A Thanksgiving Donkey

You asked and here are some snaps from Thanksgiving 2003 2015. What in the greg damn is the pescatarian wearing? Is she going for the GILF look? (See FB post below.)




Saved before Donkey deletion!


Bottom Picture: “WE LOVE YOU RAIN AND TIM!!”



  1. These days whenever she reverts temporarily from woo goddess in flowy maxis to Georgetown pearls-and-plaid, there is an agenda. I can only imagine how much she was talking about her new “coaching” “business” to all these dinner guests. Or, she is trying to land a wallet.

    • crap jacket, fake burberry; the patterns on the sleeves don’t align with the sides. someone else called it, second hand store cut rate quality. boxy, poorly made.

      • HA! You know, I glanced at it and thought the exact same thing. It (kind of) looks like a Burberry… but a Burberry second rate? Maybe from the 1970s when they were not yet the rock and roll, groove-ola House they are now. (Hello Kate Moss + Kara!)

        Yeah, I thought Burberry, but then — something’s off about it. I knew you gals would know!

        She’s got the worst taste in the world. This look like bad Talbots/CT surburban housewife 1974.

        • There is no evidence that NGMB was a great dresser. The treasured heirloom pieces like the nylon lace blouse and the sweater with cheap fur suggest otherwise. She always looked well enough put together in photos (colors coordinated, fit decent, which obviously didn’t pass down to Pettifogger or Donkey), but her clothes weren’t anything special.

  2. Holy mother of Greg!

    Is she really wearing her dead grandmother’s clothes??

    She needs help, as in “a Psychiatrist must be contacted ASAP”.

  3. Julia actually looks her best when she is around her family or in a relatively traditional/conservative setting.

    If she tones down her act, she may just find some rich banker dude whom she can marry and settle down with in the Chicago north suburbs along Lake Michigan.

    Just hope those past photos and posts don’t find their way into the PTA meetings.

    • “If she tones down her act, she may just find some rich banker dude whom she can marry and settle down with in the Chicago north suburbs along Lake Michigan.”

      No way. She isn’t even close to having the right look and attitude to pull this off anymore. There are plenty of Fatty Kates and Summer Tomatoes out there, no educated and successful guy would waste time on the freaky Julia of 2015. Julia’s only hope would be finding a genuine connection, someone to really love the real her. And that’s not happening either, because she is toxic and self-centered.

      Sorry if this seems harsh, but I’m allowed one of these judge-y posts a few times a year.

      • If there are middle-aged divorcés in Chicago who echo heavily of the doltish Atlanta retail banker in “A Man In Full,” I could see it happening.

      • Look and atttitude aside (although I mostly agree), everytime one of my beloved catsluts says anything about Donkey’s marriage prospects, I can’t help thinking, “let’s not forget she’s ABSOLUTELY AND UNBEARABLY INSANE.”

        Sorry but NO WAY. Even if she toned down her act (so to speak) and stopped fucking with her body and face (she won’t), NO WAY.

        I don’t care if we’re talking about a rich banker, a hot hipster founder, a middle aged bald accountant / dentist or an octogenerian with bad eyesight and hearing, or whatever the other ideas tossed around here have been. ALL of these guys have better options than a do-nothing, know-nothing, feel-nothing (but entitlement, rage and jealousy) INSANE narcissistic braying donkey 1) whose only interest is masturbating to pictures of herself, and 2) yet can’t even groom or DRESS herself FFS. And who, as a bonus, will read your emails and demand you constantly pick her up to prove how tiny and cute she is.

        It’s no accident that NO ONE seems to want to regularly spend time with her in the long run, and by “in the long run” I mean even just a year or two.

    • Exactly. I think she doesn’t look bad at all here…although for someone her age who has already had so much work done to her face, it ages her upward, so to speak. I’d wear that outfit, although not to a “friendsgiving” holiday gathering with people who are my own peers. A family dinner at a country club where a 35-year-old would be the youngest person in the room, yes.

      The issue is that she’s so obnoxious about being FREE and LIBERATED and NO LONGER CONCERNED with her image because HAPPINESS, and then she seems to jump right back into it, and you just KNOW it’s got something to do with her being opportunistic about something.

      And for the record, I have a lot of my deceased grandmother’s hand-me-downs, mostly designer shoes, jewelry, and (yes) plaid jackets. She had truly lovely style. But I just tell people that it’s vintage.

      • The jacket would work on someone really rail-thin and boy-shaped; it also needs to be styled with a bit of irony and contrast to work – like perhaps with a really filmy, feminine blouse underneath to offset the menswear thing, or with some stovepipe jeans and chelsea boots to bring it up to 2015.

        This look is very dated; it’s like Annie Hall without any of the fun. Plus, there’s so much fabric and boxiness and volume going on that Julia looks 10 years older and 20 lbs heavier. She is petite and pear-shaped but dresses as if she had Taylor Swift’s frame.

        I agree that she carries off classic/traditional styles much better than this bohemian thing that she’s trying to do. She’s had so much work done on her face that it’s never going to be a congruent look for her.

          • Helena, it’s silly and fun and it has Colin Firth playing a secret operative with a big nod to 60s and 70s Bond films. And Samuel Jackson is the cartoon like villain. Also, there are several other hot guys (I have a thing for Mark Strong). It’s not the kind of movie that brings out groundbreaking cinematography but it’s OK if you want to spend a couple of hours just watching light stuff.

          • OMG I have a thing for Mark Strong as well! Lord Blackwood was to die for.

            Thanks for the rec, and hope you get rid of the flu soon.

          • I’m jealous. Also, come to think of it, Lord Blackwood would go really well with my current name.

        • Thanks for my new handle, Name Baby Mama!

          Also I agree with you on all points here. I think the best I’ve ever seen Donks look was in a classic bandage dress, Hervé Léger perhaps? Some 5 years ago or so. Well, I discovered her (that is, RBD) 5 years ago, but the picture might have been even older. But, yeah, that worked.

        • I would wear just the jacket in the fall… but with a pair of jeans and a white (short sleeved) t-shirt and then maybe a pair of loafers and/or cool bootie type things. And then if it were colder, a giant scarf wrapped around neck.

          I think the cowl neck/blazer, long black skirt combo is too aging for a (somewhat) young person. There’s just a lot of weight to it.

        • You sound like you know your stuff. I’ve got to ask: what would you recommend for Julia’s shape?

          I’m similarly shaped and COMPLETELY devoid of style, so I’m interested in learning how to do it better. (I also don’t take 1,000,000 fashion victim photos of myself, nor consider myself any kind of snapworthy style icon.)

          • I am kind of boyish figure. But the general rule of thumb is — ACCENTUATE THE POSITIVE. Don’t really rely on trends (a la donk). If you have an hourglass figure, accentuate your waist. Great legs, highlight them (you get the idea). Great ankles, great wrist, pretty hair… everyone’s got something.

            Also — study women who have your shape/style you might like. Adele (for example) is bringing back proper dressing (she has worn some GORGEOUS dresses to awards shows, or when she got the MBE from the Queen (google it — wow — was that a dress).

            It’s worth it to glance at runway fashion shows, fashion mags just to see what the overall trends are. Then you can get similar things at various price points. Buy the best stuff you can afford and take care of it.

            Donk makes me insane because she takes a gazillion photos of herself in ridiculous costumes, and has zero style. She is also a showoff.

          • A coupe more tips to Bunsy’s great post…wear the right size and find a good tailor.

            Donkey’s big fail is always wearing clothes too small because she judges sizes based on her waist first rather than getting the correct size and having the waist taken in.

            Also learn to accessorize. It’s amazing how helpful this can be to stretch a wardrobe.

    • I’m from the North Shore of Chicago. The prime marrying window for rich banker dudes in that area is late 20s-early 30s, usually to an ex-sorority girl basic bitch in her mid-late 20s and working in marketing or communications. Those women don’t tend to get any wilder than binge drinking at a sports bar during a Bears game. If they had wild pasts filled with group sex and drug-taking, they certainly don’t let the men in their lives know about it, let alone post it all over their Facebook walls. All my rich banker dude friends and their wives who are Julia’s age are already on Baby #2 and House #2, because instead of blowing thousands on Burning Man, they were saving up for down payments.

      There’s a reason Donk hates going back to Chicago.

      • yeah, but she seems pretty crafty and manipulative

        she might be capable playing the good country club girl, and lure in a divorced banker in his 50’s with 3 kids and just looking for somebody to help ease his mid life crisis

        • She thinks she’s too good for the type of guy who might possibly maybe consider marrying her. She is a star, you know. Don’t you know who she is??

          Forever alone.

          • Also, the crafty manipulation never seems to last for more than a few months at best. I don’t think that’s enough to get a 50 something divorced banker to commit.

          • maybe she could meet a washed up musician on mypsace and marry him in the six weeks she could manage to appear somewhat not heinous

          • One of the JIMLs, who really does mirror Julia’s life in so many ways, only 20 years older and slightly better educated (New England boarding school, Ivy League college…completely wasted on her), finally started a slightly artistic, servicey type self-employed career when she was about Julia’s current age. She continued to throw herself at rich men, moving in uninvited with at least two and tirelessly promoting herself in the media.

            When she was in her mid-forties she met a wealthy man several years older with a nearly grown child who lived on the opposite coast, so none of his friends could warn him off of her. He was also not born in the United States, so I think some of the things that had been red flags to everyone she ever met might have seemed charming to him. They married quickly and I believe they are still married. She turned from supporting herself with her vocation to producing hideous “art”, but Greg bless her, she figured it out.

            A friend who lives near her and sees her occasionally claims that she is not 100% annoying anymore, but I find that hard to believe.

            I think it is unlikely that Julia will do the same, but nothing is impossible, apparently.

        • Yep. She seriously needs to go for older dudes already, steadily-employed guys in their late-40’s and up, such as divorcees/single dads, and regular guys who are more open to “interesting” broads like her because they’d be so stoked to actually land a younger woman who seems fun and has a decent body.

          But of course, she appears too stupid/entitled to get this. She probably still thinks she can somehow bag a rich guy, or a tech founder or some cute artistic hippie-dippie type whom she can drag to stupid woo events to perform with and dress in matching stupid costumes alongside, a’la Derpin.

          I’m sure her mom gave up trying to introduce her to nice young men in their neighborhood circles years ago. Because Donk obviously finds grubby DJ’s and festival carnies soooo much more infinitely interesting and enlightened, and in her mind, they’re truly living their dreams and pursuing their passions! Regular guys with regular jobs just aren’t pursuing happiness like her and wouldn’t understand her happiness!!

          She’s essentially regressed into the stupid white college chick who thinks she’s a modern day hippie feminist who can’t be bothered to seek the companionship of people outside her hippie chick social circles because they don’t “get” how awesomely unique she and her views are.
          Because men who want to wear suits and be dentists and bankers and buy a home of their own are lame; she only dates REAL men, artists and authors and life coaches who wear feathers and onesies and DJ at festivals and drink azucayah and go to Burning Man!

          • well said- i think you nailed it on the head enough times to build a reasonably sized cottage by now!

          • I’ve always thought her “soulmate” is Mental Dental. They were both brought up in Conservative families with strong church ties. All whilst having suffered from obvious mental illness and later in life, an identity crisis. I just have this funny idea that if they met they would fall madly in love, move to the Midwest, and return to their Conservative roots to become Evangelical Televangelists.

          • Spkg of Mental Dental, I watched that one video of the guy in CO Springs who shot & killed three ppl on Halloween morn — anyone else see it? — eerie similarities between the two, I thought. Brrrrr!

          • Derpin was probably the closest she’s ever gotten to landing a guy who she thinks is close to good enough for her who would put up with her nonsense, but her craziness and sense of entitlement soured even that one. Eventually, all guys realize that there are better, far more low maintenance women out there and bolt.

      • So true. My brother is a North Shore investment banker. He married a 28-year-old media saleswoman when he was 33. They have two kids and the typical nice house. If he goes for a second marriage in his 50s, no way in hell is it someone Donk-like.

    • “Julia actually looks her best when she is around her family or in a relatively traditional/conservative setting.”

      Easter kinderwhore was with her family, and church is a fairly traditional/conservative setting.

    • That’s what I thought at first but they’re actually pants with very wide legs. In one photo she’s gripping onto Lilly while pointing at a swan like a moron and you can see the separate legs

      • OH MY GOD — THOSE ARE PANTS???? wow. She really DOES have the worst taste in the world. Like: seriously.
        (And don’t you love the way we restyled the look with our comments above?)

        • I bet she was wearing those black platform hooves with this outfit too.

          Poor Donkey, no budget for new clothes. Too bad Coobie or Yandy didn’t have something she could grift for her Thanksgiving outfit. They seem to be the only ones willing to give her anything for free these days.

          • And to think – instead of blowing money on tacky “resort wear,” she could have used her endless amount of free time to learn how to sew or hit up the many fantastic consignment/thrift/designer discount spots that SF has to offer. I bought a gorgeous cream silk Thakoon blouse for 30 bucks at the Crossroads on Haight Street.

            Either of those options would be much kinder to the earth than supporting Yandy, Julia.

          • That two-sizes-too-small white pleated skirt was a joke, as was her need to wear some sort of ridiculous nautical-themed getup just because she was getting on a couple of boats.

            I buy almost all my clothes at consignment stores these days and then just pay for great accessories. People are always amazed at what I can buy for such little money. Donkey’s problem is that she has no sense of style, so even shopping consignment or thrift would be impossible for her. She has no idea how to dress to flatter her figure or to pull together a cohesive outfit. She has no artistic eye for choosing accessories. And what I think is the worst is that she sticks with those same way-too-long pulled back hairstyles, which are too severe and unflattering for her post-surgical facial features.

          • Wear the same peltstyle your whole life?
            You are boringest fuck who ever bored.

            P.S. D0nnnnn-keeeeey!

          • Oh honey, sewing requires effort and Donkey doesn’t do effort. Also, she could give a rats ass about the earth. She only pretends to care when she’s trying to impress someone. It never goes as far as making lifestyle changes.

  4. “We love you rain and tim”

    So funny. But so, so despairingly sad.
    Sad face emoticon.

    Please learn sisters!

      • I wonder what happened between Julia and we-are-not-breaking-up Rain. Has it been discussed here and I missed it?

        • He went on extensive tour and Donkey yoo-hooed him with I Love Yous for a while, but then she stopped abruptly. Meanwhile he posted a bunch of snaps from the road with an array of tiny and cute women.

          • hmm, thanks, that was what I halfway expected, but I am disappointed there wasn’t more drama, considering that they WERE NOT BREAKING UP. I can’t imagine that Julia suddenly developed enough self control not to freak out/lash out in some public way. That would be new.

          • He’s back next week and she didn’t appear to land a wallet (or even a backward glace) on the Good Ship Wallet so there’s still plenty of time for her to make an ass out of herself (again).

          • He dumped a sane tiny & cute, but he would NEVER dump a thick (in more ways than one..) insane hosebeast like Donkey. Never ever. They are never breaking up! Do you hear me, Rain? NEVER!!

  5. I love you Rain! We are Heisenberg (the Catladies who knock…): no man in the world in his right mind, reading pretty much any thread here, would do more than “pump and dump”… We are the change. If only Donk could comprehend, hit the button so clearly marked learn, she might have an outside chance at succeth. But as her recent exploits show, she learns nothing, and is the very definition of insanity (the same thing, again and again). The widdle Mermaid will na soon find a soul…

    • Seriously! If I were Donk and dead set on finding a husband, I would go dark on all social media for at least a year while I straightened out my finances, got an entry-level gig somewhere, consistently attended a volunteering commitment 2x a week, and started going to therapy twice a week and taking it seriously. I would do all this only after moving to some isolated spot in like Montana or New Mexico or some shit where I didn’t know anyone; ideally, said spot would have a median age of 50+. I would focus on achieving small, baby step successes at work to build a resume. I would send apology letters to all the people in my life that I was a huge dick to, and I would begin the monumental task of paying my parents back for every cent they gave me. I would make a goal to read a real book once a month and read the news every day.

      Only then would I begin to try dating – and every time I did meet someone new, I would immediately let them know about this site and how it forced me to confront all the shitty, horrible things I have done to people. Then I would explain all the things I’ve been doing in the past year to make that reality happen.

      This is really the only way out that she has for herself now – she’s at the point where she needs to be proactively transparent about this site and do everything in her ability to prove us wrong. She can say whatever she wants, but there are so many individual separate sources tailing her over almost TEN YEARS at this point that any halfway intelligent man capable of using Google would run in the other direction.

      • Personally, I would not care to get a letter of apology from someone who had treated me badly. I had an acquaintance who really put the knife into me a couple times back in the day who attempted to turn her life around several times – good for her, but I could have skipped the awkward letters and even more awkward attempt to meet me for drinks. Figure yourself out, start doing things that make sense (these will actually be the “good” things) and if you bump into an old contact, maybe acknowledge the past problem if it’s appropriate to do so (for example, when they are not crying their eyes out at the funeral of a mutual friend). I do not need a three volume novel about what a twat you were. I know very well what a twat you were.

        • Yes. A former colleague eventually went to AA — I have opinions about that — and good for her if she actually hit her life together but odbt drag me into your 12 steps and amends and whatever, I’m busy

          • OMG my brother-in-law has the best story about this.

            When he was a young, he played bass in a thrash band. The drummer in said band was a notable drunk, even by drummer standards.

            One night they played a gig at a terrible seedy bar. Terrible seedy bar plus thrash added up to out of control crowd. Bottles were thrown, police were called, floors were vomited on.

            This night became somewhat infamous in their small city. A week or so later, my brother in law was at another show, and he was talking to some women who said, “Did you hear about the riot at Terrible Seedy Bar?” Her friend chimes in, “You know, the drummer stabbed the bassist!”

            Brother in law is all, “Well, I was the bassist, and he never stabbed me,” much to the thrash girls’ disappointment.

            A couple of weeks after that, they’re at band practice, and the drummer takes brother in law aside and says, red-faced, “I just have to say that I am so unbelievably sorry I stabbed you, and I think it’s awesome you’re being so cool about the whole thing,” blah blah blah.

            Brother in law just looks at him and says, “Dude, you never stabbed me.”

            Years pass. The band breaks up, my brother in law gets a Ph. D in music, gets a university gig, big house in the suburbs, adorable child, the whole nine.

            The phone rings. It’s his old drummer, who has tracked him down through the magic of Facebook.

            “I’m in AA now, and I’ve stopped drinking, and my sponsor says I need to reach out to the people I’ve wronged and make amends. So I just wanted to tell you how terribly sorry I am for having stabbed you.”

            “Dude!” says my brother in law. “You never stabbed me!”

            And he hung up the phone.

          • Amazing story Albie, and am I the only one who’s curious about who he did actually stab?

          • Nobody stabbed anybody. He was just so drunk he thought he could have done it when the rumor got back to him.

      • Donkey tried the letter thing a couple of times, I think. The problem was that it was always with a goal in mind and when she didn’t get what she wanted she lashed out publicly and embarrassingly.

    • @Ser DonksaLot – I love the Breaking Bad reference, haha!

      “We are Heisenberg (the Catladies who knock…)” 😀

  6. palace of fine arts again? oh donkey, you slay me. im giggling like a titmouse. posing with that is as classy as posing with a cardboard cutout of queen elizabeth.

    • God. This. Seriously?? The palace of goddam fine arts AGAIN?? Do you have a 2 mile radius you confine yourself in?
      You live in a big goddamn city, subsidized by your parents and you can’t show one fucking scene other than the palace of fine arts? Do you leave your neighborhood? Do you ever venture out anywhere else that shows, I don’t know, just a smidge of the culture of the city you live in??
      Christ almighty, I live in a small podunk city and I could show my dumb butt in an ill fitting dress and sad blazer and still look better. And I wouldn’t be stepping in dog shit either.

      • nyc: houston’s veg burger, all.the.time. never forget, in one of the food capitols of the world

        God. This. Seriously?? The palace of goddam fine arts AGAIN?? Do you have a 2 mile radius you confine yourself in?
        You live in a big goddamn city, subsidized by your parents and you can’t show one fucking scene other than the palace of fine arts? Do you leave your neighborhood?

        — No

        Do you ever venture out anywhere else that shows, I don’t know, just a smidge of the culture of the city you live in??

        — No

      • oh, yes, the hostage situation photo, backed into a corner to disguise the raftass, which instead maked it look like it starts at her neck

    • You know what is hilarious? On her way to Mill Valley is any number of gorgeous backdrops for her stupid selfies. Golden Gate Bridge. Sausalito. The Presidio. I mean, you really have to be deeply incurious to not appreciate those.

    • She really does look like someone with significant cognitive disabilities in the captain’s hat photo she has up as her FB profile inset.

      That captain’s hat would be rejected by dollar stores for looking too cheap and tacky.


    In less than three months, when still-unmarried-&-4everalone Julia Allison turns 35 years old, those whore-id espadrilles will be at least eight years old, that we know of.

    Mulia Mallison’s holibray wear is nothing if not predictably & consistently atrocious & whore-iffic — with less than a foot’s measurement to the entire length of that skirt, if she ever removed the coat, her raftass was showing well before she ever sat down. Or inhaled.

    Is a good farrier really all that hard to find, or is this just another outstanding example of Julia Allison’s significant neurological abilities?

    Thanks to Julia Allison’s mad fauxto-chopping skillz, her head, which we know truly is ginormous, now appears to be 1.5X the circumference of her substantial raftass.

    It’s that time of year again! (You know the one: loon’s-a-leapin’) Greg willing & the creek don’t rise, maybe we’ll be treated to more of this Holibray Insanity, Julia Allison Style.

  8. Scheme juices at work. She’s never ever mentioned these people before, but she’s off for holiday dinner at their bragworthy home in Mill Valley, along with Noodley and Yalom and others who attended Summit at Sea. Looks like her opportunistic networking game and scheming is underway. Now she has to write lies and rewrite history on Facebook, and masquerade as their oth bithneth lady for a while to pretend she is legit.

    Her lame idea about a ‘hacking the media’ course will never gain traction. Her personal (now ancient) history for achieving press is not something another person can reproduce, and the media she is referring to here might as well be from 100 years ago, as trends in social media and broadcast media change so quickly.

    When is the last time she got any press anyway? Her stupid self-wedding at Burning Man, and only in online media of limited reach that had made a habit of mocking her in the past. Then there was the Coobie’s Spokesperson lie, and that happened only after she made up a fake job description, fabricated an ad campaign for them and bullied the small company into using the marketing photos she gave them. And the ‘press’ that resulted was just one mention in a small Chicago blog where her parents live. And then she never even followed through on the stupid ‘challenge’ she initiated for the company, once she exploited them.

    She is a complete fraud. She has nothing to offer anybody except how to behave like a sociopath.

    • Oh, and let’s not forget the ‘press’ she got when she was busted sneaking into Fashion Week carrying a fake microphone and pretending to be reporting from there. That hit major NY media, the last big story about her, unless you also count her foot in mouth scandals with Arrington and Uber. I wonder if she will include lying and deception in her course, since that has been the basis of most of the media mentions she has received in the past three years?

    • Bragworthy home in Mill Valley; it is to laugh. No one with any taste whatsoever would display that hideous luridly-tinted sailboat picture (let alone with that tacky frame-job) so prominently, whether or not it was their OMG own sailboat. No wonder embracing tacky Donkeys as dinner guests comes naturally.

  9. Gang — this is a little OT, but I heard from an extremely well connected political guy in CA that Donald Trump has no interest in actually being President. (Like: zero) and is trying to figure out his exit strategy.

    But he is having the time of his life at the moment — building his brand, and TONS of free publicity (you can’t buy this stuff).

    Ah well, just thought I would pass along random political gossip.

    • That needs to happen — I don’t care if it’s right before or rightafter Ben Carson is mercifully 5150’d, that needs to happen.

    • It would make his supporters’ heads explode if he exits and announces that nobody else in the GOP clown car is remotely worthy, so please give your vote to Hillary Clinton.

      A girl can dream.

      • From the get-go, a very intelligent friend has surmised that this is exactly Trump’s agenda.

          • Someone on Reddit said Trump met Clinton at his aunt’s ranch to plot a way to throw the election for Clinton.

            Here in KY there are so many unironic Trump supporters. I think he’s playing a character but it’s scary to see people taking his combovered ass seriously.

    • sad reflection on modern life/the media. the frontrunners from both parties are legitimately horrible people and the alternatives aren’t great either. you have to have a combination of ruthlessness and narcissism to make it to “the top” right now in politics. good people don’t want to be part of it. it’s a cartoon world.

        • I didn’t say that both sides are equally bad.

          I said all we have at present is crappy choices, which is sad considering how otherwise awesome modern life is compared to, say, 50-100 years ago.

          Really quality people who could fix problems would rather not bother because they wouldn’t win (not “exciting” enough) or they would risk media focus on their family. Someone like Bloomberg would never bother running for national office, for example. So we end up with mass-marketed, low-quality crap choices.

          I don’t see how this is lazy thinking. It’s reality. If you’re smart and have a great life, why risk it competing in a snakepit where you’re up against amoral forces backed by huge piles of SuperPAC money?

          We would be lucky to have a choice like Obama or even Romney again.

          • Should let it slide. But Bloomberg? bwahahahaha Representative of crony capitalism and PACman par excellence. Solved what? give away public goods to insiders. More police. Restrict public spaces. More police. give away public goods to insiders even more and faster. Press conference, shake reporter/stenographer hands and spread crumbs to sycophants. Repeat. Period.

          • I am not on the Bloomberg train with you at all there. He is the political embodiment of the “both sides are equally bad in all respects” fallacy, which isn’t true from either side of the spectrum. El Bloombito is what Democrats think they want Republicans to be like, and what Republicans think they want Democrats to be like. He is neither hot nor cold, and thus I spew him out of my mouth. Nor did he make the trains run on time.

            And 4 Hour Grift has already said what needs to be said about the rampant cronyism and privatization. The U.S. does not need any more sweet insider dealing in high places; if you’re anti-Clinton on that point (a reasonable position), you should be ten times more anti-Bloomberg.

            Not even going to touch Mitt Fucking Romney there. One of the laziest, most absentee governors ever (which is saying something in Massachusetts), who took credit for the legislature’s and his predecessors’ work on health care when it was politically expedient for him to do so, then did a 180 on the whole issue when it was politically expedient for him to do so. Mittens isn’t fit to shine his father’s shoes.

        • I will firmly stand behind that both front-runners from each party ARE equally horrible people. Clinton and Trump are no different from their awful pant suits and hair (image) to their pathological history of unethical & illegal abusive behavior (substance?). The idea that anyone could defend either of these people let alone vote for either one is sad.

          • Those are “things” their party expects them to stand behind to divide the nation and votes.

          • Yeah it’s a fucking fallacy to equate Trump with Clinton. But, as the only actual real Hillary supporter ever, seemingly, I will pipe down.

    • I thought this was a known, he’d loose too much money being President. The thought was to bring a strong candidate forward and this plan backfired. Joke’s on us America.

    • For the past six months I have sincerely believed him to be a Clinton plant. It makes complete sense if you think about it. There was the long chat with Bill a week before he announced. Chelsea and Ivanka are besties. And a decade ago, he was not a rabid conservative. The things that he has said throughout this “campaign” have been so outrageous that I suspect he is just playing a huge joke on the the GOP, and fucking them at the same time.

      • I think he did it for ego, to prove he could do it, and initially was approached to try and bring strong candidates forward (a complaint during the last election); and, he’ll use his dropping out to curry favor from both sides successfully. It was the plan from the beginning (no one including Trump) thought he’d make it this far.

      • I also heard that all of Dartmouth College is going to vote for Trump during the NH primary… just to mess w everyone’s head. Those crazy collegiate scamps!

  10. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1061178543916438&substory_index=0&id=118437511523884

    Has this “viral” post from Julia Price come up? I read it in a link in a friend’s feed today. Then, I read some comments. Many readers aren’t buying it. Some comments are “priceless”, especially the Seal Team Six comment. Birds of a feather? Graduate of donk’s media course? Will donk’s take credit for this one? “I taught her everything she knows. *sniff* You’ve come so far, grasshopper. So. Proud.”

      • Julia Price’s “James, my hero” story is as every bit true as article she & attn-whore Julia Allison published about leaving the Big Apple together & striking out for LA, which was also a big fat lie.

    • Two weeks before this miraculous event, during which, amazingly!, no fauxtos were taken, Flusher posted about wanting a white knight to save her from the cat callers. Up steps this man child out of the blue.

      Any idiot should be able to recognize the story is total bullshit.

    • Yes, even George Takei fell for it and reposted it to his 9 million+ followers.

      Consensus is that:
      a) It never happened, the details are nonsensical and the identity of the alleged boy or his mother’s are never revealed
      b) Donkey must be seething and aching to unleash the ragebeast on Toilet Julia. How could it be?? That bitch went viral instead of me! ME!!!! MEEEEE!! MEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!

  11. OT: Sleazy grifter Ali Shanti has sent out six emails through her listserv in the last few days, and we have yet to receive Sunday’s “love letter.” I posted her Black Friday Super Sale in the last RBD entry and received this followup yesterday:

    “I noticed you opened my email earlier regarding the Black Friday sale, yet you didn’t click any of the links to check out the details.

    I’m curious to hear why. I’m in the midst of making some big decisions about the future of the Money Map, LIFT and Eyes Wide Open coaching business model.

    I’ve used the Money Map to know what I need and what the work needs, and I have several options for how to proceed, but before I make a final decision, I’d love to hear from you.

    Simply hit reply and let me know what had you open the email, but not click any of the links or join us in the deeply discounted programs.

    ALL RESPONSES are valuable, so please do reply. Here are some options in case you need multiple choice:

    1. I already have all those programs, you must have emailed me by accident.

    2. I’m really not interested in your programs; I just like to watch what you do. But, I’d REALLY like it if you offered [FILL IN THE BLANK]

    3. I AM interested, but even with the deep discount, this is still outside my budget.

    4. I don’t buy online programs, but I WOULD be interested in small group or private options to experience your work.

    5. OTHER — you tell me.”

    Oh, I’ll tell you, Skankatron! But before I even had a chance to respond, this popped up in my inbox:

    “I’ve been getting emails from folks letting me know that they were unplugged for the holiday, but REALLY want our Black Friday special and wondering if we may extend the special for Cyber Monday.

    I looked at our sale numbers and we DO have 5 spaces left in the “Whole Enchilada” special that gets you ALL of our programs + a year of support from me in our Eyes Wide Open coaching program.

    This is a screaming deal and because I want to help as many people as possible, I’m a yes. We’ll extend 24 hours or until 5 sales have been made, whichever is sooner.”

    SHANTI AND THE STENCH OF DESPERATION! SHE’D EVEN SIGN UP THE COAT GHOULS IF SHE THOUGHT SHE’D MAKE FIVE BUCKS.She even left this P.S. in that last e-mail. Love the “ContactFirstName,” Ali. SO PROFESSIONAL! Crazy Pants, indeed.

    “Love, light and LIFT,

    PS — Listen ~Contact.FirstName , it’s been dawning on me recently that while I am REALLY good at marketing, pricing and packaging other people’s stuff, I am not the best at doing any of that for my own work. I don’t share enough testimonials and success stories (and there are a LOT!), I don’t speak clearly enough about the benefits of my work in your life and business, and I tend to over give. I’m just too close to it. I’ve decided that 2016 is the year this all changes — because I am going to hire someone to do it for me. I simply cannot do for myself what I do for others. I’ve wanted to avoid that so I could keep the cost of my programs affordable, but I realize that I am actually short-changing the work and the people who are NOT benefiting from the Money Map and LIFT because I’m not marketing them well. Alex Mandossian once told me that the Money Map work is the MOST IMPORTANT work he has ever seen. So if you’ve been considering joining us and doing the Money Map and applying LIFT in your life and business, be one of the next 5 to join us so you aren’t kicking yourself later when the investment is much higher. It’ll still be worth it at the higher price (and perhaps you actually need it to be higher to get you to do the work), but if you can be sufficiently motivated by the $970 investment, this is the best deal you’ll ever see and I’d love for you to join us now. Here’s the link to the Whole Enchilada special — everything we have for just $970. Crazy pants. And I’m excited to work with you.”

    • Wow, so very feminista of you, Ali, the way
      you. will. not. take. NO. for. an. answer.

      Just like a drunk frat boy date rapist, eh??

        • yes- being a bully is part of being a narcissistic sociopath

          not many people have experienced first hand how these people act when they do not get their way, it gets ugly really fast

          and if you dare question them or resist them or try to call them out, they will become hell bent on destroying you, and not give up like a pit bull with its jaw locked on your leg

          they act fake nice to everyone in public as a cover so that nobody will believe it when somebody tries to blow the whistle

    • She’s below bargain basement and it has nothing to do with pricing. She wears desperation more frequently than she showers, pretty sure that’s a marketing no-no.

    • “sales numbers”… she originally said that she’d let 10 people buy her stupid “deal,” and there are now 5 spots left, so a big whopping 5 people bought it

      • I seriously doubt anybody bought her excel spread sheets. She just shaved off those five slots to look as though she’d found some suckers – potential marks better sign up and quick. Crazy Pants!

    • She never offers any selling points. There are no feature and benefit statements. She just assumes everyone will believe this is good for them and they will buy it because she says it’s good. And then when they don’t, she whines, makes excuses for a poor business model and then expects people to change their minds once she reveals what a bad businessperson she is.

      She is an idiot.

      • I cannot believe that sloppily written postscript. She basically tells the mark that she’s too disorganized to properly manage her business and has to hire help, so the mark had better grab the money map at this low, low price because Dumb Ali’s overhead will be going up, up, up! This tactic is even less enticing than her guilt tripping “Why do you hate me? You didn’t enroll in the money map!” email.

        Ali Shanti/Alexis Neely is sleaze personified.

          • His mother is dressed like a prostitute, whining to to the camera about her son’s discomfort and making it all about herself. It is shockingly sad.

          • @Lurker, Ali Shanti sharing her parenting “skills” in a new online series goes beyond the obscene. Just the idea greatly depresses me, so much so that I couldn’t click the link.

          • honestly- the series of brief video shots of her kids playing and her standing there in that whatever it was outfit- totally reminded me of the movie Spinal Tap when they interview the manager or one of the band members and they overlay examples of their absurd behavior

            and this was for real!

    • “The whole enchilada” sounds really professional and something that a serious financial planner would use when offering services. With such well written promotional material, I wonder if Burra, in her new incarnation as online coach, is her marketing advisor.

    • Given the tone of this, can you imagine what it’s like to actually be in a relationship with her, or to be one of her kids? The passive aggressiveness, the awful narcissism, the entitlement. These bozos reveal their true colors every time they turn around.

    • $970? $970?!?! 970 American dollars?!?! And that’s the discount price? What the hell is wrong with people? From what I’ve seen Shantitown’s “services” are the most basic of basic marketing techniques. You could buy a book on Amazon for 1% of that and get the same information. And she’s trying to sell the horse shit that she doesn’t have more testimonials because she’s too humble to share them? Horse shit!
      I am in the wrong business.

      • She’s clearly not making much dough off of this scam, hence the truly frantic emails she sent her listserv these past few days. I think I counted seven in the last week, all bearing the subject heading, “I wasn’t going to do this…” Or similar and offering low low LOW prices for her stupid, obviously unsuccessful money map. Yo, beach towels for curtains, no one believes you are selling financial freedom because you are broke as a joke.

    • For.



      If I reach out to the provider of a service and ask for information on their services and decide not to use them, I do try to let them know that I have made that decision; it’s just professional etiquette, and keeps communication clear for the future when I may indeed choose to otherwise.

      But if I am on a general mailing list and do not respond to your mass e-mail offers, please feel free to assume that I have no desire to respond to your offers.

      No other company I have dealings with fails to understand this.

      I have never once gotten an e-mail asking me why I haven’t ordered wine-cheese spread smashed into a Santa mold after all the info they’ve showered me with; and if this is because I actually have ordered it and they fucking forgot, or maybe I don’t think the Santa mold is Santa-y enough or if I would like more wine in the wine cheese, or greater spreadability or who the fuck knows.

    • “1. I already have all those programs, you must have emailed me by accident.”

      Yeah, um, keeping track of people who have ordered all your programs is kind of Step 1 in How to Run an Actual Fucking Business, you wearisome furlong of preservative-free jerky.

  12. hello fellow cats – I have been buried in desk errands lately and am not understanding something – what happened to Rain? last time I was here, she and him were together? is this not true anymore? is there no more “I love you Rain”?

    • Later than I’d predicted, but only by about two months.

      ORIGINAL POST (last line removed now):

      “Is anyone looking for a gorgeous place to move into in the Marina? It looks like Ne and I will be moving in January and I would love for my beautiful home to “stay in the family.” PM me! (It’s a top floor 2 bedroom, about 5k, laundry, garage and storage, updated appliances, charming features, half a block to the Palace of Fine Arts, totally quiet, really magical.)

      And also, if anyone is looking for a place to spend Xmas in SF, let me know!”

      Who gives a rat’s ass who moves into their old apt? She has no vested interest, nor does she have sway w/ who gets approved to move in. CWAAFH

      • Except that her original lease began in the fall, so if it has been a 12 month lease, renewed a couple of times, she is now breaking it. She is looking for someone so she is not on the line for rent for several months.

        • I have heard that SF leases go month-to-month after a certain point, or maybe even from the jump. The landlord can certainly get more money which is maybe why she thinks it will be $5k. Still egregious for a share, if you ask me, but you didn’t.

          • I always wondered if the landlord even interacts with Julia. I figured 1) some grifter is the master tenant and lives elsewhere and 2) said grifter has been in on Julia’s Air BnB’ing. I have a difficult time believing Julia could snag an OMG Marina apartment otherwise.

            Or am I forgetting something…

          • What Albie said. This is a friend of a friend’s apartment.

            SF rents are insane. 5K for a 2 br in the Marina with a garage is about right, believe it or not.

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