali Shanti is asking for prayers for clarity. Because she’s conflicted. Again.
    Nope. Not going to do that. Pray to the solstice yourself, you Stevie Nicks wannabe.

    • This quote from her fb page is HYSTERICAL:

      “I’m really not sure what to do about this knowing that so much of what’s put out here is total bullshit. And people are falling for it hook, like, and sinker.
      Making some decisions about 2016 and wondering what to do with the knowledge I have about these ugly parts that are simply not willing to see the truth of who they are and the old story they are perpetuating in the world.”

      Is she fucking serious?? I mean, I guess she does surround herself with woo con artists, and that probably gets tiresome, but LADY – the calls are coming from inside the house!

      • Gotta give the old raunch credit: she received 45 comments in an hour, which is particularly impressive because she’s still doing the same whine she’s been doing for the last three years. Many of the woo commenters chose not to use an article with “relationship.”
        My favorite response:

        Dan Weisman
        You’re the Divine feminine. You’re searching for the divine masculine you guys are doing all the work. we are slowly coming out of the woodwork’s because you guys are allowing us to. We’ve done much harm to the feminine but it’s time to break that threshold

      • I’m usually a prude, but when she says: “Making some decisions about 2016 and wondering what to do with the knowledge I have about these ugly parts that are simply not willing to see the truth of who they are and the old story they are perpetuating in the world.”, I immediately assumed she’s talking about her STD ridden vagina that she keeps sharing with the masses.

      • There are few things in this world that leave me speechless and seriously doubting our society, but Ryan Swain’s FB fans are definitely one of them. C.R.A.Z.Y.

      • Whoa, did she actually out Swain?! Please do tell!

        • No evidence, just a suspicion that this is Shanti’s way of firing a warning shot at Swain. Read her post again with him in mind. Magic 8 ball says signs point to yes.

        • I can’t remember Ali’s involvement with Swain. Did they have some sort of fling right before she shacked up with Michael Austin?

    • Awwww, never take Stevie Nick’s name in vain! 😉

  20. Another Saugher collage has hit Facebook!
    Julia Allison added 10 new photos to the album: Christmas 2015! — with Britt Baugher at Village of Wilmette.
    11 mins ·

    Fuck. If my kid is in their 30s and dressing/acting like like this I’m going to seriously doubt my parenting and take up drinking as a hobby.

  21. It would be a lot more efficient if you just went ahead and said directly whatever it is you want to say about this site and the people who participate in it. If you are implying that people who comment here are awful or pathetic or what have you, then go ahead and say so. Because FOR REAL, REAL, REAL, you are terrible with words. You make no sense, you fail to convey a clear message and your silly attempt at sounding duplicitous is very ineffectual.

    So, Rachel, do us all and yourself a favor and aim for clarity. Please.

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