Fuck “Social Justice Warrior” Julia Allison, A Lazy Layabout Whose Daddy Still Pays All Her Bills


Dipshit Donkey, who really, really, really, REALLY is taking a break from social media, is posting away. Wooville’s most politically astute citizen is angry at the Koch Brothers:

Wow. What these two men are doing to our environment is disgusting.

HOW IS THIS LEGAL? (Oh, I’ll tell you: because buying politicians is possible here in America – and they’re cheap!)

Thanks for that insight, Donkey. Why do men still rape women? And thanks for letting us know that parenting is ruining OMG! marriage in America.  Does this mean you and Rain aren’t planning on having children? SIGH O’ RELIEF!

But I’m saving the biggest FUCK YOU for the hand wringing over student debt.  Yes, Mulia, it’s a nightmare and we’re creating generations of indentured students.  However, your expensive university education was entirely paid for by Dadser – no scholarships for burros! – and you left Georgetown with “a small gift” of 10 grand.  So fuck your condescension, Donkey! If you really cared, you’d send those poor graduates some gently used magazines.

Seriously, Midwestern Verve Clicquot is wondering what many of us are wondering:

Okay SERIOUSLY, in the last week, Julia has posted 2x about gun control, a video about Bernie Sanders, and a Rolling Stone article decrying the Koch brothers.

1) Who is this very liberal new mark? Something tells me dRain could give a flying f about politics.


2) Who is she SWFing now?


  1. I love the one comment on the Koch Bros. post:

    Joe Green It is crazy.

    Lots of passion, thought, and depth in these woos. It is crazy.

    • I like a portion of a comment under the parenting article.
      (as it relates to a shiftless layabout d0nkey not in a 9-5)

      “No one in a 9-5 is sending out SOS messages to
      attract empathy and sympathy like these moms.”

      ::snort emoticon:: Technically, an accurate statement … up-at-the-crack-of-noon-is-an-early-day D0nkzilla doesn’t (can’t!) hold a 9-5 (or any position, save that of a rebound-romp-turned-fatal-attraction), but she sure the fuck brays incessantly for all the emps & symps.

      ♪ ♫ ♩ ♬ ♭ ♮ ♯ You know it’s hard out here for a raftass jackass when she tryin’ to get this money for the rent … RBDiggas hatin’ on me ’cause I got Dad$er on the bray-pay ♪ ♫ ♩ ♬ ♭ ♮ ♯

  2. because buying politicians is possible here in America – and they’re cheap!

    my god.. it’s like she is forever a freshman in college.

    • And it’s not cheap to buy politicians, fundamentally easy yes, cheap no. Socially unaware Burro Barbie on sale just in time for the holibray season

      • Well, it’s RELATIVELY cheap.

        Of course an average Joe like myself can’t afford to buy one, but the return on investment of buying a pol is so huge that it’s relatively very cheap to those who can afford it.

        The guys that rigged the municipal bond market got something like 66,000% return (or something of that magnitude) on the money they spent on bribes and, thanks for asking, but nobody went to jail for it.

        • Yes, but how much does it cost taxpayers when these criminals get investigated & prosecuted? And to your point no one goes to jail (grrr). I guess my bigger actual social point is that nothing about fraud is cheap. However donkey is cheap. And who is she kidding? She’s frantically checking into dateable Koch heirs since they’re each worth $40 billion.

    • But only in America. All the other countries of the world have solved the problem of corruption in politics. Pay no attention to that Italy Israel Nigeria Mexico Germany behind the curtain!

      • American style of corruption is different.

        Here the crooks control the legislative process, so they don’t even need to break the law and if they do (see telecoms & mass surveillance, or big banks and mortgage fraud) they just have another law passed granting them retroactive immunity.

        Suggested reading: Glenn Greenwald’s “With justice and liberty for some”.

        • That is exactly like Italy, though. Also Japan.

          There are a limited set of ways in which countries can be shitty, so no one country is ever really that innovative about it. Sadface dot com.

    • You guys, have you ever thought about, like, society?

      It’s like we’re in a NONsociety.

  3. Who, out of Donkey’s “sisters”, compiles a weekly list of must-read articles? This is who she must be SWFing. There’s no way she’s finding all of these articles on disparate topics/sites all on her own.

    On the other hand, what else would she be doing with her time? Stalking DJ SkyTears/strike>Rain probably only takes 3 or 4 hours…

    • “Best friend” Myka McLaughlin, nee Dunkle, wouldn’t be the sister. The scammer – she runs a con that’s part Ali/part Nisha – constantly posts newsy items, but they’re mostly about wild animals, none of which are burros. The Dunkle posted something this morning about orangutans being trapped in forest fires, while The Donk’s posts are all over the map.

      I still think she’s trying to bang Cory Tanner Glazier or someone from his SD in-group. Rain only seems to care about makin’ druggie music; I doubt he’s even heard of the Koch bros.

      • She friended that chick’s mom-there’s gotta be a reason.

        • Yes, and I’ve seen hippie extraordinaire Mrs. Dunkle commenting on Donkey’s FB droppings.

          Have you seen any of Myka’s rope-’em-in videos? She alleges she was running a six-figure bidness when a teen and yet I can find no evidence of such.


      I think it’s someone outside the woo set. They are distinctly apolitical and only adopt causes which are relatively uncontroversial and require little intellectual rigor to understand.

      I actually wonder if Julia is experiencing woo fallout and is posting “smart” things to feel superior.

  4. Wait, how educated is dRain? Donkey loves to make her boyfriends feel like base models, is she reminding him how she is so much Smarter, More Educated and Wise than he is?

    • He went to community college and the University of Oregon, though it’s not clear from his social media profiles if he finished a bachelor’s.

      He can’t possibly be as bone-ignorant and intellectually incurious as A Donkey, though.

      • I wouldn’t count on it. Chad only seems interested in posing for fauxtoshoots and ruling on high from the DJ booth. He’s never posted anything to suggest he actually knows what’s happening in the world, and his latest FB posts are laughable ego trips in which fans ask him questions:

        DAY 3 – Searching for Answers on Tour with Rain

        Bryan Franklin asks: “How much do you get a feel for different places by the differences in crowd mood/reaction? Can you tell the personality of a crowd or do they all seem the same?”

        I find every city has its own flavor. In fact there’s a wide range of personality types of crowds (and they’re a lot like the personality types of people.) Some are very vocal, shouting and cheering with each new song. Some are raging from beginning to end and front to back. Some are less kinetic in their music appreciation and are more about the head nod. Some crowds mob for the front guard rail to be closer to the music as they writhe and whip their hair, merging with the bass. Some like to sing along. Some are more alcohol induced with ear to ear grins; a drink in one hand, while the other mimes dance moves in approval of the groove. Some crowds produce more plumes of smoke (usually herb, vape or DMT) than any haze machine could pull off. Some are bigger than others. Some are all about the break circle that opens up in the middle, so dancers can take turns showing off their moves. Some crowds produce fan after fan that jump up on stage in an effort to augment the show, or steal a moment in the lime light as they boogie down (usually while heavily intoxicated). Some crowds bring loads of flow toys and blinky LEDs that weave and undulate, making patterns to the music. Some crowds love to have their hands in the air, while others produce a more restrained form of movement. Some are more intimate. Some crowds seems to have a locally adopted dance style while others are widely varied. Some are ready to go from the first note of music, while others require a little coaxing. Some crowds feel more tightly knit while others are more individualistic. Some are decked out to the nines, while others are more plainly fashioned. Despite these differences and more, I attempt to great each crowd with the same level of enthusiasm, respect, energy and gratitude.

        • “Some are decked out to the nines, while others are more plainly fashioned. Despite these differences and more, I attempt to great each crowd with the same level of enthusiasm, respect, energy and gratitude.”

          So brave, so bold he’s like the Mother Teresa of the DJ world.

  5. Singling out new parents on her FB feed just to tell them that their babies are going to ruin their marriages while she remains single and childless. She makes it so easy.

    • And her “friend” in the comments shitting on stay at home mothers who, according to her, post on FB seeking empathy. So “sisterly” these woos, so feminist and enlightened!

      At least the stay at home mothers are doing something useful, unlike a Donkey posting crude cartoons and seeking an elusive “I love you, Burra” from an aging, mediocre DJ that won’t even acknowledge her publicly.

      • Schools, community athletics, charities, food banks, CSAs, cultural institutions…all rely on the volunteer labor of stay at home moms. Of course, lazy layabouts could also volunteer their time with these institutions, but are too busy stalking boys online. Those SAHMs who are seeking empathy have possibly been up all night with a sick child, are frantically trying to rearrange school drop offs because of the sick child, have just had a binder filled with disorganized notes from the past chairperson of whatever committee they are running, and are about to get a phone call from their husband letting her know that he will not be home until late. Compared to someone who has spent the past 2 or 3 years not writing a book, I think they deserve the empathy.

    • It’s like a veiled shout-out to CTG s braying: “Fuck Baby Mama (figuratively), you two will never make it anyway, so fuck me (literally!) instead”. When doesn’t D0nk have an ulterior motive? Meanwhile …


      • Yes! I think she’s still after CTG, possibly because he’s the only mark or boyfriend she’s introduced to her parents in a long, long time that Momser and Dadser didn’t think was a complete loser.

    • Bwa ha ha! Usually Donks is a month late to the party but an entire goddamn year? As usual, I posted late last night and didn’t have time to read the sources of her hand wringing. Where is she finding these old articles? She doesn’t know how to google.

  6. I can’t even with her stupid Koch brothers announcement. Really Julia, now? You just figured this out now? Has she ever voted in an election?
    She has no idea that on every election level, whether it be federal, state or local, 90% of “campaigning” is actually fundraising. The issues are secondary, if even a factor at all, during a race. The entire point of the campaign until the last few weeks before a primary or a general election is to raise money. That’s it. The comment about politicians being cheap is irrelevant. If she wants to get on a soap box and bitch about something, bitch about Citizens United and start from there.

    • I saw one of the Koch brothers on News Lite or whatever they call the folksy show on Sunday morning before Meet The Press yesterday, so she probably learned about them by mistake while watching to see the cute stories about small town heroes or whatever.

      • That’s what I was trying to figure out, what sparked her sudden outrage over something the rest of the world has known about for years? Oops, answered my own question. She’s always at least five years behind on everything for fashion to political outrage. This is why she needs a real job so at least she’d have a chance at being current on something remotely topical.

    • She voted for Obama in 2008 and even took a photo in the voting booth, in violation of the law. A few years later, she was dating his opponents son. Um, er, oops?

          • Really, Grifty? If you met my husband, you’d really, really, really, REALLY like him, and he has datable Rep buddies. cheesy smile emoticon

          • A person can be plenty nice and still have abhorrent beliefs. The Republican attitude that “I’m fine, if you’re not it’s your own fault” is disgusting to me. Republicans have shitty economic policy and terrifying privacy intrusions (forced transvaginal ultrasounds for example) to the point that I would never seriously consider being a friend or lover to one. And before you #notallrepublicans, if they’re in the party they are supporting the party’s complete and utter fucktasticness.

          • No can do. Our kitten is now of voting age and told her bf she’d break up with him if he voted for Donald Trump. We have long long time friends that are repubs and their views are abhorrent. I secretly loathe them but husband went to college with them.

          • Such open minded cat peeps! Please, go on and on and on about how much you loathe Republicans, especially when those of you writing such blanket dismissals think of yourselves as without prejudice. James Carville and I wept.

          • I married one. We don’t talk about politics or college basketball. It works for us. He’s also becoming more disgusted by his party and I don’t have to say a word.

          • Funny how that went down actually. I bring up a very real problem of legislated, state-sanctioned rape, enacted by Republicans, and your response is “oops, no money for you!” Please, keep your fucking money. Trust me, I don’t need it and wouldn’t change my opinions for the love of cash, no matter if you were the only customer I had (you’re so not.)

          • JB: The lone voice of reason.

            EVERYONE ELSE: Jesus fuck, people, really?

            My comment to Bloaty upthread was tongue-in-cheek rhetorical, like “Wha … don’t date out of your own species?”

            Can we save the petulant friends-purging Beauchamp-esque political rants for fecebook.

          • @Stalker, judging from the two sales on Esty, those coloring books must be going through the roof.

            You must be loads of fun at parties.

        • I think whatever on that, but it’s part of her essential tofuness to be super gung ho about whatever persona she’s assuming at the time. MARK KIRK FOREVER–> I LOVE YOU BARACK—> SO PROUD TO BE A MCCAIN is a pretty dizzying back and forth.

        • I didn’t say or mean that people should only date within in their party. I meant that she made it much harder to ingratiate herself with the McCains after she voted against the senator & proudly brayed about it.

      • Thank dog we’re having this conversation!

        TWL Julia Allison (née Baugher) committed a felony in the state of Illinois, one that carries a one- to three-year prison sentence and a maximum fine of $25,000, when she snapped this image (that she later posted on social media as well).


        “Having a picture of the ballot is an important cog in vote-buying schemes,” [Ken] Menzel [deputy general counsel for the Illinois State Board of Elections] said. “The buyers want to know they got what they paid for.”

        I wonder how Peter Baugher would get Donkey off, having been appointed by Mark Kirk to head a steering committee and all … could he play the ‘significant neurological abilities’ card?

      • LOL YES. I miss the days when she would write q&a columns. Someone could anonymously ask her.

        • I’m guessing she’d publicly support it because “liberal” and “real San Franciscan, guys,” but would actually vote no because “tech” and “extensively traveling for book on happine$$.”

          • Or she hasn’t bothered to register to vote, because this is like, the default world, sisters, and nothing matters once we burn everything on the Playa. Rainbows.

  7. By far the biggest cuntalicious post in this latest series is the one about how children are running marriage, especially because she points out that parents with babies represent just about everyone in her friend feed.

    Sour grapes Donkey is always so transparent.

    • The article makes no sense and completely disregards the fact there are fewer stay at home moms (or dads) these days many more couples are sharing parenting responsibilities. That means you have to coordinate a lot more and, yes, that makes the kid the center of everything. It’s not that hard to understand.

    • She was a bridesmaid at his obviously not for publicity wedding that he had because he is most certainly not gay, even.

  8. I think I can actually trace the provenance of the Koch article – a Burner acquaintance of mine, who knows and is connected to Avocado, shared the article a couple of days ago; so, in true late-to-everything fashion, Donks must have seen it in her Avocado-stalking and gotten unwarrantedly indignant for all us poors. Thanks, Donks!

    • Female, by chance? I have been wracking my brain, before & since looking at Davidiot’s page again to jar my memory, as to who is the fem whom I’d surmised D0nk would likely be glomming onto for cues to feign intelligence. At least I think it was one of his friends / followers, but I’ve looked at Choad’s fb pg too, w/ no luck. Seemed so random at the time; now I wish I’d bookmarked whomever.

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